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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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them for livestock. th tend not to regulate those in terms of cost controls like pharmaceuticals for humans. very good growth company. >> have to cut you short, tim. [closing bell rings] testimony courtney with us. wall street markets finishing up mixed. closing bell, david and melissa on "after the bell." david: perfect timing, connell. dow singing about 30 points. hello, i'm david asman. nasdaq seeing another new high. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have for you at this hour. disney out with big results. any minute a box office bonanza expected to give a boost to the bottom line. we'll get new espn numbers unthe microscope after high-profile layoffs next month. lawyers for president trump and the aclu squaring off in appeals court hearing over the travel ban. what happens now?
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why is fbi director james comey walking back comment he made in front of congress last week? judge andrew napolitano will weigh in on all that. did you see this? an all-out brawl at a florida airport. we'll tell you what spirit airlines did, that prompted this. whoa. david: airlines, it doesn't end. chevron, cisco, dupont among the dow's biggest drags today. the dow ending down, not so with nasdaq. lori rothman on floor of nyse. nasdaq at a new high. you're watching apple. >> it is now officially closing david at $800 billion in market cap. apple shares had to close above $153.44. it did that and left some to spare. 153.96 is the close. shares of apple, best performer on the dow at 33% this year. so once again, 800 billion in market cap. that is staggering. makes it the biggest compa by
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market cap in the entire world. look at another sector. airlines. united, american, delta, all up nicely today. united up almost 5%. united along with american airlines both reported solid earnings. that gave a lift to the entire sector. ual and american number three and four top earners on the s&p 500 today. look at hearst, a different story today. shares skidded off 15%. -- hertz. disappointing earnings. came back but not by a whole lot. spending a lot for turn around problems. competition with the likes of uber and ride-sharing services hurting rental car industry. back to you. david: thank you very much. melissa. melissa: oil closing down a percent, back below 4dollars a barrel after the government report raised forecast for u.s. oil production this year and next.
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gold settling at two-month low, stronger dollar, growing expectations that the fed will hike interest rates. david: gold down you but bitcoin way up. speaker of the house, paul ryan continuing to paint optimistic picture of tax reform. >> will it get done this year? >> are you and president on the same page as far as the principles? >> absolutely. we totally agree on this. david: that's good. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management, fox news contributor, kevin kelly recon capital partners. on one hand paul ryan singing optimistic tune. on other hand we heard from wilbur ross, no way we get to 3% growth this year, who do you believe? >> if the tax cuts do not get done sooner rather than later it will be very tough to grow 3%. you have to remember the federal government will spend $4.1 trillion this year. that is coming out of the economy. that is coming out of our hide. no way with the trajectory hetry
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of government spending coming out of the economy we can do better. they're killing the economy with government spending. they have to do something different. david: gary, the first quarter was so lousy at 0.7% growth, we would have to grow over 4 percent for the remaining three quarters in order to get to 3%? >> just realize another part of the equation. we're 3/4 fed funds rate and around the globe they have negative rates. if we can't get get going with that we have to do something different and do it soon. david: kevin, nasdaq at a new all-time high, that's great, but the market has been humming along on the flat line recently. have they concluded we'll not get a tax cut this year? >> i think that is a safe bet. the government needs to walk the walk, and not talk the talk. if you look at federal tax code, it is over 75,000 pages of complexity stifling growth due
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to the fact that highest and best uses of capital can't go to where this supposed to. we used to talk about companies going overseas an incorporating over there, just to avoid high corporate tax burden here? the problem until we can actually get a temporary plan, tax cut, something to a alleviate the pain, the stock market will have a hard time going higher from here. melissa: airlines under fire. spirit is in the hot seat africans selling multiple flights out of fort lauderdale, causing tensions, i mean who hasn't felt like this, among angry passengers to boil over, into fistfights ending with three arrests. i mean, kevin, there is no room for error anymore when you're flying. all of the flights are jam-packed, and whether it's the weather or computers there is no room for error and always an error. it is a tough situation. >> yeah. it is unfortunate because you're starting to see a lot of these publicly-traded airlines are getting punch-drunk off profits
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they're making from nickel and diming not only customers -- melissa: good for shareholders. >> for shareholders there are stakeholders, think about unions. this goes back to union fight. the problem we have limited infrastructure. so at the can dictate the terms. melissa: there is a pr pile-on. we can't talk about that this second because we'll go to cheryl. breaking news. disney reports second quarter results. >> earnings per share at buck 50 for disney. that is a beat. estimate was $1.41, up 5% from a year ago. at this time looking at revenue coming in a little bit shy, 13.34 billion, a little bit shy on revenue side. the estimate was 13.45 billion, that is still a boost from last year. talk youing a lot about espn, the numbers coming in there. the quarterly cable network operating income decreased 3%, to 1.8 billion. so a fall in cable network operating income.
