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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 6, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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michelle is great to have you with us us. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. congressman mark meadows the head of the freedom caucus, judge andrew napolitano among our guest here tomorrow. eing with usus. tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: president trump says saturday's attack among that justifies his push for travel ban and british prime minister theresa may says regulating the internet will help prevent future attacks. judge naled paula time of shows why it won't plus the party congressman jason chaffetz tells me why he thinks the former fbi director is taking the easy way out. all aboard, freedom express is pulling into the station. let's do it. the murderous chords rolls to the uk and monday morning quarterbacking begins as the curious and appalled come to the coverage in wreckage of another terrorist attack.
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vehicle once again the rudimentary weapons of choice and cheesy tears pick the most available to choose their message. these little psychos love to advertise their intention. a 27 a ringleader from saturday night's attack was featured in a british documentary called the jihadis next door and unfurled an isis flag at a demonstration in the public part of the uk is engaged in their own form of journalistic spying and like here those resources have been squandered when the target was right there in front of the old trump sniffer. terrorist attacks are often a series of government failures from too much spying on innocent and appropriate responses. in an age of political correctness at the long -- wrongly accused is a horrible thing but to be rightly targeted and let go by law enforcement and intelligence agencies is a deadly tutorial. law enforcement and the military should look and act the same but
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an equally deadly problem in the uk is having an under armed police source where knife wielding that jobs are only confronted by a baton who simply can't do enough to protect innocent lives. i'd like to believe theresa may when she says this. >> there is to be frank far too much tolerance for extremism in our country. so we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stomping it out across the public sector and across authority. kennedy: when you treat everyone as an extremist for you make it mathematically impossible to target the ones who are most likely to go over the edge and murder people. who are they? just ask them. they are more than willing to tell you exactly what they will kill and die for. glad you are here to start the show. i am kennedy. ♪
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the london attack has prompted president trump to renew his push for travel ban. this morning he tweeted quote people and the courts can call it whatever they want but i'm calling it what we need and what it is, a travel ban. will a travel ban were? let me bring in former u.n. ambassador "fox news" contributor contributor john bolton. welcome back ambassador. >> glad to be back. kennedy: there's a renewed push for but we have seen a lot of terrorists born or raised in some of our allies nations so do we stop travel from places like the uk? >> whatever whatever you want to call it is still temporary and is designed to give time to fix the visa granting process. i think you need a lot more work. i think the entire system needs to be revised and certainly it's only one aspect of the bigger picture because the threat of homegrown terror i think is real kennedy: i think they are here
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in this country and i think they are the live work and breathe in places like france belgium and the uk so while it may make us feel better and it might weed out some of the people who are radicalized or could come here and wish to do us harm what do we do about the people who are already here? >> i want to come back to that point because i think we do need a global strategy. instead of dealing with isis over here let's deal with travel over here and homegrown terrorists here. kennedy: not enough integration. >> it's all part of an ideology and that's a problem we are facing. really the issue is law enforcement and intelligence being unwilling to do what i think they are to have the power to do which is carry out investigations. this is not infringing anybody's religious freedom. it's not protected by the first amendment to inspire to kill people. kennedy: it's not take away their freedom and that's what makes us different and this is where we differ, i don't like
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targeting everybody. i don't think it makes us safer. i think it makes us less safe and we see that abroad and some here. >> i'm not sure if it's a question of over targeting them being overwhelmed by information or insufficiently targeting. in the lending case the three that the police killed one was on their radar screen but to or not. obviously everybody's in favor of correctly targeting. the fact is i don't think law enforcement is using a lot of the tools they have. i don't think we have caught up with isis in social media and the internet. i think there remains a lot of problems but you are criticized as islamophobe it. kennedy: that's actually right that when you have music stores like morrissey coming out saying let's stop being politically correct. we have an established pattern here. we know what that is but we are not using our resources are properly enough because we are still talking about this. one thing the u.n. i agreed on on "fox news" is that our dismay
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at theresa may same way to regulate and perhaps shut down the internet. i don't think that is appropriate. >> i don't think it's a question of regulating internet. i think it's a question of using the internet to block the terrorist. they are increasing their recruitment and training and deployment of terrorists. that's the ultimate objective is to stop the terrorists before they strike and we are obviously failing at that. kennedy: i'm going to talk to the judge about that later on. we have seen these terrorist attack in places like capitol which have taken dozens of lives. 50 people killed and we don't pay as much attention there. >> some people watch this around the world which is like king abdulah of jordan for example has described the spread of islamic terrorism as a civil war within the religion. more muslims have been killed and harmed bye bye these terrorist than westerners although we focus the attention here. that's also why you need a global strategy because there are allies in the muslim world
