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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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into fake news. it's amazing how easily this is done. whenever i see something like that i think it's not real. that is the narrative. >> risk and reward starts now. >> is not only do we believe the russians knew this but they likely had proof of this information. and that created a compromise situation. one where the national security advisor essentially could be blackmailed by the russians. it is now back in the headlines. the former deputy attorney general is an obama appointee. she testified today on russian meddling and the election. the former director of national and terrence -- intelligence also testified. they warned the trumpet campaign that michael flynn
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the former national security adviser was advisor was compromised and could be blackmailed. he discussed russian sanctions with the investor. they claimed president obama personally warned the incoming president about the general michael flynn. clapper testified again today that he the fbi and the cia said there is no evidence to date of russian collusion. welcome to risk and reward. she testified that she told the white house that they have misled the vice president about his context with the rest investor. that led it to flynn's dismissal. this as press secretary sean spicer now said at the president is not a fan of flynn anyway and ask why didn't president obama suspend the security clients when he ran to the intelligence agency. this is the first time she is speaking publicly.
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let's take it to adam shapiro he has the latest. good to see you. a bunch of questions to sally yates as the curing is still underway but it's gonna wrap up very soon. about the role of acting attorney general. in the refusal to enforce the president travel ban when it was first issued. the key question started right off the top. the flynn meeting. with chief counsel in the first meeting on the 26th of january. in the key headline from what she have to say is that yates believed as they conveyed to the way has that flynn had been compromised and was in a position where the russians might have had the option of blackmailing him. here's what she said the committee. >> when went back over t second day is essentially why does it matter to the doj if one white house official lies to another white house official.
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we explained to him it was a whole lot more than that and went back over the same concerns that we had raised with them the prior day that the concern first about the underlying conflict itself that they lied to the vice president and others the american public have been misled. you talk about the and questions regarding collusion if there is any on the part of trumpet campaign associates with the russians. she was ask that question in her decision to go to that cheap white house counsel was based solely upon the compromise of general flynn. no determination about collusion. it was all about his missed statement regarding his conversations with the russian ambassador. that is an important point. with the president tweeting white why didn't president obama do better than any of michael flynn and suspend his security clearance with the obama administration.
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his reaction let's bring a former senior intelligence officer. join me now. good to see. michael flynn, we didn't know he disclosed things. he did not disclose half a million feet from turkey. is it good enough to blame the obama administration here. see make everybody who has a security clearance goes through a vetting. there are degrees of concern which may or may not come up which are in the activities. i had been investigated a dozen different times it's the nature of what you do it's part as part of the business. so we have to look at the context of what the person is doing in relation to that tasking and what he's been doing. michael flynn one against the obama white house. regarding isis. if you recall ike flynn was
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the first one to disclose to congre and the fact that isis was not the junior varsity. the things they did not do regarding the trumpet campaign that is almost like it's in the eye of the beholder. they are saying something about what may happen once they go into office. it's part of doing business. blackmailed both it's basically having a relationship with a group of individuals which may compromise your integrity. >> that is really important. nobody's bringing that up. if you look at the regulation there is a number of things at which actually do clearly define what is blackmail.
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the conversation with the russian ambassador does not rise to the level of quote unquote blackmail. they had been much more clear in going at them on the various factual issues which in my judgment are being left on the table. you can see the endgame here. they want to get back into the white house. they got economic sanctions lifted on russia russia is in a world of hurt right now. it's not doing well right now. but present trumpet is pointing out some discrepancies saying they were given the highest security clearance. they are talking about that. the president suggests that yates may have at least -- leaked the classified information. if they know how this information got to the newspaper soon after she explained it.
