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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. the fox business with more on this race, you want to hear all about it.. trish: good evening. i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs who is on vacation this evening. it's 7:00, and most polls are now closed in georgia's 6th congressional district where voters are deciding the most expensive campaign in history. campaign spending want to off $55 million. vacated by health and human services secretary tom price, for democrats, a win in georgia 6th would give the party first major victory of the trump era. for republicans a chance to build momentum going into the 2018 midterms. kevin corke has our report.
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>> reporter: even on a day when the president welcomed his ukrainian counterpart to the white house, he made no secret of keen interests in the congressional race for the georgia 6th district. mr. trump tweeting -- democrat jon ossoff, who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level and is weak on crime and security doesn't even live in district. the white house officials today were reluctant to weigh in on the race itself, they did acknowledge the president would be paying attention. >> no surprise that the president is going to support republicans up and down the ticket, especially to maintain our majorities in the house and the senate as we move forward. obviously, as you noted, he's tweeted about that, believes a clear and struck choice. >> reporter: the white house bid to advance agenda on capitol hill including major policy initiatives on infrastructure, health care and tax reform.
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while some political experts suggested the race could be a referendum on the trump presidency, others caution reading too much into the outcome. >> we'll read an enormous amount into the result, some of it will be justified, most of it probably won't be, and a month from now talking about something else. >> reporter: the president lumped the georgia contest in with a south carolina race take place tuesday saying a win by democrats in either case would mean more obstruction and fewer accomplishments on behalf of the american people, something polls suggest the white house nodes to do more of. but the latest cbs news national survey showing 36% of americans approving of the president's performance. the same poll found most think he's faced far more criticism than predecessors. to be fair, there are other polls that show the president just a shade under 50% approval. as we talk about the notion of a trump referendum, trish.
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keep this in mind, those feel the president is not up to the job and others think he's being mistreated by the media. it's that divide that could play itself out at georgia ballot box with implications that reach far beyond the state line of the peach state. we'll be watching carefully. trish: thank you so much. the pressure is on for senate republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. so far the public has had little information about the contents of the bill. majority leader mitch mcconnell is aiming to make the legislation public in the coming days. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has our report. >> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to release a discussion draft the senate republican health care bill thursday, setting the stage for a vote likely next week. >> the status quo is simply unsustainable. as all of our members have pointed out. to ignore that the status quo
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is imploding is to ignore reality. >> reporter: gop sources suggest mcconnell is eager to get this done with raising the debt ceiling, tax reform and the budget all on the horizon. republicans can only afford to lose two in order to pass health care reform. most expect rand paul is a no, and utah's mike lee and texas' ted cruz might be leaning that way. cruz suggested today what's expected to be in the package must be improved. >> i think if we focus on lowering premiums we can bring together conservatives, moderates, we can unify republicans and actually fulfill the mandate the american people sent us here to do. >> reporter: senate democrats delivered speeches until just after midnight trying to fire up base and make it more difficult on republican senators. >> i would urge my democratic colleagues, on behalf of the american people, the vast majority of whom know how bad this legislation is that we have got to stand up and fight
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in an unprecedented way. >> senate republicans don't dare let the people back home see this bill. they don't dare let voters see this bill. >> reporter: today democrats took an additional step using a procedural tool to shut down hearings after noon. >> we need to fight this tooth and nail. if the republicans were proud of what they were doing, they would be telling the world. >> we're going to get this done in 2017. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan turned the page to tax reform. >> we will eliminate harmful burdensome taxes including the death tax and the alternative tax. >> reporter: ryan laid out address to the national association of manufacturers. >> consolidate the existing seven brackets into three. double the standard deduction and simplify things to the point dhau do your own taxes on the form the size of a post card. this instead of a 1040 form, wouldn't be that nice?
