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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ bat cracks, crowd cheers ] here is lou dobbs.. >> i am trish regan in for lou, we begin with breaking news, american stupe who wa student who was freed from north korea last week has died. 22-year-old otto warmbier returned to u.s. tuesday in a coma. doctors said he had extensive lose of tish i tissue in all parts of his brain. his family released a statement, when otto returned to cincinnati, he was unable to speak, unable to see, and unable to react to verbal
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command -- president trump also weighing in. while speaking to tech ceos at the white house. >> otto warmbier has just passed away. he spent a year and a half in north korea. a lot of bad things happened. but at least we got him home to be with his parents where they were so happy to see him even though he was in very tough condition. he just passed away a little while ago. that is a brutal regime. we'll be able to handle it. trish: we'll discuss what must be done. with lieutenant colonel tony shave ircomin shafer coming up. but first russia threatening to retaliate after u.s. shot
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down a syrian jet over the weekend. suspend hot line to avoid collisions in syrian aerospace. provocative move after u.s. for first time, shot down a syrian plane that dropped bombs near u.s.-backed forces. fox news national security correspondent jenniffer griffin with our report. reporter: a day after a u.s. navy f-18 fighter jet downed a rus russian made warplane near raqqa, they warn they would be tracked as potential targets. and no longer use a hot line established to prevent mishaps. >> we have a link between our
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operations center in qatar and russian federation on the ground. when i left the building this morning we have still been communicating over last few hours. >> they warned the plane to stay away, after syrians ignored a show of force, by a flyby, and bombed u.s. train forces, american pilot got the order to shoot down the syrian jet, killing its pilot. the coalition does not seek to fight syrian regime, russian or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but will not hesitate to defend coalition or partner forces from a threat. pentagon has positioned more warplanes over syria. >> i'm confident our forces have the kip capability to take care of the themselves. reporter: today, a stark warning to isis militants.
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tehran is not london or paris, this was a small action, if they make a mistake, deadlier strikes will be blown to them. reporter: drone feet footage said to show them hitting the targets. for two attacks claimed to be on isis, u.s. was not given any warning about the iranian missiles this shot down a drone in su southern syria. trish. >> all right. thank you. >> a shake up is coming to white house communication team. could see press secretary sean spicer moving into a more senior role. we have the report. reporter: fox news has been told sean spicer to take on a
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new role at white house, elevated to equivalent of deputy chief of staff for communication. it is new role he will oversee white house press office and communication shop, and new press secretary in comm wee communication director will report to him, no word on who would replace spicer as press secretary. one area that will remain outside of sean spicer's jurisdiction, the russia investigation, that will remain the purview of the president outside counsel. >> meeting with panama president today, president trump ignored shouted questions about the russia investigation, but the public face of president's legal team sekulow was saying plenty, appearing on 4 sunday shows, two morning programs today to
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declare the president is not under investigation, and he did nothing wrong in fires james comey. >> there is a recommendation for removal of comey, he had been thinking about that, he then takes action they recommend to remove james comey. and now according to the washington post theory, he is under investigation for taking the action that department of justice told him to take. this whole thing, if you look at it, there is nothing to investigate. reporter: washington post last week reported that president was being investigated for possible obstruction of justice by special counsel mueller. news later said that mueller had not decided whether too investigate him or not yet. >> you don't know that he is not, under investigation now, do you? >> no one has notified us he
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is, i can't read people's minds. we have not been notified there is an investigation of president of united states, that nothing has changed in that regard. reporter: president seemed to take a critical shot last week at deputy attorney general rosenstein in a tweet, spicer today said that president has full confidence in rosenstein, kushner may be shopping for a new attorney to representative in the curb cur russia investigation, his current attorney worked with mueller at hale. in near-term, kushner will have his sight set on middle east, to to travel to jerusalem on wednesday to talk witprime minister netanyahu.
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and travel to ramallah to meet with mahmoud abbas. >> thank you. >> critics take aim at special counsel robert mueller, also for stacking his legal team with leftest attorneys. fox news correspondent doug mcelway with our report. reporter: president trump's legal team and his defenders take an aggressive stance, now that mueller announced hiring of 12 attorneys,. >> first 4 names are people, -- to democrats, this this environment, 97% of donation went to hillary. >> reality is that members of congress on both sides of the aisle fine mr. mueller to be a
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man of integrity. >> campaign, andrew weisman, donated 6 times to president obama's political action committee -- james square els, donated over 10 times to democratic paks over last 30 years, presidential candidates michael due cacous, al gore, john kerry and hillary clinton. and donated to republicans. including chaffetz and george allen. the special counsel potential limitless spending paid out of doj budget. and throw into the mix a prosecutor's power, writing the actual decision to charge a person with crime is almost completely unrestrained. >> most special prosecutors involved in this type of
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litigation would have avoided people with political tie or contributions, when you are investigating president of united states, you should be trying to avoid any questions of political bias or influence. >> special counsel office defends the hires, noting that department policy and federal law prohibits appreciate count from taking into consideration any political -- on its hiring. >> while a second hire, andrew weisman has a reputation for aggressively turning witnesses. >> thank you. glld comin. >> we're coming back with more. stay with us. >> some republican lawmakers are occurring their august recess to make progress on president trump's agenda. >> president is forging ahead. he is in close contact with leader mcconnell on the health care reform.
