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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> god bless president trump. lou: amen brother and sister. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. be with us sunday evening. special coverage of the french election. >> tonight house republicans have finally passed their plan. a report from capitol hill. and an international group of weapons commanders say that they want action. and neil degrasse tyson is here. strap yourself in because it's time for the countdown. the new version of health care passed in the house today. what happens now? house speaker paul ryan speaks out.
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and republicans bravely over complicated an already overriding the system. the bill survived the house gop and nowmoves on to the senate. it will either fail or become so hideous that the house will want nothing to do with it like a kardashian that swears off plastic surgery. some bride of frankenstein insurance plan will not only be an improbable legislative miracle but it will manage to be more expensive than the predecessor. if the whole thing falls apart, then we get one of these scenarios. and number two, we completely lost the governor mandated insurance and enter a free market of health care. at that arouses me just thinking about it. but sadly it is the least likely
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scenario. and if i hold myself waiting for simple utopia i will die. thanks, government. and thank you for being here. i am kennedy. and the logo. ♪ >> let's go over to the hell with the breakdown of how things played out earlier today. chad, how's it going. >> it's going great, thank you for having me. >> what happened on the hill today? it seems like they were cobbling votes together at the last minute. in a series of amendments brought the house republicans together. >> the key is that this amendment offered by fred upton and billy long, it seems to be the magic that unlock this health care puzzle. we saw this when the democrats were struggling to pass health care and there was an amendment then which was the unlocking mechanism and this was the magic alive. once they got out, republicans
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quit having attrition in terms of members jumping off than they were able to get this almost right. >> that is absolutely right. and so obviously a nailbiter there for house republican leadership and that was that fred upton amendmet that promises a billion in subsidies for pre-existing conditions. that has been the big issue in the house. but as you know, this is a short-lived celebration because now the legislation has to go to the senate where it is going to me a very different fate. but it also has a different set of eyeballs and priorities. can you explain that? >> they have to move this through budget reconciliation. they are trying to avoid a filibuster in the senate if you consider things under a special set of rules. democrats would filibuster it as
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a rule and then you need to get 60 votes. the problem is even getting 51 votes. the majority leader, mitch mcconnell put out a bland statement saying that obamacare needs to go away and there are some in both the house and senate that think that they may never see the light of day. this was a big vote some years ago in the house of representatives where they passed cap-and-trade in the house. some republicans in the house are fearful that maybe they walked the plank here today in the house. >> yes, absolutely. medicaid seems to be one of the bigger sticking points in the senate. what has to happen to this legislation? what form does it have to take republicans to accept that? >> we have to start with people that are opposed first. you have certain ultraconservatives and they are saying hey, we want a full
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repeal and replace them you have to be able to get them. and then you have moderates like susan collins and tom cotton from arkansas. republicans have a majority in the senate, 52-48, so they can only lose two votes unless they have vice president pence. this was a very narrow turning radius and that is why i think this could be weeks or months or further off before they get to this point. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> my doctor approved party panel is here. andy is here, andy leiby and jamie weinstein, a fox news contributor. what a crazy day. there is a lot in this bill that i don't like. it's another version of socialized health care. they are making it more complicated than it was with
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obamacare and deductibles are so going to go up. >> i think that they hit the rare political trifecta. how they passed it was terrible and it's probably a bad law the like a lot of people voted on the floor, my guess is first of all i think the chat is probably right. but i think that the gop honestly can kiss the gop midterm elections goodbye. no cbo score, no public hearing. the gop has become the people that tweet without reading the article. that is the world we are living in. >> a lot of this hinges upon pre-existing conditions. we have the house version. but i guess my problem is that we are now obligated to pay for everyone's health insurance who has a pre-existing condition.
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and sometimes you don't take care of yourself and does that mean that the government is not going to pay for your health insurance? >> not everyone has that. what about the ones who do, what about the ones that don't. often times there are many programs to medicare and medicaid to cover most people that have existing conditions. the american people have been very clear to say that they want pre-existing conditions covered. but the specs of the amendment is not going to do it. they need more money than they said they need. and what is so extraordinary -- for ehyears the house republicans voted 60 times to repeal.
