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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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care. all the money goes into the amazons and face books of the world. [closing bell rings] linda, randy thanks for joining us. we go into the weekend, they're happy and clapping. david asman. lauren simonetti for "after the bell." >> i see fist pumping ashley. dow ending at brand new record high for second day in a row. it is up. we like it, thumbs up, hovering around the 21,200 level. new records for dow, nasdaq and s&p 500. i'm lauren simonetti in for melissa francis. david: who would have thought, lauren, horrendous jobs report and worry about the climate change stuff from ceos, heck with it, markets are going ahead. this is "after the bell." happy you could join us on friday. markets are driving higher but here is what else we have in
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busy hour. white house on defense this week. epa head pruitt and sean spicer pushing back on the media going nuts over the president's decision to nix the paris climate agreement. may jobs report falling short of expectations. why is the market shrugging it off. just where are the jobs? kathy griffin holding a press conference from getting fired for chn because of a horrible, isis-like photo. why she says she is the actual victim. unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable. back to major market records, all three averages ending at new highs for the second day in a row. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. with the big winners. great to see you, nicole. reporter: lauren, market loves to see the market at new highs. everybody loves it for their 401(k)s and ira's. dow up 15% since election day. that momentum continues,
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shrugging off some headlines. looking right now, the dow closes up 5points. some of the all-time highs. eight of the 30 in fact. look at some of the names including mcdonald's, microsoft, visa, and 3m hitting all-time highs. when we look to technology and nasdaq which did great this week. we saw names such as amazon which crossed 1000-dollar mark. it was at 11008. netflix, starbucks, new highs there across the board. s&p 500 gaining as well. new highs there as we saw most of the sectors to the upside today. that finishes right now up 1/3 of 1%. for this week, also winner for s&p 500 up almost 1%. nasdaq best of the three up 1 1/2%. what is interesting about this week, we talked about the paris accord and today's news on js which came in a little light as far as non-farm payrolls but
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wage groth remains steady and that is a very key fact are to. also unemployment rate drops to 4.3%. that is the lowest level in 16 years. traders taking those pieces of news and positive outlook. we'll watch for apple conference and european central bank next week. back to you. >> what a way to start a weekend. we hope you have a good weekend, nicole. the president's decision to withdraw climate deal, concerns of oversupply. dropping 1 1/2%, 4.3% on the week. largest weekly drop in a month. on the flip side, check out gold, ending at highest level since april on the back of what many people are saying was a weak jobs report. gold is also closing the week higher for the fourth straight week in a row, keeping it all in perspective for you. david: very interesting. a terrible jobs report did not stop markets from popping. so what happened? bring in today's panel. steve forbes, chairman of forbes
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media. michelle gerard, chief economist for natwest markets. we have paul versano. good to see you all. michelle what happened. usually terrible jobs report follow as drop in the dow. what about today. >> it was not a terrible jobs repo. it was disappointing it was not as robust the day before the adp report had a very solid -- david: what is good about it, michelle? >> anytime you're growing at this point in the cycle 140, anything over 100,000 or even lower, you're getting unemployment rate moving down. you are more than absorbing labor force growth. don't get me wrong, would i like to see us doing better but this is far from a disasterous report. as it was talked about before, it's a situation where you have got the economy growing but not growing enough we're worried about generating inflation pressures that will get the fed --
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david: that is if you believe, that is if you believe, steve forbes, that growth, strong growth will nest lead to inflation. i necessarily believe it. let me put it out here. the paris accord. we didn't pass it. other countries will be hamstrung in their businesses in ways that u.s. businesses are not going to be hamstrung pause of this. could that be one rhine why the market is doing well, steve? >> i think that is the key thing. people didn't think at end of the day, the markets trump would not have the guts to do what he did yesterday, clearly unequivocally say we're out of this thing. moreover, david, it will not hamstring the europeans. it will force them to adopt more pro-growth policies. they don't want to be left behind. this whole thing on the paris accords, even if you believe in global warming, if you look at this thing realistically with clear eyes, you will see this does nothing to reduce c emissions in the yrs ahead in
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any meaningful way. it just cuts projected rising of temperatures by 1/5 of one celsius degree. we would spend all the trillions for nothing and hurting the economy. i think markets are he reacting, my gosh something that could have hurt everyone in the future is now off the board. david: paul, what do you think the reason why markets did well despite a bad jobs report? >> i think the jobs report today is just one data point at a point in time. i think if you look at the jobs data since president trump was elected something like 600,000 jobs have been added since the election. i think that is very meaningful. if you look specifically at sectors and segments where the jobs were added, professional and business services had most jobs added at 38,000. i run a global practice which is a global professional service firm. i can tell you the war for talent is very much on.
