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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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if we're not going to do it right, you can almost argue we shouldn't do it at all. charles: we have to leave it there, i'm sorry. both of you guys, excellent commentary, i appreciate it, and so does the audience and of course at home we always appreciate you watching. give a salute to the 73rd anniversary of d-day. here is lou. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today lighting a fire under congressional leaders, urging them to get to work on his agenda. president trump met with republican leaders of the house and senate, to jump start his efforts to pass tax reform and repeal and replace obamacare. the white house wants health care passed before the august recess, but congress is nothing, if not slow, and the house has only 42 legislative days remaining before the end of this fiscal year. fox news, chief white house correspondent jn roberts has our report.
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>> lou, with the news cycle the next three days likely to be dominated by james comey's appearance on capitohill, the president took a brief lull in the action today to reinvague rate his priorities. >> the core of this agenda is repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. >> president trump moving to put his legislative agenda back on track after weeks of inaction. meeting at the white house today with the republican congressional leadership. >> if congress doesn't act to save americans from this democrat-inflicted catastrophe, next year is only going to get worse. it's going to get a lot worse. >> the president wants to get the senate chugging away on the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to put it to a vote by the end of june. >> we need to act otherwise americans will be stuck paying obamacare continuing failure. >> and they hope to have it buttoned up by the august
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recess despite zero support from the democrats. >> our colleagues remind us that obamacare didn't work because it was by one party. and now they're leading trump to do the same thing on every issue. >> more and more republicans are concerned that major hindrance is his incessant use of twitter. listen to senator mcconnell minutes before meeting with the president today. >> i can only say what i've said before. i'm not a fan of the president's tweets and that still remains my view. . add to that what senator bob corker said yesterday. >> probably it's best to communicating with 140 characters on topics that are no important. >> and this morning, the president disssed backing off the fake mainstream media is working hard to make me not use social media. and this afternoon the press secretary said, why quit?
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>> i think his use of social media, he now has a collective total of close to 110 million people across 10 different platforms and gives him an opportunity to speak straight to the american people and appears to be an effective tool. >> using it and using it wisely can be two different things. >> i think the same people critiquing his use of it now, critiqued it during the election and turned out well for him then. >> what's unclear whether the presidential's tweet storms are presidential musings or reflect official policy. yesterday gorker suggested the former. >> it's social media. >> today sean spicer said it's definitely the latter. >> the president is the president of the united states. so they're concerned official statements by the president of the united states. >> the other big legislative priority for the white house is tax reform. officials here say they hope to have legislation hammered out in time for labor day. while the ultimate goal is tax reform that doesn't add to the deficit, white house officials
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tell fox news, the top priority is enacting tax cuts to help spur the economy. lou. lou: john, thank you very much. john roberts. mitch mcconnell says they're closer to having a proposal on hurricane. it's been more than a month since the house passed the american health care act and there is no proposal or vote scheduled in the senate. why not? chief correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> trying to repeal and replace obamacare, senators are discussing options hoping to vote on a plan before the july recess. including extending the medicaid expansion and taking steps to help the fragile individual insurance market. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell is not giving up details. >> i'm not going into the various components and parts of the health care bill.
