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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 14, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we need to address it for what it is. >> bernie leads the resist movement too, i just want people to know. charles: dobbs is next, he will be with you for next two hours. lou: good evening, a tragic shooting outside of the nation's capitol, a gunman opened fire on a republican congressional baseball team. practicing on a field, in alex andrea, virginia. gunman chrysler wounding congressman steve scalise and shot 4 others, as horrified lawmakers and staffers scramble for cover, under what became a barrage of bullets, capitol police, who were there to protect scalise, engaged the shooter, 66-year-old who was killed in the shootout,
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today's attack raising concerns about wheth tre is sufficient protection for our lawmakers, and whether the violent rhetoric from political left played role in driving the horrific events. mike emanuel with the report. reporter: fbi said that gunman was living in the area since march in his vehicle, a white cargo van, and had two weapons, a handgun and a rifle. a gunman taking aim at republican lawmakers. [ sound of gunfire ] eyewitness video reveals moment of the attack this morning. >> a lot of us dove into the dugout. tried to get as many as we could. at this point there was firing behind us from the security detail, capitol police. and i started yelling back, are you friendly. >> those on g.o.p. team were left trying to make sense of violent. >> political rhetoric and
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discourse that has led to hate has led to gunfire, i never thought i would go to baseball practice for charity and have to dodge bullets. >> capitol police began returning fire, i do believe without the capitol police, it would have been a massacre. >> staffers were also hurt. an. >> president trump reacted from the white house. >> authorities are continuing to investigate the crime. and asay a assailant has died from his injuries. >> james hodg hodge kin son from illinois. >> i am sickened by this despicable act, let me be as clear as i can be. violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society.
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and i condemn in action in the strongest possible terms. reporter: just before the shooting, one player said he was approached by the suspect. >> he asked me if this team was the republican or democrat team practicing, i responded it was republica republican team practicing. he proceeded to shoot the republicans, take that for about what it is worth. reporter: house members were told that congressional baseball game would go on as planned. >> we're not going to let incidents like this change your way of life our daily routines. reporter: annual game expected to raise more than $600,000, benefiting local boys and girls club, and a literacy group. scalise plays second base. >> we're united in our shock,
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we're united in our anguish. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. reporter: house democratic leader nancy pelosi, co, echoed a bipartisan sentiment. >> we speak for each other in saying, we sustained our thoughts and prayers to our colleague steve scalise. >scalise. reporter: a mo among questions now, do rank and file need security? the democrats team has offered to host the republican team for dinner. lou: thank you mike emanuel reporting. >> new details about the leftist 66-year-old who opened fire at republican's congressional baseball practice, james hodge kin son,
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volunteered for senator bernie sanders campaign, and threatened president trump on his social media. reporter: a facebook page with photos of bernie sanders. and posts that read it is tim time to destroy trump and company. he believes that suspect approached him at the ball field. >> i had an interaction with someone in parking lot who asked if the team practicing of a democrat or republican team. >> a spokesperson, confirms a
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james hodge coi hodgkinson was a member of trade association but dropped out in 2015, a local news paper report that suspect sense letters to editor railing again republicans and tax policies, and writes i have never said that life sucks only the policies of the republican. >> he would never back down from anyone, in a bar fight or whatever, he stood his ground. >> kid stuff or -- >> it was -- no. reporter: "new york times" interviewed suspect's brother who said this 66-year-old was upset over the election of president trump, and went to washington went last few weeks to protest, this is consistent with a news report that a neighbor had not seen hodgkinson in months, but his wife still lives in the house,
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where fbi were on scene. this morning at news conference. >> we had no prior information to lead us to believe that anything like this would occur. >> are you certain members of congress were targetd. >> it is too early to tell. reporter: today fbi said they believe that suspect has been in washington area since march, and running a trace on two weapons, lou. lou: thank you ca catherine herridge reporting from washington. concerns about adequacy of security for all members of congress, fox news correspondent adam shapiro live on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: good evening, this is a question that people are asking, whether we need to reassess security for the 535 members of congress. recall it was since the terror attack on 9/11 that they offered roughly daily capitol
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hill police protection to top 3 members of each political party. in the senate as well as in the house of representatives. one member of congress, who was at the ballpark this morning, when shooting took place representative joe bar barton from texas, his son just 10 years old was also there, mr. barton praised capitol hill police officers for their swift reaction. >> the heroes are the police officers who attacked the shooter. and in doing so, quite probably saved many, many lives. reporter: in the view of several member of congress, including mr. barton, the capitol hill police officers, two who were wounded in the line of duty, but are going to recover from their injuries, those two reacted and responded not only appropriately, but saved lives of several people at that ballpark.
