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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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up in three seconds, with the dow down 18. [closing bell rings] no record today. we got a very good first time jobless claim number which fell. you want to see that fall. the vix is higher by a couple percentage points. we're getting out of this one with a bit of red on the screen. david, melissa. back to you. david: thank you very much. stocks trying for a comeback in the final moments of trading. not quite there. the dow is down 17 points. it had been down triple digits, as much as 112 points earlier. s&p and nasdaq also ending in the red. i'm david asman. glad you could join us. melissa: i'm melissa francis. more on the big market movers. here is what else we're covering for the busy hour. washington getting ready for the first pitch of congressional baseball game a symbol of political unity taking mace this evening. we'll take you live to nationals park. calls growing for increased security with our lawmakers with
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congressman looking to change the laws to carry guns themselves. among our guests this hour, karl rove, mike huckabee, senator john hoeven and former house majority leader tom delay. david: is that all? pretty good lineup there. meanwhile the dow ending lower, just so. after the 20th record close of the year. nike, goldman sachs, visa among the biggest drags. let's go straight to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole the markets wanted to end positive but didn't want to do it. it came way back. >> at lowest point dow jones industrial average is down over 112 points. we see moves somewhat slight as closing bell, dow down 14 and s&p 500 down five. we've been in the red all day long. so we are seeing right now, s&p 500 down a quarter of 1%. those tech stocks came under pressure as well as other areas such as energy, materials,
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consumer stocks. look at snap. everybody was talking about snap. we all remember 17-dollar ipo earlier this year. it surged more than 50%, up close to, over $29 at its highest points. 2944 on march 3rd. got down to 1bucks. you don't want to see the stock close under ipo price. nike laying off workforce, doing restructuring. that finished down. david: thank you, nicole. melissa: oil continuing to sink at a seven-month low. the lowest since september, i'm sorry november of 2014. this is concerns of oversupply in the u.s. and also around the world. gold falling for the sixth straight day, down more than 1% to 1252 an ounce. david: 20 bucks down. tech stuck are tumbling so is this the beginning of another tech bubble burst?
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here is react scott martin, kingsview asset management, and fox newspapers contributor, kevin kelly recon capitol cio. scott, people thinking back to the late '90s, when we had the bubble burst. is this another redove that? >> i don't think, david. tech stocks continue to reprice. if you're long term investor, one, two, three years out, this is possible buying opportunity. tech stocks gotten pricier offer last few years. look at future growth a lot of companies have in front of them, googles, apples, microsofts, the trade in these names i can't think of better one when we traded dennis rodman for otto warmbier with north korea. david: kevin, future growth of these tech stocks depends on the future growth of the world economy. you have to have buyers out there who are willing to buy up all the stuff they have planned, all these tech companies have
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planned. today we have global stocks, we're down a full percentage point. there are signs, united states retail number was bad today. we had .3%. doesn't sound like much but going in the wrong direction. if the world economy is not stepping up to the plate, i don't see where tech companies sell their goods? >> you're bringing up an interesting point because they do get about 41% of their ref -- 47% of revenues overseas. if the world economy are not doing well, all sectors will not do well. these stocks are cheap on price to earnings growth multiple. if you compare to what they're earning now and what they're growing at it provides a great opportunity. look at the balance sheets where they have significant amount of cash where they can deploy the capital to do significant m&a to increase share earnings or buy backs or increase their dividends. melissa: getting back to his agenda, president trump signing a new executive order to expand apprenticeships and on-the-job training program following the
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shooting of majority whip steve scalise. fox business's blake burman is at the white house with the latest on all of this. blake? reporter: melissa, it was the conditional of congressman steven scalise very much on the mind of most throughout the white house earlier today when president trump gave his first public remarks he started off talking about the congressman, saying the country's hearts are with the congressman he he described being in a quote very brave fight. >> it has been much more difficult than people even thought at the time. it has been -- he's in some trouble. he is a great fighter and he is going to be okay, we hope. reporter: the let added at end of the speech adding following quote, i feel steve made a great sacrifice, but there could be unity following in our country. let's hope so. he made comments unveiling a an executive order he signed earlier today as it relates to
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companies, to industries, trade unions trying to buildout apprenticeship programs and apprenticeship models. >> we're here to today to celebrate the dignity of work. it is a really a good term, the dignity of work and the greatness of the american worker port pour heaviering over all of it today "washington post" report posted about this time yesterday which said that bob mueller's team is looking into potential obstruction of justice charges. the president sent out a couple tweet this is morning. just moments ago, david and melissa, the president went back to twitter again. here is what he wrote, two tweets. quote. why is it that hillary clinton's family and dems dealings with russia are not looked at but my non-dealings are? he writes, crooked h destroyed phones with hammer, bleached emails and had husband mead with ag days before she was cleared. and they talk about obstruction?
