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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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years ago saying he should run for mayor of new york, but not for president. here he is. he made it. >> i had no idea he would win, there you go. that does it for us, have a great weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now.. >> the best way to help the cuban people succeed and improve their lives would be for the u.s. congress to lift the embargo once and for all. liz: the d.c. swamp is now preoccupied with the news that special counsel robert mueller is investigating the president for firing james comey as well as the financial dealings of his son-in-law jared kushner. the president continues to move forward. he's rolling back obama's legacy to better protect the country and get it moving again. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the marks moving forward in the wake of amazon $13.7 billion deal to buy whole foods, totally upending the grocery
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business here and around the world, with a dow closing at an all-time high. this, as president trump canceled obama's softer policies on cuba. slamming obama's move as a, quote, onesided deal that benefitted and enriched the castro regime. now the president also promised to expose the crimes of cuba's communist dictatorship. >> therefore, effective immediately, i am cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. [cheers] >> the president's latest move in making good on his promise to the american people to undo the stultifying legacy of president obama. here's what president trump has done. as health reform and tax reform continue to wait in the wings. so far president trump has issued 16 executive actions. rolling back numerous obamacare and dodd-frank provisions that
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have stuck economic growth below 2% an average for the last eight years. bank of america says these moves could possibly unlock, watch this. $2 trillion in bank capital sitting on the sidelines because of dodd-frank. again, those funds could be unleashed into the u.s. economy. president also withdrew from the trans-pacific partnership, he said that trade deal was not fair and not good for the u.s. it's a deal the obama administration supported. separate from that, there have been 32 cabinet level agency decisions from the trump white house. 14 more are in the works. what's going on here? trying to roll back the massive regulatory state that has kept the u.s. economy stagnant. again, below 2% on average growth for the last eight years. this, as republicans and democrats gathered near second base for emotional moment of prayer before last night's congressional ball game. so was a time to play ball on
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trump's agenda. new york senator chum schumer says today he does want to sit down with senate republicans and the entire senate conference to get bipartisan health reform done. he feels like it's kept under wraps, wants to get it moving. that's chuck schumer. editor in chief of the daily caller joins me now. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> do you think the unity will last? >> no, i don't. it's starting to show fraying at seams and wondering how many people are actually going to follow this course and tone it down a little bit. tone down the rhetoric. we saw quick reactions from democratic leaders saying we're going to tone it back. today we had nancy pelosi insulting the president. that didn't last too long, the rhetoric was toned down. if you're in the street, an american wearing a donald trump hat you're still going to be harassed. people wearing masks and attacking young people, old people, attacking college campuses, i don't think any of
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that is going away and holding back the president and the congressional agenda. liz: newt gingrich makes a point it cannot fit the norms of politics and persistent as you pointed out has been to attack and president trump on his own with the rest of his staff rolling back obama's legacy. i mean, the cuba roll back of putting restrictions on trade and travel with cuba. what do you think of that? >> president trump was campaigning, he kept wondering, all right, obama, you said you were going to open up the world, treat our enemies differently. what concessions did we get for any of this? cuba locked up political prisoners the year obama opened up relationships. and obama said famously, i've got a phone, a pen, i can pass the executive orders without congress. the problem is if you pass the orders without congress, pass the paris agreement without the senate approval, it can be
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undone with the phone and the pen. hillary clinton would become elected president and make it forever, and congress is stuck right now, saying i'm going to undo everything that i can. liz: look at trump and the stock market, $3.3 million in market value since the trump effect. newt gingrich pointed out that's about four times the taxpayer cost of obama's $9 billion stimulus plan, right, chris? >> the economy is booming, people are excited. haven't seen a huge change in the way the buyers are acting, wall street and infrastructure, they know that this is a president who's going to focus on infrastructure because he said he is and roll back regulation. and one of the main things in the world that makes it so difficult to compete is how much we hold down our business, tax our business and regulate it. liz: move to your point about house minority leader nancy pelosi calling for unity between the two parties after the horrific shooting.