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we'll be looking a little bit more at espn. parks and resorts revenue for the quarter, increasing, this is good, 9%, to 4.3 billion. a nice little bright spot in parks and revenue. again operating income due to that he decrease in espn, they're blaming espn, partially offset by increases at the disney channels. disney channel doing okay, that is the kids network. espn still a problem child for walt disney. there is the stock in the after-hours. as you can see falling again, a revenue miss, digging into the numbers, guys. come back in a few moments with a little bit more. melissa: thank you so much. bring in the media journalist john freeman. kevin mccarthy, we have gary kaltbaum with us as well. john, the blockbusters at disney, "beauty and the beast" grossing a billion dollars. "star wars: the last jedi."
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we can't get enough "star wars" everything in my house. we see the movie. bought it on pay-per-view. got it on itunes. got leg goes. i feel i should own the company with what i have spent. am i helping the company? >> you are definitely helping the company. doing bert because it has more recognition. these are great brand, fantastic franchises. public loves them, young people love them which is the key. disney wants to attract young people at all costs. >> kevin, let me ask you a little bit about parks and resorts. as cheryl said that is a big bright point up 9%, 4.3 billion. i heard from people in the industry what has happened, they see more travel within the u.s. fewer people coming in from outside. a lot of it having to do with politics. having to do with terrorism. it has been almost a wash to parks. seems like disney benefited from it. >> obviously the parks are doing very well in regards to bringing
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in movie-themed element to the parks. obviously the "guardians of the galaxy" ride. parks are massive. they're making everything "star wars." making everything "guardians of the galaxy." once you tie in massive film franchises to the parks, it is win-win situation. you promote yourself after everyone foes to the park for the rides. it is really cool. melissa: you can make your entire life some sort of disney franchise. what a dream come true. gary, beat earnings per share, $1.50, from $1.41, that miss on revenue what is the first question on conference call? >> if you're disney you're supposed to be guiding wall street correctly, when you miss on revenue not the greatest thing in history. for me there are two things happenin the parks are humming. i'm here in orlando. try going in. absolutely packed. they have a new theme coming out with "avatar" real soon. that will be gangbusters. but espn was a car gant juan cash cow.
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when you have a garr gant -- gargantuan cash cow heading south, despite of the news, they dumped 100 espn people. we'll see how it reacts. it will be a to have road to hoe but one of the greatest brands in history. melissa: my one-year-old said mickey mouse first time in history. >> m-i-c-k-e-y. melissa: there you go. david: chairman has been looking at espn. give us numbers, cheryl. >> we were looking for programing costs. espn is an expensive network to put on television plus the payouts to the nfl, a lot of investors and analysts have a big problem. with regards to operating income, decrease in operating income was due to the decrease at espn. that means view areship. that is the cord cutting story there. some of that was partially
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offset by increases at the disney channel and at free form. it really wasn't enough. higher programing costs what they're talking about. the issue with college football, the playoffs, the bowl games, all of that aided numbers. other thing i want to bring in, "beauty and the beast," that and the "star wars" franchise were a big piece of quarter. i got the film networks revenue, 2.03 billion for the film side of disney. that is actually a good number for them. that may not help them because everybody is so focused on espn, david, you have the huge kick for bhatti and the beast. that movie went over the billion mark,down after hours. how much further negative that stock would be if it wasn't for the cash cow out in hollywood. but john, let's focus on espn for a while because for so many years it was invincible. the problem is, when you feel as though you're invincible, suddenly there competition which there is now
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for espn, it can be a real, real albatross around your neck pulling you down. >> sure thing. the cord cutting is a big problem. those competitions, layoffs, but biggest problem david is the buzz. espn is almost 40 years old by now. they have lost the buzz they once had like mtv did also. once you have the buzz and goes away. people get tired of you, you look like an old mature brand. real problem to reinvent yourself at that age. david: gary, i wonder how much they have to cut what they're charging all the cable companies for the programing because they can't pull in eyeballs they used to. hold on a second, that is for gary. go ahead, gary. >> it is very simple. less eyeballs, less bucks in your pocket, as simple as that. they will have to adjust to a new world. frankly they have to adjust, i think they bought out just about every property to put on espn throughout the last year. they paid gargantuan prices. that may have to change.
