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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> we have the really tight election. lou dobbs will be all over it. that's all for us. president trump they host a long-overdue victory party. >> as much as we've come up with a really incredible healthcare plan this has brought the republican party together. we are going to get this finished. we put our tax plan in. are used to say now it's bigger than that. charles: after they narrowly passed the healthcare bill sending it out to the senate.
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what are the economic impacts. here is the man that is really important. a lot of misgivings. they put out a tweet to heaviness. and then not too long ago. they were saved a terrible mistake for the house to go through this. they will do escort it will be important. there's no reason to hurry it. we need to move forward with it. this eliminates the individual mandate tax on 8 million americans. trying to force them to buy obama care that they didn't want to buy into on the taxes on businesses to force them to make their employees move into
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this program. it removes over a decade $1 trillion in taxes on the american people. if you have a flexible savings account. the tax on you is removed. the tax on health savings account that is removed as well. the tax on medical devices which makes the cost there. the tax on insurance companies. that has been removed. this is a trillion dollars in lower taxes. and it allowed states to have a lot more leeway on how they handle medicaid. it reduces the deficit. it actually saves more in overspending and cut spending even more. and it reduces total government spending from about
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24 to 23% of gdp. has a permanent reduction in the size of government here. it is a big deal in the senate will do something like it. is a great step forward. charles: now some someone argue again looking at the estimates on this at least the original idea on this. we have thrown 24 million people off of healthcare when they crunched the numbers they will come up with some magical delivery. the left is going to go and next they don't like the idea of having obama care central thing largely removed. they will say anything and do anything. the argument thaif you don't have mandated taxes to force people to buy obama care many
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people wouldn't buy obama care because it's lousy coverage for a lousy price. that has not been denied healthcare is seen if you don't make somebody do something and you choose not to do it they had been disadvantaged. and now people have the choice of whether to continue and do something else. now the tax cuts/tax reform should they wait for this next senate hurdle with the health care vote. the house has been writing that bill for the last several years. the senate is doing its own thing i don't think they started quite as quickly as the house did.
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they've been working on tax reform you take the savings that you just described and that helps you a lot to do some of the things that they are doing. it is a big help. as this moves forward the house in the senate are now as we speak moving forward to get tax reform done. they will have to pass first and then we can pass the bill on tax reform but we are not waiting to write that. it is a very large significant progress. you are the man on this.
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is it really that good. joe, let me start with you. the essential promise to the american public with respect to obama care -- obamacare and they would be no medicaid changes. the economic application is phenomenal. are the other things met and well there be any political carnage if they're not. none of those healthcare measures will be met. when they make nancy pelosi speaker again. and as a really frightening prospect. this was a lose lose. we are still going to be
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living with the problem of obama care for the next year and a half and charles now the republicans on it. politically this is a disaster. if you look at the rose garden. one of the key things i have. even though he seemed like a little bit there. they have actually come together as a party through this time maybe this helps them get through a lot of other things. >> i hope it does come back. the concerns that we were promised. with that being said we understand that this is the first step moving closer to the ultimate goal. if they were accountable to
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them. that is what we were going to be doing. on march 22 a memo no on un-american healthcare act. today you said you put out a new memo. you withdraw your opposition to not your opposition was centered around a couple of things. you were skeptical in this initial about the leadership in the senate rules. have you lost your skepticism and are you happy now medicaid won't become some sort and be a monster for the american taxpayer. >> i think what joe and jenny beth both said the original problem is that it cap premiums high.
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this bill does move in a direction that lowers premiums. we will move this over to the senate. they will take it's time but the big trillion dollar question. there are a lot of liberal republicans in the house that kept us. when that bill comes back to the senate in a much stronger shape towards full repeal we will well had to get the liberals on board if not we will be in trouble on election day. you probably would get a more liberal version. a lot of those senators are in the states where they are up for election soon. a lot of them taking on huge medicaid expansion. there's only 52 republicans in the senate. more than enough leverage for ted cruz.
