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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 2, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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that is our show. we will see you next week on the new time slot. friday. fox business. everybody else. charles: you guys were fantastic. have a great weekend. now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. the trump administration confronting north korea with a show of force. two u.s. carrier strike forces led by the uss carl vincent and uss ronald reagan today carrying out joint exercises with japanese destroyers in the waters off the korean peninsula. a dozen american ships participating along with two japanese south defense ships navy f18 jet fighters also taking part in simulated combat with japanese f15s, part of three days of these exercises, sending a message to north korea, which has conducted three ballistic
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missile tests over the past three weeks. there are also rising fears that kim jong-un is nearing the conducting of a six nearby test in a body to develop intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the mainland of the united states. the trump administration, however, confronting this crisis head on. tuesday the pentagon successfully tested its intercepter system to strike down on a icbm and did so. defense secretary james mattis today arrived in singapore. there head of a defense summit that will address the threat of a nuclear north korea. national security factor and another move by the trump administration, the justice department has for really asked the supreme court to reinstate president trump's executive order that calls for extreme vetting of visitors, immigrants, refugees from radical islamists terrorists hot spots.
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fox news correspondent kevin cork with our report. >> after lower court setbacks in both the 9th and 4th circuits, the white house is following through on its pledge to take the fight for its temporary travel ban all the way to the highest court in the land. >> we asked the supreme court to hear this important case and our confidence that the executive's order within its lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism. >> the president signed the original seven-nation travel ban in january but revised it to six countries in march. libya, sudan, syria, iran, yemen, and somalia. the latest version would block refugees from entering the u.s. for 90 days and suspend the program entirely for four months. the white house has argued the untries in question lack sufficient screengwhich in turn could threaten the safety of the american people, which is why white house officials say they're continuing the fight. >> the american people are heartened by that. but equally frustrated by decisions in courts that call
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into question whether the president of the united states has the ability to control who comes into this country. the ability to come into the united states of america is a privilege, not a right. trump: donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> statements like then candidate donald trump's remarks in 2015 seem to sway judges in the lower court rulings. of whom argued that the real intention of the ban had less to do with safety than religious bigotry. >> and the question will be did these statements by campaign associates, by president trump on the campaign trail as a politician before serving in the government and before governing and issuing this executive order have anything to do with the actual text? >> opponents of the ban say they're ready for battle. with the aclu saying we beat
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this hateful ban and ready to do it again. #no muslim ban ever. >> administration officials acknowledge that raising the travel ban issue on the very same day the white house anunced the u.s. would pull out of the paris climate cord is welcome political red meat for the president's base. shifting the focus back on his agenda by hitting the political outsider against elites both at home and abroad and at least for a moment, knocking down the russia talk. >> lou, i think you'll find this interesting. the high court could decide as early as mid-june whether or not to allow the ban to be a force, even as the litigation continues. all of this is happening just as the justice department is suggesting that the full complement of justices, including neil gorsuch who of course was nominated by president trump as early as october where the final resolution perhaps coming down the pike as soon as the end of the year. should make for a very interesting few months to say the least.
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lou. lou: kevin, thank you very much. kevin cork from the white house. the very idea that an issue of this importance to national security would require six months on the part of the high court, as many, many people shaking their heads. the white house today announcing that president trump will be pushing his pro growth, pro jobs agenda at events in washington and across the country later this month. this after a jobs report that was somewhat disappointing. the economy added 138,000 jobs in may wle the unemployment 4.3% fell to a spectacular that is the lowest unemployment rate in 16 years. but the decrease in the unemployment rate comes as a result of more than 400,000 workers dropping out of the labor force principally because of retirement. the labor force participation rate as a result taking lower to 62.7%.
