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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 30, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> lou: good evening, everybody. a new report upon exposes the obama administrationy's shocking a bufs power. circa news reporting that obama's national security agency spied on americans with impunity and violated the constitution and received a free pass from the left wing national media for eight years. more than one than 20 internet searches by the nsa violated private information laws. fox news jameses rosen has our report.
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>> reporter: on the day that president obama visited los angeles last october to yuck it up with jimmy kimmels, lawyers were informing the foreign intelligence report that nsa violated the rights of millions of americans. >> people expect the government to monitor this enough to protect them from bad guys, but they worry if government is in there too much, then that who's going to protect them from government? >> reporter: details show that the court rebuked the administration with greater frequency than disclosed to the court, u.s. analyst queried the internet upstream collection even though the minimumization procedures prohib beitted such
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queries. the judge's blasted nsa's institutional lack of candor and add that had it is a serious fourth amendment issue. >> we can say there is a finding that some of the spying on americans actually violated the law. >> reporter: documents show that the fisa showed the procedures were constitutionally deficient with the information. five weeks later, the judges learned that nsa never enacted the changes it promised to make. the operations have conducted other reviews. there is preliminary results suggesting that the problem was widespread in all periods of review. >> there is acquisition of data by the intelligence community
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and distribution to the people who don't need to continue. and unmasking and releasing the knew true names of human beings whose name and phone you calls were the subject of all of this and the revelation of those names. >> reporter: senator rand paul, from kentucky called this an amazing a bufs power. a spokesesman for president obama did not return phone calls. this is the act that u.s. americans get caught up in surveillance. >> lou: 702, the intelligence community tells us it is essential it is clearly being being abused by the obama administration and in nearly every respect. this administration whose cia
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spied on the senate intelligence committee and spy scandal led by susan rice, the national security adviser. james this is a scandal that worsens by the day it seems. >> reporter: i know about being placed under surveillance by the obama administration, so i suspect we have not heard the last of this. >> lou: james, thank you so much. the irony did not escape me. thank you for being with us. fox news releasing new polls on the fraudulent russian scandal. if there were russian efforts to influence our election. 49 percent said it had had no outcome on the collection and 45 percent said the special council will reveal no coordination
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between the election. >> and the scandal that jameses pointed out. we'll talk to chris farrell. chris, it just gets worse as i said seemingly, the day or week. the obama administration was spying on america. violating the constitution and in doing so with a sanctimonious tone that would have had had us all disbelieved any such account in his presidency because the national left wing committee was compliceit. oversight committees were spied on and e.g. norring that fact. this is ransid what occurred under president obama. >> it is reckless criminal
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behavior. i pray to god that the attorney general has a grand jury impanelled this can't be glossed over or talked about as an unfortunate incident. this is government agencies knowingly, and willfully lying on the fisa court. and for domest pic politicals purposeses just like it did the irs. it is consistent that the administration that used irs against political opponents would use the intelligence system to also spy domesticaly on their opponents. this had is abuse of power and authority like we have never seen in this country. >> lou: part of this rest with the fisa court calling it a lack of candor.