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we struggle to hire. david: michelle, what happens if in addition to continuing to get bad jobs reports we don't get a tax cut? is the market will take a hit then? >> i have to tell you i've been really impressed how this economy has held up even in the face of more uncertainty about getting tax cuts as soon as we would want. everybody was talking about the fact that the soft data, the survey data, the sentiment numbers, way too high, too optimistic. as we started to realize it wasn't going to be so easy to get tax cuts all those things would pull back. my goodness, the economy is continuing to grow. david: yeah. >> showing stability even without the kind of stimulus i'm still hopeful we're going to get. david: right. >> i think that speaks to underlying -- importantly to the impact of regulatory relief we are getting. david: that's true. >> even ahead of tax cuts we hope are coming. david: we should in the discount that. >> exactly. david: deregulating some of the businesses is kind of a tax cut in a way. >> exactly.
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david: paul, michelle, thank you very much. steve, we want to talk more about taxes coming up. lauren. >> don't go anywhere, steve, economics of u.s. pulling out of the climate accord are fairly simple to budget director mick mulvaney. >> was being in the paris agreement help us to revitalize the american economy? the answer is no, we got rid of it, fairly simple. >> fairly simple, steve, as epa administrator scott pruitt said this exit is not a disengagement. why is the media so outraged when the decision is all about the economy? >> media bought into the idea that the paris accord was somehow going to give us nirvana of no global warming. the fact of the matter is, the accords themselves would have done nothing, would have done far more harm than good. it gave a blank check to india and china to go ahead and pollute. one of the things at that will happen, once we get the global economy back on track to get
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good growth again, developing countries will develop middle classes will demand a cleaner economy. with the growth of natural gas, thanks to fracking, energy will become cheaper and cleaner. so free markets are going to cure this, not government bureaucrats either in europe, paris or the u.n. >> can you help me to understand some of the backlash we saw from the business community? disney ceo bob iger pulling out one of the economic councils from the white house. obviously he is in hollywood. elon musk of tesla, he is pulling out but he gets subsidies from the government. goldman sachs lloyd blankfein sends first-ever tweet calling the decision disappointment. but they bought bonds to prop up dictator in venezuela. >> gave them $800 million, the other part goes into the undisclosed bank accounts for kleptocrats and tyrants running this government. all the people you cite are democrats. i would be more impressed,
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instead of leaving advisory council to the president, if they parked their private planes an flew commercial. then i think they're serious about global warming. >> but they might get dragged off the plane, david. >> by shareholders. david: ignoring real effects of tax cuts. take a listen to what treasury secretary steve mnuchin says. he was responding to a question i gave him about democrats and some republicans who refuse to give a go ahead for tax cuts because they don't believe cuts will lead to more growth or revenue. listen to mnuchin. >> it makes no sense in people who quote that, i think are living in the stone ages. we're about creating economic growth. we're about broadening the base. we're going to make sure this is tax reform, not just tax cuts. and that they're paid for. david: steve, mnuchin seems pretty frustrated by the feedback. i'm wondering will, is the president himself willing to go
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out on the stump to sell this thing? >> i think he will once they get more specifics on the table, and get rid of finally this crazy 20% national sales tax border tax, get that out of the way. david: which ken langone spoke out in favor of. >> well, i think it is hopefully it will be dead. some will cling to it. it will do the economy far more harm than good. get that out of the way. get a big clean tax cut, i think president will go out there. he already realized do what ronald reagan did. that is create public opinion to push congress and waivers you might say in congress, those a little timid, realize american people need this thing. i think that jobs report you know scores we're still in this 2% rut. contrary to all of these naysayers, there is no reason why this economy when we remove the barriers couldn't grow at twice the rate, 4%. david: we did it before during reagan. >> you betcha we did. also in the '90s.