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the president writes? at the press briefing this afternoon deputy press secretary sarah sanders ask why the president felt the need to talk about all this in light of heightened environment here in washington. she basically said look there was report put out there, the president feels the need to respond. david, and melissa. melissa: the second tweet was factual. i don't know. reporter: thanks. melissa: scott and kevin are back. let's react to the apprentice jobs plan, take it back to that spot. this is something makes a lot of sense to me. here in new york not too long ago there were hundreds of people lined up overnight trying to get in a plumbers apprentice program, way more people than they had the space for. they talked about tremendous opportunity, how much money they were going to mach. seems like such an obvious solution. why have we not done this before? >> the administration tried other jobs programs but they weren't as focused as this
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program is. that is because of trump's business background. let's face it, you're right, surveys around the country, jolt survey comes to mind at record highs because a lot of skilled workers are not out there. combination of a lot of things. apprentice program is great. hooking up with trade school an colleges, i can say that, looking up businesses with kids locally and nationally. it needs education and training to get these jobs to get them filled. melissa: absolutely. kevin i talked to so many ceos over the years who need skilled trained workers. they can't find out there. they talked about paying for training programs at local high schools and local junior colleges. you only get in it if you wanted the well-paying job. i don't understand who is losing in all of this? why have we not done this already? >> people aren't losing in the situation. you're starting to see market shift towards that especially on professional services side.
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you see that happening department of labor said people going into apprenticeship programs making $60,000 out of the apprenticeship. that is higher than starting salary for college graduates. this lightens burden of financial education. this helps because they're not only working but also getting money for schooling. so this isn't something happening in the market. market is starting to go there. with the federal government starting to go into the market and supplying much-needed guidance and deregulation, it can only benefit this country. david: here is a mix of the government and markets, boeing hitting new all-time high as qatar steining a 12 billion-dollar new arms deal with washington. boeing is the prime contract or on that sale. scott, qatar is in middle of very complex political gamesmanship between everything from the saudi arabians to the turks and everything. boeing is right in the middle of that.
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i don't know, it is very tenuous place to be, no? >> it is, david, and qatar's recent losses is boeing's gain potentially if that is interesting tying the order. what is interesting about boeing. there are a couple things going on. obviously making great planes these days. the fleet in the u.s. is aging. the china a big customer of boeing. what china does going with other emerging markets with state sponsored in case of china, state-sponsored companies end up building planes in the future may be a long term risk for boeing. but i like them in the short term. we own the stock. david: kevin, i understand, playing counter role of what scott was saying i understand long term why boeing is a big bet. we'll for the long term spend a lot more money what boeing manufacturers but has a short term reaction what happened to qatar doesn't make sense to me. what about you? >> we understand this company is of strategic importance to us especially because we don't want countries likes qatar getting
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weapons an munitions from russia and china as they start to build up their defense programs. it is important to note that. qatar, we have a strategic base there, well, that's true. >> it is very important because we're also selling arms and munitions to saudi arabia. so this government needs to take really hard look at how we're going to be dealings especially on the military side between both sides. david: i understand, but at the same time saudi arabians kicking them in the pants because much their relationship with terrorist as i think they should. good stuff, guys. i appreciate it. melissa: so yesterday's shooting fueling calls for increased congressional security. should congressman be allowed to carry guns? david: good question. and this was not the first time when our elected officials have been targeted. a security officer for former house majority leader tom delay was shot and killed while trying to protect him outside of his own office. he will join us a little later with his story.