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>> it is contempt and there should have been u.s. marshals taking the various attorneys who made misrepresentation in to custody. there has to be a hard ball approach and not just talk it away. there are members of the gang of eight on the hill i believe have guilty knowledge of this. this went on for years. and expansion on authority that was reckless is the best word. >> lou: i am going to further this in terms of what it represen represents. it represents fanatical attempt on the part of the left on president trump and first his transition team and then his administration. this is a grouch eight -- group
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of eight powerful men and women in the congress and senate who ve oversig responsibilities and beyond that other committees who hav oversight intelligence committee. they had to know that these rights of american citizens were trampled by the nsa, by other agencies. >> you are right. in addition to that, you have an fbi director in james comey who refused to prosexecute and investigate and bring consequence to those who are violating laws whether it be the targeting of irs or the fast and furious or clinton foundation that was a obvious criminal enterprise and now a national left wing media that is utterly
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compliceit in some cases their own aggressive eagerness to join with the left. >> the obama administration is part of their technique in doing this, always involves and makes compliceit the agency involveded. for example, when they weaponize the irs, they have lois lerner and her circle communicating with the justice about criminal prosecutions and they rack the fbi with irs files. they are not going to prosecute them. they are involved with them. the same with the nsan and intelligence agencies that are sed t collect intelligence. the agencies themselves are compliceit and they are slow to respont or react to coptwith ig's. it is a rack sxet it needs an
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attorney general to launch a grand jury and break this once and for all. >> lou: attorney general sessions is the man responsible here and he has to do something. if we are going to see the swamp drained, if we are going to see this kind of criminal conduct, abusive conduct of government power, we have to have consequence and people have to be prosecuted. do you believe that the attorney general will initiate those investigations and seek those consequences? >> he dam well better. the constitution is at risk. this is not hype are bollic television talk. you can't allow the officers and agents of the federal government to violate the fourth amendment and thumb their nose at the court and everyone just walk
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away. it can't happen. there has to be a criminal prosecution. >> lou: chris farrell, thank you. and now we rely on the attorney general. we'll be back with more. stay with us. president trump callses for a worldwide effort to crush radical islamic terror. >> we must drive out the terrorist and extremist and stop the evil ideology and protect and defend our citizen and people of the world. >> lou: we take up the trump's administration to win the war. the white house revealing the taxpayer first budget. the installment for the board wall. >> we are dead serious about the wall. >> conservative comment
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it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> lou: the trump administration today unveiled its first budget of 4.1 trillion plan entitled the new foundation for american greatness.
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2 billion for infrainstruct and you are 1.6 billion to build the wall and 19 billion for a new parental leave plan and 600 billion in cutses to medicaid an effort to balance the budget over the next decade. >> it is new that it balances for the first time in ten years. the previous administration gave up on that. if i take money from you, and have no intention of getting it back. that is not debt, that is theft. >> lou: joining me what director mull vane called a taxpayer first budget and the trump administration's efforts to build the wall michelle malkin, michelle great to have you with us. man, this is some budget. $4.1 trillion and we have a down payment or perhaps an
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installment if you will on the wall, what do you make of it? >> i think it is a very solid down payment on donald trump's most important promise and that is building that wall and making sure that our land, sea and airports of security are in fact, secure. so with regard the physical infrastructure and the manpower increases along the southern board, i think are the americans of all political persuasions and back grounds who supported donald trump because of how important border security was for them upon will be happy. you have 32 miles of wall that will be funded along with the southern boarder and fence nothing san diego where apprehensions are highest. you have custom and border
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patrol agent and federal immigration agents. because i believe that the folks at dhs and the trump administration in the highest levels understand we need comprehensive border security. it is not just the wall. >> lou: what a point. comprehensive immigration reform. >> and comprehensative enforcement entails increasing the number of criminal investigators for example, and paying attention to all asspects of security. and increase maritine security and airport security gets bolstered, too. >> lou: looking at all of the money being spent. it is a beginning of a dramatic turn with fiscal, 18 budget. it is also a very controversial
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cut in spending that cut a lot of people in both partieses by surprise. key spending cuts. medicaid and children's health insurance programs 16 billion. and food stamps cut. and student loan program 143 billion and disability program 72 billion. your reaction to that and some of the criticism that the president is receiving from the primarily the left? >> yes, and the usual suspects, the big government chicken little alarmist are reacting to this as if it is a flash when really what we are talking about is promising steps in what i believe is the right direction and slowing the rate of growth of government at all levels. but of course, from the entitlement expansionist and
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democratic party, you have the usual hugh and cry that babies are having food snatched from them and old people are going to die, die, die. and i think that the american people are tired of that kind of apocalyptic overreach. it is a step in the right direction and i hope that the trump administration holds fast on it. >> lou: as long as the lest wing party exists there will be apocalyptic, apocalyptic. the moving to the states and making determinations and through block grant and reverse allocation, i think it could be historic and critically important to change the tone of the conversation and indeed, the conversation itself and put people back to work. and this president has been focused from the beginning, from
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before p the beginning on creating jobs and brightened the outlook for millions of americans already. >> indeed, it is pro american taxpayer and family and citizen. take medicaid spending, for example. in many stateses, what's happen uponed open border democrats that high jacked medicaid spending to steer it away from american families of disabled kids and it was steered to illegal immigration. in chicago, i covered the facts of families of disabled children who are kicked back to the back of the line. the tluchl administration is saying no more of that and so called radical american policies. where are the democrats to stand up for that? >> lou: michelle malkin, thanks.
