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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. altic states and the support we're showing there. charles: colonel west, thank you very much as usual. now, here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. the congressional baseball game for charity in the nation's capital will go on as planned tonight. a day after a shooter opened fire on republican lawmakers as they practice. organizers saying that the members of congress, the staff and the volunteers who were out at practice yesterday cared deeply about the causes they play for to benefit, to honor the victims, to play the game as scheduled. at the forefront of everyone's thoughts, house majority whip steve scalise. he remains tonight in critical condition after the bullet that
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traveled across his pelvis, fractured bones and caused severe internal bleeding. we'll have a live report from outside the medstar washington hospital center tonight, where the congressman is being treated in just moments. but first, we are moments away from the first pitch in tonight's game, which has been breaking fund-raising records and fox business correspondent adam shapiro, live at nationals park, in washington, d.c. adam, good evening. >> reporter: and a good evening to you, lou. what could be a better show of unity than the fact that this event, which goes back to 1909, this charitable congressional baseball game. this year, has raised $1 million. last year it raised $500,000. they doubled how much they raised for charitable causes in the washington, d.c., area and sold far more tickets of over 20,000 sold for tonight's game, and also added to the charitable causes that will
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receive funding, the capitol police memorial fund, because it was of course two capitol police officers who were among the heroic people yesterday who prevented what could have been a far more tragic outcome. so what we're witnessing right now is members of the cabinet, rick perry, the energy secretary, greeting people. we're running a little behind schedule, but they are assembled inside the stadium along with team scalise, members of his staff, friends, family members, they're here as well, and we're expecting we might hear from president trump because there is this message of unity. later on around 7:15 this evening, you'll have speaker of the house paul ryan, a republican, appearing on national television with nancy pelosi, the democrat and minority leader in the house, again as an example of the unity that has brought everybody together in washington, d.c. lou? lou: adam, thank you very much, adam shapiro. president trump today asking all americans to send their thoughts, their prayers to congressman scalise.
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he remains in critical condition tonight. fox news correspondent doug mckelway coming to us live from the medstar washington hospital, he has the latest on the congressman's condition. a full update and good evening, doug. >> reporter: good evening, lou, and information from official sources here at the medstar washington hospital center continues to extremely spare and infrequent. in fact, the last full update we got from the hospital was at 8:15 last night when they announced he was in critical condition. the one exception to that was a one-word text message i got from the pio here about an hour ago confirming that he did undergo a third round of surgery this afternoon from which he is now recovering. our producer on capitol hill, tells us from nonhospital sources that steve scalise's wound is, quote, complicated. doctors are evaluating his condition in 12-hour increments. the bullet shattered his pelvis
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creating a host of internal issues foremost of which is bleeding. altogether we've got the shattered pelvis, damage to internal organs as well as damage to veins and arteries. president trump, along with first lady melania visited the scalise family last night and today he spoke about the majority whip's condition. >> much more difficult than people even thought at the time. he's in some trouble. he's a great fighter, and he's going to be okay, we hope. >> reporter: vice president pence and his wife karen visited the hospital this morning where they thanked doctors and staff. meanwhile, matt mika, the former capitol hill staffer, is at george washington hospital, they report he has been upgraded from critical condition to serious condition. that's a good sign he. will undergo more surgery tomorrow and the hospital says that is the last word they will have about him out of respect for his privacy.
