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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 9, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> at this time more than anything else this country needs a period of stability. lauren: breaking news this morning. a shaken british prime minister theresa may seeks stability after a disastrous election. we expect the prime minister to speak about her future any minute now and we will take you there as soon as it happens. cheryl: yeah, while we wait for her comments, we do have market reaction for you. the political turmoil that's happening in great britain this morning. british pound sinking about 2% after the conservative party lost its majority in parliament. right now we backed off but still pressure on the british pound. we are going to continue to
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watch the car currency for you. lauren: take a look at the ftse here, it is up 47 points. cheryl: trade agreements and, of course, got u.s. investors watching closely what's happening and here in the u.s. stock market futures right now pointing higher and that could be a good sign for u.s. stors today, lauren. lauren: and a posive week. stocks didet some support after it appears president trump was vindicated in testimony of james comey but trump's lawyer is set to file a barrage of lawsuits. cheryl: and then there is this, hot water again, this time over e-mail about sex rules in a company party. you won't believe that story. lauren: no, you will not, i took a look at the e-mail. it's 5:01 a.m. in new york. good morning, i'm left side. cheryl: good morning, everyone, i'm cheryl casone.
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we would like to welcome to fbn:am, first look at morning markets, breaking news and what to expect for the day ahead. lauren: breaking this morning, political mayhem in the united kingdom as theresa may is expected to speak any minute now this after her call for an early election backfired, her conservative party lost majority in parliament, potentially disrupting britain's negotiations to leave the european union. british news media saying they will not resign after the election setback, here she is addressing her supporters. >> at this time more than anything else this country needs a period of stability and if as the indication have shown and this is correct that the conservative party has won the most seats and probably the most votes, then it will be incumbent on us to ensure that we have that period of stability and that is exactly what we will do. cheryl: the results suggest a hung parliament with no single
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party able to secure an absolute majority. opposition labour party jeremy corbyn is urging may to make way for a new government. >> people have said they have had quite enough for underfunding health, underfunding our schools and our education service and not giving our young people the chance they deserve in our society. cheryl: it's fascinating because polls ahead of the vote showed a big gap between conservative and labor party but narrowed considerably in the last few weeks. lauren: joining us to talk about all of this is tom, editorial director of the center for financial alternatives at the cato institute, hey, tom. >> good morning. lauren: first of all, are you surprised? what is the future for theresa may and the conservative party?
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>> first of all, i am very surprised actually. yesterday morning i did an average of the last round of all polls, looked like the conservatives were leading by 7, 8 points, that would assume would translate into a majority around 50. that bear in mind is signific antly down even in itself from where the conservatives were at the beginning to have campaign. theresa may said she wouldn't call an early election and tempted by the fact that she was 16 points ahead in the polls. her opposition leader jeremy corbyn seemed unelectable and if the week or so that lead shut off to 20 points and nsvatives started talking about 100 or more, winning seats in traditional heartland areas where they have been never and in fact, even a few weeks ago when the shine start today come off the conservative campaign a bit, a lot of conservative commentators if theresa may doesn't win a majority of at least 80, this is going to look bad for her.
