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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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saw yesterday that brought americans together even if you dislike president trump. he had the unifying message. lou: thank you for being with us. that's it for tonight. tomorrow night michelle malkin general jack keane and marsha blackburn among our guests. kennedy: tonight a divided nation comes together after an attack on our democracy but how long will it last? ohio republican covers and jim jordan is here plus what will the shooting mean for the gun control debate? major developments in the ongoing russian investigation. what does special counsel robert mueller have up his sleeve? so much more, grab the keys it's time to start it up. republicans and democrats coming together calling for unity in the truth in the ongoing war of words escalated yesterday into violence and bloodshed and the psychotic act act. house leaders paul ryan and nancy pelosi were quick to call for healing. >> again we are not one caucus
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or the other in this house today. it's in the family. it's an injury in the family. >> we are united. we are united in our shock. we are united in our anguish. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. kennedy: i do not think for a moment there dispute the obscenity of their active faith but this will have a long turn turn -- long-term impact. an unstable nut job with the robust lebron agenda targeted politicians from a party despise and want to. rodney davis put it well. >> i believe there is such a hatefulness in what we see in american politics and policy discussions right now. the 24-hour news cycle, this is got to stop. this could be the first political rhetorical terrorist acts.
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kennedy: make no mistake this was an act of terrorism but at least bernie sanders has the courage and good sense to condemn it with the kind of strong language moderate muslims were rarely use when discussing islamic terror. >> violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. kennedy: i don't blame sanders for the attack. can can't be held responsible for the vicious act of advocating sociopaths. they there are billions of people engaging on social media and you don't see bernie brose trying to pick up political foes of course terry mcauliffe wasted no time in his rush to politicize tragedy. >> let me say this, think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens could have long advocated and this is not what today is about but they're too many guns on the street. we lose 93 million americans a day to gun violence. kennedy: good thing you are not
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citing those numbers terry. we don't know where he got his gun but we do know guns save people's lives and without them this would have been a massacre. let's start the show. i am kennedy. how long might the unity in washington last and is there a real opportunity to solve some problems together? joining me now congressman and caucus member jim jordan. welcome back to the show congressman. >> think you kennedy. kennedy: obviously there is an outpouring of support ankle calls for unity from both sides. i'm wondering two things from you. how long will it last and will it in any way affect policymaking in washington? >> we hope it lasts a long time and we have to focus on the most important issue now which is
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congressman scalise and the other two that were heard hoping for full recovery. that's been the focus also i think you are seeing more members take a moment to think capitol hill police in light of the baroque action of their colleagues yesterday. let's hope it lasts a long time and we come together as a country and accomplish what the american people sent us here to do. i make the point all the time our job is pretty basis -- basic kennedy: those doing it mean that you ship to policies that might seek more bipartisan support? does this mean you take your foot off the health care accelerator and instead move to something like infrastructure? >> no, think it means we do it we were elected to do what the voters sent us to do and what we campaigned on doing that we do it in a way where we focus on the policy, focus on the issues and not make it so personal and in some cases let's have a real honest debate in for the things
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we the american people censored to do and there may be problems with the senate bill so been very much invested in the issue and rightly so and i agree i definitely do tax are exactly right we don't need is.
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kennedy:. >> let's get the
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kennedy: has been shooting truly brought the country together at in a time of intense partisan divide? today president trump said yes.