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and when they won the white house, they would roll out. >> we have a version of the bill that they could've been talking about. and hypocrisy at its height right there. >> that is what washington is. it is just a way to spend more money and health care is not only personal and emotional but everyone considers it to be right and i'm sorry, but it's not. >> we are debating over how much health care the government is going to provide. this is the starting point of the debate and it's not where we were six or seven years ago. as you said no one is being honest with the people. you have republicans are asking like they have all the changes
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they want. some people would be better off. but what if we don't have enough doctors? are you going to force people to become doctors? and there is a real debate, but we don't have real debates always. >> that is what is missing is boldness. right now it is the republicans turn. they are being very disingenuous. >> we have to decide as a society whether health care will be there for all citizens or not. basically we have to decide if we want a single-payer system where we want the government out of health care. pick one and do it. >> i picked the latter every time. >> in the meantime washington is buzzing with rumors. leaving the door open for
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president trump to nominate another conservative judge. and of course a push further to the right for years to come. and the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, chuck grassley said that he may retire byhe summer. justice kennedy has been the swingvote over the last decade. what would his retirement mean for the nation? so you don't think he will retire no matter what? >> i really don't. i would be shocked if they left the court. i'm just guessing, obviously, that some of these justices look at president trump and his relationship with the judicial system and the comments. they are not sure if he will stick to it. i am not sure that he will trust that some of them will take the process seriously and i give him
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credit for that. >> that is one of the victories that the president has. i will say that justice kennedy talked about a big conference about a year early and they said yes, that's because they wanted him to celebrate his 80th birthday which is very soon. eighty-four years old, they can't live forever. >> not everyone is king philip and can retire at 75. seventy-eight, 84, they may not be able to do their job at some point and they might have to leave the court. >> kennedy has expressed that privately. they stayed on the job and maybe they are not the sharpest that they were seven or eight decades
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ago. >> this is a potential for donald trump to reshape this court and it could be his greatest accomplishment. so far he has done pretty okay. >> with the nuclear option he can get todd bridges confirmed. >> i do think that if he nominates another conservative, it will be out of control. some people were saying okay, he is best, but that is okay. >> which is why how brilliant of a political move with the speed? >> oh, please. >> we have been in talks. as you know, i did not go to law school. my dad was a lawyer and i was a
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>> welcome back. technology giant apple claims it wants to get more americans workin the cpany ce has announced that apple is acquiring $1 billion to create manufacturing jobs throughout the united states. the technology empire reportedly has more cash on hand than the united kingdom and canada combined. they insist that this will have a ripple effect and continue to make more and more jobs. a giant public relationship on translations stunt or working out the workforce in the united states? joining me now is a professor of economics at kings college is brian brenberg. let's break it down.
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>> obviously the president win after apple. you have seen this with amazon. you have seen this with intel. sometimes these are projects where they are now just coming out. and i do not think that that is a big problem at the end of the day. in some sense it is good for companies to defend what they do. heaven knows a lot of people are very skeptical of capitalism. it's time for them to tell their story. on the other hand the problem that i have -- >> you talk about telling that story in the greatest story that we have to tell in american capitalism and entrepreneurship is this success of small business. it is real easy to get on the phone with the president. >> this is my problem with pr
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capital. it's always the big player. and he gets credit for going after them. the company then gets a chance to respond and they benefit from the pr. >> if you look at some of the companies including boeing is double digits since the election. >> the guys that never get involved are the small and medium-size businesses. the president is not going after them but they don't get a chance to telltheir sto. you see them getting all sorts of pr moves. thesmall and medium businesses have no voice. the outcomes for them only show up in the aggregate. but they never get to tell their story and so i am not a huge fan of capitalists.
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whether it's big or medium or small, that's not happening yet. >> that is where the creativity comes from and that is where the true innovation is. we need to honor those companies. i know that we have talked about this so many times by getting government out of the way so they can thrive. and you know, they are hurt by laws like dodd-frank which are meant to punish, but they end up punishing small businesses. >> they are hurt by the myriad regulations that you have heeded this way more times than anyone else has. we have to keep going with that and we have to keep going with this sense browbeating people.
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that is part of getting government out of the equation here and putting decision-making authority is back in the hands of businesses and that is why the big policy is so important. obviously we can debate the mayor for that. but those are the things that help those that don't have a voice. >> brian, thank you so much. and coming up a group of former military leaders so concerned about a nuclear conflict that they are launching a crisis group about the potential dangers. does the president really need their advice or is he trying to make them look bad? and tonight's trivia question. how many nuclear weapons are estimated and why?
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>> before the break i asked how many nuclear weapons exist worldwide? which one is it? the answer is 10,000. yeah, that could seem like a lot, but it's a fraction of the
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60,000 that existed in the mid-80s. i miss those times so much. and now of course we reduced that number because everyone knew how dangerous it was and world leaders getting advised by his security council. joining me now to talk about our next topic is bryan suits. he is in los angeles. welcome back, brian. >> thank you for having me. >> the first thing i thought was was a lot of busybodies that were just trying to stick their nose into things. what is really going on?
