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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 31, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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this wednesday morning. cheryl: maria bartiromo ready to roll. maria: hey there, girls. i maria bartiromo. happy wednesday, may 31st pick your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the president will host the prime minister at the edit non-to discuss a host of issues including trade with the country. but the import meeting me for the country the rest of asia this morning. cnn's favorite committee on trade comedian kathy griffin under fire after posing for a picture with the bloody mask of president trump. griffin said she went too far. >> i just don't see the reaction of these images. i'm a comic nerd across the line. i move the line across it and went way too far. the images disturbing. i understand it wasn't funny. i get it. >> the outrage from both sides
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of the aisle this morning. amazon, the name to watch costs $1000 share yesterday. reagan on the massive milestone for amazon coming out. markets like this this morning. a mixed opening this morning. expect the dow industrials to be down the flat. up close to the flat line. take a look at the indices they are. ft 100 up a quarter of a percent of the dax up as well but cac quarante down a fraction. the nikkei average slipped below were on the session in japan. new details in the dui arrest of tiger woods. the legendary golfer was found passed out at the wheel of his car and had slurred speech at the time of his arrest. no signs of alcohol. and you shake. scarpelli outside cbs coming up there. all the stories that this morning. fox business network's dagen
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mcdowell. three com investment officer kevin kelly and fox news contributor guy benson with us this morning. great to see you. thank you for being here. maria: had this to come at thank you. maria: you had a great show yesterday. i was watching. i was rooting you on from afar. dagen: you're the best. the pamela satellite, as a are the panelists. heather higgins and jon hilsenrath. maria: today we went to get on with the white house. president transmitted with another world leader. the two welcomed vietnam's prime minister to the white house today. one of the biggest issues, trade in china. hanoi has discussed the wired over chinese the direction of the south china sea. in the trade front, president trump raised concern about the growing trade deficit that had
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nearly $32 billion last year. what do you make of this? this has been one of the biggest issues in trade. is this the right tax at the prime minister of vietnam? >> is the right path to take. the president was vehemently opposed so he needs to go out there in the asia-pacific region and strike deals especially early with the trade part is over there. it is critically important, especially because he's seen his administration talk about that. but as for wilbur ross or lighthouse there, we need to strike these deals because we have ip issues we need to settle it would also need their assistance when it comes to exports and taking in imports when it comes to be. >> there was not focused on this. even with regard to germany. about of conversation there. vietnam's prime minister to sign deals for up to $17 billion
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during his trip to washington. >> the hard-line boat for a while. to a certain extent, the white house has to be delighted that the timing worked out because the president came back for the nine-day overseas trip that was generally hailed as a success. this is another step on the global stage of the presidents taking with another leader begin apparently this trade deal between the two countries. as you alluded to as well, we will see some global security questions discussed as well whether it's china and possibly north korea given all the headlines about pyongyang these days. maria: president trump coming off of the successful tour international come in his first overseas meet these headlines whether it's about trade, whether it's vietnam, other nations. his ability to work with the leaders of other nations and get headlines to show progress. whether it is a deals for vietnam and the united states just to keep the focus on we are getting things done that benefit
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our role on the world stage and also the u.s. economy. maria: of course the media is not going to help them do that. they are all over the russian investigation and that's the only thing they are covering on the political front. they announced as a conservation partners worry about the u.s. commitment to playing a big role in the region. do you think we'll hear from both sides during the visit? >> probably especially because the white house is attuned to criticism in the press for the president took no question on the overseas trade. there might be an opportunity for a joint press conference. whether or not you think the russia story is legitimate, there are legitimate angles to it. seems to be an all-consuming media obsession, part of which is designed to delegitimize trump as president and there's very few things more legitimizing for u.s. president been standing at the oval office or in the white house with a foreign leader with the five behind them in that type of
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formal setting. the optics of the president to engage in internationally again brought and now back at home, those are the types of images the administration want to see. >> the typical aspects of the south china sea as the partners there, whether the wrong we talked to today is kind of like the middle east with what's happening. we are going to seek their help when it comes to the north korea problem and they don't have. they will use that as a bargaining chip in barter chip when it comes to the south china sea. that's not good for a relationship that japan commit the time come the big trading partners we are trying to reestablish and engage more. >> you are 100% right. the japanese to buttress your point say we don't like what the chinese are doing regionally in the south china sea and elsewhere. they are threaded to reach and butter interests may align with the chinese and american when it comes to north korea.
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you are right, no more evidence needed that will be sought in retreat yesterday for the president where he was treated about china and north korea to apply pressure to the chinese on the situation and how do you then turn around until the vietnamese later we will get tough on china. unique china on that level. dagen: in terms of the symbolism and getting tough with north korea and standing by allies in the region, look no further than the test of the missile defense system to successfully shoot down intercontinental ballistic missile. it was awesome and critically important. maria: let's talk about that. this is something people are not expected and they don't know what's going to happen next. dagen: people are talking about coming out talking to friends and family members over the holiday weekend talking about world war iii. you really need to take a big deep breath. in terms of we are very serious
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if you listen to the secretary of defense, general mattis, you see what we are able to do. the medium-range missile defense system on the ground in south korea. the very serious preparations to ever prevent a strike on the united states. or our allies. >> i saw general mattis speak at commencement at west point graduation he was very measured and had a great message to the future military leaders of this country. he's very conscientious about you people get worried about the administration, public at the people of the top leadership positions. that's where you can take solace. maria: he does think differently. president trump wants to cut out the middleman when it comes to speaking with foreign leaders. "the associated press" reports president trump has been handing out a cell phone number to world leaders said call me directly. do you see any downside to this in terms of this kind of
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personal appeal from the president giving on a cell phone number to other world leaders? dagen: gap, because individually , he has bad ideas. i'll point to "the wall street journal" editorial today, which is tough on the president. it's called the white house mess and it talks about the president. staff changes won't matter unless the president accepts he is the root of the dysfunction. he got the idea that he wanted to kill nafta by talking to a couple of his aides. everybody in the white house scrambling to try and basically told him back from that idea. they even had trudeau and the leader of mexico calling the president because they knew it would cause such disruption in terms of business, the economy, and even the optics of what's going on in the white house.
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>> it doesn't matter whose white house chief of staff. it doesn't matter who is most important is her around him. he needs to listen to those people. >> why white house aides are making the president is considering a staff shakeup to keep them from leaking. they call out steve bennett. supposed to be the keeper of the populace flame that has cut a ballot paper that we'll see about economic state kerry: an advisor h.r. mcmaster. it's worth the read. >> on the cell phone story, the idea same call me, i want to engage principal to principal, that is what is this leaders often do. but there is a difference here when you are a world leader and you have all the secrets and conversations could be very sent to this. this is not a secure line. if you're worried about hillary clinton's e-mail servers i would. you have to be concerned about this. mr. president, you cannot discuss secrets on a cell phone because it's very vulnerable. dagen: he has a meeting with jim
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comey and that doesn't even stay secret. he had to have someone else in the room to make sure that whatever is repeated through comey's notes is actually the truth. it's to protect the president from people you're speaking with and protect him from himself. maria: that's why they have a third person in the room. great conversation. topic. when we come back, no laughing matter. cnn's favorite comedian under fire after posing in a photo with a beheaded donald trump to a scare in the skies jetblue makes an emergency landing after a laptop catches fire. we've got the details. back in a moment. ♪ n't always come back up.
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ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. maria: welcome by peggy suicide car bomb killing 80 people in afghanistan overnight. cheryl casone with the details. reporter: good morning, maria. the car bomb went off in kabul during rush hour this morning. in addition to 80 people killed in the blast, 350 were injured. most of the casualties are civilians. we should save both the taliban
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and islamic states have staged large-scale attacks of the afghan capital in the past few months. back here at home, a laptop fire for senior jetblue plane to make an emergency landing overnight. the plane en route from jfk to send the cisco when a laptop fire with the lithium battery cause the entire flight to be diverted to grand rapids, michigan. the plane had 150 people on board. they took off again and continued on to say that cisco. if i reported to be off of the plane landed yet no injuries in this one. but lithium ion battery little disconcerting. kathy griffin issuing a public apology for the gory photo shoot she took part in earlier this week. >> i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i'm a comic.
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i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. i understand how it affects people. it wasn't fun and i beg for your forgiveness. i went too far and i was wrong. dagen: i will warn you the image is graphic, but here's what she did and would blurt out part of it. the comedian here at the mask of a severed head of the president taken by photographer child or shields. he's known to be edgy and shockey did this were. because average on both sides of the. chelsea clinton responded this is by doing wrong and it's never funny to joke about killing the president. cnn says they are evaluating its griffin rolled their annual new year's eve live coverage. that might be a good idea, maria. trade do i don't know. is the apology enough? what do you think? it was disgusting. i was sick to my stomach. dagen: stop using your horrible
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comedy as a crutch. this is obviously not comedy. now seeing their reaction, okay, you didn't know standing there with a fake severed head that people would be appalled at that image, that it was revolted and vaio standing there with a, but now you are worried seeing the reaction from your quote, unquote and then the rest of the world. now you're worried about it? i will point out one thing. cindy adams new york post columnist said kathy griffin tried to take the job while joan rivers was still on life support. kathy griffin denied that, but that's the person she is. >> is a stage because you see a behind-the-scenes tmc video. this is going to be huge. she told a photographer he needs to call his dad and they should all go to mexico and hide. she is doing this to stay relevant. that is the whole thing.
