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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 4, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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two great americans. you can catch fox news special on the fox dream two breaking news this morning hours from now, lawmakers with seven years of promises and vote to repeal and replace obamacare. we will have live reduction and analysis. good morning. i'm nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i am trained for. on track to raise interest rates to more times this year. investors suggesting recent economic weakness is just a blip on the radar. the dow cut its losses on the news and end of the day up eight points. we'll check in this morning come and see how stock market futures are faring.
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train to initiate current japanese stocks closed for holiday. i've finisd downne quarter 1%. lauren: in francand the two candidates to be the next president of the country clash in a vicious debate days before the election. a live report from paris or some market to record highs. nicole: shares of face for contests are under pressure after they released the latest earnings results. we will have the reasons why. lauren: lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers dominate the cleveland rockers in game two of this series. the pittsburgh penguins pushed the washington capitals to the rank of illumination. we will see how they did in houston highlights. nicole: 5:01 a.m. in new york. may 4th. we welcome you to "fbn:am," and your first look at morning markets and breaking news. lauren: house republicans will finally vote on a revised health care bill today. house majority leader kevin mccarthy sane republicans have
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enough votes to pass the measure. all of this comes after they added $8 billion to the bill to help cover insurance costs for people with preexisting conditions. nicole: democrats continue to criticize the move. nancy pelosi sent a letter to rally against trunk here tomorrow same in part to gather we will once again expose trump cares disastrous consequences for hard-working families and seniors across america. republicans expected to meet at a conference at 9:00 a.m. to discuss vital changes to the bill. lauren: join us as republican strategist kevin scott. good morning. >> good to see you. lauren: gop leadership wouldn't call this photo must have the 216 votes to pass the bill. any chance in your opinion of him last minute conversation cancellation like last time? >> there's no way kevin mccarthy would've done this.
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ey have 22. that's how many they can afford to lose still pass the bill for the latest count looks like 18 or 19 cnet appears the others have to be locked out. if they weren't they wouldn't proceed with us. the house leadership can't afford another black eye and its leadership. i think you'll see a pass today. train to tell me about the senate. what are your thoughts on that next? >> by the 10 against the by the 10 against the senate the bill gets reworked. 52 republican senators have a lower margin of error. it will tend to be more moderate. the challenge in the houses that it's got to be palatable enough for moderates to show they have coverage, but it's got to bring in enough of the extreme conservative group and say they are definitely limiting government in some ways. in the house you have to make more of an effort to bring in
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more conservative group. in the senate, you have a lot more swing state moderate republicans who have to find a way to win them over. this high risk trying to make sure we ensure people that i preexisting conditions of the very big deal. lauren: let's talk about that. a breakthrough for representative fred updated introducing a new plan to include $8 billion over five years to help at the preexisting conditions. his $8 billion enough? >> a lot of people argue and say it's not enough. house republicans. house republicans is a 8 billion is on top of another 100 billion. this basically goes in posted to state that allows states to determine how they will spend the money. bottom line of states are saying we want to opt-out, we don't want to put people with preexisting conditions in the pool with everybody else, they say we will subsidize the high-risk pool. i don't know whether 8 billion is enough for now, but as far as
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conservative principles go, if you say we empower states to have more authority and decision-making, that's a good position. and what happens is local voters put pressure in their states to make sure they provide the care people think they deserve. lauren: will say what happened. kevin, thank you for your time. nicole: fbi director james comey said they never knew letter in the investigation regarding hillary clinton. senate judiciary committee hearing, said men spoke about the letter regarding new evidence in the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. >> mildly nauseous to think we might've had an impact on the election. but it wouldn't change the decision. everyone who disagree as to come back and stare at this and tell me what you would do. would you speak or would you conceal? nicole: this comes as the fbi investigates whether members of the tribe campaign collaborate
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with russia. comey declined to answer questions noting that it was continuing. lauren: far right presidential candidate marine le pen and macron only televised debate ahead of the runoff. ashley webster live in london with the details. good to see you, ashley. paris, sorry. reporter: i'm actually in paris. lauren: i know you are. i'm thinking buckingham palace right now. reporter: that's okay. my old home. listen, now, i've had no croissant. one cup of coffee. that's a sacrifice and making. if you thought hillary clinton donald trump but the pace, what we saw was down right dirty politics will feature a debate between marine le pen the far right candidate and sub centrist
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liberal, listen to these comments. le pen colin macron +-plus-sign eric and commerce marketing banker okaloosa that islam is innocent and i'm butchering friends in favor of big economic interests. macron coming ripe@le pen he did use a naturalistic and hate filled liar who will bring civil war to france pdas the high the high priest as feared. that gives you an idea what this two and a half hour fast as light. although mr. macron says he wasn't insulting anyone. take a listen. >> so this is basically your bottom line. i'm not insulting you, le pen. you have been insulting me. if anyone s inlted anyone, it gives you. reporter: file, they were insulting each other for much of those two and a half hours.
