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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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to i-message for instance, is like rotary dial telephone for them. they won't do it. [closing bell rings] liz: thank you very much, rob. he has just about two billion in assets under management. there is the closing bell. the dow climbing its way closer back to the flat line, down 23 points. david and melissa have earnings and big news. david: yes we do. melissa: stocks trying for a comeback in the last hour of trading. the dow well off the lows but still closing down nearly 30 points. 23 points as i look here. s&p and nasdaq are ending in the red as well. four-day streak for record closes for the nasdaq come to an end. i'm melissa francis. david: we knew it would end some day. not as bad as it was. i'm david as man this is "after the bell." we have you covered for the big market movers. here is what else we have for you. another dramatic day on capitol hill, acting fbi director andrew mccabe contradicting the media
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reports on the state of the russian investigation and timing of james comey getting fired. as the president himself is speaking out with new details in defense of comey's firing. what we know about that now. obamacare in freefall. one of the nation's largest health insurers quitting entirely, all the health exchanges, all over the country by next year. i was one of those states and iowa senator chairman of the judiciary committee, chuck grassley among our guests this hour, will respond democrats claims that republicans are now to blame. melissa: dow lower for third straight day. it is negative or the week to snap a three-week winning streak. ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange, watching a sector get hit especially hard today. ashley? ashley: melissa, the retail ice age we talk about it all the time, the big retail stores struggling against the online juggernaut that is amazon. check out macy's, down 17% on
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news same-store sales for macy's down 5.2% year-over-year. so on and so on. sears off 9 1/2%. jcpenney down seven. kohl's down nearly eight percent. the question are we at a tipping point on retail? i was reading stats, twice, one in 10 people work in retail in the united states. but since october of last year, 89,000 americans have already been laid off. this is a struggling sector as we go online to do our buying. want you to look at cybersecurity as well. if we can very quickly. this is another sector you think today after president trump signed an executive order to strengthen cybersecurity at the fedel level, not doing anything for this sector either. symantec giving disappointing guidance in its earnings, down 5%. that dragging the rest dune, fireeye, mime cast, cyber arc, moving lower. disappointing earnings, not a
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whole lot of reasons to jump into the market right now and push the markets higher, guys. david: right. it could have been worse and it was worse. stocks seeing the biggest single day losses in three weeks, down 144 points at the low, but recovering almost all losses into the close. joining me now to react, scott martin, kingsview asset management, fox news contributes tore, lenore hawkins. good to see you both. scott, we began, this is it. we saw triple-digit loss, what is going to be 200, 300 down, ended up basically flat-lining today. why the recovery? >> it is amazing, david. this market is resilient. it has a lot of hope with respect to what d.c. has going on. given that trump is moving forward with progress even firing comey at the fbi, that is progress, that is things trump has done is part of what the market is getting a little bit of efficient to. what is having about retail,
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retail has been in the doghouse for quite some time. everybody thought today was the day retail washout would happen given all the bad news. david: right. >> that is likely paris hilton inventing the selfie, it is egregious. more retail pain to come. david: 17% down hard to get worse than that. lenore, scott used the word hope. there is hope that the tenacity donald trump has, we all know about his tenacity, he won't let go. he usually comes out winning, that that is going to hold on and eventually he will get the tax cuts, he will get the new palm cair. what do you think? >> well, i'm not sure the market is absolutely convinced of that because if you look at the s&p 500 companies that have the greatest international exposure, meaning most of their revenue comes from overseas those have been the strongest performers year-to-date. that is totally inconsistent with the trump trade, when the trump trade is about the u.s. economy exploding. you would think companies with
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the most domestic focus would outperform but those are actually underperforming. if we get those tax cuts, obviously that would be fantastic to help grow company's bottom lines but so far we've seen this administration is muddled in a lot of controversy. david: melissa and i make sure we get the tax cuts. melissa: there you go. we'll stay on it. we're committed. the future bleak for obamacare. aetna officially completing its exit from all exchanges citing losses approaching the one billion dollars mark over the past four years. fox business's gerri willis is in the newsroom with the latest on this. amazing, gerri, give us more. reporter: that's right, melissa, the nation's third biggest insurer, aetna, will withdraw from the obamacare marketplace in 2018 exiting nebraska and delaware. the company previously said it would pull back from iowa and virginia. losses are mounting for aetna which expects more than $200 million in red ink from thç exchange this year on top of 700 million it lost between 2014 and 2016. aetna is not alone.
