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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  June 15, 2017 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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12 hour incrments they're reevaluating his situation. stuart: president said earlier today scalise will be okay we think. let me get that right, we hope, that was from the president. neil sorry to hand it over to you in such dire circumstances but it is yours, sir. neil: i know what you mean, steve. very good man, decent man, hope he comes through it. you can't tell with initial reports. he was head in the hip, you think he will be all right. there are a lot of vital organs in that neck of the wood. trying to crawl to safety might have complicated things. obviously to your point, thoughts and prayers are with mrs. scalise of course, the third highest ranking republican, more face of the anger that seems ill-contained these days. we'll coop you updated on his condition where it goes. keep you updated what the
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president wants at that do today. he heralded a capitol hill police, took what was an already awful situation and prevented it from coming much more and saving potential carnage there. the request to arm our congressman and women, maybe all should be allowed to carry weapons or at least have protection. there is back and forth on that the day after all of this. meantime, we're keeping what ensues with the selloff particularly in technology. you wouldn't know it with the dow down all of 24 points but this is concentrated beneath the surface with technology stocks resumed their rout couple days ago here. if we go through some of the big technology names here that are back to a big selloff here, on that, despite the fact that yesterday there was sort of a breather for a while, what people thought. you will have to take my word for it. we will show you these stocks.
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but for now, technology is still getting sold off. all right, as we go through these names here, that continue to slide off of course, since this incident and before and after. now market watchers, jonas max ferris, jonathan hoenig, fox business's charlie gasparino. charlie, people say keep in mind the tech stocks are up appreciably for the year, certainly since donald trump's election, no denying that but they're many are itching to correct. what do you think? >> bank stocks are off today somewhat. neil: right. >> i would say this, listen to what janet yellen said yesterday, makes a lot of sense, barring trump's fiscal stimulus plan, even if they do pass it this year, economic growth will be about 1.9% f they don't pass it this year, that -- neil: economic growth for this year? >> yeah, something like that. correct me -- neil: what do you make of the president seemingly hinting strong economic growth this quarter?
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>> he is saying it every day. he is a politician, that is what he is supposed to say. we're supposed to figure out whether he is telling truth or spinning it. neil: he is talking about the second quarter. >> here is reality if they don't get the fiscal stimulus through, what the bond market is saying, and they are a better indicator where the economy is going and the stock market in the future, bond prices are up, people are looking at less inflation and less economic growth. they don't believe he will get his fiscal stimulus package through. that is warning sign for investors in the market. at some point if you don't get the fiscal package through. there has to be a selloff, i don't know how deep or how much. neil: 10-year note here, to charlie's point, we're off the lows, these are 2017 lows, that is in yield for the year. since backed up little bit. don't read necessarily too, too much into that at this point. you know, jonathan hoenig, one thing that i do find curious, is this, obviously that is one ripe
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group, technology stocks, they were due for some sort of a hit or excuse to sell. are you a seller? >> neil, i think you have to be cautious. with technology that led the way up the googles, "fang" stocks have been strongest names. nasdaq all of sudden at four-book lows, that should bring some cause for concern. neil, keep in mind the market is a come percent off its all-time high. neil: absolutely right. >> the real fear so many expectations now people had, lower taxes, much lower regulations, fixing obamacare as days go on and the administration doesn't stress them, gop running the table, if not now, when are the structural hindrances to the economy ever going to get solved. that is much of the risk. neil: a much has been made of washington drama, jonas, not just the shooting, widening investigation what appears to be
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widening investigation with the president himself, obstruction of justice you know the drill, these are still the latest distractions against an economic agenda that most of the market want to see enacted. an to charlie's point that looks less likely at least in the near term what do you think? >> i think it is less likely but i think the market is beyond the trump bump at this point. that petered out in march perhaps. it is trading i don't want to call it irrational exuberance, not 1999 when it was all hope. these tech companies are dominating the world. that said, i would call it, like they're drunk on success for lack of a better word. you see it in uber. there is too much money in these stocks. there is too much optimism. they have it to easy. they have been successful, not maybe they will be successful like '99. this is not a huge thing yet but
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i think there is too much money in it at this point. it will not go bankrupt like all these '99 stocks but i think it is due for -- neil: names you're looking at facebook, apples, amazons, these are the survivors of the internet boom argument goes so they would survive this. >> yeah. neil: charlie, you raise an interesting point about what janet yellen and the federal reserve was indicating they're vigilant making sure inflation is in check, ironically they made the move when inflation was under 2%. you could argue they're being too proactive here. what do you think of that? >> you worry about the head getting ahead of fiscal policy that is stimulative. i could give you a million worries of the market, whether get out of stocks or be prepared to blow out of stuff at some inflection point. neil: right. >> i will say this, this is countervailing argument not selling the market, in 1995 i
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believe, you had 8,000 listed stocks. now you have half of that. there are not that many stocks out there. the administration is looking to roll back regulations. that is a net positive. on top of that you have easy money. put all that together -- neil: not as easy. >> true but basically had janet yellen yesterday saying i have to be convinced to raise rates next time. neil: thinking only one more hike this year. that is still pretty easy? that is a reason, maybe, to keep buying stocks. so, remember, the economy is, and here's the where it is sort of diverges. the economy is growing like crap, face it, 1.9%, that doesn't mean the stock market, companies that will look for economies of scale, done-size, that they can't grow, they can't produce decent earnings. i'm saying, temper your sort of willingness to sell with that thought because, there is still a buy here.
