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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a -- thank you so much for watching us this tonight. please follow me on twitter and instagram a candid nation facebook at kennedy at the end e-mail kennedy i will see you on the out never catch tomorrow >> lou: good everybody. president trump today announced a decision sure to rattle globalist and environmental extremist and left wing know nothing that care little about the unfair or destructive consequences of the paris agreement and our way of life. president trump reached out to the tems and envio in renegotiating the paris accord or leading with him a now agreement that is affordable and
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respecting america business. and the president plainly putting america first and after all, that is why he was elected our president. fox news correspondent john roberts. >> reporter: he slammed the parsis deal as bad for america. and he said he will not stand for. >> in order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect america and its citizens, the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord>> reporter: he put the world and congress on notice. >> i am willing to work with
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democratic leaders to negotiate our way back into paris under the terms that are fair to the united states and its workers or to negotiate a now deal that protects our country and its taxpayers. >> reporter: in a half-hour speech he outlined the economic burden and job loss for stay negligent the paris accord. space teches elanmusic who stands to gain resigned in departing presidential council. loving paris is not g.ed paul ryan said i commend president trump for fulfilling his commitment to the american people and withdrawing the bad deal. in pene they mocked him. >> the americans can't just get
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out of the agreement. mr. trump thinks that because he doesn't get close enough to understand them. >> and among the nations urging mr. trump not to abandon the accord is russia president putin signed it in paris. but the white house moved to mend fence and setting plans to return two russian compound on maryland eastern shore and long island. obama administration ordered them to vacate in retaliation for the e-mail hacking scandal. and first time president putin acknowledged that hackers whom putin described as pap triots may have trieded to inyou fluence in trump's favor.
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>> they contribute their opinions in order to protect russia. snieshgs the president made no apology for pulling out of the accord saying he was there to represent pittsburg and in the paris. >> lou: words that will live for a while. pittsburg and not paris. we'll have reaction from kelly conway. and our first guest is a long-standing crit and i can mr. trump's position to withdraw will offer them better choices. mike lee, he authored book. written out of history.
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forgoodnight founders who fought big government. and let's turn if i may to the withdrawal by the president of the united states from the accord. >> wonderful decision. pittsburg before paris will go down as one of the great political quotes of our time. it was good mess pageing and the right thing. the american people deserve better than. this bark bookkeeper obama knew this deal negotiated a deal that was not ratified by the united states senate. it was not going to be a law of the land. easy come and never go. it is not binding. >> lou: he said that about the iranian deal. >> that's right. president trump righted a wrong
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committed by the previous administration. >> lou: even though there is noise from the dems, they look so small now when they are competing with a president who states his pure and outlines his reasons and said to the american worker and american taxpayers, this one is for you you, america first and our sovereignty. only fools would think they compete with that kind of reasoning and language. >> especially the american people who understand federal regulation and job growth. they understand the 2 trillion in compliance cost. it is not big corporate fat the cats that beirut cost. american workers beirut cost and
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diminished employment. president trump stood up for them and he is be applauded >> he was applauded in the rose garden. that was a group of people in the audience. they were unified and obviously energized by what he was saying and absolutely on board. there was no division even remotely today apparent in the white houser the group of people. it was a wonderful piece of imagery for this white house that suggest to me that they are making important communication turns here and that will have lasting benefit to the president and his policy. the cab be net and staff also there and doing interviews afterwards and their applause was echoed and magnified by every day american people and
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hard working american ps whose rights were defended by this and economic freedom was protected>> lou: 23 trillion. is there anything that president obama did that was not destructive to the economy and way of life? there are questions you have to ask in his decisions and policy, whose side was he on? >> i think that is right. i am sure there is something that doesn't fit. but this is very bad and this was particularly bad. in this case, he knew that it would potential not only to divide americans, but harm americans. >> lou: americans on occasions have been devoided.
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the forgotten founders. this is the bock. senator lee wrote a bock which we wrote to you highly. aaron burr, you got to be kidding. aaron burr was vice-president of the united states under thomss jefferon. he presided over the trials in the senate. he conducted them with due process. it infurerated jefferson and later, when aaron burr was no longer vice-president was tried for treason. aaron burr could have lost his life to thomas jefferson. >> lou: it is a fascinating book and we recommend it highly.