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maria: she could not be more irrelevant. >> she's probably trying to get invited to hollywood parties. she's trying to draw attention. this is what she wants. >> when you live in a bubble where this type of image might get some chuckles, maybe you don't realize most of america will look at that and say no. dagen: given chelsea clinton looked at him and said no. >> people said she has to apologize. she apologize. maria: we will see if it's enough. the president poking fun at himself after 20 minutes. despite the constant negative press, i think you may coverage. he said you can figure out the true meaning. enjoy. he's making fun of themselves. dagen: i'm trying to figure out when you write coverage, what
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does that auto correct to? a bunch of different stuff. >> did he accidentally send it to not realize it was halfway around the world? maria: that didn't set well with you? you might get yourself together for president. this is also why you have a staff. use them. but i am not. maria: back to the op-ed. white house mess in the journal this morning. we will take a break. amazon, what a powerhouse. the untied retailer share price hit a record high. $1000 a share. what a signals to the technology industry. the shakeup at cbs evening news. sources say the scott pelley is out as news anc details right here. stay with us. ♪ working for a living ♪ working for a living
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maria: welcome back to a big day for amazon yesterday. stocks soared as they have one of the dollars a share for the first time ever. it's coming after the company reported better-than-expected earnings in april. gemini strain as chief correspondent, editor at-large insula mouth. thank you for joining us. we know amazon is hot. >> sort of a retail juggernaut. it is bigger, faster, more affordable, more ubiquitous. it doesn't suffer as wal-mart, target, all of that overhead.
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it does have other areas like shipping costs. it's more innovative. it's been more innovative. try as anything goes fast. maria: how is he doing now? >> attend every category. one of the reasons why disparate is today as they were inundated to furniture which is a higher market business that they haven't had a dominant position before. wayfarer needs to watch out for that. and groceries taking on wal-mart though we talk about. they're able to pay that. they had a giant fumble. guess of the day. they developed even further and came up with fiasco. it told people into the ecosystem. that's why you have a socket $990 they can go further. this is not going to stop from here. >> you see that each time they are doing something.
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a statute and the sun after the debacle. they are not really going to keep trying the keep trying this, but now they've got things like amazon, the look of the show. this desktop device at the screen. it's by the amazon. the late amazon loses to your computer cover three or smartphone. but if they are ever present at the sound of your voice. that's this guy down. they were the first to get into the living room with the voice assisted. maria: now they're trying to keep up. >> including apple. it wasn't just sent the beaches talk to. they changed again the market. talk about all the places they are going. they have this template for how they're delivering stuff. that's why they tend to bring in these markets because they tend to outdo competitors already there. >> they win academy awards with manchester by the sea otters
6:26 am
manchester studios. >> is an expensive thing. the connection to amazon prime in the video business for this start creating their own content. they are far behind netflix on a video on demand. they are not nearly as paid but they've got a lot of noise. dagen: they are getting close and forcing netflix to pay a lot for content and potentially overpaid. look no further than ideal with martin scorsese for the movie the mainstream studios in hollywood that he would want to touch. maria:.assist in all prices because even google i heard they are paying big checks in terms of content. this guide you to the original content. basically triggering all these online guys to pay big checks. >> apple is starting to get in. maria: they want to go against the studios. >> at the big posterior for competition because everybody
6:27 am
believes there is an opportunity to win. everyone is ready to spend money loose money. when you look at amazon's earnings, they still make a ton of money for the retail space where they are selling stuff to people and they still have tremendous cost of inventory and evenness. dagen: that's my point. amazon can afford to pay for content could netflix not so much because netflix doesn't have the business. >> they will air football games for thursday night said they will lead in the forefront and that is huge, too. that was not a costly deal because the nfl understands what it means to be on amazon. >> an academy award. nfl football. this is big, big stuff. dagen: that's what i'm saying. >> twitter put football on apple tv. it didn't really make a big difference. >> because the management has stumbled and fumbled.
6:28 am
when you have just a so-so this team, they will be able to unlock the value of like value of like twitter are apple was able to. >> two things did happen. they need more people to buy the fire tv and they need to get amazon video on apple tv, which may have been. dagen: right, that is a discussion. >> will talk about third-party distributors. that's for another time. maria: this will keep going. >> )-right-paren don't see any downside. maria: lance ulanoff, thanks for weighing in there. trump administration since a firm message. the escalating nuclear tensions. page one story. kate to the curb, uber fires for self driving engineer at the center of it legal fight with google. that coming up. ♪
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. . . maria: good wednesday morning. it is wednesday may 31st, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. tensions are rising over north korea. the u.s. successfully testing antiballistic missile capability shooting down a mock war head in
6:32 am
the pacific. >> this is going to happen every other day. how should we respond in a way that we actually stop these things or slow it down. i think we are having those conversations this week and i hope that we can come up with a final solution. maria: more on the rising tensions coming up this morning. worldpool betting on america stance, importing washing machines claiming unfair practices by north korean rivals samsung and lg. markets are mixed this morning. take a look at futures, flat opening for the broader averages, dow industrials down 1 point. in europe markets are mixed, also close to flat line as you can see there. ftse up. in asia overnight.
6:33 am
stocks mostly higher. nikkei average slightly lower. a lot of talk about break-out of chinese yuan. mixed markets in asia. driving under the influence arrest of tiger woods, legendary golfer was found passed out and slurred speech and tests showed no signs of alcohol. how responsors are responding coming up. more on the anchorship coming up this morning. first top story this half hour. shows antiballistic missile capability by successfully shooting down a mock nuclear war head, unarmed rocket in the pacific yesterday simulating the speed and potential missile from north korea and intercepted it from california. critical milestone.
6:34 am
>> it's very difficult, we are talking about intercepting in space hundreds of miles of altitude with thousands of miles per hour. it's hitting a bullet with a bullet. maria: wow, joining us commander. >> good morning, maria. maria: your thoughts on the u.s. testing this missile amid north korea tensions in. >> i think it's a great test and wonderful that's successfully done. the big problem that we still face that we only have done five for eight. when you look at percentages, if you're looking at the nuclear war head, we need to up that and more expense. it is a great milestone and achievement to do that. maria: we know that north korea keeps firing the missiles, what should the u.s. be doing and how do we know that in fact, we are reining them in at all?
6:35 am
>> the biggest thing we need to do right now while north korea represents a threat we have to look at the work between iran and north korea but more importantly we need to focus a lot more effort on china. we need to have the chinese help solve this so we can denuclear ized the peninsula. dagen: commander, it's dagen mcdowell, have you seen any evidence that china is going to step up in that way and do that very thing? >> yes, very slowly the chinese are beginning to tighten down oncor intea, gas prices are going up in north korea, chinese are limit connections financially and economically, that's what we need to see. right now we haven't seen anything otherwise and that's where the key is going the lie. china has to be the wasn't that is going to apply pressure
6:36 am
because they are the ones that maintain industrials, financials and economic links to keep that country afloat. >> good morning, it's scott benson. one question that i heard yesterday after test was announced and the successful outcome also was broadcast was why would the u.s. make this public ahead of time, what's the public relation strategy here? i have a few theories but what do you think? >> obviously the united states want to send signal to both north koreans and the chinese. clearly when you look at the limited number of miilthat is we have available up in alaska and in california, they are nogoing to shoot down every missile that could possibly get shot at the united states, however, it is going to serve as an effective deterrent in the initial stages should -- should north korea decide to launch an attack on the u.s. that's what we need to make sure. we can shoot but we will be able to not only defend but the time then to react and respond back
6:37 am
to them. kevin: hey, commander, it's kevin kelly, sanks have lost efficacy, we heard previous administrations talk and sanctions, sanctions. is that just off the table now and we figured out it's not going to work when it comes to this regime? >> i think it's going to work. the presidency clearly recognizes the threat that north korea threats to destabilizing the region in the world. they realize that the united states is not going to be threatened with nuclear weapons anymore than israel is going to be threatened by iran. at some point, the last thing he wants is a devastating war on the korean peninsula. first and foremost, they are the ones that are going live with the consequences. they understand the problem that it's going to be created. when you look at the number of refugees that would come across their borders, destabilizer in the region. it truly is in the best interest to get the problem solved sooner
6:38 am
maria: commander, let me turn your attention to russia. russian warship and submarine fired missiles in town, what is russia's role in fight against isis, do we believe that they are actually stepping up in this fight? >> i think they are stepping up but there's a secondary agenda that's more important and that's the fact when russia is doing this, let's face it, the united states has years if not decade of cruise missiles with tactic techniques and procedures, russia is now gaining the same operational experience. the more they get an opportunity to shoot, if it's against isis, they are getting a twofe reasonable care, they are killing terrorists and gaining operational experience with capable weapon system that has a conventional and nuclear war head capability.