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>> steve in his own way may have brought some unity tour along divided country. we have had a very divided country for many years and i have a feeling that steve has made a great sacrifice but there could be some unity being brought to our country. kennedy: that would be good thing. house minority leader nancy pelosi took another route and playing too well for the divisive rhetoric, "fox news." >> i think i lot, i mean one of the people that went to jail for threats eventually when they finally found it when he was being tried, he just watches too much fox tv. that's what she said. kennedy: so with pelosi reverting back to her old ways
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emphasis on old, is it naïve to say that togetherness last? joined by comedian and one of the greatest shows in the history of television jimmy failla c-span x. and "fox news" analyst and blue-eyed dreamboat andy rooney. welcome back. so you know we have a lot of conversations right now about unity and it makes you really self-conscious about some of the discourse in the country and what we engage in. think about people you have political contempt for and have they gone over the line? >> this is a tough one for me because i am beloved wherever i go. none of this applies. >> also everywhere else. c everything is a home game for me. >> we have sort of default
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evolved back to the tribalism of our ancestors. maybe we never evolved out of it i don't know. can b we are so segmented. >> that's the thing that the people you disagree with are not just people you disagree with now, they are evil and you have democrats who say republicans don't want to nationalize health care are trying to kill people and you pro-lifers calling pro-choicers baby killers and etc. and it goes on and on. i believe this vitriol can have an effect or to condemn who are mentally unbalanced. the vast majority people, 99% of the country understands the difference between heated rhetoric and taking a gun out and shooting people that there is always that little bit of people. kennedy: does that mean we shouldn't engage in staff? we shouldn't watch violent movies. >> i would compare to violent video games which most studies have the bunks the claim that
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violent movies lead to violence and yet 99%, i play violent video games. 99.9% of people who play violent video games understand that the fantasy world and you don't do that and the real world but those people who have a propensity towards violence in the first place who are going to have trouble distinguishing that from the row world in the same way that those same types of people what problems distinguishing vitriol. kennedy: and a passion for a call to action. nancy pelosi blamed "fox news." this is a fallacy the anecdotal evidence and it's really short-sighted to compare someone who was threatening her whose mother said they watch too much "fox news". the person you actually committed a violent crime type to murder. >> how about that? just from the looks of the video it looks like she woke up on the
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wrong side of the park bench. she looks like she was left outdoors. there are two things and there's no one more partisan than me but i don't like when we attribute this to there will rhetoric because we are grouping the french with the rest of them. you are not a republican or democrat you are liberal and -- and i've a problem with taking responsibility out of this. which is my main issue with a lot of what went on here but i think the other problem we have is yesterday nancy pelosi and paul ryan had a great heartfelt discussion on the floor. she ran back out and blamed "fox news". kennedy: it's almost as divisive as "the news york times" and this was incredible. "the news york times" actually misreported some information about the jared loughner shooting when he tried to assassinate gabby giffords person he had been in touch with for years and this was not a
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political assassination attempts. this was a unstable person though there's no sign of incitement. liberals should have held themselves to the same standard decency that they ask for on the right. this had been a trump supporter and this person targeted democrats do think the rhetoric from the left would be any different today? >> yes, thinkers all around here. we are on "fox business" right now and we are having a very row conversation. i agree with you on some things and disagree with you on others and it's not left-right for me. i am a former bernie sanders surrogate. this person supported bernie sanders as much as he supported tim kaine but the reality is we have an epidemic, mental health epidemic in our country and when you look at all the situations and there has been a lot of studies that it's reported on
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this usually comes back to someone who is isolated was not interacting with people. a lot of reports of a person being lonely and had a history of domestic violence and the charges were dropped. that was in the state where they they -- domestic violence. so you know you have to look at the history of the person and whatever political vehicle or whatever vehicle it is -- kennedy: is the fulcrum. >> the problem with "the news york times" editorial is it's why trump and get away with screaming fake news every time a story comes out that he doesn't like. there's enough bad journalism out there that it's easy to make people believe it's all bad in the times did itself no favors here. i don't know what the hell they were thinking. kennedy: tell me what was the political incitement for jared loughner?
