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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  June 15, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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earlier i talked about how these leaks are really hurting the presidents effort to move forward with his economic agenda do you agree with that? what you think is really happening in washington? it's good of a facebook page or twitter. now let's go to liz at the u.s. open. >> i tell you trish, we have cheering a high me. game on, major developments in four big stories at the moment. political gamesmanship, and sarah huckabee sanders is fighting off questions in awake of that report that came out that robert mueller has a gun looking at the possible obstruction of justice charges against president trump. he is confirming moments ago that the president has no intention of making change in
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changes with robert mueller. speaking of that, we are less than four hours away from the first pitch of the congressional baseball game. more details emerging about the man accused of shooting congressman steve scalise and three others with a rifle. adam shapiro is live at national pa wherehis will take ple. witnesses watch in horror as a blimp goes down in flames at the u.s. open. this accident in the sky has the pilot of an advertising blimp fighting for his life after it caught fire fire. i will tell you what i saw when i got out there. the life and death drama overshadowing the best golfers in the world. we will get you caught up on the very latest leaderboard and talk about the game much loved by the
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business community with the united states golf association president diana murphy. plus chief executives of massive wisconsin businesses, both are here to tell us how they are working together with the trump administration to help veterans of find jobs. rockwell automation makes the software that sometimes removes real workers from the workplace. we will talk to both ceos about that. on wall street stocks fell and we are alive from the u.s. open in wisconsin. let's start the countdown. >> breaking news, we do have clear skies but not smooth sailing as the first round of play is underway at aaron hills at the u.s. open championship of golf. the start of the tournament,
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marred by a crash of a blimp unaffiliated with the tournament here is what witnesses told me moments after the crash. >> we came around the corner and there was a big explosion and flames. we were just trying to help in any way we could. >> authorities tell me the pilot sustained serious burns and injuries. he was medically transported by life flight to fight for his life. they have been called in to investigate but the scary site is not just in the skies. dustin johnson is three over par , ten strokes behind the leader ricky fowler who is seven under par. johnson won his first tournament in oakmont and was hoping to take home what is now a record
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$2.2 million first place prize out of a 12 million-dollar purse both members, the highest we've seen for the u.s. open alternate if dustin can turn it around he will be the first to win back to back u.s. open, way back 28 years ago when curtis strange pull that off. look, the story here is as much about who is in here as who is here. phil mickelson pulling out this morning officially. he was to attend his daughter's graduation but he thought that he might be able to make it after the graduation if there were weather problems here. his priorities are in the right place, watching his daughter graduate. tiger woods is not here. he checked himself into rehab after his dui arrest. it's the first time the starting gun went off without either phil mickelson or tiger woods since 1994.
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the fans behind me are happy. it is the first one ever held in the badger state. of course, extremely muddy after the rains last night. there were tornado touchdowns in the state of wisconsin and we should tell you, at about 7700 yards it is one of the longest in open history. 35000 fans are expected to attend each day having an estimated economic impact of $120 million on the local economy. then hospitality tents start with favorites like purple door ice cream, famous pringles, ruby red chocolate covered cranberries, sausage from johnsonville and all of the trees. you can eat. i personally love the chatter. fox sports is broadcasting the event for the third straight
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year. justin rose and rory mcelroy are set to tee off and just about five minutes. look, we love so much more on golf throughout the hour especially how pertains to business. let's check the action on wall street where we have quite the trained reit derailment. here's how things stand. we have the dow jones industrial , s&p is down about six. the selloff has taken a big bite out of the most heavily weighted stocks for all of the indexes and that would be apple. down 7% since friday. down about 1% at this hour. it's standing at $143.7 per share. goldman sachs is among the biggest loser on the financial sector. perhaps the following because of
