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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 21, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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they were ignored by the consultants. they've been ignored by washington, but these americans were not ignored by me or by you, and we know who they are, and they rise now to the highest level. they rise to the highest level. [applause] >> i promise those families the deaths of their loved ones will not have been in vain, and that we will take strong and forceful action to fulfill our sacred duty to save and protect american lives. [applause] >> every single day, we're finding these gang members, these drug dealers, thieves, robbers, predators, criminals, killers, horrible killers, and we are throwing them the hell
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out of our country. [cheers and applause] >> and when they're gone, our now very strong borders, especially with the wall, will never allow them back in. [cheers and applause] >> so we're doing a lot of things, we're very proud of what we're doing. justice gorsuch was a big, big deal. [applause] >> big deal. somebody explained it to me beautifully. they said when you pick a supreme court judge, you want great intellect, you want all of the things but also want youth because they'll be there for 40 years. so if judge gorsuch who i've
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gotten to know who is a fantastic human being aside from being a brilliant, brilliant student and person and one of the great legal writers that exists in our countries, probably in the world today, every time you see a decision written over the next 30 or 40 years, and especially if it's a 5-4 decision, like perhaps on second amendment or so many other things, you have done something that you can't value. it's so important. think of it. for 30 to 40-year period, potentially, you've influenced this country, and i've always heard long that just about the most appropriate thing can you do, i say defense, but perhaps outside because we're going to have a strong military and strong defense and we need it now. [cheers and applause]
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>> but i've always heard that the most important thing a president can do is pick a great supreme court justice, so i've got one, probably have some more, but it is really important, and think of that over years and years those decisions that are so important, values, great values, so i'm very, very proud of that pick. he's already been there now for almost two months and people are saying wow, that is a tremendous person and a tremendous intellect. so we're all very proud of that pick. and you made it possible. [applause] >> so i began this campaign on june 16, couple of days ago two years, it's my birthday on june 14th, flag day of all things.
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[applause] >> and we came down the escalator, that famous escalator ride, melania, myself and the place went nuts, and hopefully because they like me but i think also they like the policies. i said the truth. i talked about immigration. i talked about what was happening on the borders. i talked about our military. i talked about the drug problems which are tremendous even in iowa, tremendous problems. beyond anything we've ever seen before. i talked about all of it, and you know what? we were never off center stage in the debates. we stayed -- you know what that means? we were number one all the way through, all the way through. we were number one all the way through because of people like you. never off center.
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17 people running. i kept looking up and down and said boy, that's a lot of people. [laughter] >> some of them very talented, but 17 people running. we were never off center stage in those debates and that's because of people like yourself because you agree with me, and we are making such incredible progress. we are making progress like nobody can believe. these people are being driven crazy. crazy. [applause] >> i mean, they have phony witch-hunts going against me. they have everything going. and you know what? all we do is win, win, win. we won last night. they can't believe it. they say what's going on? what is going on? we won last night, and even the
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worst of them said that was a big win for trump. i couldn't believe it, actually. thank you very much, folks, i appreciate that. [applause] >> but we have made a journey together like no other ever in the history of this country, and maybe beyond that. but you look in the history of this country, there's never been anything like this that's happened. we're straightening out through common sense and through a good heart we're straightening out our country. we're straightening out our country. [applause] >> no matter our beliefs, no matter our party, it's time for us to remember that we are all americans and that we are in this together, and it would be great if the republicans and
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the democrats could come together and get really, really great legislation passed. [applause] >> some of the geniuses were saying this morning, you know, from the time he announced on on june 16 two years ago, they've been hitting the hell out of him. hillary took almost all negative ads. the problem was when people went to vote, they didn't know what she stood for other than she was saying bad things about me, and i almost became like -- think of it, so from the time i
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announced, i've been hit, hit, hit. then from the time i got in, i said, oh, this is going to be great. finally we can all come together, they hit me harder, harder, harder, they've now learned i think that that doesn't work. 5-0, 5-0. it doesn't work. [applause] >> they need to be positive. they can't continue to be obstructionists. that's all they have going, so they should come together, i don't think they will, but i will tell you it would be a beautiful, beautiful thing if we could get together as two parties that love our country and come up with that great health care and come up with that great tax deal for our people and tax reform and infrastructure and so many other things. [applause] >> just think about what a
