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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 15, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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of this year's u.s. open. dow down 30 points. selling pressure for technology stocks. trish reagan here to take you through the next hour. trish: thank you, neil. president trump is firing back after a "washington post" report that special counsel robert mueller is having the donald trump for obstruction of justice. what is going on in. i'm trish regan. this is "the intelligence report. president is trying to get his agenda on track pushing a new apprenticeship program. first it was collusion and now it is obstruction of justice. president trump calling this the biggest witch-hunt in american political history? is he right? we're asking historian doug wead. a gunman a long history of hate for the republican party opened fire as republican members of congress. has this country become too divided?
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is the mainstream media and hollywood partly to blame for the spread of hateful rhetoric? we're asking republican congressman jack bergmann who was at the scene of yesterday's shooting. we want to go to blake burman for the latest on the russia probe, possible obstruction of justice which is what the "washington post" is reporting. hi, blake. reporter: that is indeed the report from "the washington post" and others. president trump did not weigh in on this yesterday obviously due to the circumstances. this morning though, that changed with a couple tweets he sent out. he tweeted out following this morning, quoting from the president, they made up phony collusion with the russians story. found zero proof. now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. nice. he then followed that up saying you're witnessing the single greatest witch-hunt in american political history, led by some very bad and conflicted people. trish, here is what i can tell you. there is a briefing ongoing here
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at the white house with deputy press secretary sarah sanders just stepped out here to get to the camera. there were 10, dozen, different iterations reporters were trying to drill down on this topic. as we heard moments ago from sanders, what the white house is saying for better part of two weeks, they're referring all questions to the president's outside counsel and legal team. among the questions just asked to sarah sanders, who was the president referring to bad an conflicted people? was he talking about bob mueller, who is leading the special investigation, the special counselor? sanders would not answer. she would not comment whether the president believes it is within his power to shut down the investigation. no comment. she was also asked if the president has confidence in bob mueller and her answer was, i believe so. by the way, trish, here today at
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the white house the president signed an executive ordealing with trying to buildout apprenticeship programs and sanders made some official news, something we've known for a little while but they just put on the record, the president will be traveling to miami tomorrow to unveil his u.s.-cuba policy. trish? trish: we'll watch for that. thank you very much, blake burman. as blake just reported, president trump is calling this the biggest witch-hunt in american political history. so is he right? joining me historian, former advisor to two u.s. presidents, doug wead. good to have you here. what do you think? turned out didn't seem like there was a whole lot there there with james comey but now bob null letter may be potentially looking into obstruction of justice. is there something else going on? >> yeah, i think this is, this is an attempt to reverse democratically-elected president of the united states. we've done it in other countries. in philippines and chile and
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iran, egypt, in the a you crain. here we go, looks like some people want to change the last election. i don't know how else you can look at this. this is not watergate. you can trot out john dean and have him sit on television sets, you can bring sam irwin back from the dead but this is not watergate. nixon had been in power for almost five years. he used the cia and the fbi against his enemies. he raised money for the burglars and for their families, watergate burglars. he fired the special prosecutor which caused the resignation of the attorney general and deputy attorney general. there is no comparison. the scandal now is there was no scandal, not even an investigation. and how do you, how do you recoup six months incessant propaganda and hysteria? that is a witch-hunt. trish: where do you think it is all coming from?
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are these parts of deep in the government who do not want him there and this is tear ticket to get him out? how does this all start to erupt to begin with? >> he is disruptive. people talk about the swamp. there is the swamp, companies in the obama stimulus program were excepted from regulations, environmental regulations that other companies, if you started a new company you would have to keep them. there are companies that get huge amounts of money from the federal government. corporate welfare now is greater than welfare for the poor. there are the a lot of people that make a lot of money, call it legalized corruption. unbarack obama, the poor got poor, richer got richer. people don't like donald trump because he is a disruptive force. ironically, there are people, i
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call it yellen envy, hey we're tired of the corruption and tired of paying money to lobbyists. we can compete in the marketplace. that is what is driving the stock market up. maybe trump will be successful. trish: this is concerning, doug, you're basically saying people in government that want to reverse what the american public did, voters put donald trump in the white house. they put him there for a reason. they want things to get done. they want security, economic security as well. none of that is getting done because sidetracked by the big circus. seems like that circus is going to keep selling tickets for the foreseeable future. >> it is, it is. the idea it's a witch-hunt doesn't mean that donald trump is is safe. if you study the salem witch trials for example, it was not burning at the stake, it was hanging.