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it didn't make a difference. who knows. 60% to 40%. macron as the lead. thomas ms. debate make any difference? probably not. going into sunday's selection by the french president declaring him the vic there last may. a lot of people have spoken since we been here say they don't like either candidate. french politics, guys. back to you. lauren: thank you for joining us from paris. nicole: an emergency meeting of the royal household has been called at london's buckingham palace this morning. staff from as far as scotland have been summoned to the palace to be addressed by lord chamberlain. the most senior officer of the royal household have caused much speculation from the public but an official says there is quote no cost for concern. we will keep you updated on the very latest from london.
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puerto rico filing for bankruptcy. now under protection would amount to the largest ever u.s. municipal bankruptcy. announced after the bondholders failed. $73 billion to creditors that the action could mean deeper losses on bonds as analysts had anticipated. the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court is expected to appoint federal district court judge to oversee the case in the next couple days. nicole: let's get too caught up in the global market after new scene overnight. shanghai composite index down one quarter 1%. lauren: the index is at a record high this morning. the cac at its highest since january 2008. in funding you can see gains for the ftse 100 company u.k. services measured in april and
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beat expectations. nicole: dow futures this morning at 54. s.b. features up 68 nasdaq up 15. seems like they are still on track and tons of earnings to watch as well. lauren: called it a week day yesterday. down $13. they saw its biggest fall since 2015. they are still down 47.51 the decline of of two thirds of 1%. nicole: investors cannot jobs report. no sign of slowing down. facebook are part of per square profits surged 76% to more than $3 billion. revenue growth for demand% topping 8 billion boosted by mobile video. now dominate the online advertising market. it was the eighth straight quarter that facebook beat estimates for revenue. strong numbers came despite ad
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performance and the spread of violence and graphic content. basic shares fell to 2.5% trading over concerns about the future growth. up 29% in the past year and closed yesterday at 151. lauren: electric car maker tesla reported a first-quarter loss of $1.33 a share more than analysts expected. the company doubled revenue to $2.7 billion to meet its production deadline for the first mass-market vehicle. chief executive elon musk told investors yesterday the company is on track to begin production of the car in july. a big test for tesla and shifts from a luxury brand to a mainstream automaker. testa shares fell 2% after hours. they are up sharply in the past year 29%. nicole: the federal reserve says get ready for two more interest
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rate hikes while wall street pushes back of the treasury secretary's idea to issue 100 year bonds. we will ask one fund manager all about this. let's check in on u.s. stock market futures this morning. dow futures up 54. s.b. getting six. nasdaq each a separate team. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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lauren: good morning, everybody. by 15:00 a.m. in new york. republican efforts to repeal obama carries gaining momentum. a house with the scheduled for today. house majority leader kevin mccarthy said republicans had the votes to pass it. the bill has $8 billion to cover people with preexisting conditions. insults were fined last and france in a french presidential debate the far right leader marine le pen and macron harshly criticizing each other in the final showdown of sunday when voters go to the polls and what is widely seen as france's most
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important election in decades. in the markets, facebook facebook opened near the surge in profits rising over 70%. it earned $3 billion close to its mobile business but it shares following 2% in after-hours trading as investors expect them to a revenue stream to pull off later this year. mixed bag yesterday. dow futures higher by 57 points. earnings data on top today. s.b. features up six points, nasdaq up 16. >> the fed held a fund raising interest rates yesterday, but did signal to more rate hikes are still in the cards for this year. joining us now is kevin goodness. fixed income at raymond james. thank you are coming in and joining us. the recent economic data has been calling it a soft patch, do you agree with that? >> it's hard to figure that out. we could confirm the first quarter was very slow and what
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they call a transitory. the same thing they called about inflation. it took us four years to try and generate inflation. i worry when the fed does anything as transitory because they haven't been very successful. this is going to be the real showdown could start on friday with the jobs number and we will trade on some stocks depending where that number comes in the future of the fed rate hikes which is likely june and probably september will be based on the number. on the jobs number. transfer when you're expecting? >> somewhere between 75,085,000. we are talking about wage inflation and that is where the failure has been. not a complete failure, but a 2% to 2.5% are barely keeping up with the rate of inflation.