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hourly wages did rise 2.5% from a year ago. today's report raising some concerns about an interest rate hike when the fellow reserve meets in two weeks. yet earlier this week, fed governor powell and san francisco fed president williams forecast two more interest rate hikes this year. our first guest tonight says his number one priority is creating sustainable economic growth by the tax reform, not just tax cuts that are paid for. he's also confident that the federal debt limit without complication. joining us tonight, treasury secretary steven mnuchin, great to have you with us, mr. secretary. your number one job right now economic growth becoming at you very quickly is the debt ceiling. is it going to get complicated? you're going to meet with the house next week. >> well, first of all, let me say it's great to be here with you. thank you and the president is
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very focused on economic growth. it's a major priority, and we are focusing on delivering sustained 3% gdp, as we talked about over a reasonable period of time. we're focused on tax reform, focused on regulatory relief, and we're focused on better trade deals. and i think you saw this week the paris agreement, the president believes in clean air and clean water. but the president believes in economic growth, and he wants a better deal. it was an unfair deal for the american people. >> an unfair deal is being kind. and when we look at the deal the president outlined $3 trillion in costs to the american economy over the course of the next 20 years, i mean, this is astounding for what -- i love the fact that he described it this way, a reduction in global temperatures. we're talking one fifth of 1%
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celsius. this is one degrees celsius. this is stunning that we ever entered it. >> right. that changes if everybody honors their agreement. and it just makes no sense that china, which has about 30% share of carbon emissions won't reduce theirs until 2030. yet we've been voluntarily reducing ours and, you know, it's just not -- that's just not a reasonable deal. lou: i'm looking at the list. 160 ceos of companies variously amongst them, elon musk saying he's withdrawing from the president's advisory counsels bob iger, the head of disney, i'm watching a hysterical reacon on the part of men who are paid and who make their fortunes being rational. this is an astounding response, obviously it's a small number of corporations
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and percentage. but are you just amazed at the reaction of some of these business leaders? >> i'm not amazed at the reaction and i would say there's literally hundreds and hundreds of ceos who are supporting economic plan. and what we're focused on is economic growth. this is about creating jobs. this is about creating economic growth. we're focused on middle income tax cut. we're focused on simplifying taxes and making sure business taxes are competitive again. lou: well, you're working hard at that. and do you feel you have a partner in the senate. one of the stunning aspects as we have reported here is as you move forward talking about tax reform, tax cuts before the august recess, we're watching a congress that has only 40 legislative days remaining in the entire rest of this year.
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2017 is almost gone for our legislatures. this has got to be frustrating to the president, who is setting a new tempo and a new standardwork ethic and extraordinary number of workdays in each and every week. >> well, let me just say, i've been working on tax reform for the president's economic plan since the very of the campaign. this has been something he's focused on. since he was elected, we've been working with the house and the senate in january, and we're very confident that we're going to get this done. and we're going to get something done that we can do that makes sense for the american public, makes sense for american business, and we're working hard. if this was easy to do, it wouldn't have been 30 years since it's been done. but we're going to have sweeping tax reform that drives this economy to the growth that it should be. lou: and how long do you believe, mr. secretary, to actually get that tax reform done?
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>> well, i want to be careful setting exact dates, but i can tell you, i am focused working as hard as we can to get it done this year. it's critical for economic growth that we get it done as soon as we can. we want to make sure that we get it right, it's complicated. we want to make sure we work with the house and the senate is that when we come out with the bill, we have support. we hope there is bipartisan support. there's a lot of things in here that are great for americans, so i don't understand why democrats wouldn't be in favor of a middle income tax cut. wouldn't be in favoof making corporate taxes competitive, but wee going to gett done one way or another. lou: and getting it done also includes health care, getting that done. there seems to be a disconnect, if you will, some dissidence with both in health care with both the senate and the house. are you confident that there is now a common understanding among the white house, the house of representatives, and
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the senate about where this president is leading the nation? >> i think there is. i think that both the house and the senate understand the president's priorities. its economic growth, its safety. you see an incredible worldwide trip he did. strategic issues in the middle east. we're launching an antiterrorist financing center with our gulf partners. this is very critical. i saw you had the segment on north korea earlier. the president is very focused on sanctions on north korea. we're going to do everything we can both working with china and with our allies to make sure that we put sanctions on north korea, and we're very focused on safety for the american public. lou: and the national liberal media, mr. secretary, i can't let you go without asking this question. are you shocked that not a single person today in the white house press briefing asked a question about the unemployment rate, about the economy? >> i am.
