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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 11, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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today sentence testimony featuring fired fbi director james comey featured a different contrast of the republican and senators that make up the committee. sometimes embarrassing so. the former fbi director who the left would testify against president trump was a far better witness against himself than the president who fired himself. he described his language as cowardly and as exposed himself
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as a leaker of information to the media. he exposed weakness of character and offered inconprehension bizarre decisions. comey confirmed that he told president trump three times that the president was not personally under investigation and comey admitted that he leaked information about the president in hopes that that would lead to a special prosecutor taking over the criminal probe of russian colougz and in that at least comey was successful. comey leaked false conversations about the president after a may 12th treat that president trump suggested he may have taped the
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conversation. but it was the day before the comey tweet. today may have been the former director undoing. catherine herridge has the reportment>> reporter: james comey said he needed the memos because he couldn't trust the president. >> i was is she're concerned he might lie about our meeting and i thought it was important to document. >> reporter: the senate wanted more information. >> what was it about that meeting that led you to determine that you needed a written record. >> the circumstances and the subject matter and the person. i was alone with the president of the united states. or president-elect. >> reporter: he said the white house was not straight with him.
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>> they confused me because the president that i had multiple conversations about my job before and after he took office. >> reporter: james comey was fired over the handling of the e-mail investigation haves of the hillary clinton. >> i was fired because of the way i was conducting the russian investigation. >> reporter: he had a february meeting where the president told him to let go into the probe of mike flynn. >> did you say that is not an inappropriate request. >> i didn't. >> why? >> i was stunned and didn't have the presence of mind. >> reporter: after a media report that he said the president wanted a pledge of loyalty. >> look, i have seen the tweet
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of tapes. i hope they are. >> reporter: comy said he stetthe record straight. >> i shared it with my p friend and asked him to share with a reporter. >> members of both parties questioned comey's action. >> you didn't drr your sense of conversation to be a government document but your own personal document that you could share with the media as you wanted to? >> i understood it to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president as a private citizen. i felt it was important to get it out. >> a lot of this comes down to who you should is believe. why should we believe you. >> i tried to be open and fire and transparent and accurate. >> reporter: and whether the statement was a crime he
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testified it was was up to the independent counsel. >> dew know where a there is a cases of a charged with obstruction or sense when they thought or hopeded for an outcome. >> i took it as a direction. with the president with me alone saying i hope this. i didn't obey that. that is the way i took it. >> reporter: so did the other headlines. >> did the president ask you to stop the fbi investigation in the russian involvement in the u.s. election. >> not my understanding. >> reporter: and for loretta lynch she instructed him to down play the fbi probe to hillary clinton's e-mail. >> at one point i was directed
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by the attorney general to not call it an investigation but a matter. >> reporter: comey testified its was done know with purpose and came from the very top. >> lou: thank you. catherine herridge. president trump himself did not react to the testimony of james comey, but the president's attorney mark castlewitz went on the offensive and touting the-ing as a win for president trump. fox news johnathon roberts with our report. >> reporter: the white house and republican party put the best spin on the hearings insist issing that the testimony proves that the president did nothing wrong and it is time for the witch hunt to end. the image that donald trump presented was a president that was unconcerned about the allegations on capital hill.
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>> you didn't let me done and i will never let you done. >> it was left on the president's attorney to respond to mr. comey's investigation. >> mr. comey confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately. that is, that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe to russian interferrance. >> reporter: the president's team took issue that the president was subtly ordering him to drop the investigation. >> the president never in form or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone, including the president never suggested that mr. comey quote let flynn go.
