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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 19, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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have a happy father's day. here is lou dobbs. lou: president trump is besieged by the dems, the deep state, and the national left-wing media and many of the elites of his own party. he's fighting a war for the soul of the nation. and the main battleground is washington, d.c. it's a swamp filled with ugly and dangerous creatures intent on the destruction of the trump presidency. mr. trump lashed out at the man leading what he calls a rich hunt. special counsel robert mueller and the man who appointed him, deputy attorney general rod rose
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tn stein. he's also the man who urged the president to fire james comey who is, yes, you guessed it, a good friend and former colleague of robert mueller. now rosenstein added another dimension of absurdity to the mess he helped create. rosenstein is slamming leaks to the national media. most whiff originated with the man he recommended be fired from the f.b.i. this is what rosenstein said today in an official statement. quote, americans should exercise caution before receiving as true any stories attributed to anonymous quote-unquote officials. rosenstein effect lively telling americans not to trust the national left-wi mia, and their reporting, much of which
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relies on, yes, anonymous sources. it's a strange swamp, washington, d.c. as for the president, he was focused on policy, not the forces trying to subvert his administration and his policies. the president heading to miami to announce a major change in his policy on cuba. john roberts has our report. reporter: the president returned home a short while ago from miami to make good on a campaign pledge to get a better deal from cuba. >> effective immediately i'm canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. reporter: before a jubilant crowd, president trump moved to tighten the screws on the castro regime. rolling back obama era easing of
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policies with the castro regime. the new policy reinstates the tourism ban on cuba, maintains the embargo and prohibits americans from doing business with the cuban military and government-owned businesses. he stopped short of full repeal. announce some provisions on ex 40s, immigration and diplomacy will remain in place. >> we hope our countries can forge a much better and stronger path. reporter: president trump has stayed on message with his agenda. but he's still using the twitter-verse as a rhetorical weapon against his detractors.
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he tweeted, i'm being investigated for firing the f.b.i. director by the man who told me to fire the f.b.i. director. witch hunt! a source says the tweet was aimed at rod rosenstein. rose tn stein also wrote the three-page letter laying out the reasons james comey should be removed as f.b.i. director. the tweet raised questions on whether rosenstein's job could be on the line. >> could you be terminated without cause? >> yes. >> who would appoint your replacement. >> the president. >> so that's a possibility. >> anything is possible report reports became swirling that rose tn stein may be a target of the investigation for his part in the comey firing and he may have to recuse himself.
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if there comes a point where he needs to recuse, he will. but nothing has changed. as leaks about the mueller investigation crew, including one that jared kushner's business dealings are under scrutiny. he issued a strange out of the blue statement about leaks. quote americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to among us in officials. kushner official say he has not been contacts by the f.b.i. or the special counsel's office. lou: judicial watch announced it filed a freedom of information throughout against the justice
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department. it's seeking the memo written by james comey about his meeting with president trump. chris farrell is with us. what kinds of legal jeopardy is there for james comey at this moment, for robert mueller and rod rosenstein? this mess is now percolating to the point that it looks possible that each one of these men may be in some sort of difficulty in terms of conflict of interest, in terms of legal jeopardy itself. >> it's the very definition of conflict of interest and the legal jeopardy is quite great. mr. comey is in violation of his f.b.i. employment agreement fan non-disclosure agreement. and he may be in violation of
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the law that has to do are records and documents that belong to the government. we believe he's absconded with self records which is another crime with when it comes to mueller the special counsel statute specifically talks about having to resign or recuse when you are involved personally with one of the principles or one of the prime witnesses in a case. that's comey. they are getting the band back together. comey and mueller are pals and buddies from decades ago. and if mueller is going to suddenly show up and play star witness after he was under oath on may 3 and said he was never put in a position where he was asked to close an investigation, the conflicts just keep compounding. i don't know how this get unraveled. ideally mueller would have
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enough sense to say there is no there there. there is no crime. no one can name the criminal predicate. so you might as well resign and shut down the investigation. lou: there is the legal issue, this web that has been created for the purpose of creating a special counsel. james comey acknowledging that was his design all along. mueller's conflict of interest. the law governing the special counsel. specifically prohibits anyone from serving specifically prohibits anyone from serving if he has a conflict of interest, even the appearance of a conflict is disallowed. let's turn to the same code of federal regulations.