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melissa: we're just a few short hours away from what has now become a symbol of political unity in washington. donations are pouring in ahead of tonight's first pitch of the congressional charity baseball game. we'll take you live to nationals park. >> we've had a very, very divided country for many years. i have a feeling that steve has made a great sacrifice but it could be some unity being brought to our country. ♪ the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise
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melissa: getting new reports in on condition of house majority whip steve scalise. shot yesterday in the hip when a gunman opened fire during the congressional baseball practice.
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he has been downgraded to critical condition but fox news learned his medical situation has complicated. surgeries to fix bondage from the bullet can't be scheduled to damage to internal organs is addressed first. doctors are reevaluating him every 12 hours. david: that bullet did damage. despite what is horrific politically-inspired shooting yesterday, congress vows tonight's charity baseball game as planned with political commit at this at the nationals park -- comit. this is the way americans come together with base by, right? reporter: absolutely, david. this game goes back to the 1909, congressional baseball game, it is a charity event. the game as you talked about during the commercial break raised one million dollars.
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last year's game only raised $500,000. 25,000 tickets sold. money is spread between different charities, boys and girls club, in the area and they added capitol police memorial fund. that is a few of charities benefit from tonight's game. the key is unity, heard it from president talking about unity but hearing it from the other side of the aisle from people like nancy pelosi. here is what she had to say. >> we're going to go to the game today. we're going to play our hardest to win, each team will. throughout the whole game we will all be team scalise. reporter: david, you talk about team scalise, that is going to include, by the way, team scalise's family, friends some of the staff, they're all going to be here. as a show of unity in honor of representative scalise, democrats and republicans are going to wear gear and baseball
4:18 pm
caps from lsu, representative scalise is from louisiana and has a fond connection with lsu. so is just one of the things we're going to witness here at tonight's game. david: wish i could be there. adam, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here is senator john hoeven, homeland security committee member, republican senator from north dakota. thanks so much for joining us, sir. >> good to be with you. melissa: would you say, a lot of people are saying gracious things today about trying to come together but others are skeptical you how long that could last. what is your take? >> first, it is just a tragic event and we are all praying for representative scalise's full recovery and for the other people that were injured. and again, we're so grateful, not only for our capitol police but for all law enforcement. i hope it is -- it is something that people think about and, use it as an opportunity to come together. melissa: do you think that that
4:19 pm
could, you know, apply to legislation? as you're looking at this, i mean, tensions have been so high when you're talking about health care or you know, we're talking about tax reform or any of the things that you all are trying to tackle, does it lend itself to actual compromise and legislation? is it more just about tone? >> it could, and i hope it does. i was a governor 10 years before i came to the united states senate. i spent most of my time trying to bring people together to effectuate solutions. we need to do a lot more than that here. so i hope so. melissa: do you feel different at capitol? when you see people that you know and you work with or several people that you know or work with have their lives in such jeopardy, it gives you pause and more sobering than even for the television viewer? i imagine you guys are taking it even more to heart. how does it feel differently today?
4:20 pm
>> just like you said it was sobering. yesterday was a very sobering day. it feels that way here particularly with representative scalise you know fighting for his life and so we're very concerned. and i think it, people are he reflecting on how do we find ways to come together. melissa: still we've heard, you know, a lot of fingerpointing as, everyone tries to come to a solution, see how this happened, how it could be avoided in the future. i've interviewed a number of people in the past couple days who turned it back on me, the media contributes to this. we feel like we sort of cover what's going on but as a group, how does everybody turn down the temperature, and do you blame the media in part for this? >> i think we should put it in this context. we all have a role to play whether in elective office, in the media, citizens across the country, we all have to work out how we work together.