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up next. speaker paul ryan. we haven't heard from him for a while. he is far removed from reality. i bring ryan back with a heavy and reluctant heart. stay with us. ♪
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>> lou: a view thoughts on the delusions of the speaker of the house. we thought for a fleeting few days, paul ryan might decide to align himself with the president, nation and his party or at the least gone to ground. but today's politicalo headline reminds us of the broad, deep divide between ryan and reality. here is the headline. ryan bucks white house setting up clash on taxes.
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no, it appears that ryan is pushing his border opposition tax against the president. good lord, the speaker argued against the president's agenda again and declared his plan is the smart way to go. frankly there is nothing smart about opposing the nation's leader and the party's leader and the president of the united states. the way and means committee kevin brady encouraging to pitch the adjustment tax into the made into america tax. ryan apparently has no shame. he worked against donald trump in p the campaign and refused to work for president trump and the agenda and failed the to get the votes and the second effort
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succeeded only because of the efforts of the president. and now the bill passed by the pass hasn't made it to the senate. with ryan waiting on the score from the cbo despite the agencies track record. he might use health care as leverage with the president to get his tax plan, you know, art of the deal and the speaker's way is neither better or smarter or anything than a mere delusion. and all he had to do from the beginning was to just keep upon grinning and remain quiet. but no. quotation of the evening from phillip k. dick. reality is that which you stop believing in it doesn't go away. president trump touts economic
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optimism and saudi arabia pledges 47 billion to build american infrastructure. >> we have created almost a million new job and added over 3 trillion in new value, lifted the burdens on american industry. >> lou: billionaire, brilliant investors home depo co-founder said president trump could turn out to be one of the greatest presidents. he joins me here next. getting waves it's like,
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>> lou: president trump, signing a 110 billion arm's deal with saudi arabia. that deal includes tanks and helicopters for border security and chips for coastal security. and missile defense radar system. and saudi arabia's largest sovereignty wealth along with private equity blackstone announcing a 40 billion investment plan and the deal will only get bigger approaching the course of the next decade, a half trillion dollars. that's sir why's foreign policy, folks. my next guest praises the next deals in saudi arabia and said the president could turn out to be one of america's best president's ever. joining me now, a great
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american. kim langone. >> thank you for having me, lou. >> lou: isn't that an impressive display. the president goes in and organizes the deal and flies directly into the holy land. first time ever. >> i guess he knows what he's doing. >> lou: i think he does. >> maybe. i think i back away from this whole activity. >> lou: backing away from politicses. >> i am talking about trump's tour. back here at home. challenges in americans is income inequality big time. you think of all of the spending half trillion you are talking about. everything is made here in america. jobs, infrastructure in america. jobs. high paying jobs.
4:35 am
>> lou: absolutely. >> middle-class jobs. if we can get this economy growing and i think we can. 3, 3 percent a year over a period of five years, there's no stopping us. >> lou: i agree with you. i wouldn't say no stopping us if we don't stop ourselves. >> you are right. >> lou: there is no nation that can compete and as long as we are organized and honest p what we are doing and straightforward in our politicses. right now, the deep state is not honest and the left is fighting this president. and they are trying to subvert him and his policy and agenda at every turn. >> fact, you can't argue with facts. you can twist them. >> this president is rolling back regulations and saying to
4:36 am
corporate america that you are america but the country is important. and not trickle down economics. >> if mr. trump called me and i have great admiration to the stick to it. he won against all odds. he won against republican and democrats. >> lou: and now four months in the presidency. tells me he has stamina and staying power. he has an agenda and leadership. >> one bit of advice for him. don't go down to the level of the media. don't go down to their level and take the high road. >> lou: okay. >> i have no trouble what so ever with his plans and his goal and objectives, i think that if
4:37 am
he takes a more presidential stand upon, the way it were. i know, i know, i am asking him to go through a personality transfer. >> lou: you are talking about a transferrance. >> don't lose all of his ages. but don't react when the media wants to provoke and they want to see him react. you>> lou: that is a benign view if i may. i think the stubborn facts are out there and national left wing and corporate owners that decided to throw this man as far as they can. they will overthrow the government and destroy his presidency and they will not like going to roll it back to where they were nice and comfortable and other doxy establishment that they could do with tax and write the laws whether they are bankruptcy law
4:38 am
and you name it? step aside and we'll write the laws. >> it is more basic than that. they threw everything at him in the campaign and guess what, he beat them. >> lou: i want to hear you will stand up for this president against the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce, and every, every single power center in the country and say represent the american people, mr. president the and what you promiseded, deliver on. >> you have my vote right now. if what i am asking him to do, mr. president, these things you promised and go do them. that's all we want from politician. it would be one of the first time its happens. >> lou: if that is all we ask for this is one is delivering. >> so far. okay. >> lou: it is great to see you. come back and school me smm. >> you school me.