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i think it is a fascinating book and it is a delight to think that it is the inception of the republic thatty we have been request squa lid in your government. conservative have been fighting big government and is hasn't worked. is it a time to change our strategy and approach. how do we get smaller government. >> they called it common sense and liberty and patriotism. low lou everything i agree with i call common sense. >> even though technology has changed our population has bombed. many issues we face today are
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very, very similar and closely faced since revolution. i told the story of the unsung heroes. >> lou: it is a great read. a lot to cover tonight. trump campaign digital head slamming the left wing national media claims that russian operatives played a role in p president trump's victory. brad parscale will join us. the digital head of the campaign. it outto be fascinating. woer coming back with more. the trump administration that china is doing all it can can to stop north korea. >> i believe that china is back netting korea in a way to try to
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>> lou: the pentagon today released new video of the important successful intercept success against an attack from an ibcn. the director of the missile defense agency said the test was done with north korea and iran clearly in focus and clearly in mind and portrayed a realistic scenario and showed the system ready to defend american and their allies. in it cost $2 billion. my next guest said the u.s. test shows that the united states can defend from an attack and should give kim jong-il a pause.
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joining us is our guest. and a congressman, it is great to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> lou: i can't imagine the pressure on the test. but they pulled it off. >> god bless ronald reagan for his vision. his influence is still being felt. that is kim jong-il looking at that. you have a nuclear war head and the u.s. has that type of capability it is positive for our country. >> lou: positive for the country and another positive p to add to a long list since president trump was elected. slog ans with make america great again. and what we are watching is a contimium a reassert by this
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president stepping in challenges whether the pacific region or south china sea or middle east. the administration is responding. >> we had eight years that the adversaries knew they could get away with a lot. they are now on their heels. they see a president rebuilding the military and it doesn't give them freedom of movement. tur. intelligence committees in my opinion right now and issuance by the house seven subpeona and three directed to the cian and nsa. three individuals named, what do you make it. it looks like an investigation of the obama administration? >> i think it is encouraging.
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you had a leaking of the flynn phone call and that is a huge no- no to use it for political purposeses. the only crimeses we know of is those. if congress and it is american people don't have confidence that this information is used properly and think it is misp used, they will not be be reauthorized and the obama hold overs that are doing the stuff now really causeded a lot of damage even beyond the immediate political curfluffles. low lou the 702 program locks like the most abused program of that which we know that is in public view. it is what has happen to
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american citizens and weaponized intelligence, that is an example. >> the congress will not reauthorize this until we get answers of how it is used. if we get answers and prosecutions so people know you can't just use the information? but resistance on both sides of the aisle. >> lou: the subpeona producing documentses and is that sufficient? you think it is an investigation that has consequences? >> when comy testified in march he talked about the russian investigation. he would not acknowledge they are looking into the leaks. we know that there is concrete steps. it may not be all we need to do but it is an encouraging step.
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>> lou: comey speaking to the "fake news" media that he will allege the president pressured him. is there a law against a president pressuring the justice department in >> did the president did anything improper. why didn't he do anything in response? he didn't do anything. writing a memo to himself. he has a hard time that in that. >> the memo assured him an audience filled with admiration. congressman, great to have you with us. low lou the unhinged dems, one of whom we'll giv special attention and president trump touting all of the campaign promises that he's keeping. >> cutting job killing regulations and appointing a confirming a tremondayous
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supreme court justice and bringing jobs, plant and factorieses back into the united states, and believe me, we have just begun. the fruitses of our labor will be seen shortly. >> lou: four months in office. what is taking so long? we'll talk to kelly ann conway. a lot more straight ahead. how if guests book direct ater, and stay twice they'll get a $50 gift card? summertime. badda book. badda boom. got you a shirt! ...i kept the receipt... book now at
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>> lou: a view thoughts on per assistant hillary clinton and new narratives for her loss of last november. the former democrat candidate appearing nothing the same neue where the election victory speech was spoiled by nald trump. and in the months sense mrs. clinton blamed a long list of people for her loss.
