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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 4, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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dow futures skidded 54 points. we are going to join tesla and facebook under pressure today. right here in new york, donald trump back after 107 days, has not been in new york for 107 days. that's the longest ever in its history as a new yorker when it was born here in 1946. bidding with the estonian prime minister to discuss common ground in north korea. >> of markets looking pretty good -- good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: thank you. happy thursday, everybody. i am maria bartiromo. thursday, may 4th at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. sealing the deal. repealing them replacing obamacare. today it is a show of confidence. republicans have a gas stove. 216 is the magic number. >> to me it's a very big amendment. >> you're not quite there yet.
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>> it's not full repeal. we will support it and keep working on full repeal. try to pass in the course at first taken a long process. a closer look at what's next. turning to technology, revenue surged from a year ago. the company is also wanted about slower growth, advertising growth. the stock now down one and a quarter%. indicating a higher opening with dow industrials set to open up about 60 points. the dow and the s&p and nasdaq is morning. across the board as well. the ft 100 up a third of a percent. the cac quarante at three quarters of 1%. the nikkei up closer holiday in japan but the other measures as ec fractionally moving. a final face-off in france. presidential candidate by wayne
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le pen and emanuel macron. all the details of the debate. prince philip's return for public office. buckingham palace announced in queen elizabeth has been lost up back in september. a massive issue can his google. what you need to know if you have them and they. do not touch the document. the big business merchandise, and i saw was a top sellers and you might be surprised if you landed in the top spot. join me to talk all about it, dagen mcdowell. chrysler ceo and home depot ceo bob nardelli back with us. and billy carter. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> great to be with all of you, it's great. maria: on a debian continues on the legislative front. health care is happening. transfer the house is going to go, suggesting they have the votes to move it and then they go to the senate. how much will the senate change it. so they potentially will be able
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to vote on it with a simple majority. chuck schumer making a lot of noise about. it is going to be slow going when it goes in the senate. but this is a big move. maria: the moment it happened yesterday with the final two yes votes and they flipped it there was a sigh of relief. because it's been so long in terms of this negotiating process. >> dakin is right. this is like grass growing. they massaged and then it goes back to the house. but at least it's a good step forward. >> you know at the bottom line is, people still don't know what's in the bill. dagen: we are here to tell you. i can go through what's in the bill about the changes. maria: this is something that has been changing so much. we want to get the details. dagen on that coming up this morning. the author of the operator
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firing the shots that killed osama bin laden and my years as a seal team warrior could rob of you with us this morning. james woolsey is here and ceo and founder of upside is also the founder of finance group leader jaywalkers here with us this morning to texas congressman is at best and ceo jason-also winning in this morning. you don't want to miss him on that, so keep up with us. health care showdown. house republican leaders now say they have the votes to repeal and replace obamacare. the bubble tape lace today after president trump met personally with two gop holdouts and sign off on a proposal from michigan congressman fred upton and added an additional $8 billion to help cover insurance costs for people with existing conditions. democrats including massachusetts congressman jim mcgovern continued to lay on the criticism. watch this. >> about to be honest, this processor but it lawfully is a
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god mess. i mean, it really is. i don't know how anyone can defend it it fixes upon fixes. it is going to be brought to the floor tomorrow and we'll have a debate and that's how we are going to serve our constituents. >> minority leader nancy pelosi blasted the bill. house republicans are going to tattoo this moral monstrosity. the caucus answer rally against what they call trump here later today. how do you see this? continuing to distract it isn't as bad as nancy pelosi says? dagen: as ever as bad as nancy pelosi says. they are even bigger fear mongers then they have been. i would argue this whole issue of whether preexisting conditions will be covered has been blown wildly out of proportion.
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as he pointed out on the program yesterday, under the original preexisting condition insurance plan that president obama bowled out before obamacare took effect. 11000 people applied for that insurance. that's a number of people we are essentially talking about. i want to make clear than in this house bill, the insurance companies will be required to sell health plans to people with existing conditions and people will still keep their kids on their health insurance until the age of 26. the only issue is states can apply for waivers that could impart that can handle preexisting conditions differently and congressmen acting fishy that he got $8 billion over five years to help those people at the state level as the states want this waivers to help them pay for health expenses such as out of pocket costs, people with preexisting conditions. they've taken steps to make sure these people are taken care of.
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the individual mandate on so you won't be penalized for that. older americans will be paying more, but it is not out of the round of what the actual health care costs are today. insurance companies can charge under obamacare three times more than the youngest people in health insurance. under this bill it goes to five times. remember, utterly americans are on medicare. that is not covered under the new bill. new tax credits instead of the subsidies and center for health care law. see a lot of taxes go away. the attacks on medical device makers, which is a job killer. maria: dividends which is one of the early ones. dagen: exactly, 3.8% investment on wealthier americans. huge boost to the stock market, but also a huge boost for companies that want to raise money. you make it more palatable to invest.
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it's really powerful. dagen: we've got the details of how does this play in your view from a business stand point and boost economic growth. this is a big deal. >> it is. the congressman from michigan talking about fixes on fixes to try and make sure it is much more workable, much more acceptable solution to deliver good solid health care. the preexisting conditions you talk about something important. this administration headed by president trump is really trying to be responsive to the requests out there and get this out there. we know obamacare is failing you talk about pelosi. i didn't think it could be anybody more destructive than harry reid, the schumer certainly up there. true to his stepping up he really is. dagen: we laughed at the business mandate which will free up companies to create jobs.