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who understand the threat this poses to orderly society in their part of the world as well. kennedy: their training facilities in jordan where our troops over there and try to train moderate soldiers to do the right thing and not take our arms and ultimately use them against us one would hope. >> let's be clear at the moment things are still going down hill. it's been interesting the most recent development and the saudis and four other arab countries cutting off branding their diplomatic relations suspending air travel. kennedy: del quintin could have done that with their foundation. >> they have played both sides of the streets for a long time so will be interesting to see how that comes out out. that's the real baroque financial wherewithal for terrorists around the world as i ran and once isis is the data we are getting ready for the next big conflict in the middle east which one involved israel necessarily an day one but it
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could involve i ran. kennedy: israel and saudi arabia that's the one uniting factor between them and the fact that they completely distrust i ran. they know i ran is funding terrorism. i agree with you that the i ran deal with the horrible deal but as you say we have to repeat the entire vetting process and we also have to do the same thing with some of our perceptions in relationship to the middle east. >> a thing actually donald trump's change the dynamic dynamic in terms of relationships in the middle east and if there could be a strategic partnership unstated between the israelis and the saudis maybe we could see if that if action against iran's nuclear weapons program. kennedy: is just crazy enough to work. i want us to live in a safe world and hopefully that will happen in our lifetime. thank you so much ambassador. president trump wasted no time bringing up another familiar talking point after saturday's attack. political correct this. he tweeted, we must stop being
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politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. we don't get smart it will only get worse. the president may have appointed a point. british authorities have reportedly been alerted about extremist activities at least twice but forever reason he was able to carry out saturday night's attack. is political correctness to blame for the inability to prevent terror? let me bring in tonight's party panel contributor from the hill and offer -- other government gone wild the presence of diligence and a former cia officer. it's mike baker and the president a right turn strategy chris barron returned us tonight. welcome back everyone. these are heady times and obviously we need some solutions. think this would be an outstanding opportunity for the mayor of london who happens to be muslim to come out and say this is my religion and this is
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why i love it and this is why it's good and those people, this is a civil war. they are on the wrong side and we need to crush them. the nicu should say that i suspect he will come out and maybe not quite that clearly but he will have comments. kennedy: what's wrong with the net clear? >> i've given up on trying to understand why we don't get morris or so responses after something like this but keeping it within the communities. it's probably above my pay grade. you asked about the political correctness. and are we responsible for this? it is in the sense that it's created the laws within which the intel services are allowed to work and you and i kind of walk in lockstep on every issue. we do disagree on the security thing. the idea that somehow there is mass spying going on and because of that they are missing the one or two individuals they should be focused on. the fact is the reason why they are covering that individual for
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instance, 24/7 infinite ad litem is because their laws don't allow that and if they did they would be pilloried by the public with civil rights individual saying how dare you do this? it's an abridgment on human rights. kennedy: i said this earlier today it's like a serial killer and a park advertising the fact that there are serial killers. people would freak out and would demand public answers. >> and because some of the author who says they are sympathetic to the cause of isis believe it or not even dare that doesn't allow you to mount surveillance on the individual or carry out an investigation. i'm not saying we shouldn't. of course we should. kennedy: it would be better placed on someone who is
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targeted. >> the laws have to be changed to allow that. kennedy: they knew the guy in orlando was a threat and they knew the couple in san bernardino was a threat. instead of spying on everyone without warrant illegally and unconstitutionally. >> that's a very good narrative. kennedy: under the obama administration slapped down by the fisa court for illegal spying. >> again you know that i agree with you on checks and balances but here's my point. we should be more aggressive in all of this. i am very a grass upon this but at the same time my feeling is if you want to do that change a lot and i don't want to hear anybody whining about infringement on people's liberties. kennedy: we always have to look at people's liberties because it's the united states of america. let's look at the common enemy that the left should have
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against isis because isis murders women and people. they murder people simply for being. the bigger concern is people's feelings and god forbid misinterpreting their allegiance. >> telling the truth. the mainstream media immediately saying we can't jump to conclusions and yelling allah are. kennedy: remember the british video where they were teaching people how to act. they attacked the film's directors were saying, for saying all a lot far. >> the other thing is it isn't just about isis. islam as a whole has a problem with the of women and people in religious minorities. we don't want to pretend like this is a crazy radical french and five lone wolves.
