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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  May 7, 2017 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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dagen: jonas. >> i don't have a hor in this derby race. cocktail culture, the mint julep is a growth area. thank you. >> a great group of people and they are not even doing it for the party, they are doing it for this country. >> donald trump saying house republicans putting country above party for passing the health care measure. sounds like he is taking a page from the gipper. before donald trump brings lawmakers putting the -- phil gramm was telling me earlier president reagan had a similar message more than 30 years ago. >> the day before the vote 30 republicans are uncommitted. reagan calls them down to the white house, sitting around the
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cabinet table, he said i am here to listen to you. he called the guy on his right who said i am with you but my constituents, reagan sat there and didn't say a word which seemed like 5 minutes and then he looked at everybody and said i was confused. i thought this was about country. i didn't know it was about constituents and he got up and left. that was the end of the meeting. we won by one vote. heather: before reagan forced the issue and demanded that they vote what seemed like 30 no votes turned into 30 yes votes, the message being if you put people on the spot sometimes they can vote differently than you think, donald trump seems to have gotten that message.
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charles payne, charlie gasparino, look who is here. i am not running for new jersey governor. ben stein is lamenting that. charles payne first on the message that you can put off and put off but you got to vote and better to get it out there even if you lose it then to keep it lingering. >> i think officials should keep the promises they make to their constituents. this notion of going for the greater good hurts particularly the municipalities facing cities where you have very little economic or political clout to begin with. they send them to protect what they have. everyone does that in the right way, not talking about meeting the joint but in the right patriotic way it should work out pretty well. neil: at the reagan library.
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what you think? >> keep your enemies close. he worked it with that nice little tendency to it, the way to get things done but wasn't he is the most powerful and committed conservative? neil: you realize how intimately involved ronald reagan was in the process and he knew everyone's name. we found that with donald trump in the second go around said he was going to master who was on the sense and the one pushing for the vote ronald reagan was at the time. we can delay into looks like we have the votes. >> we need to reform obamacare, one in 5 consumers, one choice when it comes to insurers and with respect to the gipper he
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said is amazing what you can get done if you don't have to take credit. neil: ronald reagan out of nowhere. the point being you are there. this is bigger. >> at that doesn't matter -- down the field and the president proposes congress disposes, we need to convince those people know who you are working with, and other districts, and the reelection margin and donald trump is learning from that. >> it shows donald trump was a decent businessman but this world is more difficult than business. the ceos with the most self-awareness when i talked about politics they would have these politicians asking for money. the business world is easy compared to politics. politics is tough and dirty and you have to get your hands in and donald trump learned
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something in the last hundred days. he phoned it in on the healthcare vote. neil: he entrusted those who work on it. >> they were intimately involved. neil: my point is after john kennedy thought he got snookered by generals and he learned. >> you have to me intimately involved. >> are used to work for bill frist and the chief of staff, the most unhappy people in washington dc, former ceos because you can't just get it done. you have to build all these relationships. donald trump is learning that.
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neil: i forgot you were here. >> the conversation -- neil: you are one of my favorite people and i apologize. your take on this. to charlie's point that politicians can be referenced than the corporate crowd, thanks to republicans people are going to die, they are murderers, they are smiling and laughing as they murder people. close to the -- what do you think? >> i think charlie makes a point, politics is nasty. business is about making money. neil: that point, the murdering part, you are killing people. >> pretty nasty stuff to suggest they are killing people. >> by voting to remove obamacare and switching to their plan. you don't want to talk about this, do you? >> i don't understand what
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donald trump said about do this to the country. this was a partyline vote. neil: as was obamacare itself. i regret going to you. >> i am doing my best. >> ronald reagan worked the phones. and he consoled and moved -- what makes this not parallel, donald trump had to cajole people of his own party. reagan had a higher mountain to
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climb. you brought up the point, democrats are saying donald trump wants to kill people, bernie sanders of people are going to die, left in the middle of the street because of this new healthcare law, now he has to go to the american people. neil: they were singing goodbye. >> here is the thing. donald trump made 20 phone calls in this. he really tried to elevate paul ryan because -- >> the most careful advice. this is the way it has to be. he thought it was tough here, fewer people but a bigger challenge, republicans or the senate to buy in.