5:27 am
>> a cherry picked situation, they were making it look like they are part of it. and basically it is what it is. and the historic analogy that i thought of in 1938 and 1937 who thought that they just needed to empty a bottle of cognac in europe. >> it is like a room with a view. and clearly there is no mention of kim jong-un. but the behind-the-scenes bang is this is europe manifesting. and it's absolutely worthless.
5:28 am
it's like a polar bear getting a wardrobe coach. he has no idea what it will do for him. >> suits are going to look pretty good on puller very soon. you know, they are getting rid of all nuclear weapons on the planet, that is their cause. and if they did not possess these weapons, that would be great. it is not going to happen anytime soon. that they have been vocal in their opposition of the president saying that he is an unstable force when it comes to his rhetoric on nuclear armament. again, is this a manifestation ofsome sort of leftist policy? don't you think that ere are people in the administration, the president and the fiery things he said aside.
5:29 am
isn't he surrounded by those that understand the perils of nuclear war? >> yes, the group is funded and i am hard pressed to find anyone of them who can accurately tell you the release of nuclear weapons. but they have this idea that some can push it. locally james mattis and the other adults in the room than any group that thinks that they can live in a nuclear weapons on the face of the earth is like saying that there should be a law against crime or whatever. but this is the way it is. the reason that the cold war didn't disappear but they were reduced, not that they were evil, it is because they were expensive. they were very expensive and you're paying money for parity.
5:30 am
>> the cost way less to make a fake news story than it does to craft a nuclear weapons. >> thank you so much. >> yesterday we discussed james comey in his testimony on russia on hillary clinton's election. today he is still in the spotlight. the comments he made about wikileaks. he called it intelligence porn. several speech advocates have talked about government transparency. and believe me i am no fan of julian. but should they be the arbiter about what this really is? the party panel is back. you are a journalist who not only covers these things but you
5:31 am
have a protective right in that beautiful gilded first amendment. did you feel that those words were an attack on your profession? >> no, and i don't think that we should let the government decide what is journalism and what is not generally. they can look at blog post and say that is not journalism. but i think that he is probably then in pretty good condion an that wikileaks is most likely a front of the russian government were complicit in what they are trying to do. you see how they acted in the american election. they are acting against candidates that vladimir putin doesn't want. and so it's like the human rights organizations always do. they release a report against western democracies and say they are really hard. that is the only place that really matters.
5:32 am
>> tell us about those concentration camps. and i heard some people say yesterday that james comey just never wants to speak in public. i love it. if you are really paying attention to some of the conversations that he had with various senators it is anti-civil liberties. and describing journalism in his own terms. and the other thing is get back to me when government start leaking like a sieve when they want to get their points across
5:33 am
in my worry is let's not pretend that any attempt bulwark in that way. they're our society's elite information and that is the worrying thing. >> it's interesting because it comes back to ann coulter speech that did not happen at berkeley. and even if you feel that you disagree, you can let somebody speak. i believe that he is right. it starts with wikileaks. where does it stop? that t same mentality when they try to shut down the speeches. >> i lived through wikileaks
5:34 am
when they stole data, state when they stole data, state department cables, i was at the cia and they release them into the world. and they are loosely or maybe not so loosely affiliated with russia. but there are all these republicans, when they released things early in the obama administration they said that they need to consider how hostile things are. and you should not just embrace these groups. >> absolutely. it is the height of hypocrisy. that is why everyone needs libertarians. [applause] >> coming up next.
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so stand up to cancer and take the pledge at it only takes a minute to take care of yourself, and nothing rhymes with "org"... >> nasa plans to boldly go where no man or woman could afford to go. the space agency will receive funding for 2017 with 600 million more than they have requested. the bump in budget could be a result of president trump's push to have america be the very
5:39 am
first to have a person walk on mars. this could be leaving in a positive direction for space exploration. here to discuss the dangers in his brand-new book, it is the one and only neil degrasse tyson. >> thank you. >> transport. >> yes, "may the fourth." [laughter] >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> let's discuss this. >> you put a lot out there. so hit me. >> there are a lot of people in your community that feel like donald trump is anti-science. the worry is that he appointed someone to be ahead of epa that is anti-science but in reality he loves space exploration which is more than you can say for his
5:40 am
predecessors. do you think that this could be a good time for space exploration? >> is too easy and it's intellectually lazy to paint an entire political system with one brought situation or another. >> people do it all the time. i don't do it. >> when you unpack the package will see below, they are actually anti-this kind of science and they want to promote this is a product but not that. and so to really matter they have to unpack the box. we are excited and we have always known that nasa has received bipartisan support. it is up to what the president recommended.