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we believe we can do better. >> the fantastic to pass the health care bill isn't easy with just 52 republican senators. if he's counting on g.o.p. alone he can only afford to lose two and then have the vice-president break the tie to pass by this summer. >> in iowa we know there are no insurance companies willing to sell health insurance on the individual market. that isn't because of anything that president trump or the republican majority has done. these are the failures of obamacare. >> last month's vote in the house was tight, 217-213. the congressional budget office predicted the house bill would cost 23 million americans to lose insurance over the next decade. it would cut nearly $900 billion from medicaid and eliminate its expansion under obamacare in 2020, leadiving mot senators to call it dead on arrival. and senate democrats are urging
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their colleagues to work with them. >> if the republicans would set aside the partisan gun at your head kind of approach, we stand ready. >> other democrats are warning of dire consequences if entitlements are touched. >> it's going to result in grandma and grandpa in nursing homes, with alzheimer's, not getting the coverage for their nursing home debts. >> three moderate democrat united states to watch our west virginia's joe manchin, clair mccaskill and john tester, all three up for reelection next year. and democrats only expect g.o.p. outreach if they can't pass it on their own. rand paul is looking for a way to completely repeal obamacare and fix it and some suggest he's a no on what is being discussed. texas senator ted cruz has participated in some of the talks, but some are concerned he could back away in the end. >> late in the day, an
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announcement that the house health care bill sits for process known as reconciliation and health care could be passed with a simple majority and no filibuster. mike emanuel, fox news. lou: well, new details are emerging about the 25-year-old government contractor who stands accused of leaking classified information to the press. her name is realty leigh winner, she's a former linguist who held clearance and frequently attacked president trump on social media and is an outspoken supporter of bernie sanders and the black lives matter movement. we don't know why no one took note. we're coming back with much more, stay with us. >> the trump administration acking down on leaks of classified information. >> papers are being leaked,
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things are being leaked. it's criminal action. criminal act. lou: a 25-year-old nsa contractor now the first to be charged in the white house war on leaks. and president trump confident the senate will pass the g.o.p. bill to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the senate, i'm sure, will follow suit and get a bill across the finish line this summer that will be great health care for americans. lou: we take up the president's health care battle for all americans. stay with us, much more straight ahead. we'll be right back. break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills.
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>> the senate intel committee tomorrow takes on fisa and 702 of the law collecting foreign intelligence. it expires the end of the year and its fate is uncertain. director of intelligence, and director andrew mccabe, national security director admiral mike rogers and deputy u.s. attorney general rod rosenstein will appear before the commit in both public and closed-door hearings. joining me now to discuss the search for answers from the intelligence community and the fired director of the fbi james comey's expected testimony,
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we're joined tonight by tom dupuis, former assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. great to have you with us, tom. let's start with the expectations surrounding the intel committee's proceedings. this is being hyped, if you will, like it was the biggest carnival ever to arrive in any urban center in the country. this time, the fanation's capital. are things getting overblown by the national left-wing media and a few politicos? >> there's no question tt thursday is going to be a big day not just in the nation's capital, but throughout the company. look, your point is well-taken. the hype might exceed the reality. at the same time this is going to be the first team we're going to hear former director comey tell his side of the story and reveal what it was the president said or didn't say to him and how he responded. so, you're right that the media
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is hyping this like there's no tomorrow, but i think it will look for interesting viewing if you ask me. lou: that may be every network in the country is going to be carrying it, but at the same time james comey's credibility has been shredded. the conflict between the leaks from comey through his-- well, enablers in the leak process to the media, basically puts him at odds with his own previous testimony. there is very little in this that really makes the director, former director look very good and he hasn't-- as fbi director, he doesn't have a very good record on resolving investigations, particularly the biggest and most public. >> i think what's interesting about thursday, lou, is that we have in many sense already have gotten a preview of what he's supposed to say because you'll recall these memos that he drafted, the contents have been