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humana and unitedhealth also pulled the plug. anthem expected to reduce its participation as well. the move by aetna is one more sign that obama care's promise of offering a marketplace for affordable coverage is crumbling. today just a third of the nation's county have more than one insurer. state insurance officials across the country are biting their nails to see whether more sign on for 28 steen in the coming weeks. -- 2018. in iowa the last remaining insurer announced it might pull out. worse, coverage is unaffordable. in maryland, carefirst is seeking approval for 52% rate hike n connecticut, rate hike requests range from 15% to 34%. as options narrow, more and more people are dropping out. terry goodrich a raleigh engineer is one. take a listen. >> it reduces our quality of life frankly. yeah, we've got the plan in place but with a huge deductible
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and paying those premiums, it really doesn cover anything. and puts us in aeally bad spot. i hope congress does something because it is ridiculous. if they would come down here, if they have to use this health care they would fix it. in a heartbeat. reporter: premiums for her obamacare policy surged to $1512 a month, she and her husband opted for short-term coverage that doesn't mean obamacare requirements but does fit their budget. unfortunately the solution is not permanent. goodrich is not sure what the couple will do once their coverage lapses. melissa. melissa: gerri, incredible. scott and lenore are back with us. scott, this is all trump's fault, right? >> what is funny, he has a big thing to fix, melissa. that is a tough thing. look at aetna and other insures that pulled out. a lot of problems are failed
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co-ops and other things in the state were not promises kept to these insurance companies. the only problem with the ahca i feel like messaging has been wrong because one thing trump said, this is pretty good after quote, we'll not pay ransom to health care companies. reality you have to pay some of health care companies, that is a lot of reasons they're pulling out, to take on high-risk pools. there is a lot of costs there. as long as funds are sufficient and communicated correctly to americans that is what we can expect. melissa: lenore, the problem is nothing free. health care is not free. someone has to pay for people who use a ton of it because they're already sick. we tried to with obamacare get young healthy people to pay for all the other people who were unhealthy and using all the health care. they didn't fall for that trick. now someone has got to do it. it is about making it more efficient. where am i going wrong with that? >> absolutely. what we've seen out of washington with obamacare, same
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thing we consistently see. health care is too expensive, look at oecd country, united states on average we spend 60% more for health care, lifespan is three years less. there is a big problem, we know that. it addressed the wrong symptoms and wrong problem. it didn't look what was really causing us to have expensive care and poorer quality. of course obamacare isn't going to work. exactly, of course it isn't going to work. using a solution of having other people pay to, having a person a pay to solve person b's problems that never works. melissa: no. >> we did it again with obamacare. melissa: because people aren't stupid with their money. you may trick them but it doesn't work. guys, thank you. >> we're creative. melissa: david? david: meanwhile overseas, u.s. treasury secretary steve mnuchin meeting with finance chiefs from g7 nations over dinner in bari, italy, a very nice place in italy to push the president's
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america first policies. adam shapiro is standing by in bari, italy with the very latest. very good to see you, adam. reporter: good to see you, david, good afternoon, good evening. the events wrapped for evening moments ago. it has been a busy day for the secretary of treasury because he met as you said with his italian counterpart. that issue of tax reform is something the italians put on the agenda but it is something that everyone in the f 7 is going to be discussing with secretary mnuchin as the united states considers tax reform that may bring about a border adjustment tax. we've had a treasury official tell fox business that border adjustment tax as it exists right now would not work in the united states but that the administration is willing to listen to members of congress as the u.s. writes tax reform. that is an issue important to our trading partners throughout the g7. the key topics of the g7 will be tax reform and of course the border adjustment tax and
