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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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reporter: don't forget to tune into my regular show. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: it was a flat day for the stock market except for the healthcare stocks. they soared on news of the release of the senate healthcare bill. the bill suggests deep cuts to medicaiden allows states the option to drop benefit coverage. senate republicans looking to have a vote on this before the july 4 recess. democrats in panic mode as the mutiny against nancy pelosi is gaining steam. congresswoman kathleen rice calling for the leader to step down. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker. she is a great leader. but her time has come and gone.
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charles: nancy pelosi in defense of herself may have done more damage. >> i'm a master legislator. i'm a strategic mitt cally astute leader. i respect any opinion my members have, but how long i stay is not up to them. i think i'm worth the trouble, quite frankly. charles: she is like i'm in charge of this bad boy. she is like captain bly. >> i hear that voice and all i can do is crack up. when i was in congress no democrat publicly would have called nancy pelosi out. this is a sea change. the democrats snros -- have lose working class voters. nancy pelosi doesn't play anywhere in the country with them. she has to retire or it's done.
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charles: the alarm bells have gone out. no matter what they said about that georgia 6 vote, a lot of alarm bells went off and it was a major defeat. >> i think the thing people have not looked at is under nancy pelosi and obama's tenure, democrats lost 1,100 seats at the state and federal level. they have 25 governorships. i don't want nancy to leave. i want her to stay so we can keep wing and they can keep losing. their message is terrible. the democrats unless they pitch to independent voters and the working class. charles: one of the big investing mistake people make is
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pride and ego. you think the older folks have so much pride and ego tide into social justice and the game plan that might have worked 20 years ago but does not resonate with working class americans. >> long-time democrats crossing the line. they go further left on every issue and promote policies those people don't like such as open borders. it's a puzzle, charles. i don't think the democratic loss in the georgia 6 district is particularly germane to ways going to happen in 2018. but what is germane is the lack of a message. pelosi has been there since 2003 as a top elected democrat in the house and it's time for her to go. >> hillary clinton didn't have a
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message. but we have a message going around tonight. nancy pelosi's troops have put out word to everyone. we need to you tweet these things. here is one of the tweets. 23 million are about to lose healthcare, why are we criticizing our most figurative fired. we must stay focused. hashtag, protect our care. are you kidding me? >> she represents san francisco. i don't even if know if that's part of the united states anymore. the other two guests nailed it. the democrats lost and trump won because white working class voters left the democrat party. the democrats have become captive to transgenders, illegals and black lives matter. that's a huge turnoff. nancy pelosi is the face of that.
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charles: you know, ned, i can remember during the election and all these different surveys they had and the things they thought millennials cared about and there is such a data focus, they pay money to these people who turn out these $200,000 reports and say this is what they think. they don't go out and meet people and press the flesh and have conversations with someone in a diner. ned: they have forgotten the human element. most americans want to know are you going to give us jobs, are you going to give us paychecks and will we be able to put food on the table and pay our mort gauges. it's a simple solution what the american working class wants. quite frankly, i think donald trump will probably win a second term. i think he can be successful if
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he accomplishes healthcare reform and tax reform. this is what the american people want. charles: you wrote an article about france and the message there. i thought it was parallel to here. >> the amazing thing is in france, that has been described as voters rejecting populism. what happened is the socialists got crushed. why did they get crushed? for years economy in france has under performed. unemployment is way higher than it should be, and they have been running budget deficits. it's the democrat game plan. americans aren't that stupid. they understand we have been on the wrong track. the one thing that they never talk about is the right track-wrong track polling. that's much improved since obama was president. i think people feel that the pro-business government of donald trump -- charles: you think it has up
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proved since the stock market. so here is the thing, i want to ask you, joe. sometimes i feel like it's not only nancy pelosi, but that establishment mentality which bleeds on both sides of the aisle. >> a word of caution to everybody. the republican party is a mess, too. if they don't get off their back sides and get something done, they will be toast next year. i know the democrats are a mess. but if we don't get tax cuts and reform the tax code. if the republicans don't deliver, nancy pelosi may well be speaker again. ned: the republicans, their biggest selling point is we are not them. at some point the american people are going to say we put you in power. you actually have to produce something. there are no excuses.