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>> reporter: the president backed up his father. knowing my p father when he orders or tells you to to something there is no ambiguity. on comeyy's assertion for pledge of loyalty ka sowiltz said never happened. >> he never said i need loyalty and expect loyalty. he never said it in form or substance. >> reporter: while the bulk of the response came from the president's personal attorney. the white house weighed in on the president lying on the firing. >> the administration defamed me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray and the work force lost confidence in its leader. those were lies plain and simple is. >> reporter: the principle
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deputy secretary rejected that charge. >> the president is not a liar and it is insulting that the president would be asked. >> reporter: the president's team came down hard on comeyy's allegation that he leaked the details in order to prompt the meeting of a special counsel. comb it was retaliation. >> we'll leave it to the determine whether these leaks should should be investigated along with all of the others that are investigated. >> reporter: james comey began to leak the comments before the president sent out the tweet. in fact the day before the president set out a tweet that set out details that comey had had with the dinner.
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>> lou: there were bombshells in the hearing. james comey surprising many but not what the left was expecting. certainly former attorney general loretta lynch pressured comey to down play the clinton e-mail investigation and referred to as not an investigation, but as a quote, matter. >> the attorney general directed me not to call it a investigation but call it a matter. that was one of the bricks in the load that led me i have to step away from the department to close the case credibility. >> lou: the man was remarkable,
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his performance today. our next guest said comey betrayed his oath and overtly attempted to manipulate the legal system cording to his testimony tonight. joining us is chris farrell at judicial watch. thanks for being being with us. start with the bombshell that loretta lynch ordered the director of the fbi to refer to an investigation as a matter. what in the world are these people playing at? >> it is clear that the fbi director was taking in hillary clinton's campaign and clearly the attorney general was giving him talking points and he adopted them. the admission is stun itting and i would argue that his notes are
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property of the united states government and if i were attorney general 20 minutes after his confession in front of the senatancy deputy u.s. marshals would have raided his office and home and the professor. he had no business releasing them. it is an extraordinary admission and lawless. you know, we wonder why we have leakers in the government when the fbi director is playing games for political points, because his tender ego was bruised. he took an oath to the constitution and bep trayed it in no uncertain terms. >> lou: has confession has got to have shaken the left. the dems must be beside
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themselves. no one has been prosecuted employer he got the former director to acknowledge that no one had had been prosecuting for hoping for an outcome. the reality is that the president could create that outcome by ordering it. he can order investigations and he can order investigations shut down. and the business that the fbi went on about that there is an independent fbi, that is on its face laughable is it not? >> it is. comey, i guess, thinks he is felicks traskin ski. the role of the fbi. it is said since the sheds of watergaechlt the fib be fib a agents of the department of justice period. and they are answerable and
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serve be at the pleasure of the chief executive, which happenses to be donald trump. trump starting off the conversation with flynn flynn being a good gee and comey agreeing and wishing they don't get prosecuted and hoping it clears itself up is not a crime. >> lou: do you suppose. and by the way, i feel like taking a pill for upset stomach when after i listened to the former fbi director. he talked about incessantly being concerned and confused and his stomach is queasy. you do suppose he happen upons that the united states could pard lon general flynn any time he wanted? >> this is a case where fbi agentses recently retired and
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come to me p that they consider comey to being a dirty cop. that is the stain over him. and he confirmed that today. his remarks today were extraordinary. if he were serious he would say mr. president, i understand you wish that would go away. i have my job to do and i will do it best i can. or tell the attorney general that. he didn't. he didn't have enough guts to resign. if you find something see intoller anlt and morally challenging. you resign or compliceit. it is one or the other. lou the house special counsel. we just heard the man who orchestraed the special counsel. we heard the man who acknowledged that he is a leaker and that the president of the united states was never under
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investigation and that there was not evidence of collusion between the trump organization and the trump cam pawn and -- campaign and the russians. is there anyone with purity of heart and soul and stand up in the republican and democrat party and say to robert mueller shut down the special counsel. >> it is a political football for the politicians. low lou i am talking about men and women of goodwill saying this farce must end. >> if mueller has a spine he will resolve it and put it to bed. he is a cow of comey and i am not sure how it will play out. comey's endorsement of moulin is a red flag.