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got the tax cuts. >> republican senator richard byrd that the senate will produce a comprehensive plan to repeal and replace obama care by end of this year. why not? >> i think again that is just, when you leave congress to its own devices not much get done. they only work three days a week. rest. time they're campaigning doing whatever they do or don't do. that will be another spur for having to come from the white house. i think, i hope the president just goes ahead and pushes a real reform on taxation, even if it comes before health care and light as fire under the senate to get a health care bill. the house bill has good parts. they need some changes. i think white house is nowoing to have to go to the hill, say here are changes we want of the get this thing done and go out and light fires over the summer so these guys get off their duffs and get two big bills done by the fall.
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on tax cuts, make them retroactive to jan 1. >> i like what you said tax reform. david: make them retroactive. catch steve and me every weekend "forbes on fox," saturdays 11:00 a.m. eastern, fox news and sundays 7:00 a.m. eastern right here on fbn. >> looking forward. trouble in the land of lincoln. illinois on the verge of making history not in a good way. david: not at all. protects those who protect us. president signing two bills into law aimed at helping our veterans, our law enforcement officers and their families. arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge was at the signing. she will join us with details from the white house. >> media melting down over the president's decision to end the paris climate deal but wait until you hear how the white house press briefing went down today. howard kurtz joining us with his take. first home depot cofounder had this to say on "wall street week" tonight. >> what the media is doing right
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now is trying to again establish their relevance because what happened last november was the public said to hell with you, media, i'm voting the way i want to vote.
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they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. lauren: epa head scott pruitt in the spotlight earlier today as reporters continued grilling him just 24 hours after the president announced the united states is exiting from the paris climate accord. adam shapiro in the briefing room live from the white house with very latest. good to see you, adam. reporter: lauren, the scott pruitt, point out that the united states had nothing to be apologetic about because of president's decision to withdraw from the paris accord.
4:18 pm
he pounded out from 2000 to 2014 usa reduced war done footprint for 18%. a lot of questions had to what the administration believes about climate change, where we go from here. take a listen to what happened. >> us did the president believe climate change is real? >> all the discussions we had last several weeks is focused on one singular issue is paris good or not for this country. >> i like to go back to the first question that was asked, that you didn't answer. does the president believe climate change is a hoax. >> where do you stand. >> i answered couple times. reporter: adminstraight tore said paris accord good or bad for the country? es it put the united states at an economic disadvantage. the president believes it did. that is why the president with drew united states from the accord. lauren. lauren: adam shapiro thank you very much. david: if you thought the white house presser got hot, look at media reaction right after president trump announced
4:19 pm
withdrawal from the paris accord. >> it was another very good day in the white house rose garden for russia and for saudi arabia. two of president trump's favorite country. >> history will punish donald trump for this decision. >> this will be the day that the united states resigned as leader of the free world. it is nothing short of that. david: here now to react is howard kurtz, media buzz host and fox news media analyst. howard, reasonable people can disagree on certain things this, is beyond reasonable discussion. this is like religio fvor. if you dare to do anything that goes against conventional wisdom on this subject, you are evil. it is just that simple. >> as you say david, it is controversial decision. corporate leaders and environmentalists were disappointed but not really very hard to figure out what the mainstream media think on this issue, is it? david: no.
4:20 pm
>> one thing to have critical, aggressive coverage of the substance of it. i think this goes beyond the substance it. beyond the politics. this has gotten personal. people like fareed sakari at cnn saying u.s. resigned world leadership. saying he is anti-science, it is really, quite, quite personnel. david: tom stier is not a media person. a democratic fund-rais. he gives a lot of money to folks who are interested in taking opposite side of what trump did. he used the phrase, a traitorous act of war to describe what president trump did yesterday. and it is that traitor routine, that they feel betrayed, almost like, this sensed that he was coming on their side. there was ivanka working on him. rex tillerson who wanted to stay in the paris accord. they really believe that perhaps there was hope he would change his mind. i think they feel betrayed. that is adding to the heat on
4:21 pm
this. >> that might well be true. media might point out that kind of extreme rhetoric from tom stier isn't helping anybody. but donald trump promised to do this during the campaign, whether it's a good idea or bad idea. he didn't just wake up, say i'm pulling out of paris. or the headlines like in the liberal "huffington post," trump, planet, drop dead. not even any nuance here, on a much from tense in some media quarters taking any kind of balanced approach. this was horrible. worst thing in american history. people are going to die. i don't think i ever seen anything just quite like it. david: no. at the same time, again you can disagree or agree on this, some people like al gore, have come out with predictions that turned out just to be dead wrong. they came out with all these predictions 10, 12, 15 years ago, half of manhattan would be gone, et cetera. i may be exaggerating a little bit but not too. those predictions have turned out to be dead wrong. yet we hear nothing about that.
