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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 30, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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cheryl: by the way, the video people doing yoga in times square at a summer solstice in new york city. do it. it's really, really sad. google got together and and take a camera crew. cheryl: i can do downward dog. how was yours? >> yoga is not relaxing because you have to do it in groups because you are on a mat next to a sticky, sticky person. you need no yoga to relax. lauren: you're not coming with us? dagen: note. good morning, everybody. i am dagen mcdowell emperor maria bartiromo. tuesday, may 30th. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. a new story in "the wall street journal" says the efforts to redo the tax code has stalled or the general says the main region for the death cab to pay for those tax cuts. a closer look ahead. the threat from north korea or
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the country testing another missile over the weekend. details on what the pentagon is doing in response later this hour. british airways attended dozens of flights canceled. passengers stranded. >> this is a trip of a lifetime for the last year and a half. we are back to work next week. just say go home, nothing to do with us. >> there have been better system. >> back up and running. the cost could hit nine figures. another line of great recession has faded away. credit scores hitting a record high. the health of the economy coming out. markets reopening after the holiday weekend. you can see slight losses across the board right now. the s&p 500 ad
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this day at all-time highs. if you take a look at the dow, the dow is only 35 points away from a record close. in europe, checking market action on three major markets. across the board although very modest in germany. in asia overnight, markets in china and hong kong closed for a holiday. he canned coffee with little change. well was tiger woods arrested for a dui sunday night. he denies that he was drinking. looking at the major endorsement deals and risk on his career if there is one last. all of that and so much more coming up to sporting. here with me for three hours commend ms. lansky and partners president. global economics editor jon hilsenrath and heather higgins. welcome to everybody. >> good morning. dagen: heavyset something fantastic.
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she you look fantastic. -- we have so much to talk about his incredible gas. general jack keane, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., honduras and mexico, john negroponte. actress candice cameron is here and former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and fox news contributor carl rove. you don't want to miss it. john says a lot to talk about and choose top stories. president trump says tax refund is moving along close ahead of schedule. there you can see donald trump tweeted over the weekend. massive tax cuts and reform. big benefits to all. using all-caps you better pay attention to that. "the wall street journal" reported this morning the republican plans to reshape the nation's tax code are facing significant hurdles from the
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status quo in washington. the gop's dreams have collided with interest group lobbying in the tax system reality. the journal says much of this has to do with grappling over how to offset the tax code. how are you going to pay for them? >> exactly. the big ideas in the paul ryan flynn introduced last year. the border adjustment taxes a trillion dollars of revenue that created the threat of very cold reception in the senate. corporate interest deductions getting rid of that. the state and local tax deduction might be able to get rid of that. but when you look at so many of the things they want to use to pay for this thing, facing resistance are the only thing you have left his state and local and growth that doesn't get you a lot of tax
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if a democrat takeover, who is the one that wants to say we are going to increase taxes? >> president obama will pay socket to the rich they can afford it did to mitch mcconnell over the weekend,
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kind of tempered expectations in an interview he did about passing health care reform. president trump tweeting about health care reform. he called for, listen to this, spending more to health care. we had more dollars to health care and make it the best anywhere. obama carries that. republicans will do much better. do we actually know what this means. and the medicare hospital fund is going to run out of money in 11 years. >> this is the point i was trying to make earlier. he's making conflict in congress are trying which might sound good, but how you spend more on health care appeared heidi spend more on health care and cut all these taxes and not get rid of deductions that pay for taxes paid albeit the growth.
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>> that was the problem people have with obamacare. in order to pay for the insurance for people who were older and not in good health. i'm not talking about medicare, that you had a penalty for people who didn't buy insurance. taxes to pay for it. he's talking about spending more. i know it is a tweaked, but still to a conservative. >> understand, trump didn't start out as a conservative. the economic constraints you associate with his evidence, the men who like single-payer. the reality is that health care is expensive because they put in all these benefits and regulations that drove up everybody's cost at a personal level as well as a financial bubble appeared there are ways to do it and you could do is
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bring down costs for everybody. >> this is another great example of washington not able to make hard choices. the biggest giveaway is the giveaway for medical coverage and they are not touching. >> they were going to reduce benefit, the tax benefit that got taken out. the journal editorial page gave a thumbs down. we are all nerds. we love the number appeared british airways leaving thousands of passengers stranded after a major tech of failure canceled hundreds of flights. systems are back up and running that it could hit nine figures. details ahead. more trouble for tiger woods. the professional golfer apologizing after he was arrested for driving under the influence on memorial day. the incident means for his major endorsement deal.
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trade two men while noriega dead at the age of 83. >> that's right. a source close to his family say
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he died last night. it has not yet been come to the cause of death. noriega was ousted as the dictator by ed bashan in 1989. he later served 17 years in the united states for a drug sentence. each year the report written in house arrest or prepare for brain surgery on a benign tumor. noriega is survived by his wife and three daughters. meanwhile, british police are releasing photos of salman substance who killed 11 people and injured nine team outside of the ariana grande concert. abedi carried a blue suitcase. here's the picture you can see appeared authorities can see apparent authority stressing the suitcase is not yet been used in the attack. they also asked the public to come forward with any information about the new suitcase. this comes after 14 men are now in custody in connection with the may 22nd bombing.
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police scoured through 1300 hours of recording in the search 21 addresses related to the attack. and then here at home, and immigration report by texas republican map rinaldi sparks a physical altercation from democrats on the house floor. democratic members on the texas legislature purportedly assaulted and threatened congressman after he called immigration and customs enforcement. this comes after illegal immigrant demonstrators disrupted proceedings regarding a bill targeting sanctuary cities and lawmakers spoke out shortly after. watch. >> based think they can say whatever they want and at some point the repercussion. >> there was a threat made from representative made from representative rinaldi to put a bullet in one of my colleagues had. >> today has proven it's never, ever boring. reporter: never boring in the great state of texas. rinaldi has responded saying he did say threatening was only after similar threats from a
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colleague. a computer meltdown may now cost british airways over $100 million paid to failure ground and thousands flights over the weekend. british airways canceled saturday flights from london's two biggest airports. there was reportedly no evidence that hackers were to blame. long delays and cancellations continued into monday's british airways had 75,000 passengers affect it. passengers come additional staff and in lost revenue could total between 100 to up to $138 million. dagen, nothing like having a big outage on memorial day weekend. back to you. lauren: i do -- dagen: i do feel sorry for the people at the airlines that have to do with the passengers. >> is customer service reps who have to deal with those people in the stories we just are people talking about. i saved a euro to have to go dissertation come i only have a
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week to get there. emotions are running high. if not the fault of the customer service reps who can imagine the level of stress. i am feeling sorry for the passengers. it's just very difficult. very often some of the customer service representatives are wonderful. others are completely indifferent. >> it all comes down to how they airlines compensate you when they screw you. dagen: delta does a very good job of compensating people. give them a free fight in the compound. dagen: delta for the most purple now hand out gift cards. it's like an american express gift card. not even a flight voucher. i was fighting over the weekend and a side weekend and his sidekick hav ferry route to a large group of people who have just missed their flight because of their connection. she was so rude i said something to her. i think you need to be nicer to the passengers because how you behave goes a long way.
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then she started screaming at me, so i tweeted delta about her. i said the woman at gate 20 at laguardia was really super rude to a bunch of passengers. >> airlines have had a tough time lately. dagen: at least i didn't take her photo and tweeted. we feel for the british airways passengers. president trump has voters bending over backwards. why more people are reaching for the yoga mat since the election. taking a look at futures. you can take a look at slight losses across the board, the record has goes out last week for the s&p and nasdaq composite. the jobs report comes out at the end of this week. we have your preview next. ♪ let your body move to the music ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ come on, "vogue"
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dagen: taking a look at futures comest lightcraft losses across the board. the guy was about 35 points away from its record high. s&p 500 and nasdaq composite start today at all-time highs. despite it being a shortened trading week, it will be a busy one, particularly in terms of economic news. friday with the may jobs report could join us now is jpmorgan head of equity strategy in new york city. steven riis travels all the time. >> great to see you. dagen: great to see you. based on what the markets are, we're talking about it earlier, doing a good tax reform to hold
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these levels? >> for u.s. markets were sure up about 80% year-to-date. we think that is justified based on the fundamentals of the u.s. economy and a very strong earnings growth we see here today. we are essentially at her price target slightly above that. from here to get further upside you do need clarity of tax reform when and how much that's going to be. >> stephen, i want to ask you about the earnings picture is. the earnings number that looked pretty good up to you and your bases, which is that government data last week which were soft quarter to quarter. how sustainable is the proper read that we've seen under the american companies? >> sustainable for 2017. the first quarter is the best year-over-year growth. easy energy comparison is strong dollar comparisons from a year ago. as you progress, the growth rate is going to decelerate a little bit, but we modeled for that in 2018 you should expect it lower earnings picture because he will not have that from the energy rebound.