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>> i pray for donald trump that his presidency will be successful and that his family will be safe. liz: but within hours, nancy pelosi started attacking republicans after the shooting. this is what she said just yesterday, more toxic gridlock, watch. >> i think the comments made by my republican colleagues are outrageous. the dignity of the jobs they hold. how dare they say such a thing? how dare they for them to all of a sudden be sanctimonious as if they've never seen such a thing before, and i don't want to go into the president of the united states, but in terms of some of the language that he has used. liz: all within 24 hours, nancy pelosi attacks and defended republicans. is the problem not gridlock but incumbency, the democrats and republicans been in office for decades some, since the nixon administration. >> funny when i watched d.c. 14 years ago, people wouldn't work with each other.
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they were fighting over things that happened with ronald reagan in the 70s. people were still mad at each other and it goes on and on. one of the huge issues the democrats have is that their base does not want them to compromise one bit and punish them viciously if they compromise, they have no incentive to deal with republicans. i was at the game. fantastic, great spirit. no one at the game had illusions this was going to last another work week or especially next week. liz: chris, we're seeing attacks continue. several shots fired at a truck flying a make america great again flag. this happened on the highway in indiana. we have this news, suspicious envelopes filled with white powder left near karen handel's home, the candidate for georgia's hotly contested congressional race, that vote takes place on june 20th. do you think this is going to continue or can it be checked?
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>> it will continue. monday morning, 24 hours before the shooting, i mentioned on "fox & friends," the level of violence, the rhetoric how bad it was getting violence against the congressmen or politician, there was going to be a lot of people cutting off the president's head and artwork and stabbing him on stage, they're going to look terrible and re-evaluate their actions. i think there is so much hate and what i've seen on the internet and the activists, from the professional left they're not going to change this one bit, not going to ratchet it down. if you think you're so crazy that you think this is hitler in the white house, and you think it's a war, you think it should be organized resistance, nothing is going to slow you down. liz: good point. we have this, conservative rock star ted nugent saying he personally is going to try to curb his own heated rhetoric. take a listen. >> i think we reached critical mass. i tend to agree, you and i had a bit of a confrontation because of the language i've used.
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i just can't use those harsh terms. i cannot and i will not and i encourage even my friends/enemy on the left in the democrat and liberal world that we have got to be civil to each other. that the whole world is watching america, where you have the god given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and we have got to be more respectful to the other side. liz: that's a 180 for ted nugent. he was pretty bad. he said hillary clinton should be tried and hung for treason. and he personally drew secret service attention five years ago when he said he would be, quote, dead or in jail by this time next year in 2012 if obama got re-elected. if he sounds good right now, would other celebrities follow ted nugent and stop the rhetoric. >> never been a role model for celebrities. hasn't had too much an impact.
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i love ted nugent, basically the only rock star who will respond to my e-mails. he had the comic book, running over congress with the tank holding a flag and machine gun album cover kind of style. i'm happy to hear him say he's going to tone it down. once this stuff is so violent, so real, shots fired, attempted massacre of congressmen across the river from here. tone down the violence. i don't think he's much of a trendsetter for hollywood celebrities. liz: good point, thank you, chris. new video of gunman james hodgkinson speaking in his own words. this happened at an anti-wall street occupy protest in illinois in 2011. watch. >> the 99% are getting pushed around and the 1% are just not giving a [ bleep ]. liz: bernie sanders supporter. he was echoing comments from other politicians. listen. >> a world in which 1% of
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humanity controls as much wealth as the other 99% will never be stable. >> since the crash, too many of the games have gone to the top 1%. >> the united states should not be a nation in which the top 1/10 of 1% now own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. liz: take you to the political power panel. washington times contributor, eric schiffer, and conservative review correspondent deneen borelli with me now. the shooter is tired of the 1%, worried about bernie sanders style and incomin equality. one of the policies creating the 1% what other policies get more people prosperous than into the 1%? >> what are the policies? lower taxes and more spending.