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lou: appropriate please and heroically, adam shapiro thank you. >> a disturbing shooting in san francisco, a ups driver armed with a handgun opened fire at a package sorting center in the hill neighborhood. he kill three people before he shot and killed himself. two others suffered gunshot wounds, and the victims likely gunmen all company drivers. >> breaking news, there are reports that special council oversees investigation into russia's role in election is broadening its investigation, now investigating president trump for possible obstructed of justice according to officials to whoak t who spoke to washington post. that would mark a turning point.
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investors, investigators have also reportedly been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes among trump associates, all of this based on washington post reporting, unnamed sources, latest development comes amid growing concerns that the left esteem that -- leftist team that mul mueller has assembled may be influencing the direction of his investigation. >> congressman ron desantis. >> a guy that walked up to us. that was asking whether there was republicans or democrat out there. it was a little odd, then he walked today area where it happened. >> we take up the attack with congressman desantis next. >> tragedy striking in london, police there, death toll to
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congressman scalise a patriot. >> congressman scalise is a friend and a very good friend, he is a patriot, he is a fighter. he will recover from this assault. and steve, i want you to know, that you have the prayers, not only of the entire city behind you, but an entire nation and frankly the entire world. lou: republican congressman rodger williams of texas also giving highest praise to capitol police. visibly emotional after this shooting, in which his aide was among those wounded. >> there could have easily been 25 deaths or more today. but officer griner and bailey prevented that, and my family and i will forever be grateful . grateful. >> more now on breaking news we just reported to you,
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concerning special council and unnamed sources, a widening of his investigation. a spokesman for president's legal team said this, the fbi leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, ini inic inexcusable and illegal. joining me now, a congressman on the scene of shooting in with the shooter, congressman ron desantis of florida, thank you for joins us, we appreciate your time, i know it is a tough day for and you all of congress, give us your sense of what happened today. there on that baseball field in alex andrea.
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years, i was playing third base, jeff duncan shortstop, we were fielding ground balls, schall easschall-- scalise is playing second. jeff and i left a little early to beat the traffic could. wen 't tcould. >> we went to jeff's car that was driven by one of his aides, a man approached us and asked, are those republican or democrats there, jeff said republicans, he immediately turned and walked toward the field, it was weird, but we capitol on police on scene, -- >> we started to leave, and we were notified once we got back to hill, these told capitol police about this individual, once they identified him, we saw photograph, all 3 of us in the car agreed that individual that approached us and ask whether it was republicans or democrats was the same
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individual that opened fire. trying to kill a lot of republican congressmen today. lou: reaction today, is outrage. to see what unfolded. the heroism of the capital police, saving, at least dozens of lives, one presumes. because of the everyone out there on that baseball field, without anywhere to run. to hide, to seek cover. it is a to what do you credit the fact that the shooting was not worse than it was. and how and what do you know right now about the condition of steve scalise? the third ranking member of the leadership in your party? >> i don't have new updates on
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our thoughts and prayers with him and the others who were injured. you know i think that is a situation where had steve not been there, his security detail would not have been there. there would have been zero security there. and so, guys who are out there, you know, a baseball glove is great to stop a line drive, but it is not going to stop a bullet from a rifle or pistol, their present there saved a lot of people, i think this individual, it is interesting, i was probably 50 feet,40 feet from where he set up 5 or 10 minutes before he started shooting, he could have done a lot of damage, had you not had those individuals for law enforcement. he is a disturbed individual, coming up to us, wanting to know, he knew they were members of congress, he wanted to know if they were republicans or democrat, then you look at his background, this guy was filled with a lot of rage.