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we had all these companies that cap their levels at 49 because they didn't want to step up. i think that they list a huge burden on small businesses in this country. >> absolutely. >> this is in and of itself a huge taxpayer getting it done. >> is a huge problem in messaging. nobody knows what they get in the bill. they wanted to race into people or give them what they're asking for. that is true here. it's true in the budget that passed in the negotiation. republicans are willing to compromise to get things done. the democrat strategist at her and say what a mess they are. just totally, from my income that there is a story here that's good, working on behalf of the american people. they are reacting to what people want. a simple story about health care here they are going to cover
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preexisting conditions, going to address the biggest concerns they have in benefit those people in the economy. maria: chuck schumer and nancy pelosi really wanted to see a government shut down. they are able to say donald trump and his administration are competent. that did not happen. one step closer yesterday. passing a $1 trillion spending bill. the senate to quickly follow suit. president trump and house speaker paul nine hailed it as a big tree because they came so close once again that a non-this decision in the 11 hour. again, schumer wanted to see a government shut down your debt did not happen. >> they turn the tables on republicans and started messaging about a government shutdown, so schumer and the democrats are better at getting their word out to the american people made it a big jury for them.
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he did have the republicans on their heels. they are like wait a minute, we did give border protection. we did get defense spending. maria: first time is 10 years. >> they did message that of the day. after that the democrats had a victory. >> democrats are telling the story right now republicans had to get in front of it. it's just a shame. dagen: this is not about whether people will be countered. that was never an issue. everybody is going to be able to buy insurance. it is how it is paid for rather than hiding it in the cost of insurance for everybody and making young people pay more. we are going to actually have taxpayer funding out of the government in the pools at the states decide that's what they want or that some will find it. people will be covered and we'll help you. >> speaker writers in the
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crosshairs. the media and the other party is really taking him to task. >> he knows better. >> it doesn't look like him. maria: is kind of fiery french debate to talk about as well. the two candidates in france vied to become the next president of france bashing and what is a vicious debate days before the election. you need those details next. facebook under pressure after the latest earnings report with a closer look at those numbers. back in two nutes time as transcendent continues. ♪
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it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now. maria: welcome back. facebook reporting first-quarter earnings showing profits and revenues soar year earlier. closing in on nearly 2 billion monthly active users. that's an increase of 17% year-over-year. stock under pressure. the cfo warned on revenue growth in global economics editor at "the wall street journal." good to see you. thanks so much. do you think is you think is for schultz show facebook was able to shake up in this controversy? >> certainly. it's growth and scale right now are astonishing. 2 billion monthly users is something like 1.3 billion days for users to put that in two
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contacts. twitter is going around 300 billion. feast that is way ahead of its rivals in the social media is ill. the problem they face today is posting of violent content beyond the fake news issue. they announced yesterday they are hiring 3000 people to monitor for violent video. but with the kind of earnings they are posting about three dozen people at the drop in the bucket for them. >> mark stucker bird cometh the year posted this statement yesterday. at the last few weeks, we've seen people hurting themselves and others on face the. it is heartbreaking and been reflecting on how we can do better for our community. the next year we let 3000 people for operations team around the world on top of the 4500 today to review the notes of reports
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they got every week and improve the process for doing it quickly. interesting they would make this move right here. >> a question for you is great for the job market. another 3000 jobs created almost doubling what he has. how do you see that as a negative for artificial intelligence as we keep talking about digital transformation, artificial intelligence, it's kind of a goodness, badness story news story, isn't it? >> that's an interesting point. you need actual adults to watch out for this stuff. it's interesting because we see security firms that are hired robots to do that kind of digital surveillance. when it comes to facebook, because of his scale, because we are talking about 2 billion, this is a quarter of the world's population. bad things will happen because human beings do that they use. you have to give them credit for
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trying to be proactive and getting ahead of the problem. dagen: john, i think it i think it will inform and you can disagree with me or not. ill informed how they roll out new features in the future. what happened, zuckerberg as is the way of silicon valley in general, a launch in vicksburg dogs later. when the bugs and problems involve people committing suicide or revenge murder on facebook sites, they will think twice in the future before they launch them they'd did not understand the full implications of it. >> well, in this case i hesitate to disagree with you. >> okay go ahead or >> i have to disagree with you because you're usually right. in this case, they are moving forward with the video, on this video live programming trying to deal with the consequences as
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they go. it is tragic that we see these kinds of things happening. like i said, and audnces as large as their audience, you're bound have problems like this. maria: yesterday a lawsuit blaming social media companies for the 2015th san bernardino attack. targeting google, facebook, twitter, also messages that inspire the terrorism attack. they've been talking about this on the fringe for a while. but there's abilities to these technology companies have in terms of renewing the content online? >> as we see what zuckerberg is doing us is doing with the monitors can be realized as they get bigger and becomes so ingrained in our social fabric, they have to take more responsibility for it. they have to be more difficult waiting out wrongdoers that are using their side are really dangerous activity.
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>> one of the interesting things about watching all of this is how zuckerberg is managing his community, keeping people safe, and i'm wondering, a lot of people are wondering if this is a hint he might be running for office. he said now. what is it? maria: he was traveling the other day, this manufacturing stage to also build homes. i was thinking the same thing. >> you got to be a billionaire to become president. you know, facebook is now the fifth-largest market cap stock in the world. it will be interesting to see what he does as solid as well. is he going to go to bill gates to go the delegates they start a foundation and do good or is he going to try to be donald trump and run the world? >> will have to watch and see. and so much.
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we will take a short break. a major announcement out of buckingham palace. prince william decided to step back from public life. something fishy in your inbox. users targeted in a massive e-mail scam. what you need to know before you click.
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maria: welcome back. french presidential candidates fired in a heated debate. cheryl casone with all the details now. reporter: good morning, everybody. candidate arena le pen argued for more than two hours as the moderators at the final presidential debate struggle to gain control. watch this. >> the party of business is not my party. it is your party.