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they need to have a conversation kennedy: they invite anyone to join. that's incredibly problematic and we have to get back to the message out of u-turns peoples hearts and minds away from a? >> we need to acknowledge the problem. he you can't solve a problem unless you acknowledge its cause and political correctness is literally killing us. i think the cause of radicalism is more complex than a little bit different but political correctness and pretending like an old lady at the airport poses this big of a risk. >> a terrace in london was reported twice and nothing was done about it. how many people need to die? kennedy: are we unfairly beating up on law enforcement and intelligence? >> that's why say this. they operate within the parameters of the laws and those
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laws are set by what the politicians perceive as the public's willingness. kennedy: maybe people like sadiq khan. >> everyone is calling for blanson prayers for london. they don't need that. they made -- need sensible immigration reform. everyone is afraid of immigration reform. what you do about the people who are already there and already vulnerable to the message. >> play back and forth to syria or libya. the number of times we have seen this story where this guy is a son of an immigrant whose here illegally but he flew to libya for six months and came back. what a shocker? >> allowing those individuals back into the country. remember allah lochte and the angst over the fact that we targeted an american citizen. awlaki picked up arms against u.s.. we have a process in place at
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the state department that we can tag him. i guess my problem is i've been dealing with counterterrorism for a long time and you have become very cynical after a while. when you say things like how do we solve this and eradicate the problem, it is a fair question but all you can do is minimize the threat. we are doing a lot of the things we are supposed to be doing but if you want to be more aggressive the laws have to be changed. kennedy: i understand that but you look at the stephanie's day when is it going to come over here and why is this -- it's not normal and should be normal. >> meanwhile the media is falling over itself demonizing trump for the travel ban which is the only solution that will stop it from happening here. >> we won't be able to hug it out. kennedy: i may be able to. all eyes in washington or the upcoming testimony of former fbi director james comey on capitol hill this week.
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we talked to congressman jason chaffetz. can i give it to you straight?
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kennedy: indeed there something here and they will find out what that is the capitol hill expected to turn into big media circus on thursday when former fbi director james comey testifies in front of senate intelligence committee on the ongoing rush investigation. comey who will be speaking for the first time in public since he was fired on may 9 is expected to be grilled on conversations with president trump and whether the president asked them to end the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. my next guest spoke to the fbi director recently encouraged him to speak in front of the house oversight committee rejoining as utah cumbersome and come he's a republican he's jason chaffetz and the chairman of the house oversight committee for now. >> for a few more days. kennedy: when are you done? >> the 30th will be my last day. i made the choice voluntarily. i have had nine good years in the house is some point you got to hang up the cleats so i made the right decision for me and my family. kennedy: good for you and we will see what happens in your political future.