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lou: we'll talk with psychiatrist dr. keith ablow later to the broadcast to get since of his the shooter's state of mind. and his troubled history, you know when you talk about congressman scalise, on second base and you and jeff duncan in the infield. i don't think it is a coincidence at first read looking at facebook post of hodge coi hodgkinson. a couple of comments from his facebook post. starts this way, trump is a trader. trump has destroyed our democracy. do we have these in full screen? trump is a trader, trump has destroyed our democracy. it is time to to destroy trump and company, trump supporters are a new species, cartoon of
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new species discovered. on steve scalise. posting by the shooter, here is a republican that should lose his job instead they gave him a raise, a cartoon of scalise giving a speech to the kkk . do you think that scalise was a target of this -- troubled shooter? >> well, i did not know about that posting, lou. congress. very likely i think on specifically republican members. and that is some evidence that steve himself may have been one that office specifically targ -- was specifically targeted that really troubling, this guy was so deranged and filled with rate
7:22 pm
and rage, it push this point, for him camping out for a couple of weeks, protesting then leading to this massacre. i don't know what the warning signs are, and we need to know how did he know about the baseball field, how did he know congress was there, was there social media chatter about it. lou: his threats on his social media, agast t president of unite united states went either unnoted or someone failed to inform secret service of those postings, either way. there was a lot of evidence this is a troubled individual. >> i got a call in my office someone said, glad it happened, trump needs to be next, there is a lot of ugliness out there, there no
7:23 pm
other way to slice that. lou: congressman we appreciate your being with us, we are glad you are well and others as well and steve scalise in our prayers. >> thank you.. lou: breaking news, death toll rising to 12 in the massive london high rise fire. expected to climb, firefighter still battling small fires, in break an o wreckage of the 27-story building. as man many as 600 people live in the complex, authorities are expecting that death toll to climb. lou: witnesses say they saw residents throwing babies from high windows trying to save them from the inferno. investigator don't yet know the cause of the fire. tenants say they warned authorities about safety issues about government-subsidized housing. on wall street today, stock closed micked on med stig to -- fed decision to raise
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interest rates. federal reserve raising rates, by a quarter of a percentage point. second interest rate hike this year, third since december. despite slowing inflation, fed forecasting additional interest rate hike this year, also planning to unwind its 4.5 trillion dollar balance sheet by contrast yield on 10-year treasury note falling to 2. 41%, lowest level since last november. the month before the series of interest hikes began. >> a reminder to listen to my reports 3 time a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, congressman pat meehan, praising capital police for their heroic actions today. >> my first thoughts go to herey heroism of the police
7:25 pm
who there were and responded immediately, in a manner that likely saved lives of a number of people. >> steve scalise is a member of leadership, she has a second detail there,oid w otherwise we would be out a bunch of guys on a normal morning practicing. lou: we take up the tragedy, ed rollins and michael goodwin joining me next, our special coverage continues. stay with us, much more ahead.
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everything. turning to the f.b.i. which tonight is seeking information about the leftist gunman james hodgkinson. authorities say the 6-year-old had went in alexandria area since march after traveling there from his home in illinois. 66-year-old. he was a bernie sanders supporter and worked and volunteered for his campaign. he posted a number of anti-trump statement on his facebook page. on one he called trump a traitor and wrote quote it's time to destroy trump and company. joining me to talk about all the latest from the shooting in virginia, the man who served in three political administrations, the dean ed rollins, and you
7:31 pm
will itser prize winning columnist for the "washington post," michael goodwin. let me art with the shooting today. there is a discussion of unity in the house. some considerable public drama here around that call for unity. do you expect it to survive the day? the week? >> no one can argue with it. there is no counter argument that on a day like this that the parties should come together. but this is all about donald trump. there is this vile hatred shadowing him, and this is have much about his election. this is the continuation of the kathy griffin severed head and madonna fantasizing about
7:32 pm
progress up the white house and the shakespeare play in new york showing trump's assassination. there is something unleashed on the left, and my feeling is too many mainstream democrats on the left have been silent and it's a cancer and it's spreading. lou: ed, your thoughts. ed: there is a great hatred coalescing around trump and trump supporters. we have a two-party system. the thing i worry about, i hope it's more than one day. this could have been a massive tragedy. fortunately scalise being in the majority he had a security guard. lou: everybody crediting the
7:33 pm
capitol hill police with averting a massacre. ed: i think the thing that bothers me, we are at a point where our political system has crippled our justice system. one of the things we talked about for self nights. we have an attorney general who turned it over to a special counsel. special counsel earlier tonight, him going after the president for i think an idiotic charge. lou: if it is true, should mueller be fired by the president? should the leadership of the senate intelligence committee, the house intelligence committee, the house of representatives and the senate say enough? this has been a year-long investigation.