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>> lou: the republicans have ignored the professional and personal relationship that goes back years. thank you for being with us. follow me p on twitter at lou dobbs. up next. president trump urging congress to get to work on his agenda. >> the senate i am sure will follow suit and get a bill cross the finish that will be great health care and i think we will have pleasant surprises for a lot of people. >> lou: some of those surprises in my commentary and we'll be back with much more. i i i i i
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>> lou: house speak per ryan, we have been talked about him enough i know. but people are wondering what in the world is his thinking. listen to ryan as he trieses to defend president trump. >> the president's new at this and new to government. he probably was not steeped in the long- running protocols that establish be doj and fbi and white house. he's just new to this. low lou what passes for leader areship. president trump looked to
11:27 pm
republican leaders to spur them on health care and tax reform and budget. and time is running short for congress. after today, they will be in session 30 day and going on a five week august recess. majority leader mcconnell promised a senate health care vote in the near future. the house passed the health care bill four weeks ago, but only after speaker failed to secure the. ryan is pushing on his own agenda and a border are adjustment tax. it is fully opposed by the trump white house. and congress facing the prospect of a government shutdown. president trump released its budget two weeks ago.
11:28 pm
and the congress as 40 days wife the end of the fiscal year. politico ran this headline. >> the real resistance to trump is the gop. republicans control the house, senate and white house and yet, here they are. they risk squandering a great opportunity and perhaps more and i believe it is time for republican leaders in congress to get on trump time and that means quickly. now the quotation from henry ford are who said this. most people spend more time and energy going around problemses than know trying to solve them. we're coming right become. homeland security john kelly
11:29 pm
bashing the courty delay on the travel ban. >> complete the action one way or the other so i can get to work. >> judge andrew napolitano will join me next. >> dozens of sky divers and a feat over the great state of texas. we'll bring you the great video and m m m m m
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>> lou: a scatting report condemns the obama administration's obstruction in the fast and furruous gun running scandal. this is after six years of litigation. it criticizes obama's assertion of executive privilege. william has the report. >> my only goal was to make sure he was laid to rest with honors. that has been be insulted by cover up and deception by the people he served. >> he was killed by guns tied to an obama's plan to arm the mexicans. >> the department's belated admission that the 64000 pages were not privileged but a sole
11:34 pm
on the house's bipartisan vote to hold the attorney general in contempt. >> reporter: the top officials knew the administration sent guns to mexico. it is a tricky case said the deputy attorney general. it will not be any surprise that a bunch of u.s. guns are used in mexico and i am not sure how much grief we get for guns walking. two months later they were used on terry and his family. >> the offer ones that cover up fast and furious. they have conceal would their own shame and desert. >> reporter: even the border patrol did not know about the operation. >> if brian terry and his team anyhow this information, they would be alive today
11:35 pm
>> i was transferred 11 time and denied promotions and band from public buildings. >> reporter: no one was fired or disciplined for the cover up. >> lou: president trump's extreme travel ban both offed with a request for expedited public hearing. republicans led by texas filinging a brief for the u.s. supreme court urging the justices to reinstate the travel ban and saying that it is not a travel ban. it is lufl and institutional. joining us is judge andrew napolitano. this is a remarkable statement
11:36 pm
of support from the states. is it more likely to move any one of the justices in favor of the president's ban? >> i don't think so. i don't know which way the supreme court will g. they will not rule until they hear from the ninth circuit and most probably will go against the president. the problem for the president is that the order of the 4th circuit upholding the injunction in maryland and the likely hod of the ninth upholding the circuit in hawaii are preliminary orders and no trial or testimony. >> lou: i think a district court's willfulness. >> the supreme court doesn't like to rule until the case is over. >> lou: poor darlings. we are talking about national
11:37 pm
security. it is clear to the american people and we are talking about american live and my under the constitution and the supreme court better wake up. >> he is wake up and attorney general sessions is lifting the stay in the pendacy of litigation. it doesn't say they can't challenge me. just let me run the foreign policy of the united states, which you said is exclusively in my hands. lou low also the constitution said that? >> yes. just let me use the statutory authority that the modern predecessors to keep the country safe. you can imagine anything you want but don't interferrance with my foreign policy during the trial. if they wait for it to be over,
11:38 pm
he will be at the end of the term. >> lou: is there a ray in which you could possibly pull the justiceses from their chairs and the idea that national security is their primary responsibility? >> the primary of the president of the united states. >> lou: and the entire government. >> and they have written that. >> lou: the idea to wait until october to rule. we are talking about a radical islamic terrorist who are warring on us and we would watch the court. what do they think it is it, 1940. >> justices read election return and they read newspapers and same websites and same television program and they know what is going on in the world and they know how acute it is.