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leaked by anonymous sources to the media. lou: memos to self. >> memos to self were leaked. if we can believe those reports we already know what he's going to say. for me, at least, i think one very interesting thing is are the rumors true. did he really write these memos to himself and are the reports of these conversations and these characterizations accurate? >> this is -- it's sort of hard to figure out where you attorneys would be talking about the probative quality of all of this and the rest of us would be just worrying about, is this really a rational use of one's time. what in the world are we to make of a man who writes memos to himself and then wants to put it forward as gospel? >> well, you know, at the same time, i will say this, lou, that it's pretty common practice, particularly in law enforcement circles, to memorialize conversations that you would have with a witness
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or with a superior and frankly, it doesn't surprise me that director comey, after meeting with the president on any topic,regardless if it's flynn or the russians, any topic, would go back to the desk and right down what the president said, if nothing else, just to remember the guidance from the president. lou: you've got a he said she said situation and the he said it in a memo to self. it gives it no greater credibility, no greater assurance that that version, that one version is reality. but, you know, we can go on about that, i guess, forever. it is without question, comey's view that he stated straight forwardly to the congress in his testimony that he'd never been under any pressure to drop a investigatin investigation. he can't very well put himself in conflict with that statement. >> i hear exactly what you're
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saying and for me, one interesting aspect of this hearing is also going to be to see whether they really press comey on issues other than his conversations with the president. i mean, that's what we all want to hear. but let's not forget that there are a lot of very interesting topics that it would be terrific to have a public discussion, a public exploration of, with james comey on thursday. lou: chief amongst those from my perspective, why could you not resolve a investigatin inve and an investigation into benghazi, why could you not resolve an investigation into the internal revenue service and the abuse of power that the agency carried out in targeting conservatives and conservative groups with the power of your agency? i mean, that's just for openers. then i might just as an aside say, well, how in the world could it be that the clintons could run a criminal enterprise and you not take any interest in it, namely in reference to
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the clinton foundation, and the obvious conflicts of interest that surrounded its entire life span. those would be interesting to me. would they not you? >> i would love to hear a discussion on many of those topics, lou. now, i think at the same time, there is going to be the central question of what did the president say to you and what did you say to the president. and my guess is that comey is going to testify consistent with what apparently his allies have been leaking, about his conversations with the president, and i expect that's what we'll hear on thursday. i agree with you, there's a lot more fertile territory for the senate to explore with james comey and i hope they'll use that opportunity to do so. lou: at some point, is there one person of mature, mind, spirit and soul, who is going to stand up in the middle of this circus and say, there is no evidence and we have heard the statement that there is no evidence of collusion between
7:19 pm
mr. trump and mr. putin, or the russians and the trump campaign? and what we are engaged in here is public assassination and an effort to absolutely subvert an administration on the part of the deep state, and its representatives in both the congress and the u.s. senate. at what point do we-- and of course, the intelligence community which is keeping this alive. did i mention the national left wing media, tom? this is despicable conduct on the part of each one of those institutions and it's obviously, fervently committed participants and actors. >> well, and i think one very interesting aspect of the hearing, as you said, they may well try to pin comey down on the substance of the investigation and i think what will be very interesting to see is if comey, in fact, draws a line where he says, look, on
7:20 pm
one hand i am comfortable reporting on the substance of my conversations with the president, but on the other hand, i'm just not at liberty to speak to the substance of where the investigation stood at the time i was relieved of my duties. lou: tom, let me see, as i characterize those snugses and their role in the efforts to obviously subvert this administration under the pretext of an investigation into collusion, which james clapper, the dni, the head-- head of every agency that has spoken to the issue said, no collusion, no evidence. at the same time, has there been a single, single hearing in which james comey has testified that you have found his testimony to be satisfactory, let alone, well, even remotely illuminating? >> well, he has not go the details of any investigations, lou. that is for sure. and look, at the same timei
7:21 pm
mean, in his defense, if there is an ongog investigation, i don't think it would be appropriate for him to share details, but at the same time, i take your point in that we have the officials declining to comment on the state of the investigation at the same time, you have all sorts of anonymous sources and leakers all saying that there's a lot of smoke here, there's probably a lot of fire here, whereas on the record. lou: this is the language, language which you quote is the language of gossipy teenagers. it's not the language of public servants who have taken seriously their responsibilities in government. this is asinine of what we are hearing about anonymous sources and all of the efforts to keep moving forward the idea of this potential scandal in which there's not a scintilla, not a scintilla of evidence.