7:34 pm
as the spokesman for the president's legal team, this is an illegal leak. we are watching laws being violated at will. in washington, d.c., and they are not coming from the trump white house or trump administration other republican party, they are coming from the deep state, the intelligence community, and it's got to be stopped. ed: the attorney general has taken himself out of all of this game. maybe he should resign. maybe we need a new attorney general, and no disrespect to him. at the end of the day he disqualified himself and to a certain extent we need to eliminate the special counsel. lou: michael goodwin today wrote that sessions was president trump's mistake. >> i think when you look back, sessions said yesterday he recused himself because of
7:35 pm
justice department regulations. anybody involved in a campaign can have nothing to do with an investigation of that campaign. but when did you learn that? and when did president trump learn that? that would have been a reason not to appoint sessions to that job. you see what happened. you lost control of that investigation. you have a career prosecutor rod rosenstein who is not aligned with the administration and he gets to appoint mueller, and he gets to decide mueller was necessary. lou: rosenstein is turning out to be a grandstander himself and not particularly adroit at least in service of the government. we are following breaking news out of fair feed, california, that's where travis air force base is located. we are told they are responding
7:36 pm
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is producing results. federal officials have arrested 40 members of the gang in new york and long island and hundreds more across the country. and no apologies from the law and order administration. the acting immigration and customs enforcement director selling congress illegal immigrant should be living in fear of being deported. he said anyone in this country without authorization can be arrested and those ordered deported will be removed. democrats already exploiting today's shooting at a republican congressional baseball practice. virginia governor terry mcauliffe, long-time clinton crony and fundraiser pushing gun control at the scene of the shooting. >> i think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens. i long advocated, this is not what today is about, but there
7:41 pm
are too many guns on the streets. background checks shutting down loopholes. we worry about this every day for all of our citizens. lou: extraordinary, exploiting the issue in the midst of tragedy. even by mcauliffe standards. not very classy, let's put it that way. on you next guest is a member of the freedom caucus. he says the devicive rhetoric in need to end. he serves on the house oversight committee. congressman, thank you very much for being with us. i want to start with the shooting itself. we are learning the short was an absolute compulsive trump hater. he hated the republican party. a leftist supporter of bernie sanders, and a member of anti-republican groups.
7:42 pm
one of them called terminate the republican party. give us your thoughts as we learn more about this person. and the violence that -- physical violence as well as the violence of language and rhetoric and the commitment on the left of the democratic party to subvert the trump administration. >> you know, when asked whether this particular individual was influenced directly through the fierce rhetoric, politically that developed these days, we'll never know, he's dead. but what i do know with all my heart is he came to that ball field with the distinct purpose of killing as many republicans as he could. we have an issue with fierce rhetoric that's being inflamed by social media and different methods of outlets. what that create is nationwide a hostility towards politicians at
7:43 pm
home. and there is no question. given time and given that scenario being inflamed, it creates a dangerous scenario. lou: amongst the things he posted, listen to some of this. the road to hell is paved with republicans. donald trump is not my president. president bernie sanders. he didn't even take note that it was hillary clinton and the democratic national committee that cheated bernie sanders out of a fair run for the presidency that the presidential nomination that was won by hillary clinton through collusion with the dnc and her campaign. no one talks too much about that as you may have noticed, congressman. it goes on and on. terminate the republican party. then the call for unity today. you know that despite all the
7:44 pm
tragedy today that this call for unity lasts usually about 24 hours. then the assault, the left dem deep state assault on the president of the united states and his administration will continue with perhaps even more energy tomorrow. >> you know, listen, no one argues the call for unity. that's good and fine. we are americans. we surround ourselves around those things we believe like liberty and pursuit of happiness. we can disagree on policy. but there are certain things as americans we need to come around. but unity is an attitude of the head that generally doesn't last long. we need a change of heart in this country. and we need god back in america. we have been kicking god out of
7:45 pm
the public square for a long long time and that's part of the problem we need to seriously look at. we need to encourage faith. that's the type of thing that changes hearts. >> as we have seen the secular left rise and hostility within it rise, it has become a threat to domestic order, and to this administration. it's irrational, and there is no, if you will, mitigation on the part of the national left-wing media. they have become collaborators and accomplices in those acts of subversion a and the effort toened cut this lawful administration. this is something we never experienced. >> you are right. we never experienced this before. people are always disappointed when their candidate is not elected.
