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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 6, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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we will send it over to maria bartiromo. maria: good morning, everybody. good morning to you. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, june 6. your stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump said to meet with congressional leaders this afternoon working on key domestic policies including health care and tax reform. we will be following for all of that. the senate looking to repeal and replace above occurred this summer with tax reform for the fall currently working right after the summertime there. infrastructure for the administration. the president will unveil his next proposal tomorrow in ohio. looking at how business will look for the overall infrastructure. the device is yesterday in how apple is trying to prevent distracted driving.
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the broader market also that of three quarters of a percent to $1003 change. the end of an era for jay crew. replacing a longtime ceo. markets this morning. down one point -- after holiday yesterday. in asia overnight, mixed performances. the kospi and create close. pluscall and cap are knocked back at square one. seattle come as top prospects for jobs going into a different direction than joining me to talk about it, dagen mcdowell.
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wall street economics editor jon hilsenrath and diligence cofounder mike baker is here. dagen: why do i feel safer with him here? >> at complete misconception, but thank you. the most informative show in the morning. i've been here. the energy always great. >> gillett thing we didn't talk about in the run-up is what is going on in qatar. fascinating story. maria: general jack keane coming up, but it is pretty extraordinary to see five countries in the middle east cut ties. >> our biggest basis and allies. maria: it's really incredible. maria: problems getting.
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>> this in the country the highest per capita. qatar is the richest country. lots to talk about here. of course we continue coverage this morning. former presidential candidate, arkansas governor mike huckabee is with us. the subcommittee, kentucky congressman is here. secretary of veterans affairs committee which looked anesthetized. plus the chairman of the ftse, federal deposit insurance corporation is with us. plus country singer kat bar. white house officials say republicans will vote on the version of health care reform before the august recess paving the way for lawmakers to overhaul the tax code after
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labor day. john barrasso of wyoming says the constituent are demanding action. watch. >> there's a lot of things we need to do. people are expecting results from this congress and that's the issues of the week. infrastructure, health care, tax reform, regulatory reform. the things we need to do to make sure we have a strong and healthy economy. that's what the polls tell you and what i hear at home is the most thing on people's minds. maria: the clock is ticking. this is incredible. >> president would be focusing all of the attention on paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. if he wants to get help reform.
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the other thing if there is a debt ceiling issue that they have to resolve in the 43 days which could complicate matters. >> it sounds crazy we are talking about the clock ticking already. if they can't get something of significance done before august, before the reset command they are in serious trouble i would argue. they have been spending all their time putting out fires. some of their own doing. they have got to get a big lead. maria: look at chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, they are trying hard to abstract and not allow the net. >> i disagree with you on that. 50 votes in the senate. the way they are structured in the health care and tax bills, they don't need any dads to get
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any of this done. they get their coalition behind both of those. i'm not blaming anyone. let's see if they get it done. dagen: absolutely blame the republicans. obviously, and he rushed it through. the ball is in their court. they have no excuses. democrats don't need to do anything. >> it's too early to give credit or blame. if they get it done >> dabs -- all about obstruction.
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dequeue untreated both of those things happen at the same time. it's not one or the other. maria: let's go specific into it. border adjustment tax. the white house doesn't want it, paul ryan wants it. is >> these are hard, complicated issues. getting a tax overhaul done, we haven't had one. it's hard to get completing competing coalitions to agree on border adjustment or corporate interest payments. >> a rolled up tax reform plan a year ago and clearly there were a lot of republicans in the house and senate in favor of it. and people buy at target and they raise the cost of gasoline
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20%. >> people are selected to pay more for their staffing target. >> again, solutions at the border adjustment tax. three main things the site is happening on tax reform. the border adjustment tax, deduction. we've talked about property deduction. dagen: state, local blue states. >> the third thing is the corporate rate also been argued because the white house wants 15%. the president has said the republicans rapid 25, 28%. >> i did get 15% if you won't take the adjustment? >> that's the debate. they came out with this plan a year ago. >> seven years to figure out
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about my care. we will start from scratch. they are further about. they had the working group of the process of writing them in. i don't want to diminish what they been able to accomplish. they senate the american people who voted for the republican to have something ready to go out of the gate. >> he's not going to -- you could just see that. it seems like they are ducking in dodging these daily missives from the white house. the tweets that the media uses its ammunition. don't keep giving them the opportunity. >> then there are active investigation. that will take all of the action out of the room. >> may be space to work behind the scenes.
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trying to be optimistic here. >> very optimistic. >> the president is ways to strength to those two men. mitch mcconnell and paul wright because his whole agenda hangs on getting this coalition. >> "the wall street journal" is critical of president trump. the buck stops everywhere else, going after his recent twitter story. they have an early editorial talking about the tax reform out of the white house that it was incomplete and working on something. he was in a hurry. again, it is disorganization. that falls on the commander-in-chief shoulders. >> questioning why he's basically questioning his department of justice. it's very good. >> you were trolling the mayor of london did hit by a terror
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attack. >> this serves no purpose whatsoever in diminishes the size of the presidency. >> the white house is turning their focus back to the agenda today. talking about infrastructure tax and health care still had a federal contractor arrested and accused of leaking a classified report. our more arrests coming? a look at the leaker what happens now. the head of jay crew stepping aside. leaving his post amid struggle to keep the retailer out of bankruptcy. it is next for the company after this. back in a moment think again.
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maria: welcome back. startling new developments in london terrorist attack. the terrorists have backed 50 tunnels under parliament. cheryl casone with the details. >> that's right, maria. cormac and pakistan has now been rated. we should add this communist authorities have learned they worked at the westminster station and access tunnels that run under parliament.
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london confirms what worked for london underground for six months. he left in october of last year. the 27-year-old citizen who killed seven and injured 36 weren't saturday night was known to britain's counterterrorism unit before the incident. there is no evidence he was planning anything. officers are working to identify a third accomplice while 12 others have been arrested but released without being charged. back at home, president trump doubling down on his travel ban reading this late last night. we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries not so politically correct term that won't help us protect our people. the band would bar people from six mostly muslim countries from entering the united states. meanwhile, a federal contractor accused of making a classified report chaining top-secret level information on russian hacking efforts during the 2016 election a 25-year-old reality winner was charged with removing classified material from a government
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facility. according to the justice department, the winner was arrested after the website. the intercept published details after they attacked at least one u.s. voting software supplier. jay crew ceo mickey drexler's stepping down as they are still struggling with the big piece of dead. head of the company since 2003 will serve as board chairman. president james brack going to become the new j. crew ceo next month. will receive a 3 million signing bonus over the next three years as well as the $1.25 million. jake or about 600 stores with $2 billion in debt. >> thank you. under severe pressure we know it's going on in terms of retail online versus brick and mortar. dagen: they can try to claim their retail environment.
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this is a j. crew problem. essentially oversaw all of the fashion if you will. i j. crew. they are responsible for it. they've had 10 quarters of declining same-store sales. they are bpresident of west elme furniture company. it's about the merchandising, putting things in stores. j. crew went through this entire -- they're riding high with michelle obama was wearing their clothes to the 2008 inauguration. they were riding high, but the fashion was all bejeweled neckline. it was fashion driven by a single woman alliance and it failed. if you look at hmm, they were on point, entrée.
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j. crew failed because they relied on one woman's vision. >> i was going to say bye to contribute something. i'm wearing a j. crew suit. they are going out of business. i will go pick up a couple more. >> i'm kidding. >> they're also playing a dangerous financial gain. they loaded themselves up with that. you've got to keep your cash flow going if you're going to load up on debt and survive it and they didn't and that's why they are close. dagen: does not editorial on why they are having problems. >> have a major problem in your country at the time the target is also weak. >> three problems. credit, internal and the whole environment. >> there was a haughtiness about the fashion in clothes they were putting in the stores that it's still there to this day. >> give me something i want to wear. don't tell me i don't dress
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well. maria: technology stocks on top the $1000 share club here just how long can technology stand out. our rock moment caught on tape. a good samaritan jumping into a moving car to help the driver hamid a seizure. back in a moment. ♪ never going to grow up ♪ never been a slowdown ♪
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true to join us now securities president mark green. good to see you. thanks for joining us. is that dominating was happening in terms of investors this year? he might definitely in everybody's minds. i think the numbers have been quite good. an acceleration in terms of products coming out and the resurrection of the tech ipo market. the stocks are performing because the underlying performance is quite good. >> interesting things coming out of the apple worldwide conference yesterday. >> absolutely. maybe playing a little catch-up to amazon petco, but certainly a lot of excitement of brown apple. one of the biggest gainer of market caps this year. again, they are selling a phone that has great momentum of the more late the software part of the business. dagen: can i ask you at granular
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question about this device, the home pod speaker unveiled in terms of the price of it. did that surprise you? $349 almost double the price of the msi mega speaker. i just wondered if they had made their bones on a premium pricing. i wonder if they could get away with it in this case. >> a great question. there is a cachet to apple products obviously that they have garnered and they think they are going to be look to do that. we saw what they watch, earbuds, a few things. they've been able to pull off. if it's a better product, they will hold. amazon products quite good. people really like it. make that kind of leap for that kind of price point, the markets a little less than it was for amazon. >> that's only happened three
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times in the last half-century and each time there is some kind of whom associated with it. one time in the late night t. 90s. a tech stock boom another player that was so low. can we now be at the start of another tech boom and will that look like the last one? it's interesting with god amazon go in over 1000, google over a thousand. this isn't like the tech boom of the 90s but we had started hitting the 90s. these are stalwart soaring. trade today are earning money and generating revenue. different than what we thought the 90s that we were buying stocks because of his to the website. >> a couple things. a dude with the unemployment you are seeing real job creation and real innovation. we talked about it on the show. the pace of innovation is accelerating. what you see going on in all different forms whether autonomous vehicles, whether you see it in the home, in the
6:26 am
energy market as well. >> we don't see them credit dvds. >> i wouldn't call it an unfortunate downside, the downside to technology innovation. >> what you see is what are you going to do? 20 million developers in the world who can make this stuff. who will not have 100 million developers. >> listen, the workforce has to adapt to the fact technology doesn't turn around. it doesn't decelerated you will see the pace of innovation accelerate. that will not slow down because the kind of think we are seeing are faster and better than a year ago. train to the apple watch could get glucose levels. >> that is just a start. with this phone and what wearables are going to do for our lives. i just came back from a lengthy trip in israel which is a great
6:27 am
producer of innovation. you see investments in health care and technology and autonomous vehicles and other places. the pace of innovation is celebrated in the work force that companies are plowing forward. that didn't stop them because demand from consumers or they are. i think we are seeing the sprinklers at that right now. >> deals have doubled this year. real strength intact. >> three times as many tech ipo since a year ago. twice as any for the entire market in the stocks are working. some of the real stalwart a little bit controversial but a big ipo a couple weeks ago. you will see more deals on the market right now. maria: does that give you an indication? does that show help the environment? >> with twice as many, but more important the demand is there.