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by the way they have been changing up "sportscenter." they have been changing up highlights. they're really active trying to move forward, but it is just a tough road to hoe right now. david: the stock is picking up a little bit of steam. still down after hours but not as much as it was. thank you very much, gary, kevin, kelly, good to see all of you. appreciate it. melissa: key advisors to the president, jared kushner and ivanka trump adding to the white house roles with kushner reportedly helping rye viiv nafta negotiations and the president's daughter set to head a viewf u.s. climate change policy. fox business's blake burman live from the white house with the latest. blake? reporter: melissa, white house officials i spoke to pushed back on the report from north of the border. canadian media reporting that jared kushner who tried to get canadian officials to try to convince president trump not to withdraw from nafta. however here is what this one white house official tells me.
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the date in question here is april 26th, a couple weeks ago. you might remember on that date all of sudden these stories started to come out that the president was considering about officially notifying his intent to withdraw from nafta. however this one white house official very close to the process told me this today. it was after those reports this person says that mr. kushner got a phone call from canadian officials in which folks up there wanted to get a conversation going. and it was mr. kushner who said at that time, hey look, this is principals discussion, meaning a discussion that needed to take place between president trump and prime minister trudeau. it was kushner who facilitated that discussion hours later as you know, later in the evening on that night of april 26th, the president, mr. trump, came out, look i've spoken with prime minister trudeau. i spoken with enrique pena nieto. i will not withdraw from nafta, try to renegotiate. bottom line, white house pushing back on the story.
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as it relates to kushner, another person within that family in the headlines today, that being his wife, ivanka trump, and the paris climate agreement which is coming front and center for this trump white house. there was supposed to be a meeting today between ivanka trump and epa head scott pruitt as it relates to the paris climate agreement. source tells fox that meeting was postponed. another meeting between top principles for the paris climate agreement discussing it, also pushed off. at white house press meeting, press secretary sean spicer said president trump will not me a decision as it relates to the paris climate agreement after the g7 meeting at the end of the month and i asked mr. spicer why. does the president feel he can extract any concessions while there or feel like he can renegotiate it? or does he want more time? why until after -- >> the president wants to make sure he has opportunity to meet
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with his team to create the best strategy for this country going forward. reporter: david, melissa, the president called the paris climate agreement, a one-sided deal. he campaigned against it. many folks are trying to convince him not to pull out. we don't expect a decision on the president on that for at least couple weeks. melissa: blake, thank you for that. david: president trump's temporary travel ban, lawyers for president trump and the aclu are squaring off. what happens now? judge andrew napolitano here to weigh in. melissa: buyer beware, a troubling new warning for consumers in the market for a used car. david: new strategy fighting taliban in afghanistan may mean more u.s. troops on the ground. >> war sometimes doesn't give you all good options. that is the nature of war. it is not a good situation. ♪ anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way
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melissa: another look at disney. the company down nearly 2% after-hours following a beat on second-quarter earnings but a miss on the revenue side. the media titan citing a decrease in cable network quarterly income due to a decrease from espn. david: a fourth u.s. circuit court of appeals grilling the trump administration over its proposed travel ban. the judges questioning president trump's motivation reissuing the band and bringing up statements the president made before he was elected. take a listen. >> he has never repudiated what he said about the muslim ban. still on website. district court found on his campaign website today. the day he wrote opinion. >> it is archived press statement from 11months ago before we got into a campaign and we had a primary and election and took an oath and form ad government.