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there is still a buy rationale here. neil: what about for you, jonah, are you in the bullish camp, or whatever you want to call it? >> neil, big moves are made over time and that is how the money is made. look, we're due for a correction. jonas made this point. we've been talking about low volatility. there isn't a lot of fear in this market despite the fact there are a lot of things to be forful about. seeing 10 or 20% correction we are due for that. neil: when was last time we had a 10%? have we had it in this rally? >> we had it but i forgot. neil: right. >> so we're due for a little -- the thing for investors is, don't make it all or none decision when it comes to your portfolio and look for new buy opportunities when the finally makes correction. >> i don't think we'll have implosion. neil: kind of what you're saying, jonas. it wont be like a 1999, early
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2000 preview to the, nothing like that? >> right. those companies, we had 80% nasdaq correction, we're not due for anything like that. have to watch overindulgence. crypto currencies. i think you should add long-term investment grade bonds, than maybe more stocks. don't prepare for doomsday which never really a good strategy, even if it doesn't happen, you don't know. as things that aren't u.s. tech stocks. bonds, something else to get a little diversification, even though gives up some upside you see in these areas. >> i like pumpkin spice latte futures. neil: there you go. there is a reason why i hate you. this is the latest reminder. guys, thank you, that did not apply to the two other fine gentleman. the president touting his jobs plan and theme he will push again and again. blake burman at the white house
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what is behind all of this. hey, blake. reporter: to push forward the need to buildout more apprenticeship programs throughout the country. the administration has been citing for better part of a week, six million jobs they say are left unfilled. they believe apprenticeship programs can sort of bridge that gap. to that end a little while ago here at the white house, the president signed an executive order. one of the things it allows the department of labor to work with companies, trade groups, even unions to build up these models, put together plans for appresent 'tisship programs, submit them to the department of labor. try to get them approved and fast-track them. that is one thing it's doing. another thing it is doing, the administration points to there are 43 different workforce programs throughout government. this allows them to kind of take a step back, look at that, see if any of that can be streamlined. president boiled this down, neil, to something we've heard him talk about for months on end
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now, which is trying to get rid of regulations. >> we will be removing federal restrictions that prevented many different industries and regulations on top of regulations, and in history nobody has gotten rid of as many regulations as the trump administration. that is one of the reasons you see jobs and companies kicking in so strongly. reporter: as for criticisms here, neil, a senior white house official was pushing back on the notion this might remove some of the oversight as it relates to appresent 'tisship programs from the department of -- apprenticeship programs. they don't want to focus on one thing. they want to expand the tent. neil? neil: blake burman at the white house. after yesterday's shooting congressman thomas sass i introducing a bill that let those with concealed carry permits in the home state to do
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so in washington, d.c., where they work. he is a republican from the beautiful state of kentucky joins us right now. very good to have you. >> thanks for having me, on neil. from the description of the incident yesterday that i received from my colleagues, it is clear the capitol police who were there were heroic. had steve scalise not been there, there would have been far more, there would have been fatalities. and a lot of congressman would have been hurt. what i'm trying to do is anticipate how to he avoid a tragic situation in the future, you know, the american people don't realize is, most congressman do not have a security detail. and we are as exposed as the general public is exposed when it comes to our nation's capitol. that is to say -- neil: on capitol grounds you do, but not off the capitol you don't. >> that's right. as soon as we step into washington, d.c., or anywhere in the public we're unarmed and unaccompanied for the most part. but i don't want to extend a
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special privilege just to congressman. i recognize everybody has the right to defend themselves. that is in the constitution. so the bill i introduced today, i will literally walk here to the floor and drop it in the hopper in just a second, it will allow anybody with a concealed carry per mitt in their home state to use that permit here in washington, d.c., as if it were a driver's license. neil: what if you don't? >> i'm sorry, neil? neil: what if you don't? what if you come from a state that doesn't allow that? >> you can apply for a non-resident permit in washington, d.c., if you don't have a permit from your state. that provision is in the bill. in facts makes it slightly easier to get non-resident per mitt in washington, d.c. neil: d.c. has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, congressman. people hearing it, good congressman made sure he and his fellow congressman are protected -- i know what you said about trying to provide
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this for all, but if you are living in the district now, and you don't have this right now, how could you under this measure get that? >> well, we're working on legislation to do that as well, to make it easier for resident. even though they can't apply for a permit. there are fewer in 200 people in washington, d.c., that successfully completed that permit process. we need to work on that as well. but as somberness of this situation, you know sets in here on capitol hill, yesterday we were all sort of in shock. today i think we need to start thinking about what to do in the future to prevent further episodes or to ameliorate those conditions. the irony, neil, is, those of us in congress who don't have police details, we are safer in our home districts where many of us do carry concealed weapons. we want to be able to extend those privileges to those who come here to visit us in
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washington, d.c., also for us to exercise our rights as well as their rights. neil: do you think that maybe, you and your colleagues, there are 435 in the house, 100 in the senate, should have security protection of that, it might be rather expensive but, the risk of not having it in light of what happened yesterday shows that it might be worth it? >> i would rather us have the ability to defend ourselves, and for our staff frankly, to be able to defend members. many of my staff are qualified to handle a firearm. neil: but you know what i'm getting at, sir. sometimes arguments can get heated on the hill. i'm just wondering if you are allowed to carry, all of sudden it is getting really nasty, you could start shooting at each other? >> doesn't happen at home. i don't think that would happen here, but to your point, if groups of congressman congregate, common sense there should be a little of police
12:16 pm
protection there, even if one of them is not a member of leadership. by the way, my prayers are boeing out to steve scalise. we're all hanging on every word or piece of information we get on his condition. neil: thank you, sir, very, very much. let me know how this measure of yours proceeds because its timing getting a lot of attention. a lot of attention it would not have gotten beforehand. we'll keep an eye on that. democratic read from all of this, california congressman john garamendi, what he makes from this. maybe time has come to beef up security for more than the people who have it presently, right after this. ♪
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neil: just wondering here, whether the message you had for example, during john kennedy's president den sy, reach out to republicans for a tax cut or ronald reagan where he reached out to democrats to get legislation through, whether that would even be doable? >> actually working together and not demonizing each other and not drawing those lines and literally saying you are my enemy because i disagree with you, or because you disagree with me or because you have a different religion or race. when that happens that we see unfortunate tragedies like today occur.
12:21 pm
neil: yesterday, hawaii democratic congressman tulsi gabbard saying the tone has got to change in washington. good luck with that. one other possibility is widening pool of security for those who serve in congress. maybe to my next guest's liking, all united states congressman and women, all senators as well, democratic congressman among those supporting that, not only one, john garamendi is here. thank you for coming. >> good to be with you, neil. neil: we had one of our colleagues tacking about in the prior segment, sir, this notion, congressman and women should be armed, especially come from a carry state to carry a weapon. what do you think? >> well if they're from a carried state i suppose they could. certainly don't want weapons in the house of representatives or anywhere around the capitol building. that seems to be a serious problem. i have a problem with the carry law itself. there are a lot of bars you simply don't want to walk into.
12:22 pm
in any case the issue of security for members of congress clearly, when there is a threat, and many, many members of congress have received very serious threats, they do need security. the rest of us, we go about our daily life. we go shopping, buy our groceries, do things most every other american does. that context i don't think we're going to need security. but when you're out in public, doing a town hall or some other kind of event, yes, security is appropriate. neil: but you're out in public at a grocery store. >> it is different, really different. you're there anonymously in most cases although many of us are known in our local community. neil: i would recognize you in a minute in a local safeway. i would stop and talk to you. that raised concerns that whole aspect i see where you're coming. a former colleague of california, i'm quoting, people are supposed to be able to come
12:23 pm
up go, yeah, that's you. you can't build walls up around elected officials. that is not what they're supposed to do. the president might be a little different but not these 535, referring to number of congressman and senators we have. what do you say to that? >> i think there are situations you need to have security. as i said a moment ago, there are very serious threats against many -- many, many threats against my colleagues. over the years i have had serious threats. they need to be investigated. state owe capitol police, or fbi ought to knock on doors of those individuals putting those serious threats forward. neil: but i mean if you think about it, congressman, there was an open carry law in washington, d.c., we would not rely on two capitol hill police people, guarding congressman scalise to be, saviors of the day. thank god they were. this could have been mitigated
12:24 pm
much more i am pooled by those there? >> well, i think they're in baseball uniforms. so i doubt they had a hand exon in their back pocket. nonetheless -- neil: but open carry many do, right? >> when they're out on the ballfield? i'm not going to be playing in that game. i don't want to be umpire either. neil: you've been to the states, they have on them on all venues. >> we have to be very real here. we're talking about members of congress. we don't need to go into all issues about the gun laws around the nation. we do need to know there are serious threats. neil: look at your own district, you're talking one of the strictest gun laws in the country. one of the most crime-plagued regions in the country. chicago same deal, one of the toughest gun law disin the nation. one of the most crime-plagued cities in the nation. >> there are many, many reasons why you have high crime. neil: absolutely. absolutely, but maybe give victims a fighting chance, right?
