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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 12, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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of the set and they love watching all of the action, they have very good. they know never to talk because it's live television. they learned that pretty quickly. the twins are actually on the air, the first time when they were 6-month-olds. they are great. have a wonderful mother's day. liz, you as well. liz: i like that name elizabeth for your daughter. trish: beautiful. liz: have a good one and thank you so much and to your mom as well. dow and s&p stuck? reverse after a rough week of retail earnings and noise that just can't seem to be blocked out of washington, d.c., speaking of noise instead of quieting down, the questioning of president trump's firing of fbi james comey is blasting the nation's eardrums thanks in part to the president trump's twitter, fiery treats including one that seems to be a warning. coming up republican congressman of pennsylvania and democratic
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congressman brad sherman of california on the trump-comey soap opera. arrests at the border hitting a 17-year low, migrants shaken by the current administration sharp line approach as the president meets with homeland security republican leaders in dc, work on sweeping changes to policy, one man has decided to walk the 2,000-mile long border in someone else's shoes, professor mark cai, this taking oeddessy, the man walking the entirety of that border coming up in 15 minutes, what he says he's discovered on both sides of the line. he's been on ranches. it will stun you.
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amazon made the hitting new highs bring brick and mortar are on ice. why are not one but two money guys saying not all of the sectors should be left, the amazon proof stock you need to look at. less than an hour to the closing bell. stay with me. charlie is with me, let's start the countdown. ♪ liz: we have now have 58 minutes before the closing bell rings. breaking news, dow and s&p are trading and poised to end negative for the week. they have snapped a three-week win streak, this as voting member of the federal reserve says he supports two more rate hikes this year and wait till you hear there's risk, just hours ago philly president said the labor market is at full health with very little slack,
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that means basically any wiggle room while inflation is on track to finally hit 2% and maybe even go through it, two more rate hikes are appropriate and there is not downside risk but upside risk. the dow was trading below before he began to speak. slightly off the lows of the session. s&p 500 is down 4 points at 23.90. ge is a big drag on the dow, in fact, the biggest tat moment down about two and a third percent. deutsche bank wakes up today and says we are downgrading ge to a rare sell from ahold. they say the stock is now overvalued so it's done relatively decently, now too rich, deutsche says, time to get out. the nasdaq is the only index trying -- this is as flat as a pancake. on track for a fourth straight winning week. it is winning, we are out of
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winning streak,ossibly, fourth straight in a row, maybe. it's going to be tough to call. you need to stay with me the whole hour. let's just talk about apple because it is a member of the nasdaq and s&p and of course dow jones industrials, it is hitting a new high today, 155 bucks and 99 cents, we will call it 156 maybe. the iphone maker is on track for third record close this week, 19th of the year. to our nation's capitol, the white house needs to continue with the aftermath on decision to fire fbi director james comey tuesday night. not a quiet evening for the president, one of which went as far as to warn comey about possible recordings of their private conversations. this is white house sean spicer wrapped up a fiery press briefing a while ago and he
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remained at white house. talk to us. blake: liz, very few people have warned the fbi, a warning to james comey. the context in all of this, this tweet here in which he said, james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he start leaking to the press. that was a tweet from the president earlier today. the context of it all the two telephone conversations and dinner at the white house in which comey told the president was not under investigation. sean spicer had every opportunity to say no, there are no recordings here at the white house, however, he would not go that far instead watch exchange between spicer and jeff mason
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for reuters. >> predent trump rorded conversations between james comey. >> i talke tohe president, he has nothing further to add on that. >> why did he say that, what should we interpret from that? >> the president has nothing further to add on that. >> are there recording devices in the oval office? >> there's nothing to add on that. blake: spicer clearly trying to move on from that. as for the january 27th dinner between the two, here at the white house spicer was asked whether there was audio recording from that dinner and spicer said, quote, i'm not aware of that. earlier this morning, liz, i briefly spoke with mr. spicer, asked him if he was just those two in the room, the president, the fbi director at that january 27th dinner and he told me, that that is his assumption. liz. liz: blake, thank you so much.
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perhaps not as busy as treasury steven mnuchin. it maybe past 9:00 p.m. in italy but with a pitch another the g-7 finance ministers under which beijing is apparently going to allow finally much more importation of u.s. beef while america will permit importing a cooked poultry from china. china will also allow foreign financial service firms, read u.s. like master card to prevent -- to provide credit rating services to the billion people in china. mnuchin noting that the trump administration wants to use this trade agreement as an example of how it will rework other packs and promote more and fairer trade and issue the president trump heavily campaigned on. let me get to charlie shapiro.
