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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. charles: we'll leave it there bring i in in lie in lieu. >> lou dobbs. lou: good evening. for barack obama never a somewhere council, despite "fast and furious." what is so different this time? dems, left wing national media, beep state enabling complicit rhinos stealing the
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white house they lost in november, and trying to destroy this president. president trump acknowledges he is the subject of the single greatest witch-hunt of a pole tig in american -- politician in american history, he is committed to delivering his agenda to the american people, president today told reporters that appointment of robert mueller, as special council hurts our country ter ibly, adding it happens to be a pure excuse for the democrats having lost an elect they should have won, because of the electoral college slanted so much in their way. that assault this is. -- that is all this is, the president's comes come as domecrattic senators heard deputy attorney general rod rose einstein add mid that
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comey would be fired before he wrote his memo. what met vateshis deputy attorney general? we wl try. fox news chief white house correspondent, john roberts with our report. reporter: president trump said this afternoon he is close to naming a new fbi director, sources tell fox news leading candidate is former connecticut senator joe lieberman, many believe he would get universal confirmation in senate. but two senators say this would be a mistake to name someone to that position with a political background. nominating joe lieberman could help turn a negative news cycle. in east room today. with colombia president, president trump -- the appointment of a special prosecutor. >> i respect the move, but it
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is been a witch-hunt. there is now collusion between circling myself and my campaign. but i can always speak for myself. and the russians. reporter: president said he reported that decision to appoint former fbi director rob utter mueller to look it, he also denounced it as bad for the nation. >> i think it divides the country, i think we have a very divided country because of that and many other things. i can tell you that we want to bring this great country of ours together. i hate to see anything that divides. i am fine with whatever people want to do. but, we have to get back to running this country. reporter: president also responded for first time in person to a memo said to be written by james comey, claims in february meeting president asked comey to drop the investigation into flynn, did he say that. >> no. no. next question. reporter: appointment of
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robert mueller to takeover the russia se investigation was met with near universal praise on capitol hill. >> this is impeccable credentials. this is an excellent appointment. he was a career prosecutor, he will follow the facts, he will do a thorough investigation. they need to clear the decks. lou: som. reporter: some republicans say there is a danger, he could feel compelled, they thought particular work out of president's favor. >> from president's perspective, you would rather not have it, but if mueller says, look there is no evidence of crime, it will be hard for the democrats to argue with that. reporter: white house staffers see this size an opportunity to get back to the president's ajoin agenda and today democrats do appear too have dial its back a notch. >> i have greater confidence that the investigation will follow the facts.
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wherever they lead. reporter: another controversy is rising, this one around vice president pins, and whether his head of transition team he was aware lieutenant january rally michael flynn informed the transition he was under investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for turkey. in a march 9 inpie interview, highe told brett baier he knew nothing of it. >> first i heard it. reporter: his office backed that up, statement saying that, vice president stands by his march comments upon first hearing the news involving flynn and his ties to turkey. michael tbli flynn has not yet said he will comply with the subpoena. james comey said by people close to be eager to testify in public. and also in possession of many more memos he has been keeping to himself.
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lou: john thank you. joining us, to discuss whether special prosecutor robert mueller is bad for the nation and the potential train wreck that awaiting on capitol hill, is multiple committees collide. congressman ron desantos, a member of several key committees, oversight committees and freedom caucus, thank you. >> good eve in. lou: start with why is there a special council, what crime is being investigated? >> well, if you look at regulation it is triggered when there a criminal investigation in this case, comey testifies in march, which is what deputy cited in his order it was a counter intelligence investigation. and so my response to media who in dc they have been itching for a special council,
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there has not been a crime to investigate, this is a counter inteigence mter, we'll have deputy a g, talk before the house, and it will be a classified session tomorrow, i will ask him, you know what changed and why are you now doing a special council. i think it could work out for the president's benefit in the long run. but at the end of the day, special councils are for criminal matters not for counter intelligence matters. lou: and what has been the reaction when you say this? because, the rest of us are saying it too. where is the crime and why is there such act w act we essence -- acquiescence to the calls, this is horrific conduct on the part of our government. >> well, you are right. we have an iron triangle. elements of permanent bureaucracy, democratic party and elite media are at war with this administration and
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this president, and ever since over in 8, as soon as returns came in he was president-elect, they have been trying to destroy him, even before he took office, now, so they create a frenzy of oh, my gosh there was a conditioa contact. anonymous sources, of course, we never have anyone speaking for record or actual documents, but story after story with dems getting in a tizzy. i think that a g gaveed an caved. lou: is he nen known as being a weak person, so bereft of principle he acquiesces? good lord almighty. >> i'm going to ask him. lou: we need a -- >> i'll ask him tomorrow.
