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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 20, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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sit here with you tonight. she is on vacation. ambassador john bolton, ed rollins, former governor mike huckabee tomorrow. and you can catch me on the intelligence. reporter: . kennedy: a special election in georgia being called a political litmus test for the nation. is president trump under investigation? the president says yes, but his lawyer says no. what's really going on. online currency like bitcoin exploding in value. is this the money for libertarians of the future? who will win tomorrow's special elect in georgia. that's the $60 million question. former congressional aid and
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neglectful boyfriend jon ossoff is battling karen handel in the most expensive house race in history as both side play chicken, hoping to roost in that house. ossoff * is running as an alternative to his peers. but some are worried he will morph into a bernie bro. he came within 2 percentage point of clinching the seat outright. he has millions pouring in from outer silos. the race isn't about them or hair idea. it's about the contentious tone in this country and whether there is enough discontent from democrats to flip the switch. the democrats may have bet on a
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lame horse. republicans are being targeted by more than campaign ads. let's put this show on, glad you are here. i'm kennedy. how is this special election going to shake out in georgia tomorrow night. so much is riding on this race. but why? that's what i must ask chris stirewalt. right back where he should be. give me some perspective and clarity. people just poking their heads around and hearing about this race for the first time, why is it such a big deal.
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chris: it would be a little much to call it a pre-season game. but that's what we are getting down to. taking a core sample of how strong democrat and republican intensity is here. nobody cares who these candidates are. voters in this district aren't voting for him or her. it's about how intense are democrats to turn out and how intense are republicans to turn out. on the democratic side turnout was huge. we had a 73-point swing in the composition of the electorate from republican to democrat from 2016. when republicans look at numbers like that they say there is a wave buildingened the surface it's more d.s show up. what we are looking for in atlanta. how many young voters, how many
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minority voters, african-american voters. how many of those folks will show up. usually in mid terms special elections they don't turn out so high. maybe this is an indication the democratic base is really fired up. kennedy: it's one thing to wave a bunch of signs and have a march and take a day off work but it's. >> the thing entirely to put tens of millions of dollars behind a cad and have people march to the polls and send in their ballot. chris: someone else is always the most popular choice in he elect. democrats have to make sure as they go from someone other than trump, you have to pick candidate, their challenge is how do they keep intensity from their party's base but choose candidates moderate enough to win in places like suburban
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atlanta. and you need republican-leaning independents to come your way to win. newt gingrich. but this also the kind of district where donald trump struggled where previous republican nominees -- kennedy: that's what make the whole thing so weird. ossoff * had a bigger lead a few weeks ago. but that has shrunk. what impact will the in-person voting have? >> if it's not, this is going to be the greatest turnout in the history of turnouts. this will be better than a perennial turnout. the republican coalition is shifting and moving away from its traditional base since the eisenhower era of suburbanites.
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it's shifting to whites without college degrees. the same voters who made donald trump president. but that means there are 100 seats around the country where the voters are affluent and well educated. maybe this is the best way to put it. demographically this is the best educated district that donald trump won in 2016, and he won it by less than a point. kennedy: we know what happens, we know what the signal is if ossoff * wins. what is the signal if handel wins? chris: democrats, if he loses given all the hype and money, it will be depressant to democrats who are going to sign up to run
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for office, this is recruiting season look for candidates. and donors being able to write big checks for long-shots. kennedy: maybe the democrats will look like harry reid after a bad session with an elastic band. chris stirewalt thank you for your expertise. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to force a vote on the obamacare repeal and replace bill before july, and a bunch of gop senators called on mcconnell to cancel summer recess to make it happen. >> the senate is not a place where you can cook up something behind closed doors for a vote on the floor, especially on an issue like this. the first step in this may be crafted along a small group of people, but everyone will get to
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weigh in and it will take days and weeks to work through that in the senate. >> will they get this done or are lawmakers going to summer school? let's bring in my air conditions party panel. robe suave, and mike baker. and comedian and host of part of the problem. welcome back, everyone. >> my fast it intro you have ever given me. kennedy: mine, too. i know there are republican senators who have so much issues with this. people like mike lee, ted cruz, rand paul. and for people like lisa murkowski and susan collins, they don't want to cut finding for planned parenthood. >> the three people you named
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are the only ones who would be on board with that. i like marco rubio describing the exact opposite of what the legislative process in the senate is. rand paul proposed the read the bill amendment? he thought it was insane. we are all voting on things none of us have read. it has been written by lobbyists. we are presented with a 2,000-page bill. we are not matt damon in "goodwill hunting." kennedy: democrat chuck schumer reached out to mitch mcconnell, at least let's discuss this over scotch and hookers like real men used to. it may not have been that exact terminology, but it was something like that. but republicans are terrified of being criticized by democrats.