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if they do, they get some democrats into the political wilderness. charles: the american public has a shorter and shorter tolerance level for either party. we'll put you in and give you power and if you don't use it in the right way, we'll yank it from you. >> republicans have been making gaibs for years, they get them in office. we have a majority in the house and senate and president trump in the white house and they don't have a plan for obamacare. this will be a rallying point for democrats. but the gop has to get it done for sure. charles: we'll talk more about the senate bill today. in the market segment i'll tell you which stocks you want to own on this. a top trump aide extended an olive branch to the
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congressional black caucus. so why are they giving the white house the cold shoulder? [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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[ minion so happy to see screen ] ahh! i'm pretty smart. ahhh! [ lots of minions ] [ mooing sound ] show me unicorns. [ click noise for tv ] ahhh! that works too. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. see despicable me 3. in theaters in june. charles: the congressional black caucus rejected an invitation for a second meeting with donald trump. they cite frustration on action presented at their first meeting with the president in march. the invitation was sent earlier this month. welcome to the show. you know, to see it flesh out today more of a soap opera sort of thing where you have become the main reason for them saying
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they don't want to be part of a reality tv show. -they put out a series of tweets saying you were creating or starting fights with members of the congressional black caucus and they don't want to be part of it. >> it's contradictory when they say they haven't been in communication with us. it's obvious they don't have their story together. they said in front of the president and vice president of the united states on march 22 at the white house. we made a commit the to meet with the president. they have 49 members of the congressional black caucus from all over this country. resolving their issues in a month and a half is not possible. but coming to the table to work through the issues is the on effective way to get where they want to go. they are shorting out their constituents they committed to represent by not coming to meet
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with the president. charles: what i find interesting is the idea there are so many problems that are mentioned to the black community and the things they are talking about and allowing that to supersede the attempt to make progress,er group i know, we have seen business people come over and over and over again. we have seen labor come over and over again. you don't go there once and walk away with everything you want. >> you do when you don't have a serious commitment. it's obvious by my letter inviting them back. it's obvious they had no intention of ever sitting with the president. they called the invitation a social gathering which nowhere in my letter did it say it was social. but if we think back to their relationship with the previous administration, they had none. they had a contentious relationship with the previous administration because of these
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same type of antics. obama didn't meet with the congressional black caucus until 600 days into his administration. we met with them at the 60-day mark of our administration. but they are not committed to getting their issues on the table and at the forefront. charles: in the white house when these discussions come up. what's the mindset? so many didn't thing have been attempted the last five decade or so to help inner cities. we now it's a dire situation. and it's always worse off. >> i'm not going to be discouraged by the lack of leadership are you cedric richmond refusing to meet with the president. they want to focus on jobs, crime, education, safety.
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just because of these antics by the cbc, it doesn't mean they can't get their issues heard. i'll meet individually with members of the congressional black caucus. and it's a commitment the president made. for 2 1/2 years we talked about hick fighting for the african-american community. i can tell you if you look at the major inner cities, you look at detroit and chicago and new orleans with democratic leadership, and they are in bad situations, bad conditions. they need took the he table fighting for their constituents. but the on way to get heard is by coming to the table. charles: maxine waters has been over the top with calls for impeachment of the president. certainly that's not the right way to start a dialogue or any sort diplomacy. >> they decided to resist for
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four years. if you live a district represented by the congressional black caucus and your members refuse to do their job, i would rethink and reconsider my support of those members. charles: we saw what happened to betsy devos at florida a&m. a lot of people in the black community. from day one you are told republicans are mean, they don't like you. that's how you grow up. i applaud her for going down there. i applaud the president of florida a&m as well. what efforts are being made there? that to me an an area, education, everyone understands can propel people to a higher running in life. >> i can tell you that we are working very closely with black college presidents, with their student bodies. with members and stakeholders of
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the community to make sure the issues faced by the hbc community are heard. one of the things we are so proud of are year-round pell grants. the commitment remains and we are having a huge conference in washington for the hbcu community and you will see the work we put in month after month to make sure we are doing what we promised to do. charles: don't give up the fight, the stakes are too high. >> never discouraged. charles: dems in disarray. south carolina congressman elect ralph norman joins me next with the story how he pulled off the
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charles: one of the vick towards, the winner of the south carolina special election, representative elect ralph norman joins me. congratulations on your victory. obviously the karen handel race got all the attention and money, but yours was something of a nail biter and sent the distinct message not only to the democrats, but also within the republican party because of your
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strong conservative principles. >> it does. we have been winning races, the conservatives have. and i don't think the democrats have still caught on to why they are losing elections and put in the money as they did in georgia 6 and losing races. i think it's a great thing we are doing for the country and we'll continue. but we have got to deliver. >> that was the message voters sent to washington, d.c. to south krcial voters when they chose you. >> i think so. they like my past 8 years as far as being conservative. spindsing tax dollars wisely, cutting regulations. i think president trump is a tremendous plus. i heard him last night on the speech. we need to get him out more. when he goes to the people, he connects. it's a great message and i want to get out his successes because he has had them.