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"cavuto" wanted to ask you about long-term bonds. i was looking at 30 year bonds yesterday yielding 2.955%. now we get the concept of 50 year bonds, 100 year bonds. it's been done before then it teamed 20s. steve mnuchin has been talking about this idea. >> i think it's a great idea. complexities of the much longer dated bonds than the traditional 30 year and that is you to provide liquidity. standing trade the bond every day. a lot more volatility. but this is the same thing corporations have been doing for the last 10 years and it's not an unprecedented. it's equal embrace. 108 year bonds. take advantage of the historical low rates. life goes in for a long period of time. it created another call to get the option to the treasury. it's a wonderful idea. a lot of detail is left. just think about how this is supposed to be priced because
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that's what it's going to be paid off for letting all the dealers will step in and provide a quiddity. >> optimistic caution is, how are you feeling overall? >> i'm a bond guy. most cautious. that's true, very true. >> lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers dominate the toronto raptors in game two of their playoff series. the pittsburgh penguins pushed the washington capitals to the brink of elimination. we will have highlights. cold weather hit the northeast of temperatures backing of the 30s. fox meteorologist janice dean coming up with the forecast. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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nicole: welcome back. time now for sports. the brian james makes our history and game two. james bates 25 points to move into second place in the nba playoffs scoring second quarter. lebron gets hot and drained a three from the wing. down the court, james goes to the same spot, there is another triple. kylie irving goes behind this back to lebron. watch that again. the cats go on to win it when 25-103. take the two d. zero lead. scores 39 points.
5:24 am
kareem abdul-jabbar on a layup. he trails only one person and that is michael jordan. looking to even the series with the rockets fourth quarter, tony parker for the throwdown. later in the fourth, parker drives the floater. he lands awkwardly. he was have to be carried off the court. tribunal struggles, breaks an ankle in the reverse land. those on to win 121-96. to hockey, penguins play in capitals about crosby. he's out with a concussion. moves to open the scoring. his third of the playoff. dmitry can't avoid the puck and into his own goal. while pittsburgh goes up, they win it 3-to this seriously.
5:25 am
to baseball, yankees are becoming the combat. his third inning goes deep center for 13th homer of the year. the yankees down 6-5. cap make a play, runs into safe at first. yankees go on to win it ate-6. lauren: nice. cold temperatures in the northeast overnight had fox senior meteorologist senior meteorologist janice dean with your thursday forecast. good to see. i was half expecting a turtleneck. >> i did wear one earlier today. that is an indication it is cooler than average across the northeast. frost advisories in parts of the northeast with temperatures right now not even the 50s. 49 in new york and detroit.
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31 in international falls. around the freezing mark, the further north you go in the cooler is as far south as the central plains. 43-kansas city, 33 in denver have this friend was that the warmer air mask. the ligature satellite radar imagery. severe weather moved across the gulf coast yesterday. that doesn't appear to. ohio river valley as well watching these areas for the strongest severe storms and flooding potential as well. back to you ladies. lauren: gymnast income is thank you. nicole: a busy day in congress as they dissected on a controversial health care plan. we will have the latest reaction. face the contests are under pressure after they released their latest earnings report. behind the numbers to find out why investors are in somewhat of a selling mood on the stands. we'll tell you data features are higher this morning by 50. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets
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lauren: breaking news this morning. house gop lawmakers will live up to seven years of promises and vote to repeal or pace about medicare. i've reaction analysis for you good morning. i am lauren simonetti. true to the federal reserve is on track to raise interest rates twice more. recent economic weakness is just to play. the dow cut its losses on the news and ended up eight points. u.s. stock market futures right now up 55. a little jab in the last half-hour. s&p futures nicole petallides. nicole: japanese stocks closed
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for a holiday. shanghai composite ended by a quarter of 1%. >> the two candidates to be the next president's clash in what is being called a vicious debate a live report for you from paris. lauren: shares of facebook shares of face the contest under pressure after they released their latest earnings report. we will have their reasons why. true to lebron james and cleveland cavaliers dominate the raptors. the pittsburgh penguins first the washington capitals to the brink of elimination. we will have to highlight. lauren: 5:31 a.m. in new york. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. >> house republicans will vote on a revised health care bill. republicans now have enough votes to pass the measure and this comes after they added a billion dollars to help cover insurance costs for people with
