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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  June 18, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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all-terrain vehicles. >> sounds like a fun father's day gift. >> -- just a nasty recall. >> two opinions on it that is it for "forbes on fox" have a wonderful father's day number one continues with eric bolling and cashin in. >> investigation into shootings of republican congressman steve as its intensify most in media are not highlighting thewrote of liberal politicians or liberal groups like when democratic congresswoman gabby giffords was shot they immediately appointed at tea party republicans like sarah palin both sides guilt of heated rhetoric be clear why media reaction so different i am eric bolling welcome to "cashin' in." >> welcome to everybody rachel the difference in the media pint out media hypocrisy going not that both sides don't do it, of course, they do but
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insure field like on the left, the rhetoric has been more violent heightened. >> absolutely full scloufr you disclosures husband a congressman very tough for my family the media is so unfair about this we know that had this been a trump supporter shot democrats at baseball game the blame would have been laid directly at feet of donald trump. and i will point out, also, that i have heard nothing from the media or from the democrats since the shooting, about how their strategy to delegitimize trump has contributed time to reflect on that to take the leadership, on their own side, and talk to their people, about how they can lower the rhetoric instead of making this frankly sorry to say this eric but sort of like everybody needs to lower rhetoric there is sort of effort to become this really
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kumbaya moment we just kind of get past this, i don't think we are going to see any changes, unless the democrats -- >> hold on rachel i am -- ted nugent one of the mosof the vou people on right he came out this week and said i need to cut push back i will tone my rhetoric down so i don't hear that on the left this week just yesterday halsey said trump is going to kill women, by scaling back money for overseas abortions that we spend. >> you are not seeing donald apole jooiz -- for saying she wants to blow up white house kathy griffin was victim image of the bloody donald trump head, it really is disturbing i think that ail of us have to take responsibility, on the rhetoric a learning lesson not only for republicans but
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democrats for liberals the problem is that we could have policy differences but this idea that they absolutely despise donald trump personally, despise republicans, i think that it is creating an environment where you are seeing hate talk become action. and this is when you have a deranged individual focused on destroying trump and the gop go out, and shoot a congressman shoot some staffers, and i think eric it needs to get to a point leaders of both parties especially liberals need to say enough is enough, this is about america, we are not each other's enemies we are patriots all we might disagree on policy we need to realize, that this is about how we can move america forward together. and that is not what we have seen, because of this he personal hate degreed towards donald trump. >> the "shakespeare in the park" thing we know what it is a bloody massacre of a character that appears to be
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donald trump, you and i talked about this president obama vem of "shakespeare in the park" in the past nowhere near violence bludgeoning stabbing, the insanity almost crazed over donald trump way this is. >> very different productions same play we know anti-- antiais as alalternation message julius caesar for a specific audience happy bank of america pulled funding from that production, but -- >> that is -- >> i think that is important. >> is that really free speech. >> they said not going to support that not turn backs on public theatre generally. >> new york times said weren't pulling back at all speak of "new york times" speaking of the "new york times" bias look at this headlined they posted,
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on their editorial page emotioning's lethal politics go into slam sarah pay lin was retracted 12 hours later. >> a huge mistake talk about taxes bernie sanders supporter very quick obviously to come out say nothing to two him or campaign or rhetoric i think critical in this conversation he had tos of the word eric trump said democrats weren't human not even people i think was -- >> wait, let me bring morgan in, here is the problem, when crazy talk crazy people lynn to crazy talk as metaphors people will die, health care program will kill people the lack of funding planned apparent women will die metaphor to say create emotions in people and voters when crazy people hear that
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think hey people will die i better do something they as happened in d.c. this week. >> you are absolutely right eric, we could spend remainder of your show, going through examples of where left said something ridiculous right said something ridiculous if you go to every congressman in the united states, right now, and senate and house went to facebook pages, i don't care if republican or democrat there is crazy stiff on facebook pages twitter from both sides. so i guess i would slightly disagree with what rachel said about kumbaya it is scary when you get on internet see what is going on, both sides of the aisle we are all to blame i do think right is stepping up and saying, we need to take down rhetoric time for left to do too what is also time for us for, the technology social media to come together facebook transitory there needs to be a considered effort. >> hold on -- rachel, can you imagine just for a moment if