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my goodness, the tables have turned. they would have been overjoyed by the time people were going to bed if they would have gotten any majority at all. cheryl: so many implications overnight. ultimately the question is will she have to resign and i want to let our viewers if we do interrupt, we are waiting comments from theresa may from 10 downing street. apologizes in advance. what does this mean for the party? >> it's an interesting one. not for brexit negotiations in nine or ten days, theresa may would be toast. she would be over. conservatives in britain are not sentimental about their leader even margaret thatcher that was an icon, once she became electoral liability conservatives got rid of her like that. there would be no holding back on theresa may were it not for the fact that we are about to enter into those negotiations and may therefore be difficult
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for the conservatives to find a new leader in time. i still think that's a cig significant possibility. i suspect theresa may is going to try and stay on. we may not see any moves against her immediately, but i think if parliamentary conservatives were able to coalesce against a single-replacement candidate and avoiding a lead of contest, it may be that the men in gray suit will come to her and ask her to step aside. it remains to be seen whether that's going to happen. it's a huge blow to her personality authority. you have to bear in mind -- lauren: we are looking at pictures at 10 downing street where we expect theresa may speak. she had a stable majority, her party did in parliament and she called for the snap election three years early and this has been called the worst possible outcome, would you agree? i don't think this is the worst
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possible outcome. the worst possible outcome for anyone that cares about the economy is the labour party. their past labor governments who have done a nice job and jeremy corbyn is a leftist extremist. he had new spending commitments. his program amounted to basically giving anybody anything they asked for without really concerning himself about how it was going to be paid for. admittedly he came up with figures that all the money was going to come from taxing taxing the rich and corporations and tax on wealth. those who understand how taxes work and revenues work, know that there was no way he was going to bring in that kind of money with the taxes he was talking about. so he would have had to raise taxes on the vast wave of the british population, more actually the deficit would have spiraled upwards and upwards and
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that could have had huge knock-on effects in the economy. that disaster has been overted but this is not a happy situation certainly. lauren: it certainly is not, tom, thank you for your time. cheryl: we wait to hear from prime minister theresa may who will not be resigning despite calls for her to resign. we are going to take those comments from 10 downing street live. you are looking at live pictures. we want to keep them up but we want to bring in from capitalist pig, jonathan, you talk about market reaction, good morning, jonathan. >> great to be with you, cheryl, good morning. cheryl: we were looking at predictions overnight of financial turmoil if things went badly for theresa may, you did have the british pound about 2% and come back a little bit and the stock market seemed to be holding up here and across the pond, what's going on, jonathan?
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>> we are waiting for another political shoe to drop out. despite weakness in the british pound which remains localized and you haven't seen other major movements in european indices. the stock market continues to stay in. 260, half of that in terms of 50 to be close and stocks by in large continue to do well, citigroup high yesterday, ebay, facebook, delta airlines and even in the uk despite not like here, a lot of political turmoil, the uk stock market not too far from two week-high -- all-time, excuse me. lauren: the nasdaq hit 38th record high of the year yesterday. as far as european investors are concerned. do you think they factored in the element of surprise could actually happen after we saw the u.s. elections and the trump victory and the brexit vote? >> i think they have.
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you know, so far nothing seemed to have shake european investors and global investors as well. they look all around the world for the top performing investments that places that are the safest to put their money in and still when you're taking a lock at equities which are still reasonably placed, maybe not so much the high-tech names, most equities are still reasonably priced, it seems to be pretty appropriate investment including government yields which are playing quite small in terms of rates. equity is not overvalued, not too overloved and the political turmoil still remain the number one -- cheryl: jonathan, here is the next shoe that's supposed to drop and that's brexit negotiations, all could have a negative effect on the british economy and could affect us here, we are going to have to start from scratch on the trade agreements when and if brexit actually happens with the wheels and motions, all that seems to make that uncertain and i don't unvestors don't like that