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maria: mark, good stuff. thanks for joining. coming up, president trump turns his attention to the agenda included a bid to privatize air traffic control. the details next. to good samaritan jumps into a moving car to help the driver who was having a seizure. the lifesaving role but coming up next. ♪ to folks everywhere whose diabetic...
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. maria: welcome back thanks so much for joining us maria bartiromo tuesday, june 6, your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump rebuilding america the commander in chief takes aim at our infrastructure this week, up first, airline industry president trump unveiling his plan to privatize air traffic controller. >> flight delays inefficiencies costing economy as much as 25 billion dollars, a year in economic output we live in a modern ankle our air traffic control system is
6:32 am
stuck painfully in the past. maria: the triple digit will unveil next proposal tomorrow, in ohio what it means to business in america coming up, markets this morning looking lower take a look futures indicating a decline of 30 points on dow industrials today, a fractional move other major averages around flatline largely downside in europe major indices lower ft 100 cac quarante, both down fractionally, the dax index worst down two-thirds of 1% right now after a long holiday in germany, no asia overnight, mixed he performances the best performers in hong kong china korean marketing closed for a holiday, a hero on the runway one man springs into action, jumping in the window of a moving car, the driver that was having a he seizure the moment coming up, be careful what you put online harvard reportedly rescinds admission offers to several students after they made offensive comments on the web, major
6:33 am
failure of about they got to class, colin kaepernick failing to score with seahawks the quarterback back to square one in search for a new team and new job. then apple comes home the technology titan ready to complete with likes of amazon and google announcing its smarter speaker, about what you can expect from siri in your living room. >> to top story first, president trump unveiling first part of trillion-dollar infrastructure plan yesterday he focused on air traffic control. >> our plan will get you where you need to go quickly relyly more a fiduciary dutyly for the first time in a loaning time, on time. >> we will launch, this air travel revolution by modern icing outdated as many of air traffic control. >> it is about time. >> the president is headed to ohio tomorrow where he will unveil another as iffest of that joining me ceo of u.s.
6:34 am
concrete, bill, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thanks, maria glad to be here. >> we want to ask about what you are expecting your company voluntarilied in projects coos country new york la guardia your expectation in terms of the change we will see in let's tall it two or three years. >> do i think there is going to be additional spend on infrastructure, and it is the first time, that congress and administration, past 25 years have agreed on the needs, and on the amount needed, one trillion dollars, the american society of civil engineers has graded our highways as a d, airports as a d, our bridges as a c+ out of 600 some thousand bridges in the down over 40% of 50 years old are over so we have consensus on need comes down to funding as usual. >> what about the time it takes to get these things implemented i mean in terms of those of approval the red tape that you go true to get this
6:35 am
done do you see any alleviating there one of president trump's first executive orders was screaming order mandateing streaming permitting processes for long lead time projects to have a project that takes concept inception until construction 10 to 15 easier not tenable even on a budging mechanism. >> hey bill, do you have the workers that you need in order to do a bile ramp up in infrastructure projects right now we have unemployment rate down, issue 4.3%, we talked too particularly in the housing industry saying there are not enough construction workers out there what do you have? >> right. it is interesting. the labor participation rate is still historical low still a lot of people in the country not working we do have to work harder in last two years to get ready application truck drivers they see guys of to have a commercial dle specialized skill set we have
6:36 am
wage inflation having to work harder at recruiting a bottleneck there but basically economics people at home in not working i think can fit that bill. >> you say wage in addition you are paying more what raise are you beginning of your -- are you giving guys this year. >> most markets operate in texas california new york, varies on market and labor tightness in each market but i would say to up a dollar, so you know some raises are in competen examine excessive 5% a year. >> you raised funding this massive the infrastructure project what do you think is the best way to do it. >> come on. >> i think -- no, it is going to take a couple different ways the public/private partnerships are part of it but obviously, you know since 1992, i have been advocating industry has been advocating increased user fees increased gas taxes since 1993, the
6:37 am
federal highway, gas tax has not been increased it has not been indexed for inflation wages hire costly of materials higher we have not couldn't up with inflation so single easiest source would be some form of federal tax increase may be 10 cents on a gallon index for inflation for next 25 years i don't have to go up continue lobbying on this. >> bill this may sound like -- question but given age infrastructure do you think a trillion is sufficient. >> asc says we are four trillion dollars under spent but any increase is better than we have. the fast track president obama passed two years ago signed in congress december 15 dedicated 50 billion dollars a year next couple years towards from your spending even 200-billion-dollar federal funding bump leveraged up with private funds would be about 40% increase on annual basis if it was equalizing spread
6:38 am
over the 10-year period that would be a start. >> how long do you examine the projects to take, when once building gets done whether la guardia or other bridges and roads, what is your vision in terms of how long these projects take, and what kind of job creation we're looking at? >> well, the projects gen on complexity, obviously and there is going to be prioritizization the high priority projects first then more complex some projects are mull pill years i don't one dollar transportation spending accelerator for five dollars economic activity a boost to economy. >> the boardwall one top campaign promise the department of homeland security, has taken bids what is your take on the wall. >> i think that is bogging down to some extent i think the design process has been more complex than anticipated, i think there has been a lot more -- aggressive approaches
6:39 am
to defunded the project so i think that is bogeyed down to some extent. >> what should priorities be we talk roads, bridges we talk about tunnels they are not all in the same state of disrepair we had a story that bridges are actually improving the number of bridges that are that are in bad condition is dropping a lot a lot last 20 years with where should priorities be? >> well, number one priority should be the traveling public safety, so any deficient bridges need to be number one highways soichl disrepair number two congestion the free flow of goods and people throughout the country great economic boost nobody wants to be stuck in traffic about i don't care what major city you are in these days you are going to get bogged down in a about traffic laefgs congestion would be number three. >> how would i characterize the economy based on what you are seeing acquiesce debate how strong things really are what are you seeing right now
6:40 am
what does your order book look like next 12 months. >> that is s excellent question we operate both coasts california and new york center the country in texas, all markets are extremely strong right now when we reported our first quarter, results, we have a backlog largest in history i see a very vibrant economy in our markets that we operate in. >> wow, good to have you on the program thanks so much. >> thank you, maria. >> u.s. concrete ceo, think before you post harvard reportedly taking back acceptance offers after learning students shared offensive online details. >> intelligent giant tackles driving will consumers pay for it back in a moment. ♪ i want -- if you want, you got
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air traffic control air traffic control air traffic control air traffic control maria: welcome back market under selling pressure this morning, fractional losses futures a decline 30 points on dow industrials, today, couple names looking at amazon certainly one to watch the retailer announcing that it will offer a discount for low income consumers, people on government assistance scan get amazon prime for 5.99 a month shares of amazon up 30% this year, we are watching shares of snap the parent company of snapchat acquired location until it start up place place will be able to help snap show the impact of sales off-line shares at 2021 down 4% right now, apple gets behind the wheel of a driving feature for the iphone cheryl casone with more on the developer conference. cheryl: no many things debuted yesterday new ios 11 get this a feature that keeps from you using your phone
6:45 am
while driving, day boouz fall a do not disturb while driving mode on phone when it is on iphone mutes notifications screen dark, you tell favorite contacts you are driving will get he back when you arrive alexa apple announcing its version of the smart speaker as well, it is 7 inches tall homepod 349 dollars more than the competitors amazons eco180 google home 130 a price difference here guys. >> harvard university has withdrawn acceptance offers to at least 10 incoming freshman after the students trade sectionly explicit messages joked about holocaust death of children and certain racial grubls, a dramatic rescue in dixon illinois to show you
6:46 am
randy tomkins noticed a car running a red light into on coming traffic turned out driver suffered a she's tomkins jumps out of truck decompose through thank you passenger window the car was moving obviously helping to prevent what could have been a major tragedy the police arriving that driver guy is okay. >> wow. cheryl: yeah good samaritan. maria: that he knew what to do just in that -- >> interesting dynamic personality traits in terms of people run towards issue a problem immediately look to fix a problem, and you know vast majority of people who you know do what you would expect shut down or stand and observe and watch, so you know, full credit to this guy look at that that is incredible, just -- >> i always wonder if i would reason i to it or way from it how do you know when you are one of those people runs to the issue or runs away.