11:39 pm
we have nine justices. kennedy has been known to go to one side to another. >> lou: if national security comes down to ideological dichotemmy. >> it did in the fourth sushgit and 9th. and it is wrong. justices should shed concern about the ultimate concern when they put the black robe on and do the right thing. >> lou: the time is expedited. and the president called for. >> they will gather on june 30th and not resume until the second monday in october. the president has a tough road to hoe. >> lou: nine justices will take a nice summer vacation rather than take care of their
11:40 pm
responsibilitieses under the constitution. national security will be at risk. >> they may take the responsibility before they leave. but not expect it to be a ruling. >> lou: can i expect a ruling by the fourth. >> in my opinion they would do it before june 30th to invalueidate. >> lou: is there something wrong in the nation's capital who have nine justices that act like it is '60 or cent and take a vacation? >> i will not criticize them until i see what they do. do they have the tool and jewels to rer mitt it. do they have the will to do so? we'll find out one morning. >> lou: shame on them if they don't move to resolve this and support the president in
11:41 pm
defending the nation. it is clear cut in my view that the president has the authority and exercised it properly. >> lou: rule the video. 40 sky divers teaming up for the stunt and here they are. they skillfully created massive snow flake or political formation. one of them lockses familiar. >> i can't remember being in formmation can this guy. andul the plunging to the ground and they look like they are on ice skating. and well down all. up next. the mayor encouraging illegal immigrants to riot. was he inciting?
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priority by the court. joining me now to discuss the president's travel ban joining me to discuss the travel
11:46 pm
ban. michelle malkin investigates on crtv opinion com. michelle, great to have you with us. listen to the words from eric dernstet. mayor of los angeles. if something goes wrong i fear a tinderbox and they will say no. and try to keep that person from being taken. that's dangerous for the officers. is he not aware of how much he is inciting with that tone and raising the ridiculous law and order. >> eric garctti has to know it is insidinary and rhetoric. what he is accusing the
11:47 pm
president trump and border patrol and police officer to protect and serve in los angeles, that he himself is the one who is guilty. this is psychological and political projection of the worst kind. i started my career in los angeles and i was there in the ashes of the aftermath of so- called urban unrest and the white washing that eric is get of and invoke that episode in which thugs of all color and backgrounds exploited what a police case happened there and undermine the legality of the ice agents to do their job. it is despicable and borders on treas treason. >> lou: i couldn't believe
11:48 pm
a mayor of a city would speak that way. the president is obviously frustrated with the supreme court and talking, he wants an expedited hearing for the executive order ruling. he's right and the court is acting in some way pass approximatively and indifferently to what is a critical issue and was demonstrated this weekend in london. >> yes, that is right. it underscoreded that president trump's focus to protect our country from radical extremist terrorism is fighting that. and i hear a lot of back biting. i wish he would sfo stop tweeting. i am glad i know that there is
11:49 pm
a man in the white house who is up late at night as you have been as we were energized in 2001 and our eyes were open upon to the threat and we have a man in the office asserting his power to exclude threats to our counsel row. thank god. >> lou: amen, sister. we appreciate you being with us. michelle, you know, the people who are upset abouts his tweeting, most of them are in the national left wing media and don't like to be irrelevant. thank you. please roll the video. a thrilling ride for this dare devand i will that one and others. the paragliders from southern new zealand. that is beautiful country before weaving back and forth and
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flipping and looping and flying close to the train as they do. all of this daring and spectacular beautiy and daring to bot. it is a while ride for this bmx rider in mexico and racing down winding staircase and jumping-off ramps of his ride. they are always described as exhilarating. my symptom churning and earned him a spot on the pod lumin the urban downhill race. >> up next. >> up next. president truchlt slamming the liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace
