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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 1, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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for tonight we thank you for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: the president announce his decision on the paris climate accord so what will it mean for him politically and for our nation plus a powerful republican senator makes a big promise about repealing and replacing obamacare. and as joe biden really going to run for president in 2020? tonight new evidence suggests that he just might. hillary clinton is continuing. use your delusion tour and new ways and blaming the people for election lies. yesterday she was at the annual code conference spending nonsensical yarns about how the presidency escaped her icy claw
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even though she claims she was taking full responsibility. she was really the victim. >> i was the victim of a very broad assumption. kennedy: people who were trapped in burning houses are victims. people who throw stones at glass houses yet cooperate with such hubris and toxic ineptitude and can't break their own ceiling, those people are losers. >> i knew that i had taken a tremendous hit after the letter and then later i understood the world that wikileaks played in it but the letter was measurable. you could see my drop. kennedy: hold on sister. you started slipping before the letter when the bad obamacare news came out to the critical states with the triple digit premium spike. it wasn't just who got hammered.
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russia was the real electoral sickle. the russians in my opinion and based on the intel encounter and tell people i have talked to could not have known how best to weaponized that information and i think it's fair to ask how did that actually influence the campaign? kennedy: how did that actually influence the campaign? that the question she doesn't have an answer for, at least not the measurable and speaking of heavy artillery she was the beneficiary of a weaponized foundation that took shady filthy money from godforsaken regimes and was certainly interested in their own form of measurable collusion. that would make russia seemed docile. so as this catastrophic fungus takes over her brain and gives her a singular unknowing focus she has one last ominous promise
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her sad friends in giddy enemies who would use the word as a fund-raising weapon. >> i'm not going anywhere. [applause] i have a big state and what happens in this country, i am very unbowed and i'm broken about what happens because i don't want it to happen to anybody else. kennedy: what, losing? it happens in every election. she just can't come to ribs with the fact that she has no real grasp on power and has to make a series of embarrassing excuses for why she's "the biggest loser". only talking about herself she compounds the problems the democratic party suffers from. a dying selfish bench that is out of touch with frustrated voters who have no desire to have the keys to a soulless statist who lost the race and your dignity. glad you are here. let's start the show. i am kennedy.
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so what can we make of hillary's lame game? with us now joe concho media reporter for the hell. joe i want to ask you what is the first word that comes to mind when you see this picture? take a look. >> dr. mao fee from "the sopranos". watching her is like watching -- i don't know if she is dr. melfi is much a sheet d -- needs dr. melfi because she clearly has come unhinged with excuse after excuse and there's no shortage of people that she continues to blame for her loss. at some point someone has to have an intervention and say we are going to have to win but we
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would love to talk about you and your issue so we clearly have to move on and solve some problems. >> donald trump and hillary clinton actually have something in common and that they don't take constructive criticism very well and there isn't somebody telling hillary clinton not to go to these conferences right now. doesn't look bad and your messaging is horrible because you look like kanye west running up on stage taking the statue from taylor swift and saying that you didn't win, i won, i swear so that's part of the problem that she doesn't have somebody guiding her. by the way technology conference, hillary clinton? she is talking technology conference? kennedy: she was also admonishing companies like facebook for putting up fake news because it was the facebook fake news that cost her the election. it wasn't her personality or lack of vision or fortitude. >> i counted fake news and misogyny as well. apparently datamining in macedonia, that was a problem as
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well. the dnc, she threw her own committee under the bus. kennedy: that's a really important point to let's talk about that. she said she was the one who had to come up with resources because the dnc had nothing. their data was mediocre and their operation was substandard. if this is someone like bernie sanders could say the dnc did nothing for him. >> they ran out of resources that they use them all to take a bernie sanders. democrats are saying we wanted a free and fair election and the russians intervene but they didn't seem to have a problem with the fact that they are on democratic national committee took their election away from bernie sanders. they didn't have a problem with that election process. kennedy: can you imagine if ernie were giving a speech over and over again talking about all the ways he lost the nomination and blaming the real causes for some of his primary defeats? >> i didn't hear word from after a loss and john mccain i
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didn't hear from after a loss. you have the penchant moderate is listing an ever challenging saying that hillary and now you are planning all of these things. wouldn't that help to gone to the wisconsin possibly look at what happened in the primaries? kennedy: she said in wisconsin and pennsylvania people started googling the fake news story and that's what did her in. it was google and not the fact that she was absent from front and some of these key states and then send in important information. tonight she shows you the disdain she had for regular people calling supporters deplorables and thinking that people were so manipulated by fake news that they change. kennedy: joe concho thanks for coming. the presidents decision to abandon the paris climate accord. the president gave his reason in a speech at the white house.