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unified american nation could achieve. nobody could come close to us. and by the way, if we're not totally unified, nobody is coming close to us, don't worry about it. gleaming new roads and bridges that would inspire awe and wonder all over the world. you know, we used to be the leader in airports. we'd have the most beautiful airports. now we're like a third-world country. laguardia. newark. lax. kennedy. they're like third world airports. take a look. take a look. we used to be the leader. now you go saudi arabia where i just came back, a monumental, epic trip because i said you cannot continue to fund terrorism. you cannot continue to fund
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terrorism. [applause] >> and the king of saudi arabia who is really become, he's a very special man. i mean that. he is taking it to heart, and now they're fighting with other countries that have been funding terrorism, and i think we had a huge impact. we will see. but i think we had a tremendous impact. we cannot let these incredibly rich nations fund radical islamic terror or terrorism of any kind. we cannot, cannot let it happen. [applause] >> was one of the great two days of my life, and i'm sure a lot of you watched it on television. 54 muslim nations coming together. some immensely powerful, wealthy nations, and everybody in that room was unified, and the ones that weren't, they're
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trying to get them to be unified and to do the right thing, i think it could have a tremendous impact, but not only that, i said for me to go, i'm only going, we had to negotiate. if you spend billions of dollars, billions, on having things manufactured in our country with our jobs and our workers for your country, and hundreds of billions of dollars was spent and given to american companies who are going to make american products and send those products over to the wealthy countries of the middle east, i mean hundreds of millions of dollars. [applause] >> and people haven't talked about that, but to me that was very important because we want those jobs. we want those jobs. so they're making airplanes, they're making all sorts of things. hundreds of billions of dollars and it's going back and i'm
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very proud of, that that's something people don't talk about because the real purpose of my being there was to make sure these countries do not fund terror any longer. [applause] >> so i just want to leave iowa -- i said that i'd come back. i love that you're not -- look, look at that. you don't want me to leave. i don't want to leave either. i don't want to leave either. i don't want to leave either, but i said i would come back, and i made lots of statements to your governor and current governor, kim is going to be a fantastic governor. she's here. she's going to be a fantastic governor, but i said they was going to come back.
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i said that i was going to protect your ethanol, for good reason, only for good reason, and it was very important to me. i said i was going to do things for the people of iowa and i want to let you know, i've done it for the people of iowa but really done it for the people of our country. our country is getting stronger. it's getting better. we're going to be setting records in so many different ways. we're going to straighten out all of the mess that's happened over the last long period of time where we went into other nations to tell them how to run their country, and we had no idea, but i just want to thank all of the people that are here tonight. i want to thank the people of iowa, you are incredible people. i want to thank you for your incredible support. [cheers and applause]
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>> and i just want to let you than god blesses you, and i want to just say you are special in every way. god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. [cheers] . lou: president donald trump, a little over an hour, his talk there in cedar rapids, at the rally, and rally it was. my gosh. it is so amazing to watch him connect with the people of iowa wherever he is, in the country, and it's a connection that got him to where he is today, and i think that connection is only getting stronger.
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let's go fox business correspondent jeff flock, he's in the u.s. cellular arena in cedar rapids. good evening, jeff. >> reporter: quite a night, lou, i bet you wish you were here. lou: i've got a pretty good seat, but you know. >> reporter: about 6,000 people in total, i think. absolutely. i'll tell you, i don't know if the president needed any encouragement, but if he did, he certainly got it here tonight. you know, the people, obviously not everybody is on his team, but those whoor his team have not waivered one bit. the people that we talked to coming into the hall tonight, the people that are here, they're charged up about donald trump and maybe more so than they were during the campaign. lou: give us a sense of the occupancy. 9,000 people there at u.s. cellular arena. he was talking about some in
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the far corners. give us your judgment about the capacity. the overflow, if you will? >> reporter: yeah, the arena takes 9,000 people, depending on what's happening here, but the fire marshalls apparently cut it off at 6,000. so there are some empty seats out there, but we're told it's as a result of the fact that they don't want more people than they think they can handle in here. and i will say, i've seen bigger crowds at rallies like this, we've been to a number of them now, but this is certainly as raucous as any i have seen, and i tell you lou, it's not just people from iowa coming. there are people we talked to today that have been coming every time there is a trump rally. they will come across the country. talked to people from minnesota, to people from california that have come. they feel it's very important to show america, and you heard him say if they show the crowd.