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he had nothing to do with sarah palin. >> i'm from tucson and that was my district actually and the seven going to go and take it out on whoever's in power. he wrote about this but one more thing i want to go back to the point about media responsibility. there a lot of people who were legitimate with millions of followers by jury read who attributed the gun attacks towards -- incredibly responsible and the senator should be calling out those folks because they have a duty and responsibility as journalists and public figures and they should not be using your outrage to put forth their political propaganda. it has nothing to do with unity. there is no unity there. if you want to talk about unity let's talk about what we can do together. kennedy: attributing it to bernie sanders is like richer beating it to gun legislation to the panel returned with a new report claims a special counsel in the russia probe robert
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robert mueller is investigating him for possible destruction of justice. mueller wallerstein has interviewed top intelligence issues dan coats ahead of the national security agency mike rogers and deputy richard leggett. whether mueller suspected the person did something wrong or whether it's part of a normal check is to think that investigators will into. regardless of president this morning tweeted quote they made up a phony collusion with the russian story found zero proof so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. so is there anything to this new development could let me ask "fox news" analyst judge andrew napolitano who is back in my loving arms. he's in the d.c. bureau. >> rather be in your loving arms anytime thank you but we really don't know what the special counsel of mueller knows but we
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do know a couple of things. we know the former fbi director james comey laid out enough of an evidentiary basis, enough evidence from his memory and from his notes sufficient to trigger a preliminary investigation of whether or not the president engaged in obstruction of justice. as you pointed out that doesn't necessarily mean the president is a target or bob mueller thinks there's enough evidence to indict if the president were capable of being indicted but it does mean enough evidence has been presented to the special prosecutor that would be unprofessional for them not to engage in a preliminary inquiry. on the other hand he has already debriefed jim comey. we don't know what jim comey told him. it was likely a lot greater detail than what he told the senate intelligence committee last week and jim comey's e-mail so he is looking for evidence of obstruction of justice on the part of the president.
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kennedy: during comey's testimony to the senate last week he admitted to leaking at least one time to "the news york times" their asserted friend of his producer anyway rod rosenstein knew about comey sleek the fourth he appointed him, appointed mueller as special counselor and is their inherent of interest there? >> well i don't know what deputy attorney general rosenstein knew or when he knew it. i have been arguing for a week and a half now, kennedy that jim comey and i have never hesitated to criticize him. i saw his behavior in the hill lyric clinton investigation was below professional standards. he did not commit any crime or other wrongdoing or the release of information to "the news york times" to his friend and former u.s. attorney colleague of his professor of columbia law school. there's no legal definition of a leak but the type of leak that is unlawful as when the material
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is either privileged or classified. in this case it was not privileged. no one can claim a right to it that is a greater right than the public's. it was not classified because they didn't obtain information that is confidential and it was written by jim comey and therefore he had lawful possession of it. i don't see any wrongdoing here. he's not happy with what comey dignity of the right to do it. kennedy: understand that. you were the first to point this out after comey's testimony that the president could be in some trouble based on what the former fbi director said. what specifically struck you and how does that tie into mueller's investigation? >> mueller's investigation of the "washington post" this morning is indeed believed and they assert that there are five people with knowledge of the case of the five fbi agents. there could be five lawyers around the periphery of the case
8:24 pm
doing the investigating but bob mueller is looking for obstruction of justice which means that the president of the united states for a corrupt purpose interfered with an fbi investigation. example, we have so many issues with terrorists and groups in new york and new jersey. i think it's better to put the mic flynn stuff on the back runner and devote the resources to these terrorist groups because they are dangerous and i fear the violence is going to come. then there's interference with investigation but on the other hand director comey leads mike flynn alone thinking to himself if you indict flynn he's got some stuff on me that i don't want to get out there. i'm giving you two hypotheticals honestly. the former is lawful and the latter is unlawful. kennedy: as the weeks unfold and come to light in the special counsel investigation.
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thank you so much judge. coming up yesterday shooting at the congressional baseball practice is once again sparked the gun control debate. another type of liberty john stossel here with reaction in tonight's trivia. how many states prohibit the open carry of handguns in public places? six, nine, 14 or 21? the answer after the break. stay right here.