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they got part one through the house. >> we take up chances of seeing progress. >> terror striking london again. this time, a man driving a van plowed into a group of muslims outside of a mosque,e,e,e,e, think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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trish: doctors treating wounded congressman steve scalise say his condition has improved. he has continued to show signs of improvement, ho more responsive. a lot of capitol hill development today. to a justicer deput department probe that could now be zeroing in on loretta lynch. joining me now ed rollins, and michael goodwin. fox news contributors, i want to start with the loretta lynch issues. a lot of republicans saying, we did note lik did not like what we heard with what james comey said.
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saying that hillary clinton investigation was a matter. there were a lot of questions as to why she was meeting with bill clinton in the plane. >> i promise you, she was watching it more closely than this investigation, a top notch political activist, and attorney general. she knew what was going on. higmy sense, she did not want it to go on. she did not -- i think it needs to run its course. trish: michael, is it fair to probe this? given all of the questions that have been raised about donald trump? >> comey in his testimony has now mentioned this twice, that there were credibility issues with the justice department. the tarmac meeting, that she
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wanted him to call it a matter not an investigation. a lighter heart moment when he said our name is federal bureau of investigation, not federal bureau of matter. there are other thin thinged things, those certainly could be important. and worth probing, it is not going to distraction from donald trump administration as far as democrats are concerned. trish: perhaps, it shows how much of a political po little bit operative she was. there are a lot of people in government right now with their allegiances tied to president obama. not to president trump. how is that going to be playing out. looking at for example mueller's team that is being assembled. you see there are a number of attorneys there who donated to the democrat, including
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hillary clinton's campaign. >> i promise you, eric holder was kind of attorney general you want. you don't want someone neutral. he was as political as anyone i had seen running that department. i served on panel reaganner a era. usually it was you made contributions and you had an impeccable record as a lawyer. i am sure everyone in that justice department, 10,000 lawyers with a career path, they gave money they did not give money to trump. i think that reality is, you have to lock beyond the contribution, what are they like? are they good, fair justices? or are they going to be political hacks? trish: seems as though a lot of people have become michael political hacks, in that you look at media now, and there is a bias against this president, unlike anything we
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have seen. right. trish: they feel justified in having that bias. the question, is does this continue through mueller's investigative timor lawyer -- team, or lawyers that are looking for something. part of having a probe is you are looking to find something, if you couple that with a bias against the president, and perhaps a biased toward democratic politics, are you running into risks at some point they are bound to find something. >> i think that leaks coming out of mueller's shop already are all going to anti-trump media, "new york times," washington post, a daily drum beat of exclusives, from anonymous sources, connected with the probe. as you say most of these will be obama people. obama related in one form in the permanent government or in the just leaving the government. so i think that president really does have a issue.
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i have recommended that he find a new attorney general. i think that fact that rose rosenstein appointed mueller because of sessions recused himself. , president needs an attorney general who is looking av his interests and making sure this investigation does not go on forever, does not become a fishing expedition, we need adult supervision in justice department. trish: quickly. lawmakers talk about sticking around. this summer not taking their august recess because they need to get repeal and replace done. >> i would love to see that, i will bet your salary and high salary, which is minimal compared to yours, that it not going to happen. trish: i don't think it going to happen, i am disappointed. it will be that much hadder. >harder. >> they should stay, they will
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take a long 4th of july, go off in august, in very short time frame. >> not many legislative days leftz. if they take that day they are not get as much done. trish: all right, ed rollins and michael goodwin. >> thank you. trish: vote in tonight's poll, should republican lawmakers cancel their august recess to work on the president trump's agenda? cast your s vote on twitter. on wall street's record breaking day for stocks, dow gaining up 145, closing at new all-timall-times. tech, best performing sector today. bouncing back from losses of last week. crude oil closing at lowest level since november, just above $44 a barrel. and listen to lou's reports 3
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times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. trish: up next, white house said it more determined than ever to protect be in people from regimes like north korea after the date of american student otto warmbier, lieutenant colonel tony shafer lieutenant colonel tony shafer will join me next to discuss welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ whether for big meetings or little getaways, there are always smiles ahead at holiday inn. buttrust angie's list to help., [ barks ] visit today.
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trish: british authorities arrests a man on terrorism charges after a van struck a crowd of muslim worshippers,
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