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we do show the crowd actually, but very important that he knows and that the rest of america knows just how much support he has out here. lou: that support, obviously, strong and say raucous, which is the nature of the trump base for just about two years now. jeff flock, thanks so much. we appreciate it, and joining us now is olympic media managing editor, editor of the daily caller, katie freightas and fox news contributor rachel campos duffy and washington times opinion editor charlie hurt. katie, start with you. if there were any sign of any sort of, well, i wouldn't have to say disappointment, in the base, it wasn't apparent in cellular arena, was it? >> not at all, you heard the people shouting out, i love
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you, we believe in you. everyone was honestly very excited. i think if trump wanted to remind his base he's listening to them and hears them and he's fulfilling his campaign promises here, did a very good job of that tonight. lou: what do you think, rachel? if anybody doubted he was not the force animating the republican party now, they weren't paying attention to the four special elections and his 5-0 which includes his own election, of course. >> first of all, it was so important for him to leave the swamp and go out into the midwest, into iowa, and see just how much everyday middle americans love him. this was a very pro-america speech. a very pro-freedom speech. this was a speech about america. democrats want to talk about russia and donald trump spent over an hour talking about america, and i'm sorry, democrats, this is why you lost
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the last election. this is why you've lost the last five, you know, the five special elections. he is connecting, he said i will not forget you. he said here i'm going to rebuild america. home builders can build, farmers can plow, union workers can lay pipelines. lou: and we can build a wall, he said. >> yeah, and he said we can do it, by the way, how funny is he, lou? this was filled with funny -- lou: charlie hurt was just talking about that, the connection he has, his sense of humor. charlie, your thoughts on his oo he was obviously taking as much from this event as the audience was from him. lou: absolutely, and joyous to watch. >> it's amazing just how much the president, he drives from the power of being at an event like this and from the cheers from the people. he thrives on it. he loss of these people. and it shows, and i would say,
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rachel is exactly right, and with the real juxtaposition showed itself a couple of weeks ago when you had everybody in congress talking about russia and he wasn't to ohio to talk about health care. if this is how he's going to run his re-election campaign here, will win re-election. lou: well, the re-election campaign is well under way, it's safe to say. >> clearly. lou: and katie, the republican party itself, rachel is talking about the dems, the republicans, i'm talking about paul ryan, the speaker and mitch mcconnell. if they don't understand that their leader is in front of them and in front of the people of iowa tonight and damn well better pay attention, they're going to be hopelessly lost in the swamp for some time. what do you think? >> well, absolutely. it's also i think in part this rally is a message to mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, you're
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correct saying hey, i'm rallying the people, they want these things to be accomplished, i'm telling them they'll be accomplished. darn well better do your jobs. see what happens in the senate, see what happens with obamacare tomorrow, it absolutely is him giving a side eye and saying go to work. lou: rachel? >> really quick. one of the most important things he did. he didn't just talk about the fake news, he talked about the incomplete news. we heard all of the things he's doing. 37 pieces of legislation. all the regulation he's pulling back. these are things that affect everyday people's lives, this is the stuff people want to hear. lou: charlie hurt, the last word tonight. >> first midterms for president are very difficult, it will be much, much worse with republicans if they don't enact the trump agenda. that's how they can limit losses in the first and i think perhaps pick up seats certainly in the senate and do -- limit damage in the house in 2018. lou: charlie, thank you very
9:22 pm
much, appreciate it, katie, thank you, rachel, thank you. good to have you all with us tonight. that's it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. tomorrow night, colonel tony shaffer, circa news john solomon among our guests. please join us. "kennedy" coming up next, good night from new york.. kennedy: thank you so much, lou, and welcome to a very special live edition of "kennedy". continuing coverage of president trump's rally that you've seen in cedar rapids, iowa. a wide range of topics including border, democrat, the media, it was in there, he kicked it off with jobs. >> after years of sending our jobs and our wealth to other countries, we are finally standing up for our country, and you see it happening, you see it happening.