5:32 am
existing conditions. lauren: democrats continue to criticize the move. nancy pelosi sent a letter titled house democrats to rally against character mara saying apart together we will once again expose cares disastrous consuences for hard-working families and seniors across america. republicans to meet in a conference today at 9:00 eastern this morning to discuss final changes to the bill. nicole: with the house passing -- both the house passed this new health care bill? joining us now, republican strategist kevin scott to discuss this. >> good morning. nicole: if the bill passes the faces major changes in the senate. well it would be able to pass and it's filled at the beginning here. >> no question. the most controversial provision right now they are trying to shore up his vicinity of preexisting conditions and the
5:33 am
way they will handle it at this point is adding an extra 8 billion that will go back to states that if they opt-out can create high-risk pools. and that have to be changed in the senate. a lot of controversy and whether a billion is enough. a billion in addition to 100 billion by the time it gets to the senate, major things shifted. the big test is cannot pass the house today? i believe it will. republicans would be scheduling a vote, but if for some reason they don't pass that it's a major black eye and the republican leadership. lauren: they can't pass it today, if the poll, if they pulled it, if the poll of the attribute on health care altogether and move on a tax refund? >> that's the challenge. president trump is counting on getting some tax savings in the health care bill to double to justify the march we've been tax cuts. after health care failed they talked about going to taxes. if they can't get past, you start to see some major
5:34 am
fractures between house republican republicans leadership in the trump administration. he knew some people that can help push through his agenda to do it in a sequential order he's really tried to get it done. nicole: house minority leade nancy pelosi says this'll come back to haunt republicans in the 20 team midterm elections. do you think that's true in which republicans may come under fire with this one -- and mark >> certainly some republicans and moderate districts depending on the final version of the year could hurt them. who's hurting their party the most is nancy pelosi. she's not the right messenger. democrats have an opportunity to seize on some things? is he pelosi is divine messenger for their party. they've got to find a better communicator if they have a chance of winning over the american people. nicole: what you call for the meeting for democrats in just an hour from now. >> they are on tv instead of
5:35 am
her. nicole: republican strategist scott thank you for joining us. >> have a good day. >> james comey defending his position to send a letter to congress surely prefer the 2016 presidential election. the senate judiciary committee hearing comey spoke to the letter about the investigation of the investigation about the the -- it makes me mildly nauseous to think that to think the modified impact on the election. but everyone who disagrees with me has to come back to october 28th at the end stare at this and tell me what you do. which you speak or conceal? lauren: would've made the same decision again. the fbi investigates whether members of the trump campaign collaborated with russia. comey noting that it was continuous. nicole: susan rice, former national security advisor has declined to testify next week
5:36 am
before a senate panel about russia's interference in the 2016 election. the invitation came from senator lindsey gram who issued this statement. susan rice has declined to come before the committee during a press interview she d improperly unmasking the names of american citizens who were surveilled as part of incidental collection. media reports suggest otherwise. an appropriate time i expect we will continue down this path. ms. rice will come before the committee and not just the press. former acting attorney general sally yates and james clapper will testify before the committee. nicole: let's go to paris where presidential candidate marine le pen and macron but the only televised debate ahead of the runoff on sunday. live in paris at the latest. good to see you. >> yeah, good morning to you. two and a half hour slugfest for both candidates, marine le pen
5:37 am
and macron went for each other's throat. i didn't know whether there are moderators. to enough hours to to two candidates opposite each other at a table. 20 million french people watch this live last night. the question is did someone went, did some of those then who is a favorite? manuel macron is still the favored could close to 20% of the people are undecided. le pen try to characterize macron is the status quo candidate, former investment come as someone who was tell friends that they have the chance. this into a sound bite. >> you are a candidate who is in favor of selling france to others. everything is up for sale. reporter: everything is up for
5:38 am
sale. don't forget, marine macron session close the borders, try to give france out of the e.u., deb europe and go back to the very radical ideas indeed. you can be sure those people in berlin and brussels are watching the outcome of this very, very closely. macron has a 20% lead in the polls. but as you know, the polls don't always get it right. think of bragg said. think of donald trump. nicole: look forward to your continued report on that, ashley. reporter: thank you. nicole: whether they will turn up and not as well. breaking news right now. prince philip is stepping back for royal duties saying he would no longer be making public appearances. the announcement just moments ago after queen elizabeth calls an emergency meeting at buckingham palace overnight. prince philip will still be an official royal family engagement