4:21 pm
david: here now is judge andrew napolitano. fox news senior judicial analyst. what a pleasure to have him back. >> thank you. david: is what the president said on the campaign trail relevant to an executive order he made as president? >> that is the 64,000-dollar question. excedeingly rare, exceedingly rare for the courts to take the words of a candidate and use them against an incumbent, even when it is the same person but the supreme court permitted it, i'm sorry to say because i believe the travel ban is constitutional and directly authorized by an act of congress pursuant to president's powers toake foreign policy. david: 1952 law? exactly right, david, butt is particularly permitted when the words of the candidate are substantially different from the behavior of the incumbent. which is probably what we have here. now what is wrong with it if it's a muslim ban? well that raises the bar very, very high. because the constitution and federal law prohibits the
4:22 pm
president from making a decision on the basis of religion, or prohibiting him from making a decision that that disparate impact. david: however the countries that the president singled out for the temporary ban are exactly the countries president obama singled out as countries to put on watch. >> that is making this maddening for donald trump. because if the same executive order had been signed a year ago by barack obama, it would have been found constitutional because they would have found that his motivation was national security. instead they, the ninth circuit and trial judges, found that president trump's motivation is religious. why? because of the things he said during the campaign. david: but after all, i mean i don't want to get too far into the weeds, those seven or eight countries singled out represent small fraction of islamic world. how could it possibly be a muslim ban? >> they also represent a large fraction of the location from
4:23 pm
which evildoers have come. that is not the trump or tillerson state department. that is the john kerry/barack obama state department which characterized those countries that way! david: giving me a wrap. very quickly, fbi director comey in his testimony before congress made a statement that hundreds of thousands of emails went from huma abedin to her husband, anthony weiner. apparently that was a misstatement. is he in any trouble for that? >> yes, yes, because the leak was made by fbi agents fed up with his leadership. i think you will see a change probably in 2017. david: oh, my goodness. >> i think this is tip of the iceberg for jim comey. david: judge andrew napolitano. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: not accepting the decision of the american voter. how former president obama is taking a jab at supporters of president trump. plus texas taking a crackdown on sanctuary cities one step further. why the lone star state is suing
4:24 pm
its own capitol city. texas attorney general ken paxton is here to respond. >> we're building an alliance, an alliance of resistance because texas is not a place for hate. >> our people will be stronger than that coward's pen. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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>> down with deportation. >> up, up with liberation. melissa: texas cracking down on sanctuary cities. the lone star state suing travis county, the city of austin and several local officials to enforce the governor's new law, banning sanctuary policies. texas attorney general ken paxton filed the suit. he joins me now. make your case for it, sir. >> well look, we don't want a lawsuits all around the state. we believe this is absolutely constitutional. we're prepared to defend it. we decided it would be much
4:28 pm
easier to do it one place as opposed to having lawsuits filed all over the state. that is the goal. we want to get it resolved as fast as possible. we think we'll be successful. melissa: what is your basic argument? >> the argument we're doing very much what arizona did a few years ago which the supreme court was lawful. the arizona legislature passed a law that allowed them, not just allowed them, required they ask about immigration status, law enforcement. in our case we're not requiring that law enforcement ask. we're just saying they can not be stopped. if they feel like they need to ask somebody in arrest situation, lawful detention they can't be prohibited asking the question. melissa: law enforcement officials across the state disagreeing with you in spots. sally hernandez, travis county, texas sheriff, says this law does not keep the community safe. it goes against public safety. a lot of people make the argument. they force them into the shadows.
4:29 pm
they don't report crimes. they are afraid they will be deported. there has to be trust in the community. how do you respond? >> that is interesting argument and narrative that is not accurate. in the bill says provision a witness or victim can not be asked about the immigration status. any of those people involved in that type of situation can come forward. the thing that i'm concerned about, they're putting out this misinformation which could impact people. the truth is the bill does not say that. melissa: yeah. dlia at garza, city council member, says it sends a message that hispanics are not welcome in texas and hispanics are not valued. a lot of people hearing that message. how do you combat that? >> we tell the truth. in this case this is about public safety. we're asking law enforcement to make their own decisions about this. it is not a requirement that law enforcement ask the question about emigration status. they have the tools to do it in an arrest situation or lawful detention.