6:47 am
>> you know, when you know, right i know when the problem shows up what is about the only way what is the old saying you know, boy becomes man when man is needed. >> -- works for all genders, by the way. >> did they give personality tests when you join agency. >> to figure that out figure out -- how you would react in that very situation. >> right, but there is you've got to be able to you -- there is a certain ability to get off the ax do it whatever it maybe a lot of people are hardwired to want to have lots and lots of information even in situation like this where there is obviously a crisis or a problem developing, a lot of people are hardwired i want in other data information before i make decision, you've got to say i am you know it is imperfect oi got to do something. >> great illness. >> coming up back to square one for colin kaepernick on
6:48 am
market as top prospect seattle decides to go another direction he is looking for a job his next move coming up. stay with us. ♪ ♪ i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit.
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. ♪ east west downtown. maria: welcome back, stanley cup final between national and pittsburgh shaping up to be quite a series the story now. >> good morning if we thought penguins would a much to second straight stanley krip
6:52 am
2-30 on predicate to his maybe we got cat fished, a predators tradition all over the ice for game four word houbl goals 1-0 first period pittsburgh tied on cross me goal second period that wraparound a goal video replay to save the day as frederick posted past the goalie, on wraparound play continuing after horn turned out a goal, puts up 2-1, predators never looked back, here breakaway predators 4-1 outscore penguins 9-2, two games smashville now the best of three series first team to win two more wins the cup game five in steel city thursday you know, basketball hall of famer barkley at the game in nashville barkley blasted his sport saying our playoffs have
6:53 am
not been very good stanley cup overtime hockey createsiest thing you are going to see i love sport barkley crashed a press conference honoring wayne gretzky. >> we always won favorite black athlete of all time? >> [laughter] >> very good. >> didn't miss a beat, the goalie golden years edmonton, a question did colin kaepernick did so much damage last year won't get hired by another nfl team seattle seahawks appeared the best shot for a gig yesterday seahawks signed davis to serve as potential backup to wilson no shortage of fan reaction, on twitter, the fans know davis is not a potential distraction to the seahawks or likely any team, are you ready
6:54 am
for some football? whoa! >> how was that. >> are you ready. remember this song. the "monday night football" from 1989. maria: of course, we remember. >> at the yank it had song because of a comment made by hank williams, jr., to fox news i guess time heeled now it comes back, so song is going to debut before monday night opener saints and vikings sitting in desk this morning am i actual going to do this make that last --. >> it worked. >> it really did. >> how do you feel now that you made -- >> i feel victorious. >> hank williams, jr., great. >> there is other after in nashville sunday. >> how do you think. >> great series i don't know who wins flip a coin pittsburgh has home eyes advantage might be the difference in this one predators are for real. >> warriors caves got to talk about it how do you see this playing out. >> i don't think -- we don't
6:55 am
we don't know where the series goes until the critical game three like most important game best of seven, because just last year the warriors won first two double digits like now, and then they still lost series cleveland came back i don't think we can determine anything until we see game three, if warriors win -- >> if they want to win finals, finding light night tweeting affects performance of nba players. >> effects performance of everybody. >> thank you. >> maybe it affects the president's performance. >> i know -- >> funny. >> five hour college world softball championship game last night, 17 innings, unbelievable. >> up late tweeting, you know what -- >> affect the night performance. >> sometimes you can be pun che you don't want to be too pun che never know with lack of sleep found nba players up
6:56 am
from 2009 to 2016 chattered seven seasons if tweeting in late-night hours, the next day they play two minutes fewer per game, they score one point fewer per game shoot 1.72. >> might not be tweeting it is the fact they have the screen and phone lit, makes it harder to sleep. >> tweeting or whatever you are doing with your phone. >> but reading a book is different than staring at phone getting good sleep that is what people don't want phone next to them when asleep don't want in it the room. >> you know how i sleep phone is here, and ipad here, two different alarms like that. >> we -- >> thank you. fox news headlines, 4-7, one of the biggest tournaments
6:57 am
next week we will bring "mornings with maria" there, live we are going to be live from u.s. o pen in wisconsin i hope you join us for that speaking of tweets, we have breaking news president trump tweeted this big meeting today, with the republican leadership concerning tax cuts and health care, we are pushing hard, must get it right. president tweeting about tax reform health care, thank you, mr. president. glad you are getting back to -- >> may be listening. >>. dagen: more coming. maria: jim comey heads to cal hill going to dominate conferences what he is likely to veal next hour "mornings with maria" right here. stay with us. d... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench?
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, june 6 top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast a time line fo trump's agenda meeting with congressional leaders this afternoon, the president just tweeted about it writing this, big meeting today with republican leadership concerning tax cuts and health care, we are all pushing hard must get it right, reports say the senate aims to repeal and replace obamacare by august recess tax reform on tap for the fall looming over agenda, former fdirector jim comey on thursday republican lawmakers say it is an important development. >> i think that comey being here in public is something that is very important, to the country.
7:01 am
very important to the intelligence investigation under way. >> people want to hear the tone and the context of not just what former fbi director has to say also what he tells us the president had to say in their meeting, in the oval office. >> completing the testimony could help the president's agenda ahead plus a new leaks from nsa contractor on russian hacking facing criminal charges, 25-year-old we will bring details, breaking news on investigation into the london terrorist attack authorities have identified a third attacker break right now say he was not a suspect of interest. >> pressure under way dow industrials lows of the morning downe down about 30 appoints fractional continental, s&p 500, nasdaq also in red, european equities look like this, the indices down fractional moves germany after a long holiday weekend opens down 3/4 of 1%, in asia overnight, korea
7:02 am
closed for a holiday, best perform hong kong up one half of 1%, the fallout over qatar after countries severed diplomatic ties with qataris many flights halts today a military implications answer u.s. has main military base in the middle east, in qatar. sky-high cost supporting kids even do adult hood numbers as more retirees face financial pressure new way of experiencing eiffel tower, zipline? folks business network dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath former cia diligence cofounder mike baker is here great panel thanks for being here. dagen: we need an mike's face every time you mention this young woman leaked this classified information to the media outlet we need we are isolated shots all morning
7:03 am
long of mike's face. >> poker face -- >> mouthing -- >> find leaker what do you think about that should that be happening. >> the leakers on all efz issues, anybody -- anybody who signs up and you do, you sign an agreement that if you are going to be handling classified confidential information if you take on that responsibility you willingly take it on you want that job, then that is a contract that is -- and it is a national security issue. people can't keep files shut they don't see problem with it case they haven't been consequences so, yes, absolutely, find the leakers and there need to be where is this special investigator on that why isn't there a special investigator on that issue? >> yeah, that is above my pay grade, yeah -- >>. dagen: should go to prison for a decade up instead of a edward snowden chelsea manage
7:04 am
choose sentence was sxhutd. >> some people were mad at the way bernie sanders was treated wanting news out he is not treated well, and there is a collusion going on, around hillary clinton isn't that one of the issues so angry that they said i'm going to get this out there. >> and even again, i ins that there will be folks out there who say you know, isn't she brave a hero this -- you know -- exactly, but -- maybe i am old school maybe i am overlysimplistic you sign agreement live by that agreement take that to your grave the way supposed to be with secrets classified informationings. maria: we are going to talk about that want to talk about qatari situation five countries cutting ties with qatar kentucky congressman andy barr with us secretary david shulkin here chairman sei.c. with us, country singer
7:05 am
kit more two hours coming up we kick off this hour with top story, high stakes before senate jim comey will testify to congress this thursday, it marks first time former fbi director will speak in public fired as federal contractor accused of leaking a classified report containing top secret level information on russian hacking efforts during the election 25-year-old reality ray winner charged with moving classified material from government facility 345i8g it to newt outstanding elite according to justice department, arrested after web site the intercept pushed detailed how russian hacks allegedly attacking least one voting supplier. >> former presidential candidate mike huckabee thanks for joining us what do you make of these charges. >> i think it is important prosecuted to full extent a of law what baker said so true reveals a crisis of character
7:06 am
when a person takes a job agrees to do something and fail to do it, that is bad. but when what they fail to do is protect u.s. secrets and they fail to do something that really involves national security that is treason that is acting against best interests of your fellow citizens, that is acting against best interests of your country also the revelation of a character flaw person believes he or she is above the law whatever personal passions one has is more important than an agreement, than what is right, and that scares the daylights out of me for future of this country if we continue to see people think they don't have to abide by law he they don't feel like it. maria: dagen hard to argue begins which what governor is saying she printed this out mailed it, to intercept a news organization. dagen: being a member of the media, i am not going to fault these media organizations even the "new york times" who
7:07 am
printed that information that was leaked to them about manchester bombing investigation, however i will fault the leaker, because again, it is not about doing right by your country, and trying to reveal -- i don't care what edward snowden says i don't care what this woman might say it is -- it is about seeking fame, it is about looking for the spotlight. and wanting attention, and edward snowden had if i am made about him by oliver stone people particularly libertarians -- wowed what he did we wouldn't have known about nsa meta data collection program politicians need to stand up for data collection going on edward snowden leaked in terms of if you want to fight terror you need to have big data collection and threat illness. >> let me ask you this why don't we use data collection on people who are collecting it social media was filled with all kinds of revolutions
7:08 am
how unh in happy about government trump's election way bernie was handled if you and i can know that stuffy how come we can't get that information on people handling these dominates. dagen: very good point. >> if we can spy on donald trump campaign, as government apparently did, then why can't we do a better job of looking at the people handling dominates, the simple things public social media to find out exactly what is going on with them. >> contractor, what are we relying too much on intelligence agencies and military relying too much on outside contractors what are not tied to this oathh that you talk about. >> they are tied they are tied they have -- they sign. >> but not coming imbued with -- >> i understand what you are saying in terms of may be they don't feel he will invested in the agency that they are with to same degree, but i don't know, governor do you think that there is -- i don't want to get they are theoretical