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this takes us to the next level defining what constitutes a conflict. that is quote a personal relationship wity person substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution to which you just referred. this is on its face so obvious to any and all that it's inconceivable that this was not contemplated by the justice department, by the deputy attorney general as he named mueller. this is a rancid, absolutely toxic corruption of the intent of that law, that regulation on the special counsel that in some way i hold robert mueller more accountable than anyone else. >> mueller needs to resign because it's in violation of the black letter statute he just had on the screen. there is no wiggle room.
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there is -- he has an affirmative obligation to walk away from this. no one can name the criminal predicate. what are they investigating? they say it's obstruction. obstruction of what? you have agency and department head under oath saying there was no russian collusion. they said the russians while they attempted to do some shenanigans were unsuccessful and had zero effect on the elect. and so where is the crime? and what is anyone obstructing? it's mindless. lou: while there is no predicate or crime they could specify, there is the shame. the shame of the intelligence agencies themselves that have not investigated to the point that they could turn over any evidence of any kind about this
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speculated collusion that turns out to then be a figure created by democratic strategists for the purpose of trying to win the elect of last year and at the same time rationalizing their loss of that same election. it is now it seems to me incumbent upon the republican leadership, the hoe, the senate, the party as well as the prident to come together and say wait a minute. we are being played for fools here. we permitted this nonsense to proceed for far too long. and it is time to dispatch all of the players who are absolutely subverting this presidency. >> over on capitol hill there is an enormous leadership failure. there is a thundering silence from people who have obligation to carry out the president's agenda. he won an elect. there is consequences to that.
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they certainly should not go off on summer vacation. the summer recess. if they leave town, you want to talk about further aggravation and betrayal of their electorate. i don't know how they can leave this town and go on summer recess. lou: chris farrell, glad to have you with us. a lot more to cover. a lot more of the swamp to edify for immediate draining. lou: the left fully engaged in a desperate vicious war against conservatives and america. >> i would ask people to think about the hateful rhetoric. this man, the shooter didn't hate baseball. he hated republicans. lou: michelle malkin says there is a leftist climate of hate that must end. she joins us next. the lead scok tore for steve
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scalise said the congressman was in imminent risk of death when he arrived at hospital. he now has a good chance ofand ♪
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lou: the trump administration ending a trum -- an obama administration era -- apa that intended to protect parents of illegal immigrant children. joining us, michelle malkin. good to have you with us. let's start with your take on the drama playing out around the special counsel and a president who is surrounded by the deep state, the national left-wing media, the elites of his own party. >> he's under siege and he's doing everything in his power
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which is mighty to combat his enemies within that beltway swamp and i applaud him he step of the way. unfortunately he's not getting as much of an assist from much of the gop he let, but we expected -- elite, but we expected that. lou: rear talking about ryan and mcconnell and their leadership team. >> that's absolutely right. in the military this is known as fragging. when you are in your own cam and you are throwing grenades at your friendlies, at your allies. this is something donald trump had to combat from the time he was in campaign mode. it seems that this is the way he has to conduct business every single day. not on does he have to worry about the safety and security our country and the enemies abroad and the infiltrators within.
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and also within his own party. it's hard enough combating the political operatives in the main real media. lou: i believe everyone in this country should be writing, calling, texting, emailing the leaders of the republicans in congress and the senate to say get it done or there will be consequences in 2018. this is no longer about ahowing people to preserve their sinecures in the house of representatives or the senate. it's about saving the republic. this is a president without whom the republican party most likely would have been a minority in both houses. it would not be in power. to see the way the establishment elites are reacting and basically trying to have his
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head while keeping their super silsoupgrins on their faces is h to bear for most americans. >> i think so. look at this past week where this president was trying to focus on jobs where he travels outside the swamps and is constantly dragged back into the conspiracy fee swamps and having to defend against cur unfounded allegations. they need to all right at the arof what makes this presidcy so strong. so many people believe this man supports and defense our country. anything they can do toened mine that foundation of patriotism they will go after.
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lou: good to see you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should president trump bring together the republican leadership to discuss whether to fire special counsel bob mueller or rod rosenstein. let's start with robert mueller. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram @loudobbs tonight. president trump hiring another high-profile attorney for his legal team for the special counsel on russia. that investigation expands bizarrely and unnecessarily in some sort peculiar direction of fiction that is admired by the special counsel and obviously the republican elites and the list goes on.