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>> reporter: vice president mike pence reiterated the need to get tax reform done this year. there are weekly meetings between the relevant players in the house, the senate and the white house focused on accomplishing that major item on the agenda. trish? trish: mike emanuel, thank you very much. tensions are sky high in the airspace over and around syria tonight after a heavily armed russian warplane came too close for comfort to a u.s. reconnaissance plane above the baltic sea. it's the latest in a series of tense encounters between the two military powers operating in the very volatile region. fox news' national security correspondent jennifer griffin has our report from the pentagon. >> reporter: trish, a russian fighter jet armed with air-to-air missiles flew within five feet of a u.s. spy plane in the baltic sea monday. the russian fighter jet's wings were, quote, dirty meaning armed with missiles under its wings. pentagon spokesman captain jeff
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davis said the russian pilot had poor control and coming in at a high rate of speed. this happened one day after a u.s. navy f-18 super hornet shot down a syrian jet near the isis strong hold of raqaa which led to the russians issuing a stark warning to u.s. warplanes flying west of the euphrates river in syria. russian warplanes photobombs these american bombers. monday's incident in the baltics comes a month after russian fighter jet buzzed a u.s. navy surveillance aircraft over the black sea and in february, russian jets buzzed the u.s. navy guided-missile destroyer in the black sea while the u.s. army was unloading dozens of tanks and 500 u.s. arm soldiers arrived in a port in nearby romania. two months later, that same destroyer, u.s.s. porter fired the tomahawk cruise missiles hitting an airbase belonging to the russian-backed assad regime.
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>> thank you very much, it's a great honor to be with president poroshenko of the ukraine. >> reporter: today the president met the president of ukraine and raised eyebrows when he called his nation the ukraine, a reference to pre-1991 soviet union when ukraine was soviet territory ruled by moscow. a slip of the tongue fraught with russia's invasion of crimea in eastern ukraine. on capitol hill senator john mccain had harsh words for president trump's pick for deputy secretary of defense, former boeing executive patrick shanahan at today's confirmation hearing. >> the answers you gave to the questions whether intentionally or unintentionally were almost condescending. defensive weapons for ukraine, well, something we ought to discuss. >> reporter: mccain is a staunch defender of ukraine and has been frustrated with the
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last two administrations for not helping it stand up to russia. he asked the nominee for the pentagon's number two job to resubmit his answers to congress. trish? trish: thank you, jennifer. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. president trump condemning north korea over the death of american student otto warmbier. >> i think otto, it's a disgrace what happened to otto. a total disgrace what happened to otto. that should never, ever be allowed to happen. trish: should president obama have done more to bring otto home? and a show of force against north korea. the u.s. air force sending a powerful message flying two supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula. we'll take t t t t t liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind
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implications of the georgia race. joining us ed rollins and was the chief political adviser to the house republican leadership, the dean himself, ed, good to have you back. ed: thank you, thank you, big night tonight. trish: it is. ed: and i don't think anybody could have safely predicted it. karen has done a fabulous job coming from way back as she ran against a number of candidates in the primary, and he had a big lead. she said she's caught him and may be ahead at this point in time. see who turns out today. trish: this guy coming out of no where. not even his district. 30-year-old filmmaker who gets a ton of support including hollywood, lots of money inturg -- pouring into this, why is it seen as critical on both sides? ed: the reality of elections is different from this one. $50 million being spent on it, it's extraordinary. both sides have more than sufficient money. it's interpreted as a
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referendum on trump norte referendum on trump, and trump played very little roll in this. he ran as a moderate democrat, she ran as a very establishment republican in the district like gingrich and others who served their price before that. but the national media will interpret it as if some reason she loses, which i don't think she will, that the big defeat for trump. if it's close, the democrats will basically, you know, claim great victory and move on. trish: ed, i think you're right, i don't think she'll lose either. i think there is a number of people through the who are part of the base who feel very strongly, they're up against it right now, and frankly their way of life and conservatism is up against it, this race for that vane that important to them, i think you will see turnout for her, but that said, i mean the idea that the media will run with a narrative should he win, will that serve in any way the wake-up call to republicans who are refusing to