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hopefully, he can give answer, to what changed. what evidence have you seen of a crime, he probably is not going to give me a straight answer. what he said to senator who reported to the press today, he was concerned about how the department's reputation would come out of this, with all firestorm, problem is that is not what regulation provide for. and so i think he has to answer some questions about how it came to be, that said, the fact there has not been any evidence, of any criminal activity, to me, we could see this thing wrapped up sooner rather than later, that is not the norm with these, but y talked about investigation that should have been done with obama, we imo knew there were criminal offenses. >> obama administration whatever you think of
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president obama, or any of the officials of his administration, they were if you would they were certainly without any question gathered together solidarity, they di did not decent, there was no leaking permitted, prosecutions by the way of those who did, this administration, has been defied by the fbi itself. by other intelligence age agency and refusal to report to the administration, those who are leaking and to pursue consequences. we are watching. i am heartened to hear you say, that this is an an attempt by what you style as a iron triangle to steal this white house, and to seize his history. a coop attempt against the
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trump administration. >> the issue is american people elected donald trump president could we have permanent elements in our government who think that really they are supposed to run this show. and since they don't like trump, they don't like you know his positions, they think it is okay for them to go outside of the law, and exert themselves, and understand how felonies have been by people inside of the government, you have at least a dozen over last 5 months, and you are right. that was not happening, under president obama. part of that i think is because of the bureaucracy liked obama better, but the media was in the in this frenzy they are right now. when we push for special council for lois lerner, and e-mails, media laughed at us, they did not move a muscle for that here now, you have at forces that are acting
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differently. lou: and it may turn out to be darwinian. the left seems to have stronger stomachs, much thicker stomach lining and capacity to fight for what they believe. those qualities are not apparent in what passes for a republican party these days, congressman, good to have you here, and we're glad you are in the fight. >> thank you. lou: congressman ron desantos, we're coming right back, much more today stay with us. >> president trump battling a an onslaught of attacks from dishonest left wing national media. >> look at the way that i've been treated lately, especially the media no politician in history has been treated worst. lou: christopher ferrell joins me here next. >> some republican elites
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lou: house speaker ryan today claiming the appointment of special count won't interfere with four criminal investigations underway. >> we're going to keep the investigation going, these bipartisan, investigations house intelligence committee, senate intelligence committee will continue their investigation. lou: congress proving in be ineffective investigationing no matter the committee or subject of the investigation. congressional investigations have led to nothing other than waste over past 8 years, house oversight committee spent $26 million investigating between 2011-2014. including internal revenue service spending $24 million on targeting probe, congress spending 8 million on benghazi select committee, we know how that wound up, that money.
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no resolution to any of their investigations. my nexguest has be fighting for extreme transparency on the obama era scandals, joining to us discuss appointment of sp special council, christopher else, director of investigation, research judicial watch. >> thank you. lou: why does congress -- i know answer. why should we put up with congress that does investigation to just show time to get their faces before their constituents and achieve nothing. >> you nailed it, it is kabuki theater, and sound bite time for next you know campaign ad. what we really need are grand juries, we need more grand juries considering indictments of people, and less lot air on capitol hill.
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lou: the republicans are utterly contemptuous of achievement and consequence. they don't mind a bit they look like damn fools for wasting their time. they raise the standard of no bill tie, and say -- no bill. >> it was madness, a sham, and a cover-up by obama administration. and they could not bring to conclusion. >> quite frankly with benghazi, and the irs, any number of other scandals it was judicial watch and our litigation that compelled records that congress glommed on to said we can investigate now, if we did not do our foyeia work they would have had nothing to operate with. lou: you know, i think congressman trey goudie is a terrific.