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but of course there's tax reform that could come to reduce the numbers. we think about this here 8% growth next year closer to 5%. that would get tax reform that could go up to 10%. that is why we see upside in the markets. >> you need tax reform to keep this going. >> a multiple of 17 times in line with historical averages. permits are quite good from here you need to see the boost from reforms. dagen: if you put your money to work, do you put it here? >> we are comfortable investing in the u.s. you want to focus on financials, places that can benefit from expectations of higher interest rates. technology for higher growth this year. broad market exposure europe has more upside. the earnings picture looks quite good good sentiment is quite negative. people are skeptical about the elections and over u.s. percentage points. >> there has been a huge flood of honey. >> still the very earliest ages.
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europe is up 11%. there could be years of performance. >> emerging markets have done poorly. whe isou focus or n? >> would like emerging markets as well. looking up parts of the chinese economy like technology, health care, consumer, the earnings story looks quite good. valuations are cheap. europe over the current models. >> almost certainly raising rates in a couple weeks. why isn't the market concerned? tonight we are coming off a very low levels. over history when rates rise from very low levels to less of levels, multiple stay where they are or move higher. the market is comfortable with the fact rates are moving higher for the right reasons. earnings growth is good in its optimism around potential reform. dagen: this is a short-term call, but the 10 year yield lasting two and a quarter. could you see a little bit of a selloff in bonds turned treasury
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debt ahead of the federal reserve? >> i think so. from an equity perspective we are being careful about buying a super high dividend stocks have done so well. in the event rates due start to price, they could underperform. dagen: has always come at turn 11. i hope you had a relaxing weekend. >> her parents came in. dagen: you deserve it. global tensions with the new anti-ballistic missile program this week just days after another test launch with north korea. the details, max. give yourself some credit. america's credit scores hitting record highs this spring. what it means for the health of our economy. that is ahead.
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in nor maria bartiromo today. tuesday may 30th, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. tensions rising with north korea. the hermit kingdom firing yet another missile over the weekend in latest act of aggression. this comes as the pentagon prepares to test antiballistic missile system for the very first time this week. >> this could be a very serious crisis along the lines of the cuban missile crisis unless we do everything we can to restrain north korean behavior. dagen: latest on the rising tensions ahead.
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eat at chipotle, releasing new details on massive data breach it sustained earlier this year. concerns as customers names and credit card information including verification codes may have been exposed. meantime credit scores hitting a record high, americans getting finances in order as they put recession in the rear-view mirror. what it means for the economy ahead. and tiger woods in big trouble off the course. arrested with dui with latest hit for reputation means for massive sponsorship deal including nike. markets reopen after holiday weekend. dow is about 35 points away from a record high. s&p 50 and nasdaq close on friday all-time highs. in europe you have losses across
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the board. three major markets there, the french stock market overnight. china and hong kong closed for a holiday but japan and south korea, little change. american striking a post election pose, why many in the country are turning to yoga after president trump's election win. preparing for the north korean threat. the pentagon will test antimissile baa -- ballistic system, overnight u.s. bombers flew over joint korean borders, defense secretary james mattis said if the conflict escalates, it could prove catastrophic. >> we are working with the international community to deal with this issue, this regime is a threat to the region, to japan, to south korea, the
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bottom line is it would be a catastrophic war if this turns into combat, if we were not able to resolve this situation through diplomatic means. dagen: joining us this morning fox news military analysts general jack keane. general, your thoughts on them, the u.s. testing antimissile system? jack: yeah, this is something that we have been working on for some time. what it's designed to shoot down intercontinental missile. same peed. we have three kinds of missiles, short range, people probably recognize that as patriot missile defense system, medium-range defense, that's the thaad system in south korea and intercontinental, goes out of space and reenters the system. we fired it 17 times and shot it
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down nine times, we've had some issues with it although the last times it has been successful. this is our last line of defense. i mean, frankly what general mattis is thinking in his head is he would never wait for this. he knew that korea was going to launch ballistic missiles that were nuclearized he could have to conduct a preemptive attack against north korea and that's the war that he's talking about that's catastrophic. we are also working on cyber-attack and you've seen some of the benefits of that with missiles not being able to be flown successfully and we have a lacer system that we are trying to use and tested that takes out of missile in boost face, just as its launching off the pad the laser would attack it. that's where we are in missile defense. dagen: listening to the secretary of defense talk about our capabilities, he was keeping
6:35 am
things close to his vest. he didn't want to talk about everything that we have at our hands at this point and anything that might be under development which is wise. jack: well, what we have is enormous capability, the united states possesses and clearly our problem is this, most of our adversaries are dealing with a specific region and we deal with global threats, multidimensional threat, we are dealing with isis, we are dealing with north korea, we are dealing with iran, russia's aggression, multiple threats and every one of them is quite different. and so we have to have broad spectrum of capability. but the war that he's concerned about, that's a real threat to us. we've got to get china to stand down the north korea's ballistic missile program and nuclear program. that is where we are putting most of our effort right now. dagen: you mention china but with the thaad, medium-range
6:36 am
defense missile service that you mention that we have been installing in shanghai composite, china has been opposed to that and pushing back against that and actually going after putting pressure on south korea to prevent the installation of that system. so china is not on board in terms of our stance on north korea. jack: yeah, china doesn't want the system employed. the radar is sophisticate and detection capability would give us chance to see things that they don't want us to see. that's the issue there. you're right. we have to be very clear in dealing with china here. it is china that permitted north korea to have nuclear weapons in the first place, it is china that tolerated the ballistic missile program that they're testing right now that's got us all concern, so china has given
6:37 am
president trump some measure of confidence that they intend to do something about it. we will have to see. i think we need a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to china. dagen: well said, general, moving on to the war on terror, mattis says that u.s. with tactics before they have a chance to flee to neighboring countries. this after senator mccain dubbed vladimir putin an even problem than isis. >> i think he's the most important threat more so than isis. i think isis can do terrible things and i worry about about what is happening with the muslim faith and i worry about a whole lot of things about it but it's the russians who are trying -- who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that's to change the outcome of an american election.
6:38 am
dagen: do you agree with senator mccain? jack: first of all, i think there are different categories. we are at war with isis. we have been in conflict with them since 2014 and they've conducted 70 attacks away from iraq and syria, 32 of those attacks were against nato nation, with five being inspired and directed in the united states. we are in a war footing and what he's talking about in terms of a policy with isis as opposed to -- as we finish the campaign in mosul and begin the campaign in raqqah, we are not going to let them have an avenue to escape from as we have done in the past. we have surrounded them. that means the campaign will take longer because they will have to fight till death. we don't want them escaping and going back to europe or some other place to conduct attacks on their own people. that's what the campaign is about as oppose to russia, certainly it is a serious threat to the united states but fortunately we are not at war with russia.
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north korea is a serious threat. they are potential huge problem for us. dagen: thank you for being with us this morning. jack: good talking to you, dagen. dagen: give yourself credit, americans' credit records are hitting high, what it means for the economy? trouble for tiger woods, more of it, apologizing for arrested for drive -- driving under the influence. car. we look at the major endorsemens deals at risk. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car.
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6:43 am
have been exposed. chipotle shares are up nearly 30% this year. we are also watching michael kors, the company set to release third-quarter earnings this year. goldman sachs being accused of trying to make a profit in political unrest in venezuela. cheryl casone details on that, cheryl. cheryl: goldman bought 2.8 million in bonds, aiding and abetting the country's dictorial regime. two months of opposition protest against nicholas maduro has killed almost 60 people and
6:44 am
millions of people without food, goldman sachs spokesperson says the bank is declining comment right now. average credit score hit 700 in april, one point from last fall but barkley is reporting that 6 million people are going to have personal bankruptcies disappear. good news there. golfer tiger woods in trouble with the law and could it end up hitting him right in the wallet, could lose millions of dollars from sponsors and rolex for driving under the influence in florida. alcohol is not to blame but unexpected reaction to a mix of prescriptions. we will keep you posted on this one.
6:45 am
the current political climate looks like it's driving many people to take yoga. the the number of people practicing yoga has increased since donald trump was elected president. fewer drop-outs from the usual new year's resolution, there's always drop-off by remember, maybe because the american psychological association is reporting that stress nationwide is on the rise for the first time in the last ten years. usa today making the connection, i will leave it to you and the panel to debate that one. dagen: yoga not relaxing. speaking of president trump, he is already tweeting this morning saying, quote, we have a massive trade deficit germany, they pay far less than nato and military, very bad for u.s. this will change, end quote. coming up, she was meant for success.