12:25 pm
>> well, in most cases, the great majority of the cases, the victims are family members. that's, suicides. that is where most gun violence occurs. neil: yesterday, it was several of your colleagues, right? >> that's correct. and thankfully, we did have security there at the ball field. that was the good news. carrying issue is not i think relevant here. what is relevant -- neil: that measure by your colleague here would be dead on arrival at least with you? >> i'm sorry, i didn't understand your question, neil. neil: i apologize, that measure, to allow you and your colleagues to carry, that would not go anywhere with you? >> i don't want to be in a situation here in the house of representatives, or in the capitol or the capitol grounds there are more guns around. i don't want to have our police officers face a situation where there are numerous guns around,
12:26 pm
even though they may be our guns. maybe our staff. i don't know how far you want to go with this. we don't need more guns around the capitol. neil: of course the capitol is a different beast. at least in the capitol, that building you're in, you have protection in that building. in your offices. it is when you leave those offices, is when you leave that in your colleagues,. >> even in california, a straight with very strict laws, an individual or member of congress or any other individual can go to the local sheriff and be able to get a permit to take a gun. they get a permit to carry a gun. neil: they can get a permit to carry a gun almost anywhere. we can go back and forth on
12:27 pm
this. i guess my issue here, how is it going to be solved. blessed, they have been enough for others to take notice. the tone is such a lot of people are fearing on the left and right, just a matter of time before it happens again. you do you fear that? >> when those situations are out in public, when i do a town hall in california a small community, local police, city police in that case, they will provide security at that event. we're thankful for that. they want to do it for all reasons of more security, also security, that is standard procedure. neil: that happened because of recent events, right? >> exactly. exactly. that is appropriate. when we have situation of a threat, we report the threats to capitol police. the capitol police will investigate and in many cases go knock on the door will issue that threat. that is appropriate too. we have some other things. fortunately we don't want to raise the rhetoric here.
12:28 pm
we don't want to raise the rhetoric about gun laws and so forth. we want to do is reduce the are the rick. we want to solve some problems here that are fundamental to this nation everything from the affordable care act repeal issue to tax cuts, the deficits all of these things. what are you going to do about russia? neil: you see what some of the criticisms are what you would like to do open possibility much having protection for yourself and colleagues. that you could compromise that rhetoric, that you can't talk to folks because you have guards with you all the time? >> that is not the case. that is not the case. i was lieutenant governor in california. i was insurance commissioner. for 12 years i had a security detail with me wherever i traveled. they were always in the background. they never ever caused any problem with me interacting with any constituent unless there was a serious threat, which did happen a couple of times. neil: did that constituent, if that constituent upset, some guy
12:29 pm
with uzi walk up as i'm talking to you, then you can understand how that person would be less willing to talk to you because there is this dude with an uzi right between us? >> that would be a problem, no doubt about it. neil: yes, indeed. >> the conversation would end very quickly. neil: i hear you. sir, thank you very, very much. please be safe. >> thank you, neil. neil: there is a back and forth about more security for lawmakers. regardless of the cost, step back and whether we would be worth it? wyoming senator barrasso on that, a doctor by training, who knows a thing or two about keeping people safe. after this. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. on average, four out of every five rentals at national is a free upgrade. getting a full-size and paying for a mid-size? ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted... i'm lovin' every minute of it.
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often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock. neil: the gail is on tonight after the shooting incident, congressman steve scalise still in critical condition. that game for the democrats and republicans slated for nationals stadium 7:00 p.m. eastern time.
12:34 pm
expectations of heightened security there. how do you go with this? not just games on capitol grounds or off capitol grounds? remember this happened off capitol grounds. senator john barrasso, good to have you. i heard from both sides, those advocate protection for all you guys, and others say how about the freedom to carry a weapon. you say what? >> first of all our thoughts and prayers continue with steve scalise, his entire family. all those who were injured and special thanks to officers who protected so many others and this could have been much, much worse. elected senator from wyoming. continue to travel the state extensively. sometimes by myself and my wife and i will drive around the state as we always do talking to people of wyoming. i'm not looking for additional protection at all. neil: now, is wyoming an open carry state, sir?
12:35 pm
>> it is. many of us have concealed carry permits that we've had. i support legislation to allow people who have that permit in one state to have reciprocity in other states but yes, wyoming, certainly the second amendment rights are critical in wyoming. neil: remind me not to ask you critical conditions in person then. but, one of the things that has come up, senator, as you know, is this issue maybe all representatives, to congressman garamendi's point, from california, all senators should have protection, that some will not be arming them service. some come from states where that is not even allowed anyway? what do you make of that idea, that they argue would be well worth it, longer term to avoid what sadly has become increasingly hostile and maybe potentially violent-prone world? >> well, first, i think every man and woman who runs for office is there to make their community or state or the country better, safer, stronger,
12:36 pm
whichever party they're running from. i believe men and women in washington, d.c., representing districts are focused on that. they want to focus on things of jobs, economy, national security. in terms of our own security at home, i think each representative needs to do what they feel gives them security they need to be able to most effectively interact with people that elect them. for my part, i will be home traveling around the state. my wife and i continuing to do things all around wyoming. that will not change for us. neil: that is a buell state, i will give you that. senator, if you don't mind giving doctor part of your fine brain. that is what happened and what is happening with congressman scalise. that we're told at first he was hit in the hip. then he is in stable condition and critical. now i'm told his million prognosis is critical but he is
12:37 pm
far from out of the woods? i know you might know the details of his medical condition, but what hands here. what do we have to be on watch for here? >> i don't know any of specific conditions other than reports come out of the hospital. that he would need additional surgery which is not at all unusual with open fracture where bullet wound to a bone, clean it out, maybe do a repair later. that is not unusual. we need to make sure after surgery someone is stablized. if they're not and continue to need transfusions, losing blood it is hard to keep up. you have to reexamine the blood vessels, was there a blood vessel nick continues to bleed and need to be addressed that way. i have not seen x-rays or know any conditions or anything about the doctors taking care of steve scalise. neil: we're hearing that the bullet might have hit vital organs, and that that would
12:38 pm
complicate things. as a doctor, what do you do in the days and weeks to come? what do you watch for? >> you watch for infection. if the bowel has been pierced for somebody, there is increased risk of infection with the contents of the intestine leak out. you look for signs of infection. you look for issues of the, of bleeding and you look for ultimately stablizing the bone. there have been reports that the pelvis as well as the hip were injured and hit. a bullet can do a lot of damage if it is ricocheting around in the pelvic area. there are a lot of vital organs in that area. they need to make sure everything is recovering properly. certainly fluids and fluids flowing in as well as flowing out. neil: tapped the political questions with you, the medical ones, of course your thoughts and prayers for the congressman and others affected by this, thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil.
12:39 pm
neil: we're getting a sense that special counsel's job got a little bit more inclusive and a little bit mores, at least for some republicans worrisome, especially those who reside at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. ♪
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♪ neil: all right. let's bring you up-to-date on a couple of things here because this fbi, remember robert mueller, the former fbi director in the chief counsel role here? we're getting indication, "washington post" and others are parroting it, they might be pursuing a obstruction of justice case for the president. doesn't mean they will have one. they're looking into possibility he obstructed such an investigation, going perhaps, best we can surmise, jawboning he did allegedly with fbi director, former fbi director comey. the president of course disputes that.
