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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> here is lou dobbs, keep it right here. lou: good evening, voters elected president trump to end the status quo. get things done. today the president had ris way. moving healthcare legislation ahead to point it now appears that the house may be voting on it early as tomorrow. president trump inviting a iateer of key congressmen to the legislation. and the left giving momentum, to replace obamacare. the two congressmen, missouri bill long, and michigan fred upton switching their votes after the secure $8 billion moreover 5 years to help
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people with preexisting conditions. >> i talked to the president yesterday, based on our discussion, and agreement, can now be in a place where i can support the bill with such amendment. >> we're both yes on the bill. there work to be done. i am happy to announce that people in 7 district of missouri will have preexisting conditions covered add quad adequately. lou: it is now likely that bill will go to house ruling committee later tonight. preparing the way for a possible vote tomorrow. and house delivering an earlier budget win for president trump to keep the government running through september. the vote 309 to 118 that 1118, mad-- 118.
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president trump by the way will be in new york city tomorrow, meeting with australia prime minister malcolm turnbull to mark 75 anniversary of battle of the coral sea aboard the aircraft carrier turned museum. parked on manhattan's west side. the president has not been in new york for 107 days, that is longest stretch he has spent outside of new york since he was born in queens back in 1946. >> our first guest, one of the 103 republicans that voted no, congressman ted ho. great to see you, you are being recalcitrant? >> this was another continued
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regular to postpone making a decision about how we should spend, i don't think that it was appropriate, bill still funds planned parenthood, does not fund border wall. it also does not cut spending anywhere. and so, because of several reasons, i thought it was not the way to proceed with another continuing regular postponing -- resolution postponing, we should have made a decision on federal spending. lou: no question about that. but the president, the leader of your party, said clearly, that he wanted to move this ahead, and have the big fight over a budget and over spending and all of the princ the -- principles including wall for fiscal 18. this not his budget this is barack obama's budget. why didn't you buy that
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argument from the president. >> because it is barack obama's budget that is correct. i thought it was time we leave, we're in office, we are in office, we have all 3 branches of government, why blame barack obama or our inefficiency to pass a budget. lou: i don't blame barack obama, i blame barack obama and the republicans in the house and senate who got to us this point. you have had years to get your act together and president obama, you know is -- was your -- i mean was paul ryan's leader in effect for two years. now, president trump is in office. and he deserves the respect of the conference, don't you think. >> he does. and the budget that we passed, as you said was not president trump's budget. it was a continuing of last year's budget. i thought that was a mistake. we should have made a decision right now, working first 100 days. lou: but you are leadership,
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we've known each other for a long time, we're texans it is straight up stuff, if you fell that way, take it up with paul ryan, your speaker throw him the heck out, do whatever you want. but move ahead. this is a president who inherited that budget, you know that. >> well, we did take this up with leadership, we thought this was many of us thought it was time right now to lead, make decisions, and not just continue the same process. we brought up that, we lost that fight. and that is why i'm so many democrats voted to continue the same budget that we had last year, under last president, for -- until september, i thought that was a mistake, we lost that fight. lou: okay, and in spending, and healthcare? have you come to glory on health care? can the president depend on you this time? >> i believe so. i think that we're close to the votes, i supported the previous draft of the bill, and i support this bill with
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the changes. and i hope we have enough people to lead instead of continue to say no about the things we are supposed to do,. one major promise is we would repeal obamacare, and replace it it is long overdue for us. i think we're close, i hope there enough members of conference that will continue to vote no, and say yes, and lead. lou: on this, to his credit, the president is leading, bringing -- he is out front, negotiating with some of the congressmen who were not going to support it including for example fred upton or bill long who changed their mind are being supportive. does it look hopeful to you? are you hopeful? does it look to you like we're going to see a vote tomorrow? >> in very hopeful, you are right, i don't want to mistake between the president and congress, the president is leading, and he is working
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with congress, something we have not had trying to compromise to work to get us to a finish line to pass legislation. >> you are not used to that loving attention from the white house. >> true. the president -- i have been at white house a couple times, members of congress are going to white house to meet with president, that did not happen in last 8 years. >> you are going to love the rest of it. congressman great to see you. >> thank you. lou: congressman ted poe. >> we're coming back with much more stay with us. trump administration with a bold, clear warning to north korea. >> your future security and economic prosperity can only be achieved through your following your commitments to denuclearize. lou: we take up effort to stop nok knock' knock -- nok knock's nuclear ambitions, and united states making a point.