4:22 pm
>> yeah, look. climatchange is emotional issue for many people. it is serious subject. trump administration isn't saying we don't care about climate change. we didn't think this particular deal agreed to by the obama administration is in the interest of the u.s. have the debate but all this business about you know, we're now retreating from the rest of the world. this is terrible. he believes it's a hoax. anti-science. are the rick has gotten ratcheted up so far, very clear where the media on balance come down. david: phrase that prevents people pointing out mistakes people like al gore made, settled science. it is settled science. with that phrase, two words they figure they have to never bring out other side. >> al gore will be on "fox news sunday." chris wallace -- david: that is a great promo. while we're at it, catch howard every sunday at 11:00 a.m. "mediabuzz." watch al gore with our own chris wallace, howard kurtz
4:23 pm
analyzing whole thing. have a great sunday. >> david, you too. david: appreciate it. >> california dreaming everybody. golden state advancing a new health care plan without a way to pay for it. it costs multiple billions of dollars. plus leaving it up to the nation's highest court to decide the future of president trump's travel ban. keep it here. >> the ability to come into the united states of america is a privilege, not a right. think again.
4:24 pm
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lauren: trump administration asking supreme court to revive president trump's plan to temporary ban citizens from six mostly muslim countries. u.s. fourth circuit court of appeals decided to maintain the freeze on president trump's ban. with how we can expect the case to unfold in the supreme court, american center for law, jordan sekulow. good to see you, jordan. >> thank you, lauren. lauren: do you expect the supreme court to take up the
4:27 pm
case, how long will it take, how does this proceed? >> the first issue here the department of justice, we agree with their position, aclj, the legal organization i work for filed amicus briefs filed in support of the administratio which is not typically a constitutional crisis created by those opposing basically everything on the trump agenda. first thing they asked for at department of justice from the supreme court, two separate requests. within out of the ninth circuit. one out of the fourth circuit, asking the supreme court to put a stay on the permanent injunction against the executive order. that would, if the court were to grant that stay, the executive order would go into force as immediately. so that will happen fairly soon. a decision on that. they may not do it. it is a bit of extraordinary kind of relief. we've received them at the aclj. part two on case of merits, that
4:28 pm
would be in the fall u.s. supreme court. there is chance to go into effect before the supreme court makes the ultimate decision. lauren: it gets complicated. >> yep. lauren: vice president mike pence put it simply earlier today on fox news. they're frustrated in the administration. low are courts telling them this is unconstitutional when the vice president said according to the constitution, the president's job is to protect us coming into the u.s., is quote privilege, and not a right. >> yep. lauren: so why all the opposition? >> opposition is because it is donald trump. i mean you can go to the audio, video of the case out of the fourth circuit. aclu attorney was asked direct question by a judge on the urth cit if this was not donald trump if we we lking about a different president would you still be challging the constitutionality of this? he said no. so it is not about the actual executive order. that is all that is before the court is the text, because this never got into even go into force, not effects, just the text of the executive order, tip
4:29 pm
by the left, one of many, to undermined every part of the trump agenda. call it a muslim band and mischaracterizations. in truth this is the president of the united states acting at the pinnacle of his power, constitutional authority and legislative authority. congress has given presidents the power to do this. obama put a temporary pause on anyone coming in from iraq during his administration. lauren: right. >> there were no aclu lawsuits then. lauren: president is trying to keep us safe. justice department is arguing look at language of the text, don't try to second-guess what you think the president thinks based on what he said on campaign trail. can they even do that legally? >> that is where the supreme court i think is going to take a different route ultimately than the lower courts because the supreme court has a lot of precedent, historically, even up until 2015 with the obama administration that says we don't look past the action itself. the text itself. we don't go to campaign statements.