12:44 pm
we have trump campaign michigan co-chair with us. the white house position on this has been that this didn't occur at all, poured. but, i'm going to take the leap, even if it did, is this the type of thing that warrants an obstruction case? >> i think your question is a good one but you said the word leap, and i think it is not safe to make leaps at this time. we need to let the due process ensue, and we need to let the investigation unfold and again remember a lot of these claims are just, are just interpretations without facts. neil: you're right. >> we need to heat the process ensue. neil: i hate myself for asking it. we have the "new york post" washington bureau chief. gabby, rumors, administration was kicking around firing mueller, this might be, you know, a way to avoid that, to
12:45 pm
try to say, well, now, i ratcheted this up to possible possible obstruction investigation and that would not be a good time firing me? i am being very cynical and i'm leaping here, but what do you think of that? >> it would not be a good time to fire mueller, into the investigation, it would certainly place president trump into more legal jeopardy if he were to do that. that could introduce more evidence there is an attempt to obstruct the investigation into russian interference in the investigation and whether there is any collusion between president trump's campaign and russian officials. my sources in the white house there are several attempts to convince president trump not to make that decision, though they emphasize that this president is completely unpredictable and on any given day he can make a decision one way or the other? neil: that would mean he would have to find someone to do it. if that were the case. i agree with you that there is no sign that is out there. >> that's correct.
12:46 pm
neil: i can't imagine that guy appointed him would be keen to do so. that is like nixon "saturday night massacre". i don't think president wants that, right? >> he would have to convince rod rosenstein to let mueller go. in fact during his testimony on capitol hill, rod rosenstein said he is has full confidence he is doing a good job. neil: that was his way of telegraphing that it won't be me to do it. >> right. neil: lena, give a sense where there is this going, whether r pro or con of details of widening investigation, details leaking out a congressman is shot at and others are shot as well, it seems bad, timing just seems bad. but what do you think of it? >> the timing will never be good in a situation like this where a country divided, we've seen a terrible event happen in alexandria yesterday. it is time for the american
12:47 pm
people to come together, both elected leaders in washington and across the great nation. stars the investigation goes, i think it is important for us to remember that the investigation needs to play out. let's let the facts show. let's let the facts lead us to the right conclusion. meantime we need to get back to the business of creating jobs and -- neil: leaks are coming from within the white house. some of the president's own entrusted lieutenants, someone is singing like a canary. >> the leaks are extraordinarily concerning and serious. they need to stop. i think as the american people, we need to expect that and require that. i think that the individuals in washington need to do the same as well. neil: there is a concept. gabby, where do you think this is going? play out the summer for me? >> to lena's point if we this investigation to play out over the summer, over the next coming months i think that also applies to the president himself. we saw a round of tweet this morning emphasizing the point he
12:48 pm
made repeatedly this is a witch-hunt. he obviously tweeted a couple weeks ago about this. he is really becoming his own enemy. that is something we're hearing inside of the white house, from officials who are close to president trump who continually emphasize to him that you know, anytime you tweet about this investigation it doesn't do you any good. his supporters, some of his supporters disagree with that, but i think that is the general tone here in the white house is that every time the president interjects, gets himself involved in one way or another, whether you through a tweet, whether through a statement somewhere else or comments to reporters, it definitely doesn't help, especially in wanting to see this investigation play out. so i think this is going to continue going on. that the president needs to exercise some discipline in that regard but this is really, neil, going to impact the legislative agenda that republicans have had. it's difficult to see them getting any progress done on health care, tax reform, on infrastructure in the next few months when they're bogged down by these continue all questions about the russian investigation
12:49 pm
and whether president himself obstructed. neil: they can walk and chew gum at the same time? >> i don't think they can. neil: i was trying it on sixth avenue. i tripped a couple times. but that is just me. but, lena, do you worry about that because you i know behind the scenes they're still proceeding on this stuff but to gabby's point they can't get to the finish with all these other distractions? >> i'm extraordinarily concerned about that, neil. one thing i say every day to elected officials in washington and to the citizens of the great state of michigan we must keep our eye on what is really important to the american people. there are citizens that are not going to have health care pretty soon. there are people, companies pulling out of the health care exchange. people worried about job creation and safe borders. these are issues that americans deserve focus on. the special investigation that is going on right now will ensue. we need to protect what is most important to americans. keep our eyes on that while the investigation goes on. neil: thank you both very, very
12:50 pm
much. >> thank you. neil: meantime, apple making its phones in wisconsin? how about some of its phones in wisconsin? the big plans after this. ♪ i joined the army in july of '98. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life.
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neil: we are getting reports that a blimp at u.s. open in erin hills, wisconsin, caught fire and apparently crashed. we're getting similar reports that the pilot parachuted to safety. we don't know if anyone is on the blimp. normally they're used for aerial shots of the course at hand. i hope that is it, that everyone is okay. a blimp crashed at the site of u.s. open. we'll keep you posted. we'll keep you posted on big developments from technology land. foxconn may be building a plant in wisconsin that might build the new iphones. connell mcshane has details. reporter: hey, neil. if this goes through whether they make iphones or not, this would be a big deal, very big deal, potentially a big loose for the state of michigan. president trump made a trip out
12:55 pm
to wisconsin earlier in the week. when he was there he seemed to hint at foxconn and its big potential move, governor scott walker, might get a quote, very happy surprise very soon. now foxconn, you may have heard of before, is a taiwanese company, there are reports out there, a number of them, suggest it could go forward with a plan to employ 50,000 people in wisconsin, 50,000. michigan is said to be in the running as well for a foxconn project here in the united states. the company certainly best known for making the iphone. it makes other items as well but has plants in number of other countries. china, best known india as well. questions of controversy over the years with questions coming up about working conditions in some of those countrieses especially china. here in the united states it is not yet clear what the project will be if wisconsin if it happens. fox cannes said in the past it is think about 7 billion-dollar
12:56 pm
investment in the united states to make flat panels that could be apple, other companies as well. michigan and wisconsin battling out for the business, something the president obviously talked about, incentives for companies that did a lot of business overseas, to do more business here in the u.s. reports are wisconsin has the advantage. we'll see. neil: connell, thank you very, very much. the dow down 28 and 2/3 points. people thought that rumors would help apple or other technology shares it is not happening as of yet. right now all the technology shares are at or below monday levels when the selloff inside. we're keeping eye on congressman steve scalise's condition is still critical. it is according to doctors treating him, complicated. more after this.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: all right. we are getting an update on this crash that occurred in wisconsin and decided this year's golf u.s. open. not only the pilot, but several others are parachuting to safety. we don't know how many were on board the blimp. it did crash. indications that everyone we hope it's all right because they did cite several people parachuting. not just the pilot. these tend to be used for the most part to take aerial shot around the events in this case of the golf course during the open itself if we don't know much more than not. we hope and pray everyone to
1:01 pm
sign, but we'll keep you posted on any further developments. meanwhile, keeping very close eye on congressman scalise's medical condition game complicated right now. but was supposed to be a stable condition when they first knew he was rushed to the hospital after the shooting yesterday in virginia and then got critical and now a lot of folks don't know for sure. following on this from washington. reporter: the commerce and commissioner complicated me evaluated in increments of 12 hour spirit after he bulleted his last hit, fractured several bugs that cause severe internal bleeding. yesterday was rushed into surgery when he arrived at the hospital later had another procedure to stop the internal bleeding and he will likely have more operations. just a little bit ago the president before he had a meeting about jobs, he addressed the scalise condition.