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>> either the paris accord or entirely new transaction on terms that are fair to the united states. its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers. so we are getting out but we will start to negotiate and we will see we can make a deal that's fair. kennedy: there you go the president's decision is causing a lot of controversy. did he make the right call? let me bring in tonight's battle ready party panel "fox news" contributor katie pavlich joined by iraq and afghanistan -- pete hegseth and matt welch. welcome everyone. did we need the paris climate accord to have a healthier planet and to have better regulations in this country in
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order to achieve? >> we are in the path to meet the targets of the paris climate accords whether we are and are not and that's largely because of the adoption of technologies that people who loved the paris climate accord don't like which is replacing kole production with natural gas and fracking. kennedy: we even have cleaner kole technology than anyone else in the world. we still have a third of our power plants powered by kole. see that generally speaking as countries get richer they get cleaner. i've never seen such symbolism about something that no one has really read it on the right they are like we have escaped this draconian thing. no, it's a pretty toothless agreement. there are a lot of people who are getting too excited about what we freed ourselves from and on the left incredible hysteria among people saying literally it's a traitorous act of war.
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kennedy: it's useless and that there are no real mechanisms in there to force countries to comply with some of the roles and standards but at the same time several organizations including heritage foundation took stock and said this is going to cost hundreds of thousands of american jobs. >> it's still a bad deal. you have countries like the united states paying other countries for taxes we have had and it's a move towards regulatory schemes whether voluntary or not which trends away from from lawmakers united states toward international bureaucrats who believe in climate warning and what we can do as developed in undeveloped countries vis-à-vis what america's interests are for workers in pennsylvania and ohio conservationists like teddy roosevelt without giving away the farm. kennedy: we are giving away the farm compromising jdpm sacrificing innovation and
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technology. >> you have to remember how this thing was passed. this was not a treaty that was put through a vote in the senate that this was something the president obama decided to sign on by himself and why is that? we had the kyoto agreement and that did not pass through the president was not going to put something on the senate floor that olga by the way ohio and michigan would be detrimental to the workers there who voted for donald trump. this is something they don't want to go into a symmetry debate as they can get a pass. kennedy: that's exactly what should happen now. we will learn more on its demise but it should go to the senate and it should die there. the senate's number two republican just made a bold claim that the senate will absolutely get a health care bill passed by july at the latest. that's a hard promise for a senate majority whip. john cornyn to keep but he
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doesn't even sound that confident when he talks about the quality of the bill saying one thing i am sure of is this won't be perfect but if it's better than obama kerry think we will have to build on the promise we made a election after to repeal and replace obamacare. you might recall the house reviled american health care act was supposed -- pass by two votes. can congress get health care figured out the summer? july as next month, katie. >> we have a ways to go here. july is coming rapidly. the republicans have gone from campaigning on fully repealing and replacing obamacare to what john cornyn just said in the sense that we have kept our promise. that's not true. on the other hand when you talk about repeal you have to ask a question about what that really means. even the house version of the american health care at doesn't fully repeal health care.
