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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> we may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because above all they love our country. we can all agree we are blessed to be americans. that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and we are strongest when we are unified. and when we work together for the common good.
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charles: tammy bruce, and byron york. wonderful word from donald trump. the temperament and care and sincerity was there. of all the things happening around the world, including the terrorist events in london, this was the last thing i expected, even though we talk about this sort of thing all the time. tammy: looking at that fire in that apartment building in london. we do have intellectual conversations about the potential of this. my column today in the washington times. a column in february, warning how the rhetoric that's been unleashed will lead to violence. this is not brain surgery. it's predictable and it's predicted. it led up to reagan's attempted assassination. everyone knows what can happen with this sort of rhetoric.
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this is something that horribly is not surprising. and yet still when it happens because we are americans and expect people -- rhetoric can get heated. but over the last several months it transcended what is normal and the accusations of conservative politicians being tray towards or being pies for the russians. this is outrageous. you heard it from attorney general sessions. and we have got to all agree this has got to end and the leadership have to demand of all their leadership to stop this nonsense. i'm sure perhaps there is some sort of inner looking going on with respect to the left wing and leaders on the left, progressives. but are you confident it will? >> the maxine waters, the nancy
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he lowsies, chris murphy out of connecticut. this on your heads. when you appeal to deranged people what do you think will happen. tammy hit the nail directly on the head and i wish i could say more about it. charles: we saw some bipartisan unity, we always see that with monumental event, then it seems to fade quickly. have you sorted them out even more? >> i think we have to take an unflinching look at the motivations of the shooter here. and i think that will be pieced together the next few days if you watch the f.b.i. briefing. the agent said nothing about what's going on. the first question was did the shooter have a vendetta against republicans. he wouldn't answer. and he wouldn't answer almost everything else either. we need to take this unflinching
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look at how he was motivated and what happened. farce some sort of unity, sure there is unity that members of congress don't want to see this happen. but does it mean they will get along on obamacare and taxes and other issues that divide them? no. charles: they don't want to put the cart before the horse. but we are all intelligence enough to know what happened. i think what was interesting from the press conference before the show, law enforcement has reasons to believe the shooter had been in alec an tria since march perhaps living out of his car. this is a person not unlike the lone wolf jihadist americans who start to plot against their fellow americans in plain sight.
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tammy: where i'm politically passionate and people watching this program are as well. but there is a process the last 8 years. if you lose a business, you lose your money, things start to look hopeless. then the rhetoric that began after the campaign. from that stage, madonna talking about blowing up the white house. then you have this anti-trump march in april. if he's in that area, if
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[gunfire] carl higbie said that
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sounded like baghdad. you have a chain link fence. so essentially they are fish in a barrel. they are helpless out there. tammy: we are pointing to a lot of things. but it's not one thing. it's the media coverage. the choices about
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charles: by all accounts today's shooter appeared to have pretty strong political views. many are asking if hollywood celebrities like kathy griffin and snoop dogg are fanning those
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flames. the kathy griffin severed head >> do you not feel like you have been showght this warning into the wind for your entire professional life? i feel like you and i have been sheer screaming warning a day like this was coming. a day like this possibly even worse in the future if people responsible for this don't fix it. the key word is dehumanization. i would challenge every single viewer of your product cast to ask -- of your broadcast one question. can you picture your worst group of enemies and feel empathy and compassion for them? if not, get help now. charles: before the election lifelong friends separated and were angry and there was no real discourse. this among lifelong friends.
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you can imagine people have always been on both sides of the ideological divide. progressives have taken this to a level whether it was portland and what happened this morning. >> my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. what a horrible thing to wake up to this morning. i hear from people all the time, they thought so and so was there friend. but when it comes to politics, people are so dug into their views and opinions, it's like fighting words. they can't even reason with individuals and talk about normal political issues without getting into a fight. charles: when everyone knows that's the environment, and you see these comedians and entertainers putting on plays where the president of the united states is assassinated.
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they have to realize we are in an environment where it might trigger people the wrong way. >> you have hollywood elites who have done so on numerous occasion. calling for violence against the president and other republicans, even in high schools and grade schools kids are being harassed because of their views and what they think. charles: we don't hear a lot about this. in the last few days i have seen people circle the wagon around kathy griffin. >> i don't really know. i do think there is a chance here of sort of an awakening. while most us wake up every morning and read about the bad things that happen to people, today it really happened to our
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elected officials. could they take this moment and grab on to rationale and lead in this effort to unite and get things done for the american people in the name of creating a peace that needs on created? i don't know. i'm cynical. i'm not going to lie. but i don't have a hope for hollywood because they live in such a bubble and nothing so far has affected them. charles: in spite of what we saw today, there were signs of optimism. we'll discuss that next. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference.