10:20 pm
taterrorist -- terrific prosecuter, nothing done. and the real crime here on part of congress, in my judgment is that crimes of the obama administration never surfaced and no one in the administration, not in state department or anywhere held accountable. >> you know. the answer is for president trump to engage in extreme transparency. he talked about extreme vetting for people coming out of hot spots and terrorist areas, we need extreme transparency, with stroke of a pen, the president and all of the cabinet secretaries, can release all of the documents and records that they are fighting us over in court. so whether it is fbi, 302s of interview of the president,
10:21 pm
and rahm emanuel, and about rod about goyavic - -- >> a stroke of the pen. the president or his cabinet secretaries can stop fighting us and release all of the those documents. just like obama released the bush administration's so-called torture memos, he is free to do it and if he did, it would radically alter the media drum meet, they could not ignore these stories. i think that you know extreme transparency is called for. lou: i think that is a wonderful idea. have you put that proposal before the white house in any fashion? >> i have communicated it today on our web site. lou: no, no, come on, i'll
10:22 pm
tell you, i'll call the white house. >> do. lou: we'll both call, we'll talk about extreme pra tran -- transparency. let me calm down. fbi also. storied agency, i don't to want to contribute to thevision, our fbi has not been successful in its investigation, it has been connectioned on all -- nearly every one of the scandals of the obama era. and never delivered a ru resolution, a report no matter the issue. on its face, clinton foundation is a criminal enterprise. >> it is. lou: and inch know everyone knows it.
10:23 pm
because of reporting and investigations of judicial watch we know the issues here. but the fbi could not figure it out. and by the way, i hope someone asks james comey, when he shows up on capitol hill, why he could not bring anyone on any of those scandals on justice. >> another quick point on irs, no criminal prosecution there, a great opportunity for extreme transparency. and reason why is because lois lerner and her pals turned over $1.25 million taxpayer records to the fbi, to have them thumb through them. to see if there was anything interesting there. fbi at that point was compromised, they could not bring a prosecution, they were complicit. lou: yeah, and accidentally so i am sure. >> >> thank you, christopher el. >> thank you. lou: wil
10:24 pm
>> a grand idea. >> vote in our poll. do you think special council is legal ease for stealing the white house? cast your vote on twitter. on wall street today stocks recovering after a sell-off yesterday. dow up 56. s&p up fine, volume on big board continued heavy trading. 4.2 billio billion shares, walk walmart shares up. listen to my report 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. up next president trump questions where the investigations are of hillary clinton and president obama following the appointment of a special council.
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>> the thing has been a witch-hunt. there is no collusion. i think we have a very divided country because of that and many other things. >> theubct of my commentary coming up next, much more ahead, much of which is likely to frustrate even annoy you. stay with us. we'll be right back. are allergies holding you back?
