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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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"saving private ryan," this guy knows how to direct, and he knows how to hit on all cords, no matter income level. i think that a great move. melissa: very good, i love star wars, this is it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i think healthcare is going to happen and infrastructure is going to happen. you will have a lot of exciting things over next few months, i look forward to being able to produce it. if we had just a little bit of democratic support, just a little bit, but they just want to obstruct. >> dow spiking on release of g.o.p. healthy plan, nasdaq posting back-to-back gains, a big day for healthcare, senate republicans getting a look at draft for their party bill to
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repeal and replace obamacare: but just moments after, democrats were already fear mongering, saying this is a wolf and sheep's clothing, i am chery. cheryl. >> it only 150 pages compare to obama's 2300 page version released in 2010, that version required a $200 million public relations campaign to gets it point across. health care stocks today surging after the release of the republican plan, that sector jumping average of about 1%. there are the names to watch. hospital stocks as well. all of those. closing higher. these companies have taken big hits under obamacare.
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and the drugmakers. all closing up, novartis in particular jumping more than 4% on news out of washington. new bill on the heels of more insurers that are pulling out of obamacare, no choice, they say, anthem, stuck with obamacare more than most is pulling out of two more states, indiana and wisconsin, they are citing unstable health insurance markets, our own adam shapiro is joining us now with the latest. a busy day in washington. reporter: incredibly busy. let's get to the health plan from senate. there are already four republican senators who have gone on record, they are not saying they are voting against, but they are holding out to get something better. ted cruz, rand paul.
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john they want a different version of this bill. and here is what rand paul had to say as well as ted cruz. >> intention is not to take down the bill, to make the bill better. i believe the leverage and count of 4 people is enough that hopefully those are read the bill will say, we want some or all of their votes, therefore we will try to make will bill look like a repeal bill, less like a reitration of obamacare bill. >> i want to get the yes. and the way to get to yes is fix the underlying problems, lower premiums and i will happily be a part of it. reporter: a recap of senate version, it would eliminate obamacare mandate, individual and employer coverage. it would cap medicaid payments then would begin to lower
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medicaid expansion. bringing us back to medicaid spending levels in place prior to obamacare. it would preserve coverage for preexisting conditions and allowing parents to keep someone up to age of 26 on the healthcare. totally opposite end. financial news, quickly, recapping in the last half hour federal reserve releasing part one of the stress test result, here is the senseario they were putting 34 financial institutions in holding companies under. they were assuming a severe global resolutio recession over 9 quarters, unemployment rising to 10%, total result, ag gat loss of billion in loan losses. and ratio 12.5% to 9.2%, since
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2009 -- the firms have added to there capital. what does fed think about this, he said, this year's results show that even during a severe recession our large banks would allow them to remain capitalized, allowing them to lend throughout the economic cycle and support house oils and business when times are tough. next week. we get what a lot of people look for, investors, the comprehensive review of their economic plan. and whether the fed objects or does not object. this is important, because if the fed objects no dividend for. >> what going to be great, 1 we get through health care debate is to talk about regulatory reform for the banks to really get the banks back in good shape, for
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investors, those of us who own the stock. >> yep. >> adam thank you, a lot to cover. appreciate it. >> well, back to healthcare, with democrats already fear mongering, senate minority leader chuck schumer, saying that g.o.p. healthcare bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> someone in america there is a parent whose child as cancer, mother and father who stay up late at night, worried their insurance will not b be be available for run out when the family need its most. the america that my republican friends envision with he healthcare bill, those americans, and many more beside, might not get coverage and care they need. >> senator bernie sanders blasting the bill after it was released.