4:30 pm
if we start doing that we're going to undermine all kind of presidential powers in the future. this is not just about president trump ultimately. this supreme court decision would set presidential power and standards of review of that power for future presidents whether they're democrat or republican. and it is inappropriate for judges to look at campaign rhetoric as the reason why something that they all know is constitutional, admit it is constitutional is suddenly unconstitutional violation of our freedoms and, go through a host of horribles. at end of the day, the trump administration carries day at supreme court. lauren: we'll leave it there. jordan sekulow, thank you for your time. have a beautiful weekend. >> thank you. david: a host of the horribles. walmart has brand new delivery service, cutting back on shipping costs hoping for a leg up on amazon, walmart is getting creative asking employees to help deliver last minute online
4:31 pm
orders on the way home from work. staff will be paid extra if they volunteer for the test program. i used to have to do that for my family business. lauren: i passed you on my way home from work. need anything? david: if i ever need anything nice to know. lauren: happy to help. you don't have to pay me. david: good. lauren: we're putting our heroes back to work. we're helping men and women in blue. president trump taking major steps to do just that. i don't think there is any controversy around this one. we'll speak to one attorney general in the room with the president when he signed those bills. that is coming up. david: claiming to be the victim after pretending to behead the president of the united states. >> if you don't stand up, you get run over, and what is happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country.
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david: nice to start with a banner day on wall street. take a look at this. do you, nasdaq, s&p all higher for the week. lauren: little over hour ago president trump signed a pair of bills focused on law enforcement. the american law enforcement heroes act in 2017 and public safety officers benefit improvement act of 2017. this is what the president said whilsigning the legislation. >> we are here to reaffirm our
4:36 pm
unbreakable support for american heroes who keep our streets, our homes and our citizens safe. they have been doing an amazing job under very adverse conditions. we will always support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. lauren: let's bring in arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge who was with the president when he signed those bills. she jones us now. good to see you leslie. >> happy to be on. lauren: one law allows more money for hiring veterans to police jobs. how will that work out? >> essentially through the department of justice cops program. it will allow more funding state and local, tribal law enforcement organizations to hire and train military veterans the other act, would decrease amount of time surviving family members receive benefits when their family member is lost in the line of duty. my question is how long are they
4:37 pm
typically having to wait? >> unfortunately too many of these cases have been over a year these families or the officers have had to wait for those benefits. so this will expedite that. get benefits to the families, next of kin, if a officer has been permanently disabled or killed, it will get funds to those families and expedite it again. lauren: how fast would that expediting be? can you say, an estimate, or quicker than one year? >> certainly quicker than the one year. lauren: we're seeing from this president a very strong respect in reaching out to law enforcement community and why do you think that is and why isn't anyone else doing that? >> chief enforcement officer of arkansas, it is great to have president respect our men and women in blue each and every day. the president seems to understand those men and women
4:38 pm
make communities across america safe. that is what makes people want more jobs in those communities, have good schools, because the brave men and women in blue risk their lives on behalf of the citizens and behalf of the people in that area. really tremendous, and we unfortunately for too long, before this president, we saw a disrespect pointed at our law enforcement members. that sort of disrespect needed to be shut down. president trump has shut that disrespect down and showing men and women in blue ultimate respect they deserve. lauren: sp president signing that legislation. however earlier it was very windy out and wearing a cap. he didn't think that would be disrespectful. so he took off the hat and actually gave it to the son of one of the fallen officers as sign of respect. >> this president again shows utmost respect for those individuals in blue and how courageous and brave they are. each and every day we see it, he thanks them. he acknowledges them.