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specially american investors, jonathan. >> one of the big risks right now is political particularly en it cometo trade, tremendous amount of trade during free countries around the world, the uk and the euro zone, of course, a big part of is that as well as the u.s., if there's a mass i have change in trade policy, you could see some of the shoes, if you will to drop. you already start seeing worrisome signs. oil has fallen off the side of the cliff in the last couple of days. but so far the stock market remains strong even in the much troubled uk. cheryl: market participants watching so much news. live picture of 10 downing street. we are going to take live comments from prime minister theresa may when they happen. lauren: because it was a disaster as a gamble to call snap elections, leads to political turmoil. again, you are looking at pictures where you're wait if
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for prime minister to speak now any minute now. donald trump's lawyer now set to launch lawsuits over the leaked memos that comey wrote and how investors react to go all of this, we will show you u.s. stock market futures, they're up 36 points looking at the dow, close yesterday, third highest close in history, so investors are saying, let's just move on, you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news. >> i asked my friend of mine to share the content of the memo, i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons and i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel
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cheryl: we continue to follow the breaking news out of london, we expect theresa may to speak at any moment, of course, in the british election, snap election, theresa may losing the majority power, still more seats in parliament but again losing power. what does that mean for brexit and what does this mean for the u.s. and, of course, as markets open in the u.s. we will have all of that coming out for you this morning as we wait for theresa may. also more breaking news this morning, we have been following all of the developments out of washington, president trump's personal lawyer, we are now learning the plans to file a
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complaint with the justice department and the senate judiciary committee after former fbi director james comey said he leaked memos about his conversations with the president to a friend. >> the president tweeted on friday after i got fired that i better hope that there's not tapes, i woke up in the middle of the night on monday night because it didn't dawn on me originally that there might be corroboration for our conversation, there might be a tape, and my judgment is i -- i need today get that out in the public scare and i asked a friend to share content. i didn't do myself for a variety reasons and i asked a close friend of mine to do it. lauren: comey said the trump administration spread lies about him and the fbi in the aftermath of his firing. when asked if the president engaged in obstruction of justice, comey said, quote, i don't know, that's bob mueller's job to sort that out.
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cheryl: more on this we want to bring former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney david bruno, david, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: so many things happening yesterday but first to the question whether comey broke the law basically, he leaked the memos to a new york law professor. was that a breach of duties, was that a breach of the law? >> yeah possibly but not because of the leak because when it mes to leaks it has to be the leaks of classified informion and that particular information was not classified. the bigger issue may be in 186.46, government record to one's own use and the fact that he took it and later used it for his own other own purposes and he admittedly said to get a potential counsel, that was his own use and that would be the statute most applicable here. lauren: can the case for obstruction of justice can be
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layed to rest? >> yes, i believe it can, for a number reasons. it has to be proven corruptly, if we are talking criminal by reasonable doubt and first and foremost this is a he said, he said, i said that a couple of weeks ago when i was on and donald trump through his lawyer has disputed the actual words. number two, this conversation about flynn let it go, only happened once, on one occasion in the oval office and director comey said yesterday that he could be wrong about his impressions. so any prosecutor knows when you call a witness who said i could be wrong about what i heard or what i believe he meant problematic for a prosecution. cheryl: let's talk about those really all comes down to in some sense of the word, he said, he said. comey said the president had cleared the room to have a privatcoersation wh him, is that a problem for president trump? again, we talked about this, was
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he naive or breaking the law, breaking the law the president himself in where do you stand on that? >> the fact of the clears the room is best argument that director comey and supporters have certainly. you can't look at that and that's not dispositive, there are other things that you to look at, the language used, i hope you can let this go and the impression that comey could be wrong about, very important factors as well. lauren: many americans hope the president and the administration can try to move onto more pressing issues for the u.s. economy. david bruno, thank you. >> thank you, lauren. lauren: coming up, of course, we are going to keep you with the latest of the uk. plus an outrageous story coming from uber ceo travis in hot water again. this time in the wake of a sexual harassment investigation with emails offering sex advice to uber workers. we are going to tell you all about it. you're watching fbn:am.