4:21 pm
the greatness of america we're this huge melting pot figured how to come together and do things nobody else can do. so we all have a role to play there and it is no one group that's responsible. we're all in this together. melissa: yeah. we're all wondering what we'll hear about health care and when we're going to see that bill. what kind of insight can you give me on that front? >> you know in terms of time frame when you might see a bill, you're talking in the next several weeks. we have to stay focused on the goal, making sure people have access to health care and more affordable health care insurance. i keep pushing on things thaw -- that i think need to be in there. reforms for medicaid have to work for providers, states and beneficiaries. we need a refundable tax credit based on income as well as age, so low income people have access to affordable health care insurance. and we've got to deal with some type of reinsurance for chronic illness and preexisting conditions. melissa: senator, thank you for joining us.
4:22 pm
we appreciate it. >> thank you, melissa. david: and we need tax cuts. melissa: well there is that too. i was -- i was focused on health care but i hear you. david: there are a lot of new taxes with health care. we've got to get rid of them. could it be the greatest witch-hunt in american history? the new leak from the supposedly independent counsel investigating leaks among other things. why president trump is fighting back. karl rove, former senior advisor to former president george w. bush sounding off. a blazing inferno in london, the death toll rising even more as an entire apartment building is engulfed in flames. >> i feel very helpless, we watch the fire burning in terrible flames and people are dying inside. i can't rescue any of them, and it is a horrible, horrible feeling. ♪ think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state.
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new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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david: so one of the first things coming out of special counsel robert mueller's
4:26 pm
investigation is a leak to "the washington post" suggesting that president trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice. something that triggered mr. trump to tweet out his impression of the whole process right now, quote, you are witnessing the single greatest witch-hunt in american political history led by some very bad and conflicted people. so has this process become a witch trial intent on unseating the president? here now is karl rove, former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and a fox news contributor. karl, good to see you. is it a witch-hunt? >> you know i would be careful about using that phrase. bob mueller, my sense is, is an honorable man. the idea of being able to get the president of the united states indicted convicted of a charge of obstruction of justices absurd. the president of the united states is the head of the executive branch. he could have told jim comey, shut down the investigation. david: that's right. >> of michael flynn.
4:27 pm
david: absolutely. that was my first thought. >> is entirely within his powers to do so. would have paid a political price. i've been talking to legal experts about this and one of then, took that theory he didn't have the authority to do it, what if john f. kennedy said to j he had car hoover i want you to shut down your investigation and surveilance of martin luther king? would president kennedy have been guilty of obstruction of justice. david: you alluded to it. it doesn't make sense. it was february 14th, when jim comey said, the president said i hope, you know, that general flynn doesn't -- >> you can let it go, let go, et cetera. he had, then, a month 1/2 later in the middle of march or the end of march actually comey said again to president trump, you're not being investigated. so he himself, if comey was so worried about obstruction of justice, he himself could have brought an investigation which
4:28 pm
he didn't. >> sure, absolutely. i would add two more things. during the conversations with comey, trump says, president trump says i hope you find out if the satellites, meaning some people connected with this campaign if they did anything wrong. then he says to comey, and comey repeats it, he says to him i want you to get to the bottom of this russian meddling thing. look, the president had the ability to direct him to end any investigation he wanted. clearly a hope is not the same as i direct you to do this. comey made the decision. david: that is only time he ever, only time he ever mentioned general flynn to comey. >> right, right. in addition to that, look, u.s., u.s., 18 usc 1505, write that down, viewers, go google it. that is the statute involving obstruction of justice, and it requires a corrupt conduct involved. and so what was the corrupt conduct involved here? it would have to be the president was somehow sharing in the profits that mike flynn got
4:29 pm
from undisclosed -- ridiculous stuff. david: jim comey made his reputation as a prosecutor bringing obstruction of justice charges. that is how he got martha stewart after all. if he saw obstruction of justice in his february 14th conversation with the president, he would have brought it himself. >> yeah. david: leads to me wonder where this leak came from? again one of the things mueller is supposed to be investigating is leaks. so apparently a leak came out of his office -- >> no, no let's be careful about that. let's be careful about that. we don't know where it came from. david: where do you think it came from, karl? >> i don't know, i do know this. five different people tell "the washington post, three people, the director of national intelligence, the director of the nsa, and an nsa deputy. so it could have come out of those agencies and i don't think the fbi will be inclined, my experience is they don't like leaks. my inclination this came out of
4:30 pm
either the office of -- david: karl, i'm sorry to rush you. i got chance for one quick, quick question. i know mueller is honorable guy. they said same thing about comey. they're good friend. does that put mueller in conflict of interest? >> i don't think so. but comey, the guy's a hot dog. that is not a very professional term. david: i think i know what you mean. >> he is inclined to be seen only honest guy in town. testimony that he gave, for example, sneering, shoring attorney general sessions by suggesting there might be unstated reason. we saw that tossed right back at the attorney general by a partisan democrat, saying i don't know what the parameters that the attorney general has on his recusal, when he was one of six people who got an an email said any or all matters connected with current or future for investigation, campaign for president, don't tack to the attorney general.