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is this intimidating. look, she volunteered to be in a position she was in and i'm sorry i don't think she would admit even under oath in front of congress if she licked the information. some of similarly to from those intercepts. is not the first time someone said that. i don't buy from minute that the information that he it got to the new york times and the other mainstream media. it just didn't happen by osmosis. so someone leaked it only handful of people have access to it it's got to start somewhere. i don't think that senator grassley did a good enough job to push her down a path to get her to disclose that. someone talked and i think she
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knows who. someone talked. at the same time again. he the fbi and cia see no evidence of collusion. what kind of collusion with their bd think. that is precisely the issue. yet the start with it. they are making stuff up. step up. could it be money or influence. nothing has ever been presented. this is where a completely lost narrative that they continue to put up. the longer they proceed to put this out there is a premise i like to believe it underlines credibility. jim clapper basically admitted again that he .-dot -- he lied he saw unmask information.
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he denied a few weeks ago. so jim clapper is not a credible man. while i do believe that there is no evidence on the russia issue and i don't think they're gonna find anything he's not credible on anything else he finds. >> i just want to be clear you are completely opposed to the russia propaganda. >> rushes do it everywhere. the warsaw pact they are constantly deceased by this. they are bad guys. they have the russian issues separately. the russians have acted badly. they've done things undermine the organizations all across the federal government. they've gone into other wants
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to try to penetrate. the russian officials doing business with the trump properties that are now held in a trust. that they feel is grounds enough for impeachment. if they find something there. honestly we have to go down the legal path to figure that out. as much as i would see the idea going after nixon based on what he did it's eminently important. there's no evidence so far that there's been any sort of that collusion. i would like to believe since everything leaks in this town any sort of hint of it would've been leaked a long time ago. let's have over to france. people took to the streets in reaction to the victory. nearly a hundred 50 people were arrested in paris during the anti- capitalist riot last night.
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they damaged property also. he treats out congratulations to emmanuel macron on his big win today. i very much look forward to working with him. they were closing flat on the news. it's up more than 2%. the story hillary clinton has said she would've won the election it was held in late october but a former obama aide said she didn't do that. tough ford's for hillary. this time in a last ditch desperate move. he said america was too stupid to understand house reform. he's blaming on president trump. even though they were not even in the running. well had more on that next.
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>> it doesn't take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful. already influential. but it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable. in the sick. president obama emerges again over the weekend. they are urging congress to save obama care. nearly a thousand seats at all levels. they passed the house last week. confident the senate will enact reform. they will not let the american people down.
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it was alive and is dead. katrina, good to see you. you notice the speech. after quitting networks. small business is collapsing. is it more profiles in courage and not admitting the truth. true courage in my opinion would be to make a lot that you believe and with all your heart. it continues to leave out and when they found out they even have a pre-existing condition for the pay the premiums.
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right now they're talking about the nearly $140 billion federally paid for pool for pre-existing conditions. i want to turn to jonathan gruber. he said americans are too stupid to understand health reform. he now blames president trump for the failure. let's take a listen. there were no counties in america before he was elected the did not had an insurer. we the situation under obama care -- obamacare it made up for the fact that the underpriced in the first two years. ever present who comes in doesn't honor the obligations. premiums are going on. they are doing nicely now.
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make sense. no had third of the county with one insurer. what are your thoughts. the people that know the actual truth to that are the people. they voted to give president trump go at this. the reason why this bill came out of the house was because of people like jonathan gruber. go out there in public and then admit that they lied to the america people humans and publicly they told everyone that healthy people would have to pay would've never passed congress. yes this is attacks. instead they said but they needed to say in public to get the there was to move further
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and further towards a single -- single-payer system. jonathan river also said should we believe anything that he says when he said america is too stupid about health care reform. the lack of transparency is a political advantage. >> is a huge political advantage. you can call this stupidity of american voter or whatever. he's been very transparent out hoping that many americans still have their heads in the sand and they don't at this point. this is can be one of those issues we've no longer took the american people into believing what any politician says. people want change.