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president trump adding 7-year-old former prosecutor john dowd. he represented john mccain during the keating 5 scandal. he joins marc kasowitz, and jay sekulow on the president's legal team. stocks closing mixed. the s & p up a fraction, the nasdaq down 14. the heaviest trading of the year due to the expiration of options and futures, 5.1 billion shares. amazon reaching a deal to buy whole foods. the shares of competing grocers plunging. housing starts falling for a third straight month. raising concerns about shortages of inventory in the housing
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market. coming up next, the swamp creatus in washington working to take down a president. specifically, president trump and robert mueller. and rod rosenstein. what should the president do with these swamp dwellers? i'll give you a few thoughts in i'll give you a few thoughts in my commentary tonight.
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♪like a mountain stream ♪and let your love grow ♪with the smallest of dreams ♪then let your love show ♪and you'll know what i mean lou: a few thoughts on the swamp creatures working against the trump administration. president trump took a swipe at the holt special counsel mess. he tweeted get i'm being investigated for firing the f.i. director t man who told me to fire the f.b.i. director. witch hunt.
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that man is deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. rosenstein wrote a may 8 memo that enumerated the reasons cite for comey's firing. the way the director handled the conclusion of the clinton email investigation was wrong. as a result the f.b.i. is unlikely to regain public and congressional trust it in has a director ounces the gravity of the mistakes and pledges never to repeat them. having refused to admit his errors, the director cannot be expected to implement the necessary directive actions. rosenstein testified his memo to congress. he said notwithstanding my personal affection for director comey, i thought it was appropriate to seek a new leader. it was rosenstein who then chose comey friend and former colleague robert mueller to be
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the special counsel which is clearly a breach of requirements that there be no appearance of conflict of interest of any kind, including being colleagues and friends of the appointed special counsel. now rosenstein dares to warn us about leaks. urging americans to exercise caution on left-wing news stories attributed to anonymous officials which is just about the bulk of their political reporting. i believe the deputy attorney general now has only one honorable path in the mess he helped create. rosenstein i believe should fire robert mule per and then resign as deputy attorney general. that would end this mad sorry destructive chapter in the justice department and f.b.i. history. and of course it would end the special counsel and the
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distraction that it has become. our quotation of the evening is from aristotle who said this. at his best man is the noblest of all animals, separated from law and justice, he is the worst. we are coming right back. stay with us. president trump slams obama's one-side and horrible deals as he unveiled a new policy on cuba. >> you have to say the iran deal was pretty bad also. they made a deal with a government that spreads violence and instability in the region. lou: we take up the end of the lead from behind era with general jack keane. who needs a kayak to hurl yourself off a massive waterfall when you have an inflatable lobster. we'll show you the wild and wacky ride here next. wacky ride here next. the video coming up.
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♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again lou: president trump earlier this week granted defense cretary-general mattis authority over troop levels, sending somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 more our troops, joining the 8,400 troops already there. joining me to talk about the war on radical islamist terror in
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all its forms, and mueller's special counsel and more. general jack keane. great to see you. let's start with 3,000 to 5,000 troops. a president who granted to general mattis, the defense secretary, the authority to make those troop-level decisions. this seems to be clearing the way for a different form of action on the part of our military. >> the taliban have momentum and they had it for two years now. when they conduct operation they normally succeed. they have taken back a considerable amount of territory. so that is the issue. the commander when he did testimony here a few weeks ago. he made a request that we need 3,000 to 5,000 additional trainers. they would be there to help the afghan army.