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adam: one of the things that they like to point out this is about creating jobs in the united states through free and fair trade deals and they intend to use the announced china deal this morning as kind of a litmus test and guide for perhaps negotiating new free and fair trade deals with new partners. mr. mnuchin is also selling the united states' tax reform plan and ministers from the g-7 have been asking him about that tax plan. here is a little bit about what he said. >> i think you probably saw last night we made an announcement of 100-day economic plan with the chinese so i think we are very happy with that. adam: now, liz, that's not the only person obviously who is speaking here, not just mr. mnuchin but the ministers themselves who is are taking time to say, well, you know, the
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united states and new policies, they need to remember that they're in a global economy and that actually comes from the eu commissioner who deals with trade and tax issues, we spoke with him this morning and here is what mr. makovici had to say. >> americans are free to choose their own policy but i hope that this policy will be international framework which means also militarism and attachment to trade, and we can discuss but different appreciations but we are in the same world, in the same boat, in a global world and today here we are going to tackle very important issues. adam: liz, they will have more sessions tomorrow again cybersecurity is a big issue that they're talking about here and then we will get the statement after ward, but they'll be a press conference tomorrow afternoon. it'll be very interesting to hear secretary mnuchin as well as the italian finance
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administrator, the italian hosting this event and then talking publicly because although trade is not on the agenda here, trade and the usa's regulatory reforms and tax reform, it's a big discussion that's taking place p. liz: specially with brexit and the uk dying to maintain trade relationships, it's fascinating. great stuff. adam shapiro in italy. the s&p 500 on track to snap a three-week winning streak but there's one sector that you either don't own but might want to look at or do own and you're doing pretty well. utilities playing offense at this hour. let me go to ashley webster where i'm sure traders are also wondering why the red on the screen for several days in a row. ashley: yeah, we are stuck, liz, utilities somewhat of a safe play, not exactly very sexy, is it? but the economic data has been pretty strong, look at this utility names here as you can
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see across the board, all showing nice albeit modest gains. we have seen decent economic, the consumer sentiment numbers were impressive, retail sales showing for a brighter economy, jobless claims hitting a 30-year low, all of the numbers very impressive but the traders hearsay, not a whole lot of anything to move the markets, i think what we are seeing is we are just circling the airport waiting for washington to get its act together and get going tax reform and all of the things that will get the economy going and instead we are talking about the russians and mr. comey. liz: ashley, thank you very much. speaking of which with the closing bell ringing in 59 minutes, president trump coming upswinging this morning at former fbi director james comey and the man at the center of it all, russian president vladimir putin so far staying quiet as the political powder explodes
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here leaving tax reform, plus infrastructure, those plans right now are stuck in the dust, can they emerge? what gopers are doing, what they're really saying behind closed doors about this and where the democrats try to go from here? republican congressman keith of pennsylvania and democratic congressman bret sherman of california, joining countdown live in business network exclusives in a few minutes here and walking the entire 2,000-mile length of the u.s.-mexican border, we have the man who is doing just that and making a documentary about it. he's about half way through. professor mark joining us next on what he's learning from those living on the front lines at the border wall site, you have got to hear the story. countdown coming right back. dow jones down 35 points.