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consequences. also cybersecurity, protecting the global financial system. this is key to secretary mnuchin who is going to be leading a discussion on another topic,als. how they can better protect financial systems throughout the globe. also regulatory reform in the united states, how that will impact g7 nations and our trading partners. trade is not per se a topic of discussion here. it is not on the agenda but it is obviously front and center because the trump administration made it america first policy, a policy the g7 nations are now considering. one final thing, the people who were here, we have video of people arriving for the formal dinner this morning, among them janet yellen, the federal reserve chair. this is a meeting of finance ministers but also central bank governors and leaders from the g. christine lagarde is here. she is one of the people who arrived tonight. this is who's who and italian
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paparazzi snapping pictures of all of them. david: i'm sure. ease their minds. let them know melissa francis and david asman will not allow any new tax, whether border adjustment tax or any other. melissa: no, no. we're not going to let it happen. david: over our dead bodies and we'll live a long life. adam shapiro. reporter: if we get a chance to speak with the canadian finance minister we will share that. melissa: there you go. breaking news. nordstrom releasing first quarter results. following a beat on earnings and revenue but comparable sales decreased by .8 percent versus estimate of just .1%. i did my best with nordstrom. david: retailers are just getting killed all over the place. passengers being dragged off of flights, airplane brawls, the overall sense we're being treated like cattle. you would think it would put a damper on airline travel, you would think. but think again. the results of a surprising new study. melissa: aetna dropping out of obamacare, democrats along with
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the chief architect of the plan are pointing fingers at republicans. senator chuck grassily will respond to that. david: the president is trying to set the record straight. we're live from the white house with the latest. >> i think this entire episode has shown leadership by the president and it has shown hypocrisy but also the lack of a message the democrats still have. they have no message other than to resist. it's great to finally meet you. your parents have been talking about you for years. they're all about me saving for a house, or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking. knowing that the most important goals are yours. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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judiciary committee. senator, thank you so much for joining us. we know that andrew mccabe is being considered as comey's possible replacement. what are your thoughts on that? >> i have raised questions about whether or not he is independent enough to be involved in some of the negotiations that are going on because of political conflict. because of his wife getting, i think close to $700,000 from mcauliffe who was veries close to the clintons. and being involved in these negotiations. i asked for judgment about the independence. i didn't really get a very good answer except he came back and said there was no conflict of interest. that does not satisfy me. melissa: of course there are reports that former fbi director james comey was asking for more resources to more deeply investigate the russian hacking.
4:18 pm
that is why he was fired. what do you he think about that? do you have any insight? >> i thought either late yesterday or sometime earlier today i heard reports that that was not correct, and that it came from the high level within the justice department, that that was not maybe high up in the fbi that wasn't true. because they just don't operate that way. melissa: yeah. one of the other members of senate judiciary committee, senator mike lee, that former president obama's supreme court pick merrick garland might be a good choice to head the fbi. what do you think of that? >> i know merrick garland as a very good judge. you might be asking me because i held up his nomination to the supreme court last year so people could have a voice through the election. i have nothing personally against garland but i reserve judgment on who, who i might give opinions on a i've told
4:19 pm
other press people this, bcau i want to see a list that is kind of a final list of people want my judgment who i think should fill that void. melissa: yeah. >> that is not to disparage in any way garland's ability to do that. i just want to be reserve judgment. melissa: president trump has said that you know, he was repeatedly reassured that he wasn't, he wasn't a target of the investigation. have you heard anything to contribute that? >> what i said in a remarks that i made before the judiciary committee today, based upon a secret briefing, secured briefing i should say, that we had with comey, feinstein and i had, that i heard nothing in that briefing that contradicts what the president said. but i don't know the validity of what the president said.
