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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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char there are good evening, i'm charles payne. the pentagon says it has successfully shot down a mock warhead over the pacific in key test for u.s. missile defense programs. it simulates the speed and range of a north korean intercontinental ballistic missile. over the weekend i frost track of how many missiles kim jong-un blew out there. but it's two or three. and we have to be prepared for
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the worst case scenario, right? >> you have to have a foreign policy to back up our military and diplomatic efforts. the israelis, we worked with them with the iron dome technology and the david sling and operation desert shield, desert storm, we had the patriot missile systems taking out the scuds. we had the technology. we just had to increase it. this is a very important tooling to have in your tool box to let them know we have a different course of action we can protect japan, south korea and ourselves. charles: do you think because of the psychology here, it feels like whenever there is additional pressure, the miss
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isle launches and missile tests increase rather than decrease. can this push kim jong-un into doing something really drastic. >> he's a psychopath and not a predictable leader. the south korean leader is questioning the systems. as an artillery officer, one of the things we were concerned about are the hardened artillery sites dug into the montana sides. and they have artillery tubes that are able with ease to hit seoul, south korea. charles: i wouldn't call him a paspassivist per se.
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i do want to shift course. over the weekends the "sunday mornin -- the"sun" said there a0 jihadists in new england. they are having a hard time rounding these guys up and using the temporary exclusion order. if someone fights for isishey must check in wi u. authorities to the way back. >> the home secretary who used to be theresa may, they really botched this up. it sounds like they were instituting a temporary travel ban by some of the countries listed by president trump and president obama. when you talk about 23,000 jihadists in the united kingdom.
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an army infantry division is 15,000 soldiers. so you are talking about an element that is almost two army divisions operating within the borders of the united kingdom. when you look at how fast they were able to round up 14 individuals that were part of this investigation, that lets you know a lot of these folks were already on their radar screen. i think the people in the u.k. and all across europe and the united states of america need to be concerned. charles: angela merkel making comments hinting at that lead people to believe this is the end of the western alliance. she underscores the importance of nato but hinted maybe europe has to go it alone. there is an interest in an eu army, if you will.
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what's at stake with our relationship with nato and western europe? >> the most important thing is the united states really is the bulk of nato, the north atntic treaty organization. in the 20th century it was the united states of america that came to the rescue of europe in world war i and world war ii. the old europeans of western europe should not forget that. but we should forgeries within alliances with the new europe. we just saw the polish prime minister speaking before her parliament recognizing this jihadist infiltration threat that angela merkel has allowed to come into her country and metastasize all across europe. colonel west, thank you very much. president trump just returned
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home, and he wasted very little time taking to twitter, particularly to talk back at angela merkel. he tweeted, we have a massive trade deficit with germany, plus they fa -- they pay far less thn they should on nato and military. very bad for u.s. this will change. tammy: there is merkel in urine. they have no money, they have nothing. charles: germany has money. tammy: keep in mind the expenditures they are having to deal with with the migrants. a lot of these nations, we are supporting everything else, including their self-defense. this is donald trump saying you can't do what you have been doing without repercussions. we are not going to support your
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destruction of europe as we know it. germany has proven they have made bad decisions. what we hope to do this time is to be able to intervene with germany without it turning into something ugly like it did in the 21st century. charles: i have to commend you on that seersucker suit. should we intermingle the notion of deficits, u.s. deficits with security of the west? should those two things be connected? >> i don't think so. this idea that donald trump advanced that germany should pay 2% of their gdp. the defense ministers in 2014 under obama agreed to put up 2%. germany is 1.2%.
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just last september merkel said obligations have to be re-fulfilled. they are right, germany must uphold their obligations. now she is back off saying if we insist on this, it's the end of the alliance. charles: we have been insisting on this for a long time. do you think they will bide their time? germany does have a $60 llion trade deficit. you can argue whether they should be buying cheffies and bmws. but you can't deny the fact it's a pretty juicy trade relation. >> there is a benefit to being seen as sort of a rogue agent, that you are going to do what you need to do. you know, maybe some presidents say things publicly because you have got to and you go through the motions. donald trump is serious.
