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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 10, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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at i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] trying to have it both ways. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, president trump firing back pat former f.b.i. director james comey who yesterday acknowledged that the president has mr. trump maintained throughout the senate and house intelligence hearings has never bent target of any investigation by any agency of the intelligence community, including the f.b.i. the president never wavered during the fiasco of these hearings and the false reporting
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of the left-wing national media. today the president declared comey is not only a liar, but a confessed leaker as well. he held a rose garden news conference in which said he will be able to testify under oath that he never asked comey for a loyalty pledge. that he never asked coy to drop the investigation into former national security advisor general michael flynn. fox news chief white house correspondent, john roberts, with our report. john: there was a lot of anticipation about what the president would say about the testimony on capitol hill. it turns out he said a lot. in the rose garden president trump spoke for the first time in public about james comey's testimony on capitol hill.
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he said he would be happy to tell the details of their meetings to robert mueller, under oath. the president said he never asked comey to shut down the investigation. >> i didn't say that. >> he lied about that. >> i didn't say that. and there would be nothing wrong about i did say that. but i didn't say that. reporter: he shot down the notion that he asked comey for a pledge of loyalty. >> i didn't say that. no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker. but we work very, very -- we were very, very happy and frankly james comey confirmed a lot of what i said, and some of the things he said just weren't true. reporter: comey did i will illuminate a repeated problem
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for the president. tweets can have consequences. the president said he may have tapes of the conversations. comey said when he saw the tweet he leaked information on the meeting. >> i asked a friend of mine top share the content of the memo with a reporter. reporter: but asked today if he did have tapes? >> i'm not hinting about anything. i will tell you by the over a short period of time. >> why couldn't you tell us now. are there tapes, sir? >> you are going to be disafound it when you hear the answer. reporter: the president and his legal team are hammering the point that comey is a leaker. even democrats were critical of the former f.b.i. director insisting if he wanted to get
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information out, he went about it the wrong way. he should have come to the public himself or to congress and not gone thrghhird party. reporter: the president plans to file complaints over the leak of the information from james comey. in those complaints they will detail evidence in the public record that there were leaks in the f.b.i. going back all the way to march. lou: perhaps even farther. my next guest said comey made a fool of himself during his senate testimony hearing. and that he demonstrated why he shouldn't have been the f.b.i. director. the former assistant director of the f.b.i., james kallstrom, he served nearly 30 years with the
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f.b.i. this is an extraordinary hearing in which we found out the former director confessing he was leaking information to the "new york times" through a conduit, if you will, a columbia law pro getter by the name of daniel richmond, and at the same time portraying himself as a weak, frankly cowardly leader of the most storied law enforcement agency in this country's history. it was quite a performance. then we hear the national left-wing media, you would have thought there was a draw in that. but it was clearly a disaster for ijams comey -- year james comey. >> the facts are irrelevant to them. >> i talked about comey for a while and i don't do that with
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any glee. the f.b.i. agents are great. they do great jobs and they come to work every day to protect the country. the f.b.i. director and people around him make mistakes. did he write a memo when bill clinton wrote a memo on the tarmac? he apparently not. did he write a memo when the prosecutor memo came over to the f.b.i. and said you can't call it an investigation. you have to call it a matter. and by the way, you can't have a grand jury. did he write a memo then? he didn't say he did. did he write a memo when the irs went around this country and picked on, bullied thousands of people who wanted to display their democratic joy for things they wanted to support? and were picked on big time and
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because of their political views were -- lou: snuffed out. >> the director needs to look at the role the f.b.i. played in that. the f.b.i. interviewed some of these pele. why wathe f.b.i. involved? what is going on there. did he write a memo of this thing that was in violation of the united states? the f.b.i. director has to stand up for the people of the united states. not be a pawn. lou: he did not do that. at the same time, he simply rolled over when the attorney general told him what to do with an investigation. i think it's fair to say, without a grand jury that investigation of clinton's emails is not an investigation. >> exactly.