7:09 am
here do you sense that this is a uniquely -- cultural or new development in the sense of the willingness or the lack of concern over obligations and the lack of consequences i don't know. >> they don't answer to anybody. >> right. >> i mean, look what we do have. dagen earlier mentioned themaning case you are going to get commuted snowden has become international hero young people looking at this say you know i am doing this a patriotic duty, we fail to teach real sense of patriotism, let me use the word i don't hear enough anymore integrity, integrity that you do the things in private that you would do in public. that your character means that you do the same thing regardless of whether or not you think someone is watching you. i know what happened to that that but i really worry about the future of our country, if people only think it is wrong if they getting caught, it
7:10 am
isn't wrong if they can get away with it. >> feel something different go ahead and do it frightening for safety of this nation. >> talking about leaks, talking about russia investigation this week, while the president is trying to talk about infrastructure, governor. markets are -- investors cautious don't know what jim comey is going to say thursday to some investors expect fallout from investigation to stop the president's agenda what is your expectation for this testimony on thursday what can the president do to ease worries in the climate. >> i think thunder not much rain here is why i am saying that first of all, comey is fired any time a person has been fired have lows credible because they got to you know a bone to pick about the way they got fired i get that everybody in that room gets it, secondly most american people just don't really care what jim comey has to say, unless he can produce a tape that he reveals donald trump
7:11 am
said something i don't think he is able to do that if he did means he illegal taped president in oval office that is not going to happen, so the whole idea that there is going to be big drama i have no idea what comey is going to say, quite frankly if he tries to say that donald trump did something illegal and pressured him to drop an investigation, then comey is going to be facing a perp walk should have reported that knew law if he didn't will have more to answer than donald trump. maria: you say a lot of thunder not much rain the fact is that thunder has been dominating the conversation governor the president wants to get into infrastructure this week, he wants to talk be tax reform and health care, and the media and conversation happening is about comey. the thunder but impactful. >> there is still a lot of thunder and the problem is we
7:12 am
america, incredibly corrupt media that picks stories not based on importance to the american public, but picks stories on their importance to tearing donald trump down, and let's just be realistic here, unbelievable unbalanced in selection of stories on most networks most newspapers a glaring example of bias attempt to discredit the president not big picture items his foreign trill effective the infrastructure announcement yesterday, huge. the tax proposal that he is going to talk to the senate about today, as he would say that is huge. but what are we hearing about comey comey comey russia let's talk comey russia, russia, russia comey there are bigger things to talk about. >> governor corrupt is a pretty strong word we are all part of media, too. you stand by "corrupt" i stand
7:13 am
by it no other drinks media outlets look at populate of stories in front of them select the ones most damaging to man and administration that they disspice i don't think they grasp at the despise the fact person people selected the leader they were oblivious as to why they are sick and side or of cupping influences of washington new york hollywood creating a cultural bubble, in which they are utterly disconnected with rest of america. maria: i assume you are excluding current a pen, governor i am just saying i mean i have to give a shout out to "the wall street journal" for exceptional reporting fox news fox business for sticking to the issues. >> i would say that, not just because they pay me, but there are some other you know, legitimate news sources trying to be payer some print some
7:14 am
broadcast not nearly enough overwhelming majority the ones that used to be objective no longer are. >> great to have you on program as waldz we love your insights as always governor huckabee see you soon breaking news british authorities have identified the third attacker 22-year-old italian of moroccan descent police say not subject of investigation, mike baker interesting because other we have been talking about have been on watch lists not this one. >> right this -- i ins why people you lose minds when find out what somebody who is an attacker was on had been investigated or had been on the radar screen. dagen: national tv. >> you know drives me crazy after attack serve a is a counterterrorism expert because somebody one time was looked at in documentary doesn't mean the laws allow them then to maintain surveillance on that person to do intrusive investigations
7:15 am
laws don't allow it you want that surveillance change law. >> extraordinary lead attacker was on a documentary all dayed jihadist next door, incredible pm back in a minute
7:16 am
7:17 am
assailant assailant assailant. . maria: welcome back. breaking news in morning
7:18 am
british police name a third wlond attacker they say he was not on police or intelligence radar ashley webster inlon with more on bridge terror attack ashley good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you maria, that person identified as 22-year-old youssef zakbar none on radar or mi-5 moroccan italian descent i heard you talking with mike baker earlier about 27-year-old, he was guth a lot of conversation maybe it is 20/20 hindsight in documentary the jihadi next door known to be handing out leaflets complaints to police of him trying to radicalize younger memorieso members he was certainly on radar investigated two years but to police's point showed no signs of any imminent of an attack the questions being asked
7:19 am
boris johnson former london mayor now forren second said mi-5 needs to look at how it is kiking investigations, theresa may take on the incident today saying we have to eliminate those safe spaces where radical islamists are able to continue to you know broadcast their beliefs also try to convert those going to those stooits, question is can they do it legally she says the internet companies don't do it the governments in this country will block access to those sights, so the latest in a long handwringing exercise going on in this country after last saturday's recent terrorist attack. >> we come back to you as news develops thank you, in london this morning isis has claimed responsibility for hostage siege left two dead in australian cheryl casone with details. cheryl: right maria gunman holing the woman hostage covered local tv stakes middle
7:20 am
of standoff with police, pledging allegiance to isis and al-qaida killed one man wound plea police officers before being shot dead after two-hour siege government reportedly known counter terror investigators to venezuela economy in shambles protests in the streets the government is trying to resell 5 billion dollars of bonds in a deep discount bonds originally issued in december through chinese brokerage this comes as venezuela trying to raise funds being shut out of international debt market, in the paris enjoy city zip line off eiffel tower the top speed 60 miles per hour only temporary part of he promotion for french open operating until sunday do i have time to
7:21 am
try this out i badly want to headlines. maria: thanks cheryl coming up high price of a log study reveals retirees pouring thousands into adult children every year how to tell when time to cut them off. back in a minute. what if technology gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. time's up, insufficient we're on prenatal
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maria: question for you, how long should parents support adult children finally according to study parents in retirement, give their adult children 6800 dollars a year so they live more comfortably joining us chris hogan ramsey author of retired sthierd it is not an age it is a financial number good to see you. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> what is going on retirees so willing to shell out more money, they don't have any new money coming in, and they are giving cash to their grown kids. >> maria it is actually a
7:25 am
problem it is almost an epidemic. when you start to look at parents don't have enough for themselves but yet aiding adult able-bodied children be honest, there is a difference between helping a child that had a job loss, or an illness versus is one able bodyed playing x-box 14 hours a day. >> what do you think should be cutoff what should parents be thinking in terms of do kids need the help? i mean, or are they just thinking they need it and actually don't. >> i think as parent you always want to love help your child i think this is a difference between helping versus hampering if you are preventing your kid from becoming independent you are doing more harm have an good you have to accept back look at situation is this one-off type or ongoing habitat if ongoing habit we've got to change course of this situation. >> first of all, i wish i had your voice. and second of all, does this
7:26 am
relatively new phenomenona or just every generation wants to make it easier on their kid? >> i think a reflection of ongoing phenomena bigger as cost of living goes up things get more expensive parents struggling with one full sentence word called no, they struggling with that feel guilty. >> i've got three boys at home very familiar with the word no, i am not afraid to use. >> it no when little what about with adults? will you give them money. >> that is a lot of parents do it. >> to mike's point i think they can previous generations we saw some parents helping kids buy a first home, i mean is that something that you have scene in the past advisory work that do parents -- >> we want to help our children get off to a good start. is that it much different than what my parents did for me, or you know, what my parents parents did for them?
7:27 am
>> i think it is a little bit different if you are helping o someone buy a home where you might help with down payment or gift, we are talking about an ongoing type of situation, where adult children maybe going out with friends three to four nights a week not able to make ends meet i think that is the epidemic so i think there is there is steps you can take, as a parent to really help your child, the first one is really talk with them understand what is going on, what is the issue, help them clarify that, and then be crystal clear on what you n do what you can't doi think as you walk through steps you have to be honest with them be very, very clear, but then start to brainstorm solutions, help them understand, they could take on a second job they could sell some things, help them go kind of he go in the right direction as participant we can always give encouragement without giving money. maria: right. dagen: housh sop coddling them and cut them off i suppose parents do this don't want kids moving back in when
7:28 am
35 living in basement they get o freedom like hay i will hand you a little bit of money so you are not living under my roof anymore you get on my nerves. >> i proclaim adult child if your parents not having income of they are only getting retirement money pension whatever, you know, don't take money from them. >> that might be an issue when kids were younger the compass has to be set with young i don't know whether you might agree if you get to the point where kids are you know -- imposing on you may be wrong word perhaps as parent you fail to instill certain values and than when younger. >> i think up to parents to out about boundaries in place let's be honest the adult children have no idea of the parents financial situation they don't know that mom and dad could become a burden later in their retirement years, case they don't have a enough money for themselves so these adult children may end up taking care of the parents. >> where is money coming from? parents are taking money out
7:29 am
of savings out of pension. giving to a child has a job. >> kids have no idea and the parents think they are helping in reality setting them up for a really dangerous financial situation later, so i think there is some responsibility on both sides, parents need to be honest and up front and help kids become dependent and adult children need to learn how to stand on their own two feet and sacrifice. >> good advice, chris thanks so much, joining us there coming up chaos over qatar diplomatic over alleged tie tees terror wreaking havoc ineffective countries cut ties with conveyedar big story making a mark 140 characters or less president trump's impact on social media in the few short months he's been in office back in a moment.