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two innocents died in prison came out of that witch trial. that was an ugly period. i think that is a good comparison. there are people who don't want him in power. so they lost on the russian thing. they will just move to something else. by the way, trish, i saw you -- trish: you do you think bob mueller -- sorry you finish that thought. >> i saw you on the fox news channel. you were great. they ought to have a show that interviews trish regan. trish: thank you, doug. how he oaf fenn people, he is outsider who is coming in, he doesn't quite know how to do things their way. let's face it, americans elected him so things would change, and things would be different, doug. are you telling me though there are people deep in government that want to he reverse everything that america tried to push through? >> yes, i think it started reversing a long time ago. maybe after 9/11.
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maybe before that. many corporations, no longer democrat or republican. it is no longer left and right. it is inside and outside. there are insiders. i think the american people instinctively felt that when they voted for trump trump. they you thought like the class clown. they didn't like everything he said about people in the classroom but they liked the fact he was disrupting and poking the nose, of infuriating suffocating teacher, which would be in this case the corporate media. there are people in government, outside of government, in business that don't want the cart upset right now. trish: i hear you. it could get very problematic though. doug, good to have you here. thank you very much. >> thank you, trish. trish: markets are trading a little bit lower just down 25 points amid reports that president trump is being investigated pour possible obstruction of justice. i got to say investors are shrugging this off. they don't necessarily at this point anyway seem it is all that
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concerning, i'll tell you would be in a much bigger selloff. there are delays we're seeing in terms of progress for the economic policy agenda the president would like to get through and that is a problem i have got to say for the market. the markets want tax reform. the markets want some infrastructure plan. as the president tries to move forward with the workforce development week. an hour ago, an executive order was signed to fund apprenticeships and on-the-job training for american workers but as trump gets back to business here, democrats are trying to block his agenda, even filing a lawsuit against the president over his foreign business dealings. we go were that one again. republican strategist, ford o'connell and democratic strategist, don calloway. ford, i have to ask you, they don't like this guy made a lot of money, has a lot of businesses in a lot of different places. members of the left were calling
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for him to completely divest himself of all his properties. i hate to break it to them, but this is not a stock that you can buy or sell. when you're talking about selling a building, selling a property, one, you have to find a buyer. that could take a long time. two, if everybody knows you have to sell everything immediately because you have become president, it is a fire-sale. in other words, ford, they are asking for the absolute impossible. are they not, when they say we want to you divest everything, and if you don't, somehow there is a conflict? >> there is not a law on the books for the way donald trump or the government an visioned donald trump coming in here. you're absolutely right. you can not sell property off like you can stocks. and frankly, the democrats trying to throw out emoluments clause against donald trump is almost laughable. number one, nobody has been prosecuted under it. the basic legal theory was to make sure the american president wouldn't be in the pocket of british. i'm sure we can't argue that donald trump is not in the
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pocket of british this is political game to stop his agenda. understand what the democrats and media in particular feel. he can come up with a cure of cancer an they would shun the idea. they see him as illegitimate president. they recognize his success, hinges on the economy. so as long as he can't get his again today through, they feel like they're winning. >> you think that is what it is about, don? i look at the whole idea of selling off everything, i think it is misguided and frankly naive because i'll tell you one thing, if he sold a building to the russians, or to the chinese, i guarranty you that would be a whole other set of issues. in other words, his buyers that would buy the property, they would find issues with them. you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. can't they just recognize the fact you have a billionaire who will back off his business but, it is who he is? it is part of what he's built, and lord, we certainly don't want to dissuade other future billionaires or successful for running for office?