6:25 am
>> what you are saying, mr. macron, i hope we will not learn anything in the next few days, next few weeks. he tried to get to the others, the u.s. the one his least qualified to cave. reporter: and then it got better. it just are spreading hatred while she says that he was soft on terrorism. some frivolously the e.u. and nato. however represents a continued continuity and contended french policy. they were committed in the debate according to a snap opinion poll, and other pole, one of the last surveys is getting 59% of the vote to the 41%. we shall see. so mr. buckingham palace within
6:26 am
the last hour. prince philip is going to step down this fall. the spokesperson said the decision was made by the duke of of edinburgh caps-off and was supported by the queen. the law previously scheduled events between now and august -- and august obama accept any new invitations. all senior staff in a separate house this morning to help the couple. after users are added by a phishing scam, the google talk service by interested contact we should say. users click on the link and follow the instructions. the e-mail accounts, computers and contacts released a statement saying all contact information is used by the campaign show that no other data was exposed. no further action users need to take regarding this event. google said it stopped the attack within the hour and
6:27 am
remote applications associated with the skin. it affected about a billion people. we are watching some vague earnings today. they are set to report before the bell. there's a three month chart is a little pressure on this one after tesla reported mixed earnings "after the bell" last night. that was largely the next record. revenue came in at 3.7 billion. the stock is wanting in premarket trading right now and there are the numbers for you. back to you. maria: coming up next on the concerns of terror attacks at home. wanted bonfires and agencies across the country of a new threat. we've got the details here coming next. puerto rico making history not in a good way. it will be the largest bankruptcy ever. we will tell you about it and the impact on you. stay with us.
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody, thank you so much for joining us. it is thursday may fourth, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump returns. ahead of that, the president
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will sign executive ordeon religion on national day of prayer. >> tomorrow is national day of prayer, proclamation a president will sign. we looking forward to have religious leaders and celebrate this day with us. maria: very latest coming up this morning plus terrorist warning after tax like the one in nice, france last summer, tsa is reportedly issuing a new warning over truck attacks. we have that for you. we are watching earnings this morning. shell profits soar in the first quarter. check the broader markets, futures indicating higher opening for broader average. in europe gains across the board. take a look at the indices, cac quarante up almost 1% right here in paris. the other averages half a percent.
6:32 am
in asia overnight, mixed performances. nikkei still closed for holiday in japan. the other averages mixed there. puerto rico making history, not in a good way, state following bankruptcy protection, the largest bankruptcy ever for puerto rico. pizza hut making a makeover. the big business of merchandise, nfl announcing the top sellers and you might be surprised at who land them in the top spot. we have the details. first new concerns of terror attack here at home, nbc report, transportation security administration is warning truck rental agencies to remain vigilant protecting their vehicles vehicles from threat. the meamg was reportedly sent to law enforcement agencies across the country on tuesday this week. the warning of spree assaults in europe. joining us right now rob o'neil,
6:33 am
author of the operator, firing the shots that killed osama bin laden and years as a seal team warrior. it's always chilling to remember what you did and how you killed osama bin laden. we always are really grateful that you're here this morning. thank you so much. another book, the operator, your thoughts on the new warning from tsa? >> i'm happy they did it. a lot of people need to be aware. a t of people ve in their bubbles, they walk in the streets of new york with their heads on iphones, they are not looking at anything, they have a willful blindness and they don't think anything is going to happen. look at what you're doing, pay attention, what a lot of the terrorists are doing, a lot of security is getting better as you travel overseas and they can't get to places like syria so they tell them to stay here and reck havoc. nice is a easy one. the guy stole a beer truck and
6:34 am
they get out with knives and start stabbing people. bigger trucks can get past through people, really teenagers. maria: is this a new strategy by the terrorists at the point to come into your truck and use the truck as -- >> we are seeing more now. they have been putting it now. the leadership in isis has been telling the lone wolf, they've been telling them to use what weapon you can find and a vehicle is a great one, with crowds anywhere, shopping malls, parades, walking across the cross walks i'm i'm saying. the knife attack israel has been seeing it for a while. we don't want to listen to them because it's their problem and not our problem. maria: final picture taken by military paragrapher specialist, the moment a life fire exercise
6:35 am
in afghanistan, that blast killed hilton, four afghan soldiers, back in 2013, rob the images illustrate the danger that our men and women face in combat. >> that's a very powerful picture. the picture shows you right there. she's actually training another photo journalist who is afghan soldier, i think there were 7 after begans killed in that. the women are in combat. there are part i don't talk on the book. we have gone on target with women. i have been in afghanistan. i remember walking through a nasty swamps in afghanistan in the winter with three female soldiers with us and the only throe that didn't complain about it were the three women. maria: it doesn't matter where
6:36 am
you're a man or women, you're all dealing with the issues. >> it's all environment. there are certain things women can do that we can't do. we are not necessarily dealing with all bad people, someone needs to respect the culture, someone needs to interrogate the female on target in a different way that we would with the men. maria: you write so much in the book, the operator, it details what it was like firing the shots killing osama bin add lane -- bin laden. tell us about that day. >> i know the majority assumed it was a last mission. it was a one-way mission. we were going to get shot there, blown up, if anybody is going to wait for a team to get to this house and blow the whole thing up is this guy.
6:37 am
we knew we weren't coming back but we did it for the people that died in 9/11, the people that were having breakfast and had a decision between 2500-degrees to jump to their death. that's where we went. we went up the stairs to get bin laden, did he see and make eye contact, i don't know but i hope he saw the american flag patches, we went for those people, that's why we are here, those people that they were not supposed to fight. that's what we do. and that's only chapter 23 of the book. maria: oh, my god. >> that's part of the book but to see the guys facing death, going through their methodical breaching of doors, opening of doors, clearing of stairwells, i was in this position on that mission where i was in the back and i uld watcand i remember feeling, watching cool guys do cool stuff and being crowd. the way they let us -- they let
6:38 am
us all at the stairs, i happened to be at the position, i got a spot where i turned a corner to the right, any soldier, any special oarlter would have done anything i did. i did what the tactics dictated. i treated him as a suicide bomber. i'm tired of thinking about it. let's get over with it. he's going to blow up. let's end it. we turned the corner and he was standing there. i recognized his nose. he wasn't surrendering so i shot him, it was over before it started, it seemed like, i moved the wife to the bed, the kid was in the room, his young child, 3-year-old son. i remember the father thinking, this poor kid has nothing to do with this. other sales were coming in the room and i just -- that's when it hit me, wow, we got him and we might get out.