5:41 am
and it's been because both sides have agreed with what role they have played in our scientific integrity. and the whole generations have come of age under the public telescope. the universe became the backyard. and so i am delighted to learn of this and we will see where it takes us. because of time horizons, when it comes to going to mars, it means that this has to be a torch that is handed. >> yes, and you hope the next administration is excited about science. what i think is even more exciting is people like jeff bezos and elon musk who are using billions of dollars. they truly are interested in science. >> they are putting their money where their mouth is. >> i would rather see them have a rocket raise.
5:42 am
>> that kind of technology just shows that when there is a concentration of intellect, diaz to the and money, the possibilities are endless. >> they are very high. i don't say unless because there is no business model for the first person to put people on mars. you ask how much it costs. a half trillion or $8 billion. and what is the return on that investment? well, nothing. >> but when they went to the moon we got temper p8 mattresses. so you know that canadian version will be pretty fantastic. >> i'm just saying that if you are going to do at first it is hard to make a business case for that until you let the government do it that will carve the brush and bramble and figure out what it costs so that you
5:43 am
can get a sense of what the return is on that investment and private enterprise comes on in. this has been the history of this exercise. >> i disagree on grounds for innovation. i think if they libere it is not about profits but a concentration of skills and brain power without the layers of government bureaucracy. >> here is the solution. the united states says that we are going to go to mars. who has a rocket? then we buy the rocket from spacex. >> i want people to know about your book because from this book i have learned that these individuals are like mean girls. >> it's wonderful, thank you.
5:44 am
>> antimatter as well. >> that's right. [laughter] >> i'm so against that. you think that it matters. [laughter] >> it's almost like they want to annihilate each other. anyway, astrophysics or people in a hurry. thank you so much for the time. come back and talk politics anytime. >> i'm all in. >> coming up next. >> coming up next. this colorado when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement.
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see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> today is may 4. "star wars" fans are celebrating everyone else is freaking out because no one is answering the phone when they call tech support. leave a message and we will get right back to you. this is your topical storm. topic number one. a colorado animal hospital exploring alternative ways to relax patients. no, they are not putting weed in their dog treats. it doesn't work. from what i've heard. ♪
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and a kentucky woman claims that she is a regular hillary clinton. when they finally got her out of the car she told them her name was hillary clinton. and even if she did, she wouldn't be caught dead because she preserved and preferred a private server. now she is off to prison. where she will star in this show orange is the new pantsuit.
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topic number three. a british man being called a hero after he reached in the water to save a drowning cat. screw that. i would've thrown it a life preserver. cats are so smart. a life preserver that ishaped like a brick. and this guy sprung into action after a cat got chased off of his side. he pulls it out by the tail. yes, there he goes. and then he pulls the cat out by the tail. and then the cat walked away without showing any appreciation at all proving that once and for all that cats are the worst creatures on the planet. that cat saved your life.
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what is that weird thing that the cats do when they walk away showing their butts? you could just without laser pointer.and running in this wees kentucky derby, as tony's name is patch. he was chasing waterfalls last month. he is a underdog but definitely the sentimental favorite. and if he wins this thing he would definitely be part of a hollywood movie.
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and that movie would definitely get several reboots. they would definitely pressure the studio to make an all-female version. and then that movie would definitely be a patronizing box office flop. favored to win the race. let's hope he does. [laughter] >> best of luck. i love a bolding sports book. and tomorrow is cinco de mayo celebrating mexico's battle with france in is thursdas the internet battle with myself on a daily basis. and the first shot fired which who is kennedy? and why do we care what she
5:54 am
says? why don't you drum up some real swearing and then i will respond to your dumb question. in another individual says that topical storm scared my cat well, just pull it out by the tail. and james writes, how many markers do need. and another individual says you are smart, but not as smart as you seem. use real words next time. you are nowhere near your character limit. and doctor larry giving us the final diagnosis.. and doctor larry giving us the final diagnosis. >> these are the meanest things anyone has said to me it's going to be the end of my life. [laughter].
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> i love that song. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is clearly running for president. last night in a polemic rambling
5:59 am
speech she made a bold prediction about the presidency. >> the way that things are going is the next three years, plus 261 days, if they are like the first 100 days of donald trump, i wonder if america is ever going to be ready for a male president again. >> that made so much sense. oh, don't you get it? having lady parts isn't enough. you have to have vision and likability. we should never elect leaders based on their reproductive situations.
6:00 am
great, thank you very much. >> hire is lou dobbs -- here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, president trump keeps winning and winning, and winning. trump administration today delivered more good news on the economy. 211,000 jobs added in april, unemployment rate, falling to a decade low 4.4%. that is just one of the many victories for president trump. who successful successfully lobbied house republicans to back and repeal and replace obamacare. and bipartisan support for a spending bill that keeps the government run through september.


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