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saying in his statement, it was obviously ready to go. >> this is worse than expected and by far most harmful piece of legislation i have seen in my lifetime. then warren, saying people will die. all of as president trump is saying last night that democrats they need to stop. >> they just want to stopping they just want to obstruct. a few votes, seriously, a view votes from the democrats it could be so easy, so beautiful. >> joining me now, ba alabama senator, what a day today. >> what a day. your initial thoughts. >> i am pleased with the proposal, we're off to a good start, we're witnesses a meltdown of the system, this is shameful to hear the comments from democrats on this issue, they started this
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>> this happened in kansas. last night, south carolina. with ralph who was expected to win, he won. we're five and zero. >> he had a lot to says, do you agree? >> i do agree with him, it is a perfect illustration between the disconnect with democratic party and libya media who are totally disconnected with the american people.
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>> tax reform, there are things waiting to be done, people want it done. >> before i let you go, a few seconds with you. if for some reason. senator mcconnell doesn't have the vote, do you think he would still take the bill to the floor next week? >> well, that is a good question. i don't want to get ahead of leadership, it is important to have a vote pending, it focusing people's attention. i think we'll work hard to get there. >> senator thank you very much we appreciate your perspective tonight. thank you. >> we're all watching. >> me too thank you. >> all right. moving on to other thing we're watching at fox business, shares of bed, ba bath and beyond tanking. failed to meet expectations. they had higher shipping expenses, coupon expenses and advertising costs, amazon.
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-- their first high profile push. the reports are world's largest on-line retailer, and cloud computing company looking to charge advertisers $2.8 million each there are stops during thursday nfl game. they will stream live to prime customers. they paid $50 million to the nfl for rights to stream this. amazon stock, closing slightly lower. all right, well after the g.o.p. special elected sweep, and over 1,000 lost seats under president obama, democrats are trying to give nancy pelosi the boot. former reagan campaign manager ed rollins with his take, we'll be right back. >> affordable. there is a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable, affordable.
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>> when republicans vote for this bill today, they will vote to say that women will be dying on the floor. >> they don't believe in science. >> everyone will have lower rates, better quality care, and better access. >> i call them legislative arsonists. >> affordable, affordable, there is a reason, avoide affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. cheryl: those were some of nancy pelosi's greatest hits over last few years, after republican sweep of special elections many democrats are now calling for her head. >> i believe that she is not the leader for the future of the democratic party, it's that simple. >> you see these commercial
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that tie these candidates to leader pelosi, you have to beat the republican and carry a toxic democratic brand, on your back too. our leadership needs to explain what happened and why these resources, have gone to waste. and develop a serious plan for the future. it is clear that i think across the board in democratic party, we need new leadership. >> leadership. >> ed rollins joining me now. >> thank you. cheryl: what do you think is he going to get the boot. >> nope. i have known nancy pelosi for a long time we go way back, she is inbred in politics, she protoge of great political guru burton from san francisco, she is tough and smart. she can raise a ton of money, and my sense is that a lot of democrats know, that a lot of republicans would love to keep her there, she is a good
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target for us, but she is tough, smart, when it quits it will be her own desire. cheryl: she is out defending herself. >> you want he to sin me to sing my praises, i am a master legislature, i am a strategic politically astute leader, usually they go after the most effective leaders, these districts are very hard districts to win. i think i'm worth the trouble. cheryl: is he worth the trouble. >> i would like to keep her there as a republican, democrats have to make their own judgment. what i -- would not be obamacare would not have gotten through without her skill. there is is no sitting there. problem is. number two guy is old as she is, howier, and i'm having a
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senior moment. cheryl: i have them every day. >> i think however, if she does not get a majority, which i think is unlikely, she will step aside maybe be a an a-- not everyone is turning on her. cnn contributor said that he belongings on mount rushmore. >> put -- bear, if there was a mount rus rushmore for speakers nancy pelosi would be on there. i want to put the republicans on trial. >> put the republicans on trial, that will be nice and expensive. >> only thing i would do, you want a mount rushmore, i will put newt gingrich next to her, that will haunt her for the rest of her life.