6:39 am
maria: we should be happy about that in. >> i think we should be happy that they are killing terrorists but given russians an opportunity to exercise their missiles obviously has unintended consequence that is we need to keep an eye on. kevin: commander, one of the issues that they saw they backed the syrian regime that has continuously used chemical weapons, is there going to come a point where u.s. will not tolerate russia's influence in syria? >> we have to work with the russians to be able that assad does not use chemical weapons again. we clearly sent signal when they fired tomahawk missiles where chemical attacks were launched from, they understand that it's a red line that's not going to be tolerated and we are not going to hold to red line and that's very important. the world needs to understand, use of chemical weapons cannot be tolerated. maria: commander, let me change
6:40 am
gears, you joined the bikers to honor nation's heros for memorial day. you met another rider, secretary rex tillerson. what an experience, tell us about it? >> it's really an organization whose primary mission to make sure that the nation never forget the prisoners of war and missing in action from all the war that is the united states has been involved in. we want to make sure that we bring those people home. participating in rolling thunder for me 17 years of doing it ever since i got the motorcycle that i ordered right before the attack on uss cole, having people involved like that, truly shows that we have a connection with the american people and this administration for that issue of the pow and mia's, absolutely, wonderful. dagen: what do you ride? >> harley davidson 20001. custom colors, maroon and gray. dagen: thank you, sir. made in america.
6:41 am
>> absolutely made in america and a great product. maria: commander good to see you. commander kirk loppold. scott is out as anchor of cbs. we will bring you the very latest.
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maria: welcome back, markets are looking higher right now. take a look at what's happened in the last 20 minutes or so, a come of names we are watching this name, pepsco reportedly looking to expand healthy drink options. according to reuters, invest
6:45 am
with madonna. whirlpool betting on america first stance. fighting unfair trade practices by south korean rivals, samsung and lg. if it agrees with the claims, the case will go to president trump's desk. some major shareholders want the chair of the board out. cheryl: according to wall street journal four major pension funds up for reelection. he reportedly received nearly a $10 million in 2016 when the company was at acenter of controversy over price increases
6:46 am
of the epipen, termination benefit of more than 20 million, he now receives almost 2 million a year as nonemployee chairman at the company. currey and others are running in reelection at the annual meeting. in other headlines this morning, uber firing autonomous car researcher anthony lewandowsky after legal fight with waymo. waymo claims lewandowsky stole trade secrets. and this morning, according to multiple sources, scott pelley is out as the anchor of cbs evening news, there's been speculation for months over this shake-up at the show and page
6:47 am
six has confirmed that scott pelley will no longer anchor that broadcast. >> this is the cbs evening news with scott pelley. cheryl: the broadcast has been in third place behind abc and world news tonight and unlike the good morning show hasn't made gains in ratings, pelley will become a full-time correspondent, pelley is currently on assignment for 60 minutes and not hosted the each lg news for the last few days, page six is reporting that pelley has to have his office cleaned out on tuesday even though he was still out of time. he has anchored that show since 2011 at the time he replaced katie, cbs corp., stock year to date down more than 3%, maria. we should add that a form announce meant from the cbs is expected at some point later today.
6:48 am
maria: all right, cheryl, thank you. interesting shifts. they do have jane, who is going to replace scott pelley? dagen: i personally would like to see a lady in the job. not that i watch cbs evening newscast ever, two words bret baier. that's all you need to know. >> we can't lose him. he's too good. >> i thought you were suggesting to hire bret baier. dagen: special reporting is my evening news guest opinioned charles. >> the three-network news evening broadcast are increasingly -- i can't remember the last time i watched one. they have talented people there but off of the top of my head i couldn't name them quickly. maria: breaking news, president trump tweeting this morning, so now it is report that had the democrats who have carter page
6:49 am
about russia don't want him to testify, he blow it is case against him and now wants to clear the name by showing the false or misleading testimony by james comey john brennan, once again the president tweeting out about the russia story and what he calls a witch hunt. look, i agree it's a witch hunt but he needs to stop tweeting about russia. >> he needs to stop tweeting about blank, something we have been saying for two years. he can't help himself. what he would say -- i'm going to keep doing things my way. we were not going to talk too much about russia today because there are so many other things in the headlines. the president tweets about russia. maria: yeah. take a break. when we come tiger woods was asleep at the wheel, literally. more details about the golfer's dui arrest, how responsors including nike are responding
6:50 am
this morning, back in a minute. but when family members forget, trust angie's list to help. [ barks ] visit today. thereit comes to technology, about my small business so when i need someone that understands my unique needs. my dell small business advisor has gotten to know our business so well that is feels like he's a part of our team. with one phone call, he sets me up with tailored products and services. and when my advisor is focused on my tech,
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maria: second day in a row tiger woods is in the front page of the news. jared max with the dui arrest, jared. jared: in 2009-he crashed his marriage he appeared 20 days in a row. this was yesterday, the dui of tiger, today we have stoney the tiger, woods didn't even know what state he was in. tiger told officers he thought he was in los angeles playing golf. police report released yesterday
6:54 am
details how woods was found in mercedes benz early monday morning in jupiter, florida sleeping in the right lane in a row with a slur, attitude dopey, extremely sleepy, unable to complete sidewalk tasks, somehow tiger was able to recite the national anthem backwards, he accepted a breathlizer. all zeros, no alcohol, there's no change in our relationship with tiger. yesterday we detailed all of the relationships tiger has in his business. tiger since the beginning has been with nike and maintained sponsorship like tailored made golf and bridge stone golf and now the suspension following
6:55 am
monday's brawl, reliever for the san francisco giants, major league baseball gives a four-game ban to harper and six games for strickland. now he's a relieve pitcher so he won't be missed as much as bryce harp per. both appeal to go suspension, comes pitcher told radio show yesterday of the fought, i thought it was awesome, every once in a while it's refresh to go see two teams emotionally getting after it. fox business charlie gasparino reports jeb bush and derek jeter will not be pieing the florida marlins. appeared in line to be part of the group to get the marlins, they were said to be the preferred bidder but they pulled out. jeter may jump to another investor group. maybe not all said and done for jeter but yes for former governor -- maria: why did bush pull out, do we know? maria: maybe something between
6:56 am
the two lead guys which is governor bush and derek jeter, maybe it wasn't going to way they wanted to but time will tell. maria: how about trouble in yankee stadium. they lost $166 million in revenue after opening new stadium in the bronze in 2009. jared: we have seen it since 2009, you see regularly the empty seat that is are the most expensive seats and what they call the area between expensive seats an the regular like myself will sit or any of us, the yankees because people have so many other options than going and spending all the money that it cost to go to a baseball bank, parking, concessions and everything and then tickets, they are down incredibly. in fact, this is up by last tuesday, yankees per game decline, they have almost 4,000 fewer fans per year per game. that's a big number. >> and they are playing well. jared: first place. maria: why the new stadium. is that a new part of it? jared: we didn't know the economy was going to crash just
6:57 am
before the stadium opened. >> the seats are overpriced, period. dagen: the food at cityfield is better and who doesn't love the mets, matt. maria: we had them here. >> food is good at yankee stadium. jared: the food the great. maria: incredible. big numbers there. jared max, catch jar reed on 24/7 or siriusxm. next hour mornings with maria, back in a minute. think again. this is the new new york.
6:58 am
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maria: good wednesday morning, welcome back, thanks for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo, happy wednesday, wednesday may 31st, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump takes on the press. the white house says the president will take a center role in getting out his message this comes after confusing overnight. he tweetedthis, despite the constant negative press cofefe, we think he meant coverage. he tweeted out this, who can figure out the true meaning of cofefe, enjoy. new fears in the world of terrorism, the suspected recruiters.
7:01 am
the outrage coming up. airline faces a possible fine after flying unsafe passenger jet over 20 times. what the shocking allegations mean for the embattled airline now. avoiding financial regret. 75% of the country wishes they would have handled their money differently earlier in their lives. major mistakes you can avoid right now. and it is denny's on demand. watch. >> it's here, no it's there. wait, it's everywhere. oh, yeah. denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, first time in the history of history you can have denny's wherever you want. maria: how you can have denny's at your doorstep coming up. we have the chicago purchasing managers index out at 9:45 a.m. eastern today. that'll be a market mover, a lot
7:02 am
of economic data this week, most notably the job's number out on friday and adp on thursday. ftse as the german dax index. in asia overnight, stocks were mixed, take a look. nikkei average down, shanghai composite up, fractional movers, can you spell liar, google out with a list of the top words each state needs help spelling including one where the word is the state itself. [laughter] maria: we have that one coming up this morning. joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, recon capital chief investment officer kevin kelly and fox news contributor guy benson is here, great show so far, guys. >> it's been far. that map cracked me up. wisconsin, what's going on in wisconsin? my home state is new jersey, the most misspelled -- googled search term is twelve.
7:03 am
maria: a lot of people had problems spelling pneumonia. kevin: i had a problem with the covfefe. dagen: that's a good dog name. maria: maybe will turn out to be something. joining the conversation fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano, former ceo of ck restaurants, andy puzder and kt is here to talk about u.s.-german relations. stay with us. big show ahead. we tick it off with our top story, the president will take a lead role in getting out his message. the president should head that role, watch. >> the best messenger is the
7:04 am
president himself, that the american resoundly chose him as their president because he understands the frustrations and concerns an values of the american people and he's probably the best person to communicate that. maria: this as communications director that michael dubke will leave post. why the rich get richer and the coauthor of two books written with donald trump robert is with us. robert, good to see you. >> thank you, nice being in the studio. maria: nice to have you here because you wrote two books with president trump and we want to get behind that and find out what your thoughts are. how effective do you believe the president's messaging has been so far? >> i think it's been extremely effective. i worked with him for about 12 years. what saddens me is how we use russia and tweets and we miss the big picture.