7:30 am
7:31 am
.. ..
7:32 am
welcome back. good tuesday morning everybody. i am maria arturo know. cast over cutter several middle east nations cut ties with the guitarist. the airlines are following suit in the move could recap as they serve as the major hub for international travelers. the decision also weighing on the nine united states with the u.s. largest military base in the middle east and cutter. there's escalating tensions coming up. the commander in chief will meet with congressional
7:33 am
leaders later this afternoon. he is tweeting ahead of that meeting saying this. a big meeting. we are all pushing hard must get it right. the president sure has president sure has been busy since taking office. i think social media for the president is super important. but just how may people are impacted the staggering number of impressions. markets this morning. take a look. it's now at the lows of the morning. a quarter of a% lower. in europe with this across the board we did get some retail sales out. they were weaker than expected in the european numbers as a result the markets are fractionally lower. they have a long holiday weekend. it is we opening today. down 1%.
7:34 am
in asia overnight mixed performances. korea is closed for holiday. technology is helping change the way you find the perfect ride. but first this. they are cutting diplomatic ties. it cut off its airspace. airlines are canceling flights to the country. a decision that could week havoc . and keep -- serves as a key hub for international connections. trying to host the largest military base in the middle east. these countries are saying that citizens had two weeks to get out of their country. join us right now is fox news military analysts. thank you so much for joining us.
7:35 am
to me this sounds like a block but huge story. how do you see it. not surprisingly then it is here. but this is mostly a good thing. it has been brewing for years. they have haven't supported the muslim brotherhood. they support isis and they do it all as covertly funneling monday --dash make money to these organizations. the reason for why now that this thing has been going on two things have happened. they are supporting the iranians. and just recently they had been supporting the insurgency in baran to overthrow the country. the cover has come off the secrecy in terms of their support for the iranians.
7:36 am
the sunnis had known this for a number of years but they were never willing to call them out because they feared the backlash. what has changed this and might this is happening now is the visit to the middle east. we have no idea in this country how successful that visit is in terms of the middle eastern and the arabs as well as the north africans. he told them that strategic threat was the iranians. they have accepted that. that is a departure from the obama administration. this isolation would never take place in the obama administration because they would have feared our reaction to it. they are taking place because of the strong leadership they know he's got their back. they want to change the behavior here. the ruler now is set to travel in saudi arabia today.
7:37 am
he wants to have talks with the king so now were seed coup rule get involved. the truth is we have that huge base there. we have the military base in. you always get right to it. and you just did it again. a number of us scratched our heads when we decided to put a base in qatar. we knew full well in our intelligence services that qatar was back in hamas they have unusually close relationship with the iranians. they are a huge financial deal to do that. it would've been better off. we had two bases there. but with the forward headquarters and pre- position
7:38 am
the ground stock is at another base. they will continue to operate until qatar has another view of that. i don't think there's can be any impact on that. what i do believe will happen. they will likely be successful and beginning to change the behavior here. and with their couple years ago and i remember thinking what a rich country. at the highest per capita of any country. today we are seeing food lines because 90% of their food comes from imports. 40% was at that border that was just closed. close. you're seeing a dire situation in the richest country in the world. and that's what i think this will eventually get resolved. the leadership cannot sustain that very long. and there can have to belly
7:39 am
appear and change their behavior. it's real and it's permanent. you always get right to it also. let me switch gears and ask you about the changes coming to the department of veteran affairs. the agency will be overhauling electric health records. they spoke about the move at the white house press briefing yesterday. listen to this i would love to get your reaction. having a health record that can follow a veteran during the course of his health and treatment as one of the most important things i believe you can do to ensure the safety and the health and well-being of a veteran. that's why this is so important. i told congress recently that they would get out of the software development business this mission is too important for us not to get right.
7:40 am
>> this is a smart move. he's getting pretty high marks for everybody here in dc. what he is actually doing he will use the department of defense electronic system and connect to it. and as a smart move as opposed to developing a whole new one which was the initial thought process. and maybe would not work right anyway. he has some experience in doing this in the private sector a number of times. he feels comfortable about it. he's going to work with the secretary massive folks to make this seamless for the soldiers. all of our veterans come from the department of defense. as a transition out. there's always this time with her in a vacuum. and they don't know who they are or what their needs are. that will stop.
7:41 am
this is excellent once he gets us done. in its a second to be as expensive because he is piggybacking on the system that already exist. the foundation is already there. a smart move on his part. we are can it be speaking with him coming up in the program. i want to ask you this. today is june 6. it's the 73rd anniversary of d-day. i want to get a moment to get your thoughts on this. as we remember that day. it was one of the most ambitious operations they have ever embarked on. it was quite a remarkable day. they were taken off their mark. the machine codes who sued replay.
7:42 am
it was quite the day and we have a hundred 50,000 plus involved in the invasion. and the whole operation we head about a million people involved. and might we were doing it we have to relieve some of the pressure on the russians because the germans have invaded russia it was the quickest way to germany. and we have already conducted invasions in sicily and in italy. if we have to go all the way using that route. it would've been much tougher for us to succeed. this was the operation that brought it to the end eventually and we did on the backs of the great soldiers that went in there. when they were coming out of those airplanes in the water they were approaching normandy and you have a whole stack and lineup of snipers the germans ready to take them down.
7:43 am
they were in those ships that were being bounced around so much. it becomes pretty contagious. they dropped that plank. and most of them were and water in water up to their neck or their waist in some cases over there had. they have taken onto the heavy machine gun fire and kept moving forward. they kept coming and coming. it's pretty remarkable operation that they did. were all indebted to them. and thank you for remembering them. the courage that it took. thank you general jack keane. good talking to you. they might get some criticism
7:44 am
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present trump already taking to twitter this morning. millions of americans are paying attention. we have all the details. if you want to know where the president stands on the issue look no further than his twitter account. he uses a social media site nearly every day to communicate with his 31 million followers and beyond. twitter is proving to be an effective way for the president to communicate according to his administration. an assistant to the president. the year-to-date in the x were 13 billion impressions 44 millions of minutes of video
7:48 am
views. they inspired the license plates, and i think that we can all agree that you look to the president's twitter account you look at it every morning. whereas he can ago. and that's why he likes it. that's why he says he's gonna that is has a direct link to the people. in a one point i think it was yesterday or couple days ago why is the media obsessed. i was just a little taken back. it starts with the guy in charge. it doesn't start with us. why do it if you don't want us to pay attention to it. that flies in the flight face of why he treats twitter like
7:49 am
that in the first place. it amounts to nothing in a world where we have a lot on there. we should be focused on that. i get it i understand the idea that it's a direct link to the people i have the constant feeling that it's diminishing the office of the presidency. and that's a problem. i think he is reacting to the media. and you watch the morning shows and you see them move the conversation into different direction. i believe in him telling his story but he hurts himself for every good tweet there is in zero no tweet.
7:50 am
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are you in the market for a car. gone are the days of browsing car lots in the classifieds to find the perfect ride. according to a study by jd power and associates 34 percent of new vehicle shoppers use a smart phone for research. companies are taking advantage of this new digital landscape. great to see. thank you you. thank you so much for joining us. bank of america is testing this new tool. tell us about it. we launched this tool in the key here is we had been a
7:54 am
leader in mobile blinking -- banking. how can you make that easier. we partnered with the dealers that we have relationships with to upload their inventory and now they are able to shop for the car look for their model and their features and everything that they want. and also able to get the financing all in one place. and they get to do it on their own time. what i'm trying to figure out is my uncle louie taught me how to bargain with the steelers tell us about him. he taught me how to walk out and be right on the verge of walking out. how does that play into this whole process.
7:55 am
they can get on the app. they can choose their options. that bargaining that they used to do. it also translated into bargaining in the back room. now i get to find all the features in the benefits. i get the rate in the price that i want. now just walk into the dealer. we are looking at our third corolla. do i need to have a bank of america county. how is business right now. are you seen a lot of consumer spending out there.
7:56 am
we feel really good about that. are you going to expand this and other markets. were just doing it in the carolinas right now. we will expand the beginning of the summer. the be nationwide by the beginning of this year. that was the weakest spot in the first quarter. and you're saying it's back. her consumer lending is there. we stayed steady eddie and responsible growth for us how to we consistently be there for our clients. we are sticking with our credit. and therefore our clients we play in our space we haven't seen that. we don't claim that space at all.
7:57 am
thank you so much. still to come the ambitious plan to overhaul the way we take care of our nation's heroes. the effort to improve coverage it's next hour on mornings with maria. stay with us. i accept i take easier trails than i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke.