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in november president trump was elected because he was one that they saw that could get out there and get this bill fix. and to make this better for american people and american families. let's go on to this story. they took the fight about it. he said he hopes republican members of congress see family members die after obama care is repealed. i hope every gop member who voted for it sees a family member get a long-term condition. katrina also tweeted too soon. she won't -- wrote an op-ed saying she op ed saying she did vote for repeal of obama care because it will take care of her son's pre-existing condition. what are your thoughts there
5:21 pm
at the perfect example of politics play now. you have emotions based upon information that people are not even aware of. as i mentioned before even if you have a pre-existing condition you can't afford the premium. it defeats the purpose here. what does it ministration is try to trying to do is to bring this premium sound like keeping an pre-existing coverage and a lot of it is being lost in the weeds because a lot of the policy discussion we have to get to families in basic. this is not to hurt people this is can help all americans. >> katrina pearson come back soon. hundreds of thousands of protesters are demonstrating against the socialist government. thirty-nine killed so far in the five week long unrest. more than a hundred have been entered. 39 killed so far in the five week long unrest. more than a hundred have been entered. desperate times with record high inflations. the economy has run by nearly a fifth in 2016. the quarter since he took
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. >> the election were on october 27th, i'd be your president. >> there is no perfect campaign, there is no such thing, but i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim comey's letter on
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october 28th and russian wikileaks raised doubt in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. liz: hillary clinton says she would have won the presidential election if it were held october 27th. a former obama staffer is shooting a hole through hillary's excuses, listen. >> i think if you look at her comments what she said it would have been guaranteed she would have won on october 27th, we don't really know. that i've watched a lot of focus group, polling over the years and the perception of her was baked into theake for about ten years. liz: ten years. joining me democratic strategist daniel mclaughlin and chief conservative correspondent for the "national review" deneen borelli. >> the economy had an enormous amount of impact. i don't think anyone could say
5:27 pm
with certainty she would have won on october 27th. google searches for fbi, she had very, very narrow leads in the swing states, she didn't visit enough and cost her the election. 77,000 votes. popular majority vote of 3 million. liz: most of those were in california. the question is, hillary clinton let it get that tight, right? it doesn't matter if it's three percentage point, four percentage points, it's the fact it got so tight because the american people didn't trust her. >> americans didn't trust her, right. hillary clinton lost the election because of hillary clinton. she didn't have the right message. people did not resonate with the message. no one told her to put the server in the basement. all of the things and the lies she told, my goodness. she had a lot of credibility issues, she lost the election because of herself. only on planet hillary can she blame others for losing the election. she is the one to blame.
5:28 pm
liz: that's the point to what deneen is saying, james comey didn't tell hillary clinton to put nation's secrets on a server in her basement. didn't tell her not to campaign in wisconsin. she is blaming wikileaks. is that beside the point in the leaked e-mails tell a different story, clinton officials didn't dispute the content in the wikileaks? >> i don't think it matters the fact that they were out there. donald trump did not have to deal with his dirty laundry being aired. liz: he didn't? he had a 15-year-old audiotape talking about him grabbing women by the private parts. >> chip, chip, chip away at the podesta e-mails and the wikileaks came out the day the video dropped. liz: the left is onto hillary clinton. >> david axelrod on another network said she needs to -- don't shift responsibility off of yourself, particularly the server. it was not just jen psaki,
5:29 pm
david axelrod and others. liz: final point, in july, after james comey in july let her off the hook, september and august, she's saying why am i down 50 points? next time she was exonerated. i want to switch gears, sorry about that. remember what president obama said about wall street during his presidency. >> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on wall street? bankers and executives on wall street need to realize that enriching themselves on the taxpayer's dime is inexcusable. we can't go back to a cult our wall street that says it's okay to bend or break the rules. >> those on wall street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences. liz: now to "new york times" editorial criticizing former president obama for accepting $400,000 for a speech from the wall street firm saying --
5:30 pm
deneen, so obama, the point is obama criticized hillary clinton for making goldman sachs speech money. >> sure. liz: are you offended he's making money? >> i want everyone to make as much money as they can. this is totally hypocritical. i think the companies are wasting money. he's going to speak at the cantor fitzgerald campus on health care? how ironic he's going to talk about health care? what is he going to say? americans lost doctors, rates went up and challenged now with the republicans because americans are being harmed by his so-called legacy. what is he going to say at conference? it's a waste of money. liz: wall street wasting money paying for another obama speech? >> want love to see why he did the aca? liz: anything wrong with presidents making snoin. >> absolutely not. donald trump rose to power,
5:31 pm
they liked the fact he was wealthy, he wasn't subject. liz: this is cashing in on your government role, right? >> we don't know what he's going to do with the money. liz: gives it to charity? >> gave $2 million this week to chicago job-seekers. george bush gave speeches between 2009 and 2015 and made tens of millions of dollars. >> president obama is an elite and hypocrite, we've got the videotape, right? liz: calling fat cat wall street bankers criticizing hillary clinton, making fun of hillary clinton for goldman sachs speeches and taking money. >> right, we don't how much he'll donate, but the fact is he demonized wall street forever and ever, and then he's gladly take their money, hypocritical. >> there is a difference between demonizing wall street and talking about the fact that dodd-frank, we should make sure big banks don't take the entire economy down. there is consumer protection.