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>> we are united. we are united in our shock, wire united in our anguish. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [applause] charles: that was speaker paul ryan echoing sentiments on the attack today. the idea of unity, bipartisan applause. but the big question now is can this be extended beyond what we saw today. joining me now tammy bruce and byron york. you can tell speaker ryan was certainly moved. he got at least two standing ovations by the entire chamber. you wish maybe this has a linkerring impact on the way we are governed.
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byron: very appropriate for us to say today, but you can forget about a linkerring impact it appears to be an acts of politically motivated violence. the major nadal case, clearly an acts of jihadist violence. then in 2011 with the shooting of gabby giffords, the congresswoman from arizona they jumped to conclusions all over the place, even though it later emerged the short was meashed than a hatter and there was no recognizable political agenda behind it. but it does appear this short had a political agenda. charles: it was a clear assassination attempt. both nancy pelosi and paul ryan.
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i think i understood what she was trying to say. abandoning the approach obstructionism and other things that geared down washington, d.c. tammy: they don't have a history of doing that. paul ryan always gives lots of speeches and says nice, wonderful things, and nothing happens. we are tired of speeches. we got tired of speeches the last 8 years. you give a nice speech and everything goes wrong. now we are all the target. this is a tipping point. we have been through assassinations. throughout the last several years at the town halls we have seen the process move up. that wasn't enough for people to do anything about. they can decide to get the obamacare stuff done and the tax dynamic and recognize that donald trump's agenda is
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something that should be dealt with and move forward. they can stop with impeachment talk. so they can do things right away. if you don't see that right away, charles, it confirms byron, they aren't going to do anything. we are used to acting on an issue like immigration. act on this. contact mcconnell and paul ryan. charles: yesterday the house healthcare bill was called mean. how does that change when the senate handles that sort of legislation. byron: that stuck me as the emergence of the campaign, certainly distancing himself from house republicans. he called that bill a great bill when he had a celebration for the house passing it. i don't know what it says about
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the process. but it appears to put the president on the side of senators changing this bill. even without these events today, congress was way behind on this. not long until the july 4 recess recess. tammy: they cannot take their vacation and get some work done. charles: it didn't take long for political opportunists to use today's shootings to talk about gun control. but only heroes with guns stopped this from becoming a monumental tragedy for the ages. to folks everywhere whose diabetic... ...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too.
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>> we need to do more to protect all of our citizens there are too many guns on the street. talk about this every day, this is a very serious issue. charles: democratic governor mccauliffe, exploiting this shooting, almost using it for a forum as gun control, desantis, praises effort of brave capitol hill police.
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>> had you not had schall eas scalise there it would have been no reason for security detail to be there, you are looking at a number of people wound likely killed. we would have been defense less. you can sit there and say have you a baseball glove or bat, but this guy has a riva rifle and a pistol. charles: joining me now, jan morgan. i am sure when it was all going down, you probably knew the immediate reaction from the left would begun control. >> absolutely, i was counting the seconds until -- as soon as mccauliffe got on camera, i knew it would be him. today, one of the lawmakers said, we felt like sitting ducks. i thought, welcome to the real world, that the rest of us live in, in america.