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kennedy: welcome back. before the break i asked how many states prohibit open carry of handguns? is at six, nine, 14 or 21? the answer is six including washington d.c.. now was just a matter of time before gun control advocates chimed in on yesterday shooting at the congressional baseball practice. the top of the charts at about virginia's democratic governor terry mcauliffe called for fewer guns but most republicans are taking the opposite approach new york congressman chris colin said quote on rare occasion i have my gun in the glove box or something but it's going to be in my pocket from this day forward. earlier today about the enforcement thomas masse introduced a bill that would allow lawmakers to have concealed carry permits in their home states to be able to carry those guns in washington d.c. as well for joining me is john stossel. he's from the fox business network. let's talk a little bit about some of the statistics because
8:30 pm
it's important to educate people on the rail gun control issue and you have been doing research on this for years. there was one thing that you brought up and it was at another mass shooting and i remember this. it was at the movies at a restaurant in texas and a woman who lost her parents are murdered that day who said if she would have been allowed to carry a gun into the restaurant from parents might still be alive. >> i did interview her but these anecdotes don't prove anything. i grew up and lived in the navy place in new york city most of my life in portland oregon before that. when i looked at the data i saw all the states allow concealed carry and open carry in your quiz but before that concealed carry and there may be less crime in those states because the criminal is afraid of robbing somebody who may have a gun. the governor of virginia, people
8:31 pm
in this town are clueless about that. i once had to al sharpton what would happen if it were legal for anyone to carry a gun over 21? there would be blood on the street. i said but that's the law in 40 states now at the time and he had no idea. kennedy: that's true and when they are confronted with actual persisted this -- statistics like in washington d.c. after the heller case they said owning a firearm is a national writing government cannot stand in the way of that and crime went down in d.c. when more people were allowed to get gun permits. >> after the mayor said terrible ruling they there are going to be much more murders. kennedy: that is the national assumption of people like rahm emanuel. this shooter from illinois, we don't know exactly the origin of the gun but terry mcauliffe used yesterday as a platform to
8:32 pm
say we have to get guns off the streets. >> john locke's argument more guns less crime is hard to get your brain around the idea of given how stupid some of the dash aargh going to bars thank you we are all armed is terrifying and yet it does not cause the crime that people expect. we don't know how me time because nobody keeps records of crimes prevented when someone says don't do that, often it prevents crimes and in this case it would have perhaps ended the shooting spree sooner. kennedy: that's absolutely right. gun save people's lives. john stossel thank you for this statistics. the father of the american student who just returned home after 17 months in north korea and captivity blamed the obama administration's handling of the sun's attention. we are told otto warmbier has been in a coma since after the conviction for stealing a propaganda poster sentenced to 15 years hard labor.
8:33 pm
as doctor said he has quote extensive loss of brain tissue and is unresponsive. his father spoke out against the north american treatment of him as well as the obama demonstrations and actions. >> we were advised by the pacifist ration to take a low profile while they worked to obtain his release. we did so without resolve. earlier this year's india knight decided the time for strategic patience was over. kennedy: and of course that's a blow to the terminology the obama administration used for the north korean regime. warmbier said the trump administration is to thank for his son's return home. no reporter report of progress has yet been made on their release. nikki cons jimmy failla and andy lee v.. india will start with you. how frustrating it must be for
8:34 pm
these parents. they are delighted that their son is alive and they learned last week yet been in a coma for over a year and north korea saying it was a humanitarian effort to finally release him. >> this is obviously a sad story all around but they said he is in a coma because of watch alyssum and sleeping pills. maybe they gave it to my mats only way believe that story. kennedy: michael malice is pointed out don't take bibles don't stay in hotel rooms and don't violate the law and very clear about what you should and shouldn't do while you are in the country. >> you want to be careful because you don't want to blame the victim. whatever he did --
8:35 pm
kennedy: of course there's no justification for this but the thing about this that makes me so mad and makes me so angry and is so unjust i'm wondering if you share my anger and if you want to bomb the north koreans the north koreans in tacoma's? >> i do believe in diplomacy but i don't know how that works when you are dealing with someone. kennedy: what this diplomacy in north korea look like? >> sanctions. this is something that so complicated and strategic when you have to deal with china and all the players in the region and how to get them to come on board with our strategy and that's the hardest part part. how do he get south korea and china and the rest to agree with our strategy and puts the pressure on north korea. i don't know. that's why i'm not president. >> if the background check as well. kennedy: but this is so tragic
8:36 pm
for these parents and it makes you wonder what kind of conditions are many citizens in north korea and the americans there that are in prison. snap or i am hoping we get out of this is a shift in attitude towards our their hostage overseas. the last administration i don't think we were taken seriously but one of the upshot to the syrian intervention like all these people backing up what they say, my neighbor broke with bob levinson the longest held american overseas in iran since 2007 and his family who i'm semi-close with have openly said on this network and other networks didn't feel like you have had any support from the obama administration. kennedy: that's what otto warmbier's family said. they feel may be the obama administration up in a little bit more overt that he could have come home.