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my thoughts and prayers are with the families. this was a horrible thing to wake up to the other guy. this guy had such deep-seated hatred towards republicans and donald trump, this guy was clearly unstable and the rhetoric over the last several months, even last year, coming from the left, resulted in this individual acting the way he did. liz: what do you think, eric? >> i think we have issues with this global elite, and i think that there are many people who voted for donald trump who are against the global elite who are not paying taxes. who are not taking responsibility as americans to make any type of contribution, and i think that it's bad, and there's certainly something that should be done about that. and i don't think this is just a democratic issue, i think it's also republican. i, at the same time, with this kind of situation, you know,
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the whole thing is not -- this is not the way to handle it. you don't handle it with death and destruction and killing and maiming of people. not good. shouldn't happen. we should be able to handle this civilly, in intelligent way and do it as americans together. the negativity that happened, you know, it may, just like 9/11, may bring us together, and it's unfortunate that's what it has to take. it's good we're starting to come together in some way. liz: good tonight. deneen, mike huckabee said people rioted to get their voices heard, now they're rioting to not have other voices heard. trump voter was upset about government policies that created imbalance in society, so the shooter should have been listening to what trump was saying, right? >> listen, what you don't do is take matters, especially with this situation into your own hands. we have democrat leaders who could have put the squash on
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the vile rhetoric from the left, hollywood elite with kathy griffin, madonna, there's a long list of what they've been saying and i'm telling you this individual acted on it, and i hope and pray that no one else does the same. that's the last thing our country needs. liz: thank you, deneen and eric. good to see you. next up, russia is claiming to have killed the head of isis, al-baghdadi, they have not confirmed he is dead. it does not have information to corroborate the reports. and up to 330 other isis soldiers also apparently killed in this attack. we have this story for you as well. shares of whole foods rocketing 29% after online retail giant amazon said it will buy the grocery store chain in an all-cash deal. $42 a share. 13.7 billion bucks.
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and amazon billionaire founder and ceo jeff bezos is almost $2 billion richer added to his net worth today just because of that deal. our experts are going to break it down for and you what it means for your wallet. but first, in the wake of the shooting, the "wall street journal" calling out liberal rhetoric, democratic senator cheryl brown calling the "wall street journal" fake news. we have former reagan campaign manager ed rollins here next. >> heated rhetoric. >> i know this false equivalency is the story of the day in many papers like the "wall street journal" for 20 years, it's not good journalism. it would be called in another era, fake journalism. so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom...
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. >> i don't blame the president for, this i don't blame any single political figure for this. for whatever reason unleashed in our country is more anti-semitism, more race talk, more racism and the president should also be the healer in chief, instead this president's chosen to divide and name call, and that doesn't serve this country. probably doesn't even serve his interests. certainly doesn't serves had party's interest. liz: democrat ohio senator, sherrod brown. he's calling on, quote, fake journalism to highlight or talk about the nasty rhetoric from democrats. white house senior adviser kellyanne conway pointing out to fox that the shooter hated republicans because of that rhetoric. >> the shooter the other day didn't hate baseball. he hated republicans. and his social media feed was a complete anti-trump, anti-republican screed.