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on a brighter note, zach barth, the aid to congressman roger williams struck through the left calf was remarkably back at work at capitol and tremendous sign of resilience, he described to reporters what it was like as the shots began hitting close to home. >> no gate for me so i do the best thing i can. i get on the ground, make myself a small a target as possible and see him turn his gun towards me, and it just starts popping all around me. he hits me in my leg, and at that point, my adrenaline is pumping and my fight or flight reflexes take control, and i decide if i want to live, i need to get to better cover. >> reporter: and the two capitol hill police officers who were injured and/or wounded, crystal griner and david bailey are expected to be just fine. one last note, i was in the lobby of the hospital where i
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ran into former louisiana governor bobby jindal wearing lsu purple and gold shirt, going to meet with scalise after the most recent surgery. spoke in the highest praise of mr. scalise, he's a guy of strong political views, has friends across the aisle and everybody is green offing this terrible, terrible thing that happened to him. back to you, lou. lou: governor jindal wearing all of the lsu garb out of respect and for steve scalise who is an lsu grad and one of the tigers as well. our best to congressman scalise, our thoughts and our prayers wear him and his family. doug mckelway, thank you very much for the report. our first guest tonight is here to talk about security measures, the violent threats against lawmakers, our guest
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says congress should consider allowing members to carry guns, always, to protect themselves, and joining us tonight is congressman dave brat, a member of the freedom caucus, he also serves on the house budget committee. congressman, good to have you with us. i know that there has to be a somberness that is filling the atmosphere at the capitol. your thoughts tonight, if you will, on what we should be doing to better protect our elected officials, particularly in the house and the senate? >> yeah, well, lou, i think you know. i've got a seminary background, the best thing we can do to protect all of us is change the environment philosophically and ethically across the country. right? the kids are learning without ethics and it's starting to show up in reality. we need to get serious again
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and get back to first principles, just the golden rule. that rule survives the scrutiny of western civ and eastern civ, and love and treat each other as we wanted to be treated. after that, rationality needs to kick in and we need to start thinking through, who are we meeting with? if we're meeting with groups of congressmen and women and senators, et cetera, we need to plan at town halls. get engaged better. our local law enforcement does a tremendous job, sheriffs, police, firefighters and first responders, we need to communicate with them telling them we're going to be here, we need eyes on the ground, and we've got a lot of work to do. so in the past it's kind of there's a risk assessment that's done, and no one's threatened your life explicitly. that's no longer good enough. now the risk is out there and we see it, so we need to plan accordingly.
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lou: you know, congressman, i agree with everything you say. i do think it's important that we take note that the left in this country is trying to kill america. it is a wonderful thing to speak of unity and joining hands, but what we are watching in play now is an outright assault on the president of the united states, by the left, by the most extreme wings of the democratic party, who have vowed that they will fight through, talking about russian collusion, irrespective of no evidence, no facts, through the midterm elections because they find that to their political advantage. congressman, i think we've got to be very realistic about what we are witnessing here. >> yeah. lou: a contest, a struggle, a battle for the values of this country, and for the
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government, the government of this great nation that is under assault. >> that's right, lou. i didn't come to the position lately. i got the book, if you have a hard time sleeping at night, american underdog, i outlined the pills that are make this country great. first is the judeo-christian tradition and the rule of law and free markets. and for the past 40 years in academia we have a philosophical school called deconstruction, you're deconstructing the judeo-christian tradition, natural law theory, the catholic tradition, deconstructing the rule of law, police are calling disgusting terms and free markets are reviled every night across the news. so all the pillars that made us great are being reviled, and you said it just right, it's the hard left. it's not my democrat friends that go to church with me, the members, we all get along, but the negative ads, we need to set challenging rules across the aisle.