8:37 pm
andy levy and nomiki konst thank you. does the shooting tarnish bernie's progressive movement? i will as the one and only juan williams, next. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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kennedy: in the hours after the shootings of congressman scalise
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investigators discovered the suspect was a volunteer for the bernie sanders campaign. she's a early to show the senator was quick to condemn the violence and was -- at the same time if he plans to make a run for the white house in 2020 i don't see how this can help him. the fair to ask whether this is the end for bernie's quest? from 1600 pennsylvania avenue joining me now is the host of a a -- juan williams is back. crazy times here. we have had a lot of conversations tonight about calls for unity and rhetoric in washington and i don't pull bernie sanders accountable just like i wouldn't hold the president accountable if it were someone from the other side of the aisle who pulled the trigger. my question is does this in any way tarnish bernie sanders movement? >> yeah sure, no think there's any question. even if you were to take the hard-nosed political angle and say it's his critics who have
8:42 pm
left at this buddy opened the doors to the critics. maybe not something that was felt that someone is associated with the campaign someone whose web site and though i clearly took to sanderson saw sanders is the leader in terms of angry statements about president trump statements that said trump was the worst president ever and all that kind of thing. i think the word of the day kennedy introspection inside the sanders camp. they are quick to point out that trump and trump supporters associated with violence and remember the guy that runs the pizza parlor in d.c. with a gun in all back? the idea was that they were different by wait a second what's the difference now is the rhetoric is so strong that you get a sanders supporter acting in a vicious and horrific way? kennedy: i agree with nomiki who said at some point someone like this is going to tip and they are going to use any excuse they
8:43 pm
have two go over the edge and feel justified about it. i think the political rhetoric and the horrible sociopathic violent acts i think we have to separate them. i think it's okay to look at ourselves for a second and say what is that we are saying? what is this reaction because all of politics is a reaction. donald trump an even bernie sanders reaction to president obama. what is about the direction it goes too far? does it change or curtail some of the discussions you have on and off air about politics? >> in terms of the discussion with people in washington is negative. you get the sense that i heard someone say this and i read it so i don't know if they were putting it but they said they feel like you are at a tipping point in terms of a sharp political polarization and they don't want to engage in diplomacy in a way the conversation started my and talking about whether or not there would be anger especially over gun control after this kind
8:44 pm
of evident where you see the right say oh this is not about gun control. the individual has to be held responsible and the last thing we need or gun control but now people say i don't want it. the final point to make on this is once you get beyond the moment, once you get to next week once we get into arguments about affordable care once we get back to arguments about tax reform and about the budget do we see this has consequences? at the moment it sure seems that way. kennedy: we will see. some see. some of these town halls were republicans in congress are having heated conversations and what while that cold with temperatures in the room a little bit? it remains to be seen. juan williams thank you so much. we will take your questions, send conspiracy theories about my life. your mail is next. at angie's lie
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kennedy: today is thirsty thursday for a lot of people. but not on the show. by this time of the week we get to the fourth day the staff is usually trying to quit drinking before we go on air. anyhow, no such luck today.
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this is the topical storm. topic number one. a new york man through an avacado at a deli clerk so hard it broke the guy's job. the bad news is the cops are going to arrest him. the good news is the yankees are offering him a three-year deal. somebody has got to replace him. the super food fight started at a ballet on 161st street in the bronx which is not exactly rodeo drive. these guys weren't scared. they were furious that the clerk didn't speak english so they naturally started throwing avocados. time to call the yelp review when the fruit is right there and yes an avacado is a fruit. i only know this because i've lost a bet with fred bear who had to drink a fifth of wild turkey. the worst first date ever. the man has not been caught but the nypd police they could be hiding somewhere no one would
8:50 pm
ever go like the new tom cruise movie. even central park's julius caesar got better reviews. though cause for couch jumping. topic number two, the following death-defying action sequence is not from tom cruise and we know this because the star is taller than 5 feet one inch. you are looking at elaine robair who is looking at the barcelona tower as she climbs to the top without a safety harness. robair has scaled hundreds of structures around the world and he is known as the french spiderman. a french spiderman is like american spiderman except he surrenders to every foreign enemy that while american spiderman alter ego -- alter ego peter parker works for jobs in his life french alter ego spends his days chain-smoking cursing
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out tourist at cafés and not picking up dog. look for the film in theaters in early 2020 after prezant rupaul's inauguration. work it girl. cover girl. topic number three. the golden state warriors have their victory parade today in the floats rolled past all of the iconic landmarks of downtown oakland. the museum of modern mugging, the burning bark said that even the casino workers at the sidewalks dice game caught a glimpse of the champs. hey is that kevin durant's? shut up and rolled the dice. of course no news story would be complete without a donald trump tie-in and believe it or not this one is no different. prior to the parade the chief announced that they will turn down an invitation to meet president trump at the white house.