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test launching a second long range nuclear capable ballistic missile in a week, we're coming right back with that and much more.....
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lou: breaking news, susan rice
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refusing to testify before a senate committee next week on allegations of unmasking trump transition officials. an attorney for former national security adviser for president obama claims it was too short of notice. the invite was not extended on a bipartisan basis. adding rice will assist in a classified setting. so we will see. >> president trump today announcing he is launching a new diplomatic effort to reach a middle east peace agreement, this is what president trump said after meeting with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas at the white house. >> we want to create peace between israel and the palestinians. we will get it done. we will be working so hard to get it done. it has been a long time. we will be working diligently, and i think there is a very, very good chance, i think you feel the same way. >> mr. president --
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lou: pentagon today showing off its military power. air force test launch an unarmed ballistic missile from vanvand vandenburg in california. it hit its target in the marshal islands. joining me now to discuss the latest from the president's meeting with abbas, and other foreign policy challenges, there are more than a few, former u.s. ambassador to united nations, fox news contributor, john bolton, ambassador good to have you here. >> glad to be with you. lou: excellent, warm, even hopeful words from the president and abbas on the issue of middle east peace. your reaction? >> i think that the president
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is an optimistic man, he wrote the book called art of the deal, he wants to take a shot at middle east peace. god bless him. that something that has alluded us for a long time, i don't think that conditions exist, notably in lack of a palestinian partner that can live up to any commitment it can make. but give the president credit, let him take a shot. let's see ha happens. lou: interesting we wants to put energy behind this initiative he has embarked is up op, as you say good luck, we hope for the very best. it has been what? overall most 7 decades. >> 69th anniversary a few days ago. lou: right, in which they tried. maybe this will be the miracle moment. turning to another challenge facing the united states and the globe.
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north korea. its provocations continue. the task force in place now in the sea of japan. what are your expectations? >> well, i have no expectation that north korea will ever voluntarily give up its effort to get deliverable nuclear weapons, i think when we say that, they hear give up your regime. and your lives, i believe only real outcome is eliminating the regime. but look, trump has changed american attitude and policy on north korea, if not 180 degrees then 175. i think he gave that message to xi jinping clearly. when the chinese president was with him in mar-a-lago some weeks back, conducting that tomahawk cruise missile strike in syria.
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we're in a race, north koreans are making outstanding progress, unfortunately in their effort to get deliverer able nuclear weapons that is not a lot of time left. lou: a indication they do understand how serious president trump is, commentaries that the north koreans are objects to now on the part of the chinese. commentaries, chinese commentaries calling for tougher sanctions against north korea to stop its nuclear ambitions. that say very positive sign, don't you think? >> well, it is a positive sign, if it continues, china has played a double game with us. lou: you are a tough man, ambassador. >> 25 years. lou: you want to go beyond. you don't think seriously, you don't think it a positive sign to see these criticisms and commentaries in china media?
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>> it is better than we heard from china in last 8 years be the question is whether it will continue once america with our short span. attention turn to something else. i think that is challenge for trump trump administration. we want this threat eliminated or we'll face the possibility of military action. i think that a unhappy choice to have to make, but north korea's progress in its capabilities made that choice more imminent than we now the before. lou: the word as we reported that susan rice, president obama's national security adviser refusing an invitation by senator gramm to testify,. >> yo judiciary subcommittee hearing next week. your thoughts about her and where we stand with the obama/rice spy scandal, and
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about what is likely outcome, is this more capital theatrics? >> i think they. >> to issue a subpoena, that is the next step, and they need to get her up there, i believe she is likely to take the fifth amendment, i refer listens to outstanding editorial in "wall street journal" yesterday, i had nothing to do with about her activities. in unmasking names for political purposes, i think she is in legal jeopardy, i hope that committees continue this investigation. there is just obama administration got away with much too much, it is time to get facts out in the open. lou: and the effort continues, ambassador thank you, ambassador john bolton. >> thank you, lou. lou: vote in our poll, question is, do you believe that democratic rank-and-file are beginning to at least give o president trump for his leadership in moving spending and healthcare bills forward? cast your vote on twitter.