7:22 pm
>> well, i am hopeful-- >> this has got to offend you as an attorney as an officer of the court? >> the leaks do. nobody should be leaking information about an ongoing law enforcement or national security investigation. that, i don't think, is debatable or should be debatable. i think would be in everyone's best interest, the president's supporters and his opponents for this investigation to move expeditiously. let's get this on the record, see where the evidence leads, wrap this up and close the chapter and move on. lou: i think instead what is most likely to happen, the circus, the reaction of th driving it will be to order more cotton candy and very sugary drinks. [laughter] >> thank you, tom. >> thank you, lou, always a pleasure. lou: always good to have you with us. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think there's any reason for the congressional approval that we now see at 20% to
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remain at that lofty level? what do you think? i just, i can't wait to hear what you have to think. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs and follow me on facebook and instagram. the stocks closed lower, dow well, and nasdaq lost 21 and volume on the big board picking up to 3.3 billion shares. the yield on the 10-year note falling to 2.15%, that's the lowest level since november 10th. and some shares closing higher after announcing its withdrawing from ohio's obamacare exchange, the insurers first exit from any state. a reminder to listen to my reports three times day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, president trump urging congress to get to work on his agenda. >> the senate, i'm sure, will follow suit and get a bill across the finish line this
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summer that will be great health care, and i think we're going to have some very pleasant surprises for lot of people. lou: and some of those surprises coming up in my commentary. a little advice as well. stay with us, we'll be right back with much more. say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh.
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>> a few thoughts now on what passes for leadership in
7:29 pm
congress these days. president trump today met with republican leaders looking to spur them on to act on his agenda including health care, tax reform and the budget. but time is running critically short for congress. after today they'll be in session for just 30 days before going on a five-week august recess. the majority leader mcconnell today promised a senate health care vote in quote, the near future. that's as specific as he's wiing be. the house passed its healt care bill just over four weeks ago, but only after speaker ryan failed to secure the votes back in march. as for tax reform, ryan is intent on pushing his own agenda, insisting on a border adjustment tax and any so-called tax reform. the border adjustment tax is fully opposed by the trump white house. congress also facing the prospect of a government shutdown. president trump released his budget two weeks ago.
7:30 pm
yet, congress now has only 42 days before the end of this fiscal year to get it done. politico today ran this headline, which we thought was telling, quote, "the real resistance to trump, the g.o.p. congress" end quote. congress has, in fact, done little to move the president's agenda forward. republicans control the house, the senate, the white house and here we are. they risking squandering a great opportunity and perhaps more. i believe it is time for republican leaders in congress to get on trump time and that means quickly. now, the quotation of the evening, and this one from henry ford who said this: most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. we're coming right back. homeland security secretary
7:31 pm
john kelly bashing the liberal court's delay in reinstating president trump's travel ban. >> i anxiously await the court to complete the action one way or the other so i can get to work. >> we'll dcuss the efforts to make america safe again. judge andrew napolitano joins me here next. and dozens of sky divers unite for an impressive feat high above the great state of texas. we'll bring you the amazing video at high altitude and much more coming up here next. we'll be right back. please stay with us. never learn from a book. expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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>> president trump's extreme vetting order or travel ban boosted today as he pushes for an expedited supreme court hearing. republican officials from 16 states led by texas, filing a brief with the u.s. supreme court, asking the justices to say emphatically it's not a muslim travel ban. >> joining us fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> hi, lou. lou: this is from the states, likely to move any of the justices in favor of the president's ban? >> i don't think so. i don't know which way the supreme court is going to go, but i don't think the court
7:36 pm
will rule on this until they hear from the 9th circuit, which quite frankly, could rule any day and most probably almost certainly will go against the president. the problem for the president is that the order of the 4th circuit upholding the injunction in maryland, and the likely order of the 9th circuit upholding the injunction in honolulu nationwide. they' they' they're-- >> it's a district judge's willfulness rather than evidence. >> the supreme court doesn't like to rule until it's over. lou: we're talking national security. what the president is saying is crystal clear to those justices and american people, we're talking about american lives d talking about my responsibility under the constitution to protect those lives and this supreme court better wake up. >> so what he should hope for and what attorney general
7:37 pm
sessions should ask for, is lifting the stay during the pendency of the litigation. shouldn't say we don't want this to be tried. he shouldn't say they can't challenge me. just let me run the foreign policy of the united states which you, supreme court says in exclusively in my hands. lou: which the constitution says is his responsibility. >> let me use the statutory authority which congress has given me, which every one of my modern predecessors has to keep the country safe. you can try anything you want and challenge anything you want, don't interfere with my policies during the pendency of the trial. if they don't do that, if they wait for this to be over, he will be at the end of his term before the case reaches the-- >> in that case, is there a way in which you could possibly pull the justices from their chairs and acquaint them with
7:38 pm
the idea that national security is their primary responsibility? >> it's the primary responsibility of the president of the united states and they have written that in prior supreme court decisions. i can't predict-- >> this idea that they would wait until october to rule, we're talking about a war on radical islamist terrorists who are warring on us and we would watch this court-- what do they think it is, 1940? >> here is the flip side. the justices read election retus and read newspapers an look at the same websites and the same television programs as the rest of us and they know exactly what he is going on in the world and they know how acute these problems are. and we have nine justicing with theoretically a conservative majority. i say theoretically because justice kennedy has been known to go from one side to the other. lou: my god, if national security comes down to an ideological dichotomy, conservative and liberal, we're in trouble.
