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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 1, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> thank you, lou dobbs is next. keep it height rear on fox business. lou: we begin tonight with house intelligence committee's investigation o of the obama spying an unmasks scandal. three of the house intel committee sep reapas to the cia, the fbi and the nsa. not to individual officials, committee 1 information from those ages about requests made by the individual. in a include for form -- susan rice. john brennan, samantha power,
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all of these officials seeking to unmask the names of trump campaign officials, the come i -- committee seeking classified documents from the agents, so far the committee has met nothing but resis stanlt froresistance from the agent, james rose we rosen with our report. reporter: fbi concerned they were served with sou supervisorinas, each named as figures of interest three senior obama era officials, former "house" national security adviser susan rice was dedicated last month.
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rice at the time denied wrong doing and told us today she is unaware of subpoenas directed at her, and john bron an was also named in the declineys of in the land. brennan declined our request for comment, the soup en' naimi of samantha power, she is a former. >> she served in barack obama senate office before joining his administration. they are now devoting greater scrutiny to power, they don't to see her roll. contacted by fox news, power declined to come, today's disclose use well samantha power may explain a crypt --
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cryptic exchange of last week. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors expwg tha asking that names be unmasked. >> i don't, i don't know. maybe it is ringing a fake bell, but i could not answer with any confidence. reporter: chairman nunez, signed 7 subpoenas, other 4 at behest of chief, these were said to be -- which is conducting a parallel probe of allegations of collusion last year, president trump and the russians have both denied those allegations. cohen has denied colluding with the kremlin, issuance of
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up seen. >> thank you, james rosen reporting. >> out of washington, ousted fbi director james comby is expected to testify. before the senate intelligence commit behis conversations with president trump, regarding the michael tblin investigation. a source close to comey says that former director will confirm some accusations that president trump pressured him to end his investigation to flynn, that is an escalation of allegation, a date for comey's testimony has not been set, timing remains unseernl. lou: joining me now to discuss the expectations testimony from james comey. late-breaking developments on subpoenas, and unmasks spying scandal, now with three
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officials names from the obama administtion. rnc national committee man, former chairman. randy evans joining us, great to see you, they came out guns blazing. sending their subpoenas to agencies. fbi, nsa, the -- it is a sight to see today. >> it is reestablishment of the plants of power with congressional oversight of his agent, all they do is run among. i would not be surprised that -- fifth amendment. lou: committee is frustrated that agents have not been forth coming with what committee seems to consider.
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is this going to end with the fifth amendment responses or will there be production of se subpoenaed material? >> i think that documents will get produced but actually live testimony, about what people knew and whether they knew it how they knew it and why they wanted to know it, you will see it happen. we know that susan rice is incapable of telling the truth on a consistent basis, she wants to take oath, then be caught you know just flat fooded in something that is -- flat footed in something not true, i think she will take the fifth amendment before she does that. lou: she has been caught lies flat fooded with the benghazi scandal.
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and trio does not have a great record, brennan spying own teligent committee himself, and as for sama saman samantha power, we'll find out more, interesting adam schiff put up four duplicate subpoena request. am i being cynical. charles: i think you are on, i it -- does reflect a certain level of the bipartisanship, context of the investigation. you are dead on, congressman schiff did what he did, it is actually not very complicated, easy to see, you know, we'll see where that leads. lou: that explains why -- >> not really, i think what you see, you will see it backfire, that is what will be
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stunning, is the moment you have bipartisan subpoenas asking for this level of documentation on unmasks, you will be surprised about who the finger points to. lou: i think that democrats are shocked, these subpoenaed, three of them, on the obama white house. randy evans thank you. he will be rejoining us later in the broadcast. speculation rampant that president is about to withdraw the united states from paris client a climate agreement, that prospect alone has the base exciting and dems are launching broadside, against the trump administration. john roberts in washington with the latest for us. reporter: good evening, during the election campaign
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president trump promised he would bridgbring back american manufacturing and jobs that go with it the question, can he make good on that pledge and stay in paris climate accord. >> in oval office, wouldn't trump would not tip his hand on which way he would go, at g7 meeting trump said he cares about the environment but concerned that it could risk u.s. falling behind nations like china and india, in manufacturing and job creation. all burden, is on united states, to adhere to things that other ownrie -- countries are not willing to do, i think that president saying i am here, is this right for the country. reporter: they believe that president will make a clean break from the accord, one