1:02 pm
>> it's been much more difficult then people thought at the time. he's been some trouble. he's a great fighter and he's going to be okay we hope. >> earlier today, vice president pens visited at medstar washington hospital where scalise is recovering. he treated this picture with his wife. he thanked the staff and everyone at the hospital. politicians on both sides of the aisle are offering well wishes to everyone that is injured. senator chuck schumer is calling on americans and politicians to reflect on the importance of civility in our nation's politics. >> we disagree vehemently at times here in congress. the level of nastiness, vitriol and hate that has seeped into our politics must be excised. reporter: the fbi is continuing their investigation. 66 years old.
1:03 pm
they are not saying much, but they are looking on his whereabouts. they want to know what he was doing leading up to the shooting. they want to know if he acted alone. they are also looking not the rifle and handgun that he used. they are looking see where it came from. so far they have also searched his home in illinois and scrubbed all of his elect on it device is trying learn as much as they can. neil. neil: tracee, thank you very, very much. you heard his anger and rhetoric and how that leads to violence itself. both sides said the other side is doing it. the whole course has to change. we got radio ben kissell file less well. what about that? not the first time in our history it has been like this. it's not every day the gunmen go after u.s. congress either. >> at times like this day he played the game. that is what is is what has been
1:04 pm
happening all along. people blame donald trump for the rise of anti-semitism. people are now blaming the left for all of the comments they made. if you look at so many celebrities, madonna, snoop dogg, kathy griffin, there's within 10 celebrities who have made comments about wanting to harm the president of the united states or other officials. even stephen colbert or had one of the staffers on this day. you cannot say this man was inspired by this rhetoric. it certainly feels hate, anger, the inability to have a conversation, how the dialogue and people are taking sides like nothing we've ever seen before. my earnest hope right now is nancy pelosi was being honest when she said it's time for us to move forward, where she's at that time together. the dinner last night between democrats and republicans is a good first step. let's hope we can all learn right now that no one is evil
1:05 pm
here. we are trying to the best we can for our country. >> i don't want a scapegoat. the person to blame for this attack is james hodgkinson. he is the one who perpetrated these attacks. it's not a gun issue. >> in any environment he still would've done this. >> the hyper partisanship we are seen in washington as a result of the gerrymandering and redistricting going on in this country for so long for politicians go to washington with no incentive to compromise because their core constituents at home don't want them to. there's no need for these politicians to compromise. we've also had the situation in this country where politics have almost become a religion for people. people choose what cars they drive, what food they eat, what restaurants they go to, what kind of clothes to wear based on politics. when you disagree, you're not just disagree with their ideology.
1:06 pm
you are disagreeing with their god. >> you know it's interesting, it wasn't that long ago and i mention two different presidents, fair and balanced, ronald reagan and john kennedy reaching across the aisle. that would be seen i think in this environment as a weakness. i wondered regardless the motivations of this guy who took it upon himself to kill as many people as they could. what's going on here? how do you dial that back and say okay, go beyond just playing a baseball game together, but doing business together. >> i think we have to take a close look at ourselves and learn to respect each other across the aisle. i think that there is a reason why donald trump and other establishment candidates. he was going to be seen as somebody who would come in and do things differently. people are tired of gridlock. most americans right now are tired of the recess although we
1:07 pm
are not going to do anything. we are going to stop, blockade. drain to the politician decides to reach across the aisle. >> thank you for sin of her gridlock because it makes me think of general stockdale and it makes me immediately file. people are no longer communicating as he said here they are communicating via social media which is not a human interaction. if you have a political conversation they'll say yes, huge fan of facebook for three days i feel like i won because i got the most likes. people start opening up their screen doors, looking to the right, looking to their left, talking to their neighbors on their porches and get back to the community we once had. it has really eroded the political discourse in this country. neil: weaver road at ourselves, too. your way is to arrive at things about being a total. i think we can. in the meantime, an update on what is going on with this web crash in wisconsin.
1:08 pm
liz claman if they are. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you we were on the scene. we're the first crew on the scene, the 14th hole among the chatter has just gone down. we are just east to a soybean field. you can see that the firefighters and police are there in the white t.a.r.p. that you see, that is the blimp that was covering the u.s. open here at barren hills in wisconsin. we are about an hour out of milwaukee. we talked to harford fire and rescue and they are telling us he went down. he was on fire, but i was able to grab a witness. one younger man with you and i believe he's coming back to the event a statement to the police here. he specifically told me if i catch fire and then it went down. we believe that we have not confirmed that this blimp is owned by a company called air sign. if you cannot, you can see
1:09 pm
helicopters coming and they had abandoned the airspace as soon as this happened. this on the first day of the u.s. open golf tournament in the fourth point to note is there was one person on board, the pilot. there were some reports he parachuted out into space. i guess the young man the witness and they told me he did not see that at the moment. keeping my eye on this, they did tell me there is a propane tank attached to that lived that has not exploded, so they are concerned and that is why they are keeping us far away. that pretty much dropped everything we were doing on the 14th hole, jump in the car and ran over here. they have shut down the area and are pretty much asking us to move. we are just bringing the story to you first on fox business and at the moment we are just waiting on for long confirmation that the pilot did manage to
1:10 pm
escape and he is okay. as soon as we get back, we will let you know for sure. i'm waiting on witnesses again, but they were two young boys -- not even boys, about 20. over here you can see that we do have the state patrol and the left is the soybean field where the same town. we got a second to talk to the daughter-in-law of the owner of the soybean field she didn't want to comment that she had been out there with a yellow vest on checking out the situation. quite an auspicious beginning to the start of the u.s. open golf tournament. they do have drones that are going to be able to cover some of the golf tournament, but as long as everybody's okay for the moment, they do not have a blimp. >> it sounds like it might have been only the pilot and that was the fellow on the stretcher might've parachuted. earlier reports that others were parachuting to safety. no indication you are in after
1:11 pm
witnesses saw that. >> as we all know, witnesses are sometimes a little unreliable because it's pretty frantic and it's disconcerting. fox business producers saw it go down from afar and they did take some pictures which i believe we've shown on the network already. tough to see what's going on. and i'm exploded propane tank. they are keeping a fire. it is a dangerous situation at the moment and they do have experts out there. we are trying to get a real read on what happened. multiple witnesses say they saw i catch fire in go down. neil: hopefully everyone is okay. thank you, lives. liz claman will be doing a wonderful show from the side of the u.s. open. with all of this drama i have a feeling there'll be a lot going on. democratic congresswoman with us right now. we are told that the baseball game is on eastern time at
1:12 pm
national stadium. are you going to that game? >> i absolutely am. it's the best of what we do and we do a lot here in the united states congress in a bipartisan manner. i don't think i've missed more than one or two since i served. each year i take the number of interns that are willing to serve the public and engage in public service of college students. about 11 interns in my office i my office and i'm hoping i'm taking each and every one of them just to see how democracy works, and why we are the greatest country in the world. >> a f minutes ago, coresswoman, we had your colleague on who is saying maybe now is the time to consider getting protection for all u.s. representatives, all 435 of them, all 100 senators to avoid this kind of thing in the future. how do you feel about that? >> first of all, before i do that, but they indicate the horror that we all ask areas
1:13 pm
with the tragedy shooting yesterday and ask america as we are doing to pray for majority whip scalise for his ed and strong recovery, for a capitol police, for the wonderful staffers and volunteers do that keep them in our prayers and reflect on their lives and willingness to serve. members of congress have as their first priority the service to their nation and of course their community. we go out and do individual citizens concerning their issues. of course, other very high priority as family and homes. the context in which we put this should be put in the context of service. for too long we have diminished ourselves and not recognize all the places we go in the good deeds we do as republicans and democrats. terrorism is becoming franchise. we don't know what kind of back
1:14 pm
despised, but we don't have any indications about great terrorism. we do know there is danger. when we were doing a memorial, we experienced that says they've done over the years. i think the strategy of addressing the question of security, i don't like discussing it widely, but where members gather in small groups, where members feel threatened security and i think there should need enhanced security for their district offices. i have staff not enough to supervise 45 offices in a very large urban semi rural community if you will. unincorporated areas. i want the staff to be as safe as i would want us in washington to be safe and so does every other member and senator. i don't want to say this is about high. for this is about me.