6:39 am
maria: wow. >> started to sink in, i think we have 34 minutes on the ground. we have a 90-minute flight. if we live 90 minutes we will get 50 years or life. maria: when you shot bin laden, did you make eye contact? >> i looked right at him. i had night vision, when i shot him it was a matter of feet, close -- than you and i are right now. maria: what about when you picked up his bed and brought her to the bed in. >> i was in training, what might tactics would do mode. it was time to move her away. what you want to do and clear the move you want to move them to corner, clear the rest of the room for potential explosives or whatever it is and start setting up for finding the potential intelligence assets and anything lek call, cd's, computers, things like that. this was -- i had already done over 400 combat missions, most
6:40 am
of the team had that many or more than i did. when i moved the wife and kid, other seals were doing their job. what do we do now? now we go find the computers, we have done hundreds of times. you're right, i'm back. yeah, you just shot bin laden, your wife just changed and he was laughing, we got him, let's do this and let's get out. maria: you were on robotic mode, you knew what to do, not really thinking and that's what why you said what do i do now? >> i assumed he was going to be a suicide bomber, i talk thabt in the book in other parts of afghanistan, when a suicide goes off in front of you it's laudier and scarier and permanent than you would think. turning the corner and the training that i had at the seal teams is you see a threat, you shoot a suicide bomber in the head because you need to take him down as quickly as we can.
6:41 am
but then after i stopped it started to hit and sink in and it was surreal and everyone kind of realized we are going to pull this off, all we have to do is not get shocked down in the next hour and a half. maria: incredible. thank you so much. no, i mean, thank you, thank you for what you've done and what you do, you are special and you -- you're trying to be so humble here but it's because of you, the colleagues in the navy and military that we enjoy the freedom that is we do. >> absolutely. maria: operator is the name of the book. pizza hut vetting on itself, millions towards a makeover but would it be enough to turn slumping sales? we will tell you about it, back in a moment
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maria: welcome back, markets looking higher, futures indicating a gain. dow jones industrial up this morning. we should see gainin the opening of trading. nasdaq composite up a quarter of percent. a couple of names we are watching, a strong quarter for oil giant, reported a sharp strike in profitability due to recovering oil prices and years of cost-cutting measures. profits also up at busch despite lull in u.s. sales. bought tenth craft beer maker, wicked brewing to portfolio. that's going to be one to watch. puerto rico filing for bankruptcy protection, big story here.
6:46 am
cheryl casone with the stories. cheryl: you're right. big story and a big hit for investors, puerto rico now under court protection and what amounts the largest ever u.s. municipal bankruptcy, the governor making announcement after negotiation with the bond holders failed. $73billion to creditors, this action by the way could be deeper losses on bonds that analysts have anticipated and ripple through major u.s. major hedge bonds and bond insurers. new government survey saying 50% of adults living at home have no landline. the number of wireless only homes increased 2 and a half percent from the previous year. let's talk food. pizza hut with attempt of sales,
6:47 am
the money going to upgrade equipment, improve restaurant technologies, advertising for 2018. let's keep talking about pizza. a very important topic, 50% off all pizza orders in order of the kentucky derby which is saturday. you can place your order online or through mobile app, here is the stock, stock is actually down 14% over the past year. all right, a sandwich shop in canada knows thousand get actor liam neeson to eat and put a chak board sign, liam neeson eats for free and it worked and said, quote, where is my sandwich and now they have a sandwich named after neeson a lot of beef in the sandwich, by
6:48 am
the way, yeah, i'm in. maria: i can't believe it worked. that's pretty incredible. you didn't think it would actually work but it did. coming up, verizon, betting big on the nfl, writing a hefty check to stream one game but will the tbarvele pay off, back in a minute did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today.
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maria: we have breaking news right now. president trump tweeting right now. we want to show you what he's saying, here it is, susan rice, former national security adviser to president trump is refuse to go testify before a senate subcommittee next week on allegations on unmasking trump
6:52 am
transition officials. not good he writes. more on this in just a minute but it is worth commenting on. the fact that she refuses to testify in this situation, we are never going to learn anything, what do you think about it? >> i think it's unconscionable for her to be able to say i'm not going to testify, you know, he's right at the center of a lot of controversy. everybody has to go up there and kind of come clean, i wish she would. dagen: agreed. [laughter] maria: turn to the spurs, last night big win over the rockets but also a giant loss, jared max with the story, jared, over to you. jared: hey, maria, spurs fan might have to park their optimism for this postseason. yes, san antonio with revenge on loss from game one but now faces potentially daunting future. san antonio up 12. tony parker spins around.
6:53 am
pretty basket, how many of these will we see from tony parker, fourth quarter under nine minutes to go. parker will try a float for san antonio spurs and lands awkwardly, he stayed a few minutes and parker tried to walk it off but had to get carried by teammates. move over karim, lebron just took your spot. latest blow-out against raptors. james moved abdul jabar. question is how much money do you think it costs to live stream one nfl game next season, for verizon 21 million years. two years ago yahoo paid 15.