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it will be even more difficult for the house. at least for today you cleared a major hurdle and maybe it will all come together. we will talk about the medical side of this debate. a man who once ran a major pharmaceutical company. we have some with some real expertise coming up next.
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the bill passed by the house today well result in millions of americans losing qualit access to quality health insurance and those with pre-existing health insurance. i'm going back to a time when they could charge them premiums that made access to coverage out of the question. you have to ask sept the premise of that. it was quality health insurance. let's face it we want to be having this discussion we would not had had the election we just had that premise were actually true. all of these various organizations. we will tell you where they
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are likely coming from. it fixes one of the fundamental flaws. they have to give insurance to everybody regardless of the health status. the most they can different charges is from one to three. what you had was a massive subsidy. it is a rational level of five-one that will drop more young healthy people into the individual market reduces that artificial cross subsidy. i don't think it's right as a matter.
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the present trampoline at jfk. he has about an hour or so. as far as the quality of medical care. will he get better. we are talking insurance all the time what about keeping americans healthy us to the job. the senate still has to have its take on this. i think the greater empowerment of the states on medicaid is a really positive thing because the more they can reform medicaid and localize it to their condition well only improve the quality of medicaid. it does not deliver the highest quality care and it doesn't pay its fair share in the on individual side of it. my hope is that there will be more flexible insurance packages.
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i think that should also lead to higher quality care. we appreciate it. they made a major battle today. but the healthcare war is far from over. jody arrington. congratulations are in order. it's a big day. for the republican conference. i come from west to texas. they are struggling desperately under obama care. in the first step in the rescue mission on behalf of the american people. you do understand the anxiety that is out there. from folks on the right.
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several articles saying a little noted provision they could move their plans. another one says if you're hurt special education. particularly when they seem to be cobbled together. you understand the anxiety that's out there. success i mean failure is not an option. and when we walked them through. i think people come around quickly. and saving 800 billion.
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it is a largest form of an entitlement program. i don't know how something on the right can it be happy with this. we know there is no such thing. i know you don't want to perfect to be the enemy of the good. there is a big difference between reprentatives of texas that did not go in and those those states have seen those who want to expand medicaid's skin to be a very sticky point i appreciate it more than ever the challenges of getting the consensus. and the idea is let's get a
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win with the ball down the field and let's do it away that it is substantive. it also lives to fight another day. the last thing we want to do is for districts like me we have to have it exactly like this or we will be against it. and end up with being in the minority in the hundred and 16th congress. i think the president and our leadership in all of those republicans in the house have worked together and demonstrated to the american people the most important thing we ask you for the opportunity. now beginning to working beginning to deliver on what we promised is consistent i think with those of politics.
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with a more moderate and liberal version of what they've thought. 217 gays are by the smallest of margins. will you be able to get this done. that the senate if they do even bring the servo will end up with something a lot more liberal than what was passed today. that has yet to be seen and we certainly hope on the senate to do what we've done have a sense of urgency to hear the call from the people and give us back our country and our sovereignty. give us real affordable care. we heard it.
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we responded. we are republican party. this is a freedom conference. we are very independent. we worked it's on the senate to do the same. to follow suit and get as something that we can conference. and again provide relief one of the reasons we wanted to get this done. it was a key premise from the republicans for several years. another is that it was because once a cancer. this is at jfk it's been a long date for the president but is just beginning.
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a very busy and fruitful day for president trump. certainly it will continue tonight. more diplomacy. before i let you go. how can they put the speed into getting this done. in this window of time and opportunity with our country
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to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list. because your home is where our heart is. .. charles: president trump signing a religious order today it allows non-profits to deny health coverage for religious reasons.
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that's a direct jab at the obamacare mandates. i thought it was a great thing. i never understood this and a lot of people said source this back to the constitution when this is just lyndon baines downon who putting this in.