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>> welsh trish, ford and i agree on basic premise there has never been a precedent for someone of donald trump's financial status to take this office, however much of this is under the president's own creation when he failed to disclose not only his tax returns but he failed to really disclose the extensiveness of his global holdings which are intricate and tied up. frankly i don't think anybody in dem crick leadership called for full divestiture. what they called for more transparency. what they have called for the president an his sons running his business to make a concerted and very plain effort to continue to not get foreign governments tied up into the properties that they do have such as the saudi arabian government spending millions of dollars a year at trump properties. kushner and trump-owned -- trish: i don't know how you fix that, don. that is reality. this guy is very successful businessman. he said i'm not going to be involved in the business. my sons are taking it over. it is what it is. let's not kid ourselves. i guarranty you, once you -- united states and you leave, you
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are going to command a premium, whatever you do, right? barack obama has certain opportunities afforded to him now because he was the president of the united states. >> trish, he was president. he is not sitting president. there is difference. trish: nobody cast can be successful work your whole life to be a president and can't have the business because you're president? >> we have firm owned by kushner family, lead contractor in a 1.billion dollar federal building bid, that is a problem. we never had precedent for that but that doesn't make it right. it is what it is, trish. trish: ford, you answer that. >> my point is very simple. where was all the concern about transparency when hillary clinton was running for president. yeah she released her tax returns. >> we're not talking about hillary. we're talking about sitting president -- >> but you only care about the issue because it is donald trump. let's be perfectly honest. >> never a precedent for this you're absolutely. we care about it because donald trump we demand
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transparency. trish: as much as you can get right now, don, ford, thank you so much. markets selling off a little bit today, down 30 points. it is day after the fed said we are going to raise rates. they still want to raise them one more time this year. investors think maybe december. are there reports that special counsel robert mueller investigating president whether he obstructed justice weighing on markets? you how much do investors care? we have the intel. i will see you back here in two.
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trish: i want to turn to the markets because we are turning lower, just a bit lower, down 32 points just a day after the fed said they would raise short-term rates for the second time this year. so maybe that is a little bit of concerning but you also have some concerns right now the
2:18 pm
status of president trump's pro-growth agenda is at risk and it is at risk because i said the second quarter is discuss continues here circus continues here because "the washington post" puts out a story about investigation into the possible obstruction of justice. amy, i haven't seen you in a while. good to have you on the show. what you do you think? are investors worried that things like tax reform, repeal and replace obamacare and infrastructure spend that he wants to get done will not happen as a result of mueller investigation? >> chief market intelligence officer i spend a lot of time developing the market narrative and what goes into that mosaic and part of it is obviously is political events but to really look at this situation, you have to go back to last week. did the market he react sending prices down going risk-off when we had the comey testimony? the answer is no.
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i would say the market is much more focused on the bigger narrative which is central banks trying to figure out what they will do with their balance sheets. that is what sent the market down yesterday along with weak economic data on cpi and retail sales. when we look at the risk transfer markets from the cftc, trying to figure out what is driving values, why things are doing what they're doing, we're much more focused on bigger things that drive market values and that is central banks right now. trish: you're worried central banks will be pulling back? we know the fed wants to pull back. that in turn will mean less of a sugar you high. so people should be thinking more conservatively about investing? >> yeah. i think it is part of only not the fed but the european central bank and bank of japan and bank of england. these central banks ballooned their balance sheets. they're now at a point they have to decide how they are going to do it. lookin at price action yesterday -- trish: i don't know how you do that.