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but it never includes clinton. and desput 1.2 billion or twice what the trump campaign spent, she lost. you remember how the national left wing media ridiculed and mocked donald trump when he said he didn't need to raise a billion dollars to win. he didn't and he did. the national that colluded with demand hillary herself. even with the state that went for her she lost. she was a lousy candidate and cheat nothing the debate and cheating senator sander and obviously learned nothing from her losses and truth is more of a stranger to her. truth and mrs. clinton are
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simply not friends. she offered no fewer than 24 reasons excuses and 24 reasonses of why she lost, none of which include herself or the campaign. fbi. james comey, the russian and vladimar piddin and anti-american force and you law enforcement and facebook to no, ma'am a few. and new york times for covering her e-mail scandal like it was pearl harbor. clinton declared that the former president lost the election. she claimed she lost because obama served two terms as president p. mr. obama and mrs. clinton are battling with attention. they have their own brewing
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scandal. mrs. clinton has her old ones and mr. obama has had his new ones and there is no public clamor in the public mind space and now joe biden can't stand it. missing that attention he drew as vice-president. looking at obama and clinton and saying to himself, no more. crazy joe is now ready to grab his wing of the left wing mind share and launching his own pack. and knowing joe as we all do, he will get attention but likely not helpful to dems or biden. obama rey seeded mostly from public view assy we got used to his entry as his investigation and spying. and as long as clinton keeps up her tour they will democrats
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that shake their heads. president trump is withdrawing for the paris accord. >> it is time to exit the pars accord and pursue a new deal that protects the environment and country and citizens and companies. >> lou: kelli ann conway, counsellor to the president, my special guess here next. >> how did this man do. the incredible record- setting stunts, you just gave it away, didn't i. stay with us, you will love the video. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering?
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low lou the touting the decisioning to withdraw the paris climate accord as a victory for taxpayers. the deal would have cost six and half million jobs and some p 3 trillion by another. the paris accord would have cut production on costs in number of secretariors including an 86 percent cut for the coal industry. joining me to talk about the president's announcement is the continued commitment to the american worker. >> i have to say that it was, a
6:35 am
lot of people were holding their breath. a little trumpian suspense built into it with a terrific result today. >> it was trump in p full. talking about america first and creating new job and protecting the american work are are and their job and protecting the industries that it are populated by forgotten men and women and sovereignty and legal loiblt and not addinto the 2 trillion. and stop madness of funding other people's prioritieses where they don't have to conform their behavior and give money to a un slush fund. why did not obama take it to the senate? he did that in iran nuclear
6:36 am
agreement and the accord, why not go to congress. that's the way the swamps work and the way that people elected donald trump don't want it to work. >> lou: the president going to the senate and treating it as a treaty would be a reverse of just at lost two presidencies and remarkable thing to think about. to me, there is a president that was announced by the vice-president in the rose garden with everyone before him as one. they applauded the president's statement on withdrawal andy an worker. on the taxpayer are. two constit yensies. he why not bark beyond that. there was no democratic slicing or do issing.
6:37 am
this is workers and tax pay are and responsible leadership which he intends to set the standard for. >> which is why he ran. people would stand for hours to be a part of a movement and that continues once you are president. they don't want you to just keep the campaign promises, this is about creating a growth economy and creating compet pativeness and unleashing energy. something that president trump promised in september when he gave a great speech of how to cut taxes and create jobs over ten years and it has to do with the four percent growth and energy investment. you can't do that if you keep the country stuck in agreements that are a bad deal for america. the president made very clear he would be renegotiate or reenter this accord or a different one.
6:38 am
just like tpp. he likes ones that don't hurt the american worker and the second thing that was clear. it is june 1st and not february 1st. he took the insight and input of people who disagreed with him and weighed the consequence and made the conclougz. >> billionaire donor for the democrat party. stier screaming this. if donald trump pulls the united states out of the paris agreement he will commit a war against the american ople. stier set the standard for the envyro left and dems who are going to shout again hat the
6:39 am
president. >> we learned that he proved the fastest way to make a small fortune. he powered millions in losing causes for the political left on the same thing he criticize; i have health care benefit and probably have retowerment and a lot of blessings. a lot of folks do not. that's who donald trump is thinking about. he's not thinking about the billionaires or the mainstream media. he sees the factiries shutered and the coal mine ares came to the white house thanking him. and today is another way to reverse the regulatory framework that is burdening the workers. >> lou: thank you. >> thank you, lou.
