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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 22, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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confirming that there ar fatalities, we'll continue with this, remember that may 1, european travel ban did talk about soft targets, including hotels, restaurants, and club, perhaps concert venues, keep it right here, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, we're begin with breaking news out of manchester england. you are looking at sky news video of what has just happened within a matter of minutes. there has been a report of at least -- one explosion at an ar yab ariana grande concert at the manchester arena. authorities are telling sky news there have been
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fatalities, in theti explosion, they have not given any se specific numbers. there is considerable emotion in the crowd some, fear. but for most part, highly orderly crowd, just leaving the arena. we're woefully short of details, but, the local authorities are saying it is a quote, unquote, serious incident in manchester. at that venue. one witness at least describing it as a loud bang, emergency services have been responding. where ariana grande was holding a concert at the time, the venue has been vacated, evacuated. we'll bring you any details as we learn home.
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manchester police and law enforcement authorities first responders are saying that there have been injuries, they have not said anything about numbers of injuries. they have also said that there are fatalities. without specific details of what the explosion or loud bang might have been. we will be bringing you details just as soon as they are available in, this happening in manchester, united kingdom just minutes ago. turning to our top story of the evening, we'll update you on what is happening in manchester. throughout this broadcast. as details come in, meanwhile. in israel, donald trump arriving today. he has been warmly and enthusiastically embraced by the capitals of america's two most important allies, in middle east. this morning president trump arrived in tel aviv.
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on what was the first direct flight ever as he flew air force one from riyadh on the holyland, president trump taking a helicopter to jerusalem. there he became first sitting president to pray at the western wall, western wall, among holiest sites in juda ism. >> so far president's trip has been successful, new deals on economic, military cooperation, and smoking new optimism for a middle east peace deal, only departure here in jerusalem. >> a shouted question from the press, when israeli prime minister netanyahu weighed in, president trump shared israeli intelligence with russia.
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president trump stopped his aides from suing press out of the room, demanding a moment to clear the air. >> so you understand, i never meant mentioned word or name, never mentioned it throughout the conversation. you have the story wrong, i never mentioned word israel. reporter: it was never reported that president trump told the russian that intelligence was from israel. it did not appear to derail his hard i welcome. >> mr. president we're happy to see that america is back in the area. america is back again. reporter: israel is pleased with the change in posture from the obama administration.
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>> i want you to know how much we appreciate the change in american policy on iran, which you econfidenc e. >> your bold decision to act against use of chemical weapons. reporter: president trump visiting holiest site in christian faith. the church of holy sepulcher. president said a prayer and tucked a note between the blocks, president is under no illusion it would be easy, but he said conditions may have never been better than now. >> we must take advantage of the situation, and there are many things that can happen now, that would never have been able to happen before.
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we're understand that very well. reporter: a imboltenned iran is the difference, seen by israel and much of sunni arab world as a existential threat. in a speech in saudi arabia, the president urged leaders to unite against iran and the broader threat of terrorism. >> drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holyland. and drive them out of this earth. reporter: tomorrow the president will travel t -- bethlehem. lou. >> john roberts reporting.
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lou: our first guest praises president trump's overseas trip. joining us tonight. john bolton. i want to update our audience, we have very few details, we do know in manchester, england. in this city of proper of about 150,000 people, an explosion in the manchester arena. that holds about 21 house people, the video that we have seen shows, filled almost to capacity. a loud bang, occurred,.