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suggests president may seek a meddle ground, withdrawing from certain agreements. possible nuance of a decision made no impact on democrats, senate minority leader chuck schumer tweeting, we must do all we can to protect our planet, withdrawing in the paris agreement would put it in jeopardy, even president's allies have -- don't know which way paris will go, but i have done all i can to advise directly to potus that we remain, when asked what he would do if president withdraws, musk replies, we'll have no choice but to depart councils in that case. and president today, lashed out on twitter. president trump tweeting, kathy griffin should be ashamed of herself, my
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children, especially my 11-year-old son barron are having a hard time with this, sick. and as a mother, a wife and a human being that photo is disturbing, when you worrisome of the atrocities in world today, a photo opportunity like this is wrong, it makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it. president left nation scratching its head after sending out a bedtime tweet last night that ended with a word, cafefe. >> he made a game of it, tweeting who can figure out the tree meaning of cafefe eenjoy. prompting this cryptic response from press secretary. >> president a of people know what he meant. reporter: simplest would have been that president set out a tweet with a typo, did not notice it then went to bed,
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but, simple rarely seems to be the case. lou: it may not be so simple, any level, you know he is dialing with fake news. he is dealing with a absolutely determined deep state, why not start creating these if you will these bashes and mysteries -- barbs and mysteries for the dogs on sort of chew on overnight, and be all fresher for it and more and continued tiresome, john. i don't get sense that this are more pleasant between left wing national media and that administration? >> no, they have never been pleasant, because president believing and feels that he has been under siege, since the day he was elected. lou: because he has been under siege? reporter: it is, i mean --
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lou: there you go. reporter: he at one point, i said this in early going that treb -- are fired up out there on 8 street, and doing their best to hit white house on a daily basis. lou: in press briefing room firing at will. reporter: some are within the administration itself. these people who are too happy to leak out damaging. in could -- information to some members of media, you could say that president has been under siege, and say that some of it has been of his own making. but i think that by and large the coverage, and i think -- lou: be on -- the truth is that this is a president, who today had his wife, his son. watching what kathy griffin and that group of people put together.
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this is a barbaric left wing assault on a sitting president that would not be tolerated if he were a democrat, and we know that. >> if i could offer a -- a riverare opinion. i don't think that there is anybody who can defend that horrible photograph. that was made public. the other day and i think that -- i think -- lou: because if they don't have that impulse maybe sufficient decency remains that republican be saved john roberts. >> thank you, lou. lou: a lot to cover, our special guest, president trump campaign digital head who is slamming left wing national media's claims that russian operatives played a role in president trump's victory, brad parscale will join us. we'll be back with that and
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much more stay with us. >> trump administration confident that china is doing all it can to stop north korea and its nuclear ambitions. >> i do believe, i think that administration believes that china is doing back channel networks with north korea, in a way to try to get them to stop nuclear testing. reporter: we take up the dodge's efforts -- dodg. >> and radical islamist terrorism strikes in kabul, a massive truck bomb kills dozens of civilians and injuries me, including american citizens, we're american citizens, we're coming right back with that
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tthat's why at comcast,t to be connected 24/7. we're always working to make our services more reliable. with technology that can update itself. and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. lou: pentagon today released new video of very important successful intercept test against an attack from an icbm, direct are of missile defense agency said that test was done with north korea and iran in focus, clearly in mind. portrayed a very realistic senseario. and -- scenario and showed system ready to defend america and our allies, tuesday's test
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cost a quarter of a billion dollars. and an extraordinary result for a long-term program. >> my next guest said that test democrats that united states has the capability to stop a attack, should give kim jong-un pause. joining us now, a member of freedom caucus, congressman great to yo to have you with us. >> great to be here. lou: i can't imagine the pressure on the officer in charge of that test, but he or she pulled it off. >> he did, and you know, i see something like, that god bless ronald reagan for having the visions, he did so as president, his influence is still felt, if you are kim jong-un, you are looking at that, that one thing you are building toward to have a ballistic missile capability and u.s. has that type of