4:20 pm
some people have raised the question with me, was it proper for the president to ask the question? i think it is not a question was it proper for the president to ask the question. is it proper for the person that responded to have responded? i guess i would have to assume if there was such a response, that comey knew what he was doing. melissa: democrats are demanding a special counsel. they even say a special prosecutors. not sure that is appropriate in this case b what you think? >> at this point, no, if there was supposed to be a special prosecutor, rosenstein has the authority to do that. and so he is in charge of the fbi. then he could, he would be the best person to make that. i come from it at this standpoint. if you go back to january when the questions were raised by russian involvement with flynn and trump campaign and with the last election, although there
4:21 pm
has been just accusations, no proof whatsoever, but we wanted to get to the bottom of it so that we could substantiate very well the institutions of government and people have confidence in our election process. so when you have a special prosecutor investigating something, unless there is an indictment, nothing is made public. there is no report. so then consequently don't we want this information to get out to the public? well let's continue between the committees of congress that are investigating it now. there is great bipartisan support to do that. david: senator, i want to switch gears to something that affects millions of americans on a very personal level. aetna just announced that it is pulling out of the last two obamacare exchanges it was in, delaware, nebraska. we're in the obamacare death spiral. i don't think it is an exaggeration to say this. are we getting out of it before more people pull it down? i know you will machines virginia and iowa are also part of the states that aetna is
4:22 pm
pulling out of, but again are we going to get out of that death spiral because a lot of people fear it will pull them down too? >> that is the responsibility of a republican congress that has problem -- promised to replace obamacare to make sure we get an agreement, very, very soon. this brings additional pressure to republicans in congress of the united states and where it involves democratic senators in their particular states like delaware around virginia i would think they would get on board in trying to fix it. david: i don't know what makes you think that, senator, they seem single focused onç bringig up accusations against president trump that will lead to his impeachment. they canceled a hearing as you know in the senate for the elderly. it had nothing to do with questions about russia. that is how much they care about this single issue right now because they're smelling blood. what makes you think you could
4:23 pm
get them off that track to go with you and reform obamacare or health care in this country? >> i, i should, left the wrong impression. i just said to myself and to you, that they ought to be interested in working with us. i don't expect them to be working with us. so that's why it is all on the back of the republican members of the congress to get this question answered, and get insurance for people. we're going to have 94 of our 99 counties not have any insurance in the exchange. that is how bad it is in my state. david: extraordinary. everybody is paying more for it. they're paying a lot more for a lot less in some cases even though, and now we have some of the democratic architects of obamacare blaming republicans, even though the death spiral began long before the election. let me play a sot from one of those architect, get you to react to it.
4:24 pm
>> yes. >> for 2018 and 2018 they have to put the rates in now and the government has been uncertain. the one thing insurance companies hate is uncertainty. and speaker ryan has made sure that they're uncertain. he is holding the bag. he is responsible for this leaving. it is republicans being responsible. david: republicans are responsible for the obamacare death spiral even though that spiral began before the election. do you think americans will buy that? >> i think that, people at the grassroots of america are just sick and tired of partisanship. that is why we've got to act quickly and, and do it. but i do believe this. that when insurance companies are pulling out, and we're offering, operating under obamacare, at the grassroots of america, it ought to be pretty clear where the guilt rests. but we can't, but we can't be concerned just about finding who is responsible. it is up to us as republicans to