4:30 pm
this is misinformation. it is designed to protect citizens and certainly designed to deal with the sheriff of travis county who has refused to turn over law enforcement. melissa: yeah. attorney general paxton, thanks for your time today. >> thanks for having me on. appreciate it. david: shaming our nation's heroes yet again. nor neglect out of the va -- more neglect out of the va causing vets lives. more coming up. melissa: standing strong behind the gop health care bill. betsy mccaughey, former new york lieutenant governor. >> the left is seeing their vision of government-run health care vab wait before their eyes, and it is really disturbing to them.
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melissa: breaking earnings for you. yelp down 27% after hours, after the company missed estimates and lowered the outlook for the year. the san francisco based company announced a net loss of $4.8 billion. david: makes you want to go yelp. listening to the mainstream media you would think republicans are trying to destroy a health care system where everybody gets the care they need but speaker paul ryan standing firmly behind his health care bill. >> we have a better system. the plan is aimed at getting premiums d let people have a plan they want and more affordable.
4:35 pm
our plan has layers of protections for people with preexisting conditions. we think there is much better way to do this, people can get lower premiums and preexisting conditions can have affordable coverage. here is what our plan achieves. david: betsy mccaughey, former new york lieutenant governor, beating obamacare author. media narrative that republicans are destroying something is great. premiums are double. >> double, what they are were. david: doctors opting out of the system. insurers leaving state wholesale. -- >> people are suffering the most because very narrow panels of doctors on obamacare plans, someone with cancer can't go to cancer hospital. david: there is this ad, public service ad talking about how obamacare is being destroyed. >> it is full of lies. if you see it, grab that clicker and change to another channel. it is full of lies. it claims that people with preexisting conditions and names cancer and also pregnant women
4:36 pm
will be denied coverage. nothing could be more false. the fact is, that this bill creates a $13.4 billion per year fund to pay the lion's share medical costs for people with preexisting conditions. i crunched numbers myself. i know that it is more money than is actually needed to cover those people. but we were on the safe side, right? and, that is so much fairer than how obamacare purported to cover people with preexisting conditions. what obamacare did, foisted entire cost of caring for sick people on individuals stuck in the individual market. david: according to media narrative is that if this paul ryan plan goes through 24 million people will lose all the wonderful insurance they have. >> that is another big lie. they cite the congressional budget office report. so go back and read the report, david. i know you would. it doesn't say lose. it uses different words. choose, it says in the first
4:37 pm
year, after repeal, 14 million will choose not to buy obamacare because there won't be a penalty like a boot on their neck forcing them to do it. they know it's a bad deal. david: now, comedian jimmy kimmel is final say what health care should be or shouldn't be. let me play you a little bit from his interview with a senator about this recently. >> i would like to apologize for saying that children in america should have health care. it was insensitive. >> we have got to have insurance that passes the jimmy kimmel test. >> the jimmy kimmel test should be, no family should be denied medical care or emergency otherwise because they can't afford it? can that be the jimmy kimmel test. >> you're on the right track. if that is as close as we get, that works great in government. you have to pay for it. that is the challenge. >> how pathetic that senator cassidy hasn't read the bill it already passes the kimmel test. people with preexisting conditions including newborns
4:38 pm
will be fully covered under this bill. bay the way, david, under american law, emergency medicaid, even someone who is just traveling to this country or in this country illegally, gives birth to a baby with serious illnesses, they are covered. and nothing in this bill changes that. women with zika virus came to the united states knowing they were pregnant and possibly facing that tragedy, and knew that in this country their babies will receive all the care for 18 months or more that they need. that is still the law. david: jimmy kimmel, are you listening? listen up. >> senator cassidy, are you listening? david: betsy mccaughey, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: former president obama is no longer in office but certainly isn't shying away from discussing politics. take a listen. >> people have a tendency to blame politicians when things don't work, but as i always tell people, you get the politicians you deserve, and if you don't
4:39 pm
vote, you don't participate, you don't pay attention, that you will get policies that don't reflect your interests. [applause] melissa: here now is noelle nikpour, former gop fund-raiser, brad woodhouse, former dnc communications director. noelle, i mean those comments if you don't engage and you don't vote, so the implication is, that it was just this passive, you know, past election where no one was engaged and cared and that's how we got president trump. is that what he is saying? does that feel accurate? >> that is what he is trying to say but unfortunately his narrative doesn't ring true over here. meaning, that he, you know, he didn't get his facts straight. first of all, the consequences of the election, the working man is the one that turned coat against the democratic party and ended up voting donald trump in in the united states. so i think that what he is doing, is being basically a shadow government and going
