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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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charles payne is here with making money. good evening. they were just talking about the market. the mainstream media plays the game of a political dacha and of course they painted this administration has spiraling out of control. it forgets the report. the much broader economic news that is on the main street these days. it is paced by the continued uptake. the first time this happened was the first time it happened and more than a decade and it expanded. they are doing a lot more than just kicking the tires. a staggering 8504000 -- 854,000 first-time
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homebuyers. it's a margin of more than two-one. they've outpaced renters since the first quarter of 2006. as for the fourth quarter corporate profits climb. $1.7trillion. then you can see from that trot -- chart finally crumbling. however white now. they are ready for a new all-time record. the early season wrapping up almost last week. as been better than advertised. so far 91 companies had reported. 13.6% blended earnings growth nine of the 11 sectors have seen faster growth. this economy is firing on all cylinders. there is no doubt that this was is happening under president obama it would be headline news but even
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republicans are downplaying the trump economy may because they want to continue to put pressure to get the rest of the agenda through. ladies, let me start with you. veronica it's been a long time. i am shocked that this is not more news. it's really incredible stuff. they talk about the soft data but were seen hard core data that shows this economy is really starting to get in gear. people are feeling confident especially the millenials and account for some the account for some of the first-time home buyers in this equation people are feeling more secure about their jobs, some of them are seen wage growth. but this shows people who are younger especially are feeling more confident. there getting out of their parents basement and taking the plunge. it's really good news for some home building stocks. immediately after the election we saw a variety of sentiment
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numbers go through the roof. whether it was just general consumer sentiment. it's beginning to manifest itself into something that tells me mainstreet america is ignoring the media they are switching jobs they were listening to all of the noise that comes through the media. instead were seen consumers really confident but were also seen them spend money. they are spending money elsewhere. the big ticket items. i also think it's important to look at the discrepancy between main street and wall street. if donald trump doesn't capitalize on this sentiment we could see it fall. for now people are hanging on. the consumer is confident. >> i look at it every single day. i think shelby is on to a key critical point here. not only is the mainstream media downplaying this.
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i talk about the economy and the kind of try to downplay it. when it even going to reach 3% growth this year. is this a related move to keep the fire going. >> i think it is absolutely a mistake. if this was president obama and these numbers were coming out the mediate media would be singing hallelujah. i will say this. i think the folks in congress in particular don't want to take their foot off the gas. they want to make sure they get the tax reform through because what the white house at least knows is that president trump in his time in office solely hinges on the economy. at this is continuing into the next four years he will be reelected. he wants to undersell and over deliver. they are concerned about the midterm chances.
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he's getting quite a bit of help from abroad. him winning in the european union seen together. they obviously affect american markets. speemac on the side though with people now starting to quit their jobs with people started to buy homes instead of renting the as a signal of law -- long-term confidence. i never thought as president trump under promises. however maybe in this case maybe there is some strategy behind it though. >> we do need to see more we do need to see tax reform. it hasn't happened in the first quarter. that didn't happen. i think the artificial timelines and don't necessarily matter. if they believe it can
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happen. however, there is midterm elections to contend with next year. so the political will to get things done lessons as time goes on. i take a lot of folks really want to see these changes and they are doubtful the later the year goes they may not happen. >> tax reform happening at the beginning of 2018 is not a bad thing. this can only get done through budget reconciliation. and basically the republicans only had two bites of the apple. or else they lose the ability. that's what they should be focused on. if they do that the economy will be booming. i hear what you're saying. a buddy of mine just got a job. it's gone from double digits to about eight and half percent.