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cheryl: we are getting breaking news. you are getting pictures of 10 downing in london. however, we are just getting word that theresa may is going to have to seek permission from the queen to former government despite losing the majority. at some point she's going to have to go to buck ham palace address queen elizabeth. of course, we are waiting on that. we are getting the tape in moments ago, jeremy corbyn --
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lauren: opposition leader leaving headquarters, he, of course, is asking for theresa may to resign but multiple british press are reporting that she will not. lauren: the big question mark about that, the european union budget commissioner say it is uk needs to form a new government before those brexit talks can begin. another story today, uber ceo in hot water after racy e-mail he sent to employees was leaked online. cheryl: tracee carrasco with e-mail. good morning, tracee. >> this could be the final straw for uber ceo after offering employments dos and don'ts released by new tech site, in the memo he ruled for the trip included quote, do not have sex with another employee unless a, you have asked that person for that privilege and they have responded with emphatic, yes, i
5:25 am
will have sex with you or two don't work in chain of command. that means travis will be selabit on this trip and also don't throw large kegs off of buildings. have a great time, this is a celebration we have all earned it. the memo was sent to the company's 400 employees as they head today miami to celebrate the company success. the latest bombshell released after 20 managers and low-level employees were fired this week after plans of harassment, bullying and discrimination. review of hundreds of hr claims is still investigating. uner has been under pressure to address corporate culture after former software engineer wrote a bl post accusing managers of discrimination and sexual harassment. earlier this year a video surfaced where she was seen
5:26 am
yelling at uber driver. many are wonder if this leak memo will be the end of career as uber ceo. lauren: wow all i have to say. cheryl: i don't want to get in trouble, i'm going to let this one go. there's so many questions about this. wow. thank you very much. well, we are going to go from that to this. coming up we are, of course, going to have the very latest for you on the future of british prime minister theresa may following disastrous election results, live pictures of 10 downing street. we expect to maybe see her within the last 20 minutes or so. we continue to wait to hear from theresa my and, of course, the breaking news we just brought you that she's going to have to go to the queen at some day to ask permission to form a government. and we are going to have the fallout from the testimony of esm fbi director james comey. presidentpresident donald trump's lawyer is now ready to file a barrage of lawsuits.
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>> at this time this country needs stability. cheryl: breaking news this morning. we are waiting to hear from shaken british prime minister theresa may and we've also gotten word that she's going to be heading to buck ham palace to get permission from the queen to form a new government after that disastrous election result. her party fail to go securing majority leavi a hung parliament. but may said she will not resign, we are going to be going to london in a little bit. lauren: yeah, we sure are. we are actually going to have reaction. it was down 2%, the biggest drop in eight months.
5:31 am
after the conservative lost majority in parliament. cheryl: and uk stocks actually get this opened sharply higher on hope that is the weaker sterling, the british pound is going to mean a bigger british import. that could be good for economy. ftse up 61 points right now. lauren: gaining throughout the show. here in the u.s. after crossing record territory nasdaq record high of the year, futures are still higher, nasdaq futures up 6, dow futures up 38, everybody up for the week. cheryl: the markets here at home got some support after it appears that president trump was vindicated yesterday in the testimony of former fbi director james comey, now trump's lawyer is set to file a barrage of lawsuits. lauren: there's this. uber ceo travis is in hot water this time because of an e-mail he sent to employees about sex rules. you will not believe the story. cheryl: yeah, we are going to hold off on the comments on that one for sure. good morning, everybody.
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it is 5:31 a.m. here in new york. it's friday june 9th, good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: big week of news, good morning, i'm lauren simonetti and we are finishing the week with more news for you. we welcome to fbn:am, first look at morning markets, breaking news and what to expect for the day ahead. cheryl: we have, we've got this for you, british prime minister theresa may suffering and this leaves a hung parliament. you're looking at live pictures out of london as we await to hear from the prime minister herself but reports from britain say that she will not resign when she makes those comments today. lauren: fox news benjamin joining us from london with the latest in developing story. hi, benjamin. >> good morning, this is a staggering result overnight completely unexpected the conservatives were ahead over 20 points just a few weeks ago and they seemed to have thrown that all away. as you have been saying, they remain the biggest party.
5:33 am
they won the most seats and they haven't gotten the majority, technically a hung parliament. the conservatives are predicted to have 319 and labor 261 and now all the parties come together and talk to smaller parties about forming a coalition. theresa may called called this election because she wanted a personal mandate but that backfired and already questions about her future and whether or not she can stay as prime minister, she has already announced that she won't resign. >> at this time more than anything else this country needs a period of stability and if as the incation have shown, if this is correct that the conservative party has won the most seats and probably the most votes, then it will be incumbent upon us to ensure that we have that period of stability and that's exactly what we will do.