1:15 pm
it really is about letting members of congress who symbolized and represent the united states government and their staff safe. so i very much interested in a new construct, it a new way when we safeguard members of congress as we know it the incident yesterday in and with the tragedy of the shooting of her colleague, gabby giffords. others have collateral impact, the loss of life of the little grove and no shot yesterday. it's important not to move forward on a better way securing them in congress. >> he would not be of the mindset of some others in republican congress who said if you come from light say and open carry state, you should be allowed in washington d.c. to carry that weapon. someone regarding having not
1:16 pm
this never would've occurred and when put the pressure solely on them. they were lucky to have someone of his rank day because it'd just been then and never joined them. it could've been open season. >> let me say this. you notice what i said. we look at security for members, i'm not ready to jump to any conclusions packing irons and getting into that debate. i haven't gotten into the gun violence debate yet. i wanted to let these two days really focus on the injured and pray for them. i believe we should be secured by a certified police officers who have been in a capitol police and possibly others. >> down the capitol grounds. you are protected in that building com interop is. if you leave, you're kind of on your own. >> you are on your own. the sensitivity of numbers, we
1:17 pm
don't like saying me and i and we need security. i think we just seem to have our experts. i'm on homeland security, judiciary committee. winning our federal federal law enforcement taking assessment. >> this is the right in the left. whether it's after a lot of democrats, town hall meetings during the obamacare debate and a lot on the left going after republicans postelection to donald trump. we need to bring that all done to stop that, either better screen these events, make sure they are actual constituents and make sure they can argue positions without going crazy. >> first of all, i didn't mind my manners to a national television. i don't think we spoken. glad your good health and look forward to talking in the future. u.s.a. good question. i had 11 hearings but its a combination. i went on the floor today to
1:18 pm
speak about love and peace. but what i did do, which is important as we are passionate debaters. we are passionate about her ideas and our constituents as such. i do think we can intervene in the media can help us do this by expressing that when we are passionate, it is about the issue, not about the person. we can also engage they say no violence should be taken against someone you disagree with. you're never going to completely stop hyperbole and great speech. i do think it's important that we not personalize it entering the obama debate on obamacare, i experienced enormous amount of attacks on the president, myself. i remember being here for the clinton impeachment. all of us three period of time have received those kinds of threats. we need to step in to her neighbors that this is not personal. it's about the issue and will
1:19 pm
represent them in the right way. >> is very well put. thank you very much in thank you for taking the time. >> good to be with you. >> the vice president of the united states addressing this very issue. i believe he's in florida. >> he continues to receive the best possible medical care and that's our hospital in washington d.c. congressman scalise is a good man. he's a principled leader and a patriot and like all of those who come to serve in our nation's capitol, steve loved his country and his service does credit to the people of his state and the people of this nation. caring and i joined millions across america in praying for steve, for all the injured and their families in this difficult time. but we are especially grateful to the brave police officers who ran into danger without regard to their personal safety.
1:20 pm
as i told her and her family this morning at the hospital, the courageous actions of officer krystal greiner and none of officer david bailey saved lives and prevented an even greater tragedy and the american people are grateful for these courageous police officers. [applause] while there'll always be those who seek to divide, to choose insults over inside, tonight on a baseball field in our nations capital, the world will see america is better than that. as president trump said yesterday, we are strongest when we are unified, when we work together for the common good and when a neighbor is hurting or under attack, the american people always come together with generosity, compassion and
1:21 pm
prayer and we always will. it is in that spirit that i'm honored to stand here with all of you today, our neighbors as well, from across south america or central america, north america, so to president fernandez, president morales, vice president ortiz, secretary to die, secretary sr rao, members of the cabinet, honored guests, it is my privilege as vice president of the united states to welcome you to this conference on the price. he and security of central america. [applause] >> the vice president was going to be addressing obviously congressman scalise and the difficult recovery route now in critical condition with a medical situation that is growing more complicated according to a stock or spirit
1:22 pm
kentucky governor tom bevan with us right now. the governor was among a small group meeting with the president a short time ago on jobs and what have you. governor, good to have you and i did want to touch base a little bit on what is happening in washington in the shootings and concern here that maybe this is a preview of coming attractions, this could get worse unless the rhetoric calms down. what do you think? >> is heartbreaking. it truly is. these are sobering times. this is a sobering event and it shocked people, woke people up. the thing that strikes me as this is the embodiment, the physical enacting of things that you read by the millions literally every single day on social media. there are people who write these things with impunity, who say they are going to do these things, who call for others to do these things every single day in twitter feeds, facebook post, et cetera that occurs. we now have become almost accustomed to it to the degree
1:23 pm
that we don't call it evil out. what occurred was an act of absolutely unadulterated evil. you cannot regulate this. there is no law or rule that would have prevented this. this is evil that lurks in the hearts of men and it has been done of time. >> you're right about that. the reason i mention it is james hutchinson is a high in the attack yesterday was killed in a shootout here. he had been posting on facebook among other sites over the last few days everything from this wine trump is guilty and should go to prison, and make america great again and resign and finally as it got more heated and ominous, and it is time to destroy trump & co. with authorities are those who frequent the pages here read this, see this, should they act on it? should they give even authorities ahead up as to what is going back and forth here? when did the discourse go from a
1:24 pm
guy who doesn't seem stable to someone who could cause great harm? >> this has always been a challenge. this has been a fine mind and the first amendment rights of american to freedom of speech and to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. there is no easy answer to that that i know anyone else will come up with will find the perfect dividing line. >> am very sorry and i do want to get into the jobs thing as well. some of you your republican colleagues say when you're crossing the line and threatening someone, you don't have these free-speech rights. what you make of that? do you agree with that? >> i don't entirely disagree. depends what was said in land and in the circumstances here it is an answered at this time. we always to ourselves to be her brother's keeper, to treat one another as we would want to be treated as civil discourse, to be respect: call a rose who do not. including those in our media who
1:25 pm
frankly foster this, and while i miss and elevate this. we've got to stop because we feed into the base element among us that has always existed. >> governor, all of this occurs at a time when the president is trying to continue with his agenda, whether a potential investigation on the part of former fbi director mueller has grown with possible obstruction. we don't know for sure. i guess what i'm coming from is this idea that it could distract from that agenda, including the very one that has you at the white house today talking at jobs that don't necessarily require college education. apprenticeship programs, a skill set than the kind of things we used to his country. now we don't seem to anymore. you worry whatever your views on all of these matters that the president's agenda has been compromised, that everything you want to get done is delayed or
1:26 pm
denied? >> here's why don't worry about it. i cursed to be here. is grateful for the invitation because it speaks to the heart of what i talk about. 49 other governors in a number of others and territories care about the same thing which is workforce development and ensuring that every single member of our society from every democrat, those in the traditional working class people in prison, veterans returning whatever the case might be. being engaged or apprenticeship through college education, and this is a president who gets it and the same things that resonate with people. to your question i'm not concerned about the distraction because who is distracted as people follow the news media cycle incessantly. people distracted inside the town i'm talking to because this is the coin of the round is this discourse and dialogue and chitchatted remora gossett. out there in real-world america, people want a president who follows up on its promises. they want a man who says he's going to focus on america first and actually does these things.