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freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. telling the little sisters of the poor you must fund an activity you find highly objectionable and the government is going to mandate. and we'll silence you. you can't even complain by the at the pulpit. charles: we probably need a booster shot. we need the churches and synagogues to spread their message and say this particular candidate doesn't have our best intes at heart. there are times when they should be allowed to speak up. >> so many of our pass towards or religious faith leaders are
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charles: sue and rising refusing to testify in front of the house intelligence committee. president trump tweeting susan rice, the former national security advisor to president trump is refusing to receivify before a senate subcommittee. over unmasking of former trump officials. not good. it's amazing my mind that she would take this stand. >> she would prefer not to testify. every moment she tonight spotlight is a reminder in the whole trump, russia, surveillance story, there are
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things that have not gone by the book during the time of the obama administration. it makes perfect sense to me that she wouldn't want to testify. the democratic senator on the committee, senator whitehouse continued to be named on the invitation. in the case of susan rice, only lindsey graham did. there are tools to compel people to testify. it is a kind invitation and she declined that invitation. but i can understand why she doesn't want to testify. there is not have many ways this can look good for her. charles: even dianne feinstein says she doesn't understand pay the because a democrat wasn't on
6:37 pm
the investigation. f in my mind it makes her seem more guilty. >> the reason she doesn't want to be in the spotlight is because she is very bad at that. she has been caught in flagrant and public contradictions. if you are going before congress you better get your stories straight. susan rice saishe kns noing about unmasking. she said, that's not way meant, and trying to clarify. obviously bengazi is another clear example of this. charles: dianne feinstein saying they found no evidence of tampering and donald trump and his advisors collude with russia. it seems the susan rice anglingf
6:38 pm
this will be the dominant story. if she has to be seen ad. it will make her look a lot worse. >> this story transitions through a number of phases. the question was, was the trump campaign complicit? did they work with russia? now this information obtained through whether it's fisa warrants. information obtained through america's collecting capabilities. why was this released? so it's really in many ways democrats having badly handled this when they were in charge that aloud this story. they thought they had the trump team corners to being bad for them. charles: the big business of small business. i'll explain. we're on to you, diabetes.
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headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. charles: fractional moves in the russell and s & p and massachusets nasdaq were u up fr the day. they don't get to grow and neither does our economy without the engine of small businesses. underscoring that point is job creation. very small businesses with 1-49 employees created 352,000 jobs through april.
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it's very clear as you can see that small business dreamers are a critical spark plug sport overall economy. small businesses carry america without any clout in washington, d.c. and consequently very little help from regulators. community stocks banks have been moving sideways. these community banks are at the heart of the heartland, and i think will be a key component in making america great again. the fund is up 31% in the past year. i think now it's got more room to the up side. it could use some flept fed and their policies and fewer regulations. joining me to hash it out. danielle martino booth. i'm feeling good about what i'm
6:44 pm
seeing from small businesses. >> to corroborate the data that came out this week. it showed that tomorrow's payroll number could have to upside to it. this is being driven by the dreamers. there is the crux ofture economy. -- the crux much our economy. bringing back regulations to break up the bank. the banks get to ignore main street america because they can. >> that's a crying shame. there is a recent study that came o. rural americans have 40% less access they had than prior to dodd-frank. how are you supposed to grow a company.
6:45 pm
you don't have access to a bank. they don't have to serve small businesses. charles: looked like we were starting to see the needle move on wages. we are seeing some real sign as wage growth is starting to happen. >> with initial jobless if claims as low as they are it's apparent employees are doing everything they can and that's and the entire wages. >> love the dress, by the way. charles: late night host steven colbert double down on his brutal attack on president trump. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company.
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charles: late show host stephen colbert bashing president trump in an opening monologue monday night. >> mr. trump i love your presidency. i call it disgrace the nation. you attract more skin heads than free rogaine. you have more people marching begins than cancer. the only thing your mouth is good for is being vladimir putin's [bleep] pollster. charles: this is we had to say about his jokes. >> if you saw my monologue on monday, you know was a little upset with donald trump for insulting a friend of mine. at the end of that monologue i had a few choice insults for the president in return. i don't regret that. i have jokes, he has the launch codes. so a fair fight. charles: charlie, it's so crazy
6:50 pm
to see this sort of behavior in light of the liberal lawnsy on college campuses and elsewhere in a major evident to shut down free speech. >> who is stephen colbert talking to snow's talking to the coastal elite. the more and more the left tries to insult this presidency on go off the deep end, it just strengthens trump. you are not talking to mainstream america when you are doing this. stephen colbert, i'll defend his right to do this. the more they do this, the more outrage they have for no reason whatsoever. it distances themselves from mainstream america, the same people donald trump won over in the election.