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music legend jewel on how she went from being homeless to selling 30 million records worldwide. her incredible story coming up this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at i count on my dell small for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ dagen: that song put jewel on the map and earned her the first of several grammy nomination. maria bartiromo sat down with her at the salt conference and talked to her on how her struggles helped her drive success. >> nobody would invest in me. as a human, as a child, my mom left when i was 8 and my dad had a lot of trauma when he was a child and went to vietnam and
6:50 am
picked up more trauma and was anxious and he became abusive when i was 8. that's what i said trying to do, can i learn what happiness if it wasn't taught in my household and pretty good for the three years i got myself through school, i graduated, paid rent, i worked jobs and then when i was 18 i was living in san diego to take care of my mother who was sick and a a boss when i didn't want to sleep with him fired me, the car i was living in got stolen. maria: what a story? >> i had kidney infection,
6:51 am
luckily doctor came to the car and he treated me for free and the car i was living with got stolen and i got homeless. maria: most people would not have kept trying. >> you worry about food, safety and water, you're an animal, you're stuck on survive and i began shoplifting, i was having panic attacks, i was trying to steal a dress, it was $40. i didn't beat the odds, i was a statistics. >> i was discovered when i was homeless. a bootleg of mine ended up in the radio. i was offered a million dollar signing bonus. vans were basically a loan, you
6:52 am
had to pay it back, record sales and you never would make it money until you paid back that loan and if you didn't pay back that loan you would get dropped from your label and i was going to make record, i knew it probably wouldn't be successful and i cared about authenticity and i wanted an opportunity to do what i loved every day and with my baggage and background, if you add fame into the mix, it should lead to self-destruction. i didn't want to self-destruct. my number one job is how to be a whole happy human and number two how to be a musician. maria: you're not the only famous person in your family. your father stars in reality depicting what your life was in homestead in alaska which is so great. take a look of when you visited your son. >> you think mom can keep up with us because we are going to be moving pretty fast? i have a surprise for you. the clue is bridges, okay.
6:53 am
>> my dad and i have had along amazing road as father and daughter, cheer joy and love and gets to play with his grandson. maria: that's on discovery, what inspired your father to share their lives on television, is this your inspiration? >> my family was discovered on their own. i thought he was buying a television, no, a reality, don't sign anything, wait. [laughter] >> it was really then, i'm proud of how i was raised. my dad and i have a great relationship now. maria: you're teaming up with zappos. >> i've been talking with tony who is really brilliant and very future thinking and he asked questions on why is london still here, why is new york still here and why aren't the fortune 500 of the 50's here, so when tony and i met at an entrepreneur's
6:54 am
conference he told me a self-managed company and it began to look at breathing organism. that's what i try to structure my career. he wants a long-term win. i need more resilient employees, and i was sharing me if you have a scared employee, you have scared humans. creates better performance and better loyalty and better happiness by helping, how do i understand nutrition, and all the way that is we have to have strong and every tone that will make a better employee, it'll make a better human. that's what we are going to join out to do and take the tool kit to businesses as well as consumers because i want to be able to create social systems for each group where we start to
6:55 am
really look at this as a shifting society. maria: good for you, that's terrific. what do you do here at salt? >> i spent 20 years of my life how to i create algorithm for myself that will take me off to survive into thrive so when i'm given the opportunity to become musician, how do i not self-destruct because i have not let go of anger and bitterness, how can i compensate for my background and really learn to be resilient, look at life in realtime and looking at that and it's something that i want to be able to solve for other people, and so i started a website jewel never and i was looking around for partners, did anybody on the ground have they been doing this type of thing, really investing in humans and understanding the type of algorithm and i found one foundation, i looked all over the world. inspiring children, it's
6:56 am
actually here in las vegas. they take high rescues and if they look at brains, they are under the same type of pressure and they learn to invest in kids that nobody cares about, kids that have really, really difficult home lives, a lot to overcome, we have high expectations, we give them nothing but they learn to eastern things, we give them entrepreneurial skill scet, we give them mindfullness and so you have peace of mind and there's 100% success rate, kids earning scholarships in ivy league can we expect from your music career? >> one of my values is to create connection in a world where there's so much disconnection, i'm going to make it a handmade holiday so people can make gifts for each other. we will have a tv special where we show the gifts my family
6:57 am
makes for one another, silly and ridiculously talented, way more than me and create an opportunity where families can come and not just buy gifts but actually make gifts for one another. very excited on my holiday tour. dagen: many thanks for jewel for joining us, mounting security concerns ban on electronics, what you need to know before you travel. all of that and so much more coming up in the next hour of mornings with maria
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, may 30th, 6:00 a.m. eastern time. german chancellor angela merkel tempering her comments that europe may not be able to count on others including the united states. president trump just tweeting something about that very thing. we have a massive trade deficit with germany, plus they pay far less than they should on nato and military. very bad for u.s. this will change. the implication for our foreign policy ahead. plus expanding the laptop ban, homeland security john kelly saying all flights to and from the united states maybe included in that ban.
7:01 am
and bmw drivers be ware, thousands of vehicles recalled over the risks of doors opening while the cars are in motion the models affected coming up. markets reopening after the long holiday weekend. losses across the board. 26-point loz in dow futures in nasdaq and s&p down as well, 500 and nasdaq composite start today at record highs. in europe you have selling pressure as well. losses across the board in england, france and germany, in asia overnight, two of the two major markets closed for holiday, china and hong kong, both nikkei and kospi changed. bench-clearing brawl, harper charging the mount after being hit by a pitch, we are going to have the whole video. rarely seen in baseball. major league baseball slammed for memorial outrage as many say that the league is trying to
7:02 am
profit from fallen soldiers and frank underwood is back. >> the american people don't know what's best for them. i do. i know exactly what they need. dagen: house of cards returns and rivals real-life political drama from the white house. all of that coming up and so much more in the next couple of hours, here with me maslansky + partners lee carter and jon hilsenrath and independent women's voice ceo and president heather heagan, such a pleasure to be this morning with you guys. we can cover the world. i want to see the streaming numbers, initial streaming numbers for house of cards, will people be interested to watch that when people have heavy doses of washington intrigue and strong words out of dc every single day, specially after the campaign last year.
7:03 am
lee: listen, i think the numbers are going to be good. i think people are loving the fantasy. it's a great show. dagen: fantasy or reality. franco did murder somebody, let's not get crazy somebody. that was season one. president trump is home after his first foreign trip in office. this as allies distance themes from the united states, german chancellor merkel suggesting europe may not be able to rely on the u.s., watch this. >> the times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over as i was experienced in the fast few days and that is why i can only say, we, europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands. we have to know that we have to fight for our future and our fate ourselves as europeans. dagen: president trump tweeting about germany this morning saying, quote, we have a massive
7:04 am
trade deficit with germany plus they pay for less than they should on nato and military, very bad for u.s. this will change. joining us now a former u.s. embassador to the united nations, john, embassador, this comes after day after angela merkel expressed the alliance of transalantic reliance and maybe effort to gain support in an election year? >> it's hard to say. it's disturbing, there's no question about it. i think it was one of the less successful elements of his trip abroad as compared to his stops in the middle east. he did, i think it was discouraging. the body language and everything else. the relationship with europe and the nato alliance as far as i'm concerned is core, it's fundamental aspect of foreign policy and i think we are in a slightly treacherous territory here because i'm concerned that
7:05 am
this kind of a weakening of our resolve on our part could tempt to mr. putin to take advantage of the situation in various ways. dagen: the weakening of our resolve certainly, it didn't begin with president trump, you look at our position under president obama and that was his foreign policy, was to remove the united states from critical situations and relationships. >> i'm talking though about the firmness of our commitment to nato and i think that that just needs to be reaffirmed. the national security adviser said it was implicit in the whole visit and general mattis has reaffirmed it and so has mr. tillerson but i think it's important that it come all the day from -- from the top, so that's a concern. now, if -- if mrs. merkel, she said, we can't fully on the united states, if that that she meant we have to do more for ourselves, i think you can find a silver lining in that language.
