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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 31, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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we'll find out what you really think on that issue next time. thank you both. thanks for being with us. tomorrow congressman ron desantis. kennedy: tonight, what can the white house do to combat all the leaks. judge napolitano has more. congress is once again on vacation. so when are republicans going to tackle the complicated agenda. is the mayor of portland trying to steve free speech in the name of security? after an arguably successful first foreign trip the president is back in lady liberty's bosom. the problematic white house leaks were on the back burner but the president takes on the
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intel drips he blames on fake news saying quote it's my opinion many of the leaks coming out of the white house are fabricated lies made up by the #fakenewsmedia. the president was elected in spe of n because of his left-wing media. anybody who voted for obama or anybody who had the poor taste to wear a "i'm with her" button. not you cowardly chickens are roosting in the washington times and "new york post." and juicy chunks of salivating reporters who don't need to make
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stuff up to get above the fold. some want to damage the administration. others want to control the administration and try to prove who is really in charge. this is the rule collusion. control freaks and pass particular story tellers were willing to bends the laws of fizz toiks turn back the clock to elect donald trump. i can think more than one person in the administration who would love to administer that kind of law and order, so maybe the president should be careful how closely he looks into souls who create holes. usual hard working, you are
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here, i'm thrilled. i'm kennedy. kennedy: the investigation into trump's connection to russia take on a wild turn. according to the "new york times" the investigators want to know why kushner met in december with a russian banker who is said to can a close ally of vladimir putin. the line was that he was trying to set up a back channel communications. russian officials must be
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laughing at the u.s. and how a lame excuse for why the dems lost the election has taken over the news. could jared kushner be in hot water? >> he could be in hot water. but there is no legal impropriety with him meeting with anybody from russia. there is no impropriety with any kind of a back channel communication, especially when your father-in-law is known to have been spied upon by the incumbent administration. why should he hold meetings with whoever donald trump wants him to meet with in tower, thereby exposing those meetings to susan rice and her toda -- her cabal. it's routine for an incoming
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administration to set feelers out to leaders of other countries. what we understand is the president-elect told kushner to help general flynn communicate with russian generals so we can find out what's going on on the ground in syria. that's a perfectly lawful communication for the president to seek and jared kushner to make. if jared curber in was asked -- this is a big if -- if he was asked by the f.b.i. in their investigation of him prior to their giving him a security clearance, did puff meet with any people from russia and he said no, and he did meet with this banker or did meet with ambassador kislyak, then there is a problem. but that has to do with his response to the meeting, not the meeting itself.
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kennedy: that's why general flynn doesn't have a job. >> general flynn does haven't a job because susan rice unmasked him and they released selected portions of his communications with ambassador kislyak. kennedy: when people hear jared kushner, back channel. >> a lawyer from the clinton justice department representing him. it cld very well be they want to know if nuke flynn was with him and they want to see if there are any documents that would show that. he could be of interest the the f.b.i. not as a target or subject but as a witness. kennedy: do we have back channels with the u.k.? >> of course we do.
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it's so our spies can't spy on our spies. kennedy: the previous administration was spying on americans and we know that. we have communications about the fisa court hand slapping the nsa. that was during the final years the obama administration. we know the obama administration reached out to the transition team to bawrn them about nuke flynn because they were spying on him. >> they were worried about his him because he knew too much. >> we have yet to see who the operators are and what the motivations are for this series of leaks. it doesn't known jared ushe curb first innocent. >> lbj one famously said there are two things you never want to
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be seen made, litigation and sausage. if you take snapshots it doesn't always make sense. a criminal investigation is a puzzle. until puzzle is put together and presented to the grand jury, we'll not be able to know what's in there and we wobe able to figure it out. great familiar coming. >> we are going to have more on the russia if fiasco. first, hoik now on the impeachment train. clinton gave they are prediction as to how the trump presidency might end. >> we were serious in the past presidential election of a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace for
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his impeachment for obstruction of justice. kennedy: if she is talking about nixon, he resigned before he was impeached. senator cory booker? impeachment snow said not so fast. >> i'm not going to rush to impeachment. i think we need to deal with this in a sobered way. this can't be a relit gaiftion an election that's already passed. kennedy: let me take to it my certified preowned party panel. kirsten haglund. and guy benson. welcome back. so much news to get to as we kick off with a glorious tuesday. i hear hillary clinton making the nixon-trump comparisons.
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i think they are incredibly lazy and short-sighted coming from democrats who didn't lose the presidential race. i didn't think it was possible to drudge up any more rage against her. ben: she said i would note rather be anywhere else in the world than here today. i was like fact check false. you would like to be the president of the white house and you are not and you seem awfully bitter. shy got the thing wrong about impeachment. but laudable circumspection from cory booker, the senator from new jersey who isn't peace quite that way. between the two of them his approach is responsible. kennedy: what he's doilings obviously running for president. he knows that some day if he becomes the nominee or he's the elected the words of impeachment will come back to bite him.