7:05 am
for example, when he was at nato, i thought that was wonderful. either pay up or shut up, you know, that's called leadership, that's called leadership. he's not in a popularity contest like obama was and hillary. i'm not republican or democrat but it's about time we had a leer that says either you pay up or shut up or we done participate in here and that's leadership. maria: the media is not reporting that. >> no. maria: talking about the russian investigation. >> and that's trumped up. dagen: wait, we talk about tweets and we talk about russia because the president of the united states himself is tweeting about russia. maria: right. dagen: this morning. that's why we talk about it. we would not talk -- we are going to talk about what the president says and what the president tweets but he's part of the problem, robert. >> i have to agree with you. he's a good friend of mine and i respect him. everybody says why doesn't he stop tweeting, then people won't
7:06 am
have nothing to talk about. maria: he would still have connectivity with audience, but he should focus on the agenda during tweets. tell me where tax reform is, tell me where the health care bill stands. kevin: he's making his own issues here. when he's attacking the intelligence community and we are surprised there's leaks and he attacks the mainstream media and then he says he doesn't get the coverage, well, it's because you did that to yourself. you're attacking these people and you expect them to play along and play nice with you when the leader of the free world is attacking people's livelihood when they attack. maria: cnn hates him regardless of what the president says, if you look at the banners, they hate him. kevin: it's a couple of issues at hand, he keeps attacking them and they attack him and he doesn't stay on message about the agenda.
7:07 am
>> he should have said something about calling nato out. he's not going to get tax reform passed now because it's all about other things. maria: last night he broke the internet by tweeting this and it was late, it was after midnight he says despite the constant negative press cofefe. we are guessing this is coverage, some speculate the negative media coverage. he never finished the post, it was liked more than 74,000 times. making it the most popular tweet in months. the president has since deleted the tweet and he tweeted this last hour, he's making fun of this hour, who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe enjoy. >> he's having too good of a time. i agree with you he has self-inflicted wound. i want to defend my friend here. we finally have a leader but he's also kind of on the tweets
7:08 am
all of the time to me, we finally have a guy that calls out people whether or not, it's not a popularity contest right now. we are in serious trouble so i'm happy to defend my friend ib spite of tweeting. kevin: why isn't he using communications directors and relying on them? dagen: the washington editorial page entitled the white house mess writes it's impossible to run a communications operation or a policy shop if the top man prefers chaotic make it up as you go management and there's a lot of reporting that's in this editorial, they write members of congress tell us they have no clear idea whom to talk to with a question about specific policy. so we are sitting around here from the time that president trump was elected talking about please get us tax reform, please get us a corporate tax rate cut, please get us obamacare repealed, please, please, please and you have at least an organization that's in disarray.
7:09 am
>> here is the last tine of that editorial today in the wall street journal, if mr. trump can't show more personal discipline, the fair conclusion would be that he likes the chaos, you know him very well, you've worked with him, does he thrive in chaos? >> yes. he's a hard-core entrepreneur. i'm an entrepreneur and bureaucrats and entrepreneurs just naturally all over the world don't mix but he's off the cuff a lot of the times but he's a great guy to work with, he's fair. the thing i love about the guy is he listens, and makes up his mind, maybe too quickly but makes up his mind and not afraid of taking people on which is what i respect at this time. he could be more presidential but he's not a bureaucrat and we had bureaucrats for so many years now.
7:10 am
dagen: critical importance of having a management team on who you can rely an giving them good direction and there are some people on his team, steve bannon has his minions leaking stuff to the media about other people within the administration. maria: do you think the president is aware of that? do you think that's true? >> like for me, personally, i have to have a ceo, somebody who is an operator so a true entrepreneur really should not be ceo. maria: that would be the white house chief of staff. >> correct. maria: the question is does he remove reince priebus as the white house chief of staff sooner rather than later and who does he put in there? dagen: or give reince priebus the authority to make decisions and communicate with him in a way that he can actually manage the legislative process.
7:11 am
>> if you're trying to run the white house as chief of staff and every single day there's a new report rum ors and whispers are you're going to be gone and shipped off to greece as embassador, that's going to be a very destabilizing feeling when you're trying to do your actual job. kevin: the moral of the story, something needs to change. >> i'm glad that we have a leader, that's all i'm saying. the style i don't necessarily agree with but i have tremendous respect for a guy who will take them on. maria: yeah. >> i'm tired of political correctness and acknowledge you guys and fox standing by him no matter what. maria: we don't stand him no matter what. we call it out specially dagen is calling out the good and the bad but we definitely heard our audience and they are supportive of president trump but i would say that's how we call it out. >> we are not 93% negative on the guy like cnn. maria: that's correct. dagen: we are actually rooting for his policies agenda or
7:12 am
better america, better health care, we are rooting for better tax system and better economy because we deserve better than 3% growth which we haven't gotten in a decade. maria: that's absolutely right. the policies. robert, great to see you, thank you so much. coming up ariana grande gives back, benefit concert for those affected in the manchester bombing, details straight ahead. troubles in the skies, flu a plane 23 times that was not air worthy. the staggering fine back in a moment next.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: welcome back, former inmate of guantanamo arrested in france of being recruiter of isis. cheryl: freed from the u.s. detention center in cuba in 2009 after france agreed to accept him. he was one of six algerians detained in bosnia in 2001 on suspicion of plotting to bomb the u.s. embassy. the u.s. justice department later backed off the allegations but held the man at guantanamo
7:16 am
for several years. officials say that lamar is the oldest of the four men and two women who were arrested and say that there were no indications the group was plotting an attack. well, now he's been arrested. ariana grande is return to go manchester on sunday for a benefit concert for the victims to have deadly bombing at her show. the one love manchester show comes nearly two weeks since salman abedi killed 22 people at the concert. others are going to be joining her, cold play, katie perry and pharrel williams. grand, e is offering free tickets of those that were at her manchester show on may 22nd. unsafe plane. the issue has to do with replacement of fuel pump on
7:17 am
boeing 747, so faa claims that united never completed a required inspection of the repair and the plane went back to the air and united flew the plane on 23 domestic and international flights before the inspection was eventually performed. so going back in time a little bit, but hey, maria, if you're the faa you need the money for the government, go after united. maria: i think we have breaking news because the president just tweeted again. we want to bring that to you, mckenzie, do we have that. dagen: i can look it up. there you go. maria: the president tweeted this about kathy griffin, kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself, my children, specially 11-year-old baron are having a hard time with this, sick. she did apologize, she did not apologize to the president. >> which she should. >> and i mean, i understand why the president did this, talking
7:18 am
about young son seeing image of his father deheaded i can imagine is disturbing specially when you're hearing criticism all of the time. trump just broke the internet because everybody was talking about the griffin thing and now you the president tweeting about it and that's what we are going to talk about. dagen: she said in the apology, now that i'm seeing the reaction, see, again, it's not about that she believes that it was wrong, it's that she -- she regrets doing it because of the backlash. >> i'm not here to defend her, i think this was a publicity stunt and in that sense it's working, when you demand an apology for someone and does it, accept the apology. maria: it's a half-baked apology. >> correct. kevin: she also knew this and knew she was going to get backlash and more disrespectful to the president as well as disrespectful to our troops. dagen: you're standing there
7:19 am
with the fake head of the president of the united states covered in blood and you don't think that that's repulsive -- maria: in an age where some maniac group called isis is chopping people's heads off. dagen: you're apologizing after the fact when people don't get your joke which is a load of you know what. maria: it doesn't work that way. dagen: it does not. maria: cnn says it's devaluating knew year's coverage. dagen: if they put her on tv, are you going to watch it? kevin: didn't before, not going to now. >> exactly. [laughter] maria: this last news year's eve was beyond and they had don lemon out there getting tattoos and earrings. it was incredible, did you see it? kevin: no. [laughter] maria: 73% of americans have financial regret, do you?
7:20 am
we have some tips to avoid making mistake for your money, don't do it. pancakes to dinner, details coming up, back in a minute right here. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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7:22 am
i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves.