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authorities evacuated the arena. we're told it is completely evacuated. happening over an hour ago, we know from local authorities, first responders, the manchester police, there have been fatalities, we do not yet know how many. we do not know how many injuries as well. but authorities reporting that there have been injuries, and fatalities. the authorities are also describes this as a serious indent -- incident we'll have more for you on this as the show goes on. and details come in. ambassador, i want to s thank you for looking at the some of these videos here with us. as we bring everyone ut
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up-to-date. more -- more deals just now put together by the president in two days, in saudi arabia, than i think most people would have dreamed possible. certainly under president obama, this president has orchestrated a half a trillion dollars in deals in two days with the saudis, which is more than president obama contributed to over the course of 8 years. >> well, i am sure there were a lot of opportunities that president trump was able to take advantage of, but it reflects i think pent-up interest in american and saudi transactions for many years people on both sides thought was too dangerous given barack obama's tilt today iran. with his obsession with getting what turned out to be 2015 vienna nuclear deal. i think that speeches that president has given, remarks
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he made, vibes out of the trip as a whole indicate that last 8 years, should have been a nightmare for gulf arabs our friends through out arab world because of this tilt. lou: particularly the sunnis. you are talking about pent-up demand, there is a thirst in u.s. business community, strong appetite for deals there is throughout the world, there is no one that can compete with united states when it comes to arms, perhaps on price, but not on quality or the advance technology employed. this is just a remarkable two days, i know much of it oh earning straighted before -- oh, straighted before he even got on air force one, these are his deals, he is the one leading in the new middle east, it is a new order that he is trying to construck.
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and doing so, with great energy, and imagination. arab nato has been talked about and spoken of. i think we have to see follow through, joint chairmanmanship with shourdies o south saudis with terrorist financial group, this is a great idea. this is part of the shift that president is trying to signal. the real question for he is weather his bureaucracy will follow through on it for him, that is his greatest challenge, he sees the world in a different way than existing bureaucracy, much of which is still following obama administration policies.
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lou: be straight forward, near east desk, the permanent bureaucracy which is not his bureaucracy. i think -- >> right that is the point. lou: obama's bureaucracy, it is clinton's bureaucracy, but this president right now is creating enough momentum around this trip. it seems to me, john, to actually put the permanent bureaucracy in a very tough spot. because he is building expectations, he is building deals, and constructing alliances and repairing alliances so quickly with the saudis some, thought it would never be we built. weary are doing the business in very important military deals that will support this new architecture of a nato in the middle east.
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>> they were saying for 8 years, we're keep telling people, they will get it right, don't worry about it. calling churchill a comment, you can always count on the americans to do the right thing, usually of they tried everything else. i think that is back on track, and that is critical. lou: a couple of points, we're way overtime. ambassador, the "new york times" reporting, that as many as 20 cia sources, assets, perhaps operatives, were killed by the chinese between 2010-2012, we're now only learning about that, but this is another obama disaster, geo politically. your reaction? >> it sounds from public reports that is all we have, this is a network that has been rolled up several, perhaps it sounds like a
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terrible damage to our intelligence gathers, this happens all away around, when we find foreign networks we expel the foreign diplomat, and arrest the american citizen, we don't execute them, this was a brutal campaign by china. for all we can see, president obama did nothing, no wonder the chinese to not fear us. a tragic story. lou: they are very dealing with fools ordealing with divided loyalties. or they are dealing with something that we have yet to identify. we have not identified are those responsibility for the murders of those sources. i am sure that in the next installment of "new york times," we applaud efficient their reporting on this perhaps we'll learn that as well. i am just stunned that it has taken this long for the united states to acknowledge what is happening.
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and the fact that they have no consequence, no response what so evidencer. ambassador john bolton, so much out of time, does. >> so much to talk with you about. >> thank you. charles: we're coming right back, with a lot more, we'll have latest for you from manchester, an explosion reported, fatalities and injuries report. police describing this is the a serious incident, right now there is no further knowledge -- this, though further detail, we'll have them -- i assure you, by the time we return from this quick commercial break. stay with us. >> president trump calling on muslim leaders to help defeat radical islamist terrorism. >> muslim nations must be willing to take on the burden to defeat terrorism.