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the special counsel investigation of president trump financials would love to see tax cuts and stack reform. stock is trailing, nike, baird plan to streamline and modernize is not only not impressing investors but it's concerning investors at the moment. sometimes when you see job cuts announced you have the stop stock jump but this, they said they plan to cut about 2% or thousand workers. maybe even 1400. the company will trim its product line and focus more on online operations. you've heard it before and first here on foxbusiness, brick-and-mortar stores continue to falter the retail ice age continues to move. but a shift gears to our nation 's capital. president trump trying to get
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his agenda back on track, pushing a new apprenticeship program is part of the effort to close a skills gap that the white house says is leaving millions of jobs unfilled, empty and they pay well, they just don't have people who know the skills to fill them. a major roadblock block stealing the agenda publish that trump is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice by e special counsel on the russia probe. foxbusiness is live at the white house. the president called the accusation a witch hunt. what was set off camera in the press briefing, and more importantly, now we see swept into all of this the nsa director of national intelligence chief. >> in that tweet the president called it a witch hunt and said it was being led by bad and conflicted people. at that press briefing the
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deputy press secretary sarah sanders was asked who is the president singling out? who are these very bad and conflicted people. is he talking about bob mueller who is leading the investigation , and with this question and probably close to a dozen others or so, sanders would not answer or get into it. instead she post a lot of this oft the legal team like they been doing for the better part of a couple weeks at the white house. however, this all started earlier this morning when the president sent out a tweet and here's what he said. they made up of phony collusion with the russian story, found zero proof. now they go for obstruction of justice. nice. at that briefing sanders was asked, if the president has confidence in bob mueller. here was the white house's response. sarah sanders saying i believe so, i think i made clear earlier this week when i said there had
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no intention to make any changes whatsoever on that front. that was basically the only answer we got in response to the washingtons post story. white house is saying there's a legal team dealing with that questions go to that. what they are trying to focus on is the economic agenda. too that end, on this day the president signed an executive order dealing with apprenticeships trying to let companies, corporations, industries and union groups build out their own apprenticeship models. there was the president earlier today. >> we are here to celebrate the dignity of work. it's a good term. dignity of work. and the greatness of the american worker. >> the president argued that this new executive order relates to apprenticeship would pull back some of the restrictions that confine or restrain apprentice programs from being able to build up.
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however, they were asked criticism, are you pulling back the oversight role from the department of labor and the argument they made was we are trying not to restrict anything, we are trying to expand everything. >> thank you very much. please interrupt us if you get more on that because there is that concern that it's affecting the markets or keeping a lid on it. there's no guarantee of that. in a foxbusiness exclusive, right here, right now, dustin johnson who won the u.s. open joins me right now. tell me how it's going. >> a little struggle today. i felt like i played pretty well but i shot a few over. i'm still right there in the mix i need to go out tomorrow and shoot a good store score. >> for viewers who don't know, you kind of went through a hell at the same tournament in
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oakmont because there was this accusation that you touched and moved your ball. have they changed anything about how golfers play this year so you didn't have to go through that stomach pit where you had to wait until several rounds later to find out if you are going to be penalized. >> if the ball moves on the putting green it's not a penalty unless you hit it with your club it would be. if the rule was that as it is today i would've had a felony last year. it worked out fine and i want anyways. this year, completely different venue. i struggled a little bit today but i'm in a go out tomorrow and shoot a good score. >> listen, it is sort of that moment where you can add on to the next day and the next day. tell us what you think is the biggest competition so far. >> obviously ricky fowler came