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lou low the white house blasting the "fake news" against president trump. >> when you see stories that are false and not based in fact, that is troubling. >> lou:y we are talking about the national left wing media's war and his battle against fake news. and the former digital director of the trump campaign. they tonight ne cs to satisfy the craving for speed. theyill show us the video next. we'll be right back. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how.
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>> lou: hillary clinton is not finished explaining her loss to donald trump, today spenning a new narrative. clinton campaign tried to tell people about russian interference in the election and no one would listen to her this despite the democratic national committee denied it was hacked by the russian and clinton accusing the trump campaignf weaponizing the cataand hitting
6:45 am
the mercer family for teaming up with cam bridge analytical. >> they came to jared kushner and saidy we will marry our operation which was more than it is described centument and a lot of harvesting of facebook information and they married content with delivery and data and it was a potent combination. the question is where and how did the russians get into this? it is an important question. >> lou: where did that question come from. the russians? joining me to talk about the clinton latest attempt to spen a foul narrative regarding the reason for her loss last november. digital and social media advisor
6:46 am
of trump campaign and america first policy. brad, i have to say the dnc, was the first known intrusion of the russians in american presidential politic and somehow the fbi was denied access by the dnc and the fbi with the russians invading cyber meekly walked away and left the dnc to his own sqalid fate? >> i think they make up excuses for things they are losing . with this campaign if you are talking about collusion and influence. look at how google and twitter and facebook, democrat party itself. and cnn were like trying to influence our election and talk about searching allegorithims on the search engine.
6:47 am
it is all documented. but no call for investigation to the american companies. we had all of the information we needed. >> lou: googlele and its excutives were moving in and out of the obama white house almost daily. and they had had all of the data tools known to silicon valley and that arguably altereded 2008 but not in 2016, and in large measure because of what the trump campaign, you you did in duj dig media. >> these companies have more dat a. google will has a lot of information about americans and facebook does. we used the information. and hillary made statements some accurate and some inaccurate, depenning on how she sees it.
6:48 am
what priebus did and katy walsh did build up voter tat. >> lou: you said to reince presbyterian what are you you doing to catch up in data mining and targeting data and what are you doing to be ready for 2016? the answer was they did a bit. and it turns out the ground game was not p important as i judgeded it to be because of what you did with social media. >> yeah, there is a data point that is not put out much. cent percent of the people in the united states got their information on how they are voting on social media. that is up 24 percent. >> lou: that is a mind blowing number. >> over 70 percent of the people got information on who they would vote for on social media.
6:49 am
it is not the phone call or data. it is what your friends are saying on social media and those companies are powerful at that. we utilized facebook and our own data from the republican national committee to contact that was specific to them. the left was trying to make noise and the beautiful part of the social media. we gave it to people in america without the biassed opinion of the left. >> lou: how dew react a the digital maven for the trump campaign. and the digital spirit leader now. when people say is, the president has to quit tweeting. he can't do that tweeting thing anymore and ignore the 30 million twitter followers and he's got to go through old
6:50 am
media. old left wing national wed media. how do you react? >> i it said a bunch of times, mr. trump wont be here if not for twitter. he could won it all on his own. we cleaned up just part of the left. millions of american it is don't believe what the media. i wake up every day read aring a "fake news" story about myself. i want him to talk to me directly. i don't want the opinion of california if i live in texas. >> lou: i want your opinion of jared kushner. now he is accused by the left wing national media of being in league with the russians. >> it is laughable.
6:51 am
first of all i don't talk to jared about the meeting and policy. and separate the campaign from election night. i know about the man. he is a good man and smart and intelligent guy. he walkses in the rom people respect him and love him. and he was extremely liked in the campaign and respecteded from end to end. and most people didn't know. he was theampaign manager and helped mr. trump get across the finish line. >> lou: i know you did as well. brad, thank you for being with us. we'll be right back. more straight ahead. stay with us. unmasking the unmaskers in the spy scandal. >> that is the most serious threat to personal liberty in
6:52 am
america. >> lou: we take it with the man who broke the report. >> and hillary clinton blames everyone but herself for the election loss. is she well? we'll bring you her growing list of exaccuses and the strategy. stay with us, we'll be right back. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited what's in your wallet? abreak through your allergies.? try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills.
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