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and, you know, i would just comment on, you know, these short-term numbers, i've never been focused on the short-term numbers. but it's just one more reason why we've got to focus on economic growth. that's what the american public wants, and that's what we need to sustain this economy. lou: to put it in -- you have got to be thrilled to look at at has happened with the markets since the election, looking at double-digit gains for the major indexes, a set of markets, equities, and debt markets that are stable and the envy of the world while europe clucking about a meaningless, what they call an environment agreement of the paris accord, which is really a disastrous economic pact of some sort that the previous administration wanted to sustain. right now, the united states is the envy of the world, is it not? >> it is and as you said, the paris agreement was an
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agreement to transfer jobs abroad. without changing the environment. as you said, if everybody had possibly met their requirements, which we would question anyway, but if they did, it was two-tenths of one degree. and obviously, that's not acceptable. so china continuing to increase to 2030 while we have restrictions our jobs, it's just not fair. lou: it was something that we became accustom to in the previous administration. it was effectively just another redistribution, if you will, a design, which mercifully psident trump is in. secretary, we hope you'll come back soon and go get them. >> thank you. nice to be here with you. lou: thank you. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. lou: president trump puts the
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interest of americans first in his decision to leave the paris climate accord. >> the president made a very courageous decision yesterday on behalf of america. he put america's interest first. lou: that's right. america first. president trump taking decisive action in his efforts to make america great again. and two u.s. aircraft carriers strike groups join japan to conduct joint drills near the korean peninsula. ambassador john bolton joins me next on break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist experience to help block six key inflammatory substances.
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in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. lou: china is fully committed to stopping north korea's nuclear program and will support any new united nations sanctions against north korea. his comments come on the same day that the carriers vincent and reagan carried out joint exercises off the peninsula. also headed after the carrier is stopping briefly in san diego. well, joining me now to discuss all of this, the global reaction to the president's decision on the
11:20 pm
paris accord, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador, great to have you here. >> so glad to be with you. lou: i think it's a stunning statement on the part of the premier. the white house has to be absolutely ecstatic to have this kind of public, if you will, validation of the president's hopes that he has a partner. >> well, we can hope so. but we're still at the point where the chinese position is rhetoric. i mean, if china really wanted to see something about the newark weapons program, it wouldn't wait for security counsel resolution. this might torque the sanctions up a little bit. i'm all in favor of it. every little bit counts. but really, china has a unique capability here. what we heard from china for 25 years is the rhetoric goes in one direction, the action goes in another. maybe it will be different this time. we're still waiting for the evidence. lou: let's take the proposition that it may be
11:21 pm
different this time, and least the rhetoric, and i cannot recall an instance in which the leader of china had even said anything close to this about north korea. correct me if i'm wrong. >> well, i think the idea that they would support the sanctions is a plus. there's no doubt about it. but china said for a long time they don't want north korea to have nuclear weapons. not because they're worried about it because they're worried about japan deciding they're not going to put up with a nuclear north korea without a response. the problem is china's actions in the past have been schizophrenia i can. so we're waiting to see now whether in light of the trump administration's much tougher position on north korea that the chinese, in fact, responds with concrete action. that's what we don't know yet. lou: there is so much we don't know and as donald trump would say that we know some of the unknowns, and we don't know a
11:22 pm
lot of the unknowns. the fact of the matter is what we do see is a president who is setting this country on a very stable and direct course in foreign policy, and it's all the more shocking because of what we endured in this country for the previous eight years under obama. there tarting to be a -- an extraordinarily finite and sharp edge to our foreign policy. whether it is the middle east in the creation of an arab nato, whether it be russia and its partnership with this administration in fighting isis, or with china in trying to stabilize that region with its proxy state, and i mean that absolutely literally in north korea in stopping its newark ambitions. this is a president who is driving an extraordinary moment in just over four months, a foreign policy.
11:23 pm
>> well, that's why i think yesterday's decision to get out of the paris climate accord is going to have significant -- really, right across the board. it's a home run decision in terms of the paris accord itself. it's something that i think sends a clear signal, really, in a range of other areas too. if i were sitting in tehran today comfortable with my ability to gain assets and trade and all kinds of other advantages because of the obama nuclear deal, i would be wondering how long that deal's going to last under trump administration. the courage it took for the paris accord with all the grief he's taking really makes it a lot easier to get rid of another terrible obama deal, namely the obama nuclear deal. lou: yeah, one would hope it wouldn't take very much in the way to garner tremendous public support for each of the policy choices the president has made. what i liked about the president's decision yesterday, if i may say, ambassador, is not only the decision, of course, which was
11:24 pm
precisely constructed and correct. but his rational to the american people. taxpayers first. workers first. america first, and $3 trillion will not be stripped from this country's wealth and redistributed to the world for absolutely no result. i mean, that, to me, -- this is a significant turning point, i believe, both for this administration and for the country. >> yeah. look, there is a lot in that statement. the part i particularly liked is when he said he was reasserting american sovereignty and saying in effect to the other countries, as you just said, i was elected by the people of pittsburgh, not the people of paris. that would have been a shocker in the obama white house. but this idea -- we're going to make our own decisions on how to deal with climate change. we're going to make our own decisions on energy policy, economic policy.