4:25 pm
get a replacement very quickly. david: just very quickly, because you're also on the finance committee, taxes, a lot of us want tax reform, not only lower taxes but also simplification, similar to the kind that was brought out by the president's economic team. any chance of that happening before 2018? >> yes there is a timeline put out to us by the secretary of treasury on monday to get it done before the end of the year. david: and you would have to get the final version of health care reform in before that happens or could it be dual tracked? >> it makes it a lot easier to get tax reform if we have health care reform bill out of the way. david: what you have seen so far, the lowering of the tax rates, the getting rid of deductions, i love the idea of putting your tax form on one simple postcard, rather than having to go to h&r block, are you in favor of what you heard so far? >> yeah, but it is not going to
4:26 pm
be a simple form as what you you said, but it is going to be a lot simpler than it is right now. david: all right. senator chuck grassily, thank you very much for spending time with us. >> thank you. melissa: comey fallout continues. acting director of fbi andrew mccabe testifying on capitol hill answering tough questions about his former boss and security. blake burman live at the white house with the latest. blake? reporter: andrew mccabe has only been director of the fbi 4hours and he is making a lot of headlines in and out of the white house. he pushed back, a bit of a ctrast on capitol hill relating to what the white house was saying earlier this week. he said within the fbi there is broad support for jim comey. he also described the fbi's investigation into russia's meddling in the 2016 election, as quote highly significant. this was testimony that he made earlier today before the senate intelligence committee and
4:27 pm
mccabe also seemed to pock a few holes in stories circulating around here in washington as it relates to his former boss, the former fbi head jim comey, in that comey asked for additional resources in the days before his firing but mccabe made it seem earlier today that might not have been so. listen. >> i don't, i'm not aware of that request and it is not consistent with my understanding how we request additional resources. that said, we don't typically request resources for an individual case. as i mentioned, i strongly believe that the russia investigation is adequately resourced. reporter: here at the white house earlier today president trump had very harsh words for former fbi head jim comey. he gave an interview to nbc's lester holt, he said comey left the fbi in turmoil. >> look, he is a showboat. he is a grandstander. the fbi has been in turmoil, you
4:28 pm
know that i know that, everybody knows that. you take a look at the fbi a year ago, it was in virtual turmoil, less than a year ago. it hasn't recovered from that. reporter: melissa, here at the white house the press shop was trying to fix the timeline or fix the story as to how this all went down in the last 48 hours or some as you know they initially said there was memo put out by the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, that memo led to the president making his final decision. however during his interview with lester holt, president said look, memo or not he would have made the decision to fire jim comey. at the press briefing earlier today, the podium behind me, sarah huckabee sanders was trying to say look, put the process behind. the bottom line they say the president was able to make this decision legally and they say comey essentially deserved it. melissa. melissa: back and forth it goes. blake, thank you. david: former house intel chairman pete hoekstra, former
4:29 pm
republican congressman from michigan. first to the president's comments, do you think comey is a showboater? >> i think clearly he sought the media spotlight. the press conference he gave back in july. the events that he had, 10 days before the election and those types of things. you know, he sought the he got the spotlight. he is the fbi director. call him a showboat, whatever you want, he liked the spotlight. david: now, acting director mccabe who we should mention, there are questions, senator grassley's question the fact whether or not his wife's partisanship, she was running for office, got a lot of money from terry mcauliffe, the governor, democratic governor of virginia, he nevertheless said that fbi folks were upset the way that comey handled the clinton. mails. he said generally speaking they like comey but that particular incident did upset them.