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capability is very positive for our country. lou: and another positive to add to a long list. since president trump was elected. slogan, make america great again. also with a great connection to ronald reagan. what we're watching is a continuum reactor sert --ry asserted leadership of the free world, stepping into tells whether it be in pacific region, south china sea or it might be in middle east. this president, this administration, responding. >> you have 8 years for our adversaryy took pressure of previous president, they knew they could get away with a lot, now they are on their heels, they are concerned, they see our president standing up with strength. lou: and turning to politics that is what dominating the action of the senate
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intelligence and house intelligence, committees in my opinion. the issuance by house committee 7 is up reasonnas, three to the fire fbi, cia, nsa. three individuals name, what do you make of it? this looks like an investigation of the obama administration? >> i think this is encouraging. you had unmasking, you had leaking of the flynn phone call. which is fiso material that is a huge no-no, there were crimes committed, we talked about investigation, only crimes that we know of were those crimes, but also a larger important these intelligence programs, have to be reauthorized by congress, if congress and american people, don't have confident that this. this could be used properly, they think it will be misused, guess what? a lot of programs are not reauthorized, people in the obama administration, and obama holown hold overs, they
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really cause i think a lot of damage even beyond immediate political cur of i fluffel. >> two questions, right now it looks like most abused program of that which we know, which is in public view, but -- what happened to american citizens, what has been done politically talk about weaponize intelligence that is an example. >> congress will not reauthorize this right now until we get answers about how this information was used. if we get answers we get prosecutions so people know you can't just use this mompl information, then maybe you will be able to reauthorize, right now, i believe you will see resistance on both sides of the aisle. lou: th is up opennas produce -- subpoenas producing documents is that sufficient?
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>> i think this is a hopeful sign, when comey testified in march, he talked about russian investigation, he would not acknowledge they were looking into the leaks, this is really first time we know that there is concrete steps taken to get ought the unmasking and at leaking, it may not be all we need to do, but it is encouraging. lou: comey making allegations through one of his sources, speaking to fake news, that he will allege the president pressured him. is there a law against pressuring a president, the justice department? >> here is the thing, did the president doing anything in improper? if he said he did, why didn't he do anything in response. he did not do anything, writing a memo to self does not solve problems, he will have a hard time explaining if you are indicting trump on something, why didn't you take action. lou: you get a sense that it fell on part of james comey
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assured him an audience filled with admiration. >> thank you. lou: vet in our poll -- vote if or poll, are you surprised that house intelligence committee is going after obama's spying and unmasking scandal? cast your vote on twitter on lou dobbs. >> on wall street today, stocks moving slightly lower. look at those levels. volume on the big board ticking up heavy trading, 4.4 billion shares, for the month, dow up a frack, and s&p you of won hers, nasdaq up 2.5%, notice what all of these indexes have in common? they continue to rally, listen to my report three time a day coast-to-coast on salem. >> up next.
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subject o of a few thoughts, and mastermind behind trump campaign digital operation said that democrats are simply pushing a false narrative about alleged collusion with russia. he is joining me northly stay with us. >> fall narratives, lies, lies
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lou: a few thoughts on the corporate assault against the trump agenda, the establishment assault. the latest corporate lead tore challenge trump, spacex leader elon musk. he issued a threat if the president were to withdraw u.s. from the paris climate accord.
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when asked what he will do if the president pulls out, he says we'll have no choice but to depart counsels in that case. ceos calling on the president to remain in the paris climate deal. schultz israeling against president trump telling starbucks staffers in a february meeting quote, we have a president creating episodic chaos. and that is no doubt affecting consumer behavior. yes, it is. consumers are highly confident spending money. facebook also claiming the paris climate deal will help the economy. mark zuckerberg pushing globalism during this
4:32 am
commencement address at harvard adding that the fight against nationalism is the quote struggle of our time. president trump is challenging that establishment and that status quo, looking to put all americans first by standing up and straightforwardly talking about economic growth. the establishment fighting back with everything it's got. and as we are learning and certainly the president is learning as well, the establishment has a whole bunch of stuff, and they are throwing it all at him. ronald reagan said status quo, you know, latin for the mess we are in. i know i used that same quote two weeks ago. but i like it, don't you?