7:06 am
but i just hope that something is done in the weeks and months ahead to reaffirm that alliance at the highest level and not just focus on the question of payments and burden-sharing, that's an important element but i think there has to be quality on emphasis on burden-sharing on one hand and the commitment to european security to another. jon: two questions, when leader of germany says that europeans have to do more to take care of themselves, isn't that exactly what president trump talking about? isn't he saying that he wants europe to do more, to take care of itself with regard to nato, that's one? two, the president could be making a decision this week on whether potentially pulling out of the paris climate deal, how does that affect our relationship with europe? >> correct, your first point goes to what i was saying, maybe they got the message and they are going to do for more themselves. i just don't want some distance
7:07 am
to develop between the two sides of the atlantic here. this has been the core alliance, the core relationship for the united states for more than a century now. the paris accord is an important point because if -- if after all is said and done, the president finds a way to stay connected for the united states to stay connected to the paris accords, i think that'll be very welcomed in europe and had new dimension and perspective to the whole meeting. >> i'm not sure, embassador, that everybody would read angela merkel's comments as has been reported in the press generally. the context is, trump was saying, pay your fair share and doesn't sound like any kind of withdrawal or support for nato or commitment to the military purpose of nato but simple a recognition that germany is not the country it was when nato was first created and doesn't angela
7:08 am
merkel comments more reflect her political reality as well as recognition that she's encountered a president of the united states who didn't speak diplomat and who just spoke frankly about what was expected and sounded like she was accepting that? >> it could be, but on the other hand, there has been concern, one that i share that the commitment to article 5 of the nato charter, an attack on one was an attack on all was not reaffirmed during the course of the summit and i think that was a disappointment. dagen: in the meantime, macron met with russian president putin in france yesterday, macron saying it was extremely frank meeting after attacking two-state funned russia media outlets in state conference, two set aside differences agreeing that the collapse of syria is not an option, embassador, what
7:09 am
do you make of this meeting and again it's like big boy posturing between macron, putin and even donald trump with that white-knuckled handshake? >> i do think french and europeans are still concerned about russia behavior and concerned about what happens in the ukraine. there doesn't seem to be any softening in that regard. they have long experience in dealing with their neighbor russia and they've got to manage that in the context of this recent summit, yeah, it's a little bit of posturing the fact that he meets with mr. putin just after the summit, but, you know, life goes on. lee: one of the things that i struggle with is there's so much criticism about donald trump standing up for america and he's putting america first which is what his promise was all throughout the campaign, what his messaging has been and yet everybody seems surprised that
7:10 am
this is what he's doing when he goes over and talks to nato and when he goes over to talk to european leaders, should we be surprise and should we expect to see this going forward because that's what he said he was going to do? >> right, a lot depends on how you define america. we all want to put america first and certainly somebody who has been a diplomat for 44 years on behalf of our country would want to do that. but it questions how you go about doing it, we are not alone in this world, we are only 5% of the global population. there are a lot of adversarial forces against us around the world. we need friends and the core friendship that we've had over the past 70 years has been with nato, which is 27, 28 countries plus japan and south korea and australia out there in the pacific region. these are the core relationships that we've got and then the whole rest of the world, the rising powers, russia, china and so forth. if we don't have our core
7:11 am
relationships in good order and i do think there's some uncertainty surrounding them at the moment, that could cause difficulty for the entirety of our foreign policy and national security. that's all i'm saying. i think there's a little definition that's needed here and i think it's going to shake out over time, shake down over time. dagen: embassador, great to see you, thank you so much for the insight, take care. >> thank you. dagen: breaking news, more tweets from president trump, russian officials must be laughing at the u.s. and lame excuse on how the dems lost election has taken over the fake news. you know what, if it's got the word russia in it, people lose their mind and i'm seconding something that charles said. jon: isn't he feeding that by going out and tweeting about it? just let the thing die. lee: rule number one is your not supposed to repeat criticism, i know he has to address it head on, but everybody out there hear
7:12 am
russias, they here collusion, negative things about donald trump, this doesn't necessarily help him. it's one thing that i've been hearing over and over from the voters, stop tweeting about this, but his supporters by the way love the fact that he tweets and addresses the american people directly and they can hear from him but this is an issue, put it to bed. jon: he gave us all something else to talk about. lee: now we are talking about russia. dagen: every newspaper every day for the most part. coming up, everybody, the department of homeland security now concerning banning laptops on all international flights entering the united states amid mounting security concerns, what you need to know before you travel and president underwood is back, house of cards returns to netflix today and i must correct something that i said, remember he murdered two people in the first season and then another one in the second. so i correct myself. we've got a preview of the highly anticipated new season. how many people die we raise
7:13 am
that question coming up.
7:14 am
7:15 am
dagen: government may expand the
7:16 am
ban on laptops to all international flights. cheryl casone has the details on that, cheryl. cheryl, that's right, dagen, homeland security john kelly says terrorists are obsessed with the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight. he tells fox news sunday that there are threats against aviation, the u.s. already ban pagers from carrying most electronics larger than a cell phone on flights from the middle east and north africa. he may extend that all international flights in and out of the u.s. be subject to this. well, more than 45,000 older bmw models are being recalled, bmw say it is recalled cars are 7 series that were manufactured between 2005 and 2008 in the united states. they are being recalled because doors may appear closed and locked but may open while driving. no reports of any injuries because of the defect so far. and if you're a house of cards fan, the wait is finally over.
7:17 am
>> one nation underwood. cheryl: oh, yeah. underwood back, bing away, people. we are going to find out whether frank is going to be avoid a one-term president. i know you watch the show, love it, can't wait for more for the evil under underwood. dagen: did you bing-watch? cheryl: it's great. dives in right where they watch the first season. dagen: i made it the first ten minutes. cheryl: before you fell asleep? dagen: yeah. cheryl: you have to be awake.
7:18 am
dagen: i have to dive into house of cards. coming up, chaos at british airways after computer issues over the weekend strand thousands of passengers, the financial implications to the airline. that's next. tiger woods pulled over for driving turned influence but the golfer says alcohol was not reason for arrest, does that even matter? details straight ahead.
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
♪ ♪ dagen: british airways says its operations are back to normal after a computer meltdown cost hundreds of flights to be grounded over the weekend, the airline might be facing, however, a massive bill because of this snafu, tracee carrasco has all the details. good morning, tracee. >> could cost more than a hundred million dollars. hundreds of flights were canceled affecting hundreds of passengers creating a nightmare.
7:23 am
>> we arrived here late saturday morning and all the flights were canceled, which we expected when he told us, we have been here for three days. we were supposed to be for four hours, we missed our cruise ship in rome and booked for two different flights, they canceled them too, we have no luggage and we don't know when we are going to get our luggage. >> most passengers reached destinations by yesterday the end of long holiday weekend, british aways alex cruz say it is failure was caused by power surge and apologized to customers. >> we know that there have been holidays and interrupted and pernt events that have been interrupted and people waiting in cues for a very long time. we absolutely profusely apologize for that and we absolutely are committed to provide and abide by the compensation rules that are currently in place. >> shares of british airways
7:24 am
have plunged in overseas trading amid fears over the airline's reputation, british airway passengers were hit with severe delays in july and september, 2016 because of problems with the airlines online checking systems. what a nightmare, i know delta also had a similar issue in august of 2016, another big bill for them as well. dagen: lee, pay me. how are they going to compensate? lee: just to say we are going to follow the compensation rules, something at this scale, three days, people aren't just missing a couple of hours, we are talking a few days, people losing cruises, whole vacations, i think they should be doing above and beyond. dagen: come out and be specific, this is what we are giving to everybody. jon: i thought comments were pretty good actually and he said you're going to be compensated. >> here is the promise, according to the rules line makes it sound like he's doing it because it's on the books and that's what their obligation is
7:25 am
as oppose to empathy with each of the travelers whose lives have been messed up by their problem that they created. dagen: i know that lee will second that. you're in the talking business. lee: that was the line that ruined it for him. he just said they'll be compensated, period, we understand and he was empathetic, according to the rules ruined the whole thing for me. dagen: his excuse is that it's not -- is it preventible, it's my question, if it was a power surge? jon: they ought to have systems that deal with that. >> they are investigating but they don't know. dagen: it adds insult to injury. >> it does, yeah. dagen: as you begin the summer travel season as airlines are under fire week after week in terms of disruptions whether it's avoidable or not, it's a black eye for another airline. >> absolutely. lee: i wouldn't want to be
7:26 am
running that it department today. [laughter] dagen: working the phones and the agents that have to deal with the very upset passengers. jon: i don't know why the airlines in situation like this throw invent other, invent other is seats on planes, they should be throwing seats on plane by people saying you can fly around the world anywhere you wanting to in the world for the next year. lee: don't they have empty seat in partner airlines, you can do that. you say, we don't have flights but let's get you empty seat on another airline. jon: maybe they couldn't do it loggistically. dagen: in terms of response so far, give them a letter grade. a c is passing. lee: let's see what happens when the passengers come out with the stories. >> they are still waiting for their luggage. dagen: give me a travel voucher
7:27 am
with massive restrictions on it. tracee good to see you, thank you so much for the reporting as always. president trump reportedly considers major staff shake-ups tat white house. it's already happening. you'll find out who coming up plus outrage is sparking online after major league baseball teams used memorial day to promote hot sales, the controversy but also the details that you need to hear straight ahead.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
welcome back. it's tuesday may 30 to top the top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. a shakeup coming into the white house speculation mounting the present trouble could be set to making sweeping changes to his communication team someone is already leaving. more trouble for tiger woods off the course. the legendary golfer arrested for dui early monday morning with the latest hit to his reputation.