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this is why it was a g-7 event. they were acting like children snickering like it's high school and it's not. there is a serious in the white house and he means business. for merkel to suggest it's the end of the alliance. why would we support and enable what that woman is doing to western civilization and europe. if the germans and french don't like the. poland is one of the four nations that is paying its fair share. they understand it because of course they are dealing with totalitarianism and russia. i go back to it's like an intervention. if she thinks she is being abandoned, she is not. charles: they are acting like high school kids. if you marry a high school teacher you may get snuck that
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arrested development stage. this is a critical time in the world. and a lot of things are happening. we see sort of nato saying we accept the fact that we need to fight isis. i personally believe it's lip service. i don't believe or trust anything they said over during that meeting they will follow through on. >> what's discouraging, germany where they let in so many of these refugees. some of these people have taken advantage and been engaging in rape and all sorts of other things. the earlier news. 23,000 jihadists in the u.k. i hope we get a list of their names and passport numbers charles: former subject of interest, subjects of interest, both manchester bomb and westminstelist. now they are finally telling people, if you are going to fight with isis, check in with
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us on your way back. tammy: maybe we should put them under a curfew. this also, germany captured teenager who is planning a major terrorist plot for berlin. germany knows this is an issue. and they are all on the radar. but the fact that they are only implementing think now, i can tell our viewers general mattis, now secretary of defense mattis says one of the reasons we are going to annihilate isis, these are individuals who will not be returning home. that's part of our travel ban. we are going to get you on the field of battle. charles: when we come back we'll discuss the * returning home from his first international trip. just the ambition made it a success. but then we'll talk about the actual accomplishments.
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charles: president trump ended his first overseas trip telling a crowd of soldiers in sicily, i think we hit a home run. this as critics continue to pan the president's trip. joining me now to discuss, jenny, how do you assess this. it began a long time ago. saudi arabia. i think the president made a lot of strong new friends and alliances. >> i think he did.
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he made shire was forming coalitions that will stand to fight extremism. and he made sure he let our allies know that he's putting america first. and nato has relied on the american taxpayer for assistance for a long time, and he's making sure the gravy train is going to end. charles: ron christy, you understand how this stuff works better than most. you can see where the president was not only well received in many countries, but he was treated -- it seems like he created friendships like a saudi arabia or speaking to 50 different muslim leaders that were languishing. >> the optics of this are very important.
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there are teams in the white house looking for the right cut shot of the president and the right imagery as he engages in foreign policy. a lot of the shots we saw were fantastic. reestablishing our alliance with israel. and you heard a lot of people say maybe president trump won't get along with the pope. i thought the visuals looked extraordinarily good. this is a very strong trip for the president and it gives him a little bit of a bounce as comes back and deals with issues at home. charles: the media only highlighted handshakes and eyed being rolled. >> he continued to establish himself as a leader. the media is going to do what it does, which is attack president trump at he turn because they to derail his presidency. he will continue to stand for
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the american public and american taxpayer. that's what he's doing with his budget and tax reform. i'm looking forward to the summer when he goes back and takes his message to the american people. that's what he needs to do so he can get around the media and washington, d.c. charles: there is talk of the president hitting the road once a weekr week or as often as possible. at those rallies web's in his wheel house. but dose have to spend a lot of time in d.c. to get the rest of the republican party cracking? it feels like everything is stalled. >> i spoke to a ranking white house official last week who assured me the president wants to get out of the d.c. corridor and take his mess toongt american people. i think he will do that with increasing regularity.