8:52 pm
it's not the first time it happened. back to 1998 the chicago bulls turned down an invitation to meet president clinton at hooters. that's a true story. the only one who showed up of course was dennis rob and and that's because he was just visiting carmen electra. what a love story. i wonder if she is with him in. ♪ topic number four. the u.s. may be losing the space race but kfc is not taking it lying down. they are chickens can't lie down because legend has it they have eight wings, three peaks and 42. but now is no time to get hormonal kennedy. the colonel is on a mission and you can check it out here. >> can you actually launch kfc's world-famous singer chicken sandwiches into space? the answer is, we certainly hope so. our entire marketing campaign depends on it. kennedy: the new colonel is
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played by matt damon who also is launched into space aid his own and diaper the companies sending their newest zinger sandwich on a four-day balloon that will fly high enough to see the curvature of the earth and the of space but if you think that is scary you should see the nutritional content on the sandwich. the singer value meal comes in three sizes, love handles, the double chin and man which i'm still hoping for. topic number five. like an alligator with a toothache, it's annoying and angry. the only difference is i can't make a purse out of your horrible opinions. this is your mail. bob tweets, i don't like you for one reason. you think you are the smartest
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person around and everyone else is stupid. think bobby genius. did you have time to pull that one out of your mensa meeting? i can smell your incense from here. maybe it's just your rancid brew columba galatea writes your show is garbage. are you leading the conservatives? know, and i'm glad it's garbage. i'm the oscar the grouch of "fox business" preview heard it here first, alicea. you are neither silverstone or the lady who plays the piano real good. what's your name? alicia keys. neither of them you are. maniac rounds out the evening with, your wig is on cricket which really depresses me because they think on fleak means on sale and i could have saved $10. is it too late to get a rain check or some sort of the digital coupon?
8:55 pm
such hip language, grandma. coming up hillary clinton, speaking speaking of grandma hillary clinton is preparing herself for female superhero. i believe it's batman. madcap is next. stay here. [vo] when it comes to investing,
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kennedy: hillary clinton may put a few in the glass ceiling but it sounds like she was smoking when she compared herself to
8:59 pm
"wonder woman" after the movies phenomenal success. recently went and said i haven't seen "wonder woman" yet but i'm going to impart because it's threats by the fabless tammy jenkins but something tells me a a -- is right up my alley. you know what's right up my alley? zipping it and not making utterly absurd comparisons to people you can hold it candle to. if hillary clinton is "wonder woman" -- could never hold that shield. hillary's delusion knows no bounds and if anything this most recent losing campaign shows us she is really "wonder woman" part perhaps you will lasso herself and finally shut it. i'm so glad you're here tonight to thank you so much are watching the show in being part of the best hour of the day. follow me on twitter and
9:00 pm
instagram mechanic mechanic nation facebook at kennedy fbna mel candy i will be outnumbered on the "fox news" channel at noon eastern 9:00 a.m. in the west. have a good night. strange inheritance. >> when my dad died, everyone was heartbroken. >> but what does a boy do with a winery? >> the funniest thing is when i would tell my friends' parents, and they would totally freak out. >> talk about getting your feet wet in a new business. >> drink it. it's grape juice. >> that is really good. >> but how does the family keep it from dying on the vine? >> i didn't know anything about wine except that i like to drink it. >> so what's the heir going to do when he grows up? >> i'm trying to prove that i'm not the owner's kid who just gets handed these things. [ cork pops ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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