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that has room to go much lower. if the economy is better do you risk shooting yourself in the foot even though the reaction to present jumping in the white house is already having a positive self fulfilling effect. when we look at these numbers typically when it trickles down to main street usually takes nine months to a year. so pushing these items through over and over and making sure you get the agenda through is only going to further prime the pump. i think we have to keep going and don't shoot yourself in the foot. if you do that the voters will believe in you. i think you also need to be careful what you say in the agenda and what the final tax plan is. we're talking about housing before. part of the tax plan right now is to limit the amount of deductions. one of those is limiting the
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state and local income tax deduction. if he does at the housing market could take a real hit in places like california and new york and discourage first-time buyers. i think that is really dangerous. i also think there is a political rest of all of the forecasting. you are playing with people's hearts and mind when you talk about healthcare. when the plan gets through let's assume the senate will send something back to the house. ultimately something may pass. i don't know if they are going to read it or understand it no matter what. it will be left up to both sides in the media to tell them what's in it. if they know healthcare is done. in the meantime the economy is picking up that seems like the ultimate trifecta there. that is what president trump ran on. particularly the stuff that's
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happening in the middle america. if he can encompass those things people will look at him at a success. that is the biggest issue for americans. and if they see concrete evidence they have jobs. they feel good. i totally agree with you. put people back to work. it is the sole reason why donald trump was elected. they were outpacing by a two-one margin. they were building the starter houses. i think it is a good sign to come. let me ask president trump. he's good to go on his first major foreign visit. they are continuing to focus on america but ultimately we know it all plays a big role. even as these numbers are looking amazing. it's the biggest unreported street other. some people are upset with
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president trump. the court supporters are absolutely happy. he has exactly the right idea. whether it's building the wall read negotiating trade deals. i think one of the issues as they are very unhappy with republicans in congress. what is your greatest worry about what's happening? it's a force is -underscore that. they haven't had that in a decade. now it's materializing to people buying homes. people switching jobs. that always happens right before wages have that. >> there is very positive signs. the big risk is that nothing
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happens nothing ends up substantial gets done in 2018 and then we are hit with some big event that we weren't expecting. whether it was larger scale cyber attack. some other international issue that really puts a cold water on the economy. >> would you equate the impossibility of that. with the nuclear event perhaps. a massive cyber attack that exposes us with not getting the agenda done. would you put all of those risks at the same level. they are all risks to investors. we cannot ignore any of those risks. the irony here is that wall street used to love it when nothing got done in washington dc. it's something that they heard in the campaign.
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the bigger reason why is regulation. we watched president obama tight regulations. now that they feel those regulations going away. >> i have some breaking news coming in. senator mark warner tweeted that president trump up. it revealed classified information to the russian foreign minister and ambassador during a white house visit if true this is a slap in the face for the intel community. we remember seeing the photos taken by the russian press because the american press was barred. a lot more for this show we will be right back. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that
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breaking news for you. we want to follow up on this. senator mark warner tweeted this afternoon. he said he revealed that intelligence. of this is true. according to the tweet tweet is a slap in the face. it's inexcusable particularly for the russians. i was a very cryptic tweets there. a lot of names remain out of it. they're saying and make have something to do with isis. what you make of this. without a doubt i better be something to back it up. here is the interesting thing about this.
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a president can't really release classified information that is a top level. basically the four star generals in the top dogs can relate anything they want. it's difficult to find out if this is true or not. they claim all of these unnamed sources with knowledge of the meeting which means they weren't there. the only name source he said none of this happened there's no way it happened. it was about vanessa -- isis plot to a city. before the boston marathon bombing for example.
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does this point without a lot of scuttlebutt. the elevation of someone that came to the coo or someone closer to present trump to zora black store a block and make sure that these things even the smaller things that can be mushroomed or avoided. donald trump needs to get them there. it is significantly more out-of-control than it was before. i will not lead to much magenta. only because we've heard that every civil day this been right a few times and obviously he said he's willing to fire someday. i think the rumors of
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different staff decisions are exaggerated. he really does need to do is get some in the has a lot of experience. this should be the first executive job and there is concern amongst four people that they really don't know how to manage an executive was so much scrutiny. john the breaking news that present trump giveaway some intel and by doing so you risk the sources. what are your thoughts on this tweet he is trying to get the hit of the headlines. as i can to do much for his credibility he's trying to be
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the number one anti- trump in town. that to make these decisions. his own qualified and elected. mark warner is a minor player. he likes getting the headlines. the source that he is relying on. it's always the same source. having run the gop in california is there any changes you would like to see the white house at this time. >> i would like to see the white house continue to do a reaction. it's a new franchise. it is not that. i watched the fact that there way ahead of the curve. the oppositional party doesn't know what to do. most of the news media doesn't
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know what to do. most americans like what trump is doing. he is definitely the outsider. i have no regrets. i think most of us think it's good most of the time. north korea sending a nuclear warning very successful test. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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>> u.s. officials are closely monitoring the aftermath of the north korean missile test. claiming that the newest rocket is capable of carrying nuclear warhead and the its arsenal could reach even american shores. the white house responding to the summit missile test. captain chuck nash.