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out and shot a really good score it's going to take for good rounds if you want to win. >> is ricky fowler the next big thing? the one to win a major tournament? and i'm asking you to look into a crystal ball. >> it's gonna take for really good rounds. if you play for good rounds you will win. >> as a business network, were always looking at the business angle. i see tailor-made in adidas. what you wear. >> adidas. >> what kind of watch. [inaudible] as you look at all of these names, how important is it. we've had tiger check into rehab and sometimes you lose sponsorship and deals when you are off the course life interferes with the image. >> absolutely. image is a big part of golf. we get all these great sponsors because golf has such a great
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image. you gotta take care of yourself off the course. >> also, i remember a couple weeks ago you had a weird accident. you fell down the stairs. >> i did. >> so immediately everybody started to wonder, was he drinking, it's not necessarily fair, but as summary very much in the public eye, what you have to do to make sure you keep on the straight and narrow path. >> i really have to do anything anymore. i just ticked my routine, working out, practicing, hanging out with the family, that's the best thing for me. >> it was interesting, i just want to let our viewers know that we were ready to go and do some other issues and they said dustin johnson coming right now. okay, how do you turn it around tomorrow. >> i need to putt better. i played well enough today to
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shoot a good score, i just putted terribly. i missed some great chances for 30s but my speed was a little bit off. >> we would also like to congratulate you on the birth of your child. >> thank you very much. >> that's fantastic. thank you so much for joining us we really appreciate it. by the way, you will be the first, if you win back to back tournaments in 28 years since curtis strange. >> i've got a lot of making up to do. i have a lot of work ahead of me but it's deftly possible. >> dustin johnson, in it to win it. thank you very much. >> the closing bell is winning in ringing in 45 minutes. the u.s. open is often running next. we'll talk to the woman who broke into the old boys club of golf and brought the u.s. open to wisconsin for the very first time. let me tell you, the cheeseheads
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with about 41 minutes before the closing bell rings, we need to go down into technology. the tech names are bearing their ugly fangs. each which alphabet, the parent company of google also got downgraded. as we are looking at day two, google clearly tripwire to but what else is going on. >> you talk about google and we had alphabet. we also had yet another analyst come out and talk about apple. don't forget, on friday we had specific threats. now today they're talking about apple overall and saying it's near peak valuation levels and could mean a bumpy ride going forward. we are seeing that one under pressure. amazon, facebook, alphabet, google, microsoft, all lower.
3:21 pm
in some cases we are seeing them lower than the monday close which was the real today selloff we will keep an eye on this group overall. we also want to take a look at the stocks. let's take a look at how those golf stocks are fearing. callaway golf down 2.2%. you can see it is down 1.2% at this time. we will keep an eye on those as well. i did speak to john and asked him why they're selling and they said it's all the headlines put together. maybe a little bit of the summer solstice. >> okay, usually it's quiet then we've got some action in the markets. thank you. so you will intermittently hear cheers. the players have teed off at the 117th u.s. open in aaron hills wisconsin.
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you are looking at a live picture and of course everybody is getting very excited. either way, the pressure is on for the organization that runs the u.s. open and that's united states golf association. after rules debate that took place last year concerning dustin johnson, from whom we just heard, there have been changes made before today's big tee off. he mentioned them, but what does the race the championship look like without this issue. two of golf's biggest players not here. joining us now is diana murphy. it's great to have you. >> i do want to get the breaking news out of the way. we've rushed off the 14th hole about a mile left of your to find out what happened with the blimp. we saw it had completely imploded. can you give us some details on this. >> we appreciate you covering it we were quite surprised. all we know is that it was not a blimp associated with the u.s. open. it was a horrific accident.
3:23 pm
i know the pilot has been in intensive care at this point her in the hospital, and that's all we know but we certainly wish he and his family all the best. the scene looked rather frightening. >> we were first on the scene and as we saw, it didn't have anything that we could make out but it's not affiliated with the golf tournament. >> not at all. >> let's talk about the rule change. this is a huge visual issue where you've got fox sports covering it, everyone saw what appeared to be dustin johnson moving the ball and there were twitter comments and it went berserk. what did you change specifically >> first and foremost, it was a pretty good opportunity to get our champion on your set just a moment ago. he is a terrific champion for us we learned a lot from that.