7:23 am
but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. maria: welcome back, if you have financial regrets, you are not alone. according to new survey, 73% of americans are financial regrets, the top regret not saving for retirement earlier followed by not saving enough for emergencies an taking on too much credit card debt. what can you do ato void making mistakes with your money, chris hogan. chris, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. maria: what's the number one thing people need to do to avoid
7:24 am
having these kinds of regrets? >> well, i think the number one thing to avoid regret is to take action. youhave to be intentional in hey, if i take the right kind of actions, i have the right progress. maria: how do you do that if you don't have enough savings for retirement or in a job, can you catch up? >> i think so. listen, despite what people say, america is the land of opportunity, what you have to do is get up and get out and find extra job, sell some stuff, we have to learn how to hustle and grind every day to chase down progress. maria: that's hard. dagen: can that be learned as an adult? >> i think we can. i really do. you have to tap into people's motivation and find out what drives them, what gets them going and if you're a parent of a young teenager or millennial, we have to teach them work ethic out there not just sitting around playing video games but getting out and earning some
7:25 am
money. kevin: my main question is what's the best way for people to save, they have this regret, what's the first thing they should take, i'm going to attack my credit card debt, i'm going to all of a sudden just start saving a set amount per month whether it's to take down the credit card debt and put in a retirement account, what's the first thick that they should do, they had this paralisi, what should they do? >> a mistake can happen. what you don't want to do is repeat the mistake. you're serious about making financial problems i'm going to encourage people to attack the debt first, make it a list of smallest to biggest and really start going. when you start attacking smallest to biggest you gain momentum and then you gain confidence and you start believing that you can do it. >> hey, chris, let's talk about nipping this in the bud, at what point high schools should be
7:26 am
teaching basic financial literacy to make sure there are red flags for the kids? >> we have a curriculum called foundation. if you don't learn how to deal with it properly, it'll deal with you and you will never, ever make progress. >> i never understood that, that's fine, but like what are you going to do use trigonometry. why is that not a core of curriculum. maria: more practical. dagen: it's almost like home economics, learning thousand manage yourself and it's something missing. >> life skill. dagen: exactly. maria: chris, good stuff. final word. >> i was going to say i've never used the pathagroithm in life.
7:27 am
dagen: i actually had. how to figure out one side of a building is. maria: you make a good point but it really does start at home. i agree with you. you get the most practical lessons at home, so you really want to make sure that the parents are up to speed. that's equally an issue. kevin: not to give the credit card stepping into campus. they start spending. the parents need to help educate their students on that. maria: chris, good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. maria: justice department starts to probe in new jersey after the town denies a mosque from being built, details on that investigation. americans are travel to go cuba not in the numbers most expected, statistic on tourism in the communist nation. coming up the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
of president obama's a policy. nowhere near what was expected. what you need to know. we hope to hit a grand slam with the latest venture. it's showing the markets will open higher. in europe markets are higher as well even though it's more of a mixed story. markets have been gaining speed in new york just in the last 20 minutes or so. ek average fractionally lower. it is a nationwide spelling bee. google out with the list of the top words that each state needs help spelling. among them, a beautiful, giraffe, pneumonia even one state can't spell its own name.
7:32 am
with that one coming up. most of the time i eat lunch at my desk. >> i need the break. i need the time to take a lunch. there is fallout on that. officials will provide the zoning board properly denies the proposal. last week the group looks to build the mosque and they filed a federal lawsuit against the city. they were illegally rejecting a mosque.
7:33 am
judge, good to see. >> we do had two cases. there is a case in bedminster new jersey. the obama justice department filed a lawsuit against the town. to decide whether to rezone a neighborhood for a mosque than that have a used to rezone a neighborhood for a church. in that case was settled yesterday for three and half million dollars. the bulk of the settlement going to attorney fees. the mosque will be built as planned. the case was not tried before a federal judge. they persuaded of the town and it probably should cough up the money. the attorneys fees and go to the government they go to the lawyers for the mosque. it's an interesting case because it was filed by the obama justice department and
7:34 am
settled by the trump justice department. there is no u.s. attorney in new jersey. this is not settled by a person appointed by donald trump. this was settled by career lawyers still in the u.s. attorney's office. the case is just beginning. in this case of the the term administration initiated the lawsuit. did the city use a different standard when deciding to deny a zoning approval for the construction of a mosque. we will see her goes. it's a problem in the united states today. it is a problem meaning the cities or certain localities are not putting mosques up. it's an institutional bias against muslims. they're using that and making
7:35 am
it more difficult for them to worship. it requires that the government not use religion for any test whatsoever. if they're going to change the construction of the church it will have to use the same one for using the construction of a mosque. as dictated by the supreme court. bowing to fight the federal appeals court decision announced late last week. the doj could fire their first appeal. what is a likelihood that the supreme court hears this case. it's really into the weeds at this point. we've another case in california in the supreme court would not hear just the one from richmond virginia. i think we can confidently
7:36 am
predict that the night circuit will rule against president trump and so you had two circuits. should i go to the supreme court the answer is yes and no. the reason for yes is because the president needs to have a clarity as to what his power is to affect foreign policy. i've argued that he is the absolute authority in under a federal statute to do this. the reason for no is these cases are not final decisions they are rulings on pulmonary injunctions. and they really get involved in that stage. these two cases. well had to go back to the trial court's for a trial as to whether donald trump violated the constitution in those cases have to make their way up to the supreme court. and they've been looking at what they've said on the campaign trail to do it. they are using the language of
7:37 am
candidate trump against president trump. if you read the order just a document it is sound on the law. if you had been signed by george w. bush or bill clinton or barack obama it would of been upheld by any federal court. because this is so adverse to the language he used when he was a candidate trump they cannot resist the temptation to take that language and undermine the order. it's really anti- muslim. it is probably just -- too much overreach. >> is clearly within the president's authority. does that mean the previous administration and the order is gone. is not effective because he did have a being as well that
7:38 am
targeted a lot of the same nation. if the courts have got it involves. this would be history by now. and only had a 90 day time limit. they really fight him on everything. to the more a sophisticated appellate court argument. if you listen to the speeches. you mentioned the kathy griffin issue. we should point out that the secret service has tweeted about this. >> and the in the secret service has an obligation to follow up. i don't blame the secret service for their tweets.
7:39 am
what she says of course is a true or effect. threats made against them made the highest priority of all the investigations. judge, thank you. coming up next president trump reportedly rolled back. how u.s. relations with the communist island may change. google releases the lists list of america's most spell the world. [music] is it too late now to say sorry.e pain. is it too late to say sorry now. it takes to replace it.
7:40 am
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see back welcome back. u.s. airlines are still cutting back flights to cuba. it is because of weaker than expected demand. americans are visiting cuba but not in the numbers that the airlines expected. about 300,000 americans made trips to cuba but travel experts as a part of it has to do with the confusion about that legality of the airline ticket. as you know i can attest. it's complicated. meanwhile president trump is expected to roll back parts of the obama administration and open a relationship as early as next month. they want to bar american companies. it's also can ask cuba to extradite u.s. fugitives. your order got better to order. they can order online through the app for take-out or delivery.
7:44 am
they are going to be rolling in that service out in part. pickup is not available everywhere. they are also looking at the ability to order. and they coming soon facebook. get ready. and finally this. google has published a map showing america's most misspelled words broken down by state. where you are at this morning may depend on how may depend on how they analyzed how may times words were searched in this state. five estates can't seem to spell the word beautiful. the toughest word to spell in the state of wisconsin was wisconsin. >> we love you wisconsin. they should come up with a
7:45 am
song like mississippi. that's how nelly did it. what about wisconsin. it seemed like an easy one. maybe mississippi or alabama the most misspelled word was nanny. and then the folks in new hampshire really struggling with the diarrhea it looks like. to make only you could get away with saying that. michael douglas character the memorable film seems to think
7:46 am
so. more details on the lunch today. [music] life is a highway i want to write it all night long. if you're going my way i want to drive it all night long. ...built a life for my family... ...and liked to help others in need. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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welcome back. is going out to lunch a dying tradition.
7:50 am
now remember when going to a restaurant for lunch during the middle of the workday seemed to happen all the time. kind of like these movie scenes take a look. if you don't bring us to absolute martinis you know how i like them straight up. and then two more after that. every five minutes. >> we are businesswomen from la. we don't have anything like
7:51 am
that. i got a get out here. i think of an illicit. it sounds like some has a because the case of the mondays. that is a thing of the past apparently. resulting in roughly 3.2 billion dollars in lost revenue for restaurants. is there not enough time is dining getting too expensive. >> i bring my lunch here and there. sometimes i go out for one of these carts. do you ever sit down at a restaurant and have a long meal. >> very rare. maybe like once a month.
7:52 am
>> i bring it. do you ever go out to a restaurant in the middle of the workday. >> hardly ever. apparently it is the same reason for people out in la. i just take the lunch and bring it back to my desk and eat there. see mac i don't typically sit down and do a long lunch. and i like to eat at my desk. i like to get out and walk. this is hurting the already struggling restaurant
7:53 am
industry. widening of the cost gap. no restaurants had had to adapt. now today it is raining a raining out here. i would say it's a good day to stay inside for lunch and not go out to a restaurant. >> our business lunch is still important. >> i think a lot of people who work in the suburbs they do go out for lunch. they get in their car and they will drive. they're they are close by. if you've a set business meeting. but for casual leisure he lunch. and also a lot of people working at different time zones and so you could miss things.
7:54 am
you don't want too. you want to get out of work early. so give up the hour. i feel think we should treat us. are we reviving at the the alcoholic drinks at lunch? >> that always makes me blown away. in italy on wednesday afternoons you take the entire afternoon off. maybe that was the day. let's check markets for a second. he made it, at the break. the meeting that we are going to .
7:55 am
>> it's important to note that the dollar has come down pretty significantly. about 48% of revenue and s&p 500 come from overseas especially on the tech sector. that's why you see it perform 17% so far this year. roughly eight and a half percent for the overall market. they are going to raise rates in june but september looks like it is on hold and the fed also wants wind down there for a half trillion dollar balance sheet. the market is so focused on that. whatever is telegraphed from the governors this week and next week. so far september it looks like it's off the table now because data hasn't been good. it's no problem about the balance sheet.