4:40 pm
overseas and continuing the shadow government talk. melissa: brad, when you say you get politicians you deserve, maybe he is talking to democrats? we didn't do a good job, here we got this person is abhorrent? >> look, i think you're reading so much into this. i mean, i do think that is part of what he is saying. there are liberals who for whatever reason, they weren't crazy about secretary clinton, they didn't turn out. i think he is also talking about trump voters who right now are upset at what they're seeing on health care, and he is saying why didn't you investigate this more? why didn't you spend more time? he said he was going to repeal -- melia: who are those people? >> there is a lot of them. melissa: really? what is the evidence? where have you ever seen those people. i never talked to someone like that. >> this bill has 8% strong support among the american people a poll just came out. melissa: from where? >> people against this bill, and, either those people are now saying, why are you taking my
4:41 pm
health care away but they voted for donald trump. the president's point if you're not going to investigate the policies of people -- participate in the process you get what you -- melissa: noelle heard anyone, say why are you taking my health care away. >> that is common sense. >> this is coming from a president, the president made this quote, this is coming from an administration where nancy pelosi sat there and said, we won't know what's in the bill until we pass it. i think that is outrageous. >> you just passed the bill, you just passed the bill. melissa: brad, let her finish. brad you can't shout over other guests. go ahead, noelle. >> well, thank you, melissa. no, what i think is absolutely hilarious is the fact that the left is appalled at the fact that the republicans actually not only do they know what is in the bill, but they have taken time to repeal and replace it with something responsible, which number one, lower
4:42 pm
premiums, and you know -- melissa: we'll see evidence of that. we'll need to see evidence of it or republicans will be in just as big trouble as democrats. thanks to both of you guys. appreciate it. all right. david: coming up, welcoming communists to city hall. melissa: why not? david: how a ban that dates back decades is causing major backlash right now. plus a possible deadly loophole for auto dealers. do not buy a used car until you hear this. ♪ number [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country.
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david: you can buy a car with a recall. jeff flock in chicago with details.
4:46 pm
>> amazing how many people never knew it. i'm in the boat too. there is no law in the country if the car is recalled that you have to get it repaired there. is no law that says the dealer can't sell you a car that hasn't been repaired. look at number of recalled cars own the roads, it's a crazy number. 63 million. many more than it was three years ago. everyone much four cars on the ad has been recaed i driving around with a safety problem. people say they they don't want to bring cars into for a repair that the repair shop will try to repair other things, charge more money. they are left without a car for a while. they have to wait too long. basically it is not important. maybe it is not important to them. but the truth is, in the last highway bill, there was an
4:47 pm
attempt to get a law in that would have made it illegal to sell a car that had a safety problem that was not repaired. they couldn't get that through. president obama signed the bill anyway. so kind of crazy. i want to give you a couple quick examples of vehicles that we found in our -- david: jeff i would love to give you opportunity to do that. we have breaking news. tough break away from jeff flock. news corp, owner of "the wall street journal," do i jones newswires, is out with third quarter results. let's go back to laureate nice sirf with the numbers. go ahead, lori. >> fiscal third quarter for corp. coming in 7 cents a share, better than the five cents estimate. rose to better than expected $1.98 billion. 1.86 was the analyst forecast. news corp points to strength in subscriber growth to some of its
4:48 pm
digital realty networks. digital subscribers of more than 300,000. this is for "the wall street journal" actually. benefits of ongoing cost control. they're seeing growth in digital which has always been the strategy since we see the downturn in traditional print of course., that is the online realty services achieved record traffic in the quarter, 55 million average monthly unique users. that is really where news corp has been focusing this digital expansion with and rea group. also recent acquisition. back to you. david: lori, thank you -- nice to know, melissa, people are still reading. news corp used to be the parent company of this cable network. now it is twenty-first century fox. people are still reading. that's good. melissa: there you go. on the front line, thousands more of our brave men and women might be headed overseas to fight the taliban. the horror show continues with department of veteran affairs. chilling details how more than 100 of our nation's heroes died
4:49 pm
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it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. melissa: strategy shift in the fight against terror. president trump considering a new proposal to send at least three thousand more u.s. troops to afghanistan to combat the taliban. chris harmer, study for institute of war. do you think that is a good idea? >> it's a good idea but only partially a good idea. it will take a lot more. looking holistically we've been involved in direct can't in afghanistan 16 years. prior to that we were involved proxy vicarious warfare better part of a decade supporting mujahideen against the soviet union.
