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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 17, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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on videos on our website, i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] have a happy father's day. here is lou dobbs. lou: president trump is besieged by the dems, the deep state, and the national left-wing media and many of the elites of his own party. he's fighting a war for the soul of the nation. and the main battleground is washington, d.c. it's a swamp filled with ugly and dangerous creatures intent on the destruction of the trump presidency. mr. trump lashed out at the man leading what he calls a rich hunt. special counsel robert mueller and the man who appointed him, deputy attorney general rod rose tn stein.
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he's also the man who urged the president to fire james comey who is, yes, you guessed it, a good friend and former colleague of robert mueller. now rosenstein added another dimension of absurdity to the mess he helped create. rosenstein is slamming leaks to the national media. most whiff originated with the man he recommended be fired from the f.b.i. this is what rosenstein said today in an official statement. quote, americans should exercise caution before receiving as true any stories attributed to anonymous quote-unquote officials. rosenstein effect lively telling americans not to trust the national left-wing media, and their reporting, much of which relies on, yes, anonymous
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sources. it's a strange swamp, washington, d.c. as for the president, he was focused on policy, not the forces trying to subvert his administration and his policies. the president heading to miami to announce a major change in his policy on cuba. john roberts has our report. reporter: the president returned home a short while ago from ami to make good on a campaign pledge to get a better deal from cuba. >> effective immediately i'm canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. reporter: before a jubilant crowd, president trump moved to tighten the screws on the castro regime. rolling back obama era easing of
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policies with the castro regime. the new policy reinstates the tourism ban on cuba, maintains the embargo and prohibits americans from doing business with the cuban military and government-owned businesses. he stopped short of full repeal. announce some provisions on ex 40s, immigration and diplomacy will remain in place. >> we hope our countries can forge a much better and stronger path. reporter: president trump has stayed on message with his agenda. but he's still using the twitter-verse as a rhetorical weapon against his detractors.
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he tweeted, i'm being investigated for firing the f.b.i. director by the man who told me to fire the f.b.i. director. witch hunt! a source says the tweet was aimed at rod rosenstein. rose tn stein also wrote the three-page letter laying out the reasons james comey should be removed as f.b.i. director. the tweet raised questions on whether rosenstein's job could be on the line. >> could you be terminated without cause? >> yes. >> who would appoint your replacement. >> the president. >> so that's a possibility. >> anything is possible report reports became swirling that rose tn stein may be a target of the investigation for his part in the comey firing and he may have to recuse himself.
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if there comes a point where he needs to recuse, he will. but nothing has changed. as leaks about the mueller investigation crew, including one that jared kushner's business dealings are under scrutiny. he issued a strange out of the blue statement about leaks. quote americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to among us in officials. kushner official say he has not been contacts by the f.b.i. or the special counsel's office. lou: judicial watch announced it filed a freedom of information throughout against the justice
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department. it's seeking the memo written by james comey about his meeting with president trump. chris farrell is with us. what kinds of legal jeopardy is there for james comey at this moment, for robert mueller and rod rosenstein? this mess is now percolating to the point that it looks possible that each one of these men may be in some sort of difficulty in terms of conflict of interest, in terms of legal jeopardy itself. >> it's the very definition of conflict of interest and the legal jeopardy is quite great. mr. comey is in violation of his f.b.i. employment agreement fan non-disclosure agreement. and he may be in violation of
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the law that has to do are records and documents that belong to the government. we believe he's absconded with self records which is another crime with when it comes to mueller the special counsel statute specifically talks about having to resign or recuse when you are involved personally with one of the principles or one of the prime witnesses in a case. that's comey. they are getting the band back together. comey and mueller are pals and buddies from decades ago. and if mueller is going to suddenly show up and play star witness after he was under oath on may 3 and said he was never put in a position where he was asked to close an investigation, the conflicts just keep compounding. i don't know how this get unraveled. ideally mueller would have
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enough sense to say there is no there there. there is no crime. no one can name the criminal predicate. so you might as well resign and shut down the investigation. lou: there is the legal issue, this web that has been created for the purpose of creating a special counsel. james comey acknowledging that was his design all along. mueller's conflict of interest. the law governing the special counsel. specifically prohibits anyone from serving specifically prohibits anyone from serving if he has a conflict of interest, even the appearance of a conflict is disallowed. let's turn to the same code of federal regulations. this takes us to the next level
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defining what constitutes a conflict. that is quote a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution to which you just referred. this is on its face so obvious to any and all that it's inconceivable that this was not contemplated by the justice department, by the deputy attorney general as he named mueller. this is a rancid, absolutely toxic corruption of the intent of that law, that regulation on the special counsel that in some way i hold robert mueller more accountable than anyone else. >> mueller needs to resign because it's in violation of the black letter statute he just had on the screen. there is no wiggle room.