5:20 pm
for those particularly in the media who are so obsessed with the president's social media postings, why isn't everybody looking inside at what they're posting and saying. you can oppose policies, but it's done with such hateful charged rhetoric that active resistance is armed resistance in the case of the lone gunman. liz: let's bring in ed rollins, joins me now. is kellyanne an right? ed: i think the hatred is there, no socialization, no members getting to know each other. the problem is not enough resources to do everything everybody wants to do, democrats and republicans. liz: what do you mean resources? >> resources, not enough money, you can't rebuild a wall without cutting something on the other side. the president promised to reset the priorities of the country. operating under the priorities of fdr, lyndon johnson and barack obama. he wants to reset the
5:21 pm
priorities and the priorities are always about spending. if you want to put 20 or $30 billion in the defense, you got to take that from somewhere else. taxpayers don't want to pay anymore money and we're not going to grow for a while. liz: what about the point kellyanne conway was making the media is avoiding the fact liberal rhetoric motivated him. do you think it's the way the media is covering it? >> i think this is a terribly misguided man who did the shooting. he is an older man who basically his life didn't go the way it wanted to go. he isn't happy with the status quo and he's crazy, takes a gun and shoots -- liz: what about the media looking into his rhetoric. ed: at the end of the day, the media is there for all sides. if you want to be a right-winger, plenty of stuff to fed. if you want to be a left-winger, pick that up and run with it. we are no longer where we used to be three or four channels
5:22 pm
and three or four newspapers, it's all over and it's individuals, it's not movements, it's not the rhetoric. liz: you don't blame the rhetoric, you blame the shooter. ed: the shooter was -- obviously, i think anybody that would shoot a bunch of congressmen is crazy, and when all is said and done, we'll discover that whether he's institutionalized or imprisoned. liz: special counsel robert mueller reportedly investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. the president responding in a tweet saying -- now recall this was president trump who told nbc's lester holt he was thinking of this russia think when he fired james comey. watch this, former independent counsel ken starr led the investigations into president bill clinton, he's telling cnn you cannot pin obstruction on president trump. watch. >> too soon to tell.
5:23 pm
from what i have seen and, of course, we don't know a whole lot, the answer is no, but it is going to be investigated and so we will soon know. obstruction of justice is a hard crime to make out. it's not just you want the investigation to go away. you suggest that the investigation goes away. you've got to take really affirmative action. liz: yeah, the word hope, the president used the word hope. you will dial back in james comey, the idea that maybe james comey felt threatened. now the news is mueller is investigating the president for obstruction. ed: i don't see obstruction, the president is entitled by the constitution to hire and fire anybody he wants to, and the fbi director is an administrator in his administration he. could have fired him on january 20th, whatever, he could say tomorrow i want the fbi to shift from what they're doing today to investigate drugs or what have you. that's the prerogative of the president.
5:24 pm
congress' prerogative is to set guidelines to fund these things. there is nothing the president has done that's obstructed justice. liz: just as it is within the president's power to pardon. ed: absolutely. to a certain extent, people don't understand the constitution very well, and i think this president has the right to do what he wanted. >> ed rollins, boxing champ. ed: old man. liz: no, we love you. president trump releasing 2016 financial disclosure, revealing assets of trust and postelection finances. we're going to bring you more as the details come in. oil prices closing slightly higher at $44 a barrel. fourth straight weekly loss on the prices there. why? a glut of oil. the national average gas price, $2.31, down from a week ago below $2 a gallon in parts of the southwest. the play goes on. despite this week's shooting of republicans, the public theater
5:25 pm
in new york city says "julius caesar," the shakespeare in the park production depicting a president trump look-alike character being assassinated will go on. the ceo of cnn's parent company time warner. we'll play you his comments after this. don't go away. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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. >> i think we're lucky that scalise was there, because this was his security detail. without them, it would have been a massacre, no stopping this guy, and we were like sitting ducks, we had no place to run. when you are inside, fortunately i was outside the ball field in the batting cage, everybody else was inside the fence in the dugout. you got a wide-open field, it's a killing field and run to an exit, they were hunkering down. i don't blame whoever was coming, it would have taken too long, there wouldn't have been anybody left. liz: senator rand paul
5:29 pm
describing the scene when republican members of congress were shot at during baseball practice wednesday. we have the public theater in new york city moving forward on the shakespeare in the park production, depicts president trump's look-alike character being assassinated. it's going to continue to go on. "wall street journal" columnist dan henegger, are you calling for cancellation. let's put up what you said -- we know that political anger and violence can become mystical in its attraction, especially at the margin for people like political shooter james hodgkinson. it's a good moment to dial it back. "new york times," and time warner continue to back the show as sponsors, ending slightly up. dan is with me now. free speech, artistic rights.