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unify and get on the same plane together? >> we have to get on the same plane, exactly right. we have a majority in the house and the senate. who knows if we will get that again. if we don't fix health care and the tax bill, we're not going to have that opportunity again. paul ryan was correct when he made that speech, we need the opportunity to come along. we need specifics to debate it ourselves and come to resolution, if it's not a perfect bill and neither are by republican standards or the country standards, it's better than anything today and the tax bill has the chance of making simpler and basically making the business tax and particularly small business have a much better place than they've ever had. trish: we need it, this is one area you ought to get bipartisanship. ed: absolutely. should in a heart beat. trish: in terms of paul ryan and unity, shouldn't he start with himself? he is not fully on board. he's talking about the pipe dream of a border tax
10:17 pm
adjustment, you take any econ101 class, it will tell you, this is not a good idea for our economy right now. you go back to the smoot holly tariff and you see what it will do to decimate an economy. why is he clinging to it? ed: he is theoretical, i thought paul was going to be the -- he needs to be the speaker, the speaker does not write the tax bill. he guides his members and guides the house into providing good legislation, and he needs to be thinking about that. let brady deal with the tax bill. brady is reasonable. trish: he's in over his -- ed: he needs to quit thinking every bill has to be a perfect bill. trish: okay, are we going to see repeal and replace? before it falls? ed: my worry is 40 members in the senate who haven't seen a
10:18 pm
bill yet. and 10 people working on it, including the leader, which is the most important person, will know by late this week, and i think the key thing is if they don't have the votes, they shouldn't bring it up. i think the reality is just don't put it up there to lose, keep working it until you can get it. trish: who do you think the holdouts are in terms of the senate? is this going to be ted cruz? rand paul? ed: let me say this, ted cruz a critical player here because ted cruz has come in and try to help make it something the conservatives in the house will by. he's worked hard and i give him great credit for that. trish: what about the senator from utah. ed: not sure, he will probably go along with what cruz does. i would worry about the moderate woman than the conservatives at this point in time. trish: good to see you. ed: thank you. trish: be sure to vote in tonight's poll --
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cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. a reminder to follow lou on twitter, "like" the show on facebook and instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." breaking news to tell but right now. belgian police shooting a suspected suicide bomber at brussels central station, the man allegedly shouted allahu akbar and blew up a suitcase before authorities shot and neutralized him. no one else is believed to be injured. the dow falling 62, the s&p down 16, the nasdaq down 51 point. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares. stocks dragged down a little lower by oil. crude entering bear market territory falling more than 2% to settle more than $43 a barrel. a reminder to listen to lou's report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, rising tensions with russia, armed russian jet
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this is truecar. ♪ with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides. right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. . trish: the white house says it will keep putting economic and political pressure on north korea after the death of otto warmbier, days after being released from prison and returned to the u.s. by the kim jong-un regime. state department is weighing response options, including
10:25 pm
more sanctions or action in international court. president trump suggested this morning that tragedy could have been avoided. >> it's a total disgrace what happened to otto, that should never, ever be allowed to happen, and frankly if he were brought home sooner, i think the result would have been a lot different. he should have been brought home that same dayment the result would have been a lot different. what happened to otto is a disgrace. trish: here to talk about the north korea situation, rising tensions between the u.s. and russia and other global flash points include what we saw in brussels. former ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor ambassador john bolton. ambassador, welcome. start with one of the tweets the president sent out today, he was saying look, i was hoping china would help out here, china can't, in terms of north korea, i was hoping they could help with north korea, it hasn't worked out.