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you don't hit people ever, we're human beings, we have families, wives, kids, we love each other and we got to set ethical rules and boundaries that both sides have to live up to. lou: congressman dave brat, i think that you have summed up the situation neatly. the problem is that we're dealing with something that's a bit of a mess beyond even those boundaries. >> yeah, you're right. lou: we're coming right back with much more. congressman brat, as always, thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. president trump urges americans to pray for congressman steve scalise. >> he's in some trouble. he's a great fighter and he's going to be okay, we hope. lou: tonight, we take up the fallout from the attack, the growing calls for the violent left of temperate's language,
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. lou: breaking news tonight -- vice president mike pence has now hired his own outside attorney to represent him in the special counsel's russia investigation. the attorney is richard cullen, former virginia attorney general, former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia. again, hiring outside attorneys to assist him as the special counsel now focusing on the vice president's office as well. joining me now to talk about the special counsel robert mueller's efforts, obviously, to undermine this administration, president trump himself, the vice president, who knows who else within this government, the fallout from the virginia attack, much more, ed rollins, he served in three presidential administrations, chief political adviser to the house republican leadership and
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ran the political office for president ronald reagan as well. fox news contributor. >> thank you. lou: old friend. nice to see you. >> good to be with you. lou: mike pence is now hiring outside counsel. >> what it tells me, lou, we're six months into a new administration, the premise is that for the next year, two years, three years, maybe the whole term, we're going to be bogged down in the special counsel drill. i watched this the iran-contra thing going on forever. i watched bill clinton's issues go on forever. i watched president bush, the last president bush go on forever, as karl rove wrote so well today, and i think the problem is this becomes very expensive to people have to hire lawyers, it becomes very expensive in the sense of time and energy and totally distract. lou: let me ask this. >> go ahead. lou: why are we putting up with it? we knew the direction it was headed, everybody knew the effort put forward by the dems,
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the left in this country with a simple and straightforward purpose which is to derail the agenda of this president and subvert his administration. the conservative republican leadership of both houses, both committees, senate intelligence and house intelligence, went along with it. now why should the american people have to put up with this ignorance? >> they shouldn't, and equally as important, the initial mission was to find out if the russians messed around in our election, and clearly the answer to that is yes. find out how and why and make sure it doesn't happen again. lou: who's job is it to do that? it is the fbi's it is the cia. it is nsa. and 14 other agencies that report to the two committees that are acting like damned fools and playing, you know, play house politics! it is ignorance to watch this go on without comment.
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from the national left-wing media, i mean, why are the american people being forced to accept this for the politicians of both parties to act like this is -- business as usual. >> my issue is i believe the majority rules. we have the majority in the house and the senate, the majority in both the committees and someone better stand up and -- lou: did you listen to richard burr? >> i did. lou: did you think he sound like a republican or a damned democrat? >> i think they were trying to decide bipartisan in the one hearing. lou: bipartisan? is it bipartisan if richard burr acts like a democrat? >> i think they were tempted to have bipartisanship, i didn't say they ended up having bipartisanship. i'm just telling you, i've been around the game for a long time. lou: yep. >> this administration, this agenda, republican majorities in the house and senate is all going to be put in jeopardy if they allow this process to continue. not about finding justice, it's about unjustice and to a certain extent -- >> what does the republican
10:20 pm
party do? >> whatever want its to do. i'm just arguing the president has the control. the republican party doesn't have any. i would basically, if i were the president of the united states, i would say it has to stop, have a very aggressive agenda, i want to move the country forward and i'm distracted by this thing on a daily basis and stop it. lou: almost a year of investigation. a year. >> right. lou: by the fbi. >> right. lou: it is just about six months of investigation by the senate and house intelligence committees. they've got nothing, and apparently neither does the fbi, the nsa, the cia, the dia, it goes on. why in the world are these committees taking on responsibility of investigation when their responsibility is oversight and the responsibility of investigation is that of the agencies to which they purportedly have oversight responsibilities?
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>> the bigger problem is they will never clear. once they started down this path, they're not going to step forth and say we found nothing that the president did that's wrong. they'll basically say we're not moving forward on this front -- lou: they're gutless, then. >> they're not only gutless. lou: wait, wait, wait, this is important. they are unprincipled, they are acting unethically. these are charlatan partisans and deserve to be reviled by the american people for what they are, and also for what they are not, which is responsible and rational. how can we look at these two committees and watch them abdicate their oversight responsibilities of these agencieses that can't even tell them, tell them what the relationship is between the trump administration and russia, if there is a relationship, and tell them there is no collusion? we have now heard from every agency who's spoken to it, and
10:22 pm
everyone in the oversight area has acknowledged this president has nothing to do with russia and yet the farce moves on. and it's injurous and dangerous to this republic. >> i couldn't agree with you more. today, the house oversight committee says we're going to look at it. lou: tell them to go -- >> again, that's what they're saying. >> tell them to go to hell. the argument is the president will never get to prove he's innocent. this will keep going and going and going, and what happens is he loses his agenda. lou: well, that's what happens to anyone who would act before this kind of ignorance, and i don't think he will. >> better get on the ball today. lou: you would think there would be one or two or maybe three or four republicans, and the leadership in the house and the senate who would have the guts to stand up with him and defend what is right, and
10:23 pm
dismiss what is wrong. >> i would concur. lou: ed rollins, great to have you with us. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs and follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight". if this is such a good thing, all these investigations, let's investigate the hell out of it, then. scary moments near the u.s. open golf tournament in wisconsin today. an advertising blimp crashing near the u.s. open, the pilot suffered burns on his back, his head, he was flown to the hospital alert and conscious. initial investigation showing
10:24 pm
the blimp may have experienced mechanical problems just before its crash about a half mile from the erin hills golf course. on wall street today, stocks closed lower, the dow down 14 points, the s&p down 5, the nasdaq down 29. volume on the big board 3.3 billion shares. the technology sector continuing slide down a half percent today. prices, indexes, near record highs. snap closing at ipo price shares down 5% today amid slowing user growth which adds to their continuing problems. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, the national left-wing media ignoring the clinton collusion with russia and the collusion between robert mueller, the special counsel and the fired fbi director james comey. i thought they were interested in collusion, didn't you?