3:24 pm
technically, the rule that was applied was accurate, but how it was applied and the lack of the timely fashion of which it was applied is really what we change , in addition to putting in a local rule that if a player accidentally touches the ball and it moves but he's not aware of it than he just puts it back and there's no penalty. that was the rule that's been put into effect. >> on the fifth green, he had to sit there waiting till the final-round waiting to see if they there would be a penalty. >> that's correct. we do have the ability to show a video for a player before we make the ultimate decision so out of courtesy we were going to show him the video to explain it , and that was where, in retrospect, we change that and going forward we make a decision in a much more timely and decisive manner. >> this was huge for wisconsin. first time ever they've gotten a
3:25 pm
tournament. 35000 people a day will be coming here but it also brings about $120 million to the region the purse is the largest ever for this tournament, correct. >> it is. that's correct. >> 12,000,002,000,000 goes to the winner. there is concern that you as an organization have a fund of about 320 million. rainy day fund? golfers want to know why the purses are getting higher. >> we are cut quite proud of our increase in all three of our purses. it's an interesting question because were a nonprofit organization and this is our economic engine also. the success of the u.s. open really fuels the fact that we can invest in all of our initiatives for the whole year. diana, thank you so much. we wish you a wonderful tournament. we'll be right back [vo] when it comes to investing,
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>> they want and check the leader berg board. ricky fowler is in first place seven underpowered par. that's rather significant. this is a real course we race. for him to be seven under par, this could be his first major that he wins. he is very much known as the greatest golfer to have never won a major. by the way, we can repeat this, dustin johnson three over par which is not good, certainly for last year's winner. let me bring in shane bacon. shane, let's get to the real dirt about what's going on. ricky ricky fowler is in first place. that's amazing. >> it's the first time since 1980 someone shot the spread is only been two other guys to do it besides ricky fowler today. that's really the key to this golf course. >> let's talk about the golf course. by the way, if you don't know,
3:31 pm
knee-high grass in the rough, this is not an easy one. they don't have the turtle back roughs like they do elsewhere, certainly at pebble beach where you have the straight greens. tell us about how difficult this course is. >> it plays difficult if you don't find the fairway. that's what were hearing seeing. dustin johnson missed a ton of fairways and he was three over. number one player in the world drives the ball well but you start spraying it and it starts getting it in your mind. if i miss it left and right you will be a mini high area that you mentioned. the players have played unbelievable. they're trying to get it out of the rough, back into place. >> 152 players and we have pros and amateurs. it's very much an exciting game because an amateur could win. >> an amateur could win, jordan spieth talked about it yesterday , he said he feels like an amateur will eventually win
3:32 pm
it because they're just getting so good. you are seeing college players compete and win. without last week with the ncaa champion he basically got the top five. i'm not sure and amateurs going to win this week but they're good enough to compete and get in the top ten. >> do you think they hate us for talking this loudly on the 18 th hole at augustine. >> were far enough away in the wind is blowing our voice back toward the fairway. >> it's great to see you. shane bacon of fox sports. closing bell winning in ringing in 28 minutes. present trump clearing the way for an apprenticeship program boom in the u.s. a major key to the first ever ceo and his plan to boost employment by shoring up the skills of american workers. up next, we've got not one but two wisconsin-based companies looking to participate in this jobs push, rockwell automation
3:33 pm
ceo and man power group standing by life. the new program to get more americans and veterans hired across the u.s. we are live from the u.s. open at aaron hilton wisconsin. ricky fowler in the lead. have about that.
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apprenticeship's teach americans the skills they need to operate incredible machines and some of these machines are so intricate and powerful.