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>> the idea that senator rubio would say the senate is not just someplace you can go behind closed doors and cook things up. of course, it is. where have you been operating, senator rubio. all i know, this topic may be above my pay grade. all i know is if the republicans don't get a legislative win. if they don't get a legislative win before they all take their vacations -- i now it's a working vacation in august. they are going to get slaughtered in 2018. kennedy: you say this is the height of republican hypocrisy. >> the problem from the policy standpoint is doing it in a secret way where you are not getting feedback. but emergency all the terrible
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crony capitalist deals being worked out. what they are doing in public is terrifying. kennedy: what reason do you have for opacity to make deals that nobody can see like nancy pelosi. that's the worst policy of all. >> if you were a surgeon, you would say i'm going to open you up then we'll figure out what we are going to operate on. kennedy: president trump's lawyer says the president is not under investigation. but listen to this interesting exchange. >> we have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the united states. chris: you just said two times he's being investigated. >> no, i just gave you have the
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legal theory of how the constitution works. if in fact it was correct that the president was being investigated, he would be investigated for take an action the agency told him to take. that's all i said. i appreciate you trying to rephrase it. chris: i didn't rephrase it. jay, the tape will speak for itself. you said he's being investigated. kennedy: the tweet sekulow is referring to is from june 16. the president tweeted out i'm being investigated by the man who told me to fire the f.b.i. director. witch hunt. >> that guy made an impressive case holding up a piece of paper. kennedy: the words are kinds of small, but you can infer what they are on the page.
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>> is there a technical difference between everyone in his inner circle being investigated? i don't understand the difference. kennedy: it's bad luck. in terms of this, there are a lot of people who are pretty attracted to the president because he's a magnetic man who now has a tremendous aura and power in his grasp. >> do i know if he's being investigated? i have no clue. kennedy: what's the difference between an f.b.i. investigation and special counsel. would the f.b.i. have to let him know whether he's under investigation? and would special counsel? >> no. if anybody takes that tweet where the president treats out and says, i'm being investigated. at this stage of the game, if you take the tweet at its face vool you a and that's what you
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are basing your story on, i have seen stories, the president said i'm being investigated. you are probably missing the lack of nuance and sophistication in the president's tweets. i don't take any of that at face value. that's a guy talking who for a long time is running small business it's a self-inflicted wounds. kennedy: he can gift context with other tweets before and after. the fact that he was saying let's start with the hypothesis that i'm going investigated. >> the 140-character limit. kennedy: you points out that this president might be -- tie go book and forth whether trump is a genius or special needs child.
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he will do things that are politically brilliant. he had such a political victory. i heard cn snrks journalists saying as a fact trump is under investigation by the f.b.i. they are not veal journalists. and they are just saying he's being investigated. comey test guys and said we are not investigating trump. he has this political victory and he those it away by saying he is under investigation. kennedy: and he might have talked himself into being investigated. >> if he's being investigated it doesn't mean anything. it doesn't mean he's guilty of anything. kennedy: robbie, i have to point out wins tonight because he matches the set.
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that's how you outmaneuver. kennedy: jared kushner is going to travel to the middle east this week to try to advance the administration's efforts to reach an israeli-palestinian peace deal. the president says he's confident it can be done. joining me, tim carney. >> thank you for having me back, kennedy. kennedy: i'm one of those people that i any the president is deeply flawed. i think he has impulsivity issues and he has serious quirks and he gets in his own way. but i think some of his policies, especially the
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anti-regulation kind are pretty brilliant. and i think as weird as it may sound, he's the one guy who could bring peace to the middle east. >> i'm sceptical of this. i appreciate your contrary hot take. when i would follow trump on the campaign, he would say again and again, the only reason this problem isn't getting involved is because we have stupid people in charge. kennedy: he was talking about government officials and legislators. >> i would say to some extent we are all stupid people when it comes to trying to solve these massive problems. one of the things that makes us libertarians is we think putting smarter people in charge, giving them lots of power doesn't mean they will get the answer right. lots of deep problems are tied
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up with human nature and the fallen nature of man. and i think that's a lot of what's going on in the middle east. when i heard him say we wouldn't have lost these manufacturing jobs except we have stupid people in charge and we can get them back if we have smart people who aren't crooked. if they go in thinking we can fix this problem. what was that he said? nobody has ever asked why can't we make things better in the middle east. of course, they have. that's my worry, thinking it's simple. kennedy: people ask that all the time. to his credit, he's got a lot of problems and i didn't vote for him. but he has a weird way of looking at things. in order to take this problem apart you have to deconstruct it with the type of non-traditional analysis that is never in a position of power or influence.