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liz: we have breaking news right now coming through wells fargo. it is apparent according to la times which broke the original story an fake account scandal that wells fargo may have actually created 1.4 million more fake accounts than had been originally estimated bringing the total to 3.5 million unauthorized accounts, they did
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this by opening checking and savings and credit card accounts without asking their customers because they were incentivized do this. as you kw,he ceo john stumpf had been booted. i just asked warren. don't you wonder if there are more time bombs that wells fargo is sitting on and he said, no, i don't think there would be. he's obviously wrong if this comes out to be true, wells fargo may have created another 1.4 million accounts, stock is moving lower right now. by about one and a third percent. we are going to watch this closely. wells fargo still in hot water right now. let us turn to this, 1,010 miles, that is the length of the tex-mex border and just about half the length of the entire u.s.-méxico border. it's estimated there were 11 million unauthorized immigrants that crossed the
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border back in 2015, but while the plans of the border wall are still plans and they are cooling jets on the back burner, apprehensions and arrests at the border are down roughly 9% in just april. what's it like on the borderline, joining me now in fox business exclusive mark ca cain, walk along on the western part of the border and you're documenting this for pbs, correct? >> yes, a film came out last year called the documenting my walk along the texas-mexican border. i decided i want to get away and do something which was walk the
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texas-mexico border. i thought it wasn't enough. liz: what i found fascinating is that you decided, you began back in 2015 ll before e ild the wall chants and first let's reach to that point, what were ranchers whom you encountered and border patrol agents, you even spent the night at a couple of border patrol agents' houses, what was their emotions about building a wall? >> i have to say the vast majority of people that i've interacted along the way have been against further construction of the wall, further militarization, if you want to put it that way. if you were going to take one community out that might be a little for the wall probably the ranching community. liz: i would think so because they discover on a pretty much a
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weekly basis bodies on their property, their equipment has been stolen, their property is ruined in my regards and when it comes to the bodies, 31 you discovered 31 brods found on one ranch, 17 on another, a total of 6,000 people have died trying, so i would imagine as you now have started your arizona walk are they even more in favor of this wall? >> again, most of the people that i'm meeting along the border between checkpoints in u.s. and checkpoints in méxico have been against for the construction of the wall. liz: but why? that surprises me. >> well, yeah, the areas i'm going into are so remote in many cases there aren't any border patrol agents right there. they're further up. they patrol along roads and places they can access they -- i think they find it much more effect i have to put up listening posts. i walked through a bunch of
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those and you can -- it's almost no way to get through there without them hearing or seeing you and i think -- a lot of people consider that to be a more effective method of controlling immigration. liz: what about this mark that the president trump, the mere threat, they haven't put one brick yet or barbed wire and cement and border crossings are down to a 17-year low. he's able to accomplish what hasn't worked for years and that would be the more traditional attempts to keep people out. what are you hearing about that? >> well, i don't know that it's quite accurate. when i was coming out of el paso in christmas they were constructing additional wall there. that might have been in place before the election, so there is some construction going on. yeah, it does seem like a lot of the immigrant families view
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america as kind of a more hostile place and i think that's having an impact on immigration. i think that might could be attributed to donald trump, yes. liz: you had law enforcement the first time around helping you, you are now on it alone. we wish you luck. how are you going to ensure your survival? >> well, there's been a lot of close calls. i talk about these in my book that's coming out this fall. i check in when i can, i let people know where i'm going to be and let people where i will be coming out the other end in remote stretches and if something happens, hopefully they'll come and look for me. liz: what's the name of the book? >> it'll be border walk, the working title for this fall. liz: please do me a favor, come back when it comes out, thank you very much. >> i would love to, thank you, liz. liz: mark hainds, he is now continuing the ad say along the border, we appreciate you being here. it's 38 minutes before the
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♪ liz: the retail ice age that "varney & company" coins that you have been hearing about, well, consider it in deep freeze mode right now. we have big-name department stores, macy's jcpenney, target, nordstrom, all taking pretty significant plunges here. jcpenney down 14%. nordstrom down 10% due to couple different things but that underlying sort of what you call it, art world when you can still see when is underneath the actual painting, rise of amazon and online shopping leaving shopping malls and anchor stores boeing out of a business or with a smatter offing people. these images on the screen earning title ghost malls. oppenheimer managing director brian nagel what is really at work here.
3:28 pm
it can't all be just amazon, is it? >> no. i think amazon is a big piece of it or a piece of it. other factors at play. in my view, i've been talking about for a while, we have a sluggish consumer environment. the consumer is not performing as well as one would expect in the economic cycle. on top of that recently, weather, we don't like to use weather, it sounds like an excuse, weather has been a challenge for retailers in part of 2017. liz: i want to challenge you a bit on consumers. april retail sales up but it missed in2 of a percent. year-over-year up 4.5%. feels like spending pace is up a bit. no jobs have been cut but online is jumping more than a percent as you see. >> april is a good month. talking about jcpenney in the opening, was on jcpenney call this morning. they said that they talked about their business through fiscal
3:29 pm
q1. got significantly better in march and april. ifook at april, strength in april. saw retail sales report or elsewhere, that is another indication of weather. a bounceback in sales as we get more normal weather across the country recently. liz: one of our pictures of the parking lot was on a bad weather day. lots of gray clouds. it appears the ground is wet. i don't know, i put weather as caveat and put it aside. how about sears and eddie lampert? we had jeff flock in the annual shareholder meeting. it was pretty stunning, a, blamed the media for sears's problems. he also said we don't need more customers. you as the expert here, what did you make of that? >> well, i don't follow sears specifically. that to me is an odd comment for a retailer because in my 20 years covering retail i never heard a retailer say they don't need more customers.