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that's the day, lou, he should have stood up and resigned as the f.b.i. director and told the american people yes was resigning. you do not conduct the investigation without compelling testimony and serving search warrants. there was so much evidence against hillary clinton they didn't need it. they had train loads of stuff that talked about all that. then with that silly conclusion he conspired with the attorney general, she said she was going to go with whatever he wanted to do. then he crowned it off with this preposterous statement at the end that he could see she had no intent, even though it wasn't necessary. this woman had flew around in air force one for 8 years and was a senator and secretary of state, didn't know anything. encrypted technology and why you had to protect the secrets of
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the united states. lou: the agents were repulsed by the director's decision. many of them in revolt. and at the same time, this f.b.i. director decided that what is a clear, clear criminal enterprise to the clinton foundation, it was not even a sophisticated pay to play -- >> they shut that down. and there was no memo on that, i don't believe. you just look at the elements of the rico statute. to me it was a rico case. lou: you watch senator burr, and you watch mark warner, the ranking member, what is your reaction when these men who are playing as if they were in some sort of broadway play, don't
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even respond to what are the facts. and they continue the fiction that this president, somehow there is some evidence of collusion with the russians. there is some obstruction of justice. >> i was listening on the radio and i couldn't tell who were the republicans and who were the democrats. i thought it was disgraceful. there was no question about what i think is one of the biggest scandals in the united states. that was the unmasking of thousands of names. where did they think the general's name came from. why would they appoint a special counsel who is at least two, three decade friend of jim comey's? lou: for whom comey worked. why didn't the republicans object even a little bit. >> they didn't say one word.
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what is going on in washington. he might do the right thing, but the f.b.i. has to be looked at. what role did comey play in the unmasking. >> i don't know. his testimony from time to time when the hill was down the road where people wouldn't understand what he was talking about. i think the whole thing was really bad judgment. lou: the fact that john koskinen, the head of the f.b.i. remained in that job is one of the great mysteries. >> you could make a strong case he perjured himself on numerous occasions. lou: if he did not destroy evidence, in point of fact he defied congress and did not reveal the reality. >> the agency got tough with people. good american people beat them up. there is no excuse for that.
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the f.b.i. cannot stand idle when things like that happen. >> we have a president, you can't even manage what this situation would be if it were not for president trump being in office. >> thank god he's there. lou: thank god you are here. we appreciate it. we are coming right back. much more to cover. it seems always to be the case these days. stay with us. a huge surprise in u.k. politic. prime minister theresa may suffering an historic defeat, but she is i forming a new government. >> i now for a government that can provide certainty and lead britain forward at this critical type for our country. lou: we take up may's failed elect gamble. nsa leaker reality winner remains in jail after
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lou: high political drama in the u.k.
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prime minister theresa may is forming a minority government after an embarrassing elect that cost her party their majority. they are 8 short of the 326 seats required. the labour party gained 29 seats. my next guest says brexit will not be derailed as a result of this election. joining us, nile gardner. good to have you with us, nile. this is really quite something. a snap election. theresa may the. he thinking she could gain lefnlg with increasing the majority to negotiate among other things the exit from the european union, a bad calculation.
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i love some of the explanations we are hearing. the death of populism in the u.k. perhaps europe itself. a rejection of the entire conservative party. what do make of it? what do you think the reason for the loss. >> theresa may took a massive gamble in calling a snapper election. that gamble did not pay off. but fortunately the conservatives are til in power. theresa may is the. he * now, but there is mounting speculation that she may be replaced over the summer and a number of contenders are emerging potentially to take over for her. without a doubt, i think in terms of what went wrong, this wasn't a well organized or run campaign by theresa may. she shifted the party to the
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center ground instead of remaining on the right. i think a lot of conservatives tornado at home rather than voting for her. and she didn't focus on brexit. and it's very popular in england. i think there was too much focus on her own personality as leader. she didn't climb well with a lot of voters who viewed her as aloof. throw in the fact the party ran a ferocious campaign with jeremy corbyn the leader prop ising the earth to everybody. and i think the younger voter bought into that. lou: it's been a successful strategy for a long time. corbyn, this is a figure who having done so well does he
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figure to be prominent in u.k. policy in the future? >> certainly the labour party did far better than expected. the conservatives are still the largest party. so british voters did not choose to put the far left labour party into power. but his own position as leader of the labour party is secure. and his far left brand of socialist leadership is popular with a lot of voters. >> do we still call what he purports socialist? he's right on the knife's evening of being an outright marxist. he strikes many as a very dangerous character, especially
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because he's so prominent in the leadership of what is a near majority party. >> i would describe jeremy corbin as a very, very dangerous figure. he's a marxist. he's an admirer of marx, chavez, castro, he appeases islamic terrorists. the fact that jeremy corbyn is not the prime minister is a huge see you relief for the british people. but the conservatives have to get their act together and push forward policies. lou: the u.k. i think it's fair to say, political turmoil and vortex of powerful forces right now.