4:39 pm
that is so important to them to encourage more people in our communities to step up and to protect members and in their community and keep them safe. lauren: we thank them for their service. leslie rutledge, thank you. >> thank you. david: when you don't pay your bills, you lose your credit rating. that is exactly where the state of illinois finds itself right now. fox business's jeff flock is in chicago th se the details reporter: david, it's a mess. we talked about this before. s&p agrees and knock the down illinois's bond rating to lowest of any state in the nation, lowest of any state has been lowered to. that is bbb minus. that is one notch above junk by the way from the s&p report, illinois is at risk of entering a negative credit spiral further exacerbating its fiscal distress. why is that? it has $14 billion in bills they
4:40 pm
haven't paid, two years without a budget now. it breaks your heart because in addition to the $14 billion unpaid, because they haven't paid bills in two years, fees and interest piled up to the tune of almost another billion dollars. so just by not passing a budget that is what happened. its bonds, credit rating goes to bonds it issues. it is basically now paying a premium of about 250 basis points on its bond compared to a triple-rated state. four 1/2 interest on illinois bonds compared to 10-year t-bill around 2%. lastly, this may be the most damning piece of this at all, illinois's credit rating now is the same as panama, the same as peru, and the same as the very troubled european nation of spain. right on a par with those. and, i'll tell you, i don't know what to say.
4:41 pm
there is no good way out of this. you talk about don't raise taxes. well they got to both raise taxes and you know, cut spending. they have to do it all. david: yeah. >> that bad. david: they have got to grow, is what they have got to do. they need incentives for that growth somehow. jeff, thank you very. have a good weekend. appreciate it. lauren. lauren: coming up, stopping bullets cold. a new break through to protect our soldiers overseas and keep law enforcement officials here at home. david: this is incredible. i saw this. unbelievable. lauren: here is that shot. tiger woods not having the best week ever. new footage revealing how out of it the golfer was during the dui arrest in the morning. >> watch, look. i'll tell to you stop. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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experiment. but a 21-year-old air force cadet would be revolutionizing bulletproof gear warn by law enforcement officials and american armed services. alicia acuna in denver with the very latest. hi, there. reporter: the coinventors told us that the materials that they used were nothing new but what they did with them is new. we have video we'll show you to help explain how they got to the point where the air force civil engineers decided to fully fund their fileds for development. weir was, jr. at the academy and went to her assistant professor ryan burke told her about idea she had to stop a bullet, do so in a way more flexible than current anti-ballistics. dr. burke was skeptical. this calls sheer thickening fluid. she poured water into a bowl of cornstarch. hut his finger in the mixture with force. he almost broke it.
4:46 pm
done slowly an object will push right in. add speed practically impossible. they got to work and combined fluid with anti-ballistic materials. the increaseds are secret. but mixed and spread on the front of this block, stops a 9mm bullet. same goes for 44 magnum. tops it from penetrating. more research being done at air force civil enbeer center in florida with a coinventor they work would who is there. her ultimate goal to lighten load for those in combat. a full vest kit is 26 pounds with ceramic plates. you replace it with the new material. it could lighten things by 2/3. >> so with this, this is something that our competition doesn't have right now. and with this advantage, our soldiers, if they wear this body armor will move faster, run farther, jump higher. >> we realized it could stop a .44 magnum. we started about bigger applications, military tents,
4:47 pm
curtain armor, blankets for first-responders things beyond the body armor scope and capacity. reporter: pretty cool, huh? lauren this, invention now has a patent that is pending. lauren. lauren: when can we expect them to actually use it? anytime soon? reporter: it depends on the speed of development right now. right now, haley weir is headed to clemson university thanks to full ride for the air force. after that she goes to florida to put that brain to use to help protect others in the field. lauren: thank you, alicia. david: very cool stuff. did you he see this, new video following the arrest of troubled golf star tiger woods. take a look. >> watch look. until i tell you so stop. blow. blow. blow out. blow out. don't suck it, blow out. david: it was a tough night. police releasing footage of
4:48 pm
woods struggling with beth lieser test. woods did not have any alcohol in his system. a police report reveals he was on four medications. lauren. lauren: coming up, shaming sanctuary cities. grieving father whose son was killed by illegal immigrant fighting back against sanctuary citieslooking to end them once and for all. tearful kathy griffin speaking out but will anyone really buy her apology? that is coming next. you always pay
4:49 pm
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liberty mutual insurance.