10:26 pm
at least i know china tried. if we can't count on china to put the pressure on north korea, what is it we can do to get them to change their ways? john: the president is being gracious towards china, i don't think they were serious about pressuring korea in the nuclear weapons program, they never have been, acting in a way they say one thing to us and do another. when you look at entire course of north korea's behavior for 25 years or longer, it's been a pattern of outright deception consistently. it goes back to the armistice negotiations in 1953. they lie about everything. they lie about their nuclear program, they lie about ballistic missile program. they lie about intentions on the peninsula. it's not just americans, south koreans, japanese and others, they're prepared to say anything to relieve the pressure we and others put on
10:27 pm
from the outside but never to comply with it for extended period of time. this is not a regime that a little outside pressure is going to change, and i think it's about time we figured it out. trish: all right, all right, fast-forward, though, you've got to be willing to take some action. nobody wants to see us engaged in warfare with north korea. so i guess what i'd ask is, and perhaps this is terribly naive of me, ambassador, but this is a bad guy. why can't we do something to specifically go after the bad guy? why do we have to run the risk that that bad guy may annihilate many, many people if we engage in any conventional warfare? why can't we just take him out? john: because i think at the present time, while that's a very desirable objective, i'm not sure we would know how to do it, i think it's not necessarily a permanent solution to the problem we face.
10:28 pm
look, the tragedy of otto warmbier is very much in our minds, but it's not the central threat. the central threat is the nuclear weapons program, and we followed a policy for 25 years of negotiation which has failed. so i think we have to say to ourselves what comes next? and the answer is diplomatic options are very limited. sure, you are absolutely right to say nobody wants war on the peninsula except north korea in their own bizarre form of reasoning, if they feel threatened. trish: ambassador, do we have a plan for who we would put there? john: no, we do not have a plan, we do not have a plan. that's the problem. we are not thinking strategically. what we need to do, the only remaining diplomatic option is find a way to reunite the korean peninsula that ends the north korean regime. this is my point about affecting their behavior. behavior is not going to change.
10:29 pm
the character of regime that oppresses its own people, commits terrorist attacks, pursues nuclear weapons and lies about all of them. trish: ambassador, the thing that's frustrating for me, i keep hearing we don't have a plan. i look at syria, shouldn't the plan be to get rid of bashar al-assad, he's doing bad things to his people. the key thinking is what's next? and entangling ourselves with russia. you look at the last two days, ambassador. john: well, i think the president's instincts are in the right direction. the problem is he follows eight years of administration whose strategy was to reduce american influence, to withdraw american instruments of power and get us into a situation that's more complicated than it was before, so it's not easy, but the bureaucracy, i have to say, is not coming up with a strategy to aid the president's instincts. >> and frustrating because they had eight years of a guy there doing nothing, but people
10:30 pm
should have been thinking so that they knew once they had the opportunity with someone who was willing to go out and make these hard choices and hard decisions, they had a game plan in place. anyway, ambassador, always good to see you, thank you very much. we're coming right back, everyone. stay with us, we have a whole lot more. the pressure is on for the senate to vote on health care before the 4th of july break. >> the president has been on the phone extensively with the leader, and with key senators. they've been working extremely hard and the president has been giving his input and feedback to them. trish: can the senate get it done? we'll discuss it with former governor mike huckabee next. and the daredevils combining skydiving with archery. it's our little differences, that can make a world of difference. expedia, everything in one place,
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. trish: i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs, who is on vacation this evening. white house spokesman sean spicer says president trump will make an announcement this week on whether any white house comey tapes exist. also special counsel robert mueller meeting tomorrow with leaders in the senate judiciary committee. at issue, potential conflicts between respective investigations into the firing of comey. mueller met with members of the house intelligence committee today, and fox news has learned that the state department has opened a formal inquiry into whether hillary clinton and her aides mishandled classified