1:27 pm
i'm telling you what i think he would be elected with a higher percentage of the vote now and he died just this past fall. i truly am convinced that because in real america, people are grateful for the fact that the first time in a long time with somebody at the highest level of politics who says what he means and follows up on it. >> the polls and surveys for a very, very wrong. i can remember a time when people said what the heck is this guy doing even thinking of running anyone and comfortably. donald trump similar, not by the same margin, but nevertheless commend his approval numbers, which might be just as spotty and you are right to question them. but do you think that weighs on him when you talk and meet with the president, is it something that is bothering him? >> i can't speak for his mindset and whether or not it does it i've encouraged him quite frankly to turn not you specifically about everybody
1:28 pm
else off. neil: good piece of advice there. >> at the distraction and his enthusiasm was exemplified today with the number of governors, democrat and republican alike, all of us in complete agreement appreciation for workforce development because it is led every single one of us is wrestling with and why i am confident this will not get lost in the shuffle because everyone of us have that as a top priority for herself. whether people are like it or not draws attention to faith in his discussion of apprenticeships and nontraditional training programs that we have thought of in america is good. his idea that people can earn while they are learning or even higher degrees and responsibilities is a long time coming, good for america and will resonate with the american people. >> you're also a pretty successful business men and the markets have been picked up
1:29 pm
enough late. we are not going to make a big deal in a couple days performance, but there does seem to be some growing and spirits some growing and spirits are they not paramount because they have appreciably since the president was elected or even inaugurated. they are giving up hope a little bit, getting concerned this may be pushed back from agenda that most of them like getting pushed back. >> i don't think it's even related at all. you are a man who knows the markets. i spent large parts of my life and investment business prior to this role and when you have the run-up we have, $4 trillion in capital created in the market, you will see steve get let off. it happens time again. this isn't close to an election where arguably due for a correction and we've seen historically a run up and then take off again. trade to even a correction of 10% would not dissuade you? no, i don't think it's even at all related. i think it is a natural course
1:30 pm
of the markets operating. >> last question. and they've got to go commissary. there has been talk the administration was considering firing former fbi or mueller appeared using that would be a mistake? >> i think it's rumored allegation. the coin of the round, the less we dwell on rumors and more things that actually matter, not the least of which was the tragedy that happened yesterday, lessons we can learn and how it came about to kentucky's motto which is united we stand and divided we fall. if we learn lessons like that, entreating america's workforce, we are not going to be distracted by rumors about who may or may not be let go. >> even if the president were entertaining night, and you don't think that's a good idea? >> i think it is just a distraction. it's irrelevant to anything of nt will stop
1:31 pm
watching as well. governor, thank you very much. the beautiful state of kentucky. i read on all of these with fox as mystical pedal ladies. gerri willis, market watcher with us as well. we begin with you on this idea that the market hiccups notwithstanding. everyone, calm down. things are going to get done. kentucky governor says the company will deliver on it. >> yeah, i do believe it. alan dershowitz told a six, 70 weeks ago to matter how much they doubt they would not find aleutian between the president in russia. the same will happen with this obstruction of justice investigation if you will. the markets have transitioned to an earnings driven market better than most people think and people are underinvested. if you get a pullback here, go substantially higher. >> as you've been reporting in your updates here, we are still up a lot since donald trump
1:32 pm
look-alike day. rna is then getting concerned for no reason at all other than tragedy -- gravity and this may be that time? >> everybody knows markets don't just go one way. to your point the dow was up 16.5% since trump was elected in november. we are records. isn't it okay to take a little off the table? technology in particular has really led to mass back in the s&p 500 to these new levels we've seen. i will say there are eyes on washington all the time and what's going to happen. today watching obviously more on mohler is what comes from that and is trump's agenda get delayed a little bit. the big picture, people are still feeling their enough about the rest of the year. watching economic reports in the tenure bond yield.
1:33 pm
>> it is an amount of record lows for the year. gerri willis, one of the things is the health care revamp very closely. if that is delayed, so much is attached to it, including the tax cut that maybe the market and might realize. i've heard from others who say even next year, hope springs eternal. where do you stand on this? what are you hearing? >> everybody talks about a july 4th deadline right now. every time one of these state announces they will not have insurers for 2018, that puts another amount of stress on lawmakers to come across this kind of ill in the senate for health care reform. you can't underestimate that. they feel a lot of pressure to get something done. though they make july 4th? who knows. there is incentive to move forward and they've really got every senator, i have tell you, working on this. the budget committee finance,
1:34 pm
health care. tree into your right. it hasn't stopped yet. you get a sense that what is propelling the market might not have anything to your earlier point about what's going on before about fundamentals that look good, and stocks as charlie traina levin reports that the supply was not what it was. >> is exactly right. the tension fund an endowment fund, norway's pension fund a musty trillion dollars, about six, seven months ago they said the only way they can hit their mandated returns is to increase their equity holdings from 60% of the portfolio to 70% of the portfolio. it is dawning on investors and money managers that is the only game in town. you can get to the mandates and fixed income. >> thank you all very much.
1:35 pm
we are continuing to listen in on the vice president speaking in miami, florida right now talking about jobs. the administration very up on message. donald trump met with a number of other governors in the senate is pushing alternatives to college education because as these folks accurately point out, you don't need a college degree to be very much in demand. to an electrician, and a mechanic because they are impossible to book. more after this.
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smaller portions. less sugar. neil: we are told the senate intelligence committee is holding a closed briefing. we don't know if there's anything to do with the ongoing investigation into conclusion. the russians, trump campaign might have to do with the shooting yesterday. that would probably be a better bet. former fbi agent goalmouth on more protection for lawmakers right now. it is very good to have you. this talk among some.