4:53 pm
we spent 25 years fighting there. are we closer to goal of self-sufficient democratic afghanistan? yes. are we close to it? no. will we withdraw and let al qaeda and isis make a come back? the answer is obvious we have to remain committed to the fight. melissa: neglecting our nation's heroes again. more than 100 veterans died waiting for care at a los angeles va hospital. over a month span according to a new inspector general report. chris, the stat that really got me was, they said 43% of the veterans who died during the nine-month period, pardon me, there was a word missing in the sentence, nine-month period were waiting for care due to improper delays because staff did not follow proper rules or procedures. i mean, that's incredible. not just an overload of the system. it is also, you know, things that they did that were demonstrably wrong. why are people still working there? >> it is not incredible. it is completely predictable and
4:54 pm
inevitable, when government run bureaucracy run by the government from top to bottom. you have epically incompetent people inside the system you can't get rid of. there are good pple workg for veterans administration, trying to hp our nation's roes but the epically incompetent people are impossible to get rid of. most people i know work within the government, i was at one point on active duty in the navy, when you have incompetent people working for you, easier to let them stay because the amount of effort and time required to move incompetent civil servants outweighs benefit you get from it. that is happening in the va. melissa: that is so aggravating to hear. you point to another problem. you say the va has to do a better job determining which veterans actually meet criteria for free care. one of the problems is an overload of the system, right? people in there clogging up the works maybe don't meet the characteristics for free care? >> absolutely. when the average citizen hears disabled they have a very specific idea what that means. va has an extraordinarily low
4:55 pm
bar for quote, unquote, digs ability. they encourage veterans to classify themselves as disabled on the way out of the military. give you an example. i know guys 80% disabled according to veterans administration but fly for commercial airlines. nobody would look at a commercial airline pilot if you walk to aircraft, pilot an aircraft, you're not 80% disabled. i know a guy 60% disabled regularly runs triathelons. there is massive overcertification of disability in the military. veterans who are disabled, crowded out by people looking for a free ride on the system. melissa: i want to pick out one of the things you said. you talk about how hard it is to get rid of a bureaucratic government worker. if we see our health care system go to single-payer, go over and over again, does it look like the va or does the va have separate problems nationalized obamacare wouldn't? >> the va is the best of a worst construct. the worst construct is government-run system. the va is best you can get out of that bad contract.
4:56 pm
if you go to single-payer and scale that, problems get worse. you're dealing with lower quality people that, people who want to work for the va self-select because a lot of those people want to serve veterans. if you bring in, if you open that same system up to everybody, the system would be completely swamped. you will see epic incompetence. rich canadians go to new york city for health care. melissa: thank you for the insight. appreciate it. >> okay. david: apropos of socialized medicine, job security for economists. melissa: -- communists. melissa: perfect. david: you can get away with the if you work for the california state government. wait until you hear ♪ and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
>> another look at disney, it is now down nearly 3% after hours following a beat on second-quarter earnings, but a miss on revenue. the media titan citing increase
5:00 pm
of operating income of 5% but decrease in cable network's income. all has to do with espn, once the king of the universe, not so now. charles: california state assembly passing legislation that allows state employees to be communists. li liz:. >> isn't that nice? >> "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: even though there's no evidence to date that there are issues there. welcome to "risk & reward" i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the white house saying the president has no business connections with russia. this as the republican share of the senate judiciary wants to open a congressional investigation into the president's foreign business dealings, including with russia. the call triggered by the former director of national intelligence, james clapper, he refused to answer lindsey graham's question whether he waconcned about trump's


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