7:56 am
they will it's almost at 5 trillion. do you think that's can have a big impact. >> how can you do that easily. to that point something's gotta get. give. either you have the stock market that got downside. the treasuries are that ten tenure yelled. something has to give. you have to make a call one way or another. the short term rates are getting lower. and actually the back of the curve is following it down. the financials are stuck it now. it is hurting the financial sector.
7:57 am
then we have the jobs number this week. our estimate is a hundred 802000 with the unemployment rate holding at 4.4 percent. they are reporting that the president will pull the u.s. out of the paris climate deal. we want to get more on that. we will talk about that all when we come right back. backlash after the comedian kathy griffith post a picture with the mask.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. maria: he happy wednesday good morning, everybody thanks so much joining us well back i am maria bartiromo wednesday, may 31, may 31 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast breaking news this morning, action yoos is reporting that president trump axios reporting president trump will pull uso of paris climate deal targeting trade will host prime minister of vietnam today at the white house talking about a host of issues including trade with vietnam the meeting means for the country the rest of asia coming up cnn into favorite comedian kathy griffin under fire posing for a picture with bloody media mask of president trump griffin says she went
8:01 am
too far trying to apologize. >> i sincerely apologize just seeing reaction of images i am a comic i crossed the line i crossed it i went way to a far. >> president trump responded to the outrage here is what he tweeted this morning, kathy griffin should be ashamed of hers my children especially my 11-year-old son barron, are having a hard time with this. sick. >> be careful before you get behind the wheel report lists deadliest safest cars on roads those you want to drive, reconsider the lives coming up details in the driving under influence rest of tiger woods over weekend the golfer found passed out at wheel of his car, after he had slurred speech tote of the arrest, tests show though there was no alcohol sponsors responding to this coming up it pays to be at top several top female
8:02 am
ceo's demanding higher compensation than male counterparts what it means women making more than men futures higher opening for markets dow industrials expected up 30 points nasdaq up 20 points that is a third of a picture cent higher on nasdaq in europe markets higher across the board take a look at eurozone indices which have been rising through the the morning ft 100 up two thirds of a per cent 50 points higher right now dax also up two-thirds of a percent 85 points higher on the dax, in asia overnight, stocks are mixed take a look. nikkei average hang seng weaker fractional weakness shanghai composite kospi mooir, fractional moves in evening news shake-up to report scot pelley pleerpt out at cbs more on reporting anchor shift coming up, all those this morning joining me to talk bailout fox business network dagen mcdowell, recon cal chief investment officer kevin kelly town political editor fox news contributor guy benson good to see you climate change accord apparently axios reporting
8:03 am
president will take uservice out of it a surprise? a campaign promise from the president fox has not confirmed this this is one outlet reporting it, it seems as though if correct the administration is trying to make a decision are they going to pull out immediately? or are they going to do a formal process that would take years? but it seems like the paris accord might be in rear view mirror for trump administration soon jay wore traded as u.s. retreat from europe utter hogwash because we don't stand with europe on -- in agreement on how they view climate change that is how it will be portrayed. >> caulking to guttenberg about that a former ceo cke restaurants andy here o form german defense, here talking about german uas he relations horticulture of "varney & company" stuart varney weighs in big hour don't miss it, stay with us on that, and we go back to that top story axios reporting that president
8:04 am
trump made the decision, to withdraw from the paris climate accord fox business network blake burman is at the white house with the very latest blake, good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you as well very important off the top is to say web site objectionios solely reporting this morning the president decided to withdraw the u.s. from paris climate agreement, yesterday, during the white house press briefing the press secretary sean spicer stoke about this topic saying at this point a decision would be coming soon he said, that the president was in consultation spoke being about this with g-7 leaders when in sicily, over the weekend, and spicer said the president quote his ultimatumly wants a fair deal for the american people. as it relates to this paris climate agreement, we have reached out to the white house this morning, and so far no official response from the white house. to this report. also, today, president trump will be meeting with first leader, from the regionch southeast asia as prime minister of vietnam will be
8:05 am
making his way to the white house sometime in the 3:00 hour, two issues likely at forefront there, being china and trade, on the former the u.s. is recently provided vietnam with some military assistance as relates to the buildup of islands in the south china sea, and as of trade, this can, of course, has been a signature issue of the president u.s. had a 32-billion-dollar trade deficit with vietnam last year, and as you know the president one of his first actions in office was to signal his intentions to withdraw from trans-pacific partnership trade deal. >> talking about this for a long time, thank you. >> great thing for the american worker we just did. reporter: at the white house, the president will be meeting with the secretary of state rex tillerson, the head of the va dna evidence shelton briefing the media this morning, of course, maria, the we continue to ep could i on what may or may not happen as it relates to the paris climate agreement back to you. maria: we will be back to you
8:06 am
when views developing blake burman at the white house joining us a former cke restaurant ceo, andy good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be here thank you. >> first tackle vietnam what are you expecting from that meeting today? >> you know, we were one of the when i was ceo of cke one of the first companies, to open restaurants in vietnam, i visiting saigon a couple years ago the entrepreneurial activity building is amazing, really was nothing like what i expected. having been kid grew up in vietnam war era very much they liked americans very positive about america. and very negative about china, so i think that -- that certainly the vietnamese will do everything they can to keep american trade they compete with china, from manufacturing activity been able to keep labor prices lower than china, so getting some of that manufacturing activity, as you may have noticed in some labels in your clothing on occasion so they are very interested, in continuing
8:07 am
trade with united states, i expect a very positive meeting, i think that president trump has very, very good business sense in this respect will do something meaningful with vietnam. >> andy do you think some countries are protectionist about some exports? the discussion around vietnam has to do with -- catfish i do believe, and that that is more for president trump, and especially for the southeastern united states do you think that is going to be the biggest point of contention when it comes to talking with kinds like vietnam? >> look, i think the -- the discussion will probably cover those topics i think it will be more general i think the president is very concerned about -- tactics that are protectionist not going to put up wp it other presidents have he won't, i think the prime minister will come in understanding that see real progress pop. dagen: andy it is dagen mcdowell does this speak to -- could you -- because you know the president and you -- having worked with him on the
8:08 am
campaign trail, last year, his ability to relate to another leader one-on-one, because there is so much criticism of him how he communicates with american people via twitter, but does this -- do you -- do you expect a lot more of this as the president meets with these -- these other leaders? in a more personal setting like this? >> i think you saw that if first indications of how good he is at meeting with leaders one-on-one was meeting he had during the campaign with the president of mexico. where he had been attacking i think immigration issue very hard during the campaign, but they got along very well seems like even at positive discussions about reforming nafta i think it is -- it is a big asset of his, one one meetings he is so impressive i think i am very optimistic about -- about this president's agenda as you know,, and i think of it will be -- this meetinging go over you will see tomorrow, it will
8:09 am
be very positive news about vietnam, except on some of the networks that won't say anything positive about the president no matter what he did. maria: you say positive on agenda do you thingoing to exec then? because, you know, when you look at the resistance out there, whether it is media or left, they are trying very hard to obstruct the agenda and make him a president that doesn't get a lot done. >> the left, when republicans can get their act together look we have already cone regulatory reform, and you are seeing huge impacts from that in economy more people working fewer filing unemployment claims medium house holy income way up we need tax reform we need obamacare reform repealed and replaced and that is something for congress finally got a president promised to do exactly what the republican agenda has been for you know years if not decades, we need to get rid of obamacare, we need to reform the tax code we need republicans to come together on this, they need not to succumb to that immediate pressure the pressure from the left.
8:10 am
that -- they have got to stand up we've got to see is a legislators out there with courage, and conviction. >> on that point you've got the health care bill in the senate now, here to going to probably renovate it significantly, but on tax reform it does seem like republicans are not on the same page, house, senate white house trying to figure out what a unifying plan might be especially on revenue side do you have confidence that they are going to get to the same point eventually and who is going to have to lead on that? it's got to be the president right? the president needs to lead on that, because your -- i mean look, i think paul ryan is a great guy kevin mccarthy a wonderful guy, about those leader mcconnell very very good what he does they need to get together, and -- and pull republicans together, in the the house and senate we finally got control in the the house and senate, although we don't have a filibuster approve majority we've got 52 votes we really need to make progress on these issues and you can't you can't hang on to every deduction, if you are
8:11 am
going to lower tax rates you've got to come forward saying we are going to reduce he go reductions close loop heels generate economic growth try to keep revenue republicans need to come together need to do it fast can't the citil sit on this in is election coming up. dagen: president trump's splugs to get rid of the filibuster, is to push the republicans on that, mitch mcconnell said yesterday there is not a single senator in the majority who wants the rules changed so they can pass this -- this legislation with simple majority so again, there is another impasse between white house and the republicans. maria: if they can't get this done this year they are in big trouble. >> i think a lot of mitch mcconnell like him on personal basis, but i do believe that -- that the -- the "nuclear option" needs to be on the table we need to make progress, i can tell you right now if democrats take criminal of the senate will eliminate the filibuster. so it is not like we are he preserving something around a long time they already cut it
8:12 am
back when harry reid was in there i don't think he they will have qualms advancing the agenda eliminating the filibuster i think our not doing so a mistake i do trust leader mcconnell but we need to make progress on have to. maria: by the way, the 4 trillion-dollar budget spending plan has been criticized because relying on 3% growth numbers. do you think we will see 3% growth numbers sooner rather than later? >>of course, we will the average since world war ii -- 3.3, we had president obama larry summers you very interviewed the other kay all people in obama administration he projecting that coming out of regulation would have 4, 4 1/2% growth i think ridiculous for them saying we only can get 2% growth we only got 2% growth because of the antigrowth policies of the obama administration, aimed at big government income redistribution now progrowth policies they're saying you can't get above 2%.