7:39 pm
>> and in the 4th circuit and it probably will in the 9th. it's wrong that that should happen. justices should shed their concern about the ultimate outcome of the case when they put that black robe on and just do the right thing. leave the politics at the courthouse door. lou: time limits, the president of the united states called for expedited. >> the supreme court will gather to the four corners of the earth on june 30th and they will not resume again until the second monday in october. the president has a tough row to hoe to get them to rule. lou: you're kidding me. nine justices will take their leave on a nice summer vacation, rather than take care of their responsibilities under the constitution, national security. >> i didn't say-- >> will be at risk. >> they may take their responsibility before they leave, but don't expect rulings during the summer. once they leave they're gone until october. lou: should we expect a ruling by them on the 30th?
7:40 pm
>> in my opinion if they do the right thing, they'll invalidate the 4th circuit and the 9th and-- >> would you say there's something wrong in this nation's capital when we have nine justices who would act like it's 1860, 1870, and take a vacation? >> i don't want to criticize them until i see what they do. do they have the tools to resolve this before june 30th? yes. do the rules permit the resolution of it before june 30th? yes. do they have the will to do so? we'll find out one morning. lou: yeah, well, shame on them if they do not move expeditiously to resolve this and to support the president in defending the nation. shame on them. >> it's very clear-cut in my view that the president has this authority and he has exercised it properly. lou: well, hopefully we will find out very quickly, whether the nine august justices have
7:41 pm
joined this century and understand the threats and challenges that he and the nation contend with. >> right. lou: i want to ask you quickly, comey, do you expect much of it? >> no, i think we've also heard a great deal of hype. i think he's going to be sterile and nonjudgmental. it's not going to be fbi director comey, it will be private citizen jim comey. this is what i said and what i heard, and you guys decide. i'm not going to give legal opinions. lou: not his electric illuminating self. >> you mean with nausea in the stomach? no. lou: thank you, judge. >> my pleasure. lou: a group of 40 sky divers teaming up for a impressin impr site. they're high above texas about of forming massive snowflakes or circle formations. i don't know if it's a political statement, the snowflake.
7:42 pm
charles: is one of them you? one looks very familiar, lou. lou: i thought-- no, i can't remember being in formation with that many people. i was always a one of a kind kind of guy. all the while plunging toward the ground. they pull off this spectacular feat. they look like they're on ice skates. they're probably not impressed with my metaphor of what they're doing. well done, one and all. and the president speaks out about comey's testimony. >> and jim comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck. thank you, everybody. lou: we'll discuss what we can expect. top attorney randy evans next. stay with us. think again.