12:22 am
former fbi director james comey start to hang up his cleats. why is he the -- coming before the committee? >> i did talk to him on the phone and traded e-mails and whatnot. there are two parts of this investigation. one should be the documents themselves which nobody is seen by the way. "the news yo times" writes a piece about it. kennedy: have you seen and? >> we have asked for them and requested them but happened after requesting them obviously there's a special counsel. do you run the risk of impeding the investigation by the professional counsel or subpoena them? we have given them until i believe thursday to reconsider and provide those documents again and we will take it from there. the second part is hearing from director comey himself. kennedy: you say he is taking the easy way out. how so? >> is taking the path of least resistance. people get a much more friendlier set of questions coming from the senate and tell
12:23 am
as and tell us a post of the senate judiciary committee. i think senator grassley and certainly would be much more aggressive on him as what's lindsey graham and others on the judiciary committee and likely for instance i don't think would be asking softball questions. i'd like to come to the oversight committee. he should also come to the house of representatives. kennedy: i don't disagree there. i think you should be lawyer to little bed and the oversight committee have good people on the committee's who are really good at asking questions and others that grandstand and it drives me crazy. what are the senators on the committee going to ask only that we haven't already seeing? are they going to get something substandard? >> if they don't have the documents that think they will have a tough time holding his feet to the fire. kennedy: is he going to hide behind there's an investigation going on and i can't comment? >> heart of what director comey has told me, there's also a classified portion of this. it's kind of tiresome to continue to hear well i can't
12:24 am
talk about that in public. kennedy: the fbi had no problem leaking the contents of the memorandum. at some point he's being a big hypocrite when he hides behind a shield of classification and an ongoing assignation. >> there's a question about where these documents? when i asked him privately are they at the department of justice are with you personally he would not answer that question. they are federal records. kennedy: you didn't prosecute hillary clinton. that's not a crime anymore according to the president. >> i also asked them for documents. did he make other notes related to loretta lynch? kennedy: i'd love to know about that conversation with bill clinton. what did he tell her about his grandchildren? >> we are going to use all these documents let's get them for everything. kennedy: are they considered
12:25 am
some of the investigative material from the campaign? is that still considered part of the russia probe that former fbi director robert mueller is the head of? >> to clarify what is what and what should they share and what should they not share. it's not even "the news york times" that has seen these documents. kennedy: a tawdry conversation. will this former fbi director try to take the present down? >> i don't think so. he's going to have a difficult time overcoming the fact that inmate testified saying there has been no political pressure. you have the acting fbi director right now who is also saying there has been no political pressure so if he did have clinical pressure that supposedly happened month ago how do you testify under oath when there specifically had been none.
12:26 am
kennedy: are you running for governor of utah? >> a definite maybe for anything the future. kennedy: time will tell. >> i have a hard time -- i'm not going to take you off the table but it's not something i'm trying to do three or four moves in order to get that. kennedy: life is all about making a series of big moves. congressman thank you very much. coming up prime minister theresa may says the internet must be regulated for further terrorist attacks like the one in london on saturday. judge andrew napolitano has his reaction. it is strong and it's awesome finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again.
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kennedy: urges prime minister theresa may calling for tighter control and an on line communication in response to the latest london attacks. watch. >> we need to work with allied democratic government to reach international agreement to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist terrorism planning. kennedy: we needed digital version of the paris i met accord. we only complicate things and copper mines the privacy of ordinary citizens and adding to that is the fact that it may not even be legal to do. joining me now is "fox news" senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. i think this is a horrific
12:31 am
response and one tech founder pointed out this woman has no idea what she's talking about. >> it's a shame. she's a sitting prime minister running for re-election but her job in the david cameron government was to be home and secretary meaning she was in charge of all of the surveillance among other aspects in great written. she knows the great written is the most surveilled country in the western world and rivals the united states of america. kennedy: there's beefed-up surveillance in this past fall. >> the intelligence community in great britain has digital versions of every cell phonecall , every landline call every text message, every e-mail, every piece of fiber-optic digital material sent into out of great britain and that is not enough for them to stop these things from happening. it's information overload.
12:32 am
she wants to add to that as if that that's going to do any good by stopping ordinary people like journalists from looking up web sites of bad guys to see what they're up to so journalists can write stories about it that she wants to prevent people from doing that. she is scrambling in every election that she may either lose or win very narrowly but she's expected to win hugely and she's not being rational. kennedy: i agree with you completely and this is the wrong response because it's obviously a failure and she's trying to deflect from that. tech companies who are to comply with the majority of warrants that they are faced with when there are warrants. >> you know her statement yesterday and then again today calls for international agreements. international agreements in which all the countries in the western world would put so much pressure on the tech companies that they would tell the tech companies how to for example
12:33 am
invade these apps that encrypt your messaging. i don't know how they can do that. the axis is so secure that even the intelligence communities can get to them. san bernardino with the increased cell phone and they couldn't do it and the nsa wouldn't give them what they had they finally found a company in israel that was able to break the code. she wants to make that type of breaking the code standard operating procedure so there are no secrets anymore for anybody. how about looking up the streets of these creeps and how by following them in the streets? how about being aware of when they go to syria and libya and come back? how about not being surprised when they do these things when they have a paper trail of their behavior which we have. they'd rather sit in front of a computer screen than rather sitting in the street keeping essay. how about that ms. may?