5:30 pm
that is what is being defended here. what time warner says. >> they have to come up with a defense of some sort, liz. sounds like cold beer to me, i mean, look, their production, the public theater's production of shakespeare in the park in manhattan depicts donald trump being assassinated. all right? does anybody deny that? this week we had the attempted assassination of republican congressmen in alexandria, virginia, and so somehow i think the public theater should recognize that whatever its intention, it has gone off the track, and yet they're going to go through the final performances sunday night, they're not going to cancel it in their defense, and i think jeff bewkes defense as well is this is an allegory about democracy and mobs, please, that's not what anybody thinks it's about. it's about a public theater that decided like a lot of liberals today that there is nothing you can do to tee off
5:31 pm
on donald trump that isn't acceptable such as kathy griffin thinking she could show the beheaded bloodied head of donald trump and get away with it. liz: time warner's ceo jeff bewkes defending the production, the killing of ceasar itself raises important points how that did not work out well nor did it accomplish the ends of the senators who did kill ceasar. your thoughts? >> it's just they're trying to rationalize something that's very difficult to defend. and public theater's performance of "julius caesar" clearly depicted donald trump as a tyrant, and at the end of the play, the tyrant is assassinated and now their defense is that somehow it's really about the people who were killing the tirant and how that was the bad -- liz: is that the tyrant? the aggregating power only to himself. is julius caesar a tyrant? >> i think the people on the
5:32 pm
left believe that. they say donald trump is authoritarian, we're living in authoritarian government. that is preposterous, the thing that caused this presidency so much trouble has been stopped by two appeals courts, one in san francisco, one in virginia. now that case is heading towards the supreme court inside the american judicial system. that's authoritarianism? that's a system working. so i think this hysteria, the unhinged anti-trump hysteria going on since his election has really contributed to raising the emotional and psychological intensity out there. i'm not going to say they caused the hodgkinson shooting, but i'm saying they've gotten themselves into really deep emotional water. that's why i think this idea of political violence has a mystical attraction, we've seen it before and the problem is maybe seeing it again. liz: dan heninger, good to see you. >> thank you, liz. liz: next up, espn host, at the sports channel, now saying that
5:33 pm
football has been, quote, politicized by what? by playing the national anthem. really? the nba plays it. they don't have a problem with it. look who's here. retired staff sergeant joey jones, a double amputee, he cannot believe what he's hearing. this wounded warrior speaks out next, don't go away. >> colin kaepernick did not look for a protest. it was up to him! u too, unnec. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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. >> colin kaepernick also did
5:37 pm
not go looking for a protest. it came to him. he was asked to stand for the national anthem. you do not have to stand for the national anthem, and even if it was a rule that you did, is that colin kaepernick injecting politics into the nfl? no! that's the nfl injecting politics by playing the national anthem and putting pressure on you to stand for it in the first place! >> we have a breath taking new absurd take on this whole controversy. that was espn's max tillerman. he's now being criticized for saying the nfl has politicized football. why? by playing the national anthem at games. really? the national basketball association plays it for years, they stand up. so does the nhl. look how the parent of espn stock is doing, disney, closed down fractionally today. down $10 from its high. with me now, wounded warrior double amputee, retired staff sergeant joey jones.