3:38 pm
>> folks, there is a skills gap. right now we have millions of open jobs, but president trump signed this executive order where he hopes to attempt to have the government fill the gap between the millions of highly skilled jobs available and the lack of trained people to actually fill them. the administration plans to port federal funds into these apprenticeship programs at corporations. it's a public try that partnership. joining us now or the heads of two firms involved in this. rockwell automation and manpower chairman and ceo. they are both joining us exclusively on countdown to the closing bell. blake i want to begin with you. yesterday you were at the white house and you met with ivanka trump talk about all kinds of issues. let's talk about this clearing skills gap and then open jobs and how to fix that. >> in industry today, we have a lot of people who operate the
3:39 pm
machinery and do the design work who are getting older. we have a shortage of finding people who can replace and also have the new skills with the new technology that helps those companies be more competitive. >> as the world's largest exclusively devoted company to automation in the world, you've already been doing this. you've taken it upon yourself to talk start training people. what you think about working with the government which traditionally grinds very slowly >> rockwell automation helps their people be more productive. we are in virtually every plant and every mill in the u.s. and around the world, whether it's helping customers processed food and package it, move oil, make pharmaceuticals, that's what we've been doing. it is the people as well as the technology that make the difference. >> you are at your headquarters in the walkie. i look at the unemployment rate,
3:40 pm
it continues to fall, we also have first-time jobless claims. more than expected today and now we've had below 300,119 weeks in a row, very impressive. what are you doing to try to figure out how to get people better paying jobs that are open but can't be filled? >> as you explained, the labor market in the u.s. is very tight just as blake mentioned, not only do we have the evolution of technology in demographics but now also a very low unemployment rate. now the question is how can we bridge the skills gap? we think that's going to be the defining challenge for companies and societies, not only in the u.s. but from our vantage point where we operate, we know this is a structural train change. from that perspective, the idea
3:41 pm
of reinforcing apprenticeships and making it more accessible to more organizations is a great idea. >> not everybody can look at software and immediately distill how to work things like automation or working on robotics, that has suddenly been the rigor. you guys are looking at a program and you've developed it with manpower where you want to upscale veterans. they don't need to be told twice how too do things. they are smart and can figure these things out quickly. i'm surprised more veterans aren't hired by big corporations >> this is an extension of the program we've used internally for many years to provide the advanced manufacturing skills for our own people. we are taking it outside and working with manpower because veterans have the core work skills and very often the
3:42 pm
technical foundation to be able to learn how to help their companies compete worldwide in this new technology. >> as we finish up, both of your stocks are looking rather good. in the past year, i know rockwell's automation stock was up in your up 20% year-to-date. then we also see an incredible move for manpower, far outpacing the s&p 500. what are the highest paying jobs we've got people watching who lost their job during the financial crisis, have to take on two jobs to get paid what they had been getting paid, what is the highest paying job out there right now that you know isn't going unfilled because of the skills gap? , does it pay per hour or salary >> of all categories, if you look at the jobs like data analysts and data scientists in this age of data analytics, those are absolutely the highest paying jobs.
3:43 pm
what i would like to point out is that jobs such as welding and trade skills are also very attractive jobs in terms of the ability to make a good living. a very highly trained welder after a two-year training program in college degree has the ability to make between 60 and 70 or 80 and $90000 per year because of the skills shortages we discussed earlier. >> before we go, blake, can you tell our viewers what a middle paying job is. >> among our customer, the technician job is one of the most sought after and one of the jobs this training will help most part it's people who have the technical knowledge and the expertise to understand what goes on on the plant for. >> it's great to have all of you coming up tomorrow we will not
3:44 pm
only have the latest from the u.s. open with fox sports but we will all be all business as well gavin is in a fox exclusive, the business of beer. we'll be right back. the dow suddenly taking a turn south down 3034 points
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3:49 pm
ceo moving this company forward in the wake of departure. john flannery is starting with the top to bottom review of the company. charlie was here with the details. he is getting moving. >> we should point out, the stock is now popping on this report as i put it out on social media. john flannery, the new ceo is a move that i've foreshadowed back in march when i said he was on the hot seat. [inaudible] he was basically saying it's time for him to pack it up. the cost cuts didn't materialize he did step down and john flannery is taking over. it looks like he's not taking any chances with pelts.
3:50 pm
this is what we hear inside. they're saying flannery is now doing a top to bottom review of ge business. there is where it gets interesting and why the stock is probably moving in the last five minutes. on the table would shrink the size of the company. ge has many units but it has three principle units. as you know, they' almost done selling ge capital which was once one othe biest units. we understand inside the company , on the table, at least to be looked at, it's clearly something that flannery and his team look at is further divestitures including one of those major units. here's what they used to say at ge. the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole excuse me, the whole is worth more than the sum.