6:54 am
verizon will offer nfl game between jaguars and ravens, last month amazon cut a deal to stream game and this one distributed through verizon fios allock with mobile service, hey, which two nfl players brought in more money for merchandise sales than any other last year? hint, yeah, both dallas cowboys. first time in nfl history two rookies top nfl sales. running back ezikiel elliot and dak prescott and rounding up top five tom brady and dez bryant. america's team, that's when the brand, the dallas cowboys for many years, even if they're not winning, you could always sale on the brand, all of a sudden
6:55 am
when you start winning and key players again, key. >> not to be a ceo when your number one, how many dollars is that in jared: the cowboys get the keep what's generated for merchandise sales and word between players. dagen: to my point, no grown man should be wearing a jersey with another grown man's name on it. [laughter] >> she's upset that there was no nascar guys on there. dagen: i think that's weird too. >> i thought tom brady would have been higher. jared: brady has been up all the time but now we have fresh young faces. maria: i'm surprised at that. tony romo hitting the golf course, former dallas quarterback quarterback trying to qualify by u.s. open by playing 18-hole qualifier, the next step is sectional qualifying on june 5th, think he has a chance, dagen? dagen: if his game is good enough to quify, thabeg it is question of why weren't you
6:56 am
more focused on your football career instead of your golf game, that's -- jared: come on. you were cheering tim tebow but it's not good for the guy in dallas. but tony romo -- dagen: and so tim tebow went to baseball after he couldn't play football anymore. jared: a long road to get to the new york mets. right now he's in the minor while on this side he has to get past the first round. the last guy to make it through this kind of local event, 1969. >> simple answer, he's in control of his golf game, he's not fending on ten other people when he's on the field. dagen: blame the team? that was the problem. [laughter] dagen: the cowboys are without him. jared: who messed up the graphic, where is the call. lee: maybe he can be america's
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday may fourth, top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. do or die vote for house republicans today. house set to vote on health care today. the gop needs 216 votes to pass the measure. it is going to be tight. there's still a long road ahead before it goes to the president's desk but it does look like the vote happens today in the house and moves on to the senate. fbi director james comey defending his actions during 2016 elections. watch. >> it was incredibly painful choice but actually not all that hard between bad and catastrophic. i don't think many people will do it differently no matter what they say today. maria: made him mildly nauseous and revealed that huma abedin forwarded thousands of emails to
7:01 am
her hband anthony weiner. decline in foot traffic, we will tell you all the other earnings on the docket today. futures indicating a higher opening for the broader average and dow industrials at the highs to have morning, up better than 60 points. dow set to open up about a quarter of a percent higher, same with the s&p and the nasdaq. in europe gains across the board. take a look. the indices are higher but the cac quarante up 1% in paris and the other averages up between one half of 1% or half a percent. japan was closed for a holiday overnight but other majors mixed perform anticipateses. presidential candidate emmanuel macron and marine la pen going head to head. all the highlights next. prince retiring from public life. queen elizabeth's husband will step back in september.
7:02 am
stephen colbert coming up. former chrysler ceo and former home depot ceo bob nardeli with us and maslansky + partners lee carter. >> exciting. dagen: it's exciting. somebody on twitter when talking abt messaging of the republicans, you always leave distortion of the mainstream media. that's their job. i've been trying to get on taxes that have been repealed and i can't find it anywhere. i know some of them or most of them but there are a couple of smaller ones. maria: they should be talking about that, the taxes -- lee: you should be able to google health care and the first thing that comes up the gop's --
7:03 am
10 points you need to know about health care and you cannot find it. maria: dagen told us what the major important points are. aside from your white paper list that you brought earlier, where is it? dagen: right, i can't. hello, gop. lee: speaker ryan, get up. maria: issue over and over, the messaging. joining the conversation former cia director is with us, the ceo and founder of upside as well as the founder of jaywalker is with us, texas congressman bryan bavin is with us, jason is here and the founder and ceo of next, anybody use next, it's an interesting company with nirav tolia coming up. first, it's a huge day in the nation's capital and the country as house republicans plan to vote today on health care. president trump is set to sign executive order on religious
7:04 am
liberty before heading home to new york city where he will meet with australian prime minister. kevin at the white house, good morning, kevin. >> good morning, a little health care as washington and speaker ryan, they feel like they have the votes, we will find out sometime at 1:00 o'clock. there are a lot of folks saying what's actually in this, here are key elements i can tell you, a billion dollars over five years to continue to help people with preexisting medical conditions and also repeals all of the obamacare taxes and the overall bill would cut medicaid. republicans calling it a game-changer, democrats say it's a smoking mirror. >> they have made it, put this forward that we have improved the bill. no. it doesn't improve the bill.
7:05 am
and don't let -- this is an insult to the intelligence of the american people but worst than that, it is an assault on the good health of the american people. >> okay, there were a lot of folks on the hill specially moderate republican who is are worried about this idea. they are now satisfied because the bill does have protections for preexisting conditions, also today the president is expected to sign an executive order protecting religious liberty, this is a my juror victory for people of faith around the country and the white house is going to tell you, frankly, this is a promise that was made on the campaign trail and a promise that's been kept. let me show you a bit about what the president will be writing about today and signing into executive order, heels going to make sure that this administration protects and promotes religious liberty and this is important, it'll direct the irs to ease enforcement of the johnson amendment which is if you're not familiar, basically if you here some religious group want to say back a candidate or be critical of a particular person orandidate,
7:06 am
now they c do that and ease it is obamacare mandate for religious objectors to prevent preventive service contraceptives. here when he's going the meet with catholic cardinals and he's going to new york. but for now back to you. maria: yes, he is, back to home city for him. kevin corke at the white house. the president is just tweeting right now. we want to bring you what he's saying, he says watch this, the fake news media is officially out of control, the president writes, they will do or say anything in order to get attention. never been a time like this from president trump. meanwhile fbi director james comey told congressional leaders that he does not regret opening the probe into hillary clinton's private e-mail use before the 2016 election. listen to what he said yesterday. >> look, this is terrible, it makes my mildly nauseous to think that we might have had impact on the election but honestly it won't change the decision. everybody who disagrees with me
7:07 am
has to come back to october 28th at me and would you speak or conceal and i could be wrong but we honestly made a decision between those two choices that even in hindsight, one of the world's most painful experiences, i would make the same decision. maria: this coming after hillary clinton said that he was confident that he would have wor comey's actions less than a week before the vote. president trump responded to clinton's allegations, here is what he tweeted in response. fbi director comey was the best thing this ever happened to hillary clinton, in he gave her a free pass from many bad deeds, the phoney russia story was an excuse used as democrats as justification for losing the election, perhaps trump just ran a great campaign. joining me right now director. >> good to be with you, maria. maria: his most expensive allegations, what did you make of comments yesterday? >> i think he has a point if you
7:08 am
focus only on the few days before the election. i think he handled himself as well as he could in the messy situation. you have to go back to july 11th when he held his big press conference that was extremely condemning of pretty much everything that hillary clinton did and then said, but there's no criminal intent in anyway, it was extremely negligent of her but it wasn't grossly negligent, what -- that situation that he created by his decision back in july to talk about ongoing investigation and to go into it in that kind of detail, if you can tell the difference between extreme negligence and gross negligence, then maybe you be a fbi legal analysts, either of us can be, it's just like, what? [laughter] maria: you agree that he helped hillary clinton. the dems are upset saying that
7:09 am
he got in the way of hillary clinton's victory and yet he actually helped her? >> i'm not sure he helped her in october, but he sure helped her in july. maria: exactly. >> by running through all of the things she had done wrong and you don't need criminal intent to violate the statute that deals with the classification, you can accidentally leave a single sheet of paper on your desk inside a secured facility overnight and if that's not where it's supposed to be, then technically you could be in violation of -- criminal violation of the statutes that relate to classified material. you don't have to intentionally take it out the buildg and hand it to russian agent or something. maria: you're talking about a group that would know that, would know better. i mean, comey -- >> you think? maria: hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin regularly forwarded classified emails to her spouse anthony weiner.