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it's going to be a fascinating story as the country comes to terms with all that is challenging our great ally. be sure to vote in our pl tonight. do you believe attorney general jeff sessions should make it his immediate and urgent priority to remove the obama leftovers in the d.o.j. who served as the political arm of the dems and the american left for so long. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram @loudobbs tonight. and on wall street, the dow closing at anew record high. the nasdaq plunging 214 point. technology shares selling off on
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a warning from goldman sachs about the valuation and the volatility of five technology firms. the s & p down slightly. the nasdaq hosting weekly losses of 1.5%. up next, president trump says democrats are pushing false stories, a false narrative as an excuse for losing the election that now is so far behind us. is it about time to catch up emotionally, dear friend of the left? >> that was an excuse by the democrats who lost an election some people think they shouldn't have lost. you have to run up the whole east coast and win everything as a republican and that's what we did. it was just an excuse. lou: much more straight ahead.
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lou: a few thoughts on the left's attempt to subvert the left's attempt to subvert president trump. >> no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker. but x wanted to get back to running our great country, jobs, trade deficits, we want them to disappear fast. north korea, big problem. middle east, a big problem. that's what i have been focused on. lou: he has been focused on the big issues, the big challenges, the big threats to this country,
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while the democrats on capitol hill seem smaller because they e focused on all that is small about petty politics in this nation right n. hearings by the house and the senate intelligence committee. senator richard burr acting like a co-conspirator with the ranking democrat. senator warner acknowledging there are no facts of a crime. wasted time and money and further dissolution with congress. the committees parade their partisan purpose and speechify
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for the cameras and microphones. we learned the director of the f.b.i. lied. he sold out to the political bosses of the obama administration. he leaked and he successfully manipulated the creation of the special counsel. and by the way, is it an accident his sold friend with whom he worked for years was installed a special counsel? robert mueller. if mueller himself has an ounce of integrity he will resign because of the obvious conflict of interest with comey, because of the evidee at's already accumulate and has been demonstrated and has ex cull paid the the president from the scurrilous, baseless allegations that have proven to be sheer, contemptible nonsense. it's time for this government to
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get back to issues that matter most to americans. the country deserves better than the vial venomous -- the vile, venomous left. all citizens who care one wit about our country. you know it's time for the toxic dems on the left to begin work for our people and working for our country. our quotation of the evening, this one from john adams who anticipated the type of people we would be elected. he said because power corrupts, societies demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.
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the inverse is right now the result we live with. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. fired f.b.i. director james comey's credibility is dead. >> i hardly know the man, i am not going say want you to pledge allegiance. who would do that? who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath. lou: balancing on a slack line isn't hard enough for this daring athlete. he will show us how to muster incredible courage and perform you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart.
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and other serious diseases. help defeat the darkness of cancer! join light the night today. lou: new revelations concerning the nsa leaker reality winner, prosecutors say they wrote about plans to burn down the white house and travel to afghanistan where she planned to pledge allegiance to the taliban. this elude the screeners, the justice department, the intelligence agencies all involved. this was too clear a path to a problem, apparently. winner also made a jail house call coaching her mother on how to portray her as a sympathetic figure for the media.