1:40 pm
we've got to extend this protection to all who work in the capital, presumably the 435 representatives, 100 u.s. senators because this is just another shooting waiting to happen. >> i totally agree. now it's out in the open that these lawmakers, congressmen and senators have little to no protection. it is by happenstance the majority whip who does have protection because of the special assignment did have some security protection. not this would've been a mass massacre. we have to revisit the entire protocol and program to the house of representatives and the senate because now it's in the open and the terrorist organizations know this and they are just sitting ducks. i understand and respect the fact that they want to be the congressmen and senators who want to be amongst the people, et cetera. they could still do that will
1:41 pm
still be afforded the necessary protection that at this point they need because let's face it, we are living in a different society where we could be attacked by a terrorist organization or by some that man like would have been yesterday at any time. the time has come where these people that we need to do the work of the government need the protection that is necessary to keep them safe to do that job. >> obviously want everyone to be safe and that i am and appreciate them fully support. you do wonder about another layer that comes between coders, constituents and representatives, particularly at the house level where that a core group of people. maybe even a u.s. senator. when they go to town hall meetings, i don't senators do as well, but that's another bomb for another wall between these
1:42 pm
numbers and their constituents as if there's a great distraction already and that's when they are. i wonder whether that makes their job and then seed even more aloof, more detached from people. >> i totally agree with what you are saying. all i'm suggesting is to have an armed escort. not obviously take it to the level of the president for the vice president, et cetera, but just a u.s. capital police aren't person there is at least a deterrent. >> they are. capitol grounds her capitol office when you leave that compound or confines that it changes. you'd be for having that protection? those who come from up and carry states where they are allowed to arm themselves or have a gun can i carry it with them, that could extend to d.c. as well. would he think of that?
1:43 pm
>> i think d.c. has way too many diplomats, way too many house of representatives to have everybody walk around with a firearm. the house of representatives should be armed themselves if they choose to be. many of them may choose not to be in that choice should be taken away from them and they should have at least one person that is trained again at least as a deterrent. not only for themselves, but their staffers. a staffer was shot yesterday. for the u.s. capitol police, multiple other people would've been shot and killed. the time has come to seriously revisit this. it doesn't mean it's going to be a buffering between them and the people. it's basically a deterrent in heaven forbid there is another attack which there could be. a copycat attack now that everybody knows these lawmakers
1:44 pm
do not have protection for little to no protection. they need a little more than we have now. neil: well put. very good team you again. >> thank you good night pleasure. the game is on. these congressmen and staff members were practicing yesterday including congressman scalise. this is on tonight in washington d.c. where you will find adam shapiro. came on and it could be sold out crowd. >> that's what they are expecting. this is a charity event that dates back to 1909 they been playing this congressional baseball game since then. proceeds will go to different charities in washington d.c. the literacy programs here. they've also added the police memorial fund to one of the charitable organizations that will receive funds after the game. a show of unity at the game. nancy pelosi as speaker paul
1:45 pm
ryan will be appearing on national broadcast at the message of unity and here is what they said about unity a little bit earlier today. >> we are going to go to the game today. we are going to play our hardest to win. throughout the whole game we will be team is scalise. >> you hear her talking about being team 79. they say that is what he would've wanted. democrats and republicans were playing in tonight's game will be wearing gear and baseball caps from lsu, mr. scalise being a representative from louisiana and very fond of lsu. that is something else will be done tonight as a show of unity. of course vice president pants earlier today said as president trump said we are strongest when we work together for common good. first page seven of 5:00 tonight.
1:46 pm
neil: adam shapiro, thank you very much. we are getting more details on the part of the north koreans. he's in a coma and the north koreans prompted that. so the question is, what do we do? all this time we've been motivated by missile launchers. could it be the place of this young man in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people that this development, his tragic story at night they respond no missile ever occurred? after this. you always pay
1:47 pm
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neil: you heard from on of shapiro scene of the democratic republican expected to be a sold-out affair. telling fox over $1 million has been race for tonight's game. pastor about 500,000. is not done yet or double that it may double that and i haven't even played the game yet. coming together, you always hope it's more than just a game. in the meantime, dennis rodman giving kim jong un the art of the deal book. sometimes a picture can say it all. out of the deal, north korea,
1:51 pm
need i say more. in the meantime, auto warmbier's parents are speaking out today. a lot of it isn't flying with them. >> even if you believe their explanation of botulism and the sleeping pill causing the coma, and we don't, there's no excuse for in a civilized notion to have these bentonite tank top notch medical care for so long. >> former u.n. ambassador say enough to rock the missile tests, all the craziness this regime has done tremendous as the one that seems to be sticking in most peoples con. the heartlessness un nmi resonate more than any of the other stuff. what do you think? >> this is obviously a tragedy for he and his family. there's a lot we don't know. i don't think there's any
1:52 pm
question his mistreatment by the north koreans tells us about the character of the regime. this is not the only piece of evidence. the assassination of kim jong un, assassination of us have rather having people rub nerve agent on his face. the murder of his uncle by lorraine antiaircraft artillery and killing hamlet bullets big enough to rip him apart. no one ever said or any of these, that doesn't sound like the kim jong un regime we now. this is a 25000000% prison camp in the arena. the notion that they follow, the same kind of rationality we do is once again disproved by this inhumane treatment. is there any argument you needed that what we need to do with this regime is end it sooner then later. this is not a regime you can negotiate with unexpected
1:53 pm
agreement they'll honor. they never have been their history going back to the korean war. this is a heavy prescription to say the least. but honestly the way to end the north korean nuclear threat is to the north korea, reunite some other way to consign this regime to the ash heap of history. >> even their argument that this young man sort of fell into his own daycare, assuring him around. there is that's going on with this -- dennis rodman. what do you make of all of this? >> i don't pretend to understand dennis rabiner but he may be up to there. this is always difficult when an american is taken hostage, you feel for the individual being
1:54 pm
used as a pond in a bigger international political game. you feel for their family. it's hard on presidents. it was hard on ronald reagan when hostages were taken in lebanon by militant groups bear. the president's real responsibility is to protect all americans citizens and primarily not giving terrorists are state sponsors of regimes anywhere and the incentive to take more hostages. that's the direction the policy ought to be. obviously we want to get those captured out, but you don't want to do it in a way by paying ransom. >> i cannot imagine he's doing this totally unbeknownst to the white house. you work whatever connections you have, even dennis rodman or what. >> honestly, i don't think there's any connection between the release of warmbier and dennis rodman.
1:55 pm
neil: neither do i. is there something else you or what you think? >> i do not the slightest idea, but sometimes it's more trouble to restrain somebody like this from go and then to the go. nobody should suffer for many illusions here. you should send the new york philharmonic to pyongyang to play traditional song. it's not going to change that regime one iota. it is a 25000000% prison camp. that's the way it always has been in the way it will be told that it collapses. neil: anything short of that would not be welcome. john bolton, good seeing you again. thank you very, very much. one final update oits rkets. the latest on congressman scalise's commission on the cross currents of everything in between. forward.
1:56 pm
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♪ neil: want to update you on that commercial blimp that caught fire, crashed at the u.s. open going on right now. looks like everyone is all right. as awful as this looks the pilot, there were disputed reports as whether others were on board, looks like only the pilot. our liz claman was, is there. she will be reporting from there. but looks like despite the multiple propane, explosions, the pilot is being treated. expected to be okay. no one else we're told that might have been on the blimp in erin hills, wisconsin, the site
2:00 pm
of this year's u.s. open. dow down 30 points. selling pressure for technology stocks. trish reagan here to take you through the next hour. trish: thank you, neil. president trump is firing back after a "washington post" report that special counsel robert mueller is having the donald trump for obstruction of justice. what is going on in. i'm trish regan. this is "the intelligence report. president is trying to get his agenda on track pushing a new apprenticeship program. first it was collusion and now it is obstruction of justice. president trump calling this the biggest witch-hunt in american political history? is he right? we're asking historian doug wead. a gunman a long history of hate for the republican party opened fire as republican members of congress. has this cou


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