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>> president's historic foreign trip looks to be a run away success, what will the dem, left wing and deep state do now? we'll take that up with lieutenant color in tony shave ir, and a shocking new report as many as 20 cia operatives and assets were murdered in china, between 2010 and 2012. where wasn't the obama disaster exposed sooner? that story, much more, straight ahead. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit i count on my dell small for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and
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lou: we're updating now breaking news story that we reported to you at top. eyewitnesses now tell sky news, in the uk, manchester, they heard a loud noise, variously described as know an explosion, a bang there has been no confirmation. no what so ever whether this was a terrorist incident. police are calling it serious, there are reports of people screaming, and video of people screaming and running. there are no reports or have we seen video of where actually the loud bang occurred or the explosion, no
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smoke, no indications of any flash or central point where the frankly the fear and the hysteria on part of some took place. overall, the evacuation from the manchester arena that holds 1,000 -- 21 thousand people has been orderly, police are saying there are injuries and fatalities. calling this serious, but they have offered no information on the cause of the loud bang, that explosion. we had no reports in the video you are looking at of the people exiting the area ariana grande concert that was wrapping up at that moment. some of the accounts include sky news producer, oliver
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saying there are a lot of shaken up people, and a large police presence, and disla is a large police presence here, with police helicopter over head. a came said they were asked to leave th the arena quickly, they saw a number of people being treated. a spokesman for ariana grande said that the singer is accident. adding we're further investigating what happened. we're not sure what they are doing. but the singer is fine. and a number of people have been killed, a number of people injured, i apologize for having no further details
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for you, but, it hecki hectic often hysterical group of people there, understandably. getting out ofs arena, we've not been able to get much more, emergency services are responding to reports of app explosion at manchester arena. a number of confirmed fatality, at least one network i am told reported that the fatalities are as high as 20. but again, these are reports early reports, and we cannot confirm those. at this hour. i'm going to put in context one thing as we get ready to go back to a number of the story we're reporting on here, last terrorist incident in the uk was in march.
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22, westminster attack on that bridge. and now, it appears. we had that indication another terrorist attack is likely taken place as well, in manchester, norther northern glan-- england. joining me now senior fellow, lieutenant co colonel tony shafer. >> hi, lou. lou: great to have you here this evening, here we go again. is the likely refrain one
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can't imagine much else other than terrorism for being responsible? >> absolutely, a couple things driving this. you recall brexit, one of the issues was directive security, there a fear bringing in overwhelming members of islam allowed for a percentage of radical islam to come in with them, the british had a problem with radical islam for as a whiel. this one of the the reasons they have pushed for ta tactic, the tactical, arenas like this have been a treatment market for a long time, three weeks ago i in at penn station, when the amtrak police tased someone, and set off a huge rampage of people running through the station, because of panic. you do something like this in an arena, secondary affects of panic can also cause great
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damage destruction and injuries, this is no small issue. it clear that isis has been seeking to get inside of an even like this. i think we'll probably come to find that this was not shaolin monks, not a chinese terror group, probably isis, and we'll probably find there was a in in place tries to facilitfacilitate this bench the attack in parliament, this say important of president trump's trip to saudi arabia, stop to saudi arabia, open discussions, how do we fight this, this reinforces why we have to fight isis rapidly. lou: president has said he wants isis eliminated, we does not want to see it protracted as it has been for 16 years
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without recession. resolution. we're still fighting elements of al qaeda and the islamic state, and still fighting with the taliban for crying out loud. who and we have not destroyed popez fields of afghanistan. -- the poppy fields of afghanistan. that is one of the most mind less to me, malfee -- to not destroy the poppy field. >> you have to have the will to win. there is no body to this point who the will to win, political will to win, operation dark hark. was all about going to what i call the hart of darkness.