9:23 pm
you see what's going on. jobs are just about the best they've ever been. wove created almost $4 trillion in wealth. if you look at your stock values, you look at what's going on with our country. we've created tremendous wealth. unemployment is at a 16 year low, and manufacturing is doing phenomenally, and we have companies moving back. they're coming back. back. back. kennedy: that was something that lit up the crowd, and our own jeff flock at the rally. jeff, what were some of the highlights? obviously, very different being in the room. a different kind of electricity. what lit up the crowd? >> reporter: it does, he spanned the globe. he had them the whole way. it was a long speech. and he was on prompter, but you'd never know it, when you watch him speak, it doesn't feel like there's a prompter there, although there was
9:24 pm
tonight. he touched all the bases, and this crowd, you know, he loss of he's venues because he gets to talk about what he feels the mainstream media doesn't talk about which is the accomplishment. the numbers of the pieces of legislation that have got passed. the other accomplishments of the administration, in terms of rolling back regulation and the rest. he also for the first time publicly tonight made reference to the idea of putting solar panels on the wall between the u.s. and mexico. it was reporting on that that he talked about that in private to members of congress. the first time he said it publicly. all of the accomplishments, regulation being just one, take a listen. >> we've also done a record number of resolutions to eliminate the job-killing regulations on our workers, our companies and our farmers. they're gone. they're gone.
9:25 pm
[ applause ] >> reporter: and speaking of gone, there were protesters tonight. a couple of different groups. some brought whistles and blew whistles, they were gone quickly. outside, two significant sized protests, some talking about health care and concern about the senate bill. other folks just kind of anti-trump, but that's sort of to be expected. crowd of about 6,000 we're told by the fire marshalls here. apparently can you get more people in the building but they felt they needed to cut it off at 6,000. i don't think there were a lot of people that were kept out, though. i've seen bigger crowds at rallies like this. i tell you the people that were here were certainly vociferous in their support of the president, and anything that's happened between now and his election has given some people discouragement, not the folks who were here tonight. they're pretty happy about the job that donald trump has done thus far in washington.
9:26 pm
kennedy: very good, jeff, it is all right now. thank you very much for your reporting. well done. he's been called the political pavarotti, the president was quick to call out the left over health care. watch this. >> president obama, his bhoel administration, pushing, pushing for obamacare, which has now failed. in fact, i was just told by your great governor and ex-governor that your insurance companies have all fled the state of iowa. pretty sad, isn't it? i tell you what, they're going from every state. they're leaving all of the states, obamacare is a disaster. it's over, and there's nothing to compare what we're doing. i think, i hope, i hope the republican senate -- if we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the history of the world, we would not get
9:27 pm
one democrat vote because they're obstructionists, they're obstructionists. kennedy: proud obstructionists with their own hashtag, resistance. with analysis and potential fallout from the president's speech, fox news analyst chris stirewalt. >> good to be with you, madam. kennedy: the health care statement, he's absolutely right. they could hand democrats a plan, a legislative plan for single payer insurance and they would vote against it. >> well, probably not that extreme, but i definitely take your point that they are absolutely more interested in seeing his initiative fail than they are in improving his initiative, by and large, also remember that there are a few democrats, namely claire mccaskill from missouri, heidi heitkamp from north dakota. who expressed willingness,
9:28 pm
candidates who are up for re-election next year. kennedy: and states where donald trump happened to do quite well. >> that's right, they among others said yeah, if you come with a plan to make changes as long as it's not too radical, we would be happy to fix it. the republicans aren't going to offer anything really to the democrats, and the democrats aren't really interested in having a negotiation with republicans about legislation that they hate, and so what they will do is a kabuki dance where they pretend to be interested in compromise, maybe, maybe, and at end they'll say the other side is so bad it excuses our misconduct and never mind. kennedy: happens on bad tinder dates [laughter] . kennedy: thank you very much. talk about the tone of the speech, obviously, it was much more of a rally. and stock issues raised not only on the campaign trail but since the president was inaugurated that resonate with crowds that view him favorably.