5:32 pm
liz: we got to leave it there. thank you, danielle and deneen, see you in a little bit. next up, this story, texas governor greg abbott signing a law banning sanctuary cities and municipalities in the state for illegal aliens. some say the law is going too far? we've got the story next. and north korea is holding a fourth american hostage. how should the u.s. respond? that's coming up. that story. don't go away. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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. >> first of all, i was proud last night to sign this law. this law effectively bans sanctuary cities in the state of texas. what it means is that no county, no city, no governmental body in the state of texas can adopt any policy that provides sanctuary. second, what it means is that law enforcement officials such as sheriffs are going to be required to comply with i.c.e. requests. this will ensure greater cooperation between local law enforcement and federal officials so we can be sure everybody is following the law. isn't this quasi insane we have to pass a law to force law enforcement officers to comply with the law? liz: texas lighting a fire under the border security fight again. the governor of texas greg abbott defending border security by signing a law
5:37 pm
yesterday prohibiting the states from laws. it will stop immigrants from helping cops among other things. david clarke, look who's here, with me now. good to see you, governor abbott wants to see the lawlessness. he says the law will make it illegal to defy federal officials. will this help the crackdown on the problem? >> god bless texas. good for governor abbott. i read this bill this afternoon, it's got teeth, that's what i like. starting september 1st, compels law enforcement agencies and other public officials to assist in cooperate and share information they have with immigration and customs enforcement. you know as well as i do successful law enforcement in the united states is predicated upon local, state and federal officers working together, sharing information in the pursuit of justice. i don't really care what mexico thinks about this.
5:38 pm
i care about the rule of law here in the united states, like i said, this thing has teeth it. calls for fines, it calls for jailtime of law enforcement officials that don't comply, and even up to removal from office of elected officials who continue to thumb their nose at the rule of law, and there are 33 -- 32 states in the united states that have a gop governor, and the gop controls the two bodies of the legislature. i would implore them to follow suit here to assist the federal government. this makes it easier for the federal government because they don't have the authority to force states and local officials to cooperate, but the states should take it upon themselves to do that, and so the blueprint is there. i read the bill any, state wanting to do this including my own state of wisconsin has been talked about but nothing introduced. here's the blueprint that will
5:39 pm
help local law enforcement get their arms around this thing and work with the federal government to end this -- especially the criminal illegal aliens, we're talking about law enforcement, we're not talking about people in the country illegally and going about their business. i don't advocate for that, but that's not what donald trump said initially and jeff sessions the attorney general that's not who they're going after right now. they're going after the criminal illegal aliens that continue to prey upon law-abiding citizens. other thing i find interesting, liz, texas has a significant hispanic and latino population, anobviously, the governor and the legislators who have to count on hispanic and latino votes don't think there will be a political cost to this because there's a myth that anybody of hispanic descent that's a legal citizen that they favor illegal immigration. they do not. liz: you know, sheriff, you make an interesting point
5:40 pm
there. what other states do you think will follow texas? >> it's hard to say, but i think states along the border. you know texas, they got skin in the game here with the problems they're having along the border. i would imagine that it would start their first -- forget about california. that's a lost cause but some of the other states along the border and then other states that have a problem, an ongoing problem with the criminal gangs, with the drug cartels, with the drugs and the weapons flowing into the country across the border, they have a stake in this too, so i think texas has done and governor abbott and my hat off to him, but what they've done will allow some of these other states that know they need to do this, it will help stiffen their spine and resolve to go and help the federal government get their arms around this horrible, what has become a crisis here in the united states with criminal illegal aliens.