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but maybe here outside of u.s. manufacturing policy, maybe near the middle east he can appeal to the various parties in ways past presidents haven't been able to because they have been so stained by their own political agenda that it taints the process. >> i think that's possible. the outsider, the person who comes in without sort of having the preconceived notion, all the experts talking in their ear. what i would want to see before i got the slightest by the hopeful about it is more modest aims. to be saying, if he said the words, sort of a conservative idea, this is not a problem to be solved, but a mess to be managed in a situation that could be improved. if he would come up with that idea i would say maybe he's on to something. he's worried about lasting peace
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and they will all love him and he will get re-elected. on foreign policy every once in a while he has conservative ideas and says that's a problem we can't solve. if he says this is as mess we can manage and improve, maybe i will have your confidence. kennedy: i just think it' improbable. but if it's crazy enough and other people try to implement them within we shall see. coming up, the shooting of representative steve scalise left many people calling on lawmakers to tone down their political rhetoric. town hall editor katie pavlich joins me next. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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kennedy: the shooting of representave steve scalise left people on both sides of the aisle calling on lawmakers to soften their tone of political rhetoric. but yesterday with scalise still recoughing from surgery, msnbc host joy reid had this to say. >> obviously earn is wishing the congressman well. but steve scalise has a history
12:29 am
we have been forced to ignore because he is in jeopardy and everyone is pulling for him we are required to put that aside at the moment. kennedy: joy reid is miserable and insane allegedly. reid promoted the segment with rep scalise was shot by a white man with a violent background and saved by a lesbian police officer. she was joined in condemning scalise by scott pelly who told viewers it's time to ask whether the attack on the u.s. congress was foreseeable, predictability, and to some degree self-inflicted. if members of the media can't lay off a gravely wounded man, you expect americans to ease
12:30 am
back on their discourse? datey pavlich -- katie pavlich, the people i found who were most upset by this are liberals people on the left who want their party to come together with a message so they can reach out to people and stop this nonsense. if the goal is to get democrats elected, they are hurting the party in the cause. >> if you have to attack someone who can't respond because he's laying in a hospital, viewers are upset with her comments because they keep losing seats. look at the thousands of seats that were lost under obama at the federal and local and state levels. they can't always go to this
12:31 am
lazy old place of dehumanizing their opponent and turning around and blaming the victim in this case of real violence, and the burden of keith for that behavior. saying could we have seen this coming? was itself-inflicted? kennedy: that is crass. i understand it from a person like joy reid who is essentially an attention whore. she is saying whatever she can to make some news and make some waves. and to poke her base. i totally get that. but someone like scott pelly who considers himself a journalist with a capital j. saying a republican congressman who is almost murdered in cold blood by someone who had a deep-seeded political motivation is like saying a woman who was raped was asking for it because of what she was wearing when she
12:32 am
uses the term self-inflicted. >> i think we do have to address the moral equivalency. we have heard for years from the left that it's republicans and conservatives who need to tone down the rhetoric. yet here we are. the actions of the attacker are his and his alone. i do not like this brushing under the rug about the fact this was politically motivated. this guy was a mainstreamer. he wasn't some guy on the fringe. he was an occupy wall street protester. who endorsed that movement? barack obama and nancy pelosi, but they argue it's republicans dehumanizing people and they are taking away people's healthcare that will result in their death, and here we have a direct politically motivated attempted murder, and they are acting like that part of it doesn't exist.
12:33 am
and by the way republicans might be responsible for a guy shooting them while they are playing baseball. kennedy: yesterday i was on the corner of sun set boulevard and pch. there was a homeless guy holding up a sign offering to shoot the president for a dollar. >> he will need more than a dollar to get out of jail if that's his goal. kennedy: friday a massachusetts court found a 25-year-old woman guilty of involuntary murder for texting her boyfriend to kill himself. there are no laws on the books in massachusetts that forbid someone from even couraging. >> the's suicide. but the judge ruled carter recklessly goaded him and did nothing to help him in his time of distress.