9:29 pm
do you think it would have been a different tone if the georgia election were reversed and ossoff had won? >> i have not seen the president this happy for a long time. it seemed this is a little vacation to go out with an audience that loves him. there is good news for him in the press we know he is a voracious consumer of. nobody was talking about the investigation into his campaign or stalled agenda, everybody talking about a win for him and his party. this was like the trump campaign remix. this is like the greatest hits album and what i wonder, is and i think i know the answer, but what i wonder is why they don't do this with him more? it tires him out, yes, and keeps him busy, that may be a good thing for a person who has an itchy twitter finger. you put the president on the road, he gets positive feedback from the crowds, he feels better and less gloomy and less angry when he comes back, give
9:30 pm
him the affirmation that gives him peace of mind. kennedy: a dour mood, whether it's on a foreign policy trip or in the great heartland of the united states, he tends to do much better. chris stirewalt, thank you very much. >> you know it. kennedy: yeah, do i. is there any chance republicans and democrats are going come together? the party panel weighs in next. stay with me. after a dvt blood clot... i sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking.
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. kennedy: we are back, welcome to it, here's more on president trump's rally in cedar rapids, iowa. let me bring in my battle hardened party panel, a contributor at the hill, kristen and matt welsh and right term strategies president and lgbt for trump founder chris barron. welcome back, everyone. chris, what did you take away from the speech. a long list of things he talked about including karen handel, wrestlers, hillary, the solar wall, beautiful auto, bipartisanship and the gleaming shoutout for fox. >> less white house press briefings, more donald trump out in the rallies connecting directly with american vogt voters. this was the trump we saw throughout the campaign, the
9:35 pm
excited connected donald trump. i think this is great for him, and i think it would be a real mistake not to have trump out more often talking directly about the policies. he's the best spokesperson for trump's agenda. it's him himself. kennedy: unmediated connection is fantastic for him politically, but i don't think the things are mutually exclusive, it's for objective press to challenge the administration in briefings, matt welch. >> more scrutiny than they otherwise do. he gets energized by all of this, and it's entertaining, we have to admit, this those of us who are not a huge fan of the president. he is against the wall, the legislative agenda. 37 pieces of legislation is not an impressive number, and we have three republican senators have come out and said i don't know if a week is enough time to pass the health care bill.
9:36 pm
if he doesn't pass health care or tax reform, his presidency isn't doing much and we're in month five of it. you can have as many rallies as you want, if you don't help to get anything done legislatively, he's going to be in trouble. kennedy: that's a good point, kristen. is there something the rallies can do for him in washington? something about the perception of this that gets lawmakers fired up because they realize he's in a good spot, therefore it puts political pressure on them to come through on health care, tax reform and infrastructure. >> can boost the morale for the gop to see all of these people so fired backup trump. and this is why trump won the election. he went to places like iowa. he got to know the middle of the country whereas the democrats focused on the coast and had the attitude that the middle of the country wasn't worth getting to know, the special elections proved or early indication that trump's base is mobilized whereas the
9:37 pm
democrats' base, they're having trouble turning people out. if the democrats are going to focus on obstruction being and the party of no, and not letting the gop get legislation through the house, then i don't know if the democrats will be able to mobilize their own base. kennedy: he did qualify when he talked about, he lumped infrastructure, health care and tax reform together, and it's obvious that that legislative agenda is critically important to him, and he realizes the importance of that. he qualified all of those with hopefully, pass tax reform, hopefully pass health care. is he using this as a tool to bolster himself politically and make the final sell? >> absolutely, the only way republicans on the hill do what trump wants them to do is if he has leverage. the only way he gets leverage is to get the base fired up. look, all of the members are afraid of losing their jobs and afraid of trump coming in and doing a rally in their district. they don't want to be enemy