5:39 am
the duke of edinburgh turns 96 next month. lauren: alright everybody. global market action overnight. some are closed once again. the hang seng in hong kong got traction in the shanghai composite down a quarter of 1%. kospi and south korea tacking on 1% today. nicole: racing stock features that don't jump in and europe we see the affairs as well. the london ftse up one third of 1%. the cac quarante after the televised debate last night is doing quite well, up about three quarters of 1% and the german dax, three quarters of 1% to the upside. lauren: all about earnings and economic data. a lot of earnings today. look at this nice gain of a quarter of 1% for the dow for the s&p 500 and the nasdaq looking at the future's board. nicole: yesterday called pulled back again and we are seeing gold again to the downside down
5:40 am
$12.512.36 to troy ounce. right now it is 47.45 a barrel. lauren: facebook shows no sign of slowing down reporting yesterday first-quarter profits surged 76% to more than $3 billion. revenue rising 9% topping $8 billion boosted by mobile video advertisements. facebook group will not dominate the online advertising market is the eighth straight quarter face the read estimates on revenue. there is concern going forward that facebook is running out of the room for ads on user fees is looking for other places for the ad such as inserting them into longer videos. do you have the attention span for that is the question. facebook falling by 2% on concerns about future growth. shares in the past year up about 30%. nicole: the next two months of the critical for tesla. the carmaker reported a
5:41 am
first-quarter loss of $1.33 a share. fifty-two cents more than analysts expected the compy doubled to $2.7 bid tesla presently working to raise production deadline for its first mass-market vehicle. elon musk told tesla investors yesterday that the comp and he is on track to begin production of the model three sedan in july. the model three is a big test for tesla as it shifts from a luxury brand remains turned automaker. tesla shares fell 2.3% after hours yesterday and are up 29% in the past year and posted 31102 yesterday. lauren: more stocks to watch. craft times finer than 1% in extended trading after the catch of make or reported disappointing results. they tend to drop in quarterly profit on the u.s. dollar in canada. also here from cbs "after the bell." company to post a drop in revenue in the first quarter coming off a strong quarter a
5:42 am
year ago due to the 2016 super bowl in spending on political ads. another media company before the up and looking the other mtv comedy central and the paramount film studio to post the lower second-quarter profit. this in several quarters of declines in domestic ad revenue. nicole: coming up, earnings still driving these markets. facebook and tesla both under some pressure after the latest report this morning. we will watch those. al an outlook on the market. market strategist david nelson standing by. tough tures at 54 right now. we do have of paris. "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem,
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nicole: good morning. there's the money. when the limelight. i 45 am in new york in the state to conduct on what's happening now. public enough for its gaining momentum again. house vote on the legislation is scheduled for today. house majority leader kevin mccarthy has the votes to pass it. the bill has a $10 to cover people with preexisting conditions. find my son and the french presidential debate. far right leader marine le pen and macron there you go
5:46 am
)-right-paren sunday to vote on what is widely seen as france's most significant election in decades. they spoke opened the year with a surge in profits predicted are more than $3 billion thanks to a small black business, the shares fell 2% in after-hours and investors expect about a new string to pull off this year. u.s. stock market futures not watching tesla and facebook. in fact, dow futures at 54. s&p futures at six and nasdaq back into record territory. nicole: they might be watching the strong gains. u.s. tax suggested that recent economic data that was week was just a blip and it did confirm it was on track to raise interest rates this year. let's talk about this as well as the earnings season we have been seeing. david nelson, ballpoint chief strategist. good to see you. it had this dichotomy with an exception a web applet they
5:47 am
spoke was somewhat disappointed. earnings have been strong but the recent economic data has been read. what is the fed do with that going forward? >> quote, the first quarter has been tough for several years now. i think it's an aberration. i think they will take that in stride right now. i am not sure we are going to get all the highest bids people expect. gold market saying we are. i'm not so sure. besides data and the hard data right now now has to get a lot better. nicole: winner of the markets do? what if we don't get the rate hike? where do the markets go? >> if they don't get a rate hike, the market will go down because it will be the perception or something the fed sees that we do now. if we don't get a rate hike, bonds go higher. so that would be kind of a negative. lauren: apple took the nasdaq down yesterday because sales,
5:48 am