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lou: the few thoughts on the appointment of a special counsel and the hypocrisy being spewed the left-wing media and the dems. article 2 section 3 of the constitution charges the president shall quote take care that the laws be faithfully institute. but obama's constitutional
10:30 pm
legacy is devastating. blatant lies covered up scandals and were the norm and caused no concern. mr. obama used the irs to prosecute non-profits and the tea party, but the justice department allowed lois lerner to walk and so didn't congress. the gun running 23569 and furious operation, obama tried to use his executive privilege to allow access to executive documents and attorney general holder lied. the obama administration, hillary clinton, and other
10:31 pm
officials engage in a benghazi cover-up blaming a silly youtube video for the benghazi attack. and allegations of corruption involving the clinton foundation. clinton was quote extremely careless, but beyond that comey held tight to the fiction she had committed no crime. is there any comey memo on the infamous meeting between bill clinton and obama's attorney general or roar letta lynch? i can't wait to see that memo from james comey. all of the meetings and telephone calls with the president and attorney general. i want to see those memos to file by james comey. why no investigation of the democrats' deal wisconsin russia
10:32 pm
in which 20% of u.s. uranium reserves ended up in the hands of the russians and why the democratic national committee would not allow the f.b.i. to check their server even after being told the russians hacked them. 8 years of a scan today-plagued obama administration and never a special prosecutor, no articles of impeachment and no one charged with any wrongdoing. in trump is correct. what is unfolding around him is a witch hunt. in my view what we are witnessing is the left trying to steal the trump presidency. and they should be consigned to an appropriate place for their efforts. we shall see. now the quotation of the evening
10:33 pm
from president john kennedy who said the great enemy of the truth is not often the lie, but the knit persistent, persuasive and unrulistic. -- unrealistic. the myth that all that is sought through the special counsel is merely truth and justice where the opposite is the real objective. we are coming right back. investigations and constructionism slowing the president's efforts to make america great again. but he's ratcheting up those efforts. >> whatever watched might be focused on at any given time, rest assured, president trump will not stop fighting for the
10:34 pm
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10:38 pm
away this morning. he was a television pioneer and political strategist. he worked on the campaigns of nixon and george h.w. bush. he executed the vision of rupert murdoch and launched fox news in 1996. rupert murdoch, the founder of so many media companies issues this statement today. he will be remembered by the many people on both sides of the camera that he discovered, nutured and promoted. roger and i shared a big idea which he executed in a way nobles could have. in addition roger was a great patriot who never ceased fighting for his beliefs.
10:39 pm
roger ailes. our next guest says roger ailes was an extraordinary leader who fought courageously for the cause and people he believed in. joining me to discussed the impact roger had on television. ed rollins. pedestrian, it's a terrible moment. you brightened it a bit with what you wrote today. this an extraordinary man. ed: he was an extraordinary man. his whole career was mentoring. he was the beats everything he did. he started at 28 yeersd old with nixon.
10:40 pm
with ronald ray gain put roger in charge of it and he taught them how to do politics with no negativity and won 49 states. lou: he was capable of negative. ed: he could fire with the best of them, and he trained a whole group of young people because he understood the message and understood how to communicate. at his core he loved this country deeply. he loved the conservative causes. why he created this network was that the conservative points of view was not being heard. he founded cnbc and msnbc it was america talk before that. lou: can you imagine the shuttering of rachel maddow as you said that? and that is what is so great.
10:41 pm
roger created a lot of trouble for the left and ref he willed d in it. ed: he was a man of peace. he was a leader an had to be careful. but he never was careful. he was a real fighter, 250 guy d a grt friend a i was privileged to know him. ' nds of back-to-back barroom brawlers. lou: if i may say, some people might have said hem home hemophiliac. but we are pleads with the word "fighter."
10:42 pm
ed: he was never intimidated by the health problems. courage defined him. he had great courage. he was willing to take on any issue he felt strongly about. lou: our sympathy to his wife breath and their son zach. senator cornyn warning paul the investigations are a train wreck waiting to happen. waiting to happen. i will take that up next.
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. can. lou: joining me now former cia operations officer scott zillinger. and back with us edrollins. this is an attempt on a coup of the presidency of donald j. trump. people are acting like they cannot see that, they are pretending this is some sort of legal proceeding when it's unlawful at its root. the on way you can bring in a
10:47 pm
special counsel is for there to have been a crime to investigate. >> it is a counter-intelligence investigation as opposed to a criminal investigation. the bar is much lower in a counter intelligence investigation. lou: why is there not more of a storm on the part of republicans on capitol hill. i know mcconnell and ryan are reluctant allies if they are allies at all. to stand up for the country they are absent. ed: this is a critical time for this president as he goes off to leave the country and meet with foreign leaders. this is something where they are trying to take his presidency away. no matter how good the people are trying to put them together,
10:48 pm
when you let someone take all aspects of the justice department and investigate everything, it becomes a big distraction. lou: this is an operation the cia would have been proud of if they were carrying it out in a third world country. >> we need go no father than last week, the new director of national intelligence was talking about the continued leaks on the part of government bureaucrats will continue to be a danger to our national security. if the head our entire intelligence infrastructure stating i's the captain of a leaky ship. lou: he's also saying he's impotent and hasn't the camassity to stop leakers. but the obama administration
10:49 pm
rose to the level of stopping any leaking in their administration, now the pencil-necked wimps in intelligence are leaking to the august "washington post" and "new york times." ed: go find out where the leaks are. that's what's hurting the country. it's not what flynn did. the inflicted wounds that have taken place by the self-inflicted wounds by this administration. lou: you think hose are more profound than the leaks? ed: that's what i consider self-inflicted. it's your own team doing the leaking. lou: somebody didn't check on that team to find out what flag they were saluting.