8:13 am
it is i reallied 3% the administration is saying i think -- these are he businesspeople wanted to underpromise overdeliver i think we will do better than 3% if we get tax reform, obamacare realism the regulatory reform tremendous underreported impact on economic growth. maria: we leave it there andy good stuff thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks, maria. >> joining us there, coming up taking itity far cnn 13 favorite comedian kathy griffin under fire posing with a bloody about mask of president trump her response from backlash from that o to theo shoot coming up. >> good to be queen some women ceos out earnings their male xats what shift maintains for that wage gap we discussed, back in a minute. think again.
8:14 am
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recon capital. maria: swem back massive explosion killing at least 80 people in afghanistan, cheryl casone with details, cheryl. cheryl: well that is might maria that skewed bomb went off no a highly secured diplomatic area of kabul getting video from the area it happened during rush hour, this morning. in addition to the 80 people killed 350 were injured, the target of the attack is not immediately known, but officials say that most of the casualties are civilians there has been no claim of responsibility for the clash but we have seen a statement from a afghan -- taliban
8:17 am
excuse me denying involvement, in the past, we are continuing to follow developments this morning out of kabul. >> what kind of car are you driving? well, a new rvey of the five deadliest in u.s. may make y he reconsider what parks in your driveway 24-7 wall street looked at driver dieting rates deadliest hinday accent sedan number one rio came in next followed by -- the chevrolet spark neeson versa rounded out top five -- all small cars we should point out to volkswagen was safest car according to the survey. well, starbucks chairman schultz is criticizing president trump, according to video shuttles says trump is creating chase affecting u.s. economy telling starbucks he workers in seattle earlier people are up settled he says starbucks has a solution to
8:18 am
the problem could provide a sense of community shuttles stepped down from ceo last month a vocal critic of the president a big spore of hillary clinton starbucks shares up nearly 14% so far this year. and female ceos some of the largest u.s. companies repeatedly have out errand male counterparts last year 21 received median compensation package 13.8 million, 382 ceos had 11.6, all of this analysis by "the wall street journal", s&p 500 leaders held job a full year i like it maria. >> narrative women making less than men so long good to see the accuracy. >> we need, exactly, cheryl can you no laughing member cnn favorite comedian kathy
8:19 am
griffin on hot set a slammed for posting with a bloody mask of president trump. >> tiger woods in the rough police say they found him passed out at the wheel in his car with slurred speech at the time of dui arrest what his legal troubles mean for endorsement deals back in a moment. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95.
8:20 am
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8:22 am
vicodin vicodin. maria: welcome back, cnn favorite comedian kakt kath under fire posing with a bloody about about mask of president trump griffin says now she went to a far. >> i sincerely apologize i am just now seeing the reaction of images, i am a comic i crossed the line i went way you to a far the images is too disturbing i ins how it
8:23 am
offends people wasn't funny i get it beg for forgiveness i went to a far made a mistake i was wrong. >> yeah, but new video from tmz shows griffin well aware of the conventions of her so-called joke, listen to this. >> -- >> i think the -- >> yeah. >> i apologize -- >> [inaudible], okay? >> president trump responded to this outrage tweeted this morning this. kathy griffin should be ashamed of hers my children especially my 11 yearly son barron having a hard time with this, sick. >> let's talk about this guys your reaction first off, she apologized, do we take that forget it she didn't apologize to president trump, though. >> listen she is apologizing in her own words now seeing
8:24 am
reaction, so as an adult, do you take responsibility for your own behavior? taking those photos saying that during the photo shoot, you knew that it was repugnant it was repulsive it would be offensive you did it anyway it is only after the fact after you had the outrage, after you raised some career realized career opportunities might be in jen do you apologize fall on your scored. >> she is doing this to be relevant, and i hadn't heard name several years never on radar screen the unfortunately thing this is actually disrespectful hundreds of thousands of troops trying to defend this country against people who have interest beheading our own people i think tasteless doing to it be relevant wants show up at hollywood parties people like we agree with you we just can't -- tasteless. maria: on cnn every new year's eve i know you say you
8:25 am
have not heard her name whatever a couple years cnn really profile of they put her up there on new year's eve one of the most watched nights she is out there. dagen: does stand up to pay bills, too so she relies on drawing crowds are. >> very, very poor taste obviously i am someone hates getting wrapped up. >> every single passing outrage i am not one usually calls for boycotts or anything or people get fired. maria: i don't agree with that. >> i don't think should go that far i do agree that when it comes to the apology i am glad it was he apparently forth right i hope it is sincere when she says although it does seem maybe a bifurcate contrived. >> she saw outrage. >> take apology for what it is if you are truly apologetic fine contrite, but how about an actual apology to the president and his family, because these are real people of i think sometimes in politics we forget on all sides, that the people in
8:26 am
office are human beings with actually families can you imagine being baron trump seeing that image everywhere? >> said wrong kathy griffin came out felt that was important, said over. >> the first to come out in terms of celebrity. >> raise the question does this actually yucksin about circles she runs do the people find this funny they all need to look in the mirror all. maria: especially nowies chopping heads off this is not funny, lets bring in dr. louden a conservative columnist joining conversation thanks so much for joining us i want to ask about tiger woods weigh in on this in terms of kathy griffin apology here this morning. >> the democrats keep talking about how looking for the face of their party and i just want them to understand, that middle america is looking at this, and waiting for
8:27 am
condemnation from party officials those who say they are leading the party, that this is not okay that this is not acceptable this is not the face of the democrat party recertainly all hope not but something like this so offensive tells you they literally a, a literally a there are whole segments of the left who have -- have uards reality. >> can you believe with if somebody did to president obama or dog or baby seal doesn't even the list goes on. >> anything. >> -- this -- he would be up in arms left going crazy saying this is a result of the -- you know, of trump, and -- nato -- the list goes on so not funny. >> we so loft he civility they have themselves to thanks senator. >> tiger woods in news according to police report interpret golfer found at
8:28 am
wheel of mercedes passed out the tests show there was no signs of alcohol two flat tired broken taillight mangled bumper one of tiger's sponsors nike says sticking with him said we can confirm there is no change in our relationship with tiger. . is this a smart move gina? >> it is the only move right now maria. there is no proof he has done anything wrong, i -- i realize that he has a very sketchy past done some not so nice things in his life at this point no blood alcohol content no proof he did anything wrong in fact, maybe he should be held up as a hero for this move in that he had -- for whatever reason pain medication or whatever, to pull over get off the road. which is a really important thing to do. if you are not feeling right for whatever reason. and so -- you know, clearly we hope he gets a driver next time i don't think you can you know convict a man for
8:29 am
something zero evidence that he actually did anything intentionally wrong at all. >> kevin? >> i think -- nike actually is probably making this move because they want show have to athletics they are going to stand by him a lot of money behind them they know they are human, the issue here, though is that he did have two flat tires was he driving maybe -- he -- >> resiliency damaged. dagen: maybe that is why he stopped if you are behind if you are under the influence of anything, and are behind the wheel of an automobile, even if the car is in park, you are -- they will charge you with a dui. and again take personal responsibility is not driving in the first place! period. knowing that you are taking prescription medication. >> where is have driver with all his wealth? dagen: well said. >> money can pay for a dr. ir. >> nick didn't cut him loose oft that wreck ensuing details that came out after --
8:30 am
>> thanksgiving '09 that accident in front of his house we found out you the the life he was really leading nike still stood by him even after that, so, of course, nike is going to stand by him now. >> stood by lance armstrong for years lance armstrong was doping destroying people's lives, who accused him of doing just you that thing, so -- nike might -- might want to reevaluate. >> gina good to see you thanks for weighing. appreciate it thank you. coming up transatlantic tensions president trump clashing with german chancellor angela merkel over a trade. >> crossing 1,000 dollar market first time ever, with major filestone for amazon back in a minute. i count on my dell small business advisor
8:31 am
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>> good afternooning happy wednesday thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, may 31st your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news this morning, axios is reporting that president trump will pull usa out of the paris climate deal, the report comes amid tensions with european counterparts the president toe-to-toe with angela merkel. >> there are things not going well for uk prime minister theresa may either the british pound following this morning as polls show, conservatives
8:34 am
may fail to win a majority, in the election what that means for talks around britain existing eu, amazon to watch that morning in markets, technical titan crossed 1,000 dollars a share yesterday, we are breaking down the massive milestone, for amazon michael kors a dive after dispointing fourth quarter the shares down almost 6% right now rest of the market good futures higher owning for broader averages nasdaq up, up 25 points markets mooir in europe about those fractional throughout the morning, over things picked up about 30 minutes ago now we are at highs of the morning, take a look at german dax up 90 points three quarters of 1% ft 100 in london up almost two thoirdz of 12%, 52 points higher and cac quarante in paris up half a percent, in asia overnight, stocks mixed fractional moves there as you can see, right there, nikkei hang hanging
8:35 am
down shanghai composite kospi up shake-up apparently scot pelley reportedly out at cbs more on shift coming up, cartoon classic could make a comeback watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ [very happy music]. >> yeah steven spielberg reanimateing our first details on reboot coming up this morning, top stories this half an hour, axios reporting the president trump has made decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord, joining us former defense economic minutes under angela merkel kt zu guttenberg thanks for joining joining us, germany u.s. trump versus merkel what happened this past week first your thoughts in terms of pulling the u.s. out of the climate accord what does this mean for foreign relations.