4:33 am
the white house blast be the fourth is state's fake news agenda against president trump. >> when you see stories perpetrated that are absolutely false and not based in fact, that's troubling. lou: we'll be talking about the national left-wing media's war against the president and his battle against fake news. these high-powered athletes will these high-powered athletes will show you the adrenaline
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♪and the world's gonna know your name♪ lou: hillary clinton isn't finished explaining her loss to donald trump. today spinning a new narrative. clinton claiming her campaign tried to tell people about russian interference in the election, but no one would listen to her, despite the fact the democratic national committee denied access to the serve the f.b.i. told the democratic party had been hacked by the russians. clinton accusing the trump campaign for weaponizing data. >> they came to jared kushner
4:38 am
and basically said we'll marry our operation, which was more as it's been described, psycho graphic sentiment, a lot of harvesting of facebook information. they married content with delivery and data. and it was a potent combination. now, the question is where and how did the russians get into this. and i think it's a very important question. lou: where did that question come from? all of a sudden the question is the russians? joining me now to talk about the latest attempt to spin a narrative on her loss, the dnc
4:39 am
was the first known intrusion of the russians in presidential politics and the f.b.i. was denied access by the dnc, fan with a cyber invasion, they meek any walked away and left the dnc to its phone squalid fate. can you make any sense of that? >> i think they make up excuses for things they are losing at. if you are talking about collusion and influence, we should look at some of the companies like google, twitter, facebook. the democratic party and cnn trying to influence elections. talking about changing search engine al gore rhythms. all of this stuff has been pretty well documented. but i haven't seen a single person called for investigation. we didn't need all this other stuff anyway.
4:40 am
lou: google and its executives were moving in and out of the obama white house almost dately. they were beneficiaries of the most sophisticated tools known to silicon valley, and at argue any altered the outcome in 2008, but not so much in 2016, and in large measure because of what the trump campaign, you, did in digital meetings. >> these companies have more data than anyone ever. google and facebook have a lot of information about americans. hillary made a lot of statements. some of them accurate, some of them inaccurate. but most of the data and everything we did came from the democratic national committee. it's what they did after 2012 to build up a date base of information so we could target.
4:41 am
lou require said to reince priebus, what are you doing to catch up in data mining? what are you doing in targeting data? what are you doing to be ready for 2016? the answer was, they did quite a bit. it turns out ought ground game wasn't nearly as important as i personally journaled it to be two years before that election. because of what you did do with social media. >> there is a data point out there that hasn't been put out much. that's up from 20% four years ago. lou: say that again? that is a minds-blowing number. >> 70% of people got their information who they are going to vote for from social media. it what's your friends are saying on social media and how you are being fin fliewnsd online.
4:42 am
these companies are extremely powerful & and we used our own data to contact them with content that was specific to them. trump had a big message and left was trying to make it noise. but the beauty of social media is we could separate out what trump was saying without the biased opinion of the left. lou: how do you react as the digital maven for the trump campaign and the digital spirit leader, if you will, now, when people say, the president has just got to quit tweeting. he can't do that tweeting thing anymore. he has to ignore those 30 million twitter followers. he has to go through old media. old left-wing national media. how do you react? >> i said this a bunch of times. in trump wouldn't be here if he
4:43 am
wouldn't have found twitter and found his voice. he would have won this thing with always android and his airplane on his own. we were just here to clean up what was left. i read up every day with a fake stormy with myself in it. i appreciate every tweet. i want him to talk directly to me. i don't want to hear an opinion of someone in california when i live in texas. lou: you worked closely for years with jared kushner, and he's now being effectively accused by particularly the left-wing national media of being in league with the russians. your reaction. >> it's almost laughable. i don't talking to jared about what naps those meetings or policy. and you have to separate the campaign from transition.
4:44 am
i know a lot about jared kushner the man. he's a good man. he's and smart and intelligent man. when he walks into a room, he has the stature of someone 20 years older than him. he was extremely respected the throughout the campaign. he was the one who helped in trump get across that finish line. lou: and i know you have did as well. thanks for being with us. >> thank you very much. lou: please roll the video. these are thrill seekers. they are getting creative in the needr need r -- in the need for speed. they are racing down hill head first in france inches from the ground. even passing cyclists. they call it an exhilarating ride, i think more scary and
4:45 am
exhilarating. but that's just me, and that's them. americans injured after radical islamist terrorists strike again in kabul. the obama administration's weak policies to blame.