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if you think you have a good chance of becoming president, you don't want to continue to lower the fresh hold. >> he is one of the democratic party's youngest stars. he's threading this needle very well. and he's not concerned about reelection in 2018. it's those congressmen senators amping up this impeachment language. also democratic fundraising is through the roof for those doing anything they can to stop donald trump. kennedy: divisiveness is profitable on both sides. but as you point out, jimmy, hillary clinton was the one thing during the debates, we accept the election results. we don't question the president becauswe have peaceful transitions of power. jimmy: do you remember how badly
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they freaked out. he said well, we'll see if i'll accept the results. she said that was horrifying. and now here we are six months later still carrying on. she has become that woman. kennedy: is she the dog or the carney? jimmy: you can't get mad at her. with the amount of money she charges for a speech. she loves throwing stuff out there. kennedy: she also said alonzo is better than king jims. kirsten: it's incredible the lying about nixon was an amal city for her husband.
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her husband is the one who got impeached. kennedy: wasn't she fired from the watergate investigation? wasn't she such a hack they kicked her off? ben: the fact she said we are under assault. truth is under assault in america. are you aware of who you are? kennedy: like o.j. simpson. ben: find the real killer. kennedy: psint trump taking a swipe at germany after angela merkel suggested germany relying on the u.s. is over. they reportedly disagreed on nato cleansing, climate change and trade. the big three. this morning he tweeted, we have a massive trade deficit with
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germany, plus they pay far less than they should on nato and military. very bad for u.s. this will change. so i think that angela merkel is have much in love with our 44th president, barack obama. ben: probably true. kennedy: it's a mutual love. ben: i think they all miss obama over there. kennedy: -- been require' odd seeing our american president begging the germans to pend more on their military. what could go wrong? kennedy: someone glossed over the world war i and world war ii days. just ask poland. ben: he's right on some levels,
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wrong on another level. nato members did agree to boost their nato spending to 2%. germany is still half of that number. so they are not living up to that obligation. kennedy: don't we have 20 bases in germany? ben: they are also the second biggest funder of nato. kennedy: they have got a robust economy. i always thought chaining defense spending to gdp a little silly. what do you think of angela? you are a big fan, right? jimmy: saudi arabia and israel liked trump. aside from the fact he charged saudi arabia for their arms where obama gave them away. the g-7 thinks clouds are a bigger threat to our immediate future than terrorism.
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and they areup set he called them out to their faces, which i thought was amazing. that was like the whole highlight of the trip. kennedy: emmanuel macron had the white knuckle handshake with our president. ben: tough guy. require stekirsten: his trip wef pretty well. the saudis were some of the ones who ended up talking about our president better than our nato allies. kennedy: i can't stand saudi arabia or you are question. kirsten: they are bad on human rights and women's rights genelly. they are like yeour prident is right.
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so it's a little concerning. the angela merkel situation. she is facing elect at the end of this year. so it's politically advantageous for her to separate herself from trump and macron. they are playing to politics. kennedy: i'm continuing my partnership with the party panel because they are returning a little later. first up, portland's mayor wants to cancel an upcoming trump rally. he says the attack on the train could be a
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♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. kennedy: the mayor of oregon is canceling a trump rally after an attack on. >> train. >> my main concern is they are coming to peddle a message of hatred and bigotry. kennedy: the mayor is citing safety as his number one concern. but many are calling this an attack on free speech. complicating things even further
12:22 am
is the fact that alleged killer has a history of supporting not does *, but bernie sanders -- supporting not president trump, but bernie sanders and jill stein. first timer on the show and host on the blaze tv. lawrence jones. hi, lawrence. lawrence: hey, kennedy. you have a man who was clearly mentally ill. berating two women on a train in portland. then tried to kill three people who stood up and confronted him, he ended up killing two of them. now the mayor is using this as some sort of justification for censorship, trying to shut down a free speech rally. >> my condolences to the family.
12:23 am
that's horrible what took place. that is the mayor i know. but in relation to them trying to shut down president trump and his rally. i think that temperature why we got a donald trump. people were tired of being called racist and having silenced. now we found out this guy was connected to bernie. but there is no pressure from the public saying hey, bernie, apologize for this, jill. democrats condemned it. only when it's republicans. kennedy: i don't blame bernie sanders for this guy. the guy was an absolute nut. he gained motor right earlier in the year when he wore a flag as a cape. carried a baseball bat and kept using the "n" word because the guy is clearly off his rocker.