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he has ability working with his cabinet and white house staff to get congress to get their act together. we have the largest governing majority since 1929. we have regulatory burdens eased and get the economy going. charles: the super majority ron is talking about can stay in place? right now i'm not so sure. >> when president trump goes out to the rest of the country, what he's able to do in addition to using the cabinet back in d.c. is motivating the american voters to keep his agenda going forward. when we get the tax reform and the budget in place that gets us to a balanced budget and begins to grow the economy. the american people will continue to build on that. charles: grow the economy even
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more. a former senator hop escaped the d.c. swamp on his own volition. he will discuss how to bring the political power back to the people. later, great investment or blood money. a nation lurches near civil war, but goldman action is buying venezuelan bonds for 31 cents on the dollar. good investment or blood money. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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charles: president trump campaigned stop draining the swamp. now some swamp survivors are joining the movement. joining me, the author of "smashing the monopoly," senator tom co-burn. i loved the waste book you came
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out with every year. have you seen anything change in the three months of the trump administration? i have seen a serious resistance by members of both parties pushing back. >> the nomenclature is wrong it's not draining the swamp it's muzzling the alligators. why isn't the most important things being done in washington like resolving the medicare going forward. fixing and solving social security going forward. eliminating $400 billion of waste, fraud and duplication. $145 billion of improper payments. $100 billion in waste in the military. nobody is work on those things. they are work on the politically
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expedient thing for our next election. look at trump's budget. he's trying to get rid of things. every year there is $400 billion of approach yaitions for bills that aren't authorized. they couldn't pass if they had to authorize them again. charles: how does that happen? >> the appropriators approachate the money. none of them are doing what needs to be done with the real exception aof addressing the issues of our country. the debt rode $1.6 trillion. tell me how that happens. you can't. charles: coming in i hrd a lot of rumblings about article 5. first for the audience. explain how it works and why this could be the solution. >> our founders said at some point in time the federal government will become too big,
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too powerful. it always happened with every government. there has never been in the history a government that voluntarily kreed--that voluntar back to the states. limit the scope and jurisdiction, restore the commerce clause of what it was intended to. the power the federal government has over the states is an outgrowth of this terrible decision the supreme court knead telling us commercial is something different than wait really is. charles: wasn't the interpretation, once there is any interstate comeshes it put it in per view of the federal government. >> not was a decision about a
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farmer who raised 18 acres too much wheat in 1931. they said because you raised this wheat, wheat couldn't be sold across state lines because you used it up yourself and so we are calling it interstate commerce. almost he state, 60% of the money they raise in their state they are told what to do with it by theederal government, a bureaucrat that was never elected to do anything. yet they control 60% of the expenditures within the states. 2.2 million right now. we'll be at 3 million by the end of this month. charles: it feels like you have the wind at your back. that we can muzzle these allocators. they are fighting back. and they are protecting their turf. to your point it feels like nothing concrete ever happens.
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we are finding out nothing small is happening. they can't get through repealing obamacare. >> i think the point is the next election is more in front of them than the next generation. what we are leaving the millennials is morally wrong. we are leaving them a $30,000 bill each year for each one of them that they are going to have to pay back in terms of unfunded liability the next 50 years it's terrible. so how do we fix it? the peopleific it by going to your state legislators and saying we wanted this application for a convention of states to do the three things i talked about, the third is limit the terms of members of congress. charles: senator, it's a pleasure to meet you. as we remember the blood and
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truth sacrifice defending democracy. one alt-left mayor wages war on free speech.
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charles: free speech under fire. the mayor of portland, oregon is calling for the alt-right events to be shut down.
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now i'm sure we all echo president trump in condemning friday's vicious confrontation. but is curtailing the first amendment the way to right this wrong? adriana, you are a member of the press, you understand free speech as much as anyone else. to me this feels like an excuse by the mayor of portland to do something he was probably itching to do anyway. >> you are right, charles. the free speech should never be restricted. it's a constitutionally protected right for all of us. if we look at what happened with his terrible murder that took place on the train. would he ban bernie sanders supporters from his state? i agree with you, charles. it seems like this mayor
6:34 pm
dislikes president trump to begin with and this is an excu to handlis the absolute wrong way. charles: to me it goes to kind of additional anger or frustration or hatred that this mayor is saying he want to suppress, but actually might be doing the exact opposite. >> when somebody commit criminality, the answer is not to suppress the rights of everybody else in your community. you have a guy with complicated political views but simple people try to take it and frame him up as some kind of trump representative. there were calls for president trump to speak up on this. the mayor of portland, oregon is using this as a proxy fight against the president. if it's going to be trump supporters holding a free speech rally, give them a reason why
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you are restricting their free speech rights. charles: to me it doesn't matter who he voted for or campaigned for. i see more and more signs of anger and frustration as we head into the summer. i think we'll need cooler heads to prevail. rather than using tragedy to promote their ideology and agenda, they better find a better way to communicate to all americans. tammy: after katrina one the first thing the mayor did was confiscate firearms with no right. you have the perfect example of where the first amendment applies. the first amendment tells the government it can't restrict you it's a classic example of the violation of that constitutional right. the mayor has no power to revoke those permits.