12:34 am
kennedy: you can't build a backdoor that only good guys get into. that's the problem and that's the misunderstanding and someone who knows their political troubles. >> i understand your frustration. the british people are suffering terribly and choose their leader and her premiership depending on what happens in the vote on thursday is trying to do the best job she campaigned she's not thinking clearly and she doesn't have human safety foremost in her mind. she just has it getting elected. kennedy: president trump picked up his infrastructure pushed by trying to privatize air traffic control. >> we are proposing reduced wait times increased route efficiency and far fewer delays. our plan will get you where you need to go more quickly, more reliably more affordably. kennedy: will probably be months
12:35 am
before the infrastructure plants are formally introduced that the white house plans on sending air traffic control systems to congress happening this week. of course the party panel is back. mike baker and kristin tate. krista and i will start with you. you think it was a big misstep for the president to begin his legislative push with recalling obamacare and this is where he should have started? >> absolutely. i'm thrilled he is talking about the structure. first of all the president cares deeply about the issue. he knows it. i am super thrilled that he's talking about and we talked about this before. so often the left believes the only fix we have is to throw more money at it or taxpayer dollars in the fact is they are doing great work on transportation issues in d.c. and now we have a chance to try some of these out. and corporatized inger traffic control and by the way it's only
12:36 am
a part of a paper tiger that how do we get government out of the airport business and how do they let airports be self sufficient? kennedy: you cite talmet these. >> amazing legislation that would allow us to raise hundreds of aliens of dollars without a single penny coming from federal money. kennedy: it's difficult to cut taxes and increase spending by trillion dollars. the intentions are good in both parties love to spend on infrastructure. >> i love the idea of privatizing. i do think that the way to go. if we look at the brouhaha, can i say that? pulling out of the paris agreement which i don't think a lot of people read in detail but the idea you've got a lot of the markets and free at a price. that's what's going to change and find green solutions in the same thing with the infrastructure and air traffic
12:37 am
control. i'm a big fan of this. i think it makes sense and i do want to see some -- again i talk about trump all the time. i want this a administration to do well not because i'm a true trump the lever but i want his administration to do well. kennedy: i want him to do well because they want the country to do well. i want to thrive in every aspect of their lives. the problem is we pay for it normally as taxpayers and have to pay again anatole. >> i love this idea of the advertising of the structure is critical and by keeping air traffic control under government bureaucracy we are putting lives at risk. we are using outdated technology because the government does not innovate. the 1950s radars of the gps. >> the naf canada system our
12:38 am
neighbors to the north are rarely the leaders of the free market but they got this right and it's working. kennedy: you're absolutely right and that's why i love canada. i think it's a free and wonderful place. i want to thank you guys for being here mike and kristin. coming up a new documentary chronicles the falalalalal i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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kennedy: that's a look at one of the struggling families featured in the national geographic documentary "hell on earth". under the regime of bashar al-assad and the rise of islamic state. the film debuts june 11 on "national geographic". here to discuss the making of documentary director sebastian junger and executive director nick quested. welcome, gentlemen. he made quite a few films that aniston. why the shift to syria i stop
12:43 am
front-line combat reporting when our mutual friend was killed in this opportunity came up with nick to make a film that was the definitive explanation for why the syrian civil war started and how isis came out of it and why they haven't. kennedy: from an agnostic point of view because in this country the topic of syria and much of middle east is so politicized is hard for people to comment on it without having some agenda. as agnostic way as possible what can you say about the syria and what needs to be done? >> what needs to be done is that you stop people fighting but if you can stop people fighting there's a chance to actually have a long-term meaningful peace. so in order to stop that fighting you have to take the islamic state from the battlefield and that means taking the two principle cities which they control which are raqqa and -- and there and is in sight. the kurdish militia are on the
12:44 am
outskirts of raqqa and armed and supported by the americans and i think that's a good thing. kennedy: syria isn't really syria anymore, is it? is sort of parceled out into different factions and if assad isn't that oppose what happens there? >> assad is not going to be deposed while russia's backing him. putin swept into the rescue. he was going to fall and putin saved him. as long as rushes there he won't fall. russia needs to be part of the peace process. kennedy: is that possible? >> in bosnia was. my first war was in bosnia with russian participation there were the peace accords in bosnia was partitioned which is a great thing for country but it's better than civil war. kennedy: will that happen? >> i think it's a good chance it will be partitioned. kennedy: would he want people to take away in terms of refugees
12:45 am