9:38 pm
number one for a fired-up trump base. kennedy: that goes for the democrats that chris stirewalt was talking about this. >> claire mccaskill didn't want this, joe manchin doesn't want this. i think it can help him move his legislative agenda forward. >> it did with the first round of the health care bill. freedom caucus shot it down and donald trump started calling them out by name and said we have to remove those guys. the freedom caucus switched. they wrote the bill and passed it, half a dozen of those guys don't like it at all. if he can get momentum against senators, that's a big f and preliminary indication. kennedy: we're going to talk about health care later on and the party panel, of course, is going to return later because there's much to discuss tonight. when we come back, a violent stabbing at a michigan-area airport is being investigated as an act of terrorism. was this a lone-wolf attack or
9:39 pm
part of a wider plot? bryan suits always has fantastic intuitions and reactions, he's with me when i come back. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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. kennedy: yes, we're live. so glad you're here. the fbi investigating this morning's stack of a police officer at bishop airport in flint, michigan as a possible act of terrorism. watch. >> when the subject went up to
9:43 pm
the officer and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim allah and made a statement something to the effect of you have killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan and we are all going to die. thus our determining obviously we're going to investigate it as a terrorist act. kennedy: all right, the officer injured jeff neville is listed in stabile condition, and the attacker is in custody. fbi has revealed he's canadian and they consider this an isolated incident. but is it too soon to make the determination. bryan suits joins me now, radio host and iraq combat veteran. suitsy, welcome back. >> the motive is a mystery. kennedy: i don't know if the motive is a mystery, but the means. are we still talking about these attacks in terms of lone wolves? is there such a thing or was this a rehearsal for a larger
9:44 pm
plot in aidually. this guy with a wife and two kids, they raided his apartment a few hours ago, he was just arraigned in flint. he's a family guy. what's happening in the big picture, isis is at the bottom of the ninth with two outs, down 40 runs and the pitcher is up to bat because they're national league, they're losing, and today, they blew up the mosque where abu bakr albaghdadi declared the caliphate two years ago. today was the penultimate day before the end of isis, they're reaching out online desperately for people like this guy to do something, do anything. in this case, for all law enforcement in america or
9:45 pm
canada, they want to stab you and disarm and you take the weapon, and you would think he might go after defenseless civilians but no, he wants the officer's weapon. he asked the officer why didn't you kill me? the guy was -- kennedy: he wanted to be martyred. >> if you're in law enforcement around america, keep an eye on this and have the mind-set to do what lieutenant neville did in flint, continue fighting. this guy brought a knife to a gunfight. fight him. heads-up, isis has suggested to lone wolfs to tail people leaving public shooting ranges and carjack them and take their weapons. so for civilians, this should concern you. this is where isis is in 2017. they're an aftereffect in syria. playing the second game a doubleheader there. here in america, a canadian flying in with a knife. these are the last desperate days of isis. kennedy: i think you will see
9:46 pm
calls for knife control and perhaps a double border wall. bryan suits, thank you so much. right back at you, buddy. both fingers, pointed at you. coming up, president trump said the georgia special election was a big win for the republican party. some democrats are putting the blame on nancy pelosi. is it time for the minority leader to hang up her boots? i will ask richard fowler. he joins me next. think again.