4:31 pm
why he did those things keeping with general tone of comey. i'm only honest guy but they weren't true. david: karl rove, we gave you full answer, even though we ran out of time a minute ago. karl, good stuff. melissa. melissa: outrage growing after another unspeakable tragedy in london. prime minister theresa may ordering inquiry how a fire spread through a massive apartment building and spread quickly. residents ported about fire hazards for years. 17 people are confirmed dead but the death toll is expected to rise. there are 18 victims at regional hospitals in critical condition. reports say hundreds are still missing. boy, it has been tough for london. david: it could get worse. this isn't the first time a shooting like yesterday's occurred. former house majority leader tom delay was in the line of fire himself back in the 1990s. we'll hear his live-changing story next. melissa: what does the
4:32 pm
terrifying shootings on the baseball field mean for our gun laws? we're getting governor mike huckabee's take after the break. ♪
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dynamic performance, so you can own the road. track-tuned handling, so you can conquer corners. aggressive-styling, so you can break away from everyone else. experience the exhilaration of the bold lexus is. experience amazing. melissa: breaking news. authorities responding to a suspicious package containing white powder sent to fox 5 in atlanta. the package contained document with anti-president trump and
4:36 pm
anti-karen handel language. karen handel is running for congress in the 6th district in georgia. handle confirmed she received a suspicious package at her home. no reported injuries. we'll keep you updated with any new information. david: yesterday was not the first time in which u.s. capitol police put themselves between a murderous gunman and u.s. congressman. in 1998 two capitol police officers were killed when a mad gunman began firing inside of the capitol. one officer killed a plain clothes detective assigned to house majority whip tom delay. tom gibson managed to wound the suspect before dying in congressman delay's office. this must have brought it all back to you? >> certainly did. brought all the emotions you can
4:37 pm
imagine. certainly re-energizes memories, pretty bad memories, but also energizes, the memories of john gibson and j.j. chestnut. john gibb let that shooter go past him and yelled at him, so he turned around and they shot point-blank at each other. john died and the shooter lived. it was all in my office. david: that is extraordinary, once again the shooting yesterday in capitol hill area was the same sort of thing. the capitol hill police tried to distract the shooter to focus on them rather than on the congressman. these people no self-sacrifice at its core. >> oh, they are. first of all one of the best police departments in america. they're extremely well-trained. they are to thely dedicated and professional. in fact john gibson's son is a
4:38 pm
capitol police officer today. david: my goodness. >> they are dedicated to their service. they're dedicated to their protectees. they do it in such a way you don't even know they're around. david: you must think about detective gibson a lot. may well be that you would not be here were it not for him? >> no doubt about it. because when the first shot went off, of course stupid me, i ran out of my office to see what was going on, and there were a lot of my staff in the halls and in their offices that could have been shot just as easily. and that is why john knew that if he shot him in the back, the shooter could have killed other people. that is why he let him go by and yelled at him and he turned around and shot each other point-blank. david: now the shooter yesterday just didn't have a handgun. he had a long gun which was capable of firing many rounds within a short period of time.
4:39 pm
were it not for the two capitol police officers yesterday, this would have probably been the biggest political assassination in u.s. history. what do you think about that? >> well, i totally agree with that. and that's why people ought to think very seriously about the fact what if those officers weren't there? what would you have done? i know what i learned in my incidents? i started carrying a gun. even though i had security. i got a concealed carry license, i bought a gun. i bought a gun that could use my security's bullets. so i had a gun on me. david: it is interesting a number of congressman said all they had in the dug youout were bats. is it possibility as a result of this we may have certain loosening of standards for which a congressman could carry a gun? >> i don't know.