10:50 pm
ed: there are a lot of people who weren't for trump to begin with. at the end of the day they are putting these tories out here and the press are running with them. lou: why can't this president find out who they are? is there any reason why talented committed intelligence people can't figure out who's leaking? >> i believe they can. president trump need to move forward with his political appointees and go in there and help weed out bureaucrats who reached professional maturity during the obama administration. their loyalties are elsewhere in many cases. lou: it's absolutely extraordinary. condolences. please roll the video. a fearless duo climbing the
10:51 pm
rocky terrain before leaping off the cliff. the base jumpers soaring dangerously close to the rock face before they pull their chutes and landing safely on the ground. up next, a new bombshell from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. quite a fellow, isn't he. a quick programming note, i join sean hannity tonight. we take up the deep state war against our president. against our president. that's hannity tonight at will you be ready when the moment turns romantic? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension,
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brtry new flonase sensimists. allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience to help block six key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only block one. new flonase sensimist changes everything. lou: in our online poll we asked, do you believe we are engaged in a fight for the soul of the country? 99% say we are. "the washington post" detailed a republican leadership meeting from last june a month before trump clenched the republican nomination. kevin mccarthy said this. at least according to the quote, there is two people i think
10:56 pm
putin pays, roar backer and trump. speaker ryan replied, no leaks. that's how we know we are a real family here. the family was stunned, because leaked it was. joining me mollie hemingway and charlie hurt. mollie what do you make of such frat boy play at the expense of rohrabacher who no one seems concerned about and the president. mollie: i think this is a stupid joke. what moren'ting about it is that it was leaked to "the washington post." they spun it as if they were saying donald trump was taking money from the russians instead of making stupid jokes about it. also what is interesting is
10:57 pm
there have been lots of follow-up reporting about who was the leaker, was it evan mcmullin or was it not, which would suggest evan mcmullin was in the room. evan mcmullin denied he was the leaker. but was he the one who recorded this stuff? i don't know. they speak to a general problem with -- also just that the establishment did reasonably see donald trump as a threat for joking about it and what not. lou: . mcmullen has seemed to disappear. >> snake bit with it comes to a messaging program.
10:58 pm
they didn't seem to break through the noise. mollie is exactly right. it underscores just how much the never trumper crowd in washington has resisted at every turn to say obviously donald trump as one war front dealing with democrat, but then the more damaging war front is the one with the never trumpers in the republican party. a lot of people who are working for them in the white house. as a reporter i love leaks. the more leaks the better. when donald trump tweets, i love the tweets because it's like he's a little leaky himself. it's great stuff if you are a reporter. lots of information. the media should be thrilled with all of that. lou: i'm a little more cautious than you because i can't stand what the national left-wing
10:59 pm
media represents which is a colossal force working against our elected leaders in this country and national security, leaks even from the national securitsecurity security counci. let me turn to the special counsel. i can't believe we are talking about this. no crime committed. we have a special counsel. all of the outrange and not a which. >> we didn't have a special counsel for benghazi. we didn't have a special counsel when there was gun running in mexico, even though there was referral for criminal investigation. donald trump has a good point. there was no special counsel when hillary clinton mishandled classified information and the
11:00 pm
department of justice was also implicated in that. lou: we have to continue this. come back quick. mollie hemingway and charlie hurt. charles: we'll leave ither bring i in in lie in lieu. >> lou dobbs. lou: good evening. for barack obama never a somewhere council, despite "fast and furious." what is so different this time? dems, left wing national media, beep state enabling complicit


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