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but the mayor says he's worried people are going to come and peddle a message of hatred. that message is words. the mayor says speech he disagrees with somehow needs to be legally shut down. >> that guy is a grown man. he makes his own decisions. if he kills somebody, it wasn't inspired by anybody, he made the choice. free speech and hate speech somehow is no longer the same. there is a lot of speeches i disagree with. at the end of the day, that's a right as americans. it's time for people to believe in free speech to stand up to speech they don't necessarily agree with. you can be the victim of speech nobody like and they decide to silence you. and you would think it would
12:25 am
even courage free speech. but it's no longer that way anymore. kennedy: when i grew up in portland everybody had a bumper sticker that said "keep portland weird." that's the point of a free-thinking society. it used to be bastions where free thought would proliferate, but no longer. >> we saw this in montana when the congressman elect kit a journalist. the republicans condemned this. this is your fault. at the end of the date was an idiot congressman elect that did something wrong that he should apologize for. i'm glad it was three americans who stood up for those women, and two of them lost their life. we appreciate them for their service and what they did.
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kennedy: that was incredibly brave, and that's the portland i know. the party panel returns to talk about why baby boomers are getting divorced more than ever. and how many divorces are filed in the u.s. every year? in the u.s. every year? the answer coming up a little earning your cash back shouldn't be this complicated. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited what's in your wallet?
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[♪] kennedy: the panel is going to be back in just a moment. first countries around the world have been rocked by terrorists from isis. but we americans have a greater threat facing the u.s. arizona senator john mccain shifted his focus to russian president vladimir putin. >> i think's the most important threat more so than isis. i blame putin for dismembering ukraine and is putting pressure on the baltics. kennedy: mccain said in their alleged tampering with the american election the russians have attacked the fundamentalist of democracy. who is the greatest threat
12:31 am
facing the u.s.? who better to ask than mike baker. what is your tiara. >> who better to ask? do i get a tirks ara with that title? you would think i would. kennedy: is there a mew cute exclusivity between isis and russia? is there a direct comparison to be made of one being more dangerous than the other? >> no. i understand what senator mccain is doing. he's doing what most people in capitol hill try to do. they try to put our threats in a linear fashion. that's not the way the world works. you can't necessarily equate them all. they are not comparable. so the russians, you know, are they an existential threat to our democracy? of course not.
12:32 am
are they a global economic threat in of course not. are they a nuclear threat? no. they act like a rational player on the global stage. they have been doing what they have been doing continues the soviet union was meddling in our politics since the 1940s. putin is upset about the fall of the soviet union. soy so they are a threat in terms of cyber attacks and economic espionage. kennedy: you essentially know where they are coming from and you say detante is a factor in keeping us safe. isis hates our way of life and hate women and they show that time and time again. but we have to deal with north
12:33 am
korea and iran. >> what else your number one terrorist threat? that's muslim extremism. that takes the shape of isis, al-qaeda, and boko haram. and their economic espionage and cyber activities of china. and the nuclear threat from iran and north korea. and to some degree pakistan. we have to be smart enough and treat the american people in a . it's not saying this is it. it's black and white. we have different threats that come out of different directions and different concerns. we have to deal with them all. kennedy: you can't demarcate every single thing. thank you so much, mike barrack. i asked how many divorces are
12:34 am
filed in the u.s. every year? the answer thankfully under a million. 800,000 in 2015. but divorce is not just for youngsters with perks rt body parts. baby boomers getting divorced, too. since the 90s divorce rates for couples over 50 has doubled. and over 7 5eu9 has tripled. it might be people are living longer. and financial independent even is more possible these days. could the true motivation be the people are just getting sick of each other in the party panel is back. i honestly -- we talked about this story this morning in the morning meeting.
12:35 am
we don't have old-looking grandparents anymore. grandma grandpa are at pilates and controls fifth. controls, and control -- and cr. >> we don't even call them that any more. it used to be you were purnting in life. but now they are all sexy. it freaks me out a little bit. >> i'm going to get into my search history. it is because we have become a more visual country. social media and instagram, people are more con ches -- conf their life. >> every mom and grand mother and grandfather has an instagram feed.
12:36 am
maybe they are scrolling and say he maybe i can do better. ben: there is a simpler explanation for this. the boomer generation which is a selfish generation. they are getting older and doing their selfish thing with grayer hair. it's now platinum blond. it used to be until death do is part was 25 years. moist many double. kirsten: they saw their parents get divorced. so they are waiting longer. ben: in the same study young people getting divorced, that rate has fallen significantly. kennedy: guy, jimmy and kristen, thank you so much.