5:34 am
>> she may have won the most seats but the supporters of jeremy corby, in the far-left leader that were celebrating this morning and he will be looking to form his own leadership. >> if there's a message tonight, the prime minister called the election because she wanted a mandate, well the mandate she's got is lost conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence. >> so still a very fluid situation at the moment. as you said, we just heard that theresa may is due at downing street to meet with the queen to form a government. she may have done a deal with the dup, small northern irish union party that won three seats, 319 and 10 will push her over majority mark but that's uncertain and means uncertain and a lot of negotiations going ahead. all in all a huge political gamble for theresa may and has backfired and we will see how
5:35 am
the day plans out, a lot of meetings in back rooms, a lot of people eyeing her job up and it's a fascinating day and political miscalculation. >> and she's an ally of our president donald trump, what does that mean going forward, benjamin, thank you. cheryl: editorial director for the center of monetary and financial alternatives. i want to pick up something that benjamin reported is that northern ireland group support, that it looks like she's going to get, that would indicate, maybe the markets are watching this right now that stability is going to actually stay in place, she's got more power than really the headlines are giving her credit for right now. >> yeah, what i'm hearing is that some deal has been struck with the dup, that it's not going to be a formal coalition but the dup will agree to support the conservative party on important issues so they can
5:36 am
govern in some way. it's normally called confidence and supply agreement in british parliament. that basically means the other party will support you in a confidence vote so the government can be brought down and they'll support your budget as well so that you can actually keep funding programs and so on. so i think what we are going to have a conservative minority with a little bit of dup support. one to bear in mind that the other northern irish party, the republican party in northern ireland, they do not take up their seats in the house of commons. so actually you don't really need that 326 to have a working majority, you can t awayith a little less,o th the dup on board, i think that's going to give conservatives probably a working majority of about eight, but that is very slim and they're relying on another party who may make various demands, the political situation in northern ireland is a little bit confusing as well so it's going to be very interesting to see how that plays out. lauren: tom, i want to ask you
5:37 am
and i'm not even sure there's an exact answer to this, what exactly happens, theresa may thought she had all of the support and she called the election three years early, what happened? and i'm asking in the backdrop of what i've been hearing people say is that the world is pushing left at the moment, is that what we saw yesterday in the uk? >> it's hard to say that at this point. i think that's one possible interpretation of the data. there's one thing that's important to bear in mind first of all, the conservatives seems to have gotten 42% of the popular vote. that's actually better than 2015, that's better than historically they've polled for most of the time i've been following politics. what's happened, though, there was a big turnout first of all, particularly a lot of young people turning out who tend to lean to the left and the anticonservative vote really solidified around the labour party. so where we've had scottish
5:38 am
nationalists, more liberal democrat members and so on, that vote pretty much went to labour. so you have a 42%-40% split, that's the most vote gotten to two major parties. cheryl: unfortunately we are out of time with you. all this can be good for ameran invto if we have the stability going forward. tom, thank you very much. >> thank you. can he recall cheryl breaking news this morning, we continue to happen at here -- here at home. here are some of the highlights from comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee yesterday. >> i was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so i thought important to document. and my judgment was, i need today get that out into the public square and so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a
5:39 am
reporter. i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies plain and simple. the circumstances were such that it was -- i was a bit stunned and didn't have the presence of mind and i don't know, i don't want to make you sound like i'm captain cranialous, i don't know whether i would have said to thi don't know whether i would have. i don't think it's for me to say the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct, i took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning, but that's the conclusion the special counsel will work towards to understand the intention and whether that's an offense. lauren: for more on this former prosecutor david bruno joining
5:40 am