12:34 am
she could spend 0 years in prison. is this an infringement of her first amendment rights? robbie, you wrote a good column about this. the "new york times" by robbie soave. telling someone they should kill themselves is not the same as holding a gun to their head and pulling the igger but is bei treated the same. >> you are essentially saying not that her word caused violence but her word in and of themselves were a killing weapons akin to behavior that is violent or dangerous. that's a slippery slope to use that expression. but a real one.
12:35 am
if we are going to say someone's word alone is the thing that killed this person it does have first amendment concerns. >> if someone incites someone to an act of terrorism through the use of their word, then what? >> that's different because tear rich is illegal. suicide is not illegal. >> you are inciting someone to commit violence. you still end up with death at the end of the road. kennedy: it's an important distinction. there is a difference between if someone has a van and they are about to ram a crowd of people. >> if i say i will give you $100 to punch yourself in the face, now i'm guilty of assault. so you can say, i don't have
12:36 am
$100. punched in the face. >> this is fascinating. i detand what we are talking abt with the first amendment issue. we also all agree that what she did was horrendous. >> i think it's more tragic. how you feel morally about it. if you don't know all the details, i don't know enough to make a moral judgment on that. it's far more immoral to throw an 18-year-old in a cage for sending a text to her boyfriend. >> she knew he had mental illness. she goaded him to get back in the vehicle. >> she also had a mental illness and her lawyer said she was on drugs. >> if we are going to cast the
12:37 am
net wider and say her word could have killed him. we expand it beyond. just his own actions of what did it. >> maybe the pharmaceutical manufacturer. and the psychotic side effects someone could experience by taking that medication at too young of an age. that's solution konyism. you have 15 seconds. kennedy: i'll tell you, when i come back from the break -- thanks so much, always great to have you here. kennedy: bit coins used to be for buying dru on the dark web. but their popularity is explodininininin
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kennedy: the recent spike in the prices of bitcoin has gone the everyone from the average joe into helping fund managers into getting a piece of the action. bitcoin, the original currency was worth $1,000 per coin. it's now priced at $2,600.
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and another currency has seen crazier growth it has appreciated 4,000 percent. crypto currencies are very popular. joining me is jonathon hoenig. >> woulda, coulda, shoulda. it's the hottest investment on or off wall street are these crypto currencies. they are soaring like nothing before in their history. kennedy: when william devane is telling us to buy gold, should we be investing in these? there are plenty of places that accept the coins like whole foods and how do you use the currency?
12:43 am
>> it's a currency but it's not backed by paper or gold. it's literally a piece of code. it's soaring for a number of reasons. it's a major advancement in technology. technology disrupted finance and it's disrupted currency as well. bitcoin is soaring in countries where government is getting big and growing and cracking down. return, turkey, venezuela. this is becoming a medium of exchange. shopify, microsoft. you can purchase them with bitcoin. kennedy: a lot of companies, online retailers use shopify. and they manage the transactions. what do you think the fed is?
12:44 am
>> certainly the fed is a form of currency manipulation. the value of the u.s. dollar has not held up well under the federal reserve. that's why the libertarian movement is so behind bit coins. they will also accept bitcoin. but it speaks to a lot of issues. a lot of countries are eliminating currency. even in the u.s. they are talking about getting rid of the $50 and $100. people who value privacy, it's a totally anonymous way to transact value. kennedy: you point out people can save money by investing tonight and using it how? >> they can save and they can lose money. one of the things about any currency is a stable storef value. they have been anything but
12:45 am
stable. but for people want who want to put money away where it can't be touched or taxed by government regulators. bitcoin is most attractive to them. kennedy: could it crash? as it's gone up so much it could easily go back down. >> yes, it's worth only what other people are willing to pay for it. it's a system and environment like we had in the late 1990s. some tech stocks prospered. ebay, price line, they came back. great new technology, not all of them will fail, but it's something that's new and it is something that's only going to grow. kennedy: now you can pay pay me in bit coins for a portion of the show. disrupting shakespeare in the park. we'll show you have the latestst
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right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. kennedy: "woer woman." it now made $570 million at box office. hillary clinton was right. they are great at raising money
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and neither of their lives are based on a true story. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. florida police have seen it all. face-eating zombies, a man making love to a hot pocket and the marlins win the baseball game. that's why they don't get too worked up when they get approached by a bear. police initially thought the bear was just out walking because he got a fifth bit for father's day. but florida deputies were suspicious so they conducted a search and found the bear walking smuggling methamphetamine. he was charged with stealing a fit bit. '. the public theater's production
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of julius caesar in new york city came to an end last night it was a year like no other. normally people only talk about what pretentious garbage it is. but this year it will be remembered for people like this guy. >> this is gerks rble.
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