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cheryl: you know, what is interesting in hollywood, most liberal place on earth, a lot of people disagree with her, michael moore, and singer cher have gone after her and the democrats, moore said get a frickin' clue, democrats don't know how to win they have no plans no leaders. and cher said there is no medal for second place in congress. is it time for change? these are very liberal people. >> michael moore speaks for the domecrattic party, and whiccher the happier i am, she comes from a district you will never beat her. she has a strong political fundraising base, her time may have come. she is a factor in races that we make her a factor in, but at the same time. it is democrats choice. cheryl: i don't know, if you
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lose cher do you lose america? >> cher was married to a former congressman sony bono. i don't know how partisan she is. i think it depends on her husbands. cheryl: good to see you, i'll see you soon. >> thank you. cheryl: well, step aside jeter, a new mystery bidder is trying to buy the marlins. mystery bidder, a local south florida billionaire. and a team could pay as much -- team of investors as much as a billion for the baseball team, said that jeter could join forces as part of a plan to run said baseball team. charlie gasparino has been all over this story. we'll keep you posted, i know he is making phone calls. all right coming up, msnbc is speechless after president trump said he would not want a poor person running the world's largest economy.
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my next guest said that donald trump is right. >> someone said, why did you appoint the rich person? to be in charge of the economy? i said, no, it is true. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ here comes the fun with sea-doo ♪ starting at just $5,299 and up to $500 rebate visit today
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>> someone says why did you apoint a rich person to be in charge of the economy. i said -- it's true, wilbur is a very rich 57 person. i said that is the kind of thinking we', really they are representing country be they don't want the money, they are representing the country. and they had to give up a lot to take these jobs, these are people that are great brilliant business minds and that is what we need, that is what we have to have, so the world doesn't take advantage
5:27 pm
of us, we can't have the world taking advantage of us any more. i love all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions, i just don't want a poor person, does that make sense? if you insist i'll do it. but like it bet either way, right? >> okay president trump last night saying he doesn't want a poor person running the economy. liberals were all over that comment this morning, on msnbc. >> 2017, blessed are the poor. >> any other person in politics who would say that, they would have their career crushed. donald trump is like, skate by . you are speechless. >> i am. >> there is something a little bit twisted about that. cheryl: okay, so i want to
5:28 pm
bring in former bush front campaign adviser, mark serrano, to point out wilbur ross, son of a teacher, self-made, come on, yet, a poor person. i i don't know understand why they are so angry about what he said. >> the pearl clutching that was going on this morning, they almost fainted because the president -- they don't understand the president, they don't want the people who elected the president. and they never will. they are so stuck in their bubble of media elite implemenism, they can't break out. the president talks tough, state to the american people, they love that, he assembled possibly cabinet of most successful people in american history, because he doesn't want poor people in america any more, he wants to rise them up with tax breaks, who can do that?
5:29 pm
people who risked their own capital in entrepreneurialism or who have carried a payroll, you know, whereas media elites they don't do, that they don't understand it. cheryl: i lot of people in trump administration, you have a lot of them that were self made, that fought their way to the top, i kind of want that brain to be working for me when if comes to k07 commerce. then you have bernie sanders, he made a million dollars in 2016, while he was slamming rich people, this is the double standard. >> well, democrats socialism is paying off for bernie sanders right now, he is talking out of both sides of his mouth, and media -- look, they are not going to change, this is who they are. and that is what continues to embolden the president, and supporters, because they want winners, they want cabinet members, they will turn this economy, the best people to do that are those who have a
5:30 pm
winning track record. and so, the president -- wilbur ross got 72 votes in confirmation vote had u.s. senate, many democrats supported him. why? because he is a success. cheryl: my favorite bernie sanders moment, let's given free college, that makes economic sense, i about fell off my chair. , so president, getting criticized for trying to stop immigrants from receiving welfare. >> i believe the time has come for new immigration rules, those seeking admission into our country must be able to support them systems financially, and should not use welfare for a period of at least 5 years. and we'll put in legislation to this affect shortly. cheryl: and so democrats are criticizing him, but that law has been in effect since bill