4:36 am
when you look at that request, i don't dispute the fact it would be helpful. but i don't believe it's decisive. i don't think that would change the momentum on the battledfield where we are starting to get a political outcome and favorable solution. this is the united states of america. we have been involved here for 16 years. we've should have brought this to a conclusion a long time ago. we are fighting people with ak-47s and home plead explosive devices. lou: the world's super power with advanced technology available to no one else on the planet, is there a sense this administration, this general, this defense secretary understands there has to be a
4:37 am
strategy an exit and overwhelming force to bring abouthat sategy? >> you got it right. much of the reason for 16 years and no victory is for lack of political will. before that we were preoccupied in iraq for five years but we couldn't do both of those wars at the same time decisively. i agree with you. i think this president, if he's going to do something. he wants to win and get it over with quickly to accomplish the military objective in pursuit of political goals. that's what mattis is thinking about. what's the overall political strategy? what is the military strategy in support of that and will that require additional forces? and if so, how many and will it be decisive? will we get the answer we want? i'm thinking that's what they are up to. >> this looks to be a designing
4:38 am
moment for this administration, whether they are going to repeat the mistakes of the past or pave a new way forward that achieves his goals that were supported by the american people back in november. let's turn now if we may to -- i'm always interested in your thinking on just about any subject. watching this special counsel, this president with so many challenges before him having to deal with bob mueller, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, the republican leadership in both houses, all of whom seem absolutely organized and energized to destroy his agenda and presidency. >> it's mystifying. i don't agree with these independent counsels, special prosecutors because they never stay on the same page that they start with. they always go off book so to
4:39 am
speak and start chasing rabbits down holes. i don't know why the president would be investigated for firing somebody he's capable of firing. he's capable of firing anybody in the government. lou: it's a unitary executive, a unitary president, which means he has absolute power over the entire executive branch. yet there is this force that grew up in our politics that wanted allege independent connell first as if there was some super government envisioned by the constitution. there isn't. the concept of an independent or special counsel. >> particularly given the two congressional committees conducting investigation have been at it for months and they haven't brought any evidence forward.
4:40 am
>> we have to be patient, i'm sure. may i speak for you on this? neither of us is particularly patient. >> we are not patient. lou: i join with the general in this. i think city join with you in just about all of your views. roll the video. a wild ride for a thrill seeker. a kayaker going over a waterfall in state plunge from the 70-foot high waterfall head first then bringing along his lobster friend, both landing safety in the pool below. the trump administration ripping leaks surrounding mueller's investigation.
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but his doctors say he's showing improvement over the past 36 hours. his lead surgeon saying they have not removed the built and bone fragments from the congressman, but they successfully controlled his internal bleeding. his vital signs stabilized. and he's expected to walk again and hopefully to run again. law enforcement officials telling fox news the shooter had a list with 6 republican congressmen on his list at the time of his attack. joining me now, congressman marsha blackburn is a member of the house energy and commerce committee. i know you have tremendous strong feeling on this kind of rhetoric that this shooter even ganged in and its influence. what we are seeing also from the
4:46 am
left itself in the way of violent rhetoric and violent imagery. irrespective if they are indulging themselves in physical violence. >> absolutely. we all feel strongly about this. i think it's time for others, and i invite my democrat colleagues to join me in this. whether it comes from left or right. there is no place for this type of have it control and rhetoric in the arena for public discourse. we need to return to civility. we need to realize robust political debate centered on the issues is something thatelps arrive at connsus. but vitriol and hatred does not. it's destructive to that process. for individuals hat hear it. individuals that are radicalized on the internet. this is something we have to realize we got a little bit of a
4:47 am
powder keg here. and we need to agree that we are going to stamp this down. lou: do you think that will be persuasive with a kathy griffin, people who are effectively deranged mentally? the fact is, within 24 hours, the minority leader nancy pelosi was once again excoriating republicans and attacking them viciously. this isn't -- i admire your aspiration, but i don't believe it's remotely realizable. >> we have to realize it's a worthy goal and to tamp this rhetoric down and look at what's happening to individual who get radicalized when they are following things online and on the internet. we have to realize we have to do
4:48 am
our part. the media needs to do their part also. and you are talking about the kathy griffin situation. and the media need to realize that they have a responsibility in this also. and i saw a list of some of the thing that different ones -- the tv hosts and late-night hosts and different ones have said. and it's very sad to me that we arrived at this point in our society. lou: i'm even -- i think we all share your despair at this. what i find extraordinary, too, is the violence of the unspoken word. the violence of those who would use the law to achieve political end that are outside our constitution, our way of life and american values. i'm speaking specifically of the special counsel, that not only