3:30 pm
liz: who doesn't want that. >> loews, best burkes they have been talking market share from sears for some time. i think that market shift will continue. liz: border adjustment tax is talking in the beltway and people talk specifically hurting not just i suppose the consumer but retailers who import a lot of product and pieces. what do you make of that? do you believe it will happen? >> i don't think it is going to happen. i said this a while, my view, by no means i'm a tax expert, when anyone looks at this rationally, with would happen, border as justment tax or vat were implemented what would happen it, would amount to a significant tax among middle income, low income consumers. i don't see it happening for that reason. if i talk to my retailers, there is concern, because simple math, if there is a tax on imported goods, retailers import a lot of goods, could really impact their cost of sales.
3:31 pm
at end of the day i don't think it happens f it did in some form a lot gets passed along to the consumers in terms of higher prices. >> that is not what retailers need certainly. good to see you, brian. >> thank you so much. liz: brian nagel, senior retail analyst at oppenheimer. later in the show we have a trio of retail names that he says can withstand any punch of retail killer amazon. stay tuned. the closing bell 29 minutes away. the dow is down 40 points. we're watching wells fargo but astrazeneca doing beautifully at this hour. positive results of trials for a new lung cancer drug, giving the shares 9% boost right now to $34 even. cancer and preexisting conditions at the center of the health care debate raging across the u.s. in the wake of the passage of the american health care act at least through the house of representatives. up next, a very personal take on
3:32 pm
the gop's plan from congressman and cancer survivor keith rostum. house foreign affairs committee chairman brad sherman and why are we not talking about north korea lately in the past 48 hours. countdown coming right back. you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed.
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♪ ashley: i'm ashley webster on floor of new york stock exchange with the fox business brief. international cyberattack hits countries in europe and asia. targets include britain's national health system. the computer experts say the ransomware, malware exploit ad something found by the nsa. 1hospitals were compromised, causing emergency surgeries to
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be canceled and emergency rooms to be. deutsche bank and telecom t-mobile. m&a talks are shelved made of government spectrum auction next month. music streaming service spotify will do a direct listing on nyse. the company will go public later this year or early next year. more on "countdown" coming up next. so new touch screens... and biometrics. in 574 branches. all done by... yesterday. ♪ ♪ banks e't st undergoing a face lift. they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver.
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liz: we have breaking news on a dow component you may own, boeing, down half a percent. it resumed some 737 max flight activities. these of course had been halted, the test flights had been halted of the 737 on wednesday due to an issue related to engine but the regulatory agencies are saying they now support restarting the testing.
3:38 pm
boeing's spokesman said this comes as a recall earlier in the week that brownedded them. as we say we're watching shares closely down half a percent. theing fbi director james comey was a hot topic of the white house briefing which happened up half an hour ago. press secretary sean spicer says president trump wants to move on to focus what is best for the american people. the president did anything but move on. he launch a preemptive strike at comey this morning, james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. we've got congressman from both sides of aisle to give us a take on the controversy, whether it leaves what many voters want, tax reform, health care reform, infrastructure and whether it leaves them stuck in the quicksand. joining us exclusively republican representative keith rothis of pennsylvania and democratic representative brad sherman of california.