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lou: joining me to talk about terrorists, north korea's provocations, steve rogers, a former member of the joints terrorism task force. let's start with kabul. a suicide truck. 400 people injured, dozen of people killed as the taliban is reasserting itself? afghanistan which we controlled 8 years ago. >> this is the end result of the obama administration's apology tour. but more importantly as you and i shall sitting here talk, our congress can't get it together. the left is keeping the country so distracted, and they have given the message to our enemies that we are divided.
4:50 am
they think it's more important to manufacture news against the president of the use than to protect our country. lou: their barbaric, vicious and vapid. let's turn to a russian ship firing cruise missiles on syria. russia is stepping up attacks against it is large states. >> all the critics of donald trump with regard to his relationship with putin was really a relationship not to reset as hillary clinton said, but to show some respect to the united states. do you think putin would have called qulin on and stead we are going to launch this attack? no. he had no respect for hillary
4:51 am
clinton and obama but he has a lot of respect for donald trump. lou: and the arming of the curdf the kurds. >> without a people from russia or turkey. there is a lot of back-channel diplomacy going on with these countries and that's why the kurds are on, they are great fighters and we are utilizing they can very effectively. >> the house intelligence community wants answers on the obama unmasking scandal. that appears to be the prime interest of the house intelligence committee right now, not russians. the chances of overcoming agent significant obstruction and significant obstruction and getting answers.
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lou: joining knee now, randy evans, and michael goodwin. and randy rejoining us. we appreciate that, randy nieblg, we are thrilled you are with us at all. let's go to first this horrific
4:56 am
image, kathy griffin. cnn fired her. finally something was just too much, even for the barbaric left in this country. your thoughts. >> it's clearly contagious on the left. i would today in the "new york post" about city leaders supporting a convicted terrorist whose sentence was commuted by president obama being honored by the puerto rican day parade. a lot of sponsors pulled out. some of the new york politicians are sticking with him like terrorism is no big deal. lou: but deblasio would divest from wells fargo because of their fraud scandal. randy, your thoughts on this. this kathy griffin.
4:57 am
i hate to even mention her name. >> there comes these moments in the american consciousness, whether it was john kerry on a surfboard. al gore inventing the internet where the american people go, that's what the left represents. that's what the liberal media think. now we know in our own minds, as grotesque as it was, we know who they are, what they are, what they look like and how they think. it was one of those definitional moments that penetrated the american consciousness. lou: donald trump is close to making the determination on whether to withdraw from the paris accord. >> i think the whole trip abroad was an important america first statement. it was about uniting the rest of the world over principles of fighting terrorism.
4:58 am
when it came to nato, it was a you have got to do your share. you have to make this decision for yourself. we are leading but we are not going to do this alone. we are not going to be behold together international community. we are going to do what's good for america first. >> the one for me, the president of the united states stepping in front of that group of nato leaders, and establishing literally america first. i was cheering. the subpoenas moving out of the house intelligence committee. it is now going after the obama administration for unlawful, illegal activity, spying on u.s. citizens, unmasking them and naming three officials of that
4:59 am
administration that they are investigating. >> they are letting the facts lead them. we are seeing where the facts lead. the facts lead to an administration that was willing to use intelligence services to literally spy on the other political party. i don't know how they can talk about russia when they have a white house here that was capable of spying for the purpose of reverse targeting and unmasking. we'll see this go blood places. i think you will start to see the democrats in the white house run scared. lou: adam schiff running scared. he sought subpoenas for the same people as the senate intelligence committee. >> i think this unmasking thing is at least half of the story of along with the leaks of everything else. investigate the whole russian issue, but let's not forget the
5:00 am
leaks and the unmasking. lou: i have to take exception to the whole russian issue. the dnc, and it's that simple. michael, thanks. randy, thank y y y y y dream to breaking news this morning. fbi, cia and nsa ottawa subpoenas over the mystique of american spirit to many documents in gourmet top above officials is not national national security adviser michael flynn and president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm trained for. academy blaming russia for her loss. we love the story for you. cheryl: will we stay or will we


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