10:35 pm
information. if mrs. clinton is found to have violated government protocols, the former secretary of state and her aides could have their access to sensitive government documents terminated. joining me with his thoughts on all of it. former governor of arkansas and fox news contributor mike huckabee. governor, good to have you here. the left pursuing this narrative for months from. from the time of the campaign itself, they had the idea of collusion and russia and guess what? there doesn't seem to be any there there, they haven't come up with anything of any importance, and now they're going after him on something else. the whole obstruction of justice theory and they're bringing on attorneys that have, well, shall we say liberal leanings, that have donated repeatedly to campaigns on the left including hillary clinton. what is it going to take for them to give this one up? >> i don't think anything is
10:36 pm
going to cause them to give it up. the democrats right now, trish, are like the little boy in the woods. he had a rifle slung over his shoulder and the guy said, son, what are you hunting for? he said, i don't know, i haven't found it yet. that's the democrats right now. they don't know what they're hunting for, they're just hunting, got to find something because they cannot accept the results of the election, and really that's what this is about. they've not been able to tie anything with russia or the other charges, it's just really nonsense. trish: but governor, you got robert mueller, okay? who is james comey's buddy, and mr. mueller is assembling his team and has to somehow find all of these people, five of them have donated to democratic campaigns does. he have to have those people? could he have not chosen folks that didn't have a political bent? when you put all of this together, if i were the president of the united states and i've got james comey's
10:37 pm
buddy and collecting people that donated to the left, i might be darn worried about where they're going with this because it doesn't seem frankly fair. john: well, mr. mueller asked me to be a part of the force to investigate, but then found out i've never given any contributions to the clintons or the clinton foundation, so i was asked to no longer be considered. i'm being facetious. but trish, the truth is, this whole thing already smells worse than a big warm pile of donkey droppings. something here just doesn't smell right, if you think about that so many of the people who are supposedly objective investigators are people who are partisan contributors. it's one thing to be a voter to a democrat, but when you shell out thousands of dollars, you're pretty committed to that point of view, and to say that you're going to come to this investigation and be totally divorced from contributions, i
10:38 pm
think that's a big stretch. most of us are not that divorced from where our money has gone, and i don't think we're going to see it in this investigation. trish: governor, i keep going back to this reality, james comey was fired. he had plenty of opportunities to say something, raise the red flag, say i'm concerned about obstruction of justice before he got fired. he waited until he was fired. he didn't sit down with the journalists and come forward on the record. no, he called his friend who leaked it to the "new york times," and interestingly enough, the one thing never leaked is the fact that the president wasn't under investigation at the time. so does this -- i mean, what does this tell but exactly what's going on there within, within that white house and the holdovers from previous administrations that just don't like the new president? mike: trish, i think there's more evidence they kidnapped
10:39 pm
the lindbergh baby in the 1930s, 40 years before my birth than the russians had collusions with trump or obstruction of justice by legal definition. that's the atmosphere washington created. let's not be clear, this is not believe somebody honestly believes donald trump did something wrong, this is all about keeping him distracted. keeping him totally consumed with having to defend himself so that he can't get something done, and as i've often said, many of his critics are not afraid he will fashlgs they're afraid he will succeed, and if he succeeds, then the things he has been pushing for, lower taxes, better jobs, different trade agreement, a stronger america to foreign governments, that scares some of the people who don't want that kind of america, but there are many of us who do. trish: well put. governor huckabee, thank you very much. good to see you. mike: thank you, trish.