2:20 pm
>> i would add the fed surprised market being very detailed what they will do with their balance sheet. trish: nicole, they have got to. they have printed so much money they have to figure this one out, right? this is what everybody is concerned about, sort of in the overall scheme of things. how do you bring back normally, given what the fed had to taken on? >> that is exactly the word, normalization. the idea just raising rates a little bit, winding down that balance sheet a little bit. it is $4.5 trillion. you had a great chart overtime from lehman brothers to operation twist to what we're seeing now. we're at levels we have been drinking the kool-aid. if you want to be optimistic you can say ultimately the idea here the fed and traders believe ultimately policies they're betting on will go through. that the economic recovery is still underway. while it's a little more tepid of late, the idea of things are
2:21 pm
still okay. that holds everything afloat. trish: together. but if we take into consideration andy's point, does it even matter? in other words, andy, if you get all the things you want to get out of washington, tax reform, repeal and replace, infrastructure, spending, et cetera, you still are left with a problem that the fed has a $4.5 trillion balance sheet. >> that's right. one of the things we look at just how soft the cpi numbers are. trish: yeah, that's scary to me. >> what i want to point out -- trish: can i back up? we have the cpi number, consumer price index. basically showed prices in the last month, they went down. we're not seeing any inflation. you at home saying that's good, prices of things are not going up but that is alarming for an economy? theoretically you want things to cost more, partly incentivizes people to buy something now if they think it will be on sale
2:22 pm
six months from now, they will not spend today. that is a very hard trend to fight, andy. >> i think people are excited about the cost of cell phones going down and gasoline clearly being cheap. that is really helpful for consumers, no doubt about it. my concern overall we're in soft commodity market situation. it is softening, i should say. what really worries me some, tent this occurs in backdrop of relatively weak dollar scenario. if we see for instance, dollar strengthens due to actions by central banks, we could possibly be in an environment where we would see a lot more pressure come into the commodity markets, enhance that, the trend that we already see. so that is worrying. also unscores that there is not enough demand to take out those commodities for economic growth. trish: nicole, andy, thank you very much. good explainer on all of it, appreciate it.
2:23 pm
representative steve scalise, he is in critical condition right now everyone after being shot as you know at baseball practice yesterday. his colleagues refusing to allow the shooting to delay the annual bipartisan charity baseball game. the game is going on just a couple hours from now. we're going to talk about this, and what this means for the rhetoric we have seen out of washington. will this help change things? can we see more unity? we're back with an update next.
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my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles,
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and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad. trish: congress is getting back to work today, the day after a man with a rifle opened fire on republican lawmakers out there just practicing for a charity baseball game. the a sail lant, he -- assailant was pretty anti-trump. he railed against him on line. he died in a gunbattle with police. the president and his wife
2:27 pm
visited congressman steve scalise from louisiana who was creditally wounded in shooting. the doctors say he will require more operations. president steve scalise is a in really tough shape. he is a fighter. pray for steve. indeed we're all praying for congressman steve scalise on both sides of the aisle today. well, the game is happening tonight between republicans and democrats. they're moving forward. they will still have the game in spite of all this or maybe because of all of this. isn't it that much more important to show some unity? i want to go to adam shapiro. he will be at the game tonight with more. hi, adam. reporter: hey, trish. it is interesting, you talk about unity, that is the message we're hearing from both sides of the aisle. democrats and republicans, nancy pelosi and speaker of the house paul ryan will address the nation at 7:15 tonight in show of unity. you will see it here at the ballpark. in fact to give you numbers real
2:28 pm
quick, they have raised roughly one million dollars for charitable causes. that is what the game is all about. last year it only raised $500,000. they released more tickets. 20,000 tickets have been sold for tonight's baseball game. the congressional charity baseball gam goes back to 1909. thiswill be a big success. i will update you in a minute on representative scalise and other people that were shot. first i want you to hear about what vice president mike pence had to say about people come being together. >> there will always be people who choose to divide. choose insult over insight. on the baseball field of nation's capitol they will see america is better than that as president trump said yesterday, we are strongest, when we are unified. when we work together for the common good. reporter: now, to update you on the people who were shot, you did mention that representative scalise will need more surgery. he remains in critical condition.
2:29 pm
there was the man who is described as a lobbyist, matt mica. he is described by his family needing more surgery. that is the latest on conditions. first pitch at the ballpark, 7:05. in show of unity, in honor of representative scalise will wear baseball caps and gear from lsu. he is the congressman from louisiana, a big lsu fan. trish: we hope he is okay. thank you very much, adam shapiro. republican lawmakers they were taking batting practice when the gunshots rang out. my next guest was there when it all happened. congressman jack bergmann of michigan. he joins me. hard to see this video. i'm sure, congressman hard for you to see it. you have to relive it. walk us through what happened, and what you saw?