7:10 am
possession of the emails triggered before the election. comey said there were thousands of classified emails sent to anthony weiner, you would think that huma abedin knew that you're not supposed to transfer, forward classified emails to anybody but she was regularly forwarding them to her home computer and it was actually anthony weiner's laptop. >> unless he had a clearance, a relevant clearance and need to know as determined by someone who controlled access to those materials, that was a violation of law, absolutely. maria: yeah. so why was he doing it? i guess there was a story that she we wanted to print things from home, but thousands of emails? >> i don't know. i really lack the capacity to understand quite frankly what american politicians are doing.
7:11 am
i'm much better on terrorists and dictators. i can for some reason get inside their heads a lot more easily. maria: let me k you about susan rice, she's declining to testify before senate subcommittee regarding russian activities durg t016 election campaign. president trump just tweeted this this morning actually, director woolsey, susan rice is refusing to testify before a senate subcommittee next week on allegations of unmasking trump transition officials, not good. what do you think about this director woolsey, do you think her declining to testify that she did engage in improper behavior? what does she tell us? >> she's a private citizen and can take the fifth amendment, but i think she would need to take the fifth amendment and be concerned about her legal situation in order to do this. you don't -- as a former senior government official, if a congressional committee says that has relevant jurisdiction says, hey, come on in talk to us
7:12 am
about this, you really ought to do it unless you're worried about a criminal violation of some sort about what you say and want to take the fifth amendment. maria: let me ask you about the intelligence community right now. obviously when the president first came to office there was real upset and leaking and going on, how would you characterize the intelligence community's relationship with the president? >> i think it's getting better. maria: it is? >> i think it's getting better. not ideal yet but they need to care not so much about their public relations and all that as the law and getting good intelligence and calling it straight no matter who tells you from up the line, hey, you know, this isn't really convenient for intelligence guys to be saying this. unless they are calling it straight and ignoring public relations they are doing a good job. maria: the president has to put seats in there, right, totally understaffed h.
7:13 am
>> he has director of the central intelligence, cia, and he's nominated a director of national intelligence but, you know, it's not as thin as the state department but it's quite thin in personnel. maria: exactly. good to see you james woolsey, thank you for weighing in. we appreciate it. former fbi director james woolsey. queen elizabeth is telling staff een philip is stepping back
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back, massive flooding in parts of the midwest and the south. cheryl casone on that right now in details in headlines, cheryl, over to you. cheryl: big weather to talk about this morning, major flood asking occurring in the missouri river and the mississippi river, pretty hard right now, these are pictures that we got from yesterday but the worst of the damage is along some of the smaller rivers in the area, the block river causing the damage in arkansas and missouri. that river is levy breached yesterday and forced residents to leave their homes.
7:17 am
more rain today in that region, expected to worsen flood conditions there. we will keep you posted as the sun comes up there. apple to create more manufacturg jobs in u.s. the company starting a 1 billion-dollar fund to invest in advance manufacturing, this comes amid criticism against apple for relying on overseas factories to make most of their iphones and devices but the 1 billion-dollar investment we should say dropped in the bucket when it comes to apple, nearly 260 billion-dollar cash stockpile that we learned this week on the earnings call. well, now to the latest on the story that we have been following closely. prince philip is stepping back from royal duties as he's no longer going to make public appearances. the announcement coming after queen elizabeth called emergency meeting at buckingham palace. prince philip is still going to
7:18 am
be at official royal family duties. it's finally it's a bagel and caffeine. it has 32 milligrams of caffeine, a third of what you find in a cup of coffee, the caffeine and the bagel from come expresso and coffee cherry flowers. i have a feeling this is going to be popular. maria: yeah, but more caffeine? dagen: i can drink two 12-ounce red bulls and coffee. it keeps me from yawning.
7:19 am
maria: pile on the caffeine. dagen: if it tastes like expresso, i don't know. maria: we will have to do a taste test. details of tax reform and the timeline, the museum of the bible preparing for opening three blocks away from the nation's capital, the details back in a moment. straight ahead you always pay
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on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back, treasury steven mnuchin is tweeting timeline of when congress could pas tax reform.