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and the left covering for former attorney general loretta lynch's illegal behavior in the clinton eshg mail case. the despicable dems, oh, they're the subject of my commentary tonight. stay with us, we'll be right stay with us, we'll be right back. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, stay with us, we'll be right back. that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: a few thoughts on the role of the deep state and the dems and the left's efforts to subvert the trump administration and its policies. president trump slammed the witch hunt. he tweeted this. why is it hillary clinton's family and dems' dealings with russia are not looked at. but my non-dealings are. and crooked h destroyed phones with a hammer and bleached
10:30 pm
emails and they talk about obstruction? another great question. this as the senate judiciary committee launched an investigation of the department of justice's handling of the clinton email probe. good luck with that because we have seen what these committees do. but this committee says it will also investigate the comey firing. good on you, judiciary, we really needed another investigation via hearing. good lord. don't forget about special counsel mueller's investigation that winded to include possible obstruction of justice. what is he doing and why is there such a tacit acceptance of what is clearly a one-sided and hardly impartial investigation of this administration? it's a clear effort by the deep
10:31 pm
state to block this anti-status quo administration. in fact at least five committees and one subcommittee are investigating alleged collusion between trump and russia, despite no evidence whatsoever of almost a year of investigations by the f.b.i. and a half a year investigation by the two intel committees in the house and senate. all these investigations in my opinion amount to nothing more than a waste of time and money. if all of these investigations are such brilliant responsible ideas, then let's add a few more. let's investigate attorney general lynch and bill clinton. lynch and comey. let's drive all the unresolved investigation of the entire fate years of the obama administration to conclusion.
10:32 pm
obama's nsa, you and rice, john brennan, samantha power in the unmasking of americans caught in illegal surveillance of americans through the nsa and other agencies. let's have another investigation. these investigations have been proven to be an outright joke by the congressional committees. none of them work. the obama spy scandals and outlou conduct should be thoroughly investigated by all 17 intelligence agencies, and of course he committee i think in congress should be devoted to exactly that effort. don't you? brilliant people on capitol hill and gutless, absolutely gutless leadership over both the house and the senate and we have to across knowledge what the truth really is.