4:49 am
was put together by a former fired director of the f.b.i. motivated to do so out of his own whatever was going through his mind. but those who have been put together a conflict of interest, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general appointing robert mueller who is attacking on ought broadest terms for god knows what, this administration. that means republican leaders toad silent and permitted it to happen. congressman, you have got to hate that kind of violent political act as well. >> this situation with the special counsel, there again something that causes concern. in my opinion, i would think mr. mueller need to consider recusing himself from this. what an obstruction
4:50 am
investigation, mr. comey would be aer witness. and he has a personal relationship with that witness. so i would think that if he is following the rules he would consider recusing himself from this work. now, i think it's also important to look at mr. rosenstein who says he wrote the memo and made the recommendation that mr. -- lou: he told the president to fire james comey, then gets haughty about the fact that the president then fires mr. comey. you can't make this stuff up. i apologize, very quickly, a few seconds left. your final thoughts? >> i think what we have to look at is what has happened with this entire situation, with mr. rosenstein, the firing of mr. comey, then say why are they
4:51 am
not investigating loretta lynch for obstruction of justice because she did give a directive to james comey and he followed it. lou: congresswoman marcia blackburn, thank you for being with us. up next. draining that swamp in washington, d.c., draining all of those swamp creatures who inhabit it. we are going to talk with steve forks and ned ryun about whether firing robert mueller might be a step in the right direction. stay with h h h h
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lou: in our online poll we asked, should the department of justice appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton email scandal, the clinton meeting with loretta lynch, lynch's collusion with the f.b.i. director. 96% of you said yes she should be investigated. joining me, steve forbes and the founder of american majority ned ryun. this president is presiding over an economy that was moribund before the election.
4:56 am
but thing are turning. meanwhile he's the subject of a special counsel investigation that nobody seems to be able to define. explain its creation or what it achieved. the investigations in congress that have been going on for what, nearly a year. >> it's the on thing they can do. they don't want to fight him on figure policy because they can lose that debate. they still haven't recovered from the loss of the election, so they are scrambling around trying to find something. by appointing a special prosecutor, crown now they call them. they are going to search him until they find something. they want to bring him down, and they will conjure up whatever they need to try to do it. lou: we are not talking about democrats. this special counsel was created by republicans.
4:57 am
>> the attorney general rod rosenstein. "the washington post" was saying trump was under investigation when he wasn't under investigation. now they are saying he's under investigation by a special counsel appointed by rosenstein. so now we are looking at this going, wait a minute. trump was following a memo you laid out to fire comey. now, you appointed a special counsel to follow your membership oh. only in d.c. does this happen in a world insulated from common sense and rational thought. i'm thinking, rod, did you overdose on stupid pills? now you have a clinton foundation lawyer fighting foia requests for information requests on hillary clinton's private email server. i think what rod rosen tine needs to do is go through congress and say i laid out a
4:58 am
budget and i laid out parameters for mueller and i will report weekly the progress of what's going on with special counsel. steve: why didn't they just stop the thing? he hasn't taken a bribe. what's to investigate. all you have going to do dwsh karl rove pointed out when they went after bush and libby, they were going to try to get him. then he pulled up some evidence to show he actually remembered the conversation correctly. they try to find something to hang something on. lou: for libby the ultimate end game for. >> the expansive special counsel that lost its way. the question here becomes why did the republican leadership in the senate and the house accept the special counsel? and why did they not today stand up and defend the president of
4:59 am
the united states. the republican party is at a crossroads. and i said that just for karl rove's benefit. the establishment in this country right now. republican and the democratic elites are trying to take down a president. can this president say to hell with it, mueller, you are fired, rosenstein, you are fired, and get the support of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell? >> it's well within his constitutional rights. but the question is political fallout. there is no evidence of collusion. we are way past that. lou: including is not a crime. >> you have no collusion, no obstruction, what are we even talking about? we started with whitewater.
5:00 am
lou: that cannot be sufficient to fire the special counsel, i don't know what could be. steve forbes great to see you, ned ryun, great to see you. thanks for joining us. >> breaking news this morning. a new twist in terror attacks. several people injured and one dead after a man driving a man driving it and its worshipers in a mosque in london get the latest on the situation. >> markets over the weekend. america's streak continues today as you can see in your screen after the dow hit another record friday 24 points. despite retail and grocery stores stock factory in the sense that $13.7 billion the heavy nasdaq and 13. a big strong kickoff to your week with these markets.


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