4:37 am
and her sister said she would fare well in the bond hearing because she was pretty, white and cute. the president's response to comey, rnc national committeeman, randy evans and washington times columnist, fo news contributor. tammy bruce. tammy, let's start with reality winner. this is one of the most repugnant young people one can imagine in the service of the u.s. air force, and was a top job in intelligence. how can this be? tammy: her middle name is never going to be a. so you have the reality of what her future is going to be.
4:38 am
she is a young woman, she speaks farsi and pashtun. so she is good with languages. she is up in age when you get out of high school or college and you go into the military, those are the individuals we are putting in those positions with languages and give top secret clearances. lou: we don't do that. tammy: she is typical from what i have read. lou: if she is typical, then we have a fifth column growing inimmense proportions. because she couldn't have been more a more textbook edition of the enemy within. >> it's a reflection of the deep state that you and i have been talking about for weeks now.
4:39 am
they are so ingrained in destng our coury. her nameays reality winner. it should have been reality loser. it's reality tv playing itself out in national security matters. when you have an f.b.i. director not investigating leaks. lou: it makes it worse that the head of f.b.i. wasn't involved in security it's outsourced now. we have security firms that are being hired to do what usually government did once. this is a bizarre time in which we find ourselves in almost every way. tammy: when barack obama became president she was 15 years old. you have a generation that was told this kind of behavior is romantic, courageous, to be
4:40 am
celebrated. bowe bergdahl is still walking around. so we are dealing with not every young person, not every millennial, but it's easy to check because of social media. if we are going to vet immigrants coming in, we must check those coming in. >> we are watching a justice department filled with obama leftovers. why is the administration not making it a priority to remove them. this is absolutely stultifying. why can we not find for this administrationhe talented, bright professionals ready to run a government.
4:41 am
this things on automatic. randy: i don't think we can shut the justice department down as we make the transition. lou: i'm not talking about shutting down the justice department, i'm talking about opening it up for business. randy: we'll start to move the u.s. district court judges one of the s. attorneys. it will start to move at a pretty good pace because the pipeline is pretty full. we have to be careful. the last thing we want is another sueder on the court and they have a lifetime tenure and we can't get them off. lou: what is disturbing is the republican party doesn't already have that. it was unclear the president was going to win. i get that part. but for the republican party not
4:42 am
to understand who his available. we turn to the heritage foundation, the federalist society. they have lots of names. there are lots of conservative organizations that are reliable and helpful and positive forces. why are we watching an effort to lead these organizations on the part of the republican national committee and all that -- no one would be more better informed or capable than doing that than you, frankly. randy: typical d.c. politics. the establishment ran to the front of the line. d it was hard to get in people who believe like donald trump does. tammy: there is what donald trump wants and what the gop wants. and these days seem to be two different things. the swamp versus the revolution.
4:43 am
lou: it's what donald trump wants and what he insists upon. we are finding out there are a lot of folks in the swamp that are part of the architecture of the republican party. but i think we knew that. what do you think? randy: the good news is he's not going to settle. he's going to push forward. lou: tammy bruce, randy evans, thank you both. a terrifying and daring tightrope walk high above the ukraine. the stuntman walked between two hot air balloons 220 feet off the ground. the man struggled to gain his balance at first before traversing the wobbly rope and setting a new national record. there has also been a little
4:44 am
problem with the republican party. steve forbes joins me to talk
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lou: joining me to talk about the trump economy, fallout from
4:48 am
the british elect and much more. steve forbes, great to have you here. i'm glad to see you out of your sling. let's get to first of all the copy hearing yesterday. the fact that these -- i have to say the senate intelligence committee looked like absolute jackasses steve * at the end of the day no one won. steve: copy admitting he -- comey admitting he leaked. lou: changed his language for loretta lynch. the clintons owned that damn justice department and there should be outrage. instead you have richard burr
4:49 am
clucking lake a co-conspirator with mark warner. the american people are sick of these insults. >> he wanted a special prosecutor against trump. why didn't he have a special prosecutor against hillary clinton? lou: you know why. he sold out. he's owned lock, stock and barrel. he on defied republican authority not democratic. you haepublicans uto ita walkinaround saying james comey is such a great guy. he didn't succeed on a single major investigation during his entire time. steve: it shows he knows how to manipulate the system. lou: i thought he was going to cry yesterday. yet's talk -- let's talk about
4:50 am
taxes, something exciting. mitch mcconnell hide in the leader's office and paul ryan hide in plain rue talking about the president being new at the job. we didn't know that. steve: it happens every 8 years. i think maybe i'm a wild optimist. it's the time of year the yankees are winning so i feel good about the world. but you will see a push to combine healthcare with taxes and pass the thing so we get both big things done because they know -- i certainly know the house members are being realized if they don't get things done, they are toast. and nothing focused the politician on the prospect of having to find a new line of work. >> i'm not convinced these people are smart enough to know how threatened they are.