4:30 pm
what is your sense? you clearly have a lot of friend and associates in the, in the bureau. what's your sense what they felt about comey? >> i think they were very upset about what happened over the last 10 months. they don't like to be in the spotlight. they don't like, i think where director comey went with this. they recognize it is their job to present the facts. they want to be the best in the world. they want to be the best law enforcement people in the world. when director comey took on added role determining whether people would be prosecuted or not, i think he took the fbi in a place they didn't want to go and where his agents felt very uncomfortable being positioned. that is not the fbi. david: all right, mccabe was also asked about the russian investigation and whether the fbi was still equipped to go ahead with its investigation. let's play his answer to that if you don't mind. >> has the dismissal of mr. comey in in i impeded, interrupted, stopped or
4:31 pm
negatively impacted any of the work, any investigation or any ongoingç projects at the federl bureau of investigation? >> there has been no effort to impede our investigation to date. simply put, sir, you can not stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing. david: fbi will carry on. the senate intel commission. a bunch of investigators working for them. you have possibly a grand jury looking into what happened with general flynn. isn't that enough? do you really on top of all that need a special prosecutor? >> you have more than enough investigations going on right now. there is still no evidence of a crime being committed. until you get to that point there is, number one you have to establish there has been a crime that has been committed. of the second thing that you have to establish is that the current system is not powerful enough or capable of handling the situation. that's when you go to a special
4:32 pm
prosecutor. those two points have not come anywhere close to being validated. david: one of problems with special prosecutors, they throw such a large net, they're looking for anything and everything. very often the end of their investigation is totally different from where it began. isn't that why the democrats want this? they're looking for anything, any shred of evidence that could lead to impeachment against president donald trump? >> whether they want to go to impeachment or not i'm not prepared to make that accusation today -- david: they're making it themselves. they're saying it themselves. >> i know they are but the bottom line i think your characterization is absolutely accurate. that once you get the special prosecutor out there, you know, they pull the thread they're assigned to pull. then all of a sudden something else comes loose over here. something else comes loose. you have no idea where they're going. it is almost a hunting license to find something that happened. that's why this is not the
4:33 pm
appropriate time or place for a special prosecutor. if you have do have one, sometime in the future, and if you can write it that way, it has to be very, very narrowly focused. david: yeah. >> otherwise you're asking for nothing but trouble. david: they're never narrow -- ask bill clinton. whitewater led to monica lewinsky. >> there you go. david: pete hoekstra, good to see you. >> good to be with you. thank you. melissa: fistfights over booking cancellations. despite the incidents airline satisfaction is actually on the rise. how is that possible? david: interesting. democrats grilling cia director mike pompeo on fbi director james comey's firing. how a senate hearing on global threats to the u.s. ended upturning very political. >> president trump's actions this week cost us an opportunity to get at the truth, at least for today. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again.
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david: fiery exchange between democratic senator from oregon ron wyden and mike pompeo, threats to the united states becomes platform for political discourse in the firing of james comey. >> this is about the national security advisor being vulnerable to blackmail by the russians. the american people deserve to know whether in these extraordinary circumstances the cia kept them safe? >> yes, sir. the cia kept america safe. and people at the central intelligence agency are committed to that and will
4:38 pm
remain committed to that. we will do that, we will do that in the face -- >> you won't answer the question. david: former trump campaign spokesperson erin he will more joins us as well as former obama campaign regional field director robin byro joins us to weigh in. erin, first to you. this was an impressive group of guys standing there before, sitting before the senate. there was, the head of the cia. there was the dni chief. there were a bunch of generals and they focus again on something that is at the very best tangential to the question of our survival as a nation, when you think of the threats like isis and north korea and iran. do you think democrats have just gone overboard on this witch-hunt? >> this week has been completely utterly out of control. i think is another example of democrats using scare tactics and fear-mongering to stop president trump's plans on health care. as we heard throughout this hour, all day actually, aetno has pulled out of every single
4:39 pm
solitairely market for obamacare. obamacare is dead in the water. knoxville, tennessee, 15 surrounding counties have no health care. 70,000 iowans are out of insurance because medica left. all this is deflection and with the whole general, you know, situation, it is just one thing after the next after the next. david: robin, the other thing dead in the water is any serious discussion on capitol hill of anything other than investigating russia but you have the fbi looking into it, they say that they're going to continue to looking into it with all their staff. you have the senate intel committee which has a lot of great investigators on it. you have local investigations. you have the possibility of a grand jury. isn't there enough? isn't there time, isn't it time to get on to some very serious business we have to take care of here? >> you know, david, i agree with you. i see your point but i was very heartened to hear comments this is our american duty to make sure that we close each one of those doors and make sure that
4:40 pm
we lay these fears to rest because we can not, let me just point out, i am a united states army ranger veteran. i took -- david: god bless you. >> i took an oath to defend and protect our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. so did everybody at fbi. i was heartened to her interim director mccabe the investigation is on track. there was seizure of republican strategy firm. fbi went in and did a seizure today. clearly this investigation is going on. we just want to put the fears to the side to make sure there is not a bigger problem. frankly i agree with erin also, that we've got to get down to brass tacks. i'm much more concerned about health care but this is, this could be a global problem but health care is pressing. david: robin, says want to put this aside, if anything they are putting it on top of everything else. i mentioned to senator grassley, a very important hearing was supposed to take place today on the elderly how they're being
4:41 pm
affected by the awful mess obamacare has become. that was put off. everything is being tabled because of this russia thing. it is ridiculous and frankly it is hurting americans. >> i mean the russian thing is pretty much dead with general flynn. there was hearings on monday. we heard from both clapper and yates. there was supposed to be some big smoking gun. there was not. that is why we had a big firing been in the news non-stop on tuesday. really there is nothing else here. just a massive fishing expedition. last week the same investigations were going on as they will be next week. there are big issues, whether health care, isis, whether border control. whether tax reform. whether it is women's issues, elder care, there are so many issues president trumps needs to tackle. david: robin, you know investigators sometimes need quiet time to get their work done. this is the time when you have these committees, you have investigators, you have grand juries, trying to get to the bottom of what happened. isn't the truth more important than making a big partisan show of it?