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it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock. >> lou: in our on line poll, we asked. dew believe it is important to put political collectness aside and put american ps first. 98 percent said yes. good to have you here. we'll start with the sudden that i am going. sudden and ongoing demappeds for the president to put aside his
11:55 pm
tweeting because there is some in the national liberal media who feel it somehow that sullys the office of the president. rachel, how offended are you? >> i love the direct tweeting of my president. as a politician, one of the things that voters don't like about politicians is when they act one way in p the campaign and act a different way once you they are elected. with donald trump despite the ongoing media attack bes, they are not leaving you. he hasn't left them and he's doing everything he said including tweeting and staying directly in touch with them as he said he would do on the campaign trail.
11:56 pm
>> for a long time the media held a monopoly. and rach cell right. what voters are looking for. they are looking for a direct connection to the guy and the guy has mastered it. he is a media genius and completely unafraid of trashing the media and going after them directly and he does it through unconventional means like the twitter feed thing. but it still reaches people and the number of followers he has is nothing compare ped to the way it desiminates further because of all of the media freaking out about the tweet and repeating it all over the place. >> there is a famous line from a pannish book. a line who said. when the dogs are barking that means we are grousing. and all of the fuss from the media and democrats and
11:57 pm
establishment republicans about the tweeting is exactly what charlie is saying, they are losing their power and this is effective for donald trump to reach the people. >> it is also important i think for people to understand that this president is not backing off. there was a sense early on, that somehow that the national left wing media could somehow intimidate the president of the united states. that perhaps charles schumer can do something of that sort? i don't know what went through their minds. but the president took on the mexican cartel and president putten and made it clear with the president pi think be an ollie. >> it is amazing that the president made misstepses here
11:58 pm
and there. and by the way, as much as i like rach and he will i love the tweet and twitter and i wish he would stay off of it in legal matter and that create real legal problems. but other than that i love all of it. and call of the caterwalding from the press he will fail to do this and that. there are things that he needed republicans to go along with but failed. he kept his his promises so far. >> lou: i would like both of you as we wrap up here. why does the people who listen to the news outlets who are wrong in their reporting and assertions and advocacy and he has bull dozed them with truth
11:59 pm
and achievement and somehow, the circle keeps going. i don't understand it and i don't understand how charles schumer can show up and mouth the words he does. >> one thing donald trump did on the campaign and as president p. he chipped away as the power of the mainstream media. there are things we suspected or wanted to say about the media. >> establishment of both parties. >> but he's exposing that and their power can weakening and that's why they are upset. >> and the reason people tune in to the stuff. they don't care what the truth is, they want to hear what they want to hear. and they, they, they. they want to stay in their safe space and have everything verified by that stuff. >> lou: charliey, i think a lot of them tune in to see the
12:00 am
president of the united states put these fools in their police. >> i sure do. >> lou:y he's done a hell of a job. the following is a paid advertisement for time life's video collection. from beautiful downtown burbank... (narrator) it's the best of rowan & martin's laugh in, exclusively from time life! you bet your sweet bippy. (narrator) it's been 50 years since america heard this... alright, sock it to me! (lily) one ringy dingy... (laughter) -two ringy dingy... -and this... (jack) may i suggest that you look that up in your funk and wagnall's. the news of the future, 20 years from now, burbank, california. (dan) no, no, goldie, i do that. and that's the truth. (narrator) and this! very interesting. ooh, but it stinks.


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