us right now. hi, david, again. >> good morning. lauren: you heard a lot of the highlights from testimony, where do we go from here? what are the the potential problems? >> special counsel will continue his investigation, mueller, so but what we could see publicly with the senate again is additional subpoenas because actually the most important discussion was in the oval office on february 14th and what director comey said he went back to fbi leadership and told these indivials about this conversation. the deputy director and chief counsel and many others, i would expect senator burr and warren to be issuing additional subpoenas to drag these people in to ask them questions about the conversation. cheryl: one of the biggest bombshells yesterday that former attorney general loretta lynch asked him to call the clinton investigation a matter and this is after the infamous tarmac
5:41 am
meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch. where does this go, do you think, loretta lynch seems to be in some trouble here? >> yeah, and it was actually inaccurate at the time, it wasn't a matter but an investigation. there was no motive but for political reasons to try to protect hillary clinton during the campaign. so is she in trouble, i don't know if she's in trouble violating a law but certainly from a public perception not good for attorney general lynch. lauren: trump's private attorney will file complaints about the comey leak of information but other than that, that the president feels vindicated, do you think he's vindicated? >> well, vindicated in respect to russian interference, yes, like trump said in the letter terminating director comey, he was advised three times that he was not the subject or target of the russian interference investigation, but from obstruction of justice, i firmly believe it wasn't obstruction of justice but there could be
5:42 am
arguments and certainly in public opinion a lot is being talked about. uren: we will leave it there. david bruno, thank you for your time. >> have a great weekend. cheryl: thank you, david. coming up we will have the latest for you as we are awaiting to hear from prime minister theresa may live out of 10 downing street. you're watching fbn:am. >> the mandate she's got has lost conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence. i would have thought that's enough to go actually and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country. [cheers and applause] with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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lauren: welcome back, we are going to talk about the market reaction out of the news of the uk elections as theresa may's conservative party fail today win a majority of seats. joining us now is jonathan. >> great to be with you, lauren. lauren: we have potential political turmoil, european stocks are up. the british pound is down. what does this mean for investors right here in the u.s.? >> well, we can only hope at it's the type of political turmoil we saw during the clinton impeachmenhearings where there was a lot of news headlines, there was a lot of political intrigue in washington but the market kept turning higher and higher. it seems to be what we are
5:46 am
seeing now not just in the uk but globally as well. uk stocks up today. not from their all-time high. same thing here at home despite comey hearings and a lot of efforts in washington, the derail of president's initiative, the market remains in bull tone, citigroup, ebay, facebook, delta all at new all-time highs yesterday. that's a bullish sign for today's market no matter what's happening in washington. cheryl: it's interesting that you brought former director fbi director james comey because the markets held strong and almost seemed like investors were maybe expressing a sigh of relief that president trump was not further kind of damaged by the comey testimony, is that your assessment? >> yeah, sure. i agree. in the beginning of the day yesterday you saw the market on erratic move very sharply and as the testimony went on, surprising as a lot of it was the market and traders seemed to say, all right, there's not going to be any major
5:47 am
bombshells, any major shows to drop. the fears start to drop. one thing that could be of some severe hard -- heartache and headache would be lack of fair. we've had 52-week high, all-time high for the nasdaq over and over again this year and some nasdaq stocks, i'm thinking amazon and facebook's as well are pretty stretch valuation. a lot of intrigue but not a lot of fear and ironically that could be one of the things that set it is mark short-term. lauren: what if, anything, jonathan, create that is fear if it's not the uk election or comey testimony, what is it? >> well, it's cliché to say uncertainty but i do think it's political uncertainty. we mentioned trade and specifically in bre pit. now we may not get a hard brexit but a softer brexit and same thing here at home when it comes
5:48 am