10:33 pm
our quotation of the evening is on investigation and the self-important pompous asses who delight in them. rather than admit what is readily apparent to anyone with common sense, they have investigation. our quotation this evening by oliver been dell holmes. it seems to me in this time we needed case in the obvious more than investigation of the obscure. it might be a broad awakening for you all. we are coming right back. the trump white house battling an all-out assault from the deep state and the desperate dems. >> reasonable people in the middle have seen this is one big witch hunt. lou: we take up what the
10:34 pm
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lou: my next guest expects special counsel rob of the
10:38 pm
mueller to find something, anything, and they won't forgive him if he doesn't. presidential historian doug wead. the intelligence community have participated in the overthrow of governments on how many continents. and it looks like that's whatting being tried here by the deep state. comcomponents from the deep stae and com components of our natiol left-wing media. >> we have skilled, talented professionals. they have overthrown governments in vote a number of and the fill pines and iraq and -- the philippines and iraq and egypt and ukraine. democratically elected governments, they create what
10:39 pm
they call popular uprisings. lou: uprising here is by the left. and the left -- driven by presiden --driven by president s administration. they are continuing to agitate, the organizing for action, over 30,000 trained quote-unquote organizers, activists. what in the world is going on here. a president by the first time, annex president staying in washington, d.c. rather than leaving the nation's capital. >> what would we expect, though. that's their skill set. some of them in the state department, some in intelligence, some in the media. they worked together to overthrow other governments it's inevitable they would use the
10:40 pm
gun on ourselves. so here we go. it looks like a coups dethat. the comey said the "new york times" story was false. there noise retraction, no going back. lou: there is no going back because there is only one narrative and it's the narrative that the left has a moral superiority over the rest of the country, and irrespective of the unlawful actions they take, their illegal presumptions and actions, that they deserve such permissions within our society that they can overthrow a constitutional government and duly elected president it's
10:41 pm
stunning. >> it's truly amazing. lou: people seem to be oblivious to it. >> it's not what you look at, but what you see. americans are seeing this differently, many of them it's stunning the gall of the people who want to reverse an election. it happened, but they are going to try to take it away. lou: what should president trump do? >> i thought his tweet was ask better than anything i could have come up with. i think what they have to do is something you hit on earlier, and that's to go after loretta lynch and some of the democrats. if we go after them for things they have really done, maybe they will stop persecuting trump for things he hasn't done.
10:42 pm
that may be the way out. lou: at least understand the deep state as represented in the judiciary and all who would cancel this president to wait and understand that accepting this momentum on the part of the left and those who would usurp constitutional power, it only works to their advantage and against our president. doug, great to have you with us, come back soon. lou: please roll the video as we take a break from the deep state and take a look at the lofty state of parkour. the thrill seeker taking his work to these new heights. jumps from building to building. jason paul jumping over rails, performing hands stands on ledges and leaping -- hand
10:43 pm
stands on ledges and leaping from building to building. no evidence, no case yet. robert mueller continues to aid in the left's subversion of the president, his agenda. is he a willing tool? what do you think? the former ambassador'united nations joins us, john bolton nations joins us, john bolton takes that up next straight
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or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. lou: joining us, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor, john bolton. your counsel to the president of the united states tonight as he watches as the rest of us watch this expanding special counsel staffing and effort obviously to stop his administration cold and to subvert his presidency and his policies. >> i think the first thing is he need to take it seriously. there is a lot of outrange about what has happened, what mueller has already been doing. the notion he's going to try to make an obstruction of justice
10:48 pm
case here. outrage is fine. but the institution, the very concept of this independent counsel is really a threat to democratic government in my view. it may start on a limited basis and expand almost inif i interes -- infinitely.i do not . you would be back in the archie cox watergate days. i think the thing to do is talk responsibly to the justice department about limiting the jurisdiction of the independent counsel to things where there is something to investigate, russian efforts to influence the elections, not side shows. what have donald trump's investments involving russians over the past 30 years. that's legitimate. it's something a president can and should do.