6:51 pm
reporter: jimmy kimmel brought up the heart wrenching story of his newborn soin a heart operation. we paul felt that part of it, particularly parents. joe, i have gotten a lot of heat because you didn't follow the script on this one and you went after jimmy kim and you have taken a lot of heat for it. >> as my good friend charlie kirk says, jimmy kimmel has every right in the world to get political. but i found it offensive that he used that tragedy of his son and i hope his scene lives a long and healthy life -- to push obamacare. obamacare is bankrupting this country and a late-night comedians tears up and that somehow dictates our healthcare policy? we can't think any more, everything is side, crazy
6:52 pm
emotion. ask. charles: the thought that colbert had to go off on donald trump. to me that makes it even more pitiful in my mind. >> joe brings up a great point. no longer do we talk about facts or reason or logic. or people lost their doctor. instead one monologue on late night television sways the national debate? are you kidding me? joe brings up a great point. since when are we a country that's all emotion, all feeling. in a policy debate? are we going to be about theatrics? i don't think that's the way we should be talking about policy, especially something as big pass obamacare.
6:53 pm
>> president trump preparing to meet with the australian prime minister. out the window and down the street to the u.s.s. intrepid. will they be able to put aside their differences? especially when it comes to refugees. that's next.
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choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now. charles: in just a few moments president trump will meet with australia prime minister lcolm turnbull, the first time face to face. more than a few folks are wondering if they will revisit the refugee crisis issue. remember very tense moments during a phone call in january. joining me is gina lowden and steve cortez. gina, that was a real tough call, the question was, what
6:57 pm
to do with the refugees, turnbull would like to send to us. but president trump, questioning that? clean up of the disasters that president obama made. we're having to look at taking refugees in a deal that obama made, that i can't -- tell me what we got out of that deal. i can't figure it out. charles: i don't know. i had nick adams on this morning, he is from australia, he talked about fact that australians fill as strongly about this issue as americans. turnbull is a liberal. but still, in this case, does not want to accept the refugees. >> i love nick adams by the way, austrian by birth, american by choice. we're not going the way of
6:58 pm
angela merkel in germany, we're not just going to accept a lot of refugees that we can't vet. i will say, that australia is one of your greatest allies in the work -- in the world, withhe uk, and israe one thing trump has done, that i think that 8 confounds his critics, even when he talks tough, in person he finds a way to forge a personal relationship. for example with xi of china. charles: gina, the charmed offensive has worked, to steve's point, miraculously. and i think there has been a line of folks from both sides of aisle, critics and fans of trump who want to get in meet him.
6:59 pm
make everyone feel like they came away a winner. charles: quick, steve, today, announced that president trump will go visit saudi arabia, he had nice comments for them in the rose garden, and israel and meeting the pope on the vatican, your thoughts. >> right, on this national day of prayer, he is covering all basis. we need to be a better friend to israel. we were not under the past administration. we can reach out to the palestinians but in the end, israel is our partner for lasting peace in middle east, president knows that.
7:00 pm
chars: tight, they celebrate 75 anniversary of the battle of coral sea. thank you very much, we appreciate it when you watch the show, catch us of night 6 p.m. or dvr it, lou dobbs is next. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, it is trump time and more winning, president trump today scoring a major legislative victory, when the house passed new republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. a close vote. winning by one vote more than the republicans needed, 217 republicans backing it after a dramatic week of negotiations, deal making, arm twisting, and some out right bribery. 213 folks voted again it now the bill goes to the -- against it now it goes to the senate where a tough battle


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