5:38 pm
now the national anthem is being political? joey: no, not at all, we play the national anthem before sporting events, before games that have opposing teams to remind us that we have in common, what holds us together is infinitely more important than what puts us on opposing teams. ridiculous statement, he's not active on twitter, i would let him know what i think personally. this was not a smart thing to say. liz: as we were saying, the nba, basketball association, the basketball players stand, right? to your point. joey: absolutely. look at sports that we play and participate in from childhood all the way up. i worked in nascar for a few year, not a more patriotic sport than nascar, they dedicate a whole season to being patriotic. the nfl wasn't far behind that. you might not find it necessary to honor and respect the service of my brothers and sisters at your sporting event but would not have your stick
5:39 pm
and ball fun without the sacrifices. in other words, they're one and the same, this country and our patriotism, somewhere today there is someone organizing a protest. the national anthem, home of the brave, land of the free, represents freedom and courage to do it and stand up for what you believe. liz: you fought for his free speech rights, colin kaepernick and the espn host to say that, right, to your point. joey: i'm very active on twitter, lucky to have a following there. i spoke directly to colin kaepernick on twitter and via cell phone when he took the knee through a mutual friend. i heard him out. he heard me out. his kneeling wasn't disrespecting servicemembers, i said it does regardless if he wants it to or not, that's how i feel, many of us feel. you can reach across the barriers in our society and get people to listen to you. your grievances and the truth behind what you have. you don't draw lines in the sand and don't do it by
5:40 pm
disrespecting or pushing people away. whatever max had to say wasn't right. i know his viewers and the viewers of fox business know that, and hopefully he apologizes. liz: it's a form, to your point, the form of the protest that colin kaepernick chose, but the espn host is making like it's the nfl's fault and the nfl is victimizing kaepernick for playing the national anthem. joey: to suggest our national anthem injects politics is proscribing politics and partisanship as much as anything above. that that's what's offensive about suggesting to. to suggest that playing the national anthem. a symbol of what brings this diverse country together is political, is completely beside me and i don't understand it. liz: last night the congressional baseball game took place, and at the end both teams came together in prayer. what are your thoughts about that, sergeant? joey: i was moved by it. to our point exactly, to come
5:41 pm
together and participate in something that is meant to unify, regardless of what faith you are or even if you are of faith, to see people, people who spend time talking down each other and calling each other everything but stupid. come together, put their arms around one another at a sporting event, purpously on opposing teams, that what brings us together is infinitely more important and don't need to waste time splitting hairs over what brand of politics we're talking about. we need to appreciate things like our national anthem or a group of people praying together and say that's what makes us strong. liz: retired staff sergeant johnny jones, thank you for coming on the show, and thank you for your service to our country. joey: thank you so much. liz: next up, round two of the u.s. open taking place at erin hills, of course in wisconsin. players competing to win golf's second major championship of the year. currently, america's rickie
5:42 pm
fowler is leading. brooks koepka trailing fowler by a stroke. england's paul casey finished off with 71. while brian harman and tommy fleetwood are tied for second place. sunday we will find out who wins the top purse of the $12 million total purse. it's the largest purse ever for this tournament. next up, the search is on for comey's memos. conservative watchdog group judicial watch demanding that the fbi get back from comey and release his memos. they're saying his memos are federal records saying james comey unlawfully took the memos outside of the fbi. judicial watch's tom fitton is threatening the fbi with a lawsuit. that's next. don't go away. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state.