4:40 pm
i'm not a lawyer but, i think congressman can carry a gun and they don't need to worry about standards. congressman can not be arrested when he doing his job. david: yeah. >> so, yeah, but there is plenty, there is plenty of laws that allow you to carry, particularly if you're at-risk. a lot of judges carry guns. so, we need to think about that. david: congressman, thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. melissa: so some in congress are now saying they will be carrying a gun but virginia governor terry mcauliffe was pushing for stricter gun laws at the scene of the attack. >> i think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens. i have long advocated, this is not what today is about, but there are too many guns on the street. melissa: here now is former governor mike huckabee. he is a fox news contributor. so this conversation goes exactly where you expect it to as soon as the incident
4:41 pm
happened. some on one side pointing to the fact it looks as these guns were purchased legally. they say, wow, that means our gun laws are not working if this was legal. othe say, wow, this means i will carry a gun. if there hadn't been police there, we would be totally defenseless and everyone would be killed. what do you think? >> only wray to stop a guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. you will not stop him with a conversation or a bowl of celery. you will have to have something takes advantage away from him. as long as he has the gun and nobody else does, he is totally the guy with the advantage. that has to change. i hear people say gun laws, for what? what gun law would have changed the situation yesterday? nobody would come up with a gun law that fixed places like sandy hook or aurora. we look at horrible crimes happened which no law would have prevented it but one thing that will bring some equality, is
4:42 pm
when someone trained can intervene on behalf of good and decent people who are being murdered and stop the shooter. that is the only thing that will happen. melissa: i mean, i'm just being devil as advocate here, approaching you with what others would say, obviously rantings on his facebook page, he had threatened or the people in the past, he had violence in his past, he had been arrested in the past but still able to purchase these weapons, according to reports i'm seeing were purchased legally. so it seems like there were signs. not like he came out of the clear blue? >> there was domestic charge that originally had been filed on him involving a stepdaughter. the nothing ever happened, and charges were dropped. if the charges had stuck he would not be able to acquire the weapon. i go back to the point. you can't make sure everyone in the whole country is going to just be good all the time and i think what congressman delay just said is very true. you have judges who carry guns.
4:43 pm
two of the most effective personal carry weapons, one is called the judge, made by taurus. one is called the governor, made by smith & wesson. they're called because people who, sometimes will have to protect themselves because of their public positions they know they have to carry their own firearms. melissa: you're somebody in my mind makes your political points but do it with a smile. you do it with charm. people feel at ease around you. you're able to have the discourse without, i think, in my opinion, you know, that level of hatred and meanness behind it. what would you say to people out there? because everybody has their passion. you want to make your point. you're fighting for what you believe in, when we say turn down the temperature, the temperature is what is our country is about, the back and forth. how do you keep it in a place that is ugly? >> i don't hate anybody. when people say turn the temperature down, you can only turn the temperature down if you don't have a thermostat. a lot of people don't have
4:44 pm
thermostat and reason they don't, because they don't have a moral compass. they don't have a moral compass, every person is valuable, god maude them, god made me. i'm not more valuable than the other. i made be mad at them, but point of disagreement but i'm not going to hate them, because then i'm violating something built in me called the thermostat. people to have to have thermostat or they will never turn town the temperature. melissa: that is interesting. governor, appreciate your time. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: david. david: he was a healthy young man when thrown in jail bit north koreans. now his life is at risk. an update on the medical condition of the american student just released from north korea. ♪ the moment turns romantic? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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david: american physicians treating 22-year-old otto warm buyer who at warmbier revealing
4:48 pm