11:25 pm
we actually have the capacity of self government here in the united states. we don't need the united nations or international organizations, or international treaties to make our own policy. this is a huge break through, potentially. lou: he talks about us. he talks about we, our, he talks in the first person plural splendid and terrific. but the great thing is we have a president who is unafraid of making tough decisions and leading this nation in jt the most extraordinary fashion. as i said, all the more because of the contrast of the previous holders of that office. >> exactly. and if the american president doesn't put america first, who does? lou: amen. we have one that does, and we know who didn't. ambassador bolton, have a great weekend. >> thanks, lou.
11:26 pm
lou: six months for a supreme court decision on a issue of critical national security is absolutely irresponsible on the part of the supreme court, what are they thinking? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. when will washington catch up to the speed of trump? that's the question i think of the hour. and follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram tonight. on wall street today, stocks shrugging off this jobs report closing at all time highs two days in a row. the dow up 62 points, the s&p up 9, the nasdaq up 59. by the way, all the lefties in the country are sniveling and whining and crying and going all hyperbolic. well, guess what? the markets are saying trump's leadership is the real deal, and they're thrilled with it. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares, a reminder listen to my reports three times a day. coast to coast on the salem
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radio network. up next, the venal left, the subject of my commentary and president trump moving to restore law and order. we'll have that and more here next. stay with us think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the sta. tnew roads and bridges.k. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at so new touch screens... and biometrics. in 574 branches.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the appalling behaviors and failures of the left over the course of what has been an extraordinary week. that also raises the question, of course, if every week under president trump is seemingly extraordinary, should we even be using the word? so this week, the globalists, the socialists and corporatists are all up in arms over the president's decision to put american workers and taxpayers first and to pull the united states out of the pairs climate accord. german chancellor and noted globalist angela merkel called the president's decision utterly regrettable, vowing to rally europe behind the accord.
11:32 pm
of course, merkel met with former president obama last week as he was in berlin pushing globalism in a speech. that meeting just hours before the chancellor met with president trump, not a particularly clever move by either merkel or obama. the left's reflex unreasoning without substance as for the leftist corporatist goldman sachs ceo lloyd blankfein couldn't help but overexaggerate to the point of the truth. tweeting this -- perhaps he is simply fretting over goldman sachs big bets on socialism, which is certainly not working out so well in venezuela. goldman giving venezuela's government a life line buying bonds from the bank, and the vicious reaction to
11:33 pm
demonstrations of a populist, violently suppressed and now desperate. i believe the behavior of the left, whether in europe, south america or here at home, shows signs of being actually in near death throes, having become increasingly malevolent as policies fail and numbers and power decline. president trump succeeding leadership is only adding to obvious inadequacy to the challenge of our times. the left is simply on the wrong side of history around and the globe, and president trump's policies, obviously, are on the right side. now the quotation of the evening. this one from socrates who said -- unfortunately, we're going to have some examples for you when we continue. we'll be right back with them. stay with us. the trump administration asked
11:34 pm
the supreme court to revive the president's extreme vetting order. >> they're going to recognize the right of the president in the constitution and in the statute of this country to control immigration in a way that puts the security of our country first. lou: we take up president trump's fight to protect and secure america. best-selling author, conservative commentator joins me next. and these skydivers create a dazzling aerial display, we'll show you the video of the we'll show you the video of the introducing new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps we'll show you the video of the prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse.