4:51 am
you look at -- they think they are some kind of big deal, the ryans and mcconnells. paul ryan, i don't know what he's drinking. but what happened in britain, a sure-fire elect. theresa may won the hillary clinton campaign award with the campaign she ran. six years in charge of security and onier as prime minister and terrorists run free. a jihadist goes on a documentary says, "i'm a jihadist," and they can't find him. lou: steve forbes, good to have you here as always. we are coming right back. when we do, president trump says comey is a liar and he will say it under oath. we'll take up comey's we'll take up comey's
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♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe ♪yeah ♪rock guitar lou: in our online poll we ask, do you believe special counsel bob mueller should pack up and go home. 90% say yes he should. fred barnes, betsy mccoy. great to have you both here.
4:56 am
let's get started. >> we don't want to waste any more time on a special investigation. americans want tax cuts and obamacare repeal. but the democratic party has decided to play the role of saboteurs. they are trying to bring down this government rather than allow the president to succeed with the very agenda he was elected to produce. lou: thedems are leading with a scorched earth policy. fred: it is and i think they are going to pay for it. the american people don't want a party that will just resist everything. they want to know what the
4:57 am
democrats believe on this, if they do lieve in anything. >> that's the first time i have been accused of sounding like maxine watters. lou: it's preposterous that we are watching the senate intelligence committee. they look like complete idiots. there is no evidence of collusion. there is no evidence of obstruction of justice. it's almost impossible for the president of the united states to obstruct justice for christ sake. if they were, he could have pardoned. betsy: the "new york times" should have been pardoned. they published a report claiming there were so many
4:58 am
confrontations between the trump campaign and russian officials that justice department was frenetic about it. even comey admitted nonsense. it was fake news. lou: did you say even comey who has been lying through his teeth? betsy: "new york times," "the washington post" finished. fred: cnn was a big loser. loretta lynch was a big loser. lou: the "post" and the carlos slim "new york times" will continue with their agendas. it's absurd. but i want to ask you this. why in the world is this even continuing? everyone with the i.q. reasonably, 3-digit i.q., knows after all that's happened, that there is nothing do to this
4:59 am
senate intelligence and house intelligence committee hearings and their investigation. why isn't this thing being disband, dismissed, the special council is the brain child of the discredited comey. fred, what's going on? >> i think it will get wrapped up pretty quickly. but having a special prosecutor won't be wrapped up. fred report intelligence -- fred: the intelligent thing would be to not have a special pratt cuter. that could be called off right away. betsy: it should be. the republicans yesterday should have made it clear the president of the united states has the constitutional authority to fire the head of the f.b.i. any time he wants to. lou: it may be a news break for
5:00 am
the senate intelligence committee. lou: thanks for being us. have a great weekend. we'll have a great show monday.] just going out on a limb. have a wonderful weekend. >> one in three american jobs will be replaced by robots. john: well i lose my job? will the whole industry disappears? but so far innovation has been mostly good. will we take this too far? >> the latest have the pattern i'm. >> the music industry felt threatened. >> it's free, it's easy, you know, and it's wrong, but a lot of p


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