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keeps the majority of what people like obamacare in the bill in the senate will be even worse. we are going to come out with something that's even close to repealing and if we are going to have her placement bill it will be similar to what we had with obamacare. kennedy: you still have mandates and you still have a big government program that is going to still increase premiums. >> unfortunately it will not be better in the senate. i agree with everything he just said but i think republicans have to prove at some level they can actually govern. democrats are going to resist and they might get one or two votes. maybe tax reform but definitely not on health care. you have 52 senators and a half to 51. it will be watered down but if they go back to voters and say you elected us to majority we promised we would bring you a pass something that we have done nothing. that's a real problem. i still have a problem at the refusal to stand up to principle and think that our conservative
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and free markets work. kennedy: they won't fight that fight because you pointed out susan collins and lisa murkowski they don't care about the free market. >> you need to have them agree with jeff. it's going to be something ultimately does a watered down version of the house version which is such a watered-down version that a lot of people who voted for it had talk like this is a garbage bill essentially that everyone wants to play hot potato. no one wants to be blamed by donald trump. all these bureaucrats wilted under the glare of trouncing you have to go after the freedom caucus. that's what we are hearing the senate from people i cornyn saying he doesn't want to be that guy so until they find someone who can stop them and that someone will be the american people. kennedy: the american people are going to be that guy and that guy is fed up. maybe more than two parties. our panel returns a little bit later but president trump has suggested that he might conduct
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you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. kennedy: president trump has
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been saying for weeks you might start handling white house press briefings itself but you may want to rethink that strategy because monmouth university poll finds 61% of voters believe that our president quote does more to hurt his own cause when he speaks on behalf of the administration. that might sound like good news for sean spicer's job security but unfortunately the same poll found 20% of people feel the sean spicer doesn't help to present at all. it's a catch-22 like this is enough to make your. what does the administrator due to better massage their message? let that special correspondent and author of 42 books you must order today ed henry, welcome back. >> just in time for father's day , a great book. kennedy: a wonderful story. you have the store to tell about the lack of people losing faith and the commander-in-chief
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relating his own message. what is going on at these numbers? >> was interesting about this is donald trump has been doubted before into a think this poll might be right that people anxious about the tweets or little anxious about the president himself grabbing the microphone? yes there have been wacky tweets in tweets in maybe went too far in accusing former president obama buyer chomping trump tower for example. some of that has come back to bite the administration. yes there was surveillance and maybe the tweets was grounded in some truth but the bottom line is it is not than some of the president's best communications could this be fair and balanced and let's be honest about it. it does not always work and i think it's gotten certain the sean spicer silvis press secretary but it's rolled to the point where yesterday he do the briefing but he didn't do it on camera and rather than 45 minutes or an hour he did it for 12 minutes or something.
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it's to the point where it's almost absurd so here'she big picture point though. yes has the president had some stumbles? su on the other hand we have heard the same refrain during the campaign. the president is going to lose to hillary clinton. it's a disaster. why are they doing these rallies come out wife he tweeted and he won. his message got out so my bottom line point is it ain't perfect. it's not smooth but at the end of the day despite this poll i do still think he's the administration says messenger. kennedy: i think his press briefings are certainly entertaining. >> mr. president-elect can you say categorically can you give us a question? >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. kennedy: that was the present being combative with cnn's jim acosta. >> there's another moment for all of these pundits saying
8:22 pm
that's going to her. that was a big mistake. the presence-based love it because there a lot of people miss country that are simply fed up with the mainstream media. that's a fact that this president gets better than probably anybody in american politics or american life. again does he go too far sometimes with the tweets? yes. decicco to par with the back-and-forth with reporters yes but the bottom line is he pushes back in a direct lot way that the american people have been hungry for it. kennedy: you saw the results of the montana congressional race and politicians being combative with reporters doesn't necessarily fit badly with voters. it's interesting as you point out maybe some of the response to this monmouth poll have an issue with the tweets and that kind of messaging but i do think you are right. i do think that the president doesn't do himself a disservice by talking directly with the media even when it comes to those contentious moments.
8:23 pm
does he have the energy to keep it up and you think you will really do it every two weeks? >> i think he probably will because what's the alternative? it's the hillary clinton approach of dodging the media and like how long she went without taking questions and then she finally did. she would dance around about the e-mail server and dance around about something else and it was an authentic. my bottom line point is is a perfect? is it won't be? is a less than smooth? sure but it's authentic. two he is. he cannot change that at the age of about 70 or so. kennedy: i was surprised that he himself didn't have a longer 75 minute press conference before his first trip when the comey news and some of the russia leaks in allegations were really building up. we will see if that happens next week when comey testifies. >> he pushes back and explains better than almost anybody in administration. he will end up making headlines
8:24 pm
that maybe they didn't want at the broader picture, couple of months ago where he literally took 20 or 30 questions, multiple follow-ups. it wasn't perfect and it wasn't. the whole time but it worked. mu for coming here.hank you very coming up is joe biden really thinking about running for president again in 2020? uncle joe has launched a political action committee. if he won he would be the oldest president ever which leads to tonight's trivia question. who was the youngest president in u.s. history ulysses s. grant calvin coolidge or theodore roosevelt? the answer of course is after the break. stay here.