7:31 am
markets reopening after the long holiday weekend. although modest it's a similar story selling across the board. down eight tenths of a%. in asia overnight those markets closed for holiday. in south korea little change. call it the brawler by the bay. in harpers get to go out. and this is a good one folks. washington nationals bryce harper charging the mound after being hit by a pitch. we have someone in studio remembering when he slow walked that home run he have back in 2014. is that payback we will see.
7:32 am
the mlb in hot water over its memorial day sale. using our fallen heroes to sell hats. front and center this morning. president donald trump communications director handing in his resignation. here is a look at what president trump have to say about his communications team in february. in terms of messaging i would give myself a c or a c+. i think i've done a great things but i don't think i've i and my people i don't think we've explained we'll enough to the american public. i get an a in terms of what i've actually done.
7:33 am
what they teach you at wharton business school is here. your motto is higher slow or fast. donald trump went to war when i was 14 --dash mike went to word and when i was 14 years old. if there's any insight into the mind of donald trump it's what they teach at that wharton business school. the computer science. and that is the a high or slow part. it takes time to analyze the situation. if you make a mistake or violate the trust you're fired. nino you can do that.
7:34 am
you can't have a contentious relationship you have to head everybody on page. as far as i'm concerned the communications team should have been replaced a long time ago. and i'm really looking forward to who's coming in. things are constantly happening. get everybody on the same page. the fact that they all want to talking about the same thing. it is a complete disaster. i blame that on the medications director. what would you be doing in terms the messaging out of the white house right now. sean spicer is really overdue. his a very tough job but is about coronation.
7:35 am
to keep the message straight and keep the team working on one page. isn't that tough job when you don't know what the president is going to tweet on a given sunday morning. they are constantly being jostled. you'd be hard-pressed to find some who would disagree with that. he did send his right hand demanded to man to go deliver the message. they just waiting on the staff shakeup. listen to this. >> i did not know him before he came on as comedic asians director by people and administration tend to leave on their own volition as well. they tend to find that working 18 hour days in different
7:36 am
environments are not what is best suited for them. >> is not personal it's business. she's right people leave on their own. you're very we'll aware of this. part of the south is letting people go. they are not wedded to any person. when she thinks sean spicer is doing the job right. until then. you have to assume that trump sees an advantage to be there.
7:37 am
they have congress in the senate which were full of individuals who were trying to score their own points with their own constituents many of whom are not really trump's supporters and they have their own agenda. that's part of the challenge. there is some discussion that they could come back to the white house. the right person for the right job at the right time. just because you're right today it doesn't mean you will be right tomorrow. i think one of the things that we are seeing right now is that he did not had full confidence because they were all on the same page. i think what's really key is that this person gets everybody on the same page. it's also about building relationships.
7:38 am
in all fairness to sean they were very much against the truck. they were attacking. it really didn't matter what he have to say. >> who gets the credit for trip overseas with the u.s. audience. you can have critics among that. in terms of how well organized and was it it was it was long and chock-full of my events. you need more of that here back stage. there is no question that you need more. everything done in the right weight which was done until nato. i will not call them photo ops.
7:39 am
uniting. it was straight out of what they teach you at the wharton business school. was the first thing he does when he meets with the nato. he gets them to give us more money. whether they will actually spend it more it remains to be seen. >> how about the chief of staff. if they need to get everybody on the same page. does he need to go reince preibus. >> the fact that he resigned may 18. he probably artie has someone in place. something is not leaking that. because if that has come out while president trump was overseas he might have resigned may 15. but why take the spotlight of the trip overseas to talk
7:40 am
about detect what to talk about your communications director. many of the former administrations had had deputy press secretary's in place by this point. more of them than trump has. it goes back to the fact that his administration is not fully filled out yet. you can't help but wonder if that's why he got sent home to deal with budget communications early this could be the real reason behind that. we take a look at the big moves. why investors are eyeing tesla. one where your fan takes his dedication to new heights. takes the staff a curry jersey all the way to the top of mount everest. most on these balloons.
7:41 am
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futures pointed to a lower open after a long holiday weekend. they are reporting that the federal reserve is likely to raise interest rates in june. good money. what we're watching right now his record setting friday for s&p in the nasdaq as well. it's up from a record close. a keen eye on the fat and rate hikes. at this point how likely is it that we will get a rate hike in that meeting the ends on june 14. 84% likely. still most likely there in june. looking at september also had unwind that balance sheet. the big portfolio they're trying to they are trying to
7:45 am
shrink that to fort had trillion dollars. that's what everybody will be keeping a keen eye on. as far as some stocks to watch. we are watching tesla which is just slightly to the downside. but this has been under the microscope. they had been reducing those injuries and looking forward now. last but not least toymaker were looking at a big winner. the spinners which i will show you here in a moment are likely to be a larger phenomenon than rainbow limb, shop kids, slime. they're just trying to catch up to this stock which closed at 50 to 63. i will leave you with a look at these spinners. these kids just spent all
7:46 am
day. i have probably already taught ten of these. >> i followed the chef at this fancy schmitz he seafood restaurant here in new york. and he actually tweeted a photo. he took one of the spinners away from one of the cooks. is not just kids nicole. nicole is at the new york stock exchange. john, tesla. the valuation is in part related to mark fields. that's what i was gonna say that tesla is shaking up the entire automotive industry and the old guard are looking at disruption now and they're very worried about it. don't you think it's interesting that he can talk about them as being an energy company and yet ford got
7:47 am
criticized for calling them the mobility company. i guess it's because of the proof points behind it. they are changing the technology . they have the luxury of being valued as a tech company. it's okay if you don't earn any money. ford is not a start up. it's not run by some mad genius either. they will never be treated on the same plane field. not for years and years to come. we will see if the products start making them new money. this is gonna be cash flow positive cars that they come out with. it's more of an economy car. this is what we've been waiting for. to watch the major league
7:48 am
baseball brawl. he charges the mound. what caused this it's all coming up next. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at thereit comes to technology, about my small business so when
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liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. it is finals week. my thinking one of the stanley cup final. in pittsburgh. they have everything you need to know about sports.
7:52 am
without firing a at least one shot on goal. they scored three goals in the first. he makes it three-three with under seven minutes to play but the pittsburgh penguins came right back. he finds the spot. the go-ahead goal. despite taking only 12 shots on goal the entire night scored five times and they won the stanley cup --dash backup opener. they will be forced to miss. after what took place in a good baseball game yesterday in san francisco watch and listen to this. it sounds like the bat hitting the ball. look at that. possible payback for getting
7:53 am
plumped by the right hit. harper did not miss his action. he starts swinging. both of them emptied. both players got that. and the nationals won the game three-zero. neither player said anything like that was a terrible mistake. major league baseball is getting a plum with criticism. but also included a link to our where fans could buy military themed taps tats for $40 each. it's a honor and respect. the dodgers a pitcher tweeted and sarcasm generations in sarcasm generations of soldiers died protecting our country. don't forget to buy an official baseball hat to say thank you.
7:54 am
tiger woods arrested early yesterday morning. driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. he was released on his own recognizance. he released a statement which impart rates i want the public to know alcohol was not involved. what happened was an unexpected reaction to medications. according to sources and officer smelled alcohol on his breath and he refused to breathalyzer. in the state of florida would equal an automatic suspension of everest. several times wanting to know if there was about eight kim a body can be used later today we will get the police --dash cam. when you just consider what has been with the earnings on
7:55 am
the golf course. what does this do for his endorsement side. nikki stayed with tiger. the incident with the golf club and his wife exposed. nikki stood by him after that. they ended up there was a report. some years later they stood by them and were state --dash mike still paying him but were not paying as much. now he's not winning. we just saw that list. they estimated that they earned about 45 and half million dollars. but most of that is all for
7:56 am
endorsements. his power now is about half of what it was in 2009. that mug shot. if it's correct. why would they refuse breathalyzer. if you're a legal team. that will be the last of his palace. they bring a piece of steph curry to the top of mount everest. he said his son is a big fan and ask him to bring the
7:57 am
jersey with him. it's what people do for their kids. this is a guy who did this for his son. it's actually not true. it's can be a great series. double thumbs up. more mornings with rent when we come back. my friends think doing this at my age is scary.