2:30 pm
>> we were about 3/4 of way through the practice. i was standing next to batting cage on first base side. i was next to bat. the first shot rang out but at first i didn't think of it as a shot. within a second or two later, the second shot clearly identified it as gunshots. so for all of us -- trish: what did you think? did you think you were being targeted at the time? >> the bottom line, when you heart gunshots at a baseball park in a public area it can not be for good. we were not at a shooting range. the point is, everybody i believe, especially those of us in the military kicked into the survival mode, my case marine mode. assessed where they were coming from. assumed it to be hostile fire. began doing evasive action to be out of the line of fire. one thing i didn't have with me was a epweapon. i could not engage. i had to get out of the way to figure out a plan going forward. trish: you mentioned that you didn't have a weapon and that is
2:31 pm
something that has come up. would you have felt safer had you had one? you think you were mentioned you are a marine and clearly trained in firearms, do you think you should be able to carry one, look we're living in really obviously challenging times where this kind of bad stuff happens? >> well, if i'm in a situation where i know it is totally safe and there is no potential threat, i don't need a firearm with me. but if i'm potentially in harm's way, yes, i assess the situation in advance, i take a with with me. trish: wow. you know, walk me through how this would work. do you think that every lawmaker there on capitol hill -- let me back up for a second. what if we said, okay, we're going to do better job as a country in terms of providing you security? the fact that there was so little security detail there also may have contributed to this, congressman? >> i think that it is probably not the right question to start with or the right premise. you start with what's the threat?
2:32 pm
how is it evolving, and how does it affect each and everyone of us whether it be in our work place or our family life. i was an airline pilot for northwest. 9/11, 2001, our lives as crewmembers, changed in a heartbeat based on the hijackers success. i'm constantly assessing the threat, and taking appropriate action. trish: and wanting to protect yourself. >> and protect others. trish: did you see congressman scalise get shot and go down? >> i didn't see him get shot. he was out in in the second base area. i was focused literally turning to the dugout to move that way. everybody was going in every different direction. no, i didn't see him go down, no. trish: congressman, are you you playing tonight? >> you bet. trish: good for you, that's the spirit. congressman, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. trish: president trump, everyone calling for unity in the wake of the horrific shootings wednesday and he's right, right?
2:33 pm
we need to come together and all the rhetoric from both sides has to stop. but has the left created an environment where it's okay to do this, right? i mean people are even celebrated for hating the president of the united states. we're talking about that right here next.
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trish: i want to check out oil right now, oil trading looks like could be seven-month low? yes.
2:37 pm
seven-month low after data shows stockpiles were reduced less than expected. in other words you got more supply out there. so that is concerning obviously to some investors. gas demand has fallen three straight weeks i. a woman is filing a lawsuit against uber that executives obtained her medical records after she was raped by a driver in india. the lawsuit comes after the company's ceo, travis kalanick announced his leave of absence earlier in the week. united airlines plane heading to italy almost took off with fuel gushing out of its wing. a newly wed couple filmed the leak, tried to alert the crew and being told to look normal. the crewmembers locked out of the window before rushing to the cob kilt. united. grounded the plain. according to newlyweds were stranded at airport.