4:42 pm
>> absolutely. i don't think this is partisan show though. like i said this is our american duty to make sure our system was not compromised. i really disagree. i don't think -- you should all, all americans should want to make sure that our constitution is protected. david: of course we want to make sure of that, robin. of course we do. but the fact you can't deny that democrats are making a political show out of it. every day that is what is happening. media and democrats working in tandem on this. >> when we hear stories though there are multiple leaks today within the fbi saying that the reason he was fired because he refused to end this russian investigation, there is, pause for concern. we need to put those aside. david: hopefully they get more work done. appreciate your service, robin. erin, thank you for being here. melissa. melissa: white house sources confirming to fox news that former texas senator kay bailey hutchison expected to be named u.s. ambassador to nato. no word when the white house makes the formal announcement.
4:43 pm
david: interesting. opting to lose sanctuary status. here why more states are considering jumping on the trump train when it comes to prosecuting illegal immigrants. border crossings plummeting after unsuccessful efforts by the previous administration. president trump is making a change. we have details coming next. >> people are afraid if they come, that they will get returned to their country. and rightfully so.
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
david: breaking news. happened again, another trump tweet. quote, russia must be laughing up share sleeves watching as u.s. tears itself apart for democrat excuse for losing the election. melissa: wow. believing a warning from the trump administration, suddenly u.s. sees a major drop in illegal border crossings from central america, down 80% this year. fox news's william la.
4:47 pm
>> on the border in mission -- la jeunesse looking at factors behind the drop. >> river is right there. as soon as they run through the gap they're in the house. reporter: rio grande valley, rgv for short, where texas dead ends into the gulf of mexico. for central american immigrants it's a new beginning. >> you think you can earn money? reporter: these men from guatemala and honduras tried to invade the border patrol recognizing days of easy freedom is over. >> anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained unti reporter: president trump's rhetoric on issue isn't much different from president obama. >> if you get here, you're likely to be turned back. reporter: this time however, immigrants appear to believe it. >> work matters. rhetoric matters. discourse eminating from the attorney general, the administration they are sent back and quickly deported. reporter: rgv is the busiest
4:48 pm
sector along the mexican border. since january, numbers have fallen through the floor. the question is why. >> laws on the books are now being supported. reporter: numbers tell that story. since voters elected donald trump, apprehensions of women, children and families fell every month from 15,000 in november, to just over a thousand in april. the media may have inadvertently scared immigrants away about reporting of i.c.e. raids, deportations arod e wall. >> the media whose a big say what happens. they put that out there, people come or don't come depending on what they say. david: wow. melissa: wow. amazing. thank you so much. david: cracking down on sanctuary cities. at least 33 states now considering laws that would punish local governments and public universities with policies to protect undocumented immigrants. georgia, indiana, mississippi, and texas already have those laws on the books.