information about his dire condition. ellison barber is standing by where warmbier is receiving care. kind of a tragic press conference, wasn't it? >> doctors say he is in a state of unresponsive wake fullness. they say he has ex-finance sieve loss of brain tissues, and types of injuries are typically associated with cardiopulmonary arrest where you doesn't have oxygen for a significant amount of time. >> he has spontaneous eye-opening and blinking. however, shows no signs of understanding language, responding to verbal commands, or awareness of his surroundings. we have no certain or verifiable knowledge of the cause or circumstances of his neurological injury. reporter: warmbier's father says
4:49 pm
they found out a week ago that the north koreans claimed their son fell into a coma shortly after he had that trial in march of 2016. doctors here were very clear that they could not speculate on what happened to warmbier before he arrived here in the u.s. they simply do not know how he ended up like this. all they have from north korea two mris. doctors say they came with warmbier on a disk. they're dated april 2016 and july 2016. the doctors spoke today with permission of the family but they would not comment on otto's future or his future prognosis out of respect for the family. david. david: unbelievely, tragic. ellison barber, thank you very much appreciate it. melissa. melissa: a scary scene near the grounds of the u.s. open championship in wisconsin. a blimp deflating and catching on fire and crashing to the ground in an open field half a mile from the golf course this
4:50 pm
morning. first-responders arrived quickly on the scene. early reports that the blimp may have been experiencing mechanical problems before the crash. the pilot was the only one on board, and he was helicoptered to a medical facility and being treated for severe burns and injuries as a result of the crash. wow. david: well the 2017 u.s. open teeing off. which players setthe pace in the first round? we'll take you to erin hills, wisconsin, coming up next. ♪ [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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melissa: feeling the heat in erin hills, the 2017 u.s. open is officially underway. it started on the links and we're in the thick of it,
4:54 pm
watching leaderboard swing by swing. holly sundays, fox sports reporter in erin hills, in wisconsin. what can you tell us? what should we look for? >> nice to talk to you, melissa. we're in erin hills, outside of wisconsin. to give you an idea about the first round so far, we have very low scores. this is atypical for a u.s. open. this is due in large part to the rains, weather we got last night that made the greens here soft and they're really receiving balls very well. to use the golf term, players are throwing darts and making a lot of beard did is out here. ricky fowler tied the opening round record. he had a seven-under par 65. he has a two-stroke lead. the play is still going on. i think i'm with you couple
4:55 pm
hours more and some. world's best players are out there, jason day and rory mcilroy. we're expecting more weather. 40, 50% chance of rain. if that happens that this course will play completely differently. keep you updated the best i can, melissa. nice to talk to you. melissa: where is dustin johnson? i didn't see his name on the board? okay? i don't think she can hear me. holly, thank you. either that or she doesn't want to talk about dustin johnson. that is possible too. david: a lot of weather in wisconsin meanwhile. melissa: yeah. david: it is fun for golfers, because has a whole different characteristic in dry or wet weather. we'll keep you updated what is happening there. dodging bullets for a baseball game for charity, that will not stop democrats or republicans from playing on the same team tonight. ♪
4:56 pm
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4:59 pm
>> republicans and democrats that serve in congress actually get along, and we're going to show that tonight in our game too. this isn't just about grown men like me and others playing a baseball game at nats stadium. this is showing the american people we can come together for causes and also have our policy differences but not take them personally. >> the game will go on as planned tonight in just about two hours from now. >> i can't wait. the chief of staff to majority whip steve scalise announcing the congressman's entire staff, alumni, family and friends will be at the game adding it is, quote, exactly where steve would want us to be. the annual baseball game dating back to 1909. i really can't wait. by the way, it's one of the few disagreements we have. i love, there is something magical about baseball that brings americans together.
5:00 pm
i just love the game. >> you're going to tell everybody out there i don't love baseball. i enjoy golf, look at the leader board, rickie fowler at the top. i like baseball and golf. >> they have wine at baseball games. >> i love it. here's "risk & reward." [ gunshots ] . liz: more horrifying footage continues to surface from the shooting yesterday, and now this. a rare moment of unity between democrats and republicans after yesterday's horrific shooting. so the question is this -- does it mean it's finally time to play ball on president trump's growth agenda? we're hours away from the annual congressional baseball game for charity. game is still on as planned. maybe there's a silver lining here.


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