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follow me on twitter, like my to mace book, follow me on instagram. on wall street today, stocks mixed. dow up 8. s&p lost 3. nasdaq down 23. volume on the big board 3.9 billion shares. federal reserve wrapping up its two day meeting, doing the right thing, leaving interests unchanged. facebook reporting earnings that beat wall street targets about revenue up 50% from a year ago. tesla reports a bigger than expected loss but revenue doubled in first quarter. and a minder to listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast, on the salem radio network. breaking news, fox news chad telling us that house will be voting tomorrow on health care, repeating, they will be, after carefully counting the votes, they will be voting on the healthcare legislation up. >> next, the election blame
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game, subject of my commentary. >> fbi director james comey defending his handling of the clinton e-mail investigation. >> i have gotten all kinds of rocks thrown at me, this has been really hard. but i think i have done the right thing at each turn, i wouldn't have done it any differently. lou: well, a full report on comey's sunny testimony next. stay with us. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new try new flonase sensimistgies. instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist.
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lou: more on breaking news we reported, house tomorrow will vote on the health care legislation. we're told that the republicans have the 216 votes necessary for passage, and that vote the take place at 12:30 or 1:00 tomorrow. the house then leaves for a recess, returning to may 16. -- returning on may 16, james
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comey today to capitol hill testifying before senate judiciary committee, in nearly 4 hours of questioning, comey offered his most details defense yet, of why he reopened hillary clinton e-mail investigation, less than two weeks before election day. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherin catherine herridge with our report. >> so help me god. reporter: fbi director defending his decision to reopen the clinton e-mail probe 11 days before americans went to poles. >> director comey said thousands of clinton e-mails, many new and classified were found on anthony weiner's quarter, part of a separate case, weiner shared laptop with clinton's aide.
10:26 pm
>> and there was not. >> everyone who disagrees with me, has to come back do october 28, would you speak or conceal. >> i think there was a third door available to you last year before the election that of to confirm the existence of an ongoing investigation about the trump campaign. reporter: comey was pressed to decision not to prosecute abedin or weiner. >> how does that the violate that. reporter: providing one of few light hearted moments. >> anybody that knows anthony weiner has classify information should be prosecuted. >> there is no anthony weiner statues. >> maybe we need one. reporter: comey said he could not talk about a document, that implied that lynch would block charges again clinton. >> it the fbi interview the person who wrote the e-mail. >> i have to give you same
10:27 pm
answer, i cannot talk about that in a unclassified setting. reporter: he recommended again criminal changes for clinton, because his boss, put her imparrialty in doubt. >> the capper was, her meeting with president clinton on the plain was th the cap -- the plane was the capper with me. >> did anyone from fbi have interact with mr. steel regarding the issue? >> it is not a question that i can answer in this form. reporter: failure to provide answers boiled over. >> if i chuck grassley, as a private citizen file a freedom of information act and you give me more information than senator chuck grassley how do you justify that. >> that say good question. >> how do you justify it. >> i can't as i sit here. >> the fbi director said he is
10:28 pm
subject of a ongoing inspector general investigation to how fbi and justice department handled the clinton e-mail case. there is no time line for the report it is expected to tackle lynch's meeting with bill clinton just one week before his wife's fbi interview. lou: thank you catherine herridge. a few thoughts on the fbi director's defense. which comes just a day after hillary clinton blamed him among other factors for her elect loss. >> i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim comey's letter on october 28, and russian wikileaks, raised doubts in the minds of people who were implying to vote for me but got scared off. lou: wow.
10:29 pm
two organization point odd 7 in 10 voters last summer did not trust hillary clinton what so ever. president trump took to twitter to slam clinton for failure to take responsibility. >> and saying fbi comey is best thing that happened to hillary clinton, he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds, phony trump/russia story was an excuse used by democrat as justification for losing the election, perhaps trump just ran a great campaign. sean spicer added, you don't get to pick the day that the election is on. saying it is sad that trump's win is still being debated. and even former obama advisory david axelrod ad acknowledged that clinton lost to the better candidate, saying, jim comey did not tell her to
10:30 pm
campaign in wisconsin after. >> democratic leaders deny failure much their policies and consequences of obamacare, but it is encouraging that president trump has successfully reached out. to the rank-and-file to rang and they are responsive with their support. instead of with a blind be on see of their party leaders. quote. price of greatness, is responsibility. it's good to see some in washington beginning to accept responsibility, we're coming right back with much more stay with us. >> president trump taking the lead and the newest health care amendment generating more republicans support. >> i support the bill with this amendment, that will be
10:31 pm
included as part of rules package. we will consider likely tomorrow. lou: it now appears real have a critical healthcare vote tomorrow, we take up what appears to be a break through. here next. >> this aircraft is about to make a dramatic and terrifying landing up like any you have seen before. we'll show you the heart stopping video that is coming stopping video that is coming up next, along with much more. at crowne plaza we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. 'a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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lou: joining me to talk about the spending bill and the conservative movement in the republican party and what is going on with the heritage foundation, we are joined by senator jim demint. hart cows the ousting a political assassination. your reporting betrays an organization -- i think your reporting, by the way, was the best i have seen over these days. why is jim demint tonight not leader of heritage? >> that's a great question. heritage could have made a course correction without
10:36 pm
throwing jim demint overboard. the decision was made that the organization should be less political. if anyone should have been held accountable, it was mike needham with the fight to shut the government down through the defund campaign. we found that object surd at the time. i worked for senator koburn after demint. for not backing a strategy thanked had no hope of succeeding was very divisive. lou: i think some of the surprise on the part of many in our audience is conservativism seems to be at its apex.