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maria: well back good tuesday morning. thanks for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, june of your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast,
8:00 am
shifting focus to the agenda, president trump meeting with congressional leaders this afternoon, and the president is tweeting about it this morning, he writes this big meeting today with republican leadership, concerning tax cuts new deals on line to senate looking to repeal and replace obamacare this summer tax reform on tap, after labor day in the fall, major reform from the administration, veterans and their health care, va secretary david shulkin announcing a new he electtronic health record yesterday. >> one of the areas that we have identify is a gap in the transition, when you leave the military, and all of a sudden you no longer have that structure, that you are used to, and what happens to you before you get enrolled into va health care, or community health care that no longer is going to happen. maria: speaking with secretary shulkin in the program straight ahead apple playing catchup company revealing to amazon's ecoapple
8:01 am
homepod a look at device how apple is trying to prevent distracted driving what came out of that worldwide developer conference, alphabet joining 1,000 club high shy share price says about border market alphabet 1003 right now, checking hashths we've got pressure this morning, am i corrects are trending down dow industrials and nasdaq end a convert% s&p 500 same weakest across the board fractional in europe similar story to look at european indices with the dax index in german down almost 1% cac quarante in paris down two-thirds of 1%, in asia overnight, mixed performances korea closed for a holiday, best performer was hong kong hang seng up half a percent nikkei average down 1%, massive "star wars" heist he arrested for stealing $200,000 in rare memorabilia from "star wars" dagen mcdowell, jon hilsenrath farmer caye
8:02 am
privilege diligence cofounder mike baker, the pr panel for the discussion at hand. >> this is nothing to do with -- when that "star wars" toothpaste that was -- >> memorabilia. >> yeah, you brush your teeth like a jedi or something i don't know. >> light saber. >> i have a copy of the "star wars" christmas special that was -- that was something else. >> -- it was super cheap knew don't have vhs. >> -- i have the tape. >> dancing chewbacca. >> just cheesy chewbacca's family in it horrible 70s like variety show, bad. >> a copy of it. maria: breaking news president trump tweeting again this morning, saying this, the fake mainstream media working so hard trying to get me not to use social media, they hate that i can get the honest unfiltered message out. dagen: no, no, no, i am not main supreme media obviously
8:03 am
none of us sitting here are we -- like that you tweet we just think some of the tweets that he puts out hurt him. it hurts his agenda that is all we're saying nobody is saying -- somebody tweeted that i that i was saying that it reduces the roll of the president, and president should be above it i never said that i love the fact that he tweets all morning prolong all day long, i just think some things he says, don't help him. maria: my issue is i think that the president united states should be setting the agenda, and then media should be following that, in terms of what -- but he keeps -- instead of doing the agenda like tax reform and health care, he is tweeting about comey about russia, and that is what the media wants to talk about so you are playing into it mr. president. dagen: exactly, we don't want you to stop tweeting. maria: we like it joining the conversation this morning secretary veterans airfares david shulkin here health records program there, the chairman of the, thomas honig
8:04 am
with us kit moore joins us host of "varney & company" stuart varney weighs in all all above a lot of stories to get to do stay with us a big hour coming up moving forward with domestic agenda president trump to meet with house and senate leaders today, to talk about health care and tax reform, trying to get back to the he domestic agenda they will vote before august reaccess in evident to move forward with tax overhaul after labour day republican senator john barrasso of wyoming says constituents are demanding action now. >> there is a lot of things we need to do, i was at home in wyoming people are expecting results from this congress, that is the issues of the week, infrastructure. health care, he tax reform regulatory reform to make sure we have a strong healthy economy that is what polls tell you what i here at home most important thing on people's minds. >> i want to bring in chairman of the financial services subcommittee on monetary
8:05 am
policy and trade kentucky congressman andy barr good to see you thanks for joining us 43 scheduled workdays left. between now, and the end of the fiscal year, the timeline what does it looked like. >> well obviously, the house has moved the health care reform bill out of the house it is in the senate, it is imperative senate continue to work on that send something back to us, before the august district work period we want that to be the timetable because the sequencing is very important, in order to get to tax reform, in the fall, we need to have a new baseline from which to build that tax reform plan on, and, therefore, we need the health care plan finished not just to deliver relief to the american people, in terms of lowering premiums lowering out of pocket health care costs and providing making sure there is robust choices in health care, but, also, to set the table, for a comprehensive tax reform to get that new baseline so that we can cut taxes for the american people.
8:06 am
>> let me ask you this, how important is it that you get onboard same page sooner or later talking about the fact dems not going to participate not voting on tax reform your health care plan, so it is all about the republicans if you want to do the reconciliation get 50 votes are you going to agree on tax reform plan going to keep fighting get nothing done. >> we hold out hope we can eastern support from democrats i think, whenever you can do big changes, in a bipartisan way a durable lasting reform that we want in this country, but let's. >> name one democrat going to vote for tax reform plan. >> look we don't redon't know we haveh we know some ideas we can but in order have to achieve the big changes we want it is true we're not getting a whole lot of buy-in, for example, to pay for the reduced tax cuts corporate tax rate the way we want to, we are looking at things like
8:07 am
eliminating state local deduction pushback from blue state members of congress on that a important reform to pay for reducing individual rates reducing corporate rates we no longer want to reward, high tax states, and we want to we want to eliminate the political advantage to raising taxes. >> what about other ideas a border-adjustment tax or limiting deductability on interest on corporate debt are you able to get the corporate rate down to 15, 20% is there enough of a -- agreement, among republicans to, do something like that? >> well, i obviously do see headwinds with border-adjustment tax a lot of retailers imports weighed he in with members of congress concerned about increased s consumer costs interest deductability a provision i think also needs to be
8:08 am
preserved particularly for real estate marketplace it is important for debt oriented to preserve that we are looking at alternatives like eliminating state local dektsdz but at the end of the day in order to jump-start the economy to liberate the american people from a broken tax code, and to prevent these inversions make america more competitive, we've got to get that corporate tax rate down as you know, is one of the highest is the highest -- >> how do you get it done if you can't do other stuff. >> we have to broaden base look at those items that are potential, but critically important we get a new baseline. maria: you've got three issues you've got to figure out deductions what stays goes away you've got to figure out border-adjustment tax the corporate tax rate is that where most debate is? >> i think yes. >> we should be talking about thosefully issues getting to the bottom of asap don't you this i. >> absolutely, absolutely, but, again, we've got to get a
8:09 am
health care bill back from the senate in the next month or so in order to get that new baseline, the -- the health care he reform bill gets the baseline down about a trillion dollars that is the he equivalent 25 to 30% over tonight it is important that we enhance our health care system so people have choices that we lower costs for people, we think the house version of health care reform does that replacing obamacare a lot of -- >> s senate started from scratch. >> what we -- it is a bicameral congress we put product out there certainly respect the progressive proceedingtive that is why we have a conference committee take best from both chambers. >> scale one to 10 how likely a tax deal by the end of the year. >> highly likely if we get a health care reform bill passed. >> that what is the number scale one to 10.
8:10 am
>> look i think i am actually very optimistic i see progress you harder senator barrasso talk about the senate interest in getting something done here is what i think is so important, for not just republicans but any member of congress when you run for congress, your job is to keep your promises, and now is the time for congress to keep its promises, we have said to the american people the president in running said we are going to replace obamacare go doing deliver regulatory relief that we're going to reform the tax code, we've got to do that this year. dagen: you guys i mean republicans are going to be in a world of hurt and trouble if you deliver a tax reform or tax cut package that doesn't kick in until 2018 tax year people would not start seeing until 2019 for the most part if you don't do something this year that is retroactive to the beginning of this year in terms of cutting peoples taxes midtemperatures come look out. >> i groo he with you one hundred percent, and that is why. >> this is where why we are passionate about it. >> we are passionate as well,
8:11 am
this week, in the financial services committee, we are putting out a dodd-frank, comprehensive financial choice which is as important as tax reform as important as he playoffing obamacare because if we don't unclog the plumbing of the economy heal capital markets we are not going to be able to achieve the before us gdp output the economic growth that we know that the economy has the potential for. in order to get to that 3 1/2, 4% gdp output target, that the administration wants, we not only have to replace obamacare reform tax code do infrastructure, but we need to provide relief to community financial institutions, which are the credit providers for the entrepreneurs small businesses job creators in this country. maria: yeah, we understand the rollback in regulatory let me ask you this in terms of tax plan mow important is it to you, to raise revenue cutting taxes. >> you've got a lot of deficit hawks we have 20 trillion-dollar national debt in the financial. maria: you need revenue in
8:12 am
the deal. >> we need -- we need we need -- if not revenue neutrality to definitely offset some reductions in order to get the rates down as far as we want we also believe in dynamic scoring. maria: in there lies the rub, because that is talking about a border-adjustment tax, that is talking about leaving taking out deductions, that is where the battle is if you don't come to an agreement soon, you guys are in big trouble. >> growth, growth we think is a big part of reclaiming some of that revenue if we increase gdp output get more taxpayers paying taxes we are going to make up some losses, but there is going to have to be dynamic scoring isn't the only part of the solution, remember that is not a bad thing simplification is part of tax reform not just lowering tax burden about simplification for american people most americans can file taxes on a simple postcard get
8:13 am
rid of the billions of dollars, in annual k compliance costs with tax code that in and of itself will enhance economic productivity in the country. >> you make a lout of good points saying is a lot of great things america just wants two words tax cuts, tax cuts and deliver on promises. >> get to it good to see you, thank you so much congressman andy barr breaking news president trump continuing to tweet here is what he says doing my recent trips to middle east i stated that there can no longer be funding of rally ideology, leaders pointing to qatar look. hey he is giving us a window into what happened during his trip how led to five countries, to cut tie with those qataris we talk more about that next bloc talk about vote. a man turns a 1,000 investment in wall green showers would into a two million here at waj way he spent money california police thousands of as there are worth of "star wars" memorabilia, yes, back in a minute. ♪
8:14 am
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welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ whether for big meetings or little getaways, there are always smiles ahead at holiday inn. . maria: welcome back, busy day on cal hill concerns over revived travel order blake. reporter: good morning to you, four twets president trump only braced the term travel ban saying that his executive order was needed, for quote certain dangerous countries, this was a term travel ban that white house had openly shied away from, for a month
8:17 am
saying not necessarily was a travel ban however, the president this morning, defending his own ability to go to social media, to drive administration policy in a tweet himself, just wrote the following, saying quote the fake msm main stream media working so hard trying to get be not to use they hate that i can get the honest and unfiltered message out there is white house yesterday the deputy press secretary huckabee sanders argued call it whatever you want, she says, that the president's executive order is in the name of national security. >> i don't think the president cares what you call it. whether you call it a ban whether you call it a restriction, he cares that we call it national security and that we take steps to protect the people of this country. reporter: in tweets the president also criticized the current iteration of the travel ban second version says questioning watered-down and politically correct sanders
8:18 am
said he slightly stands by current version as it stands on capitol hill head of department homeland security telephone on capitol hill before senate homeland security governmental affairs national security likely front and center during that hearing back to you. maria: we will be watching blake thank you blake burman. >> british police i eyed they'veed terrorist behind london bridge attack. cheryl: warning that police say the third suspect is 22-year-old moroccan italian yuse.f. stopped in italy last year trying to get to syria he was not a subject of interest to british police or intelligence services, another suspect identified char aum butt worked at the station accessed to tunnel that ran
8:19 am
under parliament in u.s. federal contractor accused of leaking a classified report containing top secret level information on russian hacking during 2016 election there she is 25-year-old reality leigh winner was charged with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it out to a news outlet, winner was arrested after web site the intercept accomplished details how they attacked one software supplier, at the owner of the world largest "star wars" collection is now seeking help from fans to find so willen items, steve says 200,000 dollars in about collectible he isstone and resold charging with felony grand theft. e. a letter he said he gave details of the kriel saying the stolen items were vintage u.s. foreign action figures
8:20 am
asking anybody for help to get them back. and, finally, this, here is an example of investing for the long haul 70 years ago, a chicago 1,000 dollars walgreen stock never touched it today worth two million dollars -- 98, never married no kids he is donating to the audubon society a good cause. >> great story so many levels thank you for that coming up a major milestone for alphabet shares of google parent company crossing the 1,000 dollar mark first time ever what is next about technology giant improving care for veterans va secretary shulkin live joining me with sweeping changes coming to the department. back in a moment. ♪ think again. this is the new new york.