5:31 pm
clinton was in office, 1996. >> right, it has been the law, it passes the common sense test, do we people comes to america for purpose of going on welfare, when '96 law was designed to get people off welfare, give them dignity and help them make a living not rely on public existance. why do we want to invite people into america to go on public assistances? this meets common sense test, most people support it. president is going to enforce what has been in law since 1996. cheryl: you want them to come here and succeed, and become you know part of the society, and pay taxes and build their lives. economic lives, a report from office of refugee reet -- resettlement found that minors in our care are now in gangs, have you rise of dangerous
5:32 pm
gangs, ms-13 by the way. should we be talking about immigration reform? than welfare for them? >> absolutely, 2013, thousands of children came across our border, they were disbursed throughout the country, so it is local taxpayers to care that burden, that is why we need the wall, and sensible policies to deal with these, a new study said 1.3 million illegal immigrants use stolen social security numbers, immigration system is a mess for these reasons, past is localities and federal governments are getting starved out because people on public assistant, we have deal with these policies, president will. cheryl: he said he will, mark serrano thank you. >> thank you, cheryl. cheryl: well, russian conspiracy theory push continues over at msnbc. >> they told him, he said, they had to take fl funds for
5:33 pm
deals they were doing with trump that investment firm was quote, closer to putin. putin:
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>> why they had to take some foreign financing for trump projects and turn some other foreign financing down. exempty said that a come petithory of the group contacted him to invest when he took the offer --
5:37 pm
cheryl: okay that was msnbc's rachel, pushing theories of some connection between president trump and russia during the campaign. this after former national intelligence director james clapper has repeatedly said there is no collusion. >> i saw no direct evidence of political collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. i had not seen any smoking gun. we did not include any evidence in our report, i say our, that is nsa, fbi and cia with my office, director of national intelligence that had anything that -- any reflection of collusion
5:38 pm
between members of the trump campaign and the russians. cheryl: and let's not forget, james comey said, there was no obstruction. >> director comey, did the president at any time, ask you to stop the fbi investigation in to russian involve am in 2016 u.s. elects. >> not to my understanding no. >> did any individual working for this administration, including justice department, ask you to stop the russian investigation? >> no. cheryl: okay then as recently as yesterday, obama department of homeland security chief jay johnson said -- jeh johnson said there was no russian influence. >> in 2016, the russian government, at direction of vladimir putin, oh orchestrated cyccyberattacks, i know of no evidence that
5:39 pm
votes were altered or suppressed in some way. way. >> president trump of mbusinesmsnbc, comcast in the red. basil, rachel, i mean, she just can't let it go. what was she talking about? >> well, to -- there are a couple of really important points. i understand where nobody has drawn the line between russia and collusion and trump administration and campaign. but we still have not gotten yogotinfluence off the table. if we could not connection
5:40 pm
influence in how it impacts voters it will continue to fall on deaf ears. i still think that there is a case that can be made for influence. cheryl: influence but not collusion. >> smoking gun. >> i think, saying i think that at-this-point, he has enough enemies, on both sides of aisle, if it was there, i think we would have heard about it. >> could it still be. cheryl: we have to move on. >> it could be. cheryl: she is not letting it go go. >> gina, last night, kellyanne conway said that democrats have a russia concussion. >> during the campaign, i said there was a disconnect between what americans are telling us it important to them, and whaty this are being told is important to them, the democrats media, have a russian concussion, they have
5:41 pm
a loss of memory to be able to evidence that bigfoot exists, maybe that will be topic of rachel's next ratings grab. but it is not resonating with the american people, i disagree with what bass il basil hijabass ill said that dem -- basil said that democrats need to make a connection. >> first of all. >> first of all. >> first of all, those -- those races were built in long before democrats were talking about russia. the results were built in
5:42 pm
months ago. >> why did you ste spend so much money. >> truth -- i don't agree with that. i think that money would have been better spent into the party ap app rat apparatus rather than individual races. >> a great judged. cheryl: gina and basil thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: all right, well, even after gop congressmen were shot at baseball practice, a so-called ain' antifascist web site is promoting physical violent. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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5:46 pm