6:25 pm
i looked at a diagram that showed the trajectory of this missile and it flew over 400 miles but the way it was suggested if they change that it will now hit guam and perhaps soon hawaii and other u.s. assets, when do we panic? >> i don't know when we panic but i think when do we actually do something we are posturing and we are doing a lot of that. they're supposed to be a big meeting at the un security council tomorrow. that the united states has called for. there will be more talk in new york expect the air to heat up up there a little bit. in the meantime the chinese they are saying this is not very good and it's against the un. the russians said quit bowling can.
6:26 pm
--dash bullying kim. nothing is in a stop unless we do. with the shutdown of their program internally and use technical means to do it. i don't see an outright military strike coming. given to the risk of the south korea. >> i want to let the audience know that you were the former cia director. he wanted this guy to win. it was was part of the old sunshine policy. hundreds of millions of dollars were put through that plant. yet the president of south korea actually extended the olive branch and still you get this belligerent act that makes us wonder is there any negotiating with the sky.
6:27 pm
they don't want to ever negotiate away their nuclear weapons. they are not cannot act any differently to him that his conservative predecessors. just like when they did the nuclear test in 2009 it showed that they were going to act any differently to president obama than george w. bush. this weekend's launch is really a litmus test will he uphold and defend the un resolutions when will he maintained south korea sanctions against north korea or will he pursue his goal of a return to the sunshine policy of a less conditional engagement with north korea. present trump has been very patient. he's been stern, a lot of people believed that the mother of all bombs was a direct message to north korea and even china has pressured them. potential a timeline you have to believe that a lot of
6:28 pm
things are happening behind the scenes. they have gone from these missiles and fizzling out on the launching pad to traveling almost 500 miles at a trajectory that is suggesting double or triple that. have you straighten that out could you get 2000 miles. they have a significant presence not only in guam but closer and when you get to japan and elsewhere. all of it is building towards a very bad and we talked about this before. when you look at capability and intent the intent here according to their stated purpose is to hold the nine states hostage to a nuclear strike. then you have to say do they have the capability, right now it appears they don't. but after this test i think we have to reassess is it really five years before they will have it where is there a shorter time frame and then
6:29 pm
does that make the possibility of using military strikes regardless of what's going to happen after that but we can't let him have the capability in the intent to nuke the united states. it was absolutely a non- starter. on up -- uproar over the new this usa. we will discuss it next. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain these feet... jumped into city life as a kid... ...raised two rough and tumble boys... ...and kept my town moving.
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>> i would like to change the word feminism to equal wisdom. i don't consider myself like this die hard you know like i don't care about and that's one thing i'm going to say is women, we are just the people that men want to come to an opportunity in the workplace. charles: i was freshly crowned miss usa from the district of columbia peggy sparked a social media firestorm after she gave conservative answers during last night's competition freaking out the far left by rejecting the feminist label. here to discuss the emily shyzinski gavin morin jello and gayle trotter. let me start with you, gail. golly, she pushed back on feminism and eight was a man in saying that health care is a privilege. i'm shocked she won but i'm really happy she won. >> she should change some of the
6:34 pm
conversation. i'm old enough toremember when the questions they asked contestants were about vigor issues like world peace and how to help starving children overseas but unfortunately saying feminism equals eight was amiss somehow offensive and she has faced a lot of backlash about that isn't what that's feminism is supposed to be about in the first incident when it was floated as an idea? charles: gavi it's interesting because she had a big swell of support on social media and after those answers people were like no, no i don't like her anymore. is this part of the wake-up call that we need and is that underscore the fact that it's hard to have an honest conversation about a lot of topics? >> it absolutely does. should be wake-up call for the left which i think made a critical error in their reaction to the answer she delivered last night. if you are feminist you should be out there asking yourself why is it the image of the movement
6:35 pm
you stand behind is that you hate men? that is one of the reason she gave when she said look i hate to label myself a feminist because i do want to be placed in the camp with a lot of women who are seen as not pursuing equality by pursuing things that would place men at a disadvantage. i think that's something the left should be asking themselves and in addition to that the health care thing, the vitriolic comments that this woman was subjected to on social media last night simply for stating something that many americans believe and hold to be true was absolutely absurd and certainly something a group of tolerance should be a value-added. charles: just one moment ladies we have breaking news. mentioned senator mark warner now secretary of state rex tillerson releasing a statement on the "washington post" report that president trump reveal classified intelligence to the russian foreign minister ambassador going to visit to the white house.