8:21 am
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zaghba earlier today made announcement department of veritable affairs addition on electronic health record normally not too exciting i have to tell you i am very excited about this i think this is going to make a big difference for veterans everywhere. maria: that was veteran affairs second david shulkin at the white house yesterday rolling out new effort to overhaul electronic hotel records to improve coverage for nation veterans president trump praised a move second shulkin's decision one of the biggest wins for veterans in decades our heroes deserve the best, joining us right now is secretary of veterans affairs david shulkin good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> why is electronic health record system so important and why is this a big change in your view? >> well, like ever in society, technology is becoming so important to the way we manage all of our decisions, especially health
8:25 am
care, and so we want to make sure that the veterans have the very best technology, that is available, and modernizing our information technology is really the top of our list. maria: tell me about that, and why veterans are going to see danks, i mean you know when you first took the job it was a lot of you conversation, about restoring credible when you come with fantastic résume in terms of health care you have 177-billion-dollar budget this year how do you allocate that money and what are veterans going to see that is going to be did i live with these inside health records? >> well, we're putting the veterans' needs first we are really redesigning this organization to make sure that it working for veterans. but i think in this decision in particular, what you are seeing is you are seeing two big parts of the federal government two biggest agencies in fact, the department defense the department of veteran affairs working together unlike ways that they had before so you are going to have a single medical record from the time
8:26 am
you enlist in the military, all the way through, really towards -- a single way caring for patient in the past has been two separate systems. >> that is a big deal, because it is organized and to make sure that veterans have information they need when they go to the doctor when they actually need the care. >> it is a way for us to make sure, that we are really addressing all those needs particularly at that time, when you leave military before you enroll in va a transition time put people at risk. maria: i see, now in the state of the va federal court, released last week, you said that your agency is still in quote still in critical condition, despite efforts to cut wait times and appointments, and you will expand private care, what is at the top of your list now in terms of reforms? >> today we're looking at the senate that is going to be voting on an accountability bill, and as secretary i need the authority to make sure in a we have the right leadership
8:27 am
in place, so that is really important. we are also looking at refining and -- and improving our appeals process veterans are waiting too long to get decisions. and that is something else that we're looking for the senate to take up in the very near future final looking to work with entire congress to make sure we have a program that will allow veterans to get care in the va, but when they need to get care now private sector, and that is a piece of legislation that we're looking to get in by this summer. >> a report review release said 11ion veterans in phoenix still waiting 30 days or longer for appointments, might be an old report but average wait time for mental health appointment at va 4 1/2 days what do you want to get what is the goal? what should wait time be? >> here is our goal, that is is that veterans who have a clinically urgent problem
8:28 am
needs to be seen right away will be seen right away that there should not be anybody waiting. for routine care, sometimes people may want to be seen but it is okay. if they are waiting a couple days for care or even a couple weeks if it is routine or elective care our goal right for you to make sure nobody is harmed during wait that was the problem that we faced, in 2014. today, we have same day services, and every one of our va medical centers primary care memorabilia. >> are there major priorities in terms of this year's budget? >> well, we have to get our staffing back up, we have to make sure, that our facilities are in the condition that we all want them to be for our veterans, so we are looking at a top to bottom review. to make sure that this is the best system available anywhere. maria: it is terrific to see you modernize the agency secretary shulkin will
8:29 am
disappointing may jobs' report present an interest hike next week what is being expected from the federal reserve an he crash reliesing the economy apple shares down this morning back in a minute. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. generation opportunity to fix america's broken tax coden a by pushing their harmful bat tax. the senate has said no way. president trump says it's too complicated and his top economic advisor says it will force consumers
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8:32 am
focus, the commander in chief will meet with congressional leaders, this afternoon, to tackle the key issues, he is tweeting ahead of that meeting the president says this. quote big meeting today with republican leadership, concerning tax cuts,health care we are all pushing hard must get it right, the president is also tweeting that the mainstream media sorry folks but if i would have relied on fake news of cnn, nbc, abc, cbs "washington post" or new york times i would have had zero chance of winning the white house. meanwhile, the president is delivering on one campaign promise helping our heroes the white house announced yesterday the department of veterans affairs will overhaul electronic health records for inadvertents in an effort to reduce wait times for medical treatment more on president's agenda coming up apple comes home. >> it is -- we call it homepod. >> technology titan ready to
8:33 am
compete with likes of amazon google announcing its own smart speaker, what you can expect from sir any your living room welcome to the club we have breaking down the numbers after alphabet tops 1,000 dollars a share, joining the 1,000 dollar club, checking markets this morning take a look, markets indicating a lower opening for the broader averages, dow industrials expected down 50 points, s&p and nasdaq also in negative territory, as you can see. and in europe take a look at indices right now european markets down across the board worst performer in are applis cac quarante down 3/4 of 1% in asia overnight mixed performances korea closed for holiday the best performer in thong hong hang seng next up one half of 1%, plus a country sensation honors heroes superstar kip moore using fame voice to salute troops he will join me live, first though friday's jobs' report in mot degree of 138,000 jobs month
8:34 am
of may coming, in far below 185,000 expected, joining me rights now is chairman of the fdic, good to see you mr. hoenig thank you for joining us. >> let begin ask you about regulatory relief what is going on, in terms of the rollback but let me begin with your expectation of the economy right now, on the heels of that jobs number how do i see things. >> economy is doing very well right now, and numbers will vary as always we are in process to moving from one equilibrium to a new he whatever that is a delicate matter we will have itches and denounce right now the economy is very strong. >> how much would you look towards fiscal policy to sort of lift things up because here we have, the administration, trying to execute tax reform, and health care reform all policies that focus on jobs. do you think that is a big component of what we will see do you expect that we will see 3% growth as they are predicts. >> well i don't know what growth rate will be in future i know fiscal policy will be
8:35 am
difficult process given the size of debt deficit so fovrth going to be a challenge but how it comes together monetary policy fiscal, and how the economy generally is doing with demographics so forth will dwayne whether 3% 2%. >>is my question is fiscal reform do you think impactful if we were to get tradition optimism. >> a impactful, everything, depending on how structured everything it could be very positive. in terms of how people look at it, or if it is done poorly then we will have a different outlook how can predict. >> regulatory he reform part of this growth story. >> yep. >> you are proposing to separate commercial and broker/dealer investment banking 2i69. >> right. >> why do you believe this is a necessary move. >> i think everyone knows that strong economy requires a strong banking system, and if you think of it today largest institutions too big to fail just a fact they have taxpayer has to back them up that is a
8:36 am
subsidy like the -- airline industry you fuel subsidy part of it par itte of it not so what i propose for the largest organizations, reorganize themselves, around having insured commercial bank broker dealer capital markets separate under common ownership but they have separate capital, separate management, and they are priced in the market separately based on the relative risk to issue nonvoting pass b shares market starts allocating towards risk rather than regulators as a result of that you also have more transparent one other thing that is you have to raise capital level of largest banks to the same levels what we expect of our regional and larger community banks which aren't too big to fail now you have a very competitive market very open market and now talk about reg
8:37 am
relief the reasons, that you can is that you now have more competitive market safer market in terms of the pricing in the marketplace, and, therefore, you can for lack of a better -- you can begin to you don't have to get permission to pay dividends, living wills process simplified many others around, capital -- simplified now you free up the market maria: i totally ins that i like the idea that you say could be under shared ownership two companies two sides can still be evened by the same company. >> right. maria: that is different, i hadn't heard that nuance before. >> it is takes the argument of whether you should completely did he reinvests the glass-steagall but says you are going to be separate you are going to be accountable different ways of the market you get better outcome. >> jamie dimon chairman cem j.p. morgan might push back say look we are better more helpful to big businesses being a large bank, because if ibm or large company calls us
8:38 am
says i need a complicated lending situation, we can go into where we have our deposits or we can do the deal, and we need both parts of the bank, to actually facilitate that complicated piece of business. >> right. >> and we keep that, but you can find the subsidy to ensured commercial bank so they can go anywhere in the world if then capital markets need can provide it if they have a lending need a commercial bank lending need provide it if you are going to trade you can trade in nonbank capital markets unit you find subsidy more competitive, saver now we can have real economic growth, based on the market rather than some administrative rule around how much dividends you can pay this time or next time. >> you make a good point the market will decide that that is what you want. >> that is what you want. >> let me ask you about lending in general because a lot of you people feel that the reason that we saw real slowdown no lending last 10 years is because the rules