7:58 am
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. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. tuesday, may 30 top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. >> thank you russian investigation now focused on jared kushner president trump's senior adviser son-in-law fox news reporting not kushner suggested back channel communications with russia, now president trump is tweeting we have the latest, tax reform on life support a new report from "the wall street journal" says that the effort to redo the tax code stalled is it dead? the house ways and means committee chairman says realism on track for this year. >> we know, tax reform is the
8:01 am
biggest challenge of any generation. it is politically difficult, it is policy wise, a tough challenge as well but look the american public they are just sick of the tax code we have today. dagen: the journal says the main hangup is how to pay for tax cuts, we have the deals, warning for android usingers the details on a virus that has already infected up to 36 million phones. and tiger woods plays the blame game for his dui refer to says medication not alcohol the reason for the incident could cost an endorsement deal. markets reopening after long weekend, futures showing losses across the board. we've got s&p, and nasdaq, starting today at all-time highs, dow about 35 points away, based on friday's close, from a record high, in europe, we have losses as well, the biggest loser being the french market, in asia overnight, the
8:02 am
two markets open there, the nikkei, kospi very small losses. hang seng and hong kong and shanghai composite closed for holiday, and the summer box office, officially under way it was a big fat belly-flop! for two movies that opened over the weekend. stinking up the joint disappointment both. we have more on that all more this morning coming up, lee carter "the wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath, independent women's voice ceo. >> bay watch -- caribbean movie. >> i was shocked. >> i took kids said how is "pirates of the caribbean"? they said it is awful, you know, we will go back see guardians of the galaxy don't want to go back to see that one again. really bad. >> i concur with that joining
8:03 am
the conversation this morning, we have actress candice cameron, she is here, he former deputy chief of staff to president bush and fox news contributor karl rove host of "varney & company" mr. stuart varney sportscaster jim grey going to weigh in what is is it with tiger woods dui arrest yesterday morning. >> president trump meantime back in washington after first trip abroad as commander in chief, the administration looking to push fared reform be expedite reports accusing kushner of ties to russia blake burman at the white house with the very latest. good morning. >>. reporter: good morning to you president trump back at the white house from first foreign trill continues to bat down any russia related stories already up and tweeting writing out the following quote, russian officials must be laughing at u.s. how the lame excuse for why the dems lost election has taken over
8:04 am
fake news latest from "new york times" says that congressional and federal investigators looking at jared kushnertl president's son-in-law top adviser at the white house contacts in december with you a russian banker, kellyanne conway on "fox & friends" this morning would not comment on that story. only to question the source. >> one paper in particular three times in a row ride upon information immediately batted down as false, this entire thing is a rush to judgment we have been talking about this for about 8 months. >> this morning the president engaging in a public and somewhat coy tit-for-tat with angela merkel, who suggested over the weekend that the u.s. and britain can no longer be counted on, the president started his tweets this morning by writing the following quote we have a massive trade deficit with germany, plus they pay far less than they should on nato and military. very bad for u.s., this will change.
8:05 am
writes president trump this morning internal news by the way, the communications director here at the white house mike dubke resigned will stay in post short term 2:00 later an on camera briefing with white house press secretary sean spicer. >> back to you. dagen: that is must see television make thank you so much, every time you are on as well blake burman white house, for us joining us now chief political correspondent for the washington xmer fox news contributor byron york your reaction to surroubing kushner why now. >> kind of fits into what we have seen as a pattern as leaks in this trump-russia affair story comes out enough details to sound sensation al not enough to know what happened i must say looking at all stories, about this supposed back channel, it is very difficult to figure out
8:06 am
actually what happened here. is a back channel a bad idea in the first place what designed to discuss who asking youed it were they going to the russian's place or somewhere else, we don't know much of anything, about the story i think that maybe the big picture to remember is this was an incoming presidential administration, they were dealing with affairs of state like flynn incoming national security adviser talking to russians it wasn't crazy for incoming administration, to be talking to foreign kinds, so i think you have to keep that in mind during all of these stories. dagen: the terms back channel are thrown around as if but redact channel secretary of state hillary clinton began negotiations that led to the iran nuclear deal. >>, of course,, it has been time. dagen: henry kissinger talk about the back channels that
8:07 am
he used with say china. >> right, robert kennedy being lionized just programmable defied for back channels cuban missile crisis every administration had back chabbels countries like russia which are a adversaries on some things allies on others remember a lot of information about the boston bomber even though weren't smart enough to follow up on it came from russia before bombing happened there are significant mutual interests in different corners regions even macron in he with putin acknowledging shared concerns we say back channel a horrible thing but no with a we're seeing, yet again, is this double standard of behavior if done by trump somehow problematic even though the same but behavior,
8:08 am
that has been engaged in by -- >> trump making matters worse for himself? we have been talking about communication approximation all morning is he making matters worse for himself turning around tweeting about it? this morning, he is tweeting about russia again, but should not he let story die, if it is fake news and does nothing to it -- why keep it alive. >> you can answer that because he doesn't because he is mocking the mainstream media any story with word ""in it covered like the cuban missile crisis. >> not going to die if not answered because i think it is shown enough in its legacy not this particular one but bigger russia story, has plenty of legs right now, but i do think, the -- the president's communication issues go way beyond any problems he makes for himself on twitter idea
8:09 am
putting together a war room with lawyers, and veterans of previous scandals previous fights, very, very good idea and way overdue trump should have done earlier certainly has to do it as he moves into this phase of more congressional investigations and now a special prosecutor looking at this, the justice department. dagen: kellyanne conway on "fox & friends" earlier did confirm putting together this war room. >> i think it is a good idea, i mean we have been talking ong done like a crisis communications campaign because they are constantly under attack so i think the right thing for them to do is to put this together, run a strategic communications plan and go forward. now one of my questions for you, how do you put a he scandalized like russia to bed how does that finally go away this is similar to hillary plagued by e-mails never able to put it to bed, so how do you think that the president
8:10 am
and administration can put this whole russian narrative to the side and move forward start talking about the issues that matter most to the american people. >> well, the fact of the case, are going to determine what actually happens here, i mean if there were evidence of actual collusion between trump and russians that is one big story and gets bigger and bigger and bigger but in absence of that, it is a story keeps going on if it goes downside roads like michael flynn turkey or paul manafort's business dealings a decade ago in why you crain it eventually dies it gets murky just goes away. but i think one of the things trump is looking at is the model of the bill clinton white house, in 1990s, in which they had basically an office of permanent investigations, in the form of the independent council, and they set up a war room to to deal with it effective one thing to remember though, certainly during the lu winskey matt a lot of press
8:11 am
spent as much time attacking prosecutor as they did looking into the story, i don't think is going to be happening in this case. >> byron great to see you, by the way, to viewer who said they weren't going to watch talking about tweeting what we're talking about tweeting because the president of the united states, is tweeting. so that is important. exactly, so what is the president saying that is what we are talking about byron thank you so much. >> thank you dagen. >> coming up in your pockets malware strikes tens of millions of android phones how to tell if your device has been being infected. >> new "pirates of the caribbean" falling bay watch cap sizes in disappointing memorial day weekend for hollywood. ♪ baby -- ♪ baby, the key ♪
8:12 am
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8:14 am
dagen: breaking news at the former dictator panama manuel noriega died the details. cheryl: that is right president of panama announced noriega's death this morning, he was ally of the u.s. until ousted as panama's dictator by american invasion in 1989 he served 17 year drug sentence in the united states.
8:15 am
noriega died yesterday at 83 there was no immediate information on the cause of death. well, dozens of applications infecting tens of millions android phones malicious software checkpoint says available to the google play store include a series of cooking fashion games, under the judy brand may look familiar to you wall mary makes infected smartphones to click on google ads brings up a fraudulently piece of revenue for the attacker checkpoint says believed to have reached as many as 36 million users, well, nasa gearing up for a major announcement, about its first mission quote to touch the sun, space agency going to hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss plans to send a spacecraft closer to sun than ever before, the probe due to take off from summer of 2018 will investigate the heat of the sun core the atom part of
8:16 am
atmosphere corona harder than sun's surface temperatures at least 900,000 degrees fahrenheit, and, finally, weekend box office earnings lowest in almost 20 years, but that didn't stop one movie from coming out on top. >> you were so -- what he did to me. >> there is no -- >> there you go. >> waiting. >> for you. >> waiting for me. >>. cheryl: fifth installment of disney hit enfranchise "pirates of the caribbean" sailed to top of memorial day weekend box office 77 million dollars. >> -- 5 million second place, a remake of "baywatch" -- kind of dead in the water came in third 23 of the 40 million expected to owner in debut weekend, might have been right on that one alien, number 413 million roubing out top comedy
8:17 am
everything everything 7.4 mm. >> crummy weather, more people going to theatres -- >> bay watch movie that i had the original tv series look like masterpiece theatre. [laughter] it is he surprising could not open that movie. >> you are right, that is what michael, the rock, he and maria thinking that, but -- >> not even dwayne johnson could save that stink bomb editing myself. >> covering everything for in you news trouble for tax reform why president trump's plan for sweeping changes to the code could hit a roadblock in congress, and melania trump in president's first trip overseas the first lady's growing world in white house showed designers who he made a stink about not dressing her!