7:23 am
here is what he had to say while speaking to community bankers yesterday. >> i originally said that i was hopeful that we would get tax reform before august recess. at the time i said it was acombresessive. i guess you say it's even more aggressive now. [laughter] >> i've decided i'm not going to give any other specific dates other than saying, we would like to do this as soon as possible. we probably agree upon 80% of the details. we have the last 20% to figure out and we are exited to trying to get this done fast so i'm hopeful that this gets done this year. maria: joining us to talk more about that is ey, america's vice chair of taxes cait bartin with us. kate, good to see you. >> thank you, maria. maria: paul ryan and the house has a plan and there are similarities, they both want
7:24 am
simplicity. what do you make of the timeline? >> i think we will see a lower tax break and in the nutshell that's what everybody is driving for. >> your phone has to be ringing off the hook asking for advice. what are you telling corporations and ceo's based on what's been ruled out so far. >> sure, that they should continue model out the proposals so they know the impact of their companies, they have to figure out how to get their voice heard . this is an all-time high tax rate and what can you do right now to make sure that you max mice so you're ready when rates go lower. >> what about small businesses, people like me that have subchapters and llc's, how will they be affected by this?
7:25 am
>> right now the proposals are all holistic. i think that's really important. 90% of the business is done in the united states, 50% by income. a significant piece and has to be holistic. >> helps equalize competitiveness. >> levels the playing field. i'm not exaggerating when i say that. maria: that's where the job creation is, small business. it really does represent thell c growth. dagen: how much will it help job creation, how much could it potentially lift people's incomes in the country by targeting corporate tax rates. >> it does a lot. the statistics show if the rate goes down and gets simpler, it will definitely create jobs. maria: we all agree that 15% is probably not going to be the number for the corporate rate because paul ryan is 12%.
7:26 am
what about the pass-through rate, what about the small-owned operating businesses, do you think they'll still be at 15% which is what donald trump wants? >> no. maria: that goes to 20% too? >> could go even a little higher, 25% contemplated in the blueprint. making sure that people are not manipulating the choice. maria: how do you know that not everybody turns llc, what's retained earnings. >> exactly. >> let's talk about $2 trillion offshore. maria: actually donald trump says it's 5 trillion. he told me two weeks ago. you keep saying 2 and a half maria. >> he always thinks big, between 2 or 5 trillion --
7:27 am
maria: 2, 3, 4, 5. >> it's only trillion. how will that be handled with the proposed tax? >> what's contemplated it's a mandatory repatriation and so that means they'll be a tide on the earnings, rate 3, 8 or 10% but companies are preparing for that right now. >> yeah. maria: steven mnuchin said, is it 10%, 12%, or 8%, he said you're in the right neighborhood. that's -- listen, let's talk about that. the rate right now is 35% and they're going to 10%. you have to believe that the companies take the money back to the united states. $250billion of cash, apple. dagen: 90% is overseas. >> apple talked about a billion dollars of job creation. one of the things we should include a percentage of that y has to be incremental to
7:28 am
the current corporation's budget for job creation and they ought to be able to track it to make sure it's being redeployed along with infrastructure. >> infrastructure is key. private-public partnerships to get the infrastructure going in the country. that'll be key. lee: do you think the growth will be enough to pay for all of this in. >> well, it depends on the rate. if it's in the 20's, it mathematically it could work out. maria: it's hard to imagine how much it would cost. 3 to $7 trillion. i mean, 3 to $7 trillion in terms of cost tax plan, we don't know what deductions, we just don't know the details. how do you know how much it costs. dagen: we don't know the income brackets for the individuals. >> yeah. >> a lot of negotiation to come. maria: we know it's three back ets it's what the president wants. >> you guys do a great job and
7:29 am
you're at the center of this discussion, kate, it's good to have you on and be able to advise the corporations. maria: kate, there. marine la pen and emmanuel macron facing off for debate. we have the latest poll numbers next. stephen colbert is responding online after bashing donald trump during the week. critics are calling for the late-night host to be fired. back in a moment ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement
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welcome back everybody. thank you so much for joining us. your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. he will host the prime minister of australia. the president will sign in the -- executive order. executive order. on the national day of prayer. the profits plunge 60%. the company also held by
7:33 am
declining ad sales. not as bad as six expected actually. markets look like this. futures with higher opening. the s&p 500 also in the plus column. gains across the board. in asiovernight mixed performances. japan waclosed for holiday. they are mixed with korea up almost 1%. a fiery debate last night. ahead of sunday's big boat. three gang members charge in the machete attack. a final farewell to robin williams. the last film set for release.
7:34 am
stephen colbert is responding to calls that he should be fired over the comments he made over president trump. >> if you saw my monologue on monday you know i was a little upset with donald trump for insulting a friend of mine. at the end of the monologue i said a few choice insults. he has jokes -- i had jokes he has the lunch code. we want to keep this with france right now. marine le pen entry one square off last night. ashley, what a race this is. take us behind the scene. >> if you saw the hillary
7:35 am
clinton and donald trump debates were a little testy what we saw last night for two and half hours on national television to get to a whole new level. emmanuel macron and marine le pen holding to insults the whole two and half hours. meanwhile macron calling him dangerously nationalistic. they did manage to talk about some of the key issues including terrorism. but not surprisingly they did not agree even on that. the security and terrorism is a vital issue. totally absent. >> terrorism is never about falling into that trap of civil war. that's what you're offering at your offering by dividing the french people.
7:36 am
>> did the debate make any difference. where they persuaded one way or another. as it stands the french pundits all agree that macron probably one of the debate. it looks to be safe going into sunday's vote but you never know and let's not forget brexit. anything could happen as it stands macron is certainly the favorite. you wonder if she's can come and take this. how do you think there reacting to the debate last night. we ask a lot of people today we just woke up with look up with about five or six people on the street most of them say they do not like either candidate. they don't like macron they believe he is still the establishment.