10:40 pm
trish: all right, let's roll this video. take a look, two thrillseekers jumping off a hot air balloon take archery skills to the next level, shooting at each other thousands of feet in the air with toy bow and arrow, even after pulling their parachutes. they continue to target each other before, fortunately, landing safely on the ground. that's the best part. okay, coming up, in everyone, the white house blasting obstructionist dems as senate republicans prepare to release a health care bill on thursday. >> their leader, senator schumer, made it very clear on at least two separate occasions they didn't want to be part of the process, they didn't want to repeal and replace obamacare. to turn around now and second-guess, that's something they should take up with their own leader. trish: mercedes schlapp and charlie hurt are there and are going to take that one up and more next. ♪
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liberty mutual insurance. . trish: joining me to discuss tonight's georgia special election, the senate's efforts to repeal obamacare and much more, we have republican strategist mercedes schlapp, and washington times opinion editor charlie hurt, both are fox news contributors. good to see you guys. mercedes: hi, trish. trish: it's a nail-biter in georgia. mercedes, what's your thought who's going to win? mercedes: intel on the ground that's basically saying encouraging signs. one is the presidential, they're seeing the presidential turnout what we saw during the presidential election favoring republicans in this district. they're also seeing that there's a sense that the democrats are running out of voters. remember that ossoff has positioned himself now to run as a moderate, which as we know, he will be no moderate if he were to win this race, and
10:46 pm
so he's hoping to have these republicans cross over to support him. trish: can't they see through it, though? they got a guy not even in the district, coming in, he's a documentary producer, 30 years old, he's getting money from hollywood and money from the likes of all over the country right now. mercedes: right. trish: can't your conservatives down there, in a district that has historically been republican, don't they see through some of that? mercedes: i hope they do, when you're talking 7,000 donors came from southern california. one million dollars from planned parenthood, let's be real, we know who he's going to align himself with, nancy pelosi, we have to see the nancy pelosi fact which they used in the republican ads if it works in the election, in the special election so, i do think republicans are feeling encouraged, but again, we have a bit of a long night ahead of us to figure out what the results will be. trish: okay, well, i think she'll probably pull through.
10:47 pm
mercedes: i do too. trish: on the chance she doesn't, charlie, what will this tell republicans? what message is it going to send if any? as ed rollins pointed out special elections are special, and you can't read a ton out of them other than what the media reads out of it. charlie: it will be all that we hear about for the next couple of weeks, of course, unless she wins in which case the meadial move onto the next thing. trish: funny how that works. charlie: isn't that funny? every one of the special elections up to now, each one was evidence that the trump presidency was over, and that republicans were doomed, and then of course, the republican pulls it out or the republican wins big, for example, and then the media, of course, moves on. i've never understood the concept of viewing this race, in this district as referendum on donald trump. donald trump won this by one
10:48 pm
point. it's a very establishment republican district, mitt romney won it by 23 points. but it's not a trump district. if for some reason the voters go against the republican, and i agree with you both, i don't think they will, if they do, that's not a rebuke of donald trump. that has nothing to do with donald trump. trish: you know what it is, charlie, and mercedes, you can comment. democrats are looking for something. charlie: so desperate. trish: we are anti-trump, and that's all they've been saying over and over again, and they're looking for new blood, new life and good sign on the horizon, and this is, mercedes, what they're looking to, and this is what they will play up if they win. mercedes: right, the democrats are looking for psychological and moral boost if they were to win this election, and what's interesting to see is the fact that you've had ossoff starting off by saying he would make trump furious, that was the slogan, shifting away from, that the issues important for the constituents is about jobs
10:49 pm
and the economy, something where president trump is doing quite well in the area. again, as charlie pointed out, establishment republicans, i think they'll get the trump base, but i think that handel is more establishment republican than a trump republican, so i think she does have an opportunity, obviously, to win this seat. i think for ossoff, you know, he is a test in the sense that for democrats trying to win the swing districts come 2018, they're going to try to find the moderate democrats or those who pretend to be moderates because it's the only way they could possibly compete and win in the swing districts. if they get a bernie sanders in swing districts that progressive message won't work in the suburban areas. trish: charlie, how late a night do you think it's going to be? trish: i don't think it's going to be that late, actually. i think we'll be surprised yet again that the media has completely missed the amount of support out there for trump and what i'll be looking for
10:50 pm
tonight is have the media, have pollsters learned anything. trish: probably not. charlie: i assure you not. trish: helped handel, assuming that holds true. good to see you, thank you so much. coming up next, everyone, georgia's republican congressional candidate karen handel thanking president trump for his support earlier today. >> i thank him for his support, i thank the voters of the 6th district for their support on election night april 18th, i said it was going to be all hands on deck, that's what it's been. trish: we have early results i want to share from the race. randy evans and betsy mccoy
10:51 pm
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so i know i can go to a truecar-certified dealer and it'll be right there waiting for me... today, right now. this is truecar. trish: in our online. we asked you should republicans cancel their july recess to get things done. 9% said yes. polls are closed in suburban atlanta. republican karen handel leads democrat jon ossoff 51.4% to 48 about%.