2:38 pm
the united said go easy with them on social media. united issued a general apology. he belonged to a facebook group called terminate the republican party. that is the name of it. volunteer for the sanders campaign, volunteered for bernie sanders, he posted a number of anti-trump rants and cartoons leading up to the shooting. one of the cartoons slammed congressman steve scalise saying he should lose his job. now look, this guy's crazy, right? he is clearly a crazy person. i don't think everyone who is critical of the president or critical what is going on in washington is having issues like he has but the question we want to get at today, is whether or not all the negativity out there, all the language that we have seen, whether it be kathy griffin, you know, holding up the severed head, whether it be that professor at that art
2:39 pm
institute of washington who was saying that all republicans should be put in a line and shot, are they effectively -- oh, i didn't mention the julius zoos sar play in central park that depricked president trump being -- depicted president trump being stabbed to death in is this contributing to an environment, that is so hostile, so negative, its inciting violence? that is the question we want to get to. joining me right now with more on that we have ford o'connell and don calloway. ford, again everybody is entitled to free speech and they can hate what is going on as much as they want. everybody should feel passionate about things but my question to you is, has it crossed a line in that, has things become so visceral, so negative, so outrage just -- outrageous, it
2:40 pm
is inciting violence to some that are crazy enough to be prone to that anyway? >> we have to be mindful of the role we play perpetuating political violence. yes, i think it has gone too far. had the shooter be a trump backer would we talk unity today. absolutely not don and democrats would be spitting venom. i say this to democrats republicans have a lot to work on. democrats throwing rhetorical grenades on 24/7 loop. that trump doubles as russian agent and that if you voted for him your racist, brainless or a toothless redneck. both sides have to a lot to work on. the democrats are getting away with murder and media is perpetuating it for them. trish: i agree the media is with them all the steps aof the way. hitler comparison insulting and
2:41 pm
really uncalled for, don, is this going to be a wake-up call for those on the left? are they going to be able to scale back some of what they have said? >> trish, the only person who is responsible for what happened yesterday is the idiot who did the shooting and he is no longer with us. it is insane things ford said. preamble you laid out conveniently names all the instances of the left attacking president trump but doesn't mention at all president trump incited violence at more than one of his rallies last year. doesn't mention at all president trump said people, second amendment people should look to solutions if hillary clinton were elected and appointed too many liberal judges. doesn't mention at all a rand paul -- trish: that is his fault, what you're telling me? >> rand paul tweets almost exactly a year ago today the second amendment is not for shooting deer, it is for shooting at tyrannical governments. absolutely not. the left is not solely responsible for this. >> i didn't say that. >> when you plant seeds of violence, when you plant seeds of violence you don't get to choose who picks the fruit. both sides are responsible.
2:42 pm
both sides need to cut it out. silly to act like liberals are solely responsible for the political violence. it absurd. trish: let me get in here for a moment of the right won. so the president is now donald trump. so now it is your opportunity, right now, here and now to bring it back, to dial it back, right? because he is there. he is in office. the republicans -- >> nobody disputes that, trish. nobody disputes that trish. the left -- you know what it is easy to say some amorphous liberal media created a violent a the moss fear instead of calling out individuals who sit on thrown of leadership on the right who have done the same. >> i disagree with you. >> except for the guy who did it yesterday. it is not liberal's media fault or rand paul or donald trump's fault. i love rand paul. individuals are responsible. individuals need to take responsible. trish, you preach individualism. >> if a severed head, if -- >> she was fired immediately. she was fired immediately and should have been fired immediately. trish: don, quite for one minute so we can hear ford.
2:43 pm
i have to go to commercial break. >> we wouldn't have severed heads. people trying the julius caesar play. wouldn't have media saying things over and over on a loop because i know when you actually do it, people act that way. >> ted nugent said obama should be dead. stop it. trish: but ford is absolutely right. there is a bias. we've seen it over and over and over again. in this media environment. it is what it is. make sure you watch after the bell today. you will see former representative tom delay talking about his personal story of confronting an armed gunman in the capitol, capitol police officer who saved his life. why that drove him to start carrying a gun. a blimp flying over the u.s. open in wisconsin caught fire and it crashed just a short time ago. our own liz claman is there. she has the intel for you next.
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open and a dramatic moment at the tournament when a blimp burst into flames. take a look at it right there, and crashed near the golf course. our own liz claman at the golf course. liz did you see this as it happened? tell me about the people on board, are they okay? how is the pilot doing? fill us in. liz: one person, the pilot, he managed to survive. he has burns but he is expected to live. that is the good news but you just saw the pictures, trish. shortly after noon local time here in wisconsin, just to let you know, we're about an hour west of milwaukee at erin hills golf tournament, where you see behind me the u.s. open is happening. all of sudden you started to hear the chatter. we were on the 14th hole, shooting a few pieces of video. suddenly we her the a blimp had gone down. we jumped in a car, drove a mile west, a mile east, rather, yes.