4:49 pm
melissa: interesting stuff. all right, fistfights, injuries, cancellations mishaps, with all the incidents how can airline satisfaction possibly hit a record high? i do not understand this. so we have invited our branding expert, bruce turkel to weigh in on the unexpected details of this survey and what is really going on next. ♪ ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief,
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melissa: pr nightmares lifting airline satisfaction? despite airlines taking major heat recently consumer satisfaction reaching higher levels according to j.d. power.
4:53 pm
we have bruce turkel, branding expert. i did not believe this at all. i drilled down on the survey. i was looking for holes in it. it still said airlines are the among the lowest in terms of other service sectors. how could there, is it compared to, you know, when everybody hated airlines even more? what is the deal with this? help me. >> look at it this way, melissa, not only happening here. you have to have the like or dislike airlines compared to what? compared to pre-civil war root canal surgery? we have to know what else they are thinking about. look what happened in congress. congress approval rating under 11%. yet 96.4% of incumbents who ran got reelected. this is what we call the trump effect. i think same company that told us that hillary clinton was going to win. it seems like people hate congress but they like their own congressman. they hate airlines and air travel, but that one i travel on all the time, they're fine.
4:54 pm
melissa: really? i don't know about that. i understand what you're saying. i think these surveys are just, maybe they ask two people and they both worked for the airline or never flown before. i don't know what their margin of error was. i don't know if the person doing survey was sleepy, lazy, didn't actually do it, whatever it is. i do know when you ask almost anyone, how do you feel about flying, they roll their eyes. it is just miserable right now. i mean it seems like airlines are making a fortune. they're filling every single seat. i haven't seen an empty seat in so long. the lines are terrible. you feel like cattle. you feel powerless. there is no room for error. there is always an error. there is always weather. there is always something that going wrong. tempers are flaring. bruce, what can they do about this? especially the pr pile-on, watching more video, every time something goes wrong and someone gets out their camera and video goes viral. what should airlines do? give them advice?
4:55 pm
>> quite simple. i care about getting point a to point b. what i want is uneventful flight. i want to get on, sit, get off. melissa: right. >> if they make that easier, simplicity of putting my bags overhead. having a little leg room, just simple niceties that seems to have been lost. we're so busy talking about flight arrival times. leaving on time. safety issues. all of that. when all people want is simple civility. it has gotten to the point where the expectation is, you're going to be dragged down the aisle bleeding. i fly all the time. i mean that only happened to me once. that was at my wedding actually. melissa: right. >> i don't really think that reality is lining up with the perception but they have to work on that perception. melissa: yeah. i don't know. they need bruce booed camp. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. bruce turkel, we love you. thanks for coming on you're the best. david: i like jetblue. any chance i get. melissa: yeah, yeah.
4:56 pm
david: that is just me. melissa: i want to get there. david: more than happy to speak with the president. but if you're on his staff, you better back off. steve harvey's tough memo to employees. you will never guess which one of us treats our team the same. melissa: come on. ♪ my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® ♪
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>> hollywood's newest diva steve harvey telling his talk show staffers to not even think about approaching him. >> the man worth about 100 million bucks telling employees quote do not come to my dressing room unless invited. do not approach me while in the makeup chair, unless i ask you to speak to me directly, do not wait in any hallway to meet with me. he confirmed he could have handled it better. but he's not apologizing. but it probably sounds familiar to some of our staff. >> who is that? who took that picture? >> deals with the staff the
5:00 pm
same way. look at how nice we get along, melissa. you've got to learn. you've got to learn. >> i think i got set up. i also think your office has fantastic windows and mine does not. what was that? >> she's onto me. >> risk and reward starts right now. >> we're going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning. and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning. you can't take it anymore. mr. president, it's too much. and i'll say, no, it isn't. we have to keep winning. we have to win more. liz: the u.s. government recorded its largest surplus since 2001. 182billion bucks in for april as trump drained the swamp moves government spending about 20% year over year. but you're probably not hearing that good economic news today because a dc scandal factory. that scandal fac


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