6:36 pm
a broad range of subjects were discussed among which were common efforts had threats regarding counterterrorism. did it not discuss sources for military operations. we will continue to follow up but to julien i want to go to before we do. i interviewed dana loesch earlier and she had comments on feminism and the impact it's having on women and young boys. >> the may charity seeks to replace the perceived patriarchy traits not about the choices that you as a woman are allowed to make. you are only allowed to make choices so long as those choices go along with whatever the matriarchy chooses for you are feminist and isn't so much about them the power one and as it is about the subjugation of men. what do you think? >> i really reject the brand of feminism we are seeing right now that would prescribe what women should thing. here you have the miss usa with this incredibly motivational
6:37 pm
story putting forward a positive message and the fact that feminists are rejecting this is really tipping their hand on this. here you have this great model and they can boost her up. charles: let me get some vinyl thoughts from you on this as well. >> i have a lot of thoughts on this but what sun never fail to take an opportunity to learn and be productive and learn from it to this woman was cheered by the audience, the same audience to boot her for saying health care was the purpose cheered that she would consider herself a feminist. it's time for some humble self-reflection on the part of the feminist movement to say we are going to take the criticism seriously and is well past time for that to happen and hopefully they will actually get their act together sometime soon. charles: i would love to discuss more. lot of breaking news. i appreciate.
6:38 pm
you were fantastic panel to the meantime the markets the s&p nasdaq and the dow were higher to my market commentary and what the market is telling us. it's good stuff. i will tell you about it, next.
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charles: a lear jet heading for a teterboro airport crash is just short of the runway earlier today. the crashed into a warehouse near residential area. it was then from the two crewmembers were heard e to help block six key inflammatory substances. e most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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charles: a solid start to the week with the major indices rallying. the s&p 50011 points and nasdaq a major record 20 points higher and arrested 2000 the best percentage gainer up 11 points but the big winner today crude oil up almost 1 dollar, 2% this as russia and saudi arabia are saying it wants and opec's reduction cuts. it could spark a major link
6:42 pm
higher perhaps a 55-dollar area. by the way there were several storylines in their including stocks that rallied on the record cyber shakeout over the weekend and to feign optimism we talked about earlier the housing sector. there was a rare occurrence all 11 sectors within the s&p 500 traded higher but there were other signs of market optimism that for me mattered even more foreign investors. i'm calling it the message of the market, confidence which only a few earning reports left in the cycle wall street took a bold stance today on names they would release earnings ahead of the earnings releases. cisco of 2.3%, applied materials up 2% 3 million more shares traded the normal auto surging in the after period red robin up 3% on two times its average daily volume. these are major moves on convincing volume that i would say are probably more about
6:43 pm
honest numbercrunching right now these are smart people who really believe these guys that are going to beat these estimates. he moves tonight from some big investors and a world that warren buffett brookshire hathaway cutting its stakes in ibm raising estates and apple and upping its stake in america and southwest airlines. management big and anna is the tripling and microsoft. the investment firm managed by poulson ann eliminating its stake in take two interactive and activism blizzard by taking new stake in t-mobile. that's what the big boys are doing. when they come back more on rex tillerson's response to the "washington post." we will be right back.