7:37 am
they think le pen will take the country in a very drastic direction. i should also point out this coming monday is a holiday which means that some of your vote is the in the biggest cities like paris. it's also could contribute to low voter turnout. it's not over till it's over. it's so similar. >> in the polling numbers it's clear right now that macron is ahead of le pen they are going to show up out there. over 70% of people who say they are voting for macron are not certain that's how they will vote on the day appeared when i'm more concerned about the looking at the other line issues that are driving the selection. do people feel safe in
7:38 am
france. do they want stronger borders what are they looking for. what do you think is the mood over there about what issues matter most to the people. >> certainly terrorism and the borders. the economy is a huge one. the unemployment rate still remains at around 10%. there is a belief that macron with his proposals could do something to help. his record doesn't speak exactly highly for him. i think macron's arguments that if you close the borders fine but there are countries that are being hit by islamic terrorism who had close borders. he is calling for more police. what's interesting is the support for marine le pen have seen industries and factories
7:39 am
close. they are more tending to vote for marine le pen. the elitist bill for macron. what about the undecided there's about one and five voters still undecided. the older people in this country tend to side with the establishment more than the national front. she's having a hard time attracting voters outside of her own support. we talked about how much of this is not a boat for the candidate but about on the eu and a potential exit like we saw in the uk. how much is that discuss and how doublet well that be in this. the issue is very big. don't forget that marine le pen said we will put it to a referendum like the uk did. when she was pushed on that in the debate last night she
7:40 am
looked very confused and had to refer to her notes on a couple of occasions. with exactly how all of that would work. i think the people in france would vote to state in the european union. i real do. what happens to the eu. what about rioting around this. what kind of preps or even being done in that anticipation of that been happening. after the big storm of the debate very quiet. you can probably hear the music. it will be a big concert called face the hate. the overriding feeling here is a they don't like either
7:41 am
candidate. neither of them have a candidate in this race which is in and of itself a major development in french politics. a lot of people see that and they just don't know if they're going to vote. great reporting as always on the ground. coming up ms at 13 gang members are charged with attempted murder. two of them illegal immigrants. we will tell you that. the actor's last movie he completed before his death and now has an official release date. details coming next. we are back in a moment.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
welcome back. gang members who are actually illegal immigrants have been interested in connection with in the tech involving a machete. the three members of the ms 13
7:45 am
gang a very violent gang have been charged with attempted murder. in the sunday incident in the long island committee -- community. they attacked a 19-year-old because they didn't like the way he was laughing. two of the three men arrested our brothers from el salvador who are in the country illegally they are responsible for another machete assault in january. fans are going after robin williams. they will have a chance to see the last movie he made. they will. it is a british comedy about a group of aliens. i just can't concentrate on anything until i've had one of those biscuits. that's how it is. so please give me one biscuit and then i will be able to think about something else. >> the movie opened in
7:46 am
theaters on may 12. it's pretty interesting. it's a privately funded museum of the bible. they said the goal shows how the bible has affected america and the number of ways including not just the history of the country but civil rights, and fashion. they put about 3200 pound full scale replica of the liberty bell. no apologies from stephen colbert. doubled down on his attack on the preside. you ow i was a little upset with donald trump. so at the end of that monologue i have a few choice insults for the president in return. i don't regret that. i believe he can take care of himself. i had jokes, he hasn't launch
7:47 am
codes. this comes after he put himself in the middle of a major controversy in monday night's show. watch. >> i call it disgrace and the nation. you more people marching against you in cancer. when asked off-camera about his comments he said this. that is all from shauna spicer. thank you very much. >> i don't know if people even think this is funny.
7:48 am
however it's a second something that sean hannity was seen on twitter last night we are going to say boycott and fire him. if you don't like him don't watch them. that's not free speech. and that's not what conservatives are. those are weapons of the left. i do think it is disgraceful. i do know people who thought it was hilarious. there are people really hate donald trump that think that is funny. that's their right but it's our right to say and i can watch anymore.
7:49 am
you're supposed to be in the same industry in the same community. all is doing is creating more social unrest in our current bidding. -- country. in a culture can't speak at the university of california at berkeley he said the first amendment doesn't protect hate speech. that is what the first amendment protects. it's sad that we have to use that. the media and the left hate donald trump. look at what the democrats said just the other day. they look at a spending bill and say this is our victory.
7:50 am
we will continue to obstruct the president's agenda as if that is what the people want. they want to see progress in terms of health healthcare reform and tax reform. why aren t democrats getting this. they are losing themselves. they're so upset over donald trump. how will did actually work for her. that cycling to work for them. people are tired of the intake message. it would be great if they do work. coming up this week and on weekend on wall street week. here's here is what she said about tax reform.
7:51 am
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mari welcome back. eyesight revolutnize the travel industry. the man who brought you priceline has now turned his mind to travel for small businesses. also while rewarding each customer with free gift cards. jordan us once again. jaywalker.
7:55 am
especially since you are such an innovator. that's why i love talking with you. nearly 10% on average. how are you able to provide that kind of service. small business people just don't get a break. they get no customer service. it is just making it simple. you buy your air in your hotel together. the whole thing takes minutes. you have your finger on the pulse. what is going on with the consumer right now. auto sales slowed down quite a bit. what you think is going on right now. the consumer is nervous. there is nervousness when the international markets are unsettled.
7:56 am
i think you have a lot of consumers thinking how i spend a little less. how do i make sure i'm not overextended. in the number of peoe that are constantly shopping. people are saving a hundred dollars hundred dollars and the raving about it. where did they redeem those. they get it from 50 different stores. they've saved multiple ones of their companies. they had had people to try upside. this is business travelers that are just frustrated. they're looking insane what is that is that competitive environment globally. i think there is much more nervousness than people like to admit. the first thing is they want
7:57 am
savings. they get real savings. but they want more. they want fast speed. they want to be on mobile. the airline business and hotel business you are on your own when something goes wrong. time to do something for that small business traveler. i used a black care now it's great. it's been 20 years since anytng changed for the buness travelers since they basically created online travel.whoa, when you're done you're frustrated. re. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications.
7:58 am
no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality. and now it's included at no additional cost with vonage business. call now and see why 3,000 companies a month are switching to vonage. business grade. people friendly.
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