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this was a trump supporter that perpetrated this crime in d.c. what left media what cable nice other -- will be saying about trump supporters right now. >> headlines would be trump supporter that is all would be talking about you never hardly hear anything about bernie sanders i am not saying he is to blame for this i am just saying that hypocrisy needs to be points out more importantly we can't just go -- kumbaya talk about honest about what is happening here trump sports republicans conservatives are being shamed all the time, and threatened, people are afraid to put trump signs in yards women whisper to me voting for trump afraid of shaming going on honest americans have a different point of view about role of federal government stop making it seem bad racist deplorable. >> think about this for a second this happened on wednesday morning, during the softball practice gunman could
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ied to tricame tried to kill republicans. >> i watched reports other than fox lead was after first couple shows walk to russia media back on russia mainstream media on russia we almost lost got a amount of republicans over political jihad. >> i think that is -- something that has been incredibly trowelling to watch obviously we have a congressman a a friend of ours, congressman scalise in critical condition, several staffers as well, there is a reality out there, right now, where for the media the mainstream media in particular russian deviation be-all conversation they want to focus on part of their plan they want to continue delegitimizing the president word impeachment coming up
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frustrating doj came out basically saying, look, these leaks should not come out should you not follow anonymous sources these are serious problems when you have leaks coming out of an investigation, and, of course, the media is salivating they want this -- >> should the mainstream media be so focused on russia a major news story happening wednesday and thursday, to be honest i was shocked shocked to see some of the cable networks going for russian investigation instead of staying on this so important to america. >> it is important to americans what happened to gabby gifford, i was happy to see. >> hold on, you know i love you we're friends nancy pelosi showed up on the baseball field, standing next to paul ryan that same nancy pelosi earlier blamed fox for what was going on? >> that -- >> there is only one there is only one nancy pelosi so, yes.
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>> nancy pelosi in the morning -- and in the afternoon stands by -- >> hey -- >> we will talk about it. >> -- it is not changing -- >> go ahead. >> that "new york times" the l.a. times "washington post", we -- panelists pick on all the time extremely complimentary to donald trump in speech handling it paul ryan as well i think that is worthwhile to consider just because we also want to talk about common sense gun reform i know was a hot topic on cable news networks, does not means we can't -- >> another day morgan last word 20 seconds. >> i would say i think we all need to look what we are putting online, whether in our name some people putting anonymously we can be responsible for it quite frankly, when i see people in twitter and social media taking it too far i am happy to call them out, and i don't disagree with your premise
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eric what would be said if trump but social media companies all individuals in the public sphear need to be more responsible we need to remember this is our country one team one fight. >> father of american student released by north korea saying son brute publicized helped captive has severe newer lodge kale damage how should u.s. respond on. >> has been terrorized by pariah regime in north korea they crossed the line with my son.
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the internet is waiting start for free today at godaddy. >>. >>. . >> nonprofit nonprofits dow closed record high third time this week, s&p 500, nasdaq lower slowed down the pace for first 8 months news amazon is buying whole foods in a detail worth nearly 14 billion dollars.
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this is the latest news by trailer juggernaut to get into brick-and-mortar retail amazon offers grocery i delivery services in five markets sent shares of other players tumbling walmart and target not all bad for walmart the retailer says it is applying the online men's clothing store for more than 300 million dollars in cash. it is the latest by walmart, fox business network for the latest in business and financial news fox business, giving you the power to prosper. ♪ eric: this is as rogue pariah regime. they are terrorists they are brutal there is no sense to anything here. they are -- this they have crossed the line with my son otto. eric: that was a father of
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american student i am prisonned by north korea talking to tucker carlson his son otto warmbier raced selled 17 months has severe neurological damage called unresponsive weightlessness worst likely permanent how do you stop this from north korea sanctions military might both. >> more sanctions, sanctions only work only effective i know this because i have worked on sanctions for many years the treasurer department effective whenever you are threat of military might behind them look at north korea, north korea has been sanctioned over years but not to the extent that we have sanctioned iran we could still have secondary sanctions on north korea could be passed by bipartisan congress those secondary sanctions would target people doing business with north korea you can look at ships lanes we have want republican and democrat administrations have wanted the status quo in north korea because so difficult, to push sanctions because of chinese, i do think that we now have
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chinese onboard more than we have in the past thank you to the strong leadership of president trump, and we are going to need both need sanctions we may need the legality of military force. >> i believe a meeting wednesday between u.s. chinese what he do we need to tell them. >> incredibly troubling with chinese because the question becomes do we put pressure on chinese financial institutions really, the chinese can put this pressure on north korea, and also you have the fact that now you have south korea liberal new president willing to start negotiations, with north korea this makes it very being complicated for president trump and his team how they are going to respond to north korea. eric: you know rachel the scary part is that this otto warmbier in prison 15 years hard labor for stealing a political sign in a hotel. think about this for a second north korea said he accurate botulism why there very vegetable at a timeive state doctor says no evidence of botulism, what do weo with