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. kennedy: hey, glad you're here. can the resistance resist the urge it fire nancy pelosi. last night's stinging defeats in south carolina and georgia have democrats calling for pelosi to retire. texas congressman did not mince words in the aftermath of the losses saying, quote -- joining me now to offer insight is democratic strategist richard fowler and fox news contributor. welcome back. >> hey, kennedy, how are you. kennedy: we're live. i always thought nancy pelosi is a big fraud and
9:51 pm
troublemaker, now there are people on the left saying she should hang up her jimmy choos, what do you think? >> take a broader look at the georgia 6th before you make that determination. here's what we know. the georgia 6th has been in republican hands since 1979, and that had no chance of changing. i think where we had fake news is democrats believed they could win this seat and spent all this money trying to win a seat we have no chance of winning. kennedy: almost like hillary, you had a lot of money coming in and a great ground game and democrats said that is unbeatable, that is unbeatable combination and jon ossoff was within two points of winning the seat outright. >> that was the only time when we had a chance was during this sort of primary in the jungle primary. when you got to the general, we never had a shot to win to begin with, republicans outnumbered democrats almost two to one. kennedy: come on now. that is crying over spilled
9:52 pm
milk. answer, this i want to know why put so much money into this race and claim that this race is the bellwether and this is where democrats plant their flag if you knew he was going to lose, why raise expectations? >> i think that was idiotic, that's what i'm saying, kennedy. democrats should have known better by looking at the data. what democrats need more than ever is a clear, concise message what they plan on doing for the american people. kennedy: that's what they've always needed and everyone said after november. that's what everyone said in 2014. >> they haven't gotten that yet. kennedy: history keeps repeating itself for your party. >> i hear you and i think there is something else that i think is more important than democrats is what the voters in the georgia 6th and the south carolina's 5th and the kansas 4th and the montana 1st told us. they told us that what they want from washington is washington to work together. they want trump to reach across
9:53 pm
the aisle. they want democrats to work with trump but the president here is the one who has to take the lead and say i'm going to work with democrats. kennedy: horseshoes and hand grenades, the excuses don't cut it and don't win seats. you have to come up with something better. >> come on. if donald trump works he needs to work with democrats. i love you. >> love you, too, richard. coming up, obamacare going from bad to worse in three states, premiums skyrocket. suitorman computerman joins me next. stay here. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country.
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. kennedy: this is me shake my head. more bad news for obamacare. insurance giant anthem reportedly pulling out of the affordable care act exchanges. in wisconsin and in indiana. senate republicans are scrambling to introduce their own health care bill tomorrow morning. joining me is reason magazine editor peter suitorman. in 2018, anthem is out in indiana and wisconsin leaving many insureds there high and dry. >> that's correct, and anthem dropped out of ohio recently. leaving about 20 counties there with potentially no insurer at all. and what we're seeing is obamacare is melting down, not sustainable. insurers are dropping out. seen humana and aetna exit the
9:58 pm
exchanges. even if it's in a few places in the country. obamacare isn't working for everyone in the state it is in right now. in fact, the senate bill that we're expected to see tomorrow, reports already say that it is going to funnel money to insurers basically to buy them off to keep them in the exchanges the next couple of years. that's where we're at with health care policies is republicans are funneling money or proposing to funnel money to insurers, money they said was illegal when obama did it himself under obamacare. kennedy: of course, it's more corporate welfare, it's more cronyism and add to that, you're going to have a lot of tension over the medicaid contraction which according to the "washington post" is one of the hallmarks of the senate legislation, speak about that, my man. >> obamacare expanded medicaid and not every state chose to go through with it but more than half of them did. so senators, republican
9:59 pm
senators from medicaid expansion states are trying to protect the medicaid expansion, and that is part of what is at stake with the republican health care bill. right now we haven't seen the senate bill but reports say starting in 2025, it will limit the growth of medicaid in a way that is more strict than what the house bill does. this is something we're going to hear a lot about, not something all republican legislators are happy with. kennedy: only a few seconds, peter, are you hearing the house version is closer to the senate version than we thought? >> it is similar to the house version, i think what you're also seeing is that it is quite similar to obamacare. it changes the house version in a way that makes it more like obamacare, albeit less of it. kennedy: that's not good news for anyone, peter suderman, we will be coming to you in the coming days and weeks.
10:00 pm
thank you so much for watching the show. follow me on twitter and instagram -- tomorrow night on the show, back at 8:00 p.m. with captain mangu ward, the judge and congressman thomas massie. have a great night. now you've got two hours of lou dobbs and donald trump, next. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump and republicans tonight are celebrating two more big wins in special congressional elections, georgia's 6th and south carolina's 5th. republicans left the dems and the left-wing national media just seething and sucking air in their anger and disappointment after the left insisted on making those races a referendum on the presidency of donald j. trump, and as it turns out, trump voters were more than thrilled with the outcome. we saw that last night after republican karen handel


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