a group in his peaceful pro company free speech rally he held on march 4. joining me now, david. you know, i am glad to have you mere, after that shooting at baseball field, resistance, is using any and all means, to overturn the results of the election, how dangerous is this? >> it is breaking it apartment between their calls for peace and prosperpyity and everyone getting along, you have people on internet and street attacks people, we have a pro company supporter, antonio foreman, he was attacked after attending a pro trump rally in southern california, was stabbed 9 times is in critical condition in the hospital right now. this is becoming hard fact, that being conservative republicans and moderates have to deal with this day-to-day. cheryl: i had a guest on,
5:47 pm
saying that liberal media has not covered that story. that person's life is still in danger, they had a trump bumper sticker, this is getting out of control. you shaw congressman jason chaffetz receive a threatening voicemail -- cheryl: how concerned are you about violence? >> very. this is almost like, regular unfortunately. we in berkeley, we got a small taste of that, ahead of time, on-line. and to streets. some people do oppose it, on left side but there is a strong growing radical group, that are just way too far left, too leas hostile toward
5:48 pm
americans and trump supporters, they don't know how to control themselves, and media is telling them they can't. they continue to strike out. continue to marcus as fascist and nazis, garbage label to justify their violent actions against us then cry wolf when we're forced to defend ourselves in the street. cheryl: we're watching video from that. you had a trinity college professor calling white people inhuman, now making it a race issue. it is pastime for racially opressed to do what people believe themselves to be, white will not do. put an end to vectors of their destructive mythology -- i can't, it shard t it is hard to read.
5:49 pm
why are liberals so angry? why do they think that violence and name calls and physical attacks is the way to fix the divide that the country has right now? >> they are going down the violence is because, they have no other argument. it is nonsense, whole race-baiting, leftist, black versus white, this is garbage. we don't believe that political activity, i think, we had a president named obama and eric holder and loretta lynch, this nonsense of the white supremacist system, is garbage, hard to read and annoying. people are just running free and attacking freedom-loving americans. >> we should not even be giving them air time, thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: all right, well, you
5:50 pm
know him for his iconic role as the most interesting man in the world, for xx. he came from a humble beginning. jonathan gold smith is here.
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hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> in a past life he was himself. if opportunity knocks and he is not home, opportunity waits, he gave his father the talk, he is the most interesting man in the world. >> i don't always drink beer, but what i do, i prefer xx .
5:54 pm
stay thirsty my friend. cheryl: you know him. he took on a new venture. writing a new book. stay interesting, i love the title, it is great. >> thank you. cheryl: you are having fun with this, you group in bronx. theater trained, then the book, you talk about how xx role changed your life in the book. >> well, it was a marvelous campaign. i had been a journey man actor starring in over 350 shows but you know i was a working actor, i did all right, but i didn't have recognition, and when this campaign hit, it developed, i mean it was just wonderful, it got better and bigger, more doors opened. and after a 9 year run, they went in a different direct.
5:55 pm
and that door slammed and many others have opened up, i have been very luck snow you write about your top interesting life moment is there a favorite? >> there was so many, i guess my favorite moment, really was meeting the president of the united states barack obama. and becoming a friend, it was a marvelous experience for me. cheryl: okay. really quick. did you start a band? when you were young? you were rags to riches? >> not really, i didn't grow up in a very after
5:56 pm
>> they sent me to mars, and i came back with he -- back with . a lot of opportunities came to as a result of the success of that campaign. luma is something dear to my heart. both of these companies have an equity position. it's a high-speed wi-fi system with great security. i like the protection, i like the protection they offer. reporter: i'm so out of time, but thank you, jonathon goldsmith. we'll be right back.
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reporter: don't forget to tune into my regular show. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: it was a flat day for the stock market except for the healthcare stocks. they soared on news of the release of the senate healthcare bill. the bill suggests deep cuts to medicaiden allows states the option to drop benefit coverage. senate republicans looking to have a vote on this before the july 4 recess. democrats in panic mode as the mutiny against nancy pelosi is gaining steam. congresswoman kathleen rice calling for the leader to step down. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker. she is a great leader. but her time has come and


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