3:51 pm
just the opposite. the whole was worth a lot of money despite what the parts were worth. now they're looking at it in a different way. the parts are worth more than the whole. part of the problem is that he didn't divest fast enough and the board understood that. he didn't get the cost cuts in there soon enough. >> what are they going to be left with charlie. >> when the operating philosophy changes, the whole is not such a big deal anymore, then units are on the table and i'm telling you , he's gonna look at that. it will examine that. things can happen but that's why the stock is moving. i'm sorry, interrupted do. >> i was just saying whatever they left left with. they sold appliances and plastics and the financial arm, they sold nbc universal. for those of you who don't know, charlie and i used to work there
3:52 pm
but they sold that off. the stock never recovered after the financial requested crisis. 911 is where it really took the first hit. >> the stock did recover after the financial crisis, not recover to the point of before 911. >> thanks to the money from warren buffett. >> but it did recover, he's done some things, i just think that the company, in order to be successful there is a theory on the board that it still needs to be smaller and more focused on one of these three units, not all three units. there is some talk about that. i'm not thing it can happen, these things don't happen overnight but that sort of stuff is on the table. the new ge will be a lot different than it is right now. nelson pelts, who i would say you could make a good case, he
3:53 pm
forced the resignation of emmett sooner. these are sources, from what i understand they might take a wait-and-see approach. he wants to see the numbers before he makes his next statement. liz, thank you. all tactician. >> i worked at a golf course once in my life. not as a caddie. i once through a golf club at somebody. that's as close as i've gotten to using one of those things. >> i've played twice myself, but that's it. not good. >> thank you so much. we are seven minutes away from the closing bell. no record for the dow. it's down 24 points. don't go away
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liz: three minutes left for trade today. technology leading decline for stocks after big two-day rout during friday and monday's sessions but today's closer says this is the perfect opportunity to get in rather than to get out. let me welcome, we are joined now by, carol pepper, president of pepper international. hi, carol. you have to have a little bit of a strong stomach to dive in here, everybody thinks wow a, a couple of sessions losses wow, should i go into names i'm assuming the fangs or related names? >> hi, liz, great to see you. this is the perfect time. don't we all love a bargain? these stocks are fantastic cash producers. they're long-term phenomenal plays. the markets are nervous. they have had a selloff a couple days. wouldn't you buy something worth 1,000 at 900 than 1010?
3:58 pm
if you have a long-term desire to hold the big stocks, you missed rallies before good time to get in and hold it, set is, forget it for next 10 years. liz: that is easy to say. this is huge sector. it has multiple subsectors. where do you go? what do you like here. >> i like sticking with the tried an true names. we're tacking apple, we're talking amazon, we're talking google. these giants are the leaders and keep being the leaders. noise in the market, a few days of scary news will throw stocks off, if you're looking for long-term hold, i manage people with money over $100 million. these families think in multiple generations. there is no reason you wouldn't want to hold the stocks for the long term and why not get them at a better price. liz: sounds like you have some very wealthy clients who get nervous at certain times. what would you tell any client
3:59 pm
and our viewers that start to see any consideration? because yesterday we were at all-time highs for the dow jones industrials. >> people get scared, what should i do, should i jump in now and jump back in? all studies show virtually impossible to time the jump in or jump out correctly. better for hold. fixeded income in stocks what kind of income you need out of your portfolio and where you want your growth because the growth comes from stocks. once you have the mix, stick with the good names, even if it gets, looks very high for a few days, stay there for the long haul because you're really glad you did. think about it, people bought amazon way back when it was first public have made millions of dollars off of a small investment. so if you just buy and hold you do much better. liz: carol pepper, pepper international president with some solid advice there. thank you so much. here we have closing bell coming
4:00 pm
up in three seconds, with the dow down 18. [closing bell rings] no record today. we got a very good first time jobless claim number which fell. you want to see that fall. the vix is higher by a couple percentage points. we're getting out of this one with a bit of red on the screen. david, melissa. back to you. david: thank you very much. stocks trying for a comeback in the final moments of trading. not quite there. the dow is down 17 points. it had been down triple digits, as much as 112 points earlier. s&p and nasdaq also ending in the red. i'm david asman. glad you could join us. melissa: i'm melissa francis. more on the big market movers. here is what else we're covering for the busy hour. washington getting ready for the first pitch of congressional baseball game a symbol of political unity taking mace this evening. we'll take you live to nationals park. calls growing for increased security with our lawmaker


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