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. liz: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein warning against
5:46 pm
believing stories that are loaded or based on anonymous sources. here's the statement saying, quote -- let's bring in judicial watch president tom fitton. good to see you. is he right? tom: yes and no. there are sometimes sources leaks that are official leaks, where you have agencies leak information with authority, or with permission from higher level officials in the agency. you have leaks in the white house, the justice department, but in this case, he's right in the sense that we've had leaks
5:47 pm
and spin released to the media that turned out not to be true, the most infamous being cnn's reporting that comey was going to contradict president trump's statement that he was told three times he wasn't under investigation when, in fact, it was just the opposite. comey agreed with trump. liz: tom, remember when former fbi director comey said just recently that "the new york times" story in february about russia trump contacts during the campaign was flat-out wrong. that was loaded and based on anonymous leaks. the "new york times" stands by the story, what are your thoughts there? tom: this is why there should be more disclosure about the nature of those doing the leaks. look, obviously there are going to be anonymous leaks and the obligation of the media to disclose as much as they can so that the motivations of the leakers can be taken into account by readership or
5:48 pm
viewers to weigh whether or not to believe them, and in the case of the "new york times," and other media, they are very careful to avoid the implications that there are people out to get trump and make leaks aren't to be believed. liz: you know, judicial watch demanded the fbi recover the memos removed by james comey. you're fighting for that. why did comey think these memos were okay to take with them, and what do you expect to see in the memos? tom: well, i don't know what he thought in terms of whether or not it was okay to take them. he thought hillary clinton could leave the state department with thousands of e-mails with no problem, maybe that misapprehension of the law governed his conduct here. the fbi has the obligation to get the records and anything else he took from the government and get them back to be reviewed, and we filed a lawsuit for one of the memos today. other media are suing as well. and again, the "new york times" has a memo, a portion of which
5:49 pm
is read to them, and we're having to sue in federal court to get them and being told that we can't get them initially. this is really a scandal, and i want to know what other memos and what other documents he took. liz: that's a good point, the obstruction case is built on the memo. thank you so much. tom: you're welcome. liz: amazon buying whole foods in a $13 billion plus deal. what is the future of online grocery shopping? responding to complaints not enough is done to keep extremist content like terrorist propaganda and heated rhetoric out of social media. facebook turning to robots, to artificial intelligence to root out, find it and stop it all without human beings revealing it. mark zuckerberg of facebook was not able to control violence on facebook live, that was streamed live on the site, things like murders and rapes. he thinks he will not be able
5:50 pm
to control terrorist propaganda as well. more on that, after this.
5:51 pm
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in refrigerators now, the fridge nature knows when you're out of milk and let whole foods know and send it over to you. it's great. high-end stores, high-end food, very loyal customer base, my wife is a customer of whole foods, she brings home the dark chocolate covered almonds, elizabeth, you would love them. liz: sounds good to me.
5:55 pm
>> very, very high end. i like the deal. the only thing that concerns me is amazon, their motto or mission is great value, great prices. this is a high-end area, but the market seems to like it, jeff bezos, whatever he does seems to turn to gold. makes sense. liz: what do you think, jason, amazon learning too much about us. records everything you say, what do you think? >> you know, it's pretty tough to fight unless you live up in a cave in the himalayas. i think you got to use it to your advantage now. liz: what do you think, ty? >> i mean i hate that all the information that they get about you, but you're right, it is hard to hide from. i guess we embrace it. liz: jason, what's the future of the grocery sect northis country? >> well, the interesting thing is that i don't think people are going to be buying everything from their la-z-boy, they're going to continue to go to stores to feel the bell
5:56 pm
peppers, to smell the cilantro, nobody is going to heard that stuff without leaving the house. i think that's to amazon's point of it's good to get involved in that because people are going to buy from amazon now and become prime customers. liz: ty week ran out of time, so sorry, but thank you, jason and ty. appreciate your time. >> thank you. liz: more after this. don't go away.
5:57 pm
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♪ he'd say i'm gonna be like you, dad ♪ ♪ you know i'm gonna be like you ♪ ♪ and the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon ♪ ♪ little boy blue and the man in the moon... ♪ liz: "the daily caller" reporting the short at wednesday's baseball practice had a list of republican names in his pocket that was recovered by the f.b.i., a political assassination list' the three names on that list include mo brooks, south carolina representative jeff duncan and rent frank. we'll stick with fox business. we'll be having more details. those three congressmen are all members of the house freedom
6:00 pm
caucus. the "daily caller" reporting james hodgkinson had in his pocket a list of people he wanted to assassinate. charles: blue chip stocks carried the dow to the third record high this week. amazon taking over whole foods will have impact on our lives more than where we shop for food. president trump possibly confirming on twitter he's actually under investigation and appearing to take aim at senior justice department officials, it appears to be rod rosenstein. quote i'm being investigated for ng


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