8:18 am
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. >> fers lady melania trump often stealing the spotlight, on the president first trypt overseas, the first lady wore stunning numbers from designers who had supported her throughout her husband's campaign and presidency, including that law iner jacket retaeldz for 51,000 dollars from doch agab banana "new york times" the first lady showed her subdued star power joining us is actress candice cameron.
8:22 am
>> good morning. >> i think that is terrific i guess comeuppance to people who criticized her how grateful melania trump was how doggone good during that first trip overseas. >> can you hear me? . >> hi i can hear you -- >> sorry candice, we are talking about how millionia trump wowed even "new york times" with her wardrobe subdued elegance during president trump's first trip overseas. >> yeah -- i have -- i haven't seen much i will say always looks beautiful she always stuns. >> posting a lot of update from social media photos from set how is filming going? >> filming is great we are
8:23 am
midway through season three, of at least taping it, but it is going to premier in the a full for everyone on netflix. >> all about family you said that third season will be about summer fun, tell us what your family is doing this summer i know that you are at -- the at i hear water behind you. >> there is a water park in kalahari resorts convention great place for summer fun america's largest indoor water park. and good place to take the whole family if you are looking for a summer destination. they've got a spa for people like me. mom and dad just want to rest, so send kids on the slide. >> any other vacations you have lined up for your family this summer? oh i am working through a lot of it on "fuller house" i get a few weeks with family
8:24 am
looking forward to making great memories with kids teenagers already, and so i only have a few years left with them in the housing. >> even teenagers like water parks, and adults, i go with my teenager nieces, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much. >> candice cameron, still ahead tax reform in general the trouble for president trump's promise of establish changes to the tax code, and tiger woods in need of a course correction iron arrested on suspicion of dui what his charges could mean for major endorsement deals. and his career. look closely.
8:25 am
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8:27 am
dagen: i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, may 30, your top stories at 8:30 a.m. stern . >> trouble brewing for tax reform, the "the wall street journal" reporting that move to offer overhaul tax code stalled on capitol hill house
8:28 am
ways and means chairman brady says realism wiform will get do. >> american public sick of the tax code tired of watching jobs companies move overseas they want us to go bold to go now, on tax reform so that is what we're going to deliver. >> latest on the tax reform tax cuts battle ahead. >> chipotle? check your card the restaurant chain releasing details on massive data breach that happened earlier this year, the new concerns as customers names credit card information including verification codes might have been expoed lululemon, to report earnings this week expect a rough year for that stock -- market reopening after the long weekend we have losses across the board. but the s&p and nasdaq, start all-time highs in europe, pressure as well the biggest
8:29 am
loser in europe has been and still is the cac quarante in france. and asia overnight, two of the markets closed for a holiday in china and hong kong, then nikkei and kospi were down slightly. for the day. and big trouble for tiger woods off the course, the golfer arrested for dui monday morning says he wasn't drinking, the major impact that subpar weekend could have on his massive sponsorship deals. turning back to tax reform, in a tweet president trump saying that the timeline is moving along quote ahead of schedule big expect a letters, the "the wall street journal" is reporting this morning, that the republican plan to reshape the tax code facing such significant hurdles in washington they are using stalled or -- life support or dead altogether, let's bring in former deputy chief of staff to president george w.
8:30 am
bush, fox news contributor karl rove says gop dreams of liquid with interest group lobbying the tax systems reality. your thoughts, does this get done? >> i think it does get done the question is how much gets done. first of all, there is a difference between tax reform, and in which we get rid of he preferences special treatment for certain groups, and tax cuts in by we reduce the rates, and the republicans started hoping for a dose of tax reform to do bigger tax cut getting rid some preferences special treatment in the law that frees up makes it easier for you to get a bigger tax cut because your quote paying for it by -- by getting rid of the special breaks that you give people. >> karl what are the special breaks in the code right now that you think the republicans in the house and senate could tolerate getting rid have to
8:31 am
help push along the reform part of tax overhaul. >> a lot technically one visible larger one was mentioned in the "the wall street journal", this morning, which is the tax deduction for state and local taxes, i'm -- you see texas state capital over my shoulder we don't have income tax in texas to every texan lacks break on quote state income tax because we don't have one in new york you get a break, you get a -- you get in essence deduct taxes if your state or in new york to new york city a popular -- red states, not so popular in blue states a preference that is a bias towards states that have high taxes. >> bias, toward all of those extremely, extremely liberal
8:32 am
love it get enterprise when taxes. >> i wish i was in texas here is a lot of hyper ventilateing that we are seeing the same movie we have seen before trump proposes something pronounced dead on arrival or you know in trouble and never going to happen, but in fact he changed the terms of debate in the real question is, how much we now get, but we really are going to move towards something, and -- why is reform off the table? >> well, look. you are right, there is a lot of whos hostility towards tax cuts by media bush tax cuts in 2001 pronounced dead several times before passed in may, late may of 2001 we are likely to see that happen here as well. but look. about a realistically talking to people inside this process, hose ways and means senate finance, they hoped to be further along now than they are, one big reason why is that the plan that was laid out in june of 2016, and sort
8:33 am
of pushed earlier this year, included a big tax reform called the border-adjustment tax in essence sort of a vat like value added tax provision in law would take a tax off of american exports, and add a tax on to imports into our country much like every other industrialized kwun in the world does, however this is run into a lot of resistance from senators in particular from states with the headquarters big importers like walmart could pay for a much bigger instruction in the tax rates, because you would be generating revenue by doing so would offset cuts in the rates, but yeah, we are going to get it done my sense is though that it guys to go take a little bit longer than even the skeptics had believed, and certainly a lot longer than most people had believed. >> karl you were in the white house when it was -- you know it was antagonistic threaten
8:34 am
antagonistic now times 10 into a campaign of resist where the answer is resist what is the question. what advice would you give the current administration on how to sell this tax plan how can they change the conversation around it from dead on arrival to here is the things that are going to benefit american public? >> yeah, well talk about it for one thing, i mean, we spend too much time talking about fake news, and russia, and blah, blah, blah blah, blah not enough in my opinion talking about jobs, economy, prosperity growth, opportunity, all of which is going to be driven enormously by getting the tax code in a better shape cutting taxes reforming taxes encourage economic growth will mean more jobs better paychecks, more opportunity more prosperity the president's voice is powerful in this would i rather have him tweeting talking, and speaking about these issues than talking about a lot of things that we seem to get stuck in conversing about.