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there is -- he has an affirmative obligation to walk away from this. no one can name the criminal predicate. what are they investigating? they say it's obstruction. obstruction of what? you have agency and department head under oath saying there was no russian collusion. they said the russians while they attempted to do some shenanigans were unsuccessful and had zero effect on the elect. and so where is the crime? and what is anyone obstructing? it's mindless. lou: while there is no predicate or crime they could specify, there is the shame. the shame of the intelligence agencies themselves that have not investigated to the point that they could turn over any evidence of any kind about this
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speculated collusion that turns out to then be a figure created by democratic strategists for the purpose of trying to win the elect of last year and at the same time rationalizing their loss of that same election. it is now it seems to me incumbent upon the republican leadership, the house, the senate, the party as well as the president to come together and say wait a minute. we are being played for fools here. we permitted this nonsense to proceed for far too long. and it is time to dispatch all of the players who are absolutely subverting this presidency. >> over on capitol hill ere is an ermous aderip failure. the is a thunderg silence from people who have obligation to carry out the president's agenda. he won an elect. there is consequences to that.
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they certainly should not go off on summer vacation. the summer recess. if they leave town, you want to talk about further aggravation and betrayal of their electorate. i don't know how they can leave this town and go on summer recess. lou: chris farrell, glad to have you with us. a lot more to cover. a lot more of the swamp to edify for immediate draining. lou: the left fully engaged in a desperate vicious war against conservatives and america. >> i would ask people to think about the hateful rhetoric. this man, the shooter didn't hate baseball. he hated republicans. lou: michelle malkin says there is a leftist climate of hate that must end. she joins us next. the lead scok tore for steve scalise said the congressman was
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lou: the trump administration ending a trum -- an obama administration era -- apa that intended to protect parents of illegal immigrant children. joining us, michelle malkin. good to have you with us. let's start with your take on the drama playing out around the special counsel and a president who is surrounded by the deep state, the national left-wing media, the elites of his own party. >> he's under siege and he's doing everything in his power which is mighty to combat his
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enemies within that beltway swamp and i applaud him he step of the way. unfortunately he's not getting as much of an assist from much of the gop he let, but we expected -- elite, but we expected that. lou: rear talking about ryan and mcconnell and their leadership team. >> that's absolutely right. in the military this is known as fragging. when you are in your own cam and you are throwing grenades at your friendlies, at your allies. this is something donald trump had to combat from the time he was in campaign mode. it seems that this is the way he has to conduct business every single day. not on does he have to worry about the safety and security our country and the enemies abroad and the infiltrators within.
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and also within his own party. it's hard enough combating the political operatives in the main real media. lou: i believe everyone in this country should be writing, calling, texting, emailing the leaders of the republicans in congress and the senate to say get it done or there will be consequences in 2018. this is no longer about ahowing people to preserve their sinecures in the house of representatives or the senate. it's about saving the republic. this is a president without whom the republican party most likely would have been a minority in both houses. it would not be in power. to see the way the establishment elites are reacting and basically trying to have his head while keeping their super
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silsoupgrins on their faces is h to bear for most americans. >> i think so. look at this past week where this president was trying to focus on jobs where he travels outside the swamps and is constantly dragged back into the conspiracy fee swamps and having to defend against cur unfounded allegations. they need to all right at the heart of what makes this presidency so strong. so many people believe this man supports and defense our country. anything they can do toened mine that foundation of patriotism they will go after.
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lou:ood to see you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should predent trump bring together the republican leadership to discuss whether to fire special counsel bob mueller or rod rosenstein. let's start with robert mueller. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram @loudobbs tonight. president trump hiring another high-profile attorney for his legal team for the special counsel on russia. that investigation expands bizarrely and unnecessarily in some sort peculiar direction of fiction that is admired by the special counsel and obviously the republican elites and the list goes on. president trump adding
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7-year-old former prosecutor john dowd. he represented john mccain during the keating 5 scandal. he joins marc kasowitz, and jay sekulow on the president's legal team. stocks closing mixed. the s & p up a fraction, the nasdaq down 14. the heaviest trading of the year due to the expiration of options and futures, 5.1 billion shares. amazon reaching a deal to buy whole foods. the shares of competing grocers plunging. housing starts falling for a third straight month. raising concerns about shortages of inventory in the housing market.
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coming up next, the swamp creatures in washington working to take down a president. specifically, president trump and robert mueller. and rod rosenstein. what should the president do with these swamp dwellers? i'll give you a few thoughts in my commentary tonight. [vo] when it comes to investing,
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