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safe havens of pa pan and isis in pakistan. you never had within the bush white house and obama white house the william to do what is necessary to achieve victory. isis is really in many way a deriff schiff like a retro vie lit virus that you got ways out of al qaeda, that obama administration setback and i think almost encouraged its craig of purposes, so, what you have seen is a policy failure, we're not inning lou, it is not because of the great men and women in the military, note because we don't have intelligence officer, it's because policies in place above military did not perry mitt to achiever victory, what happens, our until we decide as a nation effectry is the ultimate growth of our
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military efforts and then to figure out a way to bring stability to the region, you will continue to see what we're gig here, i would lime to think that president trump has that idea to bring people into place. to give them political guidance to allow them to do that. >> president said those who do this in name of read radical islam. he said that in the heart of islam, plainly and straight forward, there are still some whoeferred he useword radical islamist. he has been moved by his advisers to not use that ewe
7:30 pm
have a symantic battle going on within administration. >> yes, we do. lou: this is a president who asked for 30 days of his first month of office, 30 days to have a plan to exterminate radical -- isis. we do not see effort it has been initiated. >> going through that, i am somewhat familiar. the a plan being formed by pentagon to more rapidly do what the president wants. lou: we're 4 months in, this president is moving quickly. >> i am with you. lou: he tells generals, the generals have not won a war. over period. >> that is part of my criticism of the pentagon, i am with you, they have to as you say, president has to basically speak the truth, and i am sorry, i disagree with
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h.r. mcmaster, i would have encouraged to use word radical islam. i would advise president to either find someone who will allow him to use that word or something like that because, i think you have to speak the truth to the threat. he said this accurately, more members of the islamic faith has died from radical islam, that is a big indicator. lou: and you are looking at video of manchester arena, in england. there have been injuries and fa fatal fatalities. as a result of what has been described a loud bang.
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preume abily a terrorist act of some kind. i want to turn to the issue of north korea. they vow they will mass produce the missile they tested. 24 hours ago. they also are going to reduce this country to ashes, they have said many times. we're facing prospect of an emp attack according to the commission on the emp . i mean. at some point, we have a tough choice for this president to make. you are correct, now they have a missile that could do the job they have said they want to do, the threat now is has
7:33 pm
boykiintent and capability, they have to put together the capability to make it ready to use. for your audience to do, they can google star fish prime. high altitude nuclear blast july 1962, that showed how it took outlook power grid in hawaii. so north koreans know this. physics is physics. lou: considerable reporting here. in last few weeks on two satellites, that are circles ththe globe.
7:34 pm
so that is one of the prospect here that our national security people have to go through and present to the president. is china. we are getting very quickly. we learned from the "new york times." 20 characteristics cia source, and we are only learning about this between john brennan and barack obama. >> i believe there have been
7:35 pm
indications that hillary clinton had what we consider special access or human intelligence information on her computer. i talked to several defense officials who said, their fort chinese and russians both hacked into her system. if they hack in they will take that information and start dismantling any information they are aware of. john brennan was a train wreck at cia. he did everything he could to make that the premiere gay and lessian prime minister floir of the country but didn't care as much about the security. lou: sky news reporting bomb
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disposal teams are on site at an ariana grande concert. manchester arena has been evacuated. stay with us. much more when we come back. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, common side effects are tired dizziness, sleepiness,on. ht gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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lou: an update on breaking news out of the u.k.
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manchester police confirmed there are fatalities. reports an explosion at ariana grande's concert in manchester. the northern u.k. city. police and helicopters are being flown in. and all roads into the arena have been blocked off and trains as well. the f.b.i. says it has been made aware of reports of a possible bombing in manchester, u.k. this is one of the most frustrating incidents i have ever had to report. because there are so few facts available. we are told by the manchester police that there are injuries, that there are fatalities. that it is a serious incident. they do not describe the incident. they do not have a number of fatalities, they do not have a number of injuries. it is very disturbing.
7:41 pm
the first responders, law enforcement agencies and police in manchester are terriblably beset upon to come up with public information at a time when it's most desperately needed by the people of manchester as well as all around the world watching whether on sky news or fox business whatever network. joining me now, co-host of "the five," kimberly guilfoyle. we'll keep you up to date on what's happening in manchester as soon as the scantest detail he mornings. i want to turn to former prosecutor-attorney kimberly guilfoyle. one of the developments in washington is michael flynn, the
7:42 pm
fired national security advisor taking the fifth and refusing to turn over documents to the senate intelligence committee that have been subpoenaed. kimberly: if i were his defense attorney i would understand the potion's in because of this witch hunt against the trump campaign. pin the tail on the done question against general flynn? i don't know what transpired. but he has to protect his rights and his interests. especially if there is something potentially that's a criminal issue. he's following the advice of his attorney to not spry that. people can say what they will about that, but those are the rights he's entitled to to do that. all the facts and information we have available to us at this time say there is no evidence of collusion with the russians.