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charles: breaking news secretary of state rex tillerson just releasing a statement on the "washington post" report that president trump reveal classified intelligence to the russian foreign minister and ambassador going on a white house visit last week. quote during president trump's meeting with foreign minister laffer for a broad range of issues were discussed among which were common efforts in threats regarding counterterrorism. during that exchange the specific threats were discussed but they did not discuss sources methods are military operations. joining us now kirk and paul. paul i will start with you. it's almost getting crazy. this is a "washington post" unnamed sources saying the president of the united states gave away top-secret information
6:48 pm
by top russian diplomats. >> two words grossly negligent. i didn't hear anything he just said that would point to that. nothing whatsoever. i don't see where they get off trying to make such a stand against the present-day states without anything that sounded whatsoever and nothing in their sounded. there the conversation. charles: also guys paul ryan commenting on this as well. quote we have no way to know what was said of protecting our nation secrets is paramount. the speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts from the at. kirk, not necessarily a full-throated defense but i guess this is why someone like senator warner feels emboldened to do these things. every time president trump is attacked by the mainstream media or these guys like warner who is nonstop with this kind of thing it feels like a lot of republicans are lukewarm to coming to his defense.
6:49 pm
>> the other issue right now actually charles is we have the support in the "washington post" but we really don't have it sourcing any evidence other than saying it was high clearance information that we don't even get to the allies but the fact of the matter is, where's the proof? where's the evidence that showed that this actually happened at the white house? there a lot of people from a technology perspective that have concerns about allowing this sort of government inside office in what might happen if we do that when you look at a president who i think has enormous the good intentions but when they call them out as an amateur it doesn't necessarily mean that the president with any intent did anything that the "washington post" is alleging. we simply don't have the evidence yet. charles: what you are seeing on the screen is the press pool waiting mcmaster coming in out who will probably have a statement by the white house. obviously we'll keep you up-to-date on that as well.
6:50 pm
back to this whole thing, paul. the going back and forth and all of the anonymous sources. these aren't anonymous sources for innocuous things. these are major major claims by the mainstream media in this case the washington post to be tweeted out by senator warner. i would say goes beyond incendiary. if they can prove the stuff how do you make people pay for this on the highest level? i don't know that we have ever seen these accusations tossed at the white house over and over again with anonymous sources every time. >> charles at the end of the day up we would hold people accountable they will keep doing that if someone is going to make that kind of accusation especially if the president of the united states continues to be held criminally liable. you are alleging treason against united states reviewer saying you are saying that you are giving away top-secret information from the united states jeopardizing the freedom of the american people and you are blaming the president. it's unfounded with no evidence.
6:51 pm
charles: we knew russia would come at the top of their agenda and they want to spare these so-called safe zones if you will we knew the conversation would revolve around syria. perhaps a joint effort between the united states and russia to provide safety for people there and uproot isis. it makes common sense. they would discuss some of the things going on there and i'm not sure again how that veers into top-secret. >> are we seeing just because the president is having communication with another country that we need to work with that communication in itself is a violation? what are we talking about? don't you think we have gone too far? >> charles i've got to tell you what we are missing here is guess what? the buck stops with president trump. he is asked to all presidents sitting in the oval office, they have the right to declassify, to
6:52 pm
share what they believe is reasonably necessary or in their own judgment they like to share with whoever is sitting across from them. there are no laws being broken that we look at and even as the "washington post" if you read through the article of what they post it on line you don't see anything that shows and the law has been broken. it is simply an idea that hypothetically something bad could have happened. what is the? where's the evidence? let me bring in family duzinski. the usual suspects senator mark warner of rushing to twitter to talk about how egregious this wasn't of course baiting -- basing it off the "washington post" article which is based on once again anonymous sources. >> if you want to something more ridiculous the dnc statement on this. the dnc put out a statement saying we can't trust president trump of classified information. from the party that nominated
6:53 pm
hillary clinton who use classified information on insecure private server. it's just going to be used as a political folk all before we have the facts. that's exactly what's happening here and it hasn't been that long since the news drove. charles: poll you want to jump back in. >> at the end of the day when it comes down to is accountability. if we are going to allow a congressman and if we are going to allow mainstream media to do this and we don't hold them accountable shame on us. charles: let me ask you poll because there's a scuttlebutt about a big shakeup in the white house sean spicer pushback against that but it feels like there is some leaks coming from somewhere within the white house it feels like there is some disorganization with them the white house. do you think at this point someone like -- or the think its reince priebus? >> first until history repeats
6:54 pm
itself on what we are seeing now is not what we haven't seen in another. second he hasn't been there that long charles. as the ceo of the country right now and needs to make personal changes what is wrong with that? if someone was selected fine. charles: do you think it might be warranted at this time? >> i think it says time to start looking at it from a stairway standpoint. this is perhaps one of those moments.