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>> joining us now is rnc national complete randy evans. lets great to have you with us. let's begin with the leaker. is this the beginning of a purge of deep state, enemies of state. that is, the white house finally has somebody that they have found who's been leaking
7:47 pm
against them. where are we headed from here? >> well, lou, that's what you and i talked about a couple of weeks ago when i told you, i said the leakers now have lost slp cause the target has been squarely shifted from the white house to the leakers and we're going to start to see them fall. we're going to start to see them get charged with crimes, convicted, plead guilty, cut plea deals and otherwise pay for the penalties of leaking valuable national security information. this is the first of many. lou: and right now, the president's tweeting today and there was just this tremendous backlash in the national left-wing media after he tweeted to the supreme court in effect, get off duffs and get to work and expedite the hearing on my travel ban or this country's national security is at risk, lives matter. >> absolutely, this whole idea that somehow it hurt the department of justice, i actually thought it was a wakeup call to the justices to
7:48 pm
say, hey, wait a minute here, you guys are lawyers and rogues who have no classified information, what is the trial supposed to be? i keep hearing, we need to have a trial, of what? the president gets a daily classified briefing where the terrorist threats are and he is then charged with shaping the appropriate protection to protect us from attacks like those happening in london, and the supreme court wants to take a two-month vacation while we deliberate that? it makes no sense to me. the fact of the matter is, the president is the commander-in-chief. he has the information necessary to make the decision. they need to stop letting federal district court judges supplant their judgment about what's risky for that of somebody who is actually in the know. lou: and the idea that the national left-wing media would start clucking and making a lot of noise about the president tweeting. this is a president speaking to the american people. it may be in a new medium,
7:49 pm
relatively new, but the idea-- i mean, the pompous arrogant attitude on the part of the often venal left-wing media, put down your tweeting mr. president. he would be out of his mind to not do so. and they're out of their mind to suggest that he do so. >> and to let nbc redefine everything he says and cut it down with their so-called experts? twitter, facebook, it's the most effective way this president can communicate directly with the american people. that's why it scares politicians and scares the mainstream media, every day it becomes more influential every day they become less. lou: i think there's another
7:50 pm
thing, randy, and thank you for being with us tonight. randy evans. randy, i think the other reason is, they're not use today a president speaking truth to the american people and doing so directly without having that truth filtered or distorted by the national left-wing media. randy, thanks so much. randy evans. >> thank you. lou: up next, president trump slamming the fake mainstream media for trying it push him off of twitter. we'll take that off with charlie hertz d rachel campos duffy. >> and we will so talk about the conspiracy watch tonight at 10:00 p.m. on fox news chant. channel. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> in our on-line poll last night. we asked, do you believe it's time to put political correctness aside and put the safety of americans first? 98% of you say yes. joining us tonight, washington times opinion editor fox news contractor charlie hurt and rachel campos-duffy. great to have you here. let's start with the sudden-- going to be sudden and ongoing demand for the president to put aside his tweeting because there's some in the national
7:55 pm
liberal media who really feel that somehow that sullies the office of the presidency for him to speak truth to the american people directly. rachel, how offended are you by it all? >> i love the tweeting. i love the direct, unfiltered opinion of my president. i'll tell you, it's south of the politician, one of the things that voters don't like about politicians they act one way during the campaign and act a different way once they're elected. i think what you see with donald trump, despite these, you know, relentless, ongoing media attacks, is that they're not leaving him because he hasn't left them. he's doing everything he said that hwas gointo do, including tweetingand staying directly in touch with them, that he said he was going to do on the campaign trail. lou: charlie. >> well, you know, lou, for the longest time the media has kind of held this monopoly on information, especially about politics and politicians and
7:56 pm
rachel is exactly right. voters are looking for, they're looking for a direct connection to the guy and the guy has mastered it. he is a media genius and he's completely unafraid of trashing the media and going after them directly and he does it through, as you say, unconventional means like the twitter feed thing, but you know, it still reaches people and the number of followers he has is nothing compared to the way it dissemnates further because of the media freaking out about the tweet and repeating it all over the place. >> there's a famous line from a spanish book, when the dogs are barking, it means we're galloping and that i think is what is happening here. all the fuss you hear from the media and from the democrats and even from the establishment republicans about the tweeting is exactly what charlie is saying, they're losing their
7:57 pm
power and this is effective. this is effective for donald trump to reach the people. lou: it is also important, i think, for people to understand that this president is not backing off. there was a sense, i think, early on that somehow the national left-wing media could somehow intimidate the president of the united states, that perhaps the-- charles schumer could do something of that sort. i don't know what was going through their minds, but people
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