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ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. kennedy: back before the break i asked who was the youngest president in history is louise s. grant john f. kennedy calvin coolidge or theodore roosevelt? the answer it's teddy. yet a bear named after him, 42 years old when he took office in 1941. if he would have been the vice president's political career would have died to get the same thing happened to joe biden? he could be running as the oldest president in history. the former vp launched a committee action suggesting is throwing his hat back in the
8:29 pm
ring in 2020. he will be 78 years young. the democratic field to be a very crowded one which is one reason michael bloomberg said he thinks president trump has a good shot at re-election. he says trump has a 55% chance of winning the next election. while all democrats cancel each other out and let the president skate to an easy when? i may bring in the cohost on the "fox news" channel 9:00 p.m. on the east coast six in the west. juan williams. hi juan. how excited to get at the prospect of a joe biden presidency? >> what did ronald reagan say i refuse refused to allow my opponent's youth to be used against them? i think with joe biden we have never had a president who would be 78 or 79 when he took office but it speaks to the weakness of the democratic bench because there is an audience among
8:30 pm
democrats for joe biden. people who think the joe biden can talk to the white working class in a way that we have not been doing as democrats in the last cycle. kennedy: it seems that hillary is also running it you've read the tea leaves to some of the comments you made yesterday at the wellesley graduation over the weekend. she is running again in bernie sanders certainly hasn't ruled out a run so what really is going to be a cocoon come as no? >> don't forget the republicans into anxious to go after elizabeth warren. gowdy's people are either late 60s and 70s so that's amazing to me and again it looks at the weakness of the democratic bench in terms of young people and i don't know there's any great surge of young folks on the republican side but i will say this donald trump's looking under by the minute when you compare it. kennedy: when you look at someone like joe biden you know he has capacity and his he seems like he could raise money and people talk about others would
8:31 pm
have had a better shot at beating president trump joe biden's name comes up a lot. >> i find it so interesting because if i was a republican i would have thought get me biden. i have plagiarism he's rubbing women's arms from the back and saying thiis a big linking deal. they would have called him uncle joe and a clownish figure but now he is revered on the right. kennedy: i also think he attracts independents that hillary clinton could never track. >> that's another problem here because at the moment president trumps numbers have been falling sharply among independents. if you get a democrat who in fact and this is why i think you were in target attracted to independents you constitute a real challenge. kennedy: cory booker can be a moderate candidate. he would actually have a shot. >> say that?
8:32 pm
kennedy: because he is younger. >> at that you work connecting this to knock off the socialism. a moderate democrat is going to have a much better shot with independents and moderate republicans. >> so here's the contrast. you have to energize the base of the democratic party. kennedy: know you don't. progressives who were bernie sanders fans. >> on the one hand they could have been trump supporters an impact i think some of them were trump supporters but that's because of the populist appeal and anger over trade deals and the like. bernie is right there with trump on that issue. if the polar ends were to meet in the middle that is where you would come. kennedy: this conversation is becoming to intelligence. i have to get the panel. >> i love your shoes. kennedy: i love you juan.
8:33 pm
ken jennings, why is he not news he is actually in hot water for a joke he tweeted about 11-year-old barron trump. he was responded to melania trump's claim that barron was upset by kathy griffin's tweet. he thought it was his dad and his little heart is breaking. intelligence doesn't equate with humor. donald trump jr. calls it "back another low from the left. they will rationalize this away with the usual excuses. the party panel is back. katie pavlich pete hegseth and matt welch. it's great to see everyone. ken jennings the only way kent jennings and kathy griffin can get attention right now is by making either bad photographic art that is murderous in nature
8:34 pm
for making bad jokes about 11 else. >> what i love about this is the way that shows there is nobody around them. they live in a world when there is no one saying maybe don't go after the 11-year-old. don't hold up the severed head of a president. kennedy: kathy griffith employs people to do that. she has lawyers and publicists and agents in manners so conceivably there's a team. to bad idea. >> ken jennings doesn't have any friends. he is a jeopardy loving where no. you know more about hand-to-hand combat than most people or vice versa. we don't have to talk about that right now. who do you think would win in a not down drag out fights, kathy griffin for ken jennings? >> probably kathy griffin. kennedy: i want you to think about it.