2:48 pm
we started running through a field. it was a soybean filed. we saw the blimpp. it was down and first-responders were there but fox business was the first crew on the san to witness this. they were dousing this with water because there was a propane tank that had already not exploded. so they would worried that it would. i spoke to first witness on the scene, one of the farmworkers, cody. listen how he described it. >> we were weed whacking in one of our fields i looked up, blimp was coming down. it had flames. i threw the weed whacker i had in the ranger, grabbed my partner and we came over here to help. liz: that they did. we want to stress we believe the pilot is going to survive but he did suffer burns. i spoke to another eyewitness, this is a security guard here, who said she saw it go down nose first, very quickly. very, very lucky situation.
2:49 pm
no blimp over the u.s. open. we're not really sure whether the u.s. open had this blimp but it was an advertising blimp. there was farmland around here, for the golf tournament to capture the huge crowds. my show is live here from the u.s. open golf tournament in are rin hills, wisconsin. trish: we're excited for it. liz, thank you very much. we'll see you at the top of the hour. we're learning today that president trump demanded the american college student in prison in north korea be released. the student is in a mysterious coma, reportedly endured horrific abuse. his family speaking out today, and they are blasting president obama for not bringing their son home sooner. we have all the intel on this story. he see you right here next. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that
2:50 pm
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trish: 22-year-old american student jailed and most likely beaten in north korea for stealing a a political banner is finally coming back home to the united states. the father of otto warmbier speaking out for first time today and praising president trump for securing his son's release. he says the previous administration didn't do enough to help his son. watch him here. >> when ottawas first taken with were advised by the past administration to take a low profile while they worked to be taken his release. the question is, do i think the past administration could have done more? i think the results speak for themselves. trish: we've just learned president trump and his team demanded the north korea release this kid. are we going to see more tough talk? what does this tell us about
2:54 pm
this administration and how it differs from president barack obama's administration? joining me on set, fox news military analyst general jack keane. good to have you back here. what is your reaction to this? do you think this is demonstrating two different approaches to problems? >> well i think so. this president has a more aggressive foreign policy for sure. he believes in asserting american leadership in the world as we had done most of the time since world war ii, with the exception of president obama who pulled back. he had this ridiculous policy dealing with north korea and the father mentioned in his talk called strategic patience. which translated means do nothing. this president has put the military option back on the table. he has got a carrier strike group sitting off the coast of north korea. he has flown bombers into south korea. he has put a missile system, ballistic missile system in south korea. he sent some loud messages to them that he is very different
2:55 pm
in his approach. so i think, i don't know if that is the ran why he is released. we can just speculate, but certainly i think the secretary of state was probably very aggressive here by comparison to the previous secretary of state and previous department which usually was hands off. trish: so you know, going in there and demanding the release very different than saying we're going to be strategically patient and hope that the north koreans do the right thing of the we know that they really didn't seem to do the right thing at all by this kid. they were talking about 15 years in prison. he is in a coma. they are saying he suffered neurological damage. do you think he was tortured there in north korea? >> absolutely. anybody they put in their jailhouse -- this is the most morally reprehensible regime in the planet. they kill their own leaders. they starve their own people. they take hostages routinely for political reasons. they torture them. they are brutal people.
2:56 pm
trish: let me turn to another news item, and that is general mattis and he is given this new authority what he needs to do in afghanistan by the president. what's your reaction to that? >> i think we moved from obama the micromanager to trump the delegate tore. he has given mattis some authorities usually that military commanders certainly make recommendations on force levels. he is letting him actually make the decision. listen from a practical matter, he will bring this to the president, the commander-in-chief. he will show him what he wants to do and why he wants to do it. the president will give him a head nod. we'll go forward with that. the reality i also think that inside of the trump team there is some disagreement on afghanistan. maybe the president also has a little bit of reluctance about escalating the war. trish: maybe he does. interesting stuff. good to see you. >> always good to see you, trish. trish: thanks, general. we'll be right back.
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earlier i talked about how these leaks are really hurting the presidents effort to move forward with his economic agenda do you agree with that? what you think is really happening in washington? it's good of a facebook page or twitter. now let's go to liz at the u.s. open. >> i tell you trish, we have cheering a high me. game on, major developments in four big stories at the moment. political gamesmanship, and sarah huckabee sanders is fighting off questions in awake of that report that came out that robert mueller has a gun looking at the possible obstruction of justice charges against president trump. he is confirming moments ago that the president has no


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