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five-week gop recess. the goes up look for a victory or two. but the problems, wins for republicans are looking bleaker every day maybe because they take too much time off. there are deep divides in the senate over healthcare and how conservatives are trying to get the ball rollingn tax reform. president trump tweeted the u.s. senate should switch to 51 votes immediately. dems would do it no doubt. the president is looking for victories of his own. here to break down the gop's summer agenda. let's discuss this. the republicans are going to summer camp in august which is great for them. i love won fires and s'mores.
12:42 am
but the country is in fiscal dire straits. how should the summer choreography go before they check out. >> the republican party is deeply divide and they have fairly slim margins in the house and senate. which means virtually every legislator has veto power over what goes forward. tax reform itself is stalled. and they are not being helped out by a white house that is badly distracted and seems to focus more on the insult of the day than it does on advancing an agenda. kennedy: the white house is discussing having a war room so they can get back to policy. but with the white house's distraction, that moms reason why the legislators can't figure out something on healthcare. the budget, you say is d.o.a.
12:43 am
obviously there a lot of democratic opposition. and you are hearing pretty loud dissent in the house and senate. >> this is traditional that congressional budgets are d.o.a. they send it up, congress rejects it, then congress sits down and writes their own. the problem is for many years congress hasn't been able to put together the full 13 appropriations bills so we always wind up with omnibus continuing regulations stuffed with pork and all sorts of bad things. i wouldn't be surprised if we see that again this year. kennedy: it's just spending gone wild on capitol hill, and again we are going to see legislators lift the debt ceiling. what does that do to our spending?
12:44 am
>> it doesn't do anything to the spending in the short term. you are lifting the debt ceiling to accompany debt that's already been incurred. but it does leave the door open for additional future debt spending which is what the white house is predicting the next 10 years as well. so one way or another we'll see that debt continue to rise. kennedy: i don't mind if they are caught up in certain details on healthcare and tax reform. what i would like to see is the healthcare system implode and go to a full free market system. but i would love to see real tax reform and i would love to see both parties cut spending. >> that would be an interesting thing, the firstime actually cut spending. we have to give donald trump credit that he's actually willing to zero out programs i doesn't think are productive. congress is throwing up
12:45 am
roadblocks to those cuts. let's face it one person's wasteful proper is someone else's favorite pork. kennedy: it's a pet prong. one after another. they are like horders. is the nypd raising money by hustling pickup basketball
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kennedy: inspirational speakers often say life is not about the destination, it's the journey it's the same thing the cops told tiger woods when he was asked to be let go. i'm no golf expert, but tiger should have used his driver. i know that's a bad joke. even for this point in the show. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. you like going to dog races? that's a real question someone asked me this morning. and it's a real entertainment option in minnesota where they held the fourth annual running of the bulldogs yesterday.
12:50 am
bull dogs don't normally like to run. and the event is like you pictured it. 48 gasping dogs lined up at the gate and a guy in a michael vick costume chased them around the track. now if you are wondering, a first timer named frank the tank won the race. i bet on a dogging named bryce harper. but he gone it a fight and got ejected. learn how to throw your helmet, price. topic number two. here is something you don't hear every day. there was a police shooting over the weekend and everyone is happy about it. look at that.
12:51 am
this nypd cop caught a loose ball at a bronx basketball court. after several kids encouraged him to sheet and he did just that. i'm marv albert. this is the only fan a member of the knicks can still be playing basketball at this point in the season. what do you do? topic number three. if you are buying car insurance remember to get theft coverage so you don't have to resort to desperate measures like this. watch for it. the guy jumps in the car to leave. no, that's my car, you can't. i'm going to sit on it fonsy. first there was the club, now
12:52 am
there is the hood. she jumps on to the car when a guy tried to drive out of the gas station. people say she is crazy for taking a d.i.y. approach to law enforcement. she just went to pinterest and saw that. and in her defense she tried to call the cops. but they were out out playing basketball. where are they when you need them. topic number four. we don't normally get into serious issues at this point in the show. but the incredible hulk got in a fight with flash gordon.
12:53 am
throwf was seated next to sam jones when an argument broke out over who had the most virgins waiting in line to meet them. luckily the com the comicon aens had their parents to pick them up. it's a sceptre. good question. go ahead. topic number five. a florida family got surprise of a lifetime when they found an am gator at the bottom of their pool yesterday. floridians are used to finding regular things in their pools like bath salts and zombies.
12:54 am
but the gator did not like the clear seen one bit. -- did not like the chlorine one bit. of course it wasn't the only pool surprise of the weekend. cops at the police station in jupiter, florida were shocked to finds a tiger in their fool yesterday. coming up, some diners who don't have food allergies are faking it and ruining it for those of us who really do. i'll explalalalala ♪ say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guartee?
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