8:35 pm
>> they are in the same insular bubble of trump hate. it's perfect manifestation, the severed head and taking on the 11-year-old. anything goes and anyone else who agrees differently including her publicist who thinks this is some sort of a good idea. >> i don't think they even asked her publicist because they believe the publicist would agree with them that this is a good idea so that everybody hates donald trump. it would be totally fine to behead him and make fun of his 11-year-old child the developer did that with the obama girl, kids are off-limits. they did and as the life they are living. leave them alone. kennedy: if you are 18 or 19 years old it's kind of a different story. >> even then. their parents made the decisions for them. barron trump didn't do anything his is comedy. kathy griffin qualified her decision in her apology for the beheading photo by saying i'm a comedian and i think this is
8:36 pm
funny. kennedy: i think it gets, the more license. >> then don't apologize for it. kennedy: exactly right and that is a donald trump axiom. never apologize. my goodness this panel is glorious. coming up the russia investigation to election meddling continues that now there are names from the obama mistress and coming come into play. plus a list and an explanation,o next. . so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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kennedy: i was trying to be dramatic. it seems the big russia election has tangled pretty big names from the obama administration. they have the intel -- the house until committee wants to find out if anybody illegally unmasked u.s. citizens in this case can't trump campaign staffers. any request made by former national security adviser former cia director john brennan and former united nations ambassador samantha power for names to be unmasked in relation to claims about russian election meddling. the present was quick to jump on the story tweeting the big story is the unmasking and surveillance of people displaced during the obama administration. so is this a bigger average?
8:41 pm
let me ask a former cia officer and host of buck sexton. we just saw brennan on capitol hill. he is coming back and bringing his gal pals in its power. >> here's why this is not going to be particularly satisfying for a lot of people on the right to view this as a leaks verses collusion war which is really what's going on here. you have one side and focused whether present our others focused on leaks and some of them certainly be legal if they would confirm or deny that the information is real which the government does not officially due and on the other side of collusion. on this notion of unmasking if it falls within their discretion meaning if the official has the ability to unmask than their rationale can be pretty amorphous meaning more or less if it's a thought i needed to know who w ithis report because i needed to know because
8:42 pm
i wanted to know. kennedy: and i'm in a position of power. >> that is illegal and what they are really trying to refer to i think is abusive government power which would be unethical but not illegal which is a very important distinction. kennedy: are people like rand paul who were making this form of unmasking illegal. if american citizens are being targeted and caught up were originally you have a foreign target but you know that person wants sergey kislyak talks to everybody so every single conversation and you could say well we think he might be a spy. we think he may have a nefarious aim and therefore anyone he talks to or that they talked to can be caught up in this unmasking and that is wrong. >> was senator paul is referring to is reforming the way the system currently works but there's always this tension between intelligence collection which is extralegal and a sense. goes outside the bounds of the
8:43 pm
fourth amendment and restricting fourth amendment rights of individual u.s. citizens and that there was an abuse here and i think there a lot of people -- kennedy: the fisa court said there were abuses. >> i mean during the term campaigning. there are mistakes being made at the level and the consistency that show the massive surveillance that's going on that's happening in ways that are bridging -- kennedy: you are worried that the latest dog and pony show isn't going to get to the bottom of any of those important questions? >> you have this back-and-forth between the two sides that suggest whether you are republicans or democrats there will be people that are fraud are start of their officer tv studio or wherever it is they are because they will be sent to prison for its going on here. for unmasking and certainly for collusion which is not even itself a crime it doesn't fall anywhere under the statute that
8:44 pm
i don't think is going to happen. people that are looking at this as a political fight which i think it is they will see their world a lot of focus put on how much of the unmasking would be held up. kennedy: that's what all these people will rely on. comey does that every time he testifies. anytime someone asks him a sensitive question he defers and says i can answer that right now and maybe at some point i can look it up and get back to you. buck sexton glad you did not remain under wraps today and showed yourself. coming up just when you thought lazy americans couldn't find any other way to stuff ourselves defenseless a denver doughnut shop cranks it up to 11 -- thousand feet. flying doughnut. that's when we come back with topical storm. get hungry.
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kennedy: earlier today i downloaded the five videos they have watched them was asleep in fortune that criser computers and destroyed firewalls so i had to pick these new stories on the fly. this is the topical storm. top at number one. juan williams. june is here and it's perfect time to bring your family out to
8:49 pm
major league baseball game so they can smell the fresh-cut grass hear the roar of the crowd and see the mascot giving people the middle finger. look at that that's new york metz mascot mr. met catching a little bit of heat. after he was caught on camera flipping off a fan who was hindering wednesday nights game who he flipped off because everybody the mets game is wearing a bag over their head. including the players. baseball players across the country were shocked but not here in new york where the one finger salute is a term of endearment and if you've ever been to a major league baseball team in this town you know nothing could possibly be more offensive than the beer prices. the team has tweeted an apology saying the person wearing the costume will never wear it again. that's because he has gotten a job working customer service.