8:39 am
were to onerous is that what you saw and where are we today? in terms of lending? has it loosened up. >> yes lending more available i mean we've seen consistent he increases in loans a lot of three years without any question let me make seems to meing clear capital by is one of the reasons think say too much capital is wrong research today shows, that the better callived institutions better able to lend in downturn better able to stay with customer one thing that happened in the last crisis because they were so low, supported capitalized they had to shrink bike crazy the economy suffered dramatically we want to prevent that you this i they pran to separate broker/dealer why banks would do that. >> right would clarify where risks are anybody one and the capital levels up to where the uninsured i should say, the not too big to fail firms would give a stronger system overall yes, we see better lending we see a more
8:40 am
responsive industry to the market. >> the other issues that we have larger banks smaller banks they are following the same rules, so should a j.p. morgan be subject to the -- or should a small regional bank be subject to the same rules that j.p. morgan is subject to or a bank of america is subject to where they have so much more resource to deal with it, and expand. >> the answer is no they should not be. maria: why? >> the reason that they are rules are defined around, the largest j.p. morgan so forth but if you simplify the system as i have described it that is you reorganize it as i described it you can take rules away that specifically designed for the too big to fail no i a more competitive market and everyone is treated in a -- as a level-playing field and you get better outcomes. >> how do i recognize the practicality of this say you spin out or separate, broker/dealer are you saying, spin it out are you saying. >> right. >> -- >> companies how do you see that.
8:41 am
>> you can organize it you can you can spin it out but under the same ownership at the top separate companies, separately capitalized the broker/dealerer would -- one way based on market how stock accolades class b, nonvoting stock same for commercial bank you have organizations market can trade it if you are getting into high risk in broker dealer more than what market thinks they begin to affect our price commercial bank would be another people can see not cross subdivided as so much today. >> i unnecessary we had congressman andy barr on ontory subcommittee give your timeline quick before we go, where does this go now and what would you examine this to gain traction. >> well, i think, the house will move its banking bill in and then the senate will discuss this, i hope, propose it, i hope becomes part of the discussion, maybe basis for compromise maybe a good outcome. >> great to have you thank you so much thomas honig joining
8:42 am
us president trump pushed for tax reform by the end of the year stuart varney weighs in whether he thinks it will hanna takes on amazon echo with one siri speaker how new homepod aims to silence the competition, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ . >> welcome back to another tennis channel court report for fox business i am chris, the final, a year sooing, monday reached the quarterfinals for 7th time in his career. >> number one, with a dominant straight sets win over russian victory 650th on four, 20th match win 5 aces 29 winners for murray looks to be finding some form on clay the right time. u-- he a simi after japanese number one fought back from a
8:43 am
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maria: welcome back, apple made major announcements yesterday including the homepod, it is company attempt keeping up with amazon google nicole petallides with details. >> good morning, everybody. throughout this morning i spent morning listening to analysts reading through research reports, trying to get a better understanding what made the conference so great i will say, couple things analysts are keying in on homepod, i will get to in a second august mentdz reality they think is the waive of the future that is going into the operating system the homepod 349, and end of vertically amiable there are things on market amazon ecoyou have google home actually cheaper amazon will come out with another one "wall street journal" notes a
8:47 am
billion-dollar industry in last two years for the homepod that really is an area that you can see expansion there is a lot of hope for the iphone in the fall but a theme on traders' notes i have been speaking with as well that okay to get rid of your apple shares dump into google instead we look at google crossed 1,000 dollar a share a big deal started 800, earlier part of the year, because they think a lot of money in apple, no way, shape or form do he they not like apple they like apple, they are really seeing that theme of siri going through all of their products, the pay-to-play a teach ipod max continue to ramp it up back to you. maria: nicole petallides president trump pushing forward with domestic agenda commander in chief to meet with house and senate leaders today to talk about tax reform, joining us right now host of "varney & company" stuart varney weighing in good morning, stu.
8:48 am
>> good morning, maria are you skeptical like i am? >> well, look, i want to believe, stu i want to belief they are going to get tax reform done this year, sunday a i haven't given up do i think they understand the pressures that they are under they understand they are going to lose seats going to do it but you are right you need -- what is it 43 days left that they have this year. >> 43 days when the house and senate are both in session, at the same time. through the end of september, i think it is, that is a very limited time frame. let me tell you why my skepticism is starting to grow, number one, president trump keeps on with these tweets. which are a distraction change the subject, and gives democrats opportunity to jump in still a legislative progress, number two, republican party remains divided, divided on tax reform, just like they were divided on health care he reform, number three, you've got an extraordinary he legislative agenda for this
8:49 am
year, i don't think you can accomplish in entirety. health care reformer tax reform, the budget, fundamental reform and infrastructure plan. you think you are going to get all of that done in the 4 days? >> i don't think so. >> that is why this week is a crucial week that is crucial meeting. and something has to get done, because a skepticism that skeptical approach to tax reform is growing and growing and growing. crush week. >> we haven't seen market react too much yet. >> true. >> once that starts to happen, then you know that -- that there is not time. >> i think you are right. >> running out of time. >> markets will tell the story. maria: exactly. >> starting probe later on today and tomorrow. maria: i know see you 10 minutes more on that "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart next 10 minutes, first a trouchg attribute to our nation heroes country music star tells us how helping men and women who
8:50 am
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8:54 am
important to you why you have made it a staple in your -- repertoire. >> well, i think it is important to me, because i think that they make the ultimate sacrifice every day for us, they protect us, so it is least i can do any time that something comes my way where i get a chance to honor them, i try to get involved. so that is why i am part of this. >>. dagen: kip what would you like it is dagen mcdowell by the way, what would you like to see other artists do to honor those men and women who are putting their lives on the line for our freedom. >> i think there is a lot of artists that are doing a lot out there, that take the time to notice all of us the men and women i think it is -- it is one of those things i can't sit here on judgment say that people are doing enough on their part i am just trying to
8:55 am
do i try to focus on what i can do. i try to make sure that what i am dealing with i do my part and that is the beauty in my job a platform to get chance to speak up, for them. >> can you describe for us in initiative country and how it works what you are doing? >> yeah, they are honoring all servicemen and -women active military veterans, and it is -- basically what it is -- it is -- check-in period preferred rate right then and there for them and spouses they are also doing a program operation gratitude you can write a letter, you know we can all go in when we check in we stay there we can write a letter they ship off to people around the world. >> what did you think of the ariana grande concert in manchester one concert raised nearly 3 1/2 million dollars,
8:56 am
you are seeing other i mean obviously this is specific after the terrorist attack, in manchester, what is your reaction to that? >> i can sit up here be a robot just say you know, maybe cliché things. if -- if -- it is sad times right now with things that are happening. i don't know what the answer is. but i think that it is amazing that all of those artists got together so quickly, and raised that much money put on a powerful show i think that is all we can do right now is try to stand together, and show our love. maria: yeah, so what is your assessment then of what is happening in the country today there is obviously polarism, everyone really you know, upset with each other, and there is really a -- a change since president trump people every having their own
8:57 am
opinions how do you see it? >> you know to be honest, like -- i don't really get i don't really i am not going to sit here say too much about trump the other way around if hillary people would be blaming that. maria: right. >> i you know i think that is a problem right now. is that people are always feeling they have to choose sides and there is no middle ground with anything. whether it is hillary whether it is trump whether it is -- there is so much hate right now, and i think that that is the problem is we as parents we continue to raise our kids with hate whether hating another country hating another race continue to engrain. so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind.
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>> have a great day, everybody. here is "varney & company" and stuart. stuart: thanks, maria, thanks very much. the blunt-speaking president does it again. his supporters like it. his opponents jump on it. the market may be getting a little anxious. good morning, everyone. 9:20 eastern last night, another presidential tweet doubling down on mr. trump's terror commentary. that's right we need a travel ban, all caps there, for dangerous countries not so politically correct term, that's plain speaking indeed. that tweet undermines his own justice department lawyers as they argue his case. and the new york times says,


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