10:37 pm
and certainly preeminent among them, the president of the united states. >> that's exactly right. what we have seen the past few years is conservatives have had a hard time managing success. so i remember back in the late 90s when tom co-burn and others wanted to get rid of newt gingrich because he wasn't an effective leader. we fruit conservative ranks in the house dramatically so when you have someone like paul ryan considered a moderate, that shows the degree to which the party has moved to the right. i don't think he's liberal at all. he led the way on entitlement reform. the healthcare plan on the floor is part of the bill pauline and tom coburn did.
10:38 pm
the challenge is to manage the success and turn that into victories as opposed to trying to purge the people among us. lou: the criticism notwithstanding in some quarters and some reporting, i think some of the finest talents on policy in the country whether within think tanks or beyond. to see it in this moment of caught in the wind of its own making. but winds of change. it makes them less valuable to the president to his administration, it's short-lived and will they be resilient, and find a way forward? >> lou, i think it will be a very tough road in the near future. you have some members who want to boycott heritage for the way they treated jim demint,
10:39 pm
unfairly targeting him for the decisions others made in the organization. there are other think tanks around the country stepping up and no riding intellectual leadership and fire power. i hope heritage find it way through this. we need strong institutions and organizations to provide clarity of thought and background for the congress. lou: no matter the circumstances, jim demint did a heck of a job for the foundation. and raised a lot of money and organized the foundation around conservatism. that's subject to what would you say -- particularly if you are one of the name donors. >> we are a big happy dysfunctional family on the right, but we are family.
10:40 pm
lou: dash cam video, this video catching -- look at this, unbelievable. a plane crashed in state, the small plane began losing power shortly after it took off. the pilot clipped power lines and hit a streetlight. the pilot and his passenger both walked away with no major injuries, no one on the ground hurt either. talk about beating the odds. there it is. up next. the trump administration warning north korea it's only just beginning to step up the pressure on the regime. >> it's a pressure campaign that has a knob on it. we are at dial setting 5 or 6 right now. lou: former trump transition
10:41 pm
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switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. lou: iran tried to launch a
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cruise missile from one of its submarines. it's so little you can barely see it in that square. and the midget submarine failed. north korea and iran are the only two countries in the world that operate this kind of sub. and that may be down to one country after this. karen skinner is the founding director for the institute of extra jane politics. she is a fellow the hoofer institution. let's start with if we may, north korea which seems to have calmed itself down just a little bit, and may have taken note of two he test icbm launches at
10:46 pm
were highly successful at 4,000 miles. >> we are experiencing a test across the globe of the resolve of the new administration. it's probably hard for rogue states and adversaries of the united states that finally someone is in the white house who means what he says and will take action and is putting together a national security team of former military officers, businessmen, national thought leaders who will work in lock step with him. they haven't been saying the same things. but it's clear that north korea is a top priority for this administration, and denuclearizing the country. the north koreans are calming down because they understand the administration is serious. lou: the president has
10:47 pm
successfully engaged president gin financial not to action, but to possible europe where the chinese are making noises directed at north korea, talking about raising the intensity of the sanctions against north korea if they continue on the nuclear path they are following. and secretary of state tillerson serving notice, i thought, speaking to state department employees today, serving notice on american media as well as russians that the white house is committed to trying to stabilize the awful relationship between moscow and washington. these seem to me to be very important moments in statesmanship. but the popular media criticizing the president. >> i thank you so much for make that observation.