8:50 pm
he doesn't flip anyone off anymore. he just punches them in burns their animals. topic number two. a chinese toy manufacturer is now selling what looks like an isis themed children's toy set. it comes with a lot of tiny parts but you don't have to worry about your kids eating them because the entire set is completely tasteless. kids can play with several terrorist figurines including a man who is waving a bloody islamic flag and a man catapulting a barrel of oil to a soldier. that's good family fun. if saying it an action figure behead someone is not your thing you might want to stay away from the company's new kathy griffin toy set. that's a joke. there is no kathy griffin toy set. the only way to get a kathy griffin that's made out of plastic is to track down the
8:51 pm
real kathy griffin. topic number three. have you ever been in a mood for donuts but you were too screwed up to drive? i know tiger woods has. i'm in l.a.. i'm in orange county. there is good news for tiger and anyone else who can say their abcs backwards in front of a law enforcement officer. doughnut shop in denver is experimenting with using drones to deliver donuts. the pilot program took off yesterday with lamar's donuts making deliveries to the mayor's office, the fire department and the 16th street mall. it is a cool program that you have to be very specific when you order because donuts aren't the only types of edibles they can bring you to colorado. yeah just ate at boston
8:52 pm
cream and now she won't stop listening to dark side of them in backwards and she keeps talking about the illuminati and she keeps saying her unicorn has tracers. topic number four. speaking of marijuana users. barack obama and former first lady michelle obama are purchasing the eight-point 1 million-dollar washington d.c. home that they have been writing since january and it is amazing how quickly it goes from renting to owning once you start getting $400,000 speeches to the same wall street firms you bag on your entire administration. not that i blame the kuiper that's the being honest. i would do the exact same thing. luxury. of course i will never be president because i would have toass a backnd check of us to save the old k trained flew off the rails a few times in the 90s if you know what i mean.
8:53 pm
the obamas will now be living full time right around the block from ivanka trump and jared kushner and their new neighbors of already sent them electronic greeting cards. there it is. hey friends. they wanted to bake a bunt cake but michelle would let them have any dessert. that's an obvious sign that he is no longer smoking that cho cho because he can't have cake. topic number five. if it feels a little warm today it's not because it's the start of june. from the red-hot boiling rage of the internet dealing with me. it's thursday. margot advises kennedy nation, lay off the weed before the show
8:54 pm
why don't you lay on the weed you crazy old coot?our glaucomar condition you need to remedy, frigidity, marco. margot fargo. fred writes, i thought i was demented and crazy. you're not, fred reed marco is. she can be demented and crazy for both of you. amani toomer c. were not funny, not professional, hardly a journalist. your work is trash, tragic. dribs and drabs closes it up with makeover time. you look like a robot. if you've seen the show for more than a day you know that i am very pro robot and i take that as the highest compliment with which i am sure was intended. coming up the legal obstacles that keep terminally ill patients from trying treatment and drugs that are not yet fda approved.
8:55 pm
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kennedy: understand why a lot of people are -- jeff sessions that we have to be hopeful and where the person may remove predatory hurdles that can be downright deadly.
8:59 pm
arguably the worst agency whittled regulations is the fda which cruelly and often arbitrarily decide how and when certain drugs to market. this process takes years. they decide who gets to participate in certain trials leaving thousands to die he might benefit from a new lighting -- lifesaving treatment for medication. 30 states have right to trial laws that allow patients to work with their doctors to find innovative and potentially lifesaving methods for which patients are at risk for the federal government is trying to stand in the way of poll -- full passage for their many states because they want total control over entire industries when we all know slope your credit and cruel nature of central planning is antithetical to the political marriage to science in the premarket. someone's having conversation about their right to try give it a further lesson and you understand why you're moving these barriers is not only humane they can swiftly usher in
9:00 pm
a -- thank you so much for watching us this tonight. please follow me on twitter and instagram a candid nation facebook at kennedy at the end e-mail kennedy i will see you on the out never catch tomorrow at eight eastern and nine in the west. have a glorious weekend. goodbye ned art scene heavyweigh. >> he went from very clean-cut to start wearing brighter-colored shirts, and then his hair grew long. >> how important a name is he? >> there are no comparables. >> he leaves behind a puzzle. >> oh, the sun is shining. or it's an egg. are you sure these go together? >> it's always a mystery. >> this is all your dad's? >> it's a very small portion of the art that he produced. >> how do you handle an 8-ton inheritance? >> every single day, i've thought, "what am i going to do with it?" [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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