10:49 pm
lou: judicial watch's chris farrell last night recommended on this program that rod rosenstein call mueller in and say this is the scope of your investigation. it will go not beyond this. and that is a crime. a crime of collusion with the russian government. collusion of course is not a crime. obstruction of justice is not a crime that has ever been prosecuted or suggested against a president of the united states. and it's impossible with a iewn terry government for there to be obstruction of justice in the mind of most legal scholars. so what do we do? john: i think you treat mueller like knot iter prosecutor in the country is treated. that's not what he want, and that's not what his allies in congress want. they want unfettered
10:50 pm
jurisdiction. every other official has to compete for resources. lou: who are this allies? >> the people in congress who want to impeach donald trump. the congressional investigation, they won't be able to find out what happened on any of these issues. trump's opponents know it. you could make mother theresa an independent counsel and the institutional pressures to uncover every last little rock would consume her, too. the independent counsel doesn't investigate crimes, it investigates people. that's what you have to cut off at the outset. lou: your judgment here. must the president act now? >> i think unless you
10:51 pm
circumkrieb this investigation to what possibly could be a crime as opposed to unlimited curiosity about whatever donald trump has ever done wrong within any statute of limitations. if you don't to be it now and say we are not trying to restrict the independent counsel, we are trying to treat him like any other prosecutor. that's the standard to use. lou: up next, russian president vladimir putin comes up with a surprising offer for fired f.b.i. director james comey. a wonderful and generous thought he had. we'll share it with you. lawrence jones and tammy bruce join me after the break. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this
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breaking news new reports special counsel robert mueller is now a investigating according the usual "washington post" anonymous sources, this is actually just these those' blog so we cannot put together a reasonable set of odds as to whether we are reading if the post is even remotely possible but they say robert mueller is investigating the finances and business dealings of the present son-in-law jared kushner. according to unnamed officials who actually talked with the "washington post" fbi agents
10:56 pm
also said the "washington post" looking into the finances, financial dealings of former nsa initial security adviser michael flynn former campaign chair paul manafort and carter page nothing new in that whatsoever. in our on line poll we asked at last i should the trump justice department investigate bill clinton and former a.g. lynch and fired fbi james comey. 97% of you say yes, it should. let's see if washington is listening to us all. joining me now the blaze tv and radio host florence jones "washington times" columnist "fox news" contributor tammy bruce. tammy your reaction to yet another "washington post" story seemingly well-timed. >> it looks like they have all gone to the fiction on the bookstore. we don't not take this. this is not the old "washington post" where there are some standards but what we do know is they have an interest in having their deep distractions and
10:57 pm
gossip innuendo. and look for the end justifies the means and this is the only aspect they have which is controlling the conversation. they don't like the conversation now after an attempted mass assassination of 24 of our sitting representatives. lou: by the left. >> by liberals. they do want that to be the conversation. it also could inhibit to some degree the choice they think trump they have about how to limit the rumors approach. lou: personally i think the president has a number of options open to him. his advisers are i think utterly wrong and constraining him. florence first of all welcome to the broadcast in your reaction to this effort to unseat the president.
10:58 pm
>> well lou my question is why are all these leaks happening while we have a member of congress in critical condition. i mean this is the same press that has called for unity and for it all to come together yet they are citing unverified sources. they couldn't get the president as it relates to collusion with russia. they accused him of being a double agent or russia and now we have people in pop culture suggesting the death of the president and now we have members of congress calling for unity. yet the fbi still leaking in the media still publishing their story. the question is what is it going to stop? whenever going to have a cease-fire? when are we going to be able to talk about these attacks on our democracy? loupe what do you think that answer is tammy? >> it's never going to change because this is the nature of the left. this is what they do so it's not as those though circumstances going to shift them. we have to do is make sure the
10:59 pm
public conversation condemns them and they are shunned effectively and rejected by the american people. lou: it controls a large measure that public conversation and the carlos slim blog in "the news york times." how when the world are you going to control it with a national left-wing media dominating? >> the president has to do what he does the best and that's connect with the american people. many of these publications decided polls that the president would be able to get elected so what the present these to do is not focus on the press and connect with the american people. he needs to start doing live stream of people facebook and use the technology that got him an election victory which never would have happened back in the day so the president needs to say, i'm not opposed to him using the twitter account but use it effectively. we need to see the present we saw yesterday that brought
11:00 pm
americans together even if you dislike president trump. he had the unifying message. lou: thank you for being with us. that's it for tonight. tomorrow nightaltic states and the support we're showing there. charles: colonel west, thank you very much as usual. now, here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. the congressional baseball game for charity in the nation's capital will go on as planned tonight. a day after a shooter opened fire on republican lawmakers as they practice. organizers saying that the members of congress, the staff and the volunteers who were out at practice yesterday cared deeply about the causes they play for to benefit, to honor the victims, to play the game as scheduled. at the forefront of everyone's thoughts, house majority whip steve scalise. he remains tonight in critical condition after the bullet that


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