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. lou: our next guest says we've reached a new abyss in left-wing indecency. joining me michelle malkin, the host of the michelle malkin investigates show on great to have you with us, and the very idea that you think the left is unraveling here, have you detected hyperbole. tell us about it. >> well, you know, i've been covering the excesses of the hysterical left for a long time, lou, and, in fact, it was 11 years ago they wrote a book called unhinged, exposing liberals gone wild, and i had a whole chapter on assassination chic under the bush years, and there were bloodied posters of a decapitated george w. bush
11:39 pm
head. there were novels written that engaged and indulged in assassination fantasies against republican presidents. there were art exhibits in which a gun was held to the head of george w. bush, but this latest example of kathy griffin who, lou, i just consider her the worst, most shameless, soulless troll in all of hollywood. the fact that she lived in such a bubble that she thought she could get away with this? it boggles the mind. lou: it does boggle the mind, but i'm personally now thinking that every conservative in the country, every republican, every decent citizen should support her on the road. she should be, i think, available full-time on national media because she is revealing what the left truly is, the deep, dark, just extraordinary
11:40 pm
evil that can be concocted by these people. let me show the audience very quickly, a couple of the remarks from today's press conference. that's right, folks. she had a press conference with lisa bloom, her attorney, and here she is as victim. >> i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's a bully. i've dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career. the sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. there's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me, and i'm here to say that's wrong. >> ugh! >> can you believe that? i mean, can you believe that? >> on top of everything else, she confirmed what a really bad actress she is, and why she has to resort to such vile behavior
11:41 pm
to get any kind of attention at all. lou, i do agree with you. i think the more exposure that unhufrjed loons like this have, the better for us. can we come up for a better argument how rational and how immoral and evil so much of the left is. where are the decent good-faith classical liberals in america to condemn this behavior, particularly the way in which this evil woman has targeted an 11-year-old child, the son of donald trump. lou: and targeted the president of the united states. >> absolutely. lou: in my opinion, that hideous image was a threat against the president of the united states clearly. explicitly. and at the same time, to turn her outrage, her obnoxious, noxious present into an assault on the president because he has one of the greatest families in
11:42 pm
american presidential history, you know, it shows you how vile she is capable ofing. >> yes, yes. and, in fact, lou, especially vile because she's invoking and using jihadist tinged propaganda. where is the conscience of people in hollywood to condemn this, especially if you think of all the american journalists whose bloodied heads have been waved about in the same way. >> i think they're trying to raise money to beg her to get out of the public eye, to never again appear on national media, while i think the rest of the country wants to see a lot more of her so everyone knows what we're dealing with in this country right now. michelle malkin, thanks for being with us, good to see you, as always. >> thank you. lou: roll the video, and we'll show you stuntman, airborne
11:43 pm
taking extreme sports to a new level. two skydivers opening canopies before linking together. one on top of the other, the daredevil on the bottom turns upside down and grabs onto a wingsuiter and creates a flying tower. you know, are we really that impressed with this? i'm not sure i am. are you? we'd like to hear from you on this critically important -- just kidding. up next, top intelligence officials prepare to testify on the surveillance of u.s. citizens as another lawmaker claims he was unmasked by the obama administration. chris ferrell of judicial watch joins me here next. ♪
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. lou: joining me now to talk about the latest on the obama spying and unmasking scandal, chris farrell, director of investigations and research at judicial watch. chris, great to have you here. chris: hi, lou. lou: the latest, senator lindsey graham says he was unmasked. join that to rand ulnd you start tong, well, is everyone who is president running for president, were they surveilled by the obama administration? what do you think? chris: the american public is
11:48 pm
going to be blown away at the size and scope of the domestic political espionage operation run out of the obama white house. when you have u.n. ambassador samantha powers conducting unmasking of people as was alluded to by trey gowdy in his questioning of mr. brennan, the size and scope of this thing is beyond anyone's imagination, and when all the little details come out. lou: are they going to come out? chris: they will. they can't keep a lid on this one. they kept a lid on the irs, no criminal prosecutions there. they kept a lid on fast and furious. but this is a question of, you know, fourth amendment constitutional right issues and there's a fisa court that essentially the obama administration lied to for years. lou: well, the fisa court, by the way, talked about how stern
11:49 pm
their rebuke was. >> yes. lou: it was a slap on the wrist. that was a violation of the constitution of the united states and our laws. somebody should have been held accountable at that point by that judge. chris: you know attorney general sessions, call your office. this is the time for grand juries to be impanelled and for folks to take legal action against this kind of abuse. time for grand juries. time for the attorney general to step up. this unmasking, i don't want to hear about congressional panels and committees talking about this. that is an utter waste of time. they have oversight responsibility, i get it, but this is -- lou: let's be honest, when we watch the senate intelligence committee and the house intelligence committee, obviously, they're not used to having -- there didn't seem to be familiarity with the operations of the agencies,
11:50 pm
particularly the cia, the nsa and the fbi. they're asking h in the world the thing works in open committee. it was stunning! >> one of the problems is that the members ask questions. you will recall that in the good old battle days. lou: i know, i think the problem is they don't get answers. chris: but in the good old battle days they had investigative counsels who actually ran the questioning. and the members sat there in the peanut gallery kind of mode and they asked follow-up questions at the end. but you needed a professional investigative council to run through a line of questioning to get a coherent answer. lou: you feel this time we're going to have answers, the american public is finally going to find out what the hell is going on? chris: got to be. i'll tell you beside the criminal aspect of this, there are persons involved that are going to bring privacy acts, civil litigation, i guarantee you it's true. lou: if he guarantees it, it's true.