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>> lou: no, you are. >> you are the presumed sage. >> lou: not me p. >> yeah. >> lou: i am a kid from lubbock, texas. >> i am from the streets of long island. >> lou: you own most of the streets of manhattan now. >> thank you very much. >> lou: please roll the video now. this dare devil duo, taking a wide ride. on on the back of a woman in a wing suit and leaping off for a wing suit ride and the pair soaring close to the rocks before he let go and a heart stopping ride and plunge. up next, speaker ryan pushing against the wide house.
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he decided james comey was not a nut job. we waited for that? and my next guest said ryan's and my next guest said ryan's proposal is dead on on arrival.
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>> president trump in brussel for the nato summit meeting that takes place tomorrow. secretary of state tillerson is traveling with the president and talked about the push to get allieses to do more to combat the islamic state. >> they have become more and more engaged in the actual fight to defeat isis. i think the secretary feels that is important step to take. there are country s that are thinking it over and i think they will join nato and become a formal member. >> lou: president trump will address the issue that only five of the 30 nato members spend the wriered gd, that they are required to on behalf of nato. and here to talk about the leadership around the world.
4:45 am
here at the home, joining us is senator david purdue, member of budget foreign relations and judiciary. senator, great to have you with us. beginning first with the president's trip. he was met with enthusiastic and warm ceremony and demonstrations and leaders, all seemingly rushing to be at his side. how does this compare to your expectations? >> in contrast to the first trip upon that president obama took where he visited the muslim countries and forgot israel. but president trump soaps to get better press internationally than at home. he is reengaging with the world and the world is responding to that, lou. on foreign realations, i travelled and talked to the heads of state and they said
4:46 am
america needs to step up and lead again. that doesn't mean hundred thousand troops on the surface of syria. but reengage and coales against terrorism and get our economy going again. >> lou: it is it is being to hear the president talk about nato and whether it is it creating an arab nato in the middle east. he's talking about partnership and relationships with these countries he's not talking about dominating them and sitting aside and sort of with a sense of superiority commenting on what they are doing correctly or incorrectly. this president is setting an entirely different tone for american leadership certainly with his predecessor. >> we saw we had a different kind of candidate and predicted a different president. he is a practicingmatist and
4:47 am
wants results. you talked p this, lou, europe needs to step up and help upon fund their own defense. in the middle east it is it's local solution where all partners are engaged. they need american leadership. >> lou: turning to matters here at home. mitch mcconnell didn't know how he will get 50 votes right now for the health care legislation. what are we running into here when the leaders of our two houses mitch mccon and he will speaker ryan don't seem as if they are lined up shoulder to shoulder with the president of the united states and leader of their party. >> you see it in tax and health care. this is one where results will win the day. i am hopeful to get to results
4:48 am
on health care. i hope upon we can get 50 votes. we should have worked on it over the last six years. the solution is comprecated and we need to get behind the president and follow his leadership. obamacare is collapsing. and there 1100 counties that are down to one health care provider in the individual market. we have seen premiums rise 140 percent over the last two years alone. we have to deal with four thing and one is access. you have to make sure they don't lose the insurance premiums, too. and the third thing, medicaid situation, we have to deal with that. and lastly, make sure preexisting conditions are not ignored. this is an opportunity to reach in the fut and you are lessen the curve of mandatory
4:49 am
liabilities that have been built up. >> lou: i think you are right. we'll get to the issue leadership. and that is mcconnell with holding the support for the president and party and legislation. speaker ryan, for crying out loud coming out and saying he doesn't think that former fbi director james comey is a nut job and proposing a ridiculous border adjustment tax of 20 percent. and fighting the president on it. >> what in the world does the president have to do, does your conference have to do and the republican party have to do to get so- called leaders straightened out? >> you know, lou, i am a business guy and not a psychologist and what is going on in the brain of paul ryan. > lou: in the business world