and how we view them after this film? >> i think whump people take away these are normal middle-class families than they had to do what they had to do. in the face of the humanitarian catastrophe they had to leave and i would expect anyone in the same situation to do the same thing. we would like people to take away that if they were faced with the same thing but would welcome them into our country. >> my father was a war refugee and some of my best friends are. this country welcomed them and i think we should continue to be that country. kennedy: i agree with you it is important to see the process that's going on there humanize it and understand not everyone it comes from syria is a terrorist and they do actually have vetting processes in place. they may be imperfect but the way they are demonized and propagandize in this country. gentlemen thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
12:46 am
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kennedy: the following stories were picked up by my assistant
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and not what he was waiting for the liquor store to open at 8:00 a.m. this morning. mama needs your firewater. i'm just kidding. i don't drink before i go on the air but i'm starting to think that bill maher does. get out of the field and into the house because this is the topical storm. topic number one. toyota is developing a flying car that would like the olympic torch at the 2020 games in tokyo. it works it won't be the only one getting high at the ceremony but that's a big if because first and foremost this is not a car. it's a plus sized drone and all it does is drive 3 feet and crashed like tiger woods. i was going to l.a.. the company says they have their first manned flight, they will have it by 2018. this might be the least convincing video i have ever seen and yes i saw that kathy
12:51 am
griffin press conference. topic number two. tom brady might not be president trump's favorite quarterback anymore and it's enough to make one try harps for the first time. i'm going to have a -- gisele. don't do it come, you have too much to live for paid wise. upset? peyton manning played a round of golf with the president on sunday that lasted for hours. what do you think they were talking about all that time, gisele? i don't know, could face a? manning was in town to receive a lincoln metal at the forbes. her annual gala. the award goes to the person whose body of work best exemplifies the legacy of abraham lincoln also being honored with pro bowl quarterback and 12 time father
12:52 am
and done it -- antonio konta marte whose work best exemplified president clinton. what about it? topic number three. arizona's salt river is a wildly popular tubing destination but it looked like a ghost town this weekend after someone posted on facebook that the river was closed due to a mountain lion attack. even weirder 100 people clicked to like. lunch of weirdos. the tubing company that operates on the river received thousands of calls about the attack before posting a statement of its own assuring everyone that the river was still open and there were no mountain lion's. the first tubers returned to the river this morning and we have some images from their trip. probably should have waited another day.
12:53 am
#so sad. #rip. topic number four. humans aren't the only ones pulling pranks. a texas air force veteran had 10 american flag stolen off of his front lawn and he was all set to rough up a local high school kid when a neighbor showed him surveillance video of a squirrel making off with the goods. look at this. there he goes, one flag, two flags, me flag, you flag. animal experts say this rare breed of shoplifting squirrels dissented from winona ryder. which would have been a much better joke if i told the 10 years ago when she was asked what caught shoplifting but that's neither here nor there. the important thing is that the origami flag didn't go all grann torino on the high school kids. that would have made a little
12:54 am
bit more news. i don't know if we would have covered that in the topical storm. topic number five. first there were trump steaks and now there is trump mess. a study by survey 2000 meth users and found donald trump is the most frequently used code for people buying or selling meth. a lot of you are probably wondering how they found 2000 meth users because you have never been to a florida walmart. survey takers, they have and they say that trump is the most popular code for meth and candy bars the most popular code for lsd and hillary clinton is the most popular code for whiny loser. it's sweeping the country and it can be found pretty much everywhere except washington d.c.. coming up, if you -- a newborn
12:55 am
you may never have to go through the frustration of teaching your kids to drive. i will explain to you the future of the
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12:58 am
kennedy: we are on our way to the future. giant insurer in the cases babies born today may never take a driving test not because they are too pudgy and immobile to
12:59 am
drive. no, it's the most of the cars by the time they come of age will be driverless. what seems inconceivable to generations from henry ford to millennials will be commonplace for the newly emerging. i'm sure ancestors must have thought the whole car fad would pass and who could live without diluting their own horse? sticking with real horsepower while the rest of us are having to transition from manual to automatic transition and just think your grandkids will ask you if you lived in a time when people drove themselves? who knows if we are on the fast-track to wally or the jetsons but the future has been born. let's hope this driverless cars go to hidden make out spot so we can make more babies in the future or will those be automated as well? thank you for watching the show tonight.
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