$53 billion in revenue just wasn't enough. shares are looking soft right now. >> a descendent quarter. hard to say anything bad about a company who grew about 50%. stocks of forward-looking mechanisms and a lot of that is priced in the shares and frankly this is a stock really ran hard into the number. a pretty powerful tool in wall street. pretty powerful metric. i'm not surprised to see a pullback for a 50 day moving average. there were two flaws in the report. first was expenses are going higher. pretty clear they will spend a lot more money. i'd revenue growth actually slowed sequentially. it is still a pretty attractive stock. nicole: how about tesla? that into the downside, soaring under pressures today. your thoughts on tesla? >> quote, get it. it is truly an innovative
5:49 am
product, but it's pretty tough to make the numbers were. they frankly just don't seem to matter for this company. this company raised a billion and a quarter a few months ago. they will have to come back to wall street sometime real soon to be. i don't see this company make money in a cap basis until 2020. lauren: still figuring out to figure out what kind of company they are. otto, technology. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. nicole: lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers dominate the toronto raptors. in hockey, the playoff pittsburgh penguins pushed the washington capitals to the brink of elimination. we will have the highlights. stephen colbert doubles down on his criticism of president donald trump. we will have it for you. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets
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and breaking news. ♪
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nicole: no apology from stephen daubert. the late night comedian doubles down on this island attacking the president. he continues to make light of this moose attacks on president dona trump. >> you know that i was little upset with donald trump for insulting a friend of mine. at the end of the monologue had a few choice insults for the president in return. i don't regret that. [cheers and applause] i believe he can take care of himself. i have jokes, he has the launch
5:54 am
codes. trade to the late show host says he was defending his cbs colleague after the president sanders show, "face the nation," calling it defaced the nation over the weekend. donald trump does meet with the prime minister of australia. transfer expects in traffic or lebron james makes more history in game two of the cavaliers raptors series. james is 25 points to move into second place in the nba playoff touring history. first he drank three from the land. next-line down the court, he buries another triple. third quarter, earning just behind his back to the god who throws down again. there you go. 125-103. lebron scores 39-point and kareem abdul-jabbar in a playoff for all time.
5:55 am
he trails the one and only michael jordan. first, fourth-quarter tony parker is the south of the throwdown. later in the fourth, parker tries to land awkwardly and goes down. he would have to be carried off the court. there it is right there. so in the fourth, patty mills. he breaks in a call and the reverse land as they go on to win that series. watching the play right now. final score 121-96. penn was playing the capitals but their star sidney crosby out with a concussion. patrick thornquist was the defenders to open the scoring. second period, demetrius carlock cannot avoid the pack in his own role. pittsburgh goes up to-nothing. you take a 3-1 series lead.
5:56 am
baseball yankees becoming the comeback kids. deep center for his 13th homer of the year. that is the most in his first 25 games in a season at the history of the mlb. down 65 to the seventh bal. can't make the py. it runs scores and gregorius is safe at first base to the yankees go on to win 8-6. nicole: coming up, a new way to get your morning caffeine fix. we will tell you all about it. a little something different. transcendent. keep it right here. ♪
5:57 am
♪rock guitar ♪yeah ♪(rock music) ♪you can't do this, you can't deny ♪they feed us lines, but i won't act♪ ♪and all good things will come to pass♪ ♪but the truth is all you have to have♪ ♪and would you lie for it? ♪cry for it? ♪die for it? ♪would you? ♪i believe ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪
5:58 am
♪you'll see there hope for this wor tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe
5:59 am
lauren: if you depend on coffee that morning to get things started, einstein brothers bagels is out with the first caffeinated bagel today. it is called the espresso bagel. each one contains 32 milligrams of caffeine. that's about a third of what she'd find the average cup of coffee. the caffeine in the bagel comes from espresso and coffee cherry flower. i don't think people are going to substitute for coffee with the bagel, butaybe pr them together. tr to be sure to have it with your coffee and monster energy. oil pulling back.
6:00 am
dow futures skidded 54 points. we are going to join tesla and facebook under pressure today. right here in new york, donald trump back after 107 days, has not been in new york for 107 days. that's the longest ever in its history as a new yorker when it was born here in 1946. bidding with the estonian prime minister to discuss common ground in north korea. >> of markets looking pretty good -- good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: thank you. happy thursday, everybody. i am maria bartiromo. thursday, may 4th at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. sealing the deal. repealing them replacing obamacare. today it is a show of confidence. republicans have a gas stove. 216 is the magic number. >> to me it's a very big amendment. >> you're not quite there yet.


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