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north korea for otto. >> kud os to trump administration for working so hard to get him out quickly, something that parents said obama administration did not do effectively, i think the moral clarity out of trump administration, is a great is a great change i think getting otto back isn't just a blessing for his family i think great foreign policy sends a message, to -- to north korea and other rogue nations that we put a priority on american lives i think your mercedes everyone else absolutely right we need to force bank of china other places including russia who are doing business with north korea they have to choose between doing business with us or doing business with north korea that will will move this forward. >> what do you say what is the liberal view on this. >> oh same as conservative view this we aring in rare show of you bipartisan we passed a bill to increase sanctions against russia can be done we have seen all over the world i think we immediate
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that muscular militarism we will show up if we have to, or send something over i guess we are not going to really go there i think increasing sanctions makes sense. >> military might behind it willing ingestiness to use it something you have seen with donald trump did not s see obama. >> hawkish, when it comes to billi jo, you may be wrong you may be right get it, when it comes to politics, but you may want to keep your political views to yourself if you are being paid to entertain, is he right? ♪ you may be wrong, i know you may be right ♪ ooh ♪ these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. ♪ eric: the latest to say doesn't like to talk politics onstage saying quote i try not to get up on soapbox tell people how to think i have been to shows people start haranging the audience politically i am thinking you know this isn't why i came here should celebrities all take a tune from -- >> absolutely, i mean god bless billie joe for believing in the fight and basically saying keep politics out of it why peef 24-hour cable news network -- you don't have to go over to an arena to lessen to singer basically -- >> you go to billie joe show. >> i liked it. >> commentary lined up right. >> totally, i am a huge fan favorite, i think that this makes a lot of sense
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especially with how things escalated last few months i think, good oi also think bruce springsteen is right if you don't want to hear it don't go to concerts. >> billie joe smart capitalist counter want to insult audience wants to respect them 50% conservative many trump supporters. >> morgan final thoughts. >> billie joe is estimated to be worth 180 million dollars, in april of this year that is with three ex-wives. >> [laughter] >> -- i got to go, coming up real cost of all investigations of the trump administration. so much more energy. about every 3 minutes, someone in america is diagnosed with a
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join light the night today. ♪ i want to say thanks to "cashin' in" crew for joining us time 20 wake up america with all legal wrangling going on in thats join unconfirmed he allegations president trump advisories son-in-law i thought would be good time to explain what is happening in
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layman's terms. there are seven ongoing investigations house, senate and department of justice, and now special counsel robert mueller tapped this special investigation is the one with teeth, the one that will likely take the lead, and coincidentally one likely to up a year to announce any findings of wrongdoing or not. looking for us two prongs the collusion and/or obstruction of justice collusion would mean trump directly or through advocate struck a deal with a russian official that official would have to have standing to affect the the election important to note russians may have hacked our election process, but unless there is a smoking gun and e-mail eyewitness suggesting deal was struck by trump himself, they have to find him not guilty of collusion, now obstruction of justice mueller looking for evidence that trump intended to stop an fbi investigation for trump's own benefit, again, intent is the key here, so can when when jim comey admitted under oath trump
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simply said i hope you move on that alone no way would cute obstruction do you see what is happening anti-trump errs wanted him intensified after 11 hundreds there has been noun they he will keep at it let them investigate if innocent who cares here is what i have to say you are damaging republic with in trump is trying to improve economy has been all this is a massive distraction to his team, also think about this for a second robert mueller hired 1 new top shelf lawyers, he says he plans to hire many, many more, so do the math with me i love the numbers, let's say they have 20 top lawyers working on this case likely many more but say 20, these guys can make 1,000 dollars an hour, and case is slated to go a year lar fees alone over 50 million dollars, and for each costly he desks travel document storage i guarantee you mueller's investigation
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will cost taxpayers you and me 100 million dollars or more for what? trying to take down a president trekked by americans congratulations you managed to waste a colossal amount of taxpayer money but then again that is what you do. here is lou dobbs. lou: president trump is besieged by the dems, the deep state, and the national left-wing media and many of the elites of his own party. he's fighting a war for the soul of the nation. and the main battleground is washington, d.c. it's a swamp filled with ugly and dangerous creatures intent on the destruction of the trump presidency. mr. trump lashed out at the man leading what he calls a rich hunt. special counsel robert mueller and the man who appointed him, deputy attorney general


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