3:39 pm
congressman, let's begin with you. open the capitol doors a crack for our viewers if you would. what are you and fellow republicans saying about the comey situation, the president's tweets keeping it alive and that i wants to move on? >> we hope to get the big issues president trump won the election on, health care reform, tax reform getting economy rolling again. people had incomes moving sideways for 15 years. people want jobs, want to see increase in wages, with respect to director comey this has been long time coming. there were issues last year and in july and immediately before the election this is yet one more mess president obama left in president trump's lap. probably should been taken care of in december. liz: let me jump in. we're not here today to argue whether comey should have been fired. what is done is done, definitely. we accept that, but when sean spicer says let's move on, to
3:40 pm
things that you are absolutely right. evybody wants to see tir taxes go down, more money in their pockets and wages go up. the president tweets something that is, much very much a warning certainly it appears that keep it alive. >> well every three or four days the president does some tweet that capture's the media attention and media falls into it and reports on tweets. we have to stay focused. we have to stay focused what the election was about last year. get the economy rolling again. liz: i want our viewers to know? we'll get to congressman sherman in a moment fully. we want, keeping this very fair and balanced. let me just, let our viewers know something. you are a cancer survivor, representative. >> right. liz: i, i'm so glad to have you here because you voted for the health care plan. i just want to ask you, do you feel it protects those with preexisting conditions and things like cancer? >> absolutely. this is a critical issue. everybody has their own health history. there are other members of
3:41 pm
congress who had cancer. cancer has been everywhere. people have family issues. we have family issues. within our family we have with respect to health care. we want to make sure individuals with preexisting conditions would have coverage, affordable coverage. the problem with obamacare, coverage is not affordable for people with preexisting conditions. we had upwards 53% increases in premiums in pennsylvania last year. jurisdiction are threatened with have no exchange next year. where will they go for health insurance. the legislatio we passed offers opportunity toove away from washingtonandates, more choice, lowering premiums and preserving protections for those with preexisting conditions. liz: i have to get on this trade deal before we to to representative brad sherman. the president struck a trade deal, announced through wilbur ross the commerce secretary that will open the flood gates or open them slightly wider for american beef exports and real
3:42 pm
fair trade or at least fairer trade. how will pennsylvania benefit that? >> i understand, i saw the headlines. talk about some agricultural issues that will be helpful to pennsylvania farmers. that is a good thing. there are much broader issues with china, state-owned industries, issues we're dealing with going back time and again to enforce our trade laws what we perceive to be dumping from time to time by china. this is probably a tip of the iceberg with the trade deal. a lot needs to get done to get china to get fair trade because we have real issues with what china has been doing. liz: speaking of fair, thank you, congressman. fair and balanced we bring in democratic representative brad sherman of california. congressman, stick with the trade deal here. as a member of the house foreign affairs committee, look at the pact, tell me what you think it really does? the president and his team is very clear. there is no quid pro quo. china will do the trade deal and you will help us with north korea but do you feel it
3:43 pm
precursor to more assistance on china from north korea? >> this is complete capitulation to china. trump has betrayed working families. he told them he would deal with the trade deficit. he told them he would identify china as trade manipulator. then he signs this sick chicken deal. literally, sick, and harmful chicken will be imported to the united states. unsafe for consumers as part of this deal. liz: what about our beef going there and helping with the trade deficit hoe? you say it is capitulation, looks like america is getting a good end at least part of the deal. i agree with you on chinese chicken. what are they doing over there. we can't regulate them, does it help u.s. exporters? >> the beef part of this deal might be good but it is an outrage that we would call that a concession from china. our beef is much safer than their beef. they stopped in 2003 on ridiculous assumption that somehow our beef would make their people unhealthy. you know that's false.
3:44 pm
i know it's false. it is an outrage immediately input huge sanctions on chinese imports until they eliminated that outrage. instead we're told we have to let in sick chicken so they can eat good beef. that, then the lng part of this is going to raise gas prices, utility costs for everybody watching us right now. liz: you know, we have to see you how that bears out. speaking of everybody watching right now i would like you to just answer this because you're on the house financial services committee. the president has floated idea of bringing back that depression era rule glass-steagall which separates banks, from consumer banking arm from the investment banking arm. would you be supportive of that? >> i would be but sanders and sherman have a better deal. that is to break up those banks that are over 2% of the gdp in size. it is not whether you mix, a small credit union also sells auto insurance is not a risk to the economy.
3:45 pm
but once you get into an institution so large if they have a problem they can call the white house and say you better bail us out or taking the whole economy down with us, that is institution that should be broken up. we know that when protzoa reaches certain stage it divides into two healthy organisms. i'm sure geniuses on wall street can divide the banks into two or three healthy institutions. >> wow, i would thought you would love glass-steagall coming back. join us again, congressman. i do appreciate you being here, congressman brad sherman of california. keith rothfus of pennsylvania. watch "wall street week" 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. maria bartiromo and dr. toby cosgrove, ceo outgoing of the cleveland clinic. at 8:30 p.m. all new episode of "bob massi: the property man." great, great show, i want you to watch that. right here on fox business, the