6:36 pm
and the man holding this one rally is a libertarian. he's have much of a personal freedom kind of person. i think a community like portland would normally be able to unite against the nature of what occurred on that train. but with the rhetoric coming out of that mayor he's asking for a confrontation. charles: he's creating something that doesn't exist. let me ask you about this whole russia thing. it's so boring to me. but it's there. the question was posed last week. when it's said and done, if there is evidence there is no russian collusion, no connection with the trump campaign. what should happen to the media that pushes this narrative every day? >> the media credibility is already in thatters. there has been poll after poll where the majority of americans
6:37 pm
don't trust the media. there has been a harvard and gallup poll. the majority of americans trust our president more than the left-leaning media. this conspiracy theory they are pushing about russian collusion doesn't pan out, they will be in deep trouble. because they have been pushing this theory based on no evidence for months. and their credit by the is going to be shot, and they could possly lose it isers as well. charles: the sword of damocles is over the heads of the mainstream media right now. tammy: brad sherman note, you know, collusion is hard to prove. so even if it's there, you might not be able to find the evidence, that's going to be their response, and that will be picked up by the media.
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charles: the s & p 500 and nasdaq snapped their five-day winning streak. there was great news no one talked about today. i will, coming up next.
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charles: the faa has proposed finding united airlines for operating 23 flights with a boeing 737 that was not air worthy in 2014.
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charles: this major rally, then ahead of this big jobs report. but this gives as you chance to evaluate the market. the numbers are in and they have been very impressive. first quarter earnings enormous for corporate america. here is your report card.
6:42 pm
97% of companies reported, earnings up 7.7%. third quarter in a row of year over year increased on the top line. 75% of these earnings beat the five-year average. the blends growth rate almost 14%. it's going to seize just a little bit. it looks like a huge year for the top and bottom line. so the rally has been justified and the more upside is not unreasonable. i think the secret sauce for 2017 will be higher wages. the consumer is 77% of the economy. higher wages will allow people to spends more. in april spending was up .4%.
6:43 pm
so clearly we are building momentum. the personal income is up in april. that data matches the with a report from fair. >> i action that says the average u.s. credit score has cliesmed to 700. that's the highest since 2005. consumers starting to use those higher credit scores. part of the reason we need lower wages and fewer regulations is to engender a certain kinds of confidence it's hanging in there and some republicans should take note. folks that earn $15,000 or less,
6:44 pm
your confidence level, at a 16-year high. the proposed policies to help the rich, maybe they are stirring major excitement in the middle income and lower class for folks who see a chance for prosperity. i asked on the show and on twitter all day. goldman action investing in venezuela bonds. is that a good investment or blood money. one person said it's about big banks cashing in on the economy. the rich get richer but someone else simply said goldman didn't destroy venezuela. most you have think it's blood money. president trump is back in the white house and ready to hit the ground running on that gop agenda.
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charles: blue cross, blue shield of north carolina is seeing a 40% increase in their deductible. a possible 40% increase in deductibles, out of pocket max. they say it's because if they don't get some more clarity from the trump administration they will have to go with the maximum. this underscores the gop has to get to work tore they are inheriting some bad things on healthcare and they will own it. >> president trump spent 8 years blaming his 2% growth. on bush.
6:49 pm
and now the failure of obamacare he wants to blame on trump. i don't know at what point he will take responsibility for something, but you are quite right that obamare is falling apart, and they are demanding that we spend more money to try to put it together. we need to do what trump and the republicans have talked about doing, which is to get rid of obamacare, to get rid of forcing people to buy obamacare policies they don't want. they have to be taxes and legally forced to buy. at the same time wee need strong economic growth. getting rid of obamacare and the trillion dollars of taxes. obamacare is $19 trillion owe $20 trillion. we need to move away from some of the mistakes. it's equally important to get dramatic rate reductions so we
6:50 pm
can have more growth. the more people get jobs, the more people can get healthcare. you want to get people healthcare, get jobs created for them. charles: the gop's tax changes are no match for the status quo. essentially saying the tax plan is dead on arrival. >> i read the article and the author thinks you get rid of all these kukss and credits. he sounded like he wanted to tax iras and 401ks. that's not where the republicans are going. the concerns us item, everybody agrees we are going to 15% or 20% corporate rate. everybody agrees we are going to take pass-throughs down to 20%. people agree we are getting rid of the death tax. there is no disagreement on the republican side on any of these items.