8:35 am
dagen: we talk about jobs, and tax cuts, tax reform health care reform on fox business nonstop. >> that is your rapidly growing network programs are so popular. dagen: could. >> except i got to tell you i am worried about someed a tooirz fit pants black fit pants use the world "butt" in them. >> that is family friendly if you ever auking the way i speak when i don't have a microphone on. >> exactly. >> i want to point to ken brady in terms of managing expectations and really starting to get this ball rolling in terms of tax reform, but also like with the health care reform bill you mad mitch mcconnell senate majority leader tampering expectations an over very hull promising a vote not success interview last several days again i put blame not on president trump and what is
8:36 am
happening out of white house but these people who have been promising this for seven years. who are not on the stick. >> well, look, in the house they had a plan, that they laid out, last june, june of 2016. called the better way voted upon by republican caucus adopted you are right now it is easy when you are in if minority or you are in congressional majority but you don't have white house to sort of say here is what we're going to do but the test of the republicans and it is going to have a big impact i would be interested in lee's reaction i bet has seen some in polling republicans have to go to down in 2018 say we repealed obamacare replaced with something better we lived up to promise to cut your taxes reform contacts coded may be not as big broad as we originally hoped but they got to get these things done so they have got accomplishment to go to american people. >> i think you are absolutely right without actions bins promising the words there is
8:37 am
no word it is going to look at all good in 2018. and i totally agree with what you were talking about as messaging, needing to come out of white house focus on jobs economy, growth, opportunity, all of these things that is what is polling well what is not polling well is conversations about take news, and russia. >> i will add one quick thing if they pass tax reform or tax cuts the end of this year towards end of this year don't headache it retroactive people waking to 019 to see benefit from the taxi overhaul, y'all are going to lose the republicans -- >> can i throw in one question one more question for karl even talking to people on ways and means what is likely hooded at this point that they do something that is temporary not as big as they have promised? and is that going to sell with -- with if people who put the president in office? is that is a temporary scale back overhaul enough for
8:38 am
american people. >> this has to be temporary in the sense of rules of reconciliation from get-go the rules of reconciliation required 10 years, and if we were going to try to make it permanent you would have to have 60 votes in the senate that is simply not going to happen this environment the bush you tax cuts in 2001 quote temporary for 10 years the end of the it all bush tax cuts of 2001, 003 one exception top rate on personal income tax the rest into code permanently i suspect we will see same thing on this, i am happy if they get a 10 year tax cut that in our current economic times is more than just quotes temporary that is a long, long time. >> karl i want to hit on the story that is coming out of your neck of the woods tensions were high on the house floor in austin immigration report by texas republican matt rinaldi sparking a physical altercation from democrats members of the texas legislature reportedly
8:39 am
assaulted then congressman rinaldi after he called immigration customs endorsement after illegal grant demonstrator druptdz preebdz regarding a bill targeting sanctuary subcommittee great statement on political discourse isn't it. >> i was in capitol yesterday thought good for texas matt rinaldi a republican went up to a bunch of his hispanic democrats on floor of house started talking pointing to the galleries substantially not exclusively hispanic said i called ice on illegal aliens they start yelling he responded yelling back fufufu. >> state representative, he starting pushing back navarro democratic representative said take this outside i will whip your ass rinaldi said i will put a bullet in your head this is not what texas stansdz for
8:40 am
this is not what ought to happen on hearsay floor shame on them all shame on rinaldi provoking colleagues yelling at them insulting them in disparaging way nobody looks good out of this thing, and terrible way to end our legislative session we only meet every two years, for 140 days, yesterday was why texas went to legislature to meet every two days every 140 years. >> karl, good to see you. thank you for those words. >> great to see you -- >> you bet. >> coming up instead focusing on issues that impact americans mainstream media up in arms over jared kushner's alleged talks, russia, you do not want to miss mr. stuart varney weighing in on media bias, hackers taking a bite out of chipotle burrito chain reeling from massive data bearish across the country the fallout for the restaurant, next. ♪ amazing -- just the way you
8:41 am
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. 0 . dagen: well back about 46 minutes away from the opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move chipotle issuing a new warning over massive data breach this year, and new report, the company says is a most of its restaurants were hit by the attack, and customers names credit card numbers expiration dates verification codes might have been exposed between amateur 24, april 18 under pressure ahead of open. >> watching lululemon the retailer to release quarterly results after the bell thursday, analysts expecting earnings 28 cents a share lulu lemon falling more than 25% this year. >> president trump looking to push reform after returning to the white house, following
8:45 am
first trip overseas reports accusing sr., adviser kushner of ties to rush in the mainstream media in a frenzy, joining me now is host of "varney & company," stuart varney, should mainstream media be focusing on issues that really impact americans. >> well yeah, i mean yeah what am i missing here? you know. i mean how relevant to your life is it whether or not jared kushner met with yxz months and months ago? how relevant to your life your working life your life at any sense of the word what jared kushner did in time maybe to open back channel with russians, by the way, exactly what president obama did president obama did that three years ago. where is the relevancy here we have media frenzy energetics president getting out of the office a
8:46 am
office all they want get him out of office stop everything block everything, forget about anything positive about the economy, forget the stock market is right at an all-time record high, forget all of that, i just concentrate on jared kushner who he met with all those months ago. >> pathetic. >> it wlirlt -- literally gotten so bad printing borsche recipes to put a headlined on front cover. >> that is very, very good. >> it turned into quick white noise americans ignore. >> people are turning off. they don't want to wake up in the morning and hear all this crisis talk. bogus, based on anonymous sources unproven ideas, they don't want that, they are turning off from it. they are turning towards summer, they want something positive, they want to hear about their lives their income their jobs their house, their credit score that is what they
8:47 am
want to hear about. being fed this -- this endless crisis store. >> apple thet snick someone on the plane last nighted a me if gold and silver were good investment when world war iii happens, i said. >> tell story in and of itself. >> if you are worrying about world war iii you got bigger problems than just where your money is invested. >> i think you are right, there, dagen well said. >> great to see you as always going to see you top of the who you are. >> great to be back. >> monday through friday great to see you every morning, 9:00 a.m. eastern "varney & company" with mr. stuart varney, coming up tiger woods back in the rough icon facing dui charges after arrest yesterday morning what legal trouble could mean for his career.
8:48 am
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it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. . dagen: big trouble for tiger woods the golfer arrested on suspicion of driving under the anies, jupiter florida early yesterday morning was raced a statement of following his arrest saying in part quote i understand the severest of what i did i take full responsibility for my actions. i want to public to know that alcohol was not involved. what happened was unexpected reaction to prescribed medication, i didn't realize the mix of medication factored me so strongly would i like to apologize with all heart to family friends fans i expect more from myself too i will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again.
8:52 am
joining me now is sportscaster fox news sports analyst jim grey, how much does this hurt tiger's career and his sponsorship deals? >> well i am sure will have a very negative impact on his career, the perception with fans, he was trying to begin to recovery from 2009 scandalized all extramarital affairs in terms of sponsorship i am sure will take a close look at this, depending upon course of action that he takes if he needs to go into rehabilitation so fofrth but obviously sad time for golf fans can't feel sorry i for tiger woods has to be accountable for actions insure did give a lot to golf. >> do you think we should point out tiger's major sponsors include nike taylor maid golf rolex nike stood by tying -- after incident with private life on thanksgiving back in 2009, but does tiger
8:53 am
have a shot jim, at actually coming back and playing golf and playing golf well just coming off his fourth back surgery? >> well he had already announced with this spinal fusion that he had probably wasn't going to be able to play the rest of the year so that was problematic first place only played twice this year missed cut at farmers in zooik with introduce you after one round dubai not coming back this year would not have one a major championship since 2008 in torrey pines only one major tournament since 2014 golf veer is virtually nonexistent will he come back like he was there is no way. >> he made golf more popular brought it to people, and without him, there has been sort of a void in the celebrity within the
8:54 am
popularity golf clubs having trouble struggling how does golf make a rebound after sort of the back vacuum. >> golf will be fine survived retirement arnold palmer ben hogan jack nicklaus retrogressivino, tom watson tiger woods did raise the entire level of the sport of golf did it 10, 15 years when he dominated the game very popular figure and he is perhaps he would be the be statistically greatest golfer ever perhaps for this era the best golfer to have played in this era golf of survive rory mcilroy jordan spieth, a lot of young players dustin johnson will they capture imagination like tiger, probably not tiger woods once in lifetime type of golferesh a michael jordan mohamed ali
8:55 am
type of person from where he what those to where he is tragic. >> can i be contrarian on endorsement thing seems to me that companies that are into him are not endorsing him because a great golfer, golf faim game fell apart after marriage and life fell apart exposed a nostalgia for what he represented to the game they are going to want to believe that this was just -- pain administrations for the back surgery, and that even if he was drinking it paemz in comparison to previous hits on character, you know, lots of people drink 3:00 in the morning, and we all have one-offs, so i don't see whether that withdraws his support as it -- to a point that causes endorsers to walk away he seems to have moved into a different category now where i am a wrong in that. >> jim gray final word?
8:56 am
>> they may not walk away from him because so much money tied into him doesn't mean he will be effective as an forward not first to have been through this won't be first to recovery live decent life make major contributions the question will he effectively be able to sell any things that he is trying to peddle to the public at this point coming off now, his second infraction, and -- it just doesn't bode well i am sure they will stick behind them because they have all this money tied into him. >> great to see you great analysis. >> will you buy any of those precipitous what will you could. >> i would apply them not because of tiger woods. golf gear nike, sure but not because tiger is spokesman take care jim gray from italy all the we from italy coming up final thoughts from you are a all star panel. technologies out there and adapting them to work for you. the ultrasound that can see inside patients,
8:57 am
can also detect early signs of corrosion at our refineries. high-tech military cameras that see through walls, can inspect our pipelines to prevent leaks. remote-controlled aircraft, can help us identify potential problems and stop them in their tracks. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
8:58 am
8:59 am
... >> let's get some final thoughts, all-star panel, heather. >> i just think that tiger woods is a tragedy. we all know that athletes age and they all sort of decline at some point. his life is a fairy tale and even though we know it's manufactured, it's hard to see it come down. >> and congress has to get something done if we're going to-- if the market is going up. >> i just hope this white house shake-up changes the
9:00 am
conversation and we'll see a new day for the white house and talking more about tax reform. >> new messaging. dagen: ought to hire lee carter. lee, john and heather, a pleasure to spend the morning with you and hand it off to mr. stuart varney. stuart: i'll take it. the president is back, we are back and the summer begins. good tuesday morning, everyone. now, could it be, america's getting fed up with the media and the left, could it be? they're still going on about russia or jared kushner's contacts, and they're still on europe, and the young presidency, and speculating about indicting the president of the united states. as you get back to work today. what are you concerned about? well, let's start with your money. here is a positive. the dow closed last week at 21,080.


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