7:43 pm
then you ask, okay, are they trying to develop even further to try to find something. we have a lot of resources available to them. there were funds available. even as comey has said. there wasn't shortage of fund to conduct an investigation. lou: comey is stepping back from the jason chaffetz committee oversight because the special counsel asked him to do so. on one hand you have flynn acertaining his fifth amendment rights so he does haven't to give up anything with the senate intelligence committee, and in the house oversight being told by the special counsel, james comey, the fired director of the f.b.i. is being told don't give up anything because the special counsel doesn't want you to, so
7:44 pm
no information seems to be the information of the day with regard to unsubstantiated claims of russian-trump collusion, of which there is no evidence according to the same people, james comey and the intelligence community. kimberly: they all said the same thing, there is nothing here, but continue to devote man hours. it's almost as if we are not stopping until we get a certain outcome. lou were i really -- lou: i really get a kick out of seeing the burr-warner senate intelligence committee. we were told you could rely on their investigation. they look like complete hacks. they are going after flynn, but it is bizarre what they are doing.
7:45 pm
kimberly: trying to get blood from a stone. i don't know what the purpose is except they are trying to do reputational harm, to destroy a general who worked for the obama administration and was given his clearance by them. the point is, all of a sudde now that he's with president trump and associated with the campaign -- lou: we have 12 c.i.a. sources killed by the sheen ease between 2010 and 2012. no investigation. we have hillary clinton to have demonstrated to have violated he kind of federal law and there is no investigation. by the way, we have an f.b.i. director who has been told not to testify by the special counsel who never took any one of those scandals to a conclusion and prosecuted anyone in his entire career.
7:46 pm
kimberly: it's baffling. it really is. i'm going to hold out hope for jeff sessions and the prosecutors that work with him to see what in fact they may decide to do especially as it relates to hillary clinton. everybody knows there is evidence. this is like an open secret there is evidence there, especially that she mishandle the destruction of property. lou: we should point out the attorney general jeff sessions today issued a stern warnings to sanctuary is saying the funding for grants to cities and municipalities and jurisdictions that become sanctuaries in violation of federal immigration laws. they will lose their homeland security fund and department of justice funding period. kimberly: good.
7:47 pm
why should they be allowed to flagrantly violate the law? are they a nation unto themselves? this is how they act. lou: let's roll a video of rahm emanuel in chicago where he security up just beferg. the public safety, the economy. we are watching one of the biggest disasters in public emmyee pension funds. it is a disaster. but he's going to protect illegal immigrants. kimberly: that's his priority. that's his priority. but forget about the rest of the cities and the businesses and the hard-working taxpayers and community that want to be safe there. he's the play book of how to fail fast. lou: there are a few other examples across the countries. kimberly: and who are running those cities.
7:48 pm
lou: you having fun on "the five"? kimberly: we are having fun. yes, yes, yes. lou: great show. kimberly: thank you. lou: self people have been killed following an explosion at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. police and witnesses say the singer was not injured. the f.b.i. aware of reports of a possible bombing in manchester, england. that has not been the long wage of law enforcement authorities who are holding just about every detail close to their vest, i guess you could say. stay with us. we'll try to pry some of those details from the ether.
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lou: joining me now the dean of them all, ed rollins. pulitzer prize winning columnist for the "new york post," fox news contributor, michael goodwin. let's start with the lead. an explosion in manchester.