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>> if you are worried whether this will get through. there is more to go. trump had to go to the mattresses to get the republicans. >> this is the point i was trying to make. he was going to do is get his own party to support this which ronald reagan didn't have to do. neil: all that barack obama had to do and the first vote with healthcare in 2009 and 2010 he had a leeway of four democrats. >> because there were objectionable things. neil: the first time, trying to win over his own party, happens again and again. >> comparing to president reagan where we started.
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neil: i gave you president obama. >> i understand that -- >> extraordinary about this conversation, politicians being bipartisan. president obama was very partisan, known for not talking to members of his own party. george bush junior used to have movie night wednesday when he would bring leaders from capitol hill just to sit there because -- it was easier -- neil: gone with the wind. >> easier to do a deal with someone. neil: for the agree with that. >> it has to go to the senate, they've got nothing yet. didn't they take off 11 days now? >> very little.
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final word here. >> how did you think about this? >> donald trump is italian. i told you that before. he has italian things, didn't go to the white house correspondents dinner and he is watching and he build that up and -- >> going with it. >> never forget.
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more news at noon eastern. back to cavuto on business. >> that was a little upset, with donald trump for insulting a
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friend of mine. the end of that monologue i had some choice insults for the president in return. i don't prevent that. i would do it again. i would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be. >> with that an apology? i couldn't tell but i had a chance to ask the chairman of the federal communications commission if he is looking in to the comments he made about the president. past 11:30 at night eastern time and anyone on broadcasting, a little looser with the language. >> the framework we apply before 10:00 pm, seen language is what we regulate after 10:00 pm. >> he is a fine catholic church going god-fearing young man.
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donald trump should take -- an executive order. neil: do you as a comedian draw a line -- -- never raised it with me. >> excuse me a second. in a club it is okay but when you are representing a network, cbs, you would never hear jay leno say that. neil: where did he jump the line? >> he didn't jump it by being crude but being homophobic. when he was reach searching for the crudest insult he can find he used a homophobic imagery. neil: a lot of people saw that.
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>> the tiffany network is not what it used to be. >> do you hold it to a different standard for cable -- andrea: there was a line between the two but the problem is it took this much -- the idea that donald trump defended one of his friends, it wasn't about a larger issue, the american public, it was because one of his friends, had to come to the defense of a buddy. >> far worse to far more people. i didn't find the response equal to what he said. >> it was a nuclear reaction for a coconut. neil: what if it were barack obama in the same comments? >> widespread condemnation. neil: should there be a
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different standard on broadcasts late at night and find to say crazy things and go after people? that went too far? >> if he goes too far it will hurt him in the marketplace, viewers won't like it. we don't need -- >> his ratings have picked up. >> vulgar entertainers should stay out of politics. >> snl is late-night. they would not have gone this far. neil: in the meantime, how much former president obama is making? none of your business. the message isn't resonating with charlie gasparino. after this. >> mixed reports on the economy
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fueling call to pass tax cuts. would it work? democrats letting fbi director comey over hillary clinton's
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neil: debbie says but out of it, the democratic national committee chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz saying it is no one's business how much barack obama is making on the
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speaking circuit. that $400,000 speech, headed to the fall, that had a lot of eyebrows, he railed against. the point was who cares? >> what made this a good story was not that he gave a speech or got paid for it, a wall street firm, the center of evil, if you were a big journey. this according to president obama for eight years to donate to charity. >> a cynical move. neil: shouldn't have taken money from wall street. >> if he is so horrible to them why they would want to pay him.
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>> they are using him, lobbying him to make money. >> railed against fatcats. >> for the sake of argument, the principal position, speaking his mind. >> here is the thing, people think this is his private life, he has the ability to pick up the phone and call politicians to discuss legislation. why the wall street bank -- they can see what he has to say. they want influence and a lot of x senators. >> terrible, to do this. neil: does it offend you in any level? >> the hypocrisy offends me but
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-- neil: what about the business part that we shouldn't care? >> we should care to a degree because he does wield some influence but free market, i don't care. i want -- >> why is cantor fitzgerald, they can get information and -- >> it is about healthcare, and opportunity -- >> take a deal. >> they will -- >> and kardashian got have $1 million for 10 words. >> they will take it information and use it to make money, that is what they will do. and he is part of their breed. neil: i want to thank joe and amy and in the meantime, apple's cash stash is
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do we need the shot in the arm? >> absolutely, the economy is stuck in second gear. we know a better economy. the more you cut the me


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