11:51 pm
chris, thank you for joining us. chris: appreciate it. lou: up next, tammy bruce and ned ryun join me to talk about the winning week. i join sean hannity tonight, talking about the unhinged left, 10:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel, fox news channel, for "hannity." i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. fox news channel, for "hannity." start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely.
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. lou: in our online poll last night, we asked you does your
11:55 pm
week seem all the better because the dems, the globalists and the enviro left are having a lousy week? 95% of you say yes, it does, ich means we're being, well, petty together, and we thank u. joining me now, founder and coo of american majority ned ryun, republican times columnist fox news contributor tammy bruce. good to have you both here. tammy, start with the president and the withdrawal from the paris accord. tammy: yeah. lou: how nice is it to have a real leader in the white house? tammy: well, we're getting that sense now, aren't we? it's been magnificent but also combined with clearly a change after europe. there is some shifts in the white house, apparently, discussions about mr. bannon being a little more prevalent, and as a result, there's action that matches the action of the pres he's in front of the announcement. he didn't just release it in a statement. it was in the rose garden. he as a result controlled the
11:56 pm
narrative. his quotes are the ones that lead, at leaving the vultures of the media behind. this is what they can expect for the next eight years. and that's going to make even more liberals cry. it's going to make this nation better and get us back on our feet. lou: ned, what do you think? ned: it's great. he came back from a phenomenal trip overseas that changed the narrative. one of the things i've been trying to encourage, change the narrative. go on the offense. comes back from the overseas trip. does this beautiful announcement yesterday with the paris accord. the thing that's so great, lou, we don't have a president trying to win a global popularity contest. we have a president who wants to put the american people first, the american workers, our future, our economy first. that's his goal. so encouraging to see. the other thing encouraging about this week, we're actually going on the offense as a gop. this unmasking scandal i think there's a lot of ways we can change the narrative and go on
11:57 pm
the offense and remind people as the liberal media, as the bureaucratic state of the democrats are attacking and going after trump on these spurious charge of russian collusion week can talk about what's real. what has happened in the unmasking scandal. lou: devin nunes, chairman of the intelligence committee, stepping up, despite all of the nonsense, going to take heat, showing real courage and real leadership. we're starting to see donald trump in part, considerable spine to concern members to the house, and it is yet to be seen whether that will translate to the senate. i have to say, one of the things -- and i said this previously on the broadcast. one of the things that's really encouraging is see the president stand out there on the rose garden with all of the people in front of him, all of them applauding at the appropriate time. that was unity. that was uniform. president laid out importantly
11:58 pm
his rationale and his order, his decision. none of this nonsense the president was in charge. tammy: and it was information he knew the legacy media would not share, that they will not tell you about what this paris accord really is, which is an economic dynamic of a redistribution of american taxpayer money to the rest of the world. lou: just $3 trillion. tammy: yeah, but this is what -- look, this is how reagan had to handle it, once you get into the groove doing this, the right people around you, the visual of that applause indicates the president is not alone and americans had the infoatn, and really, he left the american media in the dust. these individuals who have been after him for so long. lou: i think the irrelevancy of this group of people trying in the national left-wing media to go after him. i'm watching a reporter today, she said actually, to sean spicer, would you check into
11:59 pm
that and report back to us? [laughter] he was very nice, he said, if i can, i will. i would have had a lot of other things to say, and none of them would be repeatable on national television or maybe not repeatable. ned: lou, the thing i would like to see trump do now that he's got the momentum, i would like to see him pull paul ryan and mitch mcconnell down to the white house, sit them in the oval office and say gentlemen, you're going to pass my legislative agenda. we're going to get tax reform passed to juice the economy so i can be helpful to you in the 2018 election. i think he's going to have to lean into the legislative agenda. he's got momentum. let's go for it. lou: absolutely, and the other thing is, this president is assured of, it looks to me, like eight years, messrs. ryan and mitch mcconnell, they and their members are not so assured.
12:00 am
they better get on board. ned: that's right. lou: thanks for being with us. thanks for being with us tonight, among our guests monday, please be with us. until then, have a great weekend. good night. . announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up in just a moment, home depot co-founder and billionaire philanthropist ken langone is my special guest today. connell mcshane is standing by with the numbers that will impact main street to wall street. connell over to you. >> disappointing jobs report to end the week as the u.s. economy added 138,000 jobs last month, well below expectations.


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