6:55 pm
charles: i want to bring in andrew peek, security expert on the phone with us. andrew, we saw north korea launch a missile, very successful missile launch over the weekend and you have to believe they feel emboldened by the fact that president trump is under so much scrutiny, under so much constant attack in this country, that maybe they just feel like he is at a disadvantage. has the mainstream media, to a larger degree perhaps, even democrats and some republicans put president trump in talk war position for him to act in his role as commander-in-chief? >> well i think they have in two-ways. one they railroaded all policy choices. if even tries to reach out to say, russia to reconcile our interests with the russians the way president obama did when he came into office, he would be attacked savagely. if he attempted his own russian
6:56 pm
reset, one of his announced preferred policies coming into office but i think the ironic thing here more broadly exactly as you pointed out the democrats and left have been banging on what a threat to our democracy and our institutions this russian investigation is, well, if it is such a threat, then they are doing exactly the worst thing possible you could do about it which is to make it look like it is undermining the entire american system and legitimacy of the president donald trump. charles: andrew, you worked under general h.r. mcmaster. what are your thoughts coming out to greet the press? i always felt he is a very straightforward and someone who engenders confidence. by the same tock ken there are misgivings him wanting to take a grander stand in the middle east militarywise, that has some people on the right a little concerned? >> i have enormous confidence in general mcmaster. i think the president does as well.
6:57 pm
that is why he was hired. folks like general petraeus as well. with regard to this leak, "washington post" says it is not a big deal it is probably not a crisis. i was struck by the fact neither tillerson nor anyone else in the administration, none of their statements said the actual take from the intelligence was unclassified when the president revealed it. they all said the president didn't reveal sources and methods, that is fine. but the actual intel take nobody, nobody has denied that was pretty highly classified. charles: although, though, the when they met, the agenda was pretty clear. russia and the united states trying to work together to solve the syria issue, which is one of the most dangers facing the entire world. let me go back to emily on this we will probably see the meaded yaw pick up on any sort of nuance andrew pointed out.
6:58 pm
by the same notion, emily, paul share any information he would particularly with an ally. we have been working to ally usselves with russia to bring some sort of closure to the searian situation. >> without the full conn text which we don't have, which of course "the washington post" didn't provide to make a judgment either way, what was said, anything said was objectionable, we're parsing statements of multiple different people from the information, parsing a report in the "washington post," trying to figure out what the heck is going on. at the end of the day, there are leaks coming out of the white house, whether or not it is right, your question about fern nell, something has to be done to contain this. something really needs to be done. charles: let me bring in fred fleitz, from all of this, washington post, never-ending articles unnamed sources perhaps
6:59 pm
there is a leak problem within the white house? >> charles, three quick thoughts. first of all, did the president screw up and tell this to the russians, possibly. this people happens when they are not familiar with classified information. even dianne feinstein has done this in the past. the president is the ultimate last filing authority. he if he wants to give something classified as head of our government he is allowed to do so. third point is details of this leak are extraordinary. suggests to me there are enormous numbers of looks in the white house but in the intelligence community. trump may have had good reason to tell this to the russians. not up to the cia or obama holdovers in the white house to decide. they will tell "washington post" because they think what trump did was wrong. charles: once again "the washington post" putting out a story immediately tweeted by senator mark warner saying that president trump divulged top secret information in his meeting with the russians last
7:00 pm
week. as you can see the press outside of the white house waiting for general h.r. mcmaster to come out. he will prepare a statement. thanks for joining us. continue with this don't want to miss a moment. riveting breaking news. lou dobbs will carry us through. keep it here on fox business. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. let's start with the facts. president trump is combating left-wing forces that are fiercely fighting to destroy him, his presidency, an all the weak-need republicans who by rights should be battling by his side who are instead trying to distance themselves from the leader who has shown them and their party how to win, how to restore prosperity and to assure this country's future. president trump is now engaged in what appears to be certainly a mortal contest for the nation's soul, for the american dream, our middle class, working men and women and their


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