7:53 pm
i want to point out to you. some of you sense a certain frustration on my part. i want to apologize. that's unprofessional of me. we have been on the air here and the manchester police, none of the reporting news organization from manchester have been able to give us any specific details about an eggsr explosion that is presumably a bomb. according to the f.b.i. they have been informed there was a bombing in manchester. but i have never seen the like of this. have you? mike: no, it's pretty surprising. it's not as if britain is some third world country where these things don't happen. if somebody contacts the f.b.i.
7:54 pm
and the f.b.i. is telling us more than the british police, it's odd. lou: ed, your thoughts about any time there is a terrorist attack. i'm speculating willfully. ed: the right cal thing whether it's a terrorist attack or not, it instantaneously can grab all the headlines and the president is on a significant trip around the world and having a good trip and all of a sudden the attention comes here and it should. but this is what terrorism is about. i think to a certain extent you think of those parents sitting at home at night waiting to hear from their kids. my daughter graduated from college yesterday, in the area she was in, there were three or four universities having their graduations.
7:55 pm
terrorism is something we have to think about stopping. lou: we have gotten one advance in this story. the manchester police according to sky news are treating this as a terrorist incident is the way they are describing it. and we'll tell you how they are describing it as they go. but they are being very reticent and there may be some reason for this that will unfold that will explain it. but they are being extraordinarily reticent to share any details with the public who is concerned as ed says, frightened. some with loved ones there. this is a peculiar way for authorities to act. 21,000 people in the manchester arena, and they were there for an ariana grande concert. ariana grande herself not
7:56 pm
injured, we are told. mike: this is a facet of globalization, when these things happen, we imagine ourselves or around families and loved ones and friend at events like this. how many times we have gone to places like this. and we tend to forget about it until it happens again. then we relive all of these experiences. so the fear is now globalized. >> it was only march 22 it was the knife attack on -- in westminster near parliament. the u.k. is living with this in increasing frequency, it appears. >> don't think it's just the u.k. but i think it reality is this could happen anywhere. i'll go back to what i said earlier. these are innocent victims. young people who aren't at war with anybody.
7:57 pm
these are young people symbolic of society out having a good time. now that town, that country and the world will be totally affected. the cells that are there, this is not somebody walking in with a bomb tonight. lou: we just heard from the bbc that the death toll is being described -- the death toll has reached double figures. it's a serious incident as manchester police described it initially it's indeed that. ed: these cells are out there. they are probably here in this country, too. that's what law enforcement thinks. lou: it is happening in the u.k., and one of the reasons, and part of the reason for brexit is there is great concern over the refugees who have come
7:58 pm
into the muslim population broadly. but most specifically, those muslims who have been abroad fighting for the islamic state and who are returning to the u.k. has many, many people troubled, deeply so. ed: i think with all the stuff going on in saudi arabia, i don't think this was planned a month ago to be this particular night until they are now distracting from this worldwide story. mike: but it does serve to reenforce the president's message about drive them out. drive them out of all of our countries. the brits have great experience in the arabian world. this is no doubt something that unites the civilized world. i think that's one of the messages of the president's trip
7:59 pm
and he has been successful making that case. lou: i think he may be having more success in uniting some of the countries in which jihadism, radical islamist terror has been the most violent as well as the source of that which has been exported to the world. he is on the verge, it appears, of succeeding. tonight appears he's succeeding in creating a new order for the middle east. and that is something. to ed's point, that's precise live what the islamic state must fear. first all when president trump says basically we are going to consign you to hell to the islamic state, and the arab states standing with him on
8:00 pm
that, it's a remarkable time. ed: fortunately for our country we have a leader who believes there is terrorism and there are bad people in the world and he will do everything he can with hissal lives to root them out. that's a big place from where we have been the last 8 years. lou: that's your nice way of saying the 8 years of president obama were a today tras as trophy and waste because we did not fight for purpose and design for victory against the islamic state and you are right. mike: part of what you have saw, the jubilation in saudi arabia, is this idea that america has reversed the obama policies. we are not interested in courting iran. we are fighting iran. that's the message the sunni arab world wanted to tear because they have been alone. each of these countries has been


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