4:50 am
you get results or lose your position as a leader. >> this two year period we have. you said this republicans have to learn how to govern again and this two year period is a probation period and not a man date. we had to get gorsuch approveded and confirmed. regulations. passing 14 bills and the president is acting on that and now heavy lifting. we have to give our version for health care a solid vote and get it passed and have are toings pass the tax package that the president p outlined in the proposal. >> lou: senator perdue, thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> lou: up next, the obama spy scandal worsens by the day. molly hemmingway and ma
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>> lou: the trump administration is ramped up the deportation of ms- 13 gang members as it promised it would. new statistics show that the federal government deported 400 gang members to elsal vadorthis year, that compares to 534 in all of last year. president trump's policy is a reversal of the obama
4:55 am
administration which knowingly allowed in gang msof- 13 members who arriveded in 2016. in our on line poll last night, do you believe that president trump is right to call islamic terrorist and their supporters evil loser and call for their obliteration. 98 percent said he is absolutely correct. and joining me now to talk about the president's war against the left wing media and defiant speaker ryan is mark samoan and molly hemmingly. molly, "fake news", the latest poll harvard harris showing 65 percent of the voters say that the media is publishing "fake news" being and the numbers are higher among republicans than
4:56 am
democrats, your reaction? >> yeah, the numbers are a little bit low given that it is a daily occurrence and they are getting stories wrong. a story that claimed that president trump had violated all sorts of protocol by sharing with the philippine president and submains and that was public information and i didn't see anybody retracted the stories. and there is a major problem be with media not checking source and doing due diligence and they kept on get nothing trouble for it. >> how much do you think is, mark, is purposeful deceit and attack rather than simply incompetence and mistakes. >> 10 million percent purposefulful.
4:57 am
and the russian story is the greatest new's story of all time. they got it nailed down and who, what or when and i can't find a single person who was influenced by anything russian. >> lou: what i love, molly, is mark saying the story that the preposterous trump/russian collusion. it is stunning to me. there is no evidence and no one with the gutses to deny it even though we know it is it a joke. now the media is turning to say, my god, did you know the president asked the heads of two intelligence agencies to disavow the story as if that were scandalous rather than common sense and reasonableable. >> it is interesting about the
4:58 am
media shift nothing short of treson saying he is a stooge of vladimar put and i know now that fella part, and they are saying that the real problem is obstruction of justice because donald trump denied its was a big story and he said it is a made up story and regardless what may be found out by a special counsel and prosecutor. there is major soul searching how they pushed one of the most delusional conspiracy theories ever to come across many new's page and there doesn't seem to be self introinspection. even how they keep repeating the breaking news every few weeks and like there were conversations between someone who might be russian or the trump campaign. but it doesn't support. >> and blame upon james comey.
4:59 am
he found nothing and blamed paul ryan and these two alligators defending each other in the swamp. they put swamp before country. >> lou: speaker ryan, just when we thought he had gon gotten in line with his party and conscience and the national interest suddenly saying james comey is a not a nut job. now the question becomes speaker ryan and here we go with more of the same. this president is putting up with more vicious nonsense and more petty vicious nonsense than any president in history, molliy. you get the last word. >> it is one thing for donald trump to give his view on comey. but not paul ryan. republicans need to see what is going on with intelligence
5:00 am
security agency and violations. >> lou: grand jury should be empanelled at will cross all of dc. >> breaking news this morning breaking his silence after his dui arrest over the weekend. the golf legend apologized and said he wasn't drunk and let me medication. that endorsement deals in jeopardy? good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i am trained were. president reagan standing by his son-in-law jared kushner after a back channel to communicate his democrats call for security clearance to be revoked. we will have the story for you. cheryl: british airways to recover from a technical failure over the


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