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liz: we now have this breaking news. the malware situation rampaging across europe and the uk has now engulfed fedex. fedex says the computers have been hit by malware attacks affecting those countries across the globe. fedex is working quickly as possible to fix the situation. by the way this is happening as microsoft put out anybody using their free anti-virus software, and their newest version of windows, are safe from these ransomware attacks. fedex up half a%. microsoft down about a quarter of a percent. derek jeter and jeb bush have been considered the lead contenders of the miami marlins
3:51 pm
of the you heard it here first from charlie gas on fox business a couple weeks ago. however we reported on "countdown," questions are asked whether the all-star pay can afford the one billion dollar price tag. now they have hit a roadblock or are they fouling out in the bidding war? , from what we understand? >> this is people with direct knowledge of cash-raising efforts. they hit a significant roadblock raising money for investors. that doesn't mean they won't be able to raise the money. we should point out a spokesman for jeb bush, we have not heard from a representative of jeter, but a spokesman of jeb bush said the bid is not in jeopardy. the league is giving them plenty of time to raise the money. clearly, from what we understand, people close to the bidding process, close to money raising process are having a difficult time coming up with the cash. the cash they need to raise is $900 million. they may need to raise an additional 3, 4, 500 million
3:52 pm
because the league wants a cash cushion on the marlins. they are a money-losing team, indebted. coming up with the money has proven very difficult. as we point out, they do not have the money. some people think they will never get the money. liz: a lot of money. >> we should point out saying people close to the bidding process, stag romney is considered someone possibly in the lead to be the lead bidder.d to jeb and jeter's 1.13 billion. here is the difference. tag romney, son of mitt romney, has more access to cash. he has his father's network of fund-raising. mitt romney ran bain capital. it is a private equity firm. he has access to a lot of cash. people saying close to the bidding process, it is tag romney who is in the poll position, in the lead position to do it. again we should point out that the investment banker for jeb
3:53 pm
and jeter is greg fleming, very resourceful fellow. used to be one of the top executives at morgan stanley and merrill lynch. from what i understand he is going out to latin america and maybe even china to raise, raise the big bucks, to try to get investors want to be silent investors so to speak. you need to raise $100 million at a pop to raise 1.34 or $2 billion they need for the cash cushion and everything else. one thing to point out, and this is kind of key and shows you this bid is no somewhat jeopardy right now, from what we understand friends of jeb bush are telling him to walk away from this right now. liz: oy. >> here is the reason why. there is a lot of money to be raised. not only that the marlins are not making a lot of money. jeb, from what we understand, friends of jeb bush tell him to walk away. spokeswoman for bush he denied that they're ending this right
3:54 pm
now, but this thing is clearly in trouble and, i will tell you this. i can't understand why the marlins are worth $1.34 billion. liz: there you are. >> the finances, i'm telling you liz, the finances don't work. i would suggest that everybody read my report on liz: just boeing to ask about that. >> it is on the web right now. this is much bigger story. looks like tag romney -- liz: is in the lead. >> you don't know. this thing is being held in secret. clearly jeb and jeter are having -- they have only put in $50 million apiece. liz: we've got to run. charlie, thank you. great stuff. charlie gasparino. the dow down 40. countdown coming right back.
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♪ liz: as we head into mother's day weekend, i want to wish my mom june, happy mother's day. she was always there for us.
3:58 pm
one of my children, julian is not in the picture. that is gabby. i love you mom, when i ask my mom go you love me, i'm thinking. all moms of my "countdown" staff, thank you for bringing your wonderful spawn, your children to fox business. we are so happy that you are all a part of it. oh, look at from countdown. we're appreciative. thank you so much. 3 billion in assets on under management, three amazon-proof stocks, really? tell us what they are. >> home depot, starbucks. we don't think drones will deliver coffee anytime soon. they have 15% earnings growth. doing terrific. expanding their product set, growing overseas. they had 476 new stores last year.
3:59 pm
nike has been strong overseas. global brand is tremendous. 10% earnings growth basically in every international market. with the dollar weakening a bit that lets numbers get better. 24% earnings growth. like home depot you have to go to home depot three times before you get it right. can't do that with amazon. takes weeks th shipping. grew dividends. that is service story. can't deliver that on line. those are three great companies to be amazon proof in the retail sector. liz: matt, you say don't throw the babies out with the bath water? >> home depot reports next week. wait for the report to come out. expectations are really high. you may get a dip after. you can buy safely knowing earnings are out. i don't think you see upside surprise in the stock post-report. we own it a long time. if you don't own might get a chance to get into it. liz: matt roddy with
4:00 pm
amazon-proof stocks he feels have a lung runway. [closing bell rings] nasdaq eking out a win. it is friday. here is "after the bell" show. melissa francis and david asman pick it up here. david: dow ending down 30 points in the red for the fourth day in a row, the longest losing streak more than a month. nasdaq only bright spot today. happy mother's day, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on all the big market movers but here is what else we have for you this hour. the white house now responding to the latest tweets from president trump including his warning to the former fbi director james comey, there may be tapes of their covers conversations. i don't know about that an update from washington. we told you one of the largest health insurance, aetna is quitting the obamacare


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