10:48 pm
what secretary tillerson did today is something that has been badly needed. not only the state department employees. but the american citizenry, and our friends and adversaries around the world needed to hear from him about what our diplomatic thrust would be. our term stability, stabilizing great tour relations. by that he didn't mean we would acquiesce to them. but he understands russia will be central to the resolution of syria and the ukrainian crisis and china will be central to resolving that very intractable issue of north korea and its nuclear program. he said we'll book note the idea that the great powers will be outside of the discussion in resolving these crises. it's an important to moment in u.s. foreign policy. and he took on other issues as well.
10:49 pm
he reemphasize the facts that human dignity and freedom are central to foreign policy and domestic policy. but we'll not have a kinds of american moralism that disallows us from working with others around the world. there is a lot to discuss there, and i'm pleased he finally gave this kinds of statement. lou: we are going to continue our conversation with you over the weeks ahead. we thank you for joining us tonight. white house officials said to be leaning toward taking the united states out of the paris climate agreement. secretary of state tillerson, jared kushner, ivanka trump among those reported to be in favor of the agreement.
10:50 pm
the pac aimed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. there is no guarantee any of the prescriptions will work. the paris climate deal is set to cut u.s. economic growth and reduce our economy by $2.5 trillion, and would result in an average shortfall of 400,000 jobs by 2035. we'll continue our reporting on the paris agreement here throughout the week leading up to the end of the month. up next. two chicago police officers shot by a high-powered rifle in an area infested with gangs. eboni williams and mike gallagher join me after this break. break. stay with us. break. stay with us. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, do you believe the president deserves high marks in his forbearance with dealing with a highly motivated gop leadership? 86% said yes he does. a manhunt is under way in chicago. two police officers were ambushed by a man with a
10:55 pm
high-powered rifle. witnesses say two men pulled alongside the officers and began shooting indiscriminately. joining us now, the host of the brand-new broadcast on the fox news channel, "the fox news specialist," and mike gallagher, host of the mike gallagher show on the salem radio network. >> to be part of the team of you, lou, and the great talents here, it's a great honor. i'm excited. i'm thrilled. lou: we are thrilled for you. >> from day one it's been five years on and off i have been appearing on this network. you were the first talent to
10:56 pm
have me on as a weekly guest. mike. it's good to see you. >> the chicago story is so troubling because it's open season on police. lou: gallagher just takes over. >> i'm so tired of the line between good and bad being blurred. we used to have such respect for officers. this remind me of the horrific dallas attack when they are targeting the good guys. i wish we would get back to a place, do police officers stumble and make is takes. you bet. but the majority of these men and women are risking their
10:57 pm
lives every day. >> and they have a mayor who doesn't understand what his responsibilities are. he talked nonsense about illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities. his own police officers will not safe. -- are not safe. this president has restored primacy for our law enforcement officers. when he says he supports law enforcement officers. >> it can't be understated or overstated. we talk about chicago so much on these networks that myself, richard fowler, we went to chicago last month and did a tour. we came out of our pockets and said let's talk about and see up front. we asked them. we went to these targeted areas and asked them to describe their day to day. they spoke about their fears and risks, and it's reprehensible. it's unacceptable, it's
10:58 pm
unconscionable. lou: why do we as americans tolerate anyone treating a fellow citizen the way our police are being treated and the way the citizens are being treated. and the power structure, the black churches. the community organizers. where the heck are they and what are they organizing? >> i raised money for officers who are killed in the line of duty. every week i'm dealing with families burying a hero officer. it's 170 a year in the united states. in chit' like a war zone. i get calls on my radio show every day that says help. >> it's true. we have to be the change that we
10:59 pm
are seeking as a member of the black community. concerned with these issues on the front line. we want to go into every school. we did four schools and a church. we want to keep this dialogue open. if we can start with our schools and education system, it trickles to our schools and law enforcement community. lou: the role of law and order. and the community. i hear folks talk about community. >> law enforcement is a huge part of it. >> the city of chicago. until they understand those people who are part of the power structure. their responsibility. our public schools aren't safe. you go through the institutions. it's deeply troubling and i'm delighted both of you are doing so much. congratulations. thanks, ebony. appreciate it.
11:00 pm
two great americans. you can catch fox news special on the fox >> here is lou dobbs, keep it right here. lou: good evening, voters elected president trump to end the status quo. get things done. today the president had ris way. moving healthcare legislation ahead to point it now appears that the house may be voting on it early as tomorrow. president trump inviting a number of key congressmen to the white house to negotiate the legislation. and the left giving momentum, to replace obamacare. the two congressmen, missouri bill long, and michigan fred upton switching their votes after the secure $8 billion


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