8:36 am
>> i think it will weaken the u.s.' position on international stage. and we have seen already, that there was quite some pushback, from the g-7 partners, see that very that might withdraw u.s. from the accord. and for me as i look at foreign relations at the question of how could you be impactful within alliance other places has a lot to do with compromises not -- your partners i think the reactions will be harsh from other side of the atlantic, and i fear that we might spill into further he tensions also on other topics, that actually it doesn't help anyone. >> what do you think went on this past week during the nato meetings? tensions between u.s. and germany obviously heating up, following the president's first overseas trip, as commander in chief this is the president tweeted out yesterday quote we have a massive trade deficit with germany is mr. they pay far less than they should on nato and military.
8:37 am
very bad for the u.s. this will change. what dpoufrng happened last week? >> what do you think happened. >> i think he missed the opportunity to actually negotiate a point where he has a point he has already gained some confirmation from the german side regarding trade surplus for germany no go even to negotiate, angela merkel -- we do have a problem here, so there was a first step towards the same with nato commitment of germany which -- a shame for many, many years angela merkel stepped up said okay we are willing to deliver. but then he is stepping in, in an election year, and he is actually her best campaign manager one thing -- she is stepping up and saying this is reliability from partners gaining and gaining support from german public for that,
8:38 am
does not play into anyone's advancing on both sides of the atlantic, he would have protect a little bit more on i heard your message, you are going to deliver, let's wait until this election is over because now it is causing the opposite causing the opposite will say do we have to deliver for something actually willing to do i don't think that move is very intelligent. >> in terms of germany's position on climate change, though that angela merkel and what they have done in terms of just pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into solar energy, and energy, it is putting a stranglehold on the german economy in fact, the "the wall street journal" editorial page pointed out "der spiegel" said a luxury good coasts soared imbalance push towards green energy why would donald trump want same for united states? it is not asking -- that for
8:39 am
him the same, it is about -- it is about -- >> it is about reaching common goals, and i would aapprove to your point energy transition in o germany was not entire success there was a lot a lot of other things, so -- this is about do we come at the end of the day to an agreement how. tackle things that many still over here would see a hoax, climate change is, taking place? or do we actually have everyone fighting for his own goals nothing else? and i fear that this is something where we will where we will see more you struggles other things coming up on other topics because put on same way. >> one other question might be -- we are talking about honoring international commitments agreements nato members did commit to spoked 2% of gdp on military spending, 10 years ago has been quite sometime germany well short of that number at
8:40 am
this point, does the president have a point in pressing that question to merkel or anyone else isn't that fair criticism. >> it is fair criticism i say again and again even on this show here, it is -- again. >> to talk about this -- >> but the question is how do you come to success with that. so he got already he got already an answer from the chancellor and others we will deliver. that is something i haven't heard for many, many years coming out of mouth of -- >> then good you you go to brussels standing in front of a new 9/11 memorial when stands for first commitment to article five, by the other member states, helping u.s. after 9/11 committing i lives of young soldiers as well other things then you even scratch the article five commitment out of your speech? and then again you ask the other members to step up with it? have what do you expect someone campaigning at home
8:41 am
right now she is under pressure look, she was already on this way -- >> you think he went of a tar. >> i think he really went of a far. >> why havnt germany sent % gdp they have been growing they have done well, economic locomotive of europe benefited from a weaker euro so i just don't know what has been the impasse prevented germany from contributing holding up obligation. >> what needed to happen i started that he reform of armed forces from pure he constituent bays in realm of cold war professional arm ready to deploy ready to be part of -- of a he german understanding that we are willing to go into out of area missions when we did and to also combine with all efforts we are doing more than any other country in the world, with foreign aid, with foreign
8:42 am
policy means putting my actually my proposal would be instead of instantly about continual pushing 2% goal why don't we ask members to offer 3% emcome passes foreign policy development other things the problem is european commitment is always if you ask 2% every single european member state you don't ask for a functioning european part of nato because everyone has maybe everyone has air foes duplicateification all over wouldn't complement u.s. that would be way more creative than what we are asking for now. >> what does this mean for relations what is impasse of a rocky start to germany u.s. he relations with this new president. >> i don't give up on both finding common grounds and i would also not give up on angela merkel's emotional
8:43 am
commitment to the transatlantic relationship she is usually as cool as dog's mouth as we usually say this is a german thing, but when it comes to u.s. she is emotional and wants to she wants to keep the transatlantic relations as part of as possible we have to do fight from both sides. dagen: a dog's -- >> cool as cucumber over here. >> a little different. >> cool is not good like a relationship between two staunch allies. >> you don't want could be cool as dog's nose in that, good to see you, coming up another blow to president obama's legacy stuart varney will with a he in michael correspond stock after you a rough fourth quarter how luxury brand plans to tighten purse strings return the to profitability after 6% sell-off right now.
8:44 am
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spiegel". . maria: welcome back we are 45 minutes away from a opening bell, markets are higher today take a look dow industrials set to open 40 points, nasdaq up 25. couple names we are watching, milestone for amazon amazing company technology titan shares, hit 1,000 dollars a share, yesterday. take a look where it is right now under second s&p component to cross the 1,000 dollar threshold that was hit 1,000 back in 2013 amazon shares are off a quarter percent premarket, michael correspond shores falling not as good story that is for sure stock is down this morning, michael, % after rough fourth quarter post loss 17 cents a share offered weak guidance says it plans to improve profitability closing between 100, 125 stores, over next two years. just coming in this morning objectionios reporting president trump decided to withdraw from paris climate
8:48 am
accord joining us now host of "varney & company" weighing in on that good morning. >> good morning my question is why didn't president obama make this a treaty put it before the senate, get it voted on make it a treaty you can't withdraw from a treaty, instead, the paris accord was that accord an agreement, and we can withdraw from it, and president trump according to the sources says we are going to withdraw from it that will reverse one more plank in president obama's legacy, why didn't president obama make it a treaty? answer, because you can never get through senate it was unequal treaty favoring third world countries against the interests of america, and the west limited use actually reducing carbon emissions by the end of the century costs america great deal of money that is why it didn't submit to senate to make it into a treaty, that is why we have
8:49 am
this reversal of another part of president obama's legacy, i think going to go to happen i think we are out at you? it is going to happen do you think it has implications to friends in europe stuart just talking about guttenberg he said yeah. >> in germany, climate change globally warming is the state religion, they are go about whole green regardless of the cost they about passionately believe climate is go to change planet does not survive they will be mort insided at rejection of the paris climate accord angela merkel must bes be inif you are aides whether she shows or not but note happy the reaction of europeans apoapoplexia. >> after "mornings with maria" join stuart 10 minutes' time cbs evening news network reportedly is pulling scott
8:50 am
pelley from the roll of anchoring cbs even news back in a minute. ♪ ♪ think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions,
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8:54 am
alternative energy plans, more their speed -- late 70s partially meltdown at three mile island sent chills throughout united states left the plant with only one reactor generating electricity. according to multiple sources scott pelley is out of the anchor of cbs evening news speculation for months over this shake-up at cbs -- confirmed scott pelley will no longer anchor the show. ♪ this is the cbs evening news with scott pelley. >> well the broadcaster has been third place behind nightlyly news abc world news tonight unlike the morning show has not made gains, in the ratings. pelley will become a full time correspondent for sunday prime time show 60 minutes pelley is currently on assignment for 60 minutes not hosts evening news several days, page six is also reporting pelley had office
8:55 am
cleared out on tuesday, even though he was out of town pelley has anchored that show since 2011 at time big news when he replaced katie couric cbs a unit of cbs corp stock down more than 3% we expect a formal announcement from cbs at some point today. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl: all right. good news for fans of 1990s an any things hit reporting warn borrowers working with spielberg on rebought may be the ofrm is having a resirjens since it began streaming on netflix stars what cannio yacko dot warner unknown speeds cause problems at studios, won daytime emmy
8:56 am
awards during run as well as peabody award maria, who knew? question. maria: flash from the past -- i like. >> picking brain funny stuff. >> that was funny. >> in -- in that world. >> okay, they were fun. >> they were. >> bi. igs bunny. >> boring. >> bugs bunny. he was about to clobber take off a shoe beat you -- >> who you talking about? >> -- doesn't ticl my fansi. >> you are willey coyote i am the road reason ier. >> coming up final thoughts from all-star panel. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ what kind of feeling, i am
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