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we don't have tax paid security detail to follow us could we're left like sitting ducks, in many of the gun-free zones, where our lawmakers have legislated away our right to defend our lives, i am so sorry this happened today, maybe now that our republicans and democrats are having this warm and fuzzy moment, maybe they will utes this time to come together and do something constructive that is restore us back to constitutional carry here. i feel so defenseless every time i come to dc, i hate it. charles: several headlines out of mainstream media, one said that how common are shootings that leave 5 people wounded, today is 53rd in 18 months, suggesting that gunsers problem -- guns that ares problem and not people thabeing armd. >> no, the problem, as in many cases, terrorists, this guy had a political agenda, intent on massacre, it was good guys
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with guns that saved day. over 2 million times here, every year, law abiding citizens pull guns in self-defense and save lives, most of it, the trigger is never pulled, pulling that gun stops the threat, most active shooter situations, police will tell you, when good guys with guns come on the scene that is when the bad guy usually takes himself out. charles: i have two good guys with me, i want to bring them in steve rodgers and bill stanton. you know this better than anyone else, you hear this sort of talk, and there was a shooting in san francisco, that left many people dead, maybe a disgruntled employee, that echos louder and louder, they would prefer that citizens, average citizen does not have a gun. >> you know, this is interesting we hear governor speak this way. funny what happens when you have a drunk driver or someone speeding with a car, we don't hear them talking about wiping
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out cars for everyone. steve is likely to carry as am i, we're the guys to you want to run behind when psycheo paths like that go crazy, this is a 6 amendmen second amendment right, we need to be able to defend ourselves, if you are use a gun in an unlawful manner, you are breaking the law, you are a criminal. charles: steve. >> charles, always people like governor there, who were never sitting ducks in their life, this gentleman in my rise, and myself, we know what it is like to have guns pointed as us, we are thankful we were able to protect ourselves. >> you wasn't on -- >> we need car rights in washington d.c., i have to come back july 29 to speak at a rally, i have to come back unarmed, i refusing to stay in dc, i have to stay in
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virginia, where at lift least i can have my gun, we have to stop this pre preposition where somehow. it is making them bad. >> charles, keep in mind there are gun debts because good guys down have guns, they are defense less, these congressmen had baseball bats, put the guns in hands of law abiding trained citizens that death rate will go dn. >> the wolves always prey on akest sheep, when you have shepard at can fight and fire back you see less. charles: at least. -- are you ct there will be another major nationwide push to take away the right to bear arms? >> turley, there is -- actually there is a nation quite push, but not on a national level, what we're seeing in a number of states is because president trump is
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pro-gun, you see a lot of citizens becoming complies e come -. >> second amendment issues, they of telling me citizens are complie complacent. charles: i want to use this moment to give a shout out be as of today american children, we have three new heros to look up to, names special agent chris ogriner, david bailey and henry cabrera, amazing job, appreciate it. >> believe it or not udow jones closed at a new record high, but federal reserve put a wrench in the mix. this your money, and your future, my commentary is next. when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
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charles: janet yellen may be allowing job security and egoto drive her to make mistakes. without a doubt we ended session with more doubt than confidence, that should not have happened. here is the issue. this sense that janet and company are itching to start patiencing down federal reserve -- pairing down federal reserve balance sheet in a hand fisted manner.
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notion was all this cash sloshing would spark the wealth effect, that done work out for main street, but. if the fed messes up, you can participate in shared misery with bankers and other rich folks. they forgot to tell us when they start doing this. this is one of many yellen discount -- dis-- connection. jobs, the federal reserve keep saying that economy is near full employment. it lowered its own unemployment rating this year, next years they say 4.2% from pou 4 by 4.5%.
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there is more room for job growth, record is 6.8 in october of 2000. they are saying that population ratio, like long-term unemploye unemployed debt. like training workers. that yellen dodged. she did say she thinks that combination of restraining and -- restraining and president trump apprentice plan. i am sure she got a -- she has got a point. but timing is an issue. that is not going to happen over night, why the fed should stop talking about full employment right there in a nutshell, then inflation, fed lowering inflation outlook to 1.7% from 1.9%. they seem..
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stock market, went to a tailspin. it was not hike but timing and rationale for the hike, my opinion, she was trying to prove, she was not beholden to wall street, and again allowed her ego to outperform her work. she was visibly up set and defiant about staying on. and putting -- there a lot of rumors that gary cohn who point man to find her replacement will end up taking her job. she is upset, she is frustratedded. on full display and market falls apart. market has to deal with fed decision that seem to be based on ego.
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in this case, proving independents. the stock market is okay. even 3 next year, does not want to see. last -- do, wait until tomorrow, let people sleep on this, cooler heads will prevail, i love e action, in homebuilders today, i have talked about this before, i hope everyone has expos exposure to a homebuilder stock in your portfolio. federal reserve looking into uber's hand -- ftc is looking to uber's handling of data. a day after uber cofounder
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announced he is taking a leave of absence. then to saudi arabia, "wall street journal" reporting that plans for that big ipo from saudi arabia oil company is stalling a little bit, listing that could value company at 2 trillion reportedly stalling over where to list it. >> rules of law, and a fractured society, my payne's passion is next. ♪ whoa that's amazing... hey, i'm the internet! i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. type in your idea. select from designs tailored just for you and publish your site with just a few clicks-even from your... phone.