to trade. president trump has been very hard on many european trading partners, germany specially so there's a lot of unanswered questions moving forward but thus far the market seems to once again shrug it off, middle east, comey, the markets keep continue to churn higher. i think one point where, you know, saying that your friend, the trend is your friend and that remains higher this morning. lauren: we could have a winning week for all three major averages. cheryl: hallelujah. we are following all of the developments after the snap election that went pretty wrong for theresa may. plus we have the story for you, uber ceo travis deep in hot water again in the wake of a sexual harassment investigation. now you're not going to believe his e-mail. it offered sex advice to employees, we will be righ backs
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5:53 am
leaked online. lauren: probably the most so solacious story. tracee: internal memo offering employees do's and don't's after work trip obtain pped and released by tech site. rules for the trip included, quote, do not have sex with another employee unless, a, you have asked that person for that privilege and they have responded with an imfattic, yes, i will have sex with you and, b, the two or more of you do not work in the same chain of command, yes that means travis will be celibate on this trip. also do not, quote, throw large kegs o of tall buildings a urged employees to, quote, have a great time. the latest bombshell released
5:54 am
after 20 managers and low-level employees were fired this week after claims of harassment, bullying and discrimination. law enforcement conducting hr claims still investigating. uber has been under pressure to address corporate culture after a former software earning wrote a blog post accusing managers of ignoring discrimination and sex ral harassment. earlier this year video emerged where he was yelling at uber driver. wow. lauren: it is a wow. i'm just going to point out it's been a tough week for him, his mom died last week in a boating accident but doesn't excuse this. tracee: no. cheryl: we have some other headlines we are following for you right now in the business world as we watch everything to this friday. ford is trying to reduce their global workforce through buy-outs, the auto maker has started offering buy-outs to employees in south america and
5:55 am
asia, the aim to cut head count to 1400. brought in a new ceo jim last month and ford shares down almost 15% in the past year. lauren: another sign of trouble in the retail sector, saks fifth avenue, the latest story to be downsized, will eliminate 2,000 jobs all part of restructuring, sales decline, they're closing hundreds of stores, it is getting ugly out there. cheryl: slowdown in the retail sector forcing department operator nordstrom thinking about going family, members of the nordstrom are considering this move as the chain struggles with slowdown, going private will be a risky move for nordstrom because it will have to raise debt but investors seemed to like the idea. the stock is down almost 7% so far this year. the effect amazon on the sector. lauren: indeed, hard to compete.
5:56 am
díaz and confused, what was john mccain trying to say at hearing with james comey, we will tell you why he let up the twitter sphere coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
cheryl: once again we continue to follow all the breaking news developments out of london. you're looking at a live picture of 10 downing. we are still expecting prime minister theresa may come down of downing street. she may or may not get comments.
5:59 am
she may have to get the queen's approval to form a new govement. that news breaking in thla hour. we are following all the live breaking news after the stunning vote, theresa may's party losing the majority in the uk parliament. lauren: how it affects us right here in the u.s. here in the u.s. senator john mccain setting twitter on fire with line of questioning of ex-fbi director james comey. mccain was hard to follow. he tried to connect the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail use with the current russian probe. he confused comey who try today explain that the probes were not related. >> in the case of mr. comey, the president -- >> no, sir. >> case of president trump, you have an ongoing investigation. so you have one candidate who you're done with and another candidate that you have a long way to go; is that correct? >> i don't know how far the fbi
6:00 am
has to go, but, yes. lauren: he seemed a little confused. mccain tweeted, i shouldn't stay up late watching diamondbacks game. cheryl: we are following the breaking news. the stunning vote that happened with theresa may and the party, conservative party, maria bartiromo picking up all of the coverage right now, good morning, maria. maria: hey, there, ladies, we have a big program ahead. happy friday to you. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday june 9th, here your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. backfire in britain. uk prime minister theresa may will head to buckingham palace this morning following the stunning election loss that left her conservative party short of a majority in parliament. may will seek permission from queen elizabeth to form a coalition government. we will take you to london straight ahead live. markets taking election results in stride, futures


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