10:55 pm
but just 1% of the vote is in. joining me, the former chairman of the republican lawyer's association, randy evans. and senior fellow and columnist for the "new york post," betsy mccoy. you are making the point to me off camera that there aren'ting dynamics. explain to the viewer why you are worried that this could be closer. >> it's definitely a nail biter, and it's not a referendum on trump whether the republican wins or not. because this election district has changed enormously. and handel played up the fact that she is the hometown girl. but the voters don't care because a majority of voters didn't grow up in the district, they didn't even grow up in georgia.
10:56 pm
and a large percentage of them are asian and hispanic newcomers. she should have played to jobs and healthcare, instead of plailg up her -- playing up her hometown credentials. most of the voters simply don't care. trish: randy, you can see the headlines, if ossoff wins this thing the media will run with this. they want something on the horizon to think the traditional republicans will dessert donald trump. this is a special election. walk us through the differences between this election and why they should not be making that kind of leap. randy randy: so much money has n spent. this is a district i live in. i already cast my vote in this race. i think at the end of the day republican karen handel will pull it out. but it's not reflective of the
10:57 pm
state other other districts in play. but if the democrats can't win here, if they can't win after spending 40 plus million dollars of predominantly newcomers, they have to give up hope. >> what's important is next year's congressional elections will hinge entirely on whether the president and the republicans are able to get through their tax cuts and the repeal and replacement of obamacare. that's what the american people are waiting for. trish: randy, you are in the district, you are from there. it's challenging for her as betsy points out. she is emphasizing this hometown aspect of it. at a time when things have changed so much, maybe it hometown don't mean as much. she is 3 points ahead with 1% of the vote in, so we'll see how this plays out this evening.
10:58 pm
looking ahead to mid-terms, and look ahead to what needs to happen this summer in terms of repeal and replace, in terms of tax reform, is it reelistic to think this stuff is going to get done? don't forget, these republicans, they need it. randy: i think it will get done because president trump will force it to happen. anybody who thinks they know what's going to happen next year is delusional. none of us know. it's incumbent point leadership in the house and senate to get tax reform through and repeal and replace through and the infrastructure bill through. but i think you will start to see that happen. you are starting to see increasingly aggressive. nobody thought they would get this done close to july 4. now they are talking about having something for to us take a look at that may get 51 votes
10:59 pm
and get to it reconciliation where it can pass the house. betsy: mitch mcconnell is playing this smartly despite criticism from people on both sides of the aisle. he saw the democrats were going to hold up repeal and replace. so he's writing the bill behind closed doors. he made it clears there will be as many amendments and speeches as necessary before the vote is taken. but this bill will get passed. randy, we'll see how it goes down there, and betsy mccoy, thank you so much. that's it for us tonight. thank you for joining. of course, lou will be back tomorrow from his vacation. he will be here for special coverage of president trump's rally in see door rapids, iowa. i hope you tune in tomorrow and every day, monday through friday. i'm right here on the fox
11:00 pm
business network for the intelligence report daily. have a terrific evening. the fox business with more on this race, you want to hear all about it.. trish: good evening. i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs who is on vacation this evening. it's 7:00, and most polls are now closed in georgia's 6th congressional district where voters are deciding the most expensive campaign in history. campaign spending want to off $55 million. vacated by health and human services secretary tom price, for democrats, a win in georgia 6th would give the party first major victory of the trump era. for republicans a chance to build momentum going into the 2018 midterms.


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