5:41 pm
liz: the pushback, sheriff, police officers in texas will be authorized to ask anyone they detained for immigration status, and we know critics have said this could lead to racial profiling. what are your thoughts there? >> no, it wasn't. that's not even measurable. that's a talking point from the left. i've heard that before, i've heard that it will lead to people illegally in the country not reporting crimes. that's not true. we had one here in wisconsin and avt otr cases across the united states where people enteng illegally in the country approached law enforcement over serious crimes committed against them. until they can produce data to meet and research empirical, by the way, to show that it has led to a decrease in reporting a crime, i'm just not buying it. liz: sheriff clarke, good to see you, come back soon. >> i will, thanks. north korea holding a fourth american hostage. this as north korea has been testing missiles and reportedly
5:42 pm
threatening to nuke the white house. we've got lieutenant general thomas mcinerney, he will weigh in what the united states needs to do next? and we have this story for you, a teacher still on payroll after video comes up about basically treating donald trump physically like a pinata. real thing. coming up soon. don't go away. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced,
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. liz: north korea detained a fourth u.s. citizen. university instructor kim hak-song over unspecified acts aimed at, quote, overthrowing the country. north korea detained another u.s. national named tony kim. recent arrests come as president trump turns up the heat on kim jong-un dispatching the u.s.s. carl vinson to the korean peninsula and warning of a major conflict unless the regime stops developing nuclear weapons. joining me retired air force
5:46 pm
general thomas mcinerney. good to see you. >> good to be here. liz: this comes amid rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea. how do we deal with a leader like kim jong-un? >> we have to deal very ruthlessly. he can take as many professors at the pyongyang university of science and technology as he wants or tourists but the fact is we ought to start building up right now forces in the region, and at the same time, simultaneously, we must be working with the chinese, but they must know that president trump's words are exactly spot on. there will be a major conflict over there, because we cannot let north korea have nuclear-tipped icbms that iran is helping with funds and with technology, and they are helping iran with nuclear warheads. this is unacceptable. liz: what must president trump and the united states do to prevent north korea from holding american hostages?
5:47 pm
>> well, that's very difficult when they're over there now, the way they are. i really do not have an answer for that. i think peace through strength and how we dissuade them from doing things by building forces up in the region to let them know we're serious, but there's not much we can do stop them from taking hostages from the university there. liz: how do we decrease tensions between north korea d the united states. i hear what you're saying about ruthlessness and a show of force. where do you see this headed? >> i don't see a good ending on it. tomorrow they're going to elect a new government and could get another korean leader that believes in the sunshine policy that you can deal with kim jong-un. you cannot deal with these people, unfortunately, liz. i don't mean to be so negative on the outcome, but the fact is the only way this is going to have a good outcome is if china realizes we are serious and we will preempt to destroy that
5:48 pm
nuclear capability, and seoul is not at risk like everybody is saying to you. i saw when they built those hardened artillery sites, we know the exact coordinates, that was before gps. now we know the exact positions and have the technology to destroy them, if we preempt. don't like it. but the fact is we cannot trade seoul for los angeles or san francisco. liz: thank you, general mcinerney, thank you for your service to the country. >> thanks, liz. liz: coming up, wife of former presidential candidate bernie sanders reportedly under investigation for alleged bank fraud. we've got the details. plus a teacher now under fire after this video surfaced of cinco de mayo class activity. that's basically hitting a pinata with the image of donald trump on it. that story is next. don't go away. what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink
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. liz: welcome back, now this story for you, the wife of vermont senator bernie sanders, according to reports, allegedly under federal investigation for bank fraud. here are the allegations. jane sanders wanted to expand the campus of burlington college in vermont. she allegedly entered false information on loan documents. this college went bankrupt last year due to millions of dollars in debt. now on a loan application, sanders allegedly said the school could count on $2.6 million in donations when only 676,000 was actually secured. the fbi is reportedly contacting donors who said they never pledged the money. political power panel is back, danielle mclaughlin, deneen borelli. reports say the investigation has been going on a year. what do you make of what's going on here? >> a huge problem for the sanders family.