6:51 pm
there is a discussion about what do you do about border adjust built. there are items being discussed. but on the central issues of rate reduction and pro growth policies moving to faster depreciation schedules, those are all job creating gdp enhancing changes. charles: can there be an accommodation within the republican party. can 95% of businesses be taxed at 15% and other at 25%. that way you don't need a bored adjustment tax. >> if you want to avoid the bored adjustment tax. take the corporate rate that major companies pay. take that to 15. then you don't have quite the same problem. one of the reasons we have the
6:52 pm
problem with companies being purchased by confirms is because we have a high tax rate and worldwide tax system. a company based in canada with the same number of outlets and employees, the same product, is worth more if it's owned by canadians. our tax laws are that stupid. taking the rate to 15 pe% solves many of those problems. step one is get that rate down as low as possible to fix these problems. we have been looking at a 10-year window. why? it used to be a 5-year window. then under the clinton years we moved it to 10. all the law says is the window of when you can cut taxes temporarily is more than 5 years. so 10 years works. so does 25. we should look at a 25-year
6:53 pm
window that allows all the growth that comes from meade expensing to take place within that 25 years and it becomes revenue enhancing, about 8 to 9 years out. very important. solve a lot of problems. charles: more and more trump officials are talking about that as well. grover. thank you. we appreciate it. break through your allergies.
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[ toilet flushes ] ♪ so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list. because your home is where our heart is. . >> i think -- >> reports there's going to be an overhaul of the communications of fake news. >> now you want to come back to that. the reason the president is frustrated is there is a perpetuation of false narratives, use of unnamed sources over and over again and
6:57 pm
that is troubling. charles: hey, spicer's back after a brief hiatus, the white house press secretary once again tearing into the mainstream media for perpetuating what he's calling fake news. president trump not backing down, setting up the west wing war room and expecting that will be his epicenter for crisis communication, counteroffensive and to bring on his army of so-called killers. joining me is sarah westwood, shelby holliday. sarah, start with you, spicer is back and spicia ever. >> he was. today was a perfect example of the tension between the white house's inability to answer questions about the russian crisis with enough clarity to put the situation to bed, and the fact that this story, fake or not, are being driven by anonymous leaks and are starting to affect the white house's ability to conduct a visit.
6:58 pm
charles: anonymous sources and phantom memos and things like that? >> that's the million-dollar question, a formula they haven't quite figured out yet, today reporterers were not satisfied about the answers with the latest allegations of jared kushner. they wanted to bask in the first foreign trip. paris climate accords and a number of other issues. because there wasn't a satisfactory answer to the report, they are dealing with the anonymous leaks and have no idea where it is coming. from they are not able to move to the business of the presidency. charles: should i let the audience know, dow jones reporting mike flynn is going to turn over records to the senate intelligence committee. they're in a no-win situation, they fight the phantom reports or the fake news or anonymous sources, how can you win, you're punching in the dark.
6:59 pm
so the idea of a counterinsurgency or bringing in folks who can deal with that separately so the white house can focus on the real agenda that the american people care about, that's moving this economy. >> i will say you can't fight sources and what the white house calls fake news by quoting sources that are unnamed and using the same tactics they're blaming the media for doing. sean spicer did that today and people called him out for it. the reports they're saying are fake, have not been confirmed, they have not been -- charles: all sources, anonymous sources. >> we don't know if they're true or untrue, at this point, the white house is blindsided by leaks from within its own walls. charles: they're going to have to take ref that. >> a multifront war. charles: the communications guy is out. >> dubke is gone. charles: he's out. where do they go from here to plug the leaks and fight back to a degree where they don't become so captain ahab, so focused on that they lose sight of real mission.
7:00 pm
>> what's difficult for them or anybody following the story, shadow puppets. best thing for leaks are arrests. put in handcuffs, arrested and prosecuted, particularly talking about classified stuff. a couple arrests and the leaks will stop. charles: item number one, arrest the leakers. you know what else i like? lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. a major white house shake-up appears to be under way. president trump's white house communications director mike dubke resigning after three months on the job, departure could be the first of many changes to come. fox news correspondent kevin corke has our report from the white house. >> reporter: it was a sudden as it was heated, white house press secretary sean spicer's first on-camera briefing in over two weeks quickly unravelled after he was asked about the president's tweet on fake news. mr. trump writing russian officials must be laughing at u.s. and how a lame excuse for


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