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>> i don't think i will have a career after this. i think i, i think he, i think he, i'm going to be honest, he broke me. david: he broke her. that was kathy griffin playing the victim card after her horrendous picture of here holding a bloody severed head of president trump. the picture outraged the first
4:52 pm
family but griffin is claiming she is the one who now deserves sympathy. here is react larry elder, radio talk show host. larry, i thought about this when i first saw the picture. she is going to try to turn it around so she is the victim, as horrendous as this was. is it conceivable that she could do that? >> well, call me naive, i really thought the way she would turn it around was to apologize and say i never meant to hurt anybody's feelings. it is not me. i was just in a bad mood. forgive me, i had a bad dade. instead she is what i call a vick toe contract. a page from hillary playbook, because everyone reacting to what she did, saying donald trump ruined her career. i'll trying to figure out how. david: larry, what she is trying to do is clevethough, you either trust donald trumand his family, you trust me. given that choice, i think a lot
4:53 pm
of people in the media would choose her. >> that's right. remember when she was doing this, if you hear her discussion with the photographer, we can apologize later t was all calculated. she knew there would be fir roche schuss reaction. she would apologize, worse maybe worse i get fired by cnn but my fans despise donald trump. if you think somebody books her, you think her fans won't show up. please. she will be fine. david: her charge that you get fired for criticizing president trump, when in fact the opposite is true. you get fired for praising donald trump. >> can you imagine what would happen to any comedienne who did the same thing about, oh, i don't know, barack obama? that person would to the route of michael richards, the guy made comment in the club and never heard from him again. david: no question. larry, i want to get your take on a new political ad airing in california, looking to bring an end to sanctuary cities.
4:54 pm
take a listen. >> imagine if kate had been your daughter, jamil or drew your son? i'm don rosenberg. he was my son. all three killed by people entered the country illegally. california should be a sank wear hery. californians, imagine if drew had been his son. david: the guy who killed drew, was arrested before drew was killed, driving wrong way on one-way street, without license and insurance, they let him go. is this message will have any input at all in california. >> i pope so. i had the occasion to interview jemile shaw, jr.,s who son was killed by illegal alien got out of jail. i hope so. democrats control state assembly. they have supermajorities. don't need any republicans at all. hired eric holder to defend it
4:55 pm
against the possible attack by donald trump to withhold fund because it's a sanctuary state. this is crazy place. i don't think it will have any real impact. you have politicians just now voted for $400 billion single payer system in california without a funding mechanism. david: i wanted to talk about that specifically the last thing to talk about. how are they going to pay for it? they want to tax the wealthy more, extra 2.9%. aren't wealthy moving out of california? we can't afford it anymore. >> maybe they tax putin. i have no idea. we have the highest state income tax rate, 13.3%. people in living in california raised here migrating out in part because of taxes and regulatory burden are so high. david: larry, let me ask you, are you he thinking of moving out? if they tack another 3% they take away from your salary every month, would you move out? >> i considered it. i'm in 300 markets, including in texas. every time i do a remote, i'm
4:56 pm
asked when are you moving down here. believe me, i thought about it. david: texas, no income tax in texa larry. making a lot more money. >> right. david: don't do it californians. you will lose the best guy you got. larry elder, appreciate you coming on. >> my pleasure. my pleasure. lauren: coming up you can boost your home's selling price by more than $5000. all you have to do, david, paint one room, one color. i have a feeling it is your favorite color. david: how did you know? lauren: or maybe your favorite room. ♪
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. >> feeling blue isn't always a bad thing. homes with blue bathrooms, light shade, powder blue are selling for $5400 more than expected, according to research from zillow. >> the benefit, not just limited to the bathroom.
5:00 pm
dining rooms with darker blue tones and light blue kitchens increase the home's value by 2,000 bucks on average. we do in our little apartment have a blue bathroom. >> i thought gray was the new color? you envision yourself in colors like elephant. >> think about that. have a wonderful weekend, "risk & reward" is now. >> a sunny day in the rose garden. what could be defined and construed as a dark speech. >> i have such rage and sadness. >> we just watched a dangerous little man give a very, very scary speech. >> one of the most bleak depictions of america's role in the world as environmental partners. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. the president who talked abo putting america first has now put america last. >> this was full nationalist america first damn the rest of


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