5:53 pm
seems there may have been misstatements on the loan form. can i say from experience in my job, you don't always know you're the target of fbi investigation, there was language from the sanders family that said we haven't spoken to the fbi. that doesn't mean anything. it's problematic from a political perspective as well because sanders as a man, ran on the very, very pure platform, this is a problem. liz: the social platform, and deneen, people in vermont are saying it's ironic that the socialist couple, that the wife wanted to blow out and borrow a lot of money to expand the campus of burlington college when it couldn't afford it. what are your thoughts there? >> crazy, the allegations are true, this is a really serious crime. that campus also failed to meet there are accreditation standards, there are a lot of issues surrounding her involvement with the campus. i hope there's a thorough investigation and they get to
5:54 pm
the bottom of it. liz: bank fraud is a federal crime. >> they'll be looking at motivation as well. was this a purposeful and intentional misstatement. not like jane sanders was going to make millions and millions, seems she was trying to grow the campus. liz: maybe citing money that wasn't in the door, that's bad news. to this story, colorado teacher on paid leave after this video emerged at roosevelt high school in johnstown colorado. it appears to show students at cinco de mayo event hitting a pinata with the picture of president trump on one side and a picture of the mexican president on the other. deneen, what do you make of this? >> wrong message to the students, and i want to give credit to the superintendent because they did come out and criticize this. they said that it was disrespectful and does not reflect the values of the high school or the school district, so i do give the administrator credit. this was crazy, and have you this liberal nonsense that's
5:55 pm
going on not only on college campuses but going younger and younger people. this is high school students, but we don't know what's going on in all of the schools across our country. this is very concerning. liz: to this point, the school district did say this was an incredibly disrespectful fact, doesn't reflect the values of roosevelt high school or the school values. what do you make of the teacher being on paid leave? >> i'm 100% with you and no excuse for, this it is completely disgusting. what we're seeing is the breakdown of the civil discourse, we can sit around and have a reasonable conversation about things we don't necessarily agree with. and i have to say too, what many of us saw from the president on the campaign trail was attack his opponents, breaking the 11th amendment, you all know we should have a war of ideas. not a personal war. liz: i see what you're saying.
5:56 pm
what if this was president obama's face on a pinata. >> i was going to mention that. sure, huge double standard. there would be outrage for the person to be arrested and definitely fired. it certainly is a double standard and we'll see what happens. it's up to the district and perhaps the parents what happens to this person. liz: you both agree with it sends the wrong message, right? >> absolutely. i don't agree sitting here as an obama fan, it's despicable, who is on the face of the pinata. liz: we're going to be right back. don't go away.
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. liz: you are going to want to tune in tomorrow morning. former secretary of state condoleezza rice joins maria bartiromo for "mornings with maria" right here on fox business at 8:30 a.m. listen, you don't want to miss this one, condoleezza rice has a lot to say. a ton to say about what's going on in the world of politics, about syria and so forth. that's all for us tonight, thank you so much for having us in your homes.
6:00 pm
we had a jam-packed show a lot going on. more for you tomorrow night. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: after you, condi rice is one of my favorites. thank you very much. good evening, everyone, i'm charles payne. significant stories from wall street to capitol hill, on the street by the way, the nasdaq and s&p soaring to more record highs. more for you on that in the show. on the hill, the senate judiciary committee just wrapping up its hearing and featured former acting attorney general sally yates, james clapper, the witnesses were pressed about a slew of hot-button issues swirling around former national security adviser michael flynn and the alleged russian election meddling. more on that. i want to start with this point, what the obama appointees had to say about the unprecedented flood of leaked classified information. >> how did the conversation between the russian ambassador


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