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. charles: this is a story that
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will stay with us for a very long time, with sadness and anger in the wake of this shooting. this horrific assault probably does more to divide than heal, think about it these are crazy, desperate, and for many hopeless times. we have to remember who we are, this morning, a guy stopped me on the street before coming to work, and telling me, what he live loves what i do on tv. he said, i wonder with president trump does not go to congress and court and make his ajen at -- agendat law. i understand his frustration, but i know that america was on checks and balances. reason that nations in past
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have embraced social im, communism or de dictatorship was a sense of trus frustration. we must allow the spirit of the constitution to stop us to falling in pit of madness. boyd, have you written about it, you know first hand, working as you have with congressman lie an lee and others. >> there is frustration out there as you rightly describe. despots and dictators have used that for decade to divide pipe, create that frustration and anger.
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it leads them in power, this problem will not be solved in washington. it is culture ask community that lead. this is not a hug moment. we saw a -- last week. they would have sent out e-mails, vicious, demeaning and demoralizing, raising money. like,. >> i think that charles makes a great point. no matter how bad we think things are, we have to keep our wits and respect the rule of la law. this is not america 1850, this
6:51 pm
is 2017. political violent is never justified, this is the shooter's fall but we have to think about role we play in perpetuating this, i do agree with you, people are saying doing right thing right now, what is going to happen two weeks or three months from now, will we revert to our bad habits or find a way forward. charles: i want to apologize to senator mike lee. thank you appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: turning to happy year note. providing opportunities to so mean people like my dad. and flag day. men and women that keep us
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charles: just about 90 minutes ago, law enforcement officials describe that shu shootout as combat. big question is where do we go from here? rod, with you, as a law enforcement agent, someone who understands this stuff better than anyone else, what is your thought about where we go from here. >> investigation will be paramount, that full investigation is going to take about two to three days, there is so much information to glean, not only from the individual's background, his autopsy report will be telling as well.
6:56 pm
and in terms of protect of our elected officials that will be up for debate. i believe because of the volatile environment we have in washington dc these days, i believe all your members of congress need to be assigned a protection detail, it is dangerous in dc right now. that is kind of what i'm leaning toward. charles: real quick. the fbi and spokespersons that have come to the microphone today, waffled on whether this was an assassination attempt, do you think that law enforcement will be able to come out and forget about political correctness, and say this is an assassination attempt on a political party based on the way that suspect came to dc, waited, plotted and where he committed this happious act. >> -- heinous act? >> i do, that is an excellent question, the law enforcement there, the chief of police,
6:57 pm
capitol police, he is very outspoken could he ran up against that woman with the dnc. you know, he is out spoken, i think he will lay it down, say it like it is. charles: carl, you don't think there should be additional protection. >> no disrespect, i think that congress, you made this political environment, republican and democrat as it is, when you give me the right across state lines to defend myself with guns maybe you get to be protected by then, until then, huh-uh. >> chief brown. >> where do we go from here, we talk about this during the show, there is investigation, then mainstream media, i have 5 washington post headlines that blame guns, bullets, left -- you know right wing, and everything else except for the shooter. >> even governor mccauliffe
6:58 pm
today blamed guns thi this morning, instead of rhetoric we have coming from from the left. i have yet to hear them condemn that rhetoric we have from elite, hollywood for example. you look at this guy's social media page. it was filled with hate, and i have the -- i hav -- -- i have the -- toward president trump and the republicans. >> coupled with his background, we was arrested for assault. and one of his you know mug shots there. again another case of yellow perhap or red flags. >> they time after time, we see this they are never stand up guys, no one says he was the greatest guy in the world, they are turds from the
6:59 pm
beginning, w need to look at, should he have had a gun. gun. charles: bernie sanders. >> also a turd. jim: he did speaturd. charles: he dispk out. >> he did make comments in past sh he should not have said. charles: where are we with politicians and entertain ors those who pla fan the flames. >> time, i agree with defin with da nene into your guest, if it is hate filled, it is hate filled, the guy this morning, specifically asked, who was playing baseball, republicans or democrats, when he got the answer he wanted, he opened fire.
7:00 pm
it is what it is. we need to address it for what it is. >> bernie leads the resist movement too, i just want people to know. charles: dobbs is next, he will be with you for next two hours. lou: good evening, a tragic shooting outside of the nation's capitol, a gunman opened fire on a republican congressional baseball team. practicing on a field, in alex andrea, virginia. gunman chrysler wounding congressman steve scalise and shot 4 others, as horrified lawmakers and staffers scramble for cover, under what became a barrage of bullets, capitol police, who were there to protect scalise, engaged the shooter, 66-year-old who


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