7:46 pm
but what we are seeing these days is taking it to a whole other level it's creating an environment nationally of great hostility. i don't see a good positive end to that picture. we need to do some soul searching across the board on both sides of the aisle. this is something we need to dig deeply in and find those things as americans we cherish together. >> and to watch the special counsel, two intelligence committees, your house of representatives run by the republican party work as hard as they can to help under cut the president of the united states. is it time to end this ignorance? because it is that. the f.b.i. investigation has run almost a year. the special counsel now, its investigation, the investigation
7:47 pm
of the committees, 6 months worth of it, and nothing. why should it be permitted to go on? >> that's a $10 million question. you can almost see this thing unfolding as yet another example of just the partisan witch hunt. we have under oath one individual after another from comey to rogers who said the president did not try to persuade them in the russian investigation and did not try to tints fear with it. that he was not under investigation. now we have the special counsel rounding themselves with individuals who have a conflict of interest. and given to the democratic party. it smells like it's going down a political witch hunt. it's something that causes great alarm. lou: democratic donors, and
7:48 pm
donors to the clinton foundation and the list goes on. the deep state is working overtime to subvert president trump and his administration. >> the democrats are fighting for power. republicans have to understand this is a real war. the democrats want to destroy them. being passive and slow doesn't count. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™.
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lou: we received word that that veal world incidents at the travis air force base is related to what is now described as an active shooter on the base. but again that is all the information we have at this hour. we'll be putting together more for you in just moments and stay with us for that. special counsel robert mueller met with leaders of the senate intelligence committee. just one of the five congressional committees investigating the so-called russian collusion or interference.
7:53 pm
democrats vowing to keep pushing that issue until the 2018 mid-term election despite no evidence whatsoever of collusion between the trump campaign and russia and it is all being supported by the national left-wing media. our next guest says what we need are grand juries to go after former attorney general loretta lynch, the clinton foundation and obama administration for unmasking as a result of surveillance of u.s. american citizens. joining us tonight, chris farrell, the director of investigation at judicial watch. it appears to me if these stories, based on unnamed sources turns out to be true, that robert mueller would be for the first time accusing and
7:54 pm
investigating a president of obstruction of jus have taken an historic turn here that will have unimaginable, broad and deep consequences that will alter this country's history. is that a fair statement, do you think? >> you hit the nail on the head, lou. the left has a hard time naming the criminal predicate. they can't tell you what crime was committed. they are doing this in reverse. they are saying, oh, this campaign or president trump or his circle, they have done something bad and now we are going to go look around and see if we can finds something to hang around their neck. it's the opposite of how criminal justice is normally prols dmiewtd this country. give me a person and i'll find a crime for them later on. we have had a number of agency heads all say there is no
7:55 pm
russian collusion, that the russians made an effort to the collude the election but it had zero effect. but we are still running around in circles with the special chownl has carte blanche to go look and do whatever he wants. lou: he has tbrots on four top officials who are contributors to hillary clinton, one of them an attorney for the clinton foundation. there is not even a mild effort on his part to appear fair and impartial. that raises lots of questions. we'll be take up those questions with chris farrell right after these words. that's it? he means book direct at for the lowest price on our rooms guaranteed. plus earn free nights and instant rewards at check-in. yeah. like i said. book now at
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new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at lou: we are talk with chris farrell of judicial watch and the assault by the deep state against this president. today the latest reports, a specific report from the "washington post" based on unnamed sources that that investigation is widening. before we return to chris farrell we are following breaking news out of fairfield, california, the home of travis air force base. a spokesman for the base confirms there is an active shooter that began at the base exchange today.
8:00 pm
we do not know with any certainty at what point the incident began. there are 10,000 active duty and reservists on the base. 13,000 family members as well and 3,000 civilians. an active shooter has been confirmed on the base. we'll have the latest for you as details he morning. right now the base, everyone there has been told to shelter in place. we'll be coming back with the details as soon as possible and as soon as they come in to us. we are talking with chris farrell of judicial watch. we are talking about the presidency and what may turn out to be an absolutely historic point in the country's history. your judgments about the options available to the president, to the leadership of the house and


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