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charles: you talk about achievement, the senate version of the obamacare replacement was out. at least four republican senators are saying they don't like what they are seeing right now. what are your thoughts on this? the way i see this playing out. the script looks like they will come back with a bill that will put more pressure on the house freedom caucus and conservatives like you. >> i think if you look at every issue and look at the details in the healthcare bill, you make a judgment call. nobody wants a watered down version of the failed obamacare we had for the last 7 years. and i think it will be issue by issue, the senate plan. one thing we all want is something that's supportable for the american people. and i think the american people will expect to us pass
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something. to come away with nothing i don't think is on the table. if it makes sense i think the people will come together both republican and hopefully democrats. charles: congratulations again and thank you for coming on tonight. i want to bring in my panel to discuss the gop healthcare bill just released today. i'll start with you. immediate senate gop senate opposition to this. though everyone is saying they are open to negotiations. is that the right way to start this? >> even ted cruz handed out pamphlets around the capital on what it will take to get him to yes. rarnd paul came out and said he wants to get this done. but he has issues he wants to raise in the current language. that's what we do. we want a healthy debate. we want to get it right. but we also want to get it done.
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congress has screwed around too long with this. they had 7 years to design a way to get this done, and it should have been on the president's desk day one. we are running late. charles: easier to complain about something than to put together the blueprint to fix it. but again, you know, i guess this is a less mean bill than a house version. i do believe ultimately when it goes back to the house it will put enormous pressure on conservatives. they will have to make the major decisions to compromise on the core principles. >> in talking to a senator this week, when we passed this thing, i think the chances are 50-50 this will pass. there will be changes to the bill. it will be close. but if you can get ted cruz and mike lee and maybe even rand
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paul, but that's tougher. that will provide cover for the conservatives in the house. that's the key to passage. when obamacare passed initially because of the scott brown win in massachusetts for ted kennedy's seat. the house just had to accept the senate bill, and if they pass this bill they will be taking the -- telling the house take it or leave it. charles: also enormous pressure for them to stick around washington and get it done. to be quite frank with you i don't think they will stay. if there is not any pressure the president, i think either way they will bolt out of there. >> a lot of people in congress are there to do little or nothing. they are not used to the business-like atmosphere that has come up with donald trump. i think congress should already cancel the break trite now. it's not just this obamacare
6:28 pm
replacement it's tax reform. there are a lot of things on the docket they have to get done. we can't wait until next year when they use, it's the election year excuse. the american people have spoken. look at ralph norman, one of his top issues he just won on is repealing obamacare. the american people keep voting on this, they want congress to get it done. charles: remember the bipartisan please and civility after steve scalise was shot and wounds. wait until you see how close two congressmen came to actual blows next.
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so you can have those moments that make you feel at home. ♪you are loved wherever you are. charles: bipartisan peace and unity on capitol hill, showing signs of being short lived. >> we just had a 6 a conversation about this. >> if he thinks it is appropriate to compare new orleans to guatemala. >> has right to make a comparison between two locations. >> you are comparing the people in the location, that would be like me comparing to someone in the klan. >> when the gentleman has
6:33 pm
completed his remarks, i will recognize the gentleman from louisiana to make remarks to the contrary, but he is entitled to make those remarks. charles: we did not see where representative rich man said that representative king was exercising white privilege, it got heated in there. >> this is not super abnormal on capitol hill. for years tensions have been high. that window of time after horrific scalise shooting happened was kind of the e exception that propped roof. this exchange was uncomfortable. charles: that window was open 24 hours? probably should not even talk about it that way.
6:34 pm
this is serious amount of anger on the capitol that is permiating. >> reality is there are always calls for unity when someone is linked to democratic party, in guess to 2010 there were a lot of inappropriate comes made by nancy pelosi and others, again the tea party, we see time again, post 2010, there is a movement out there. donald trump talks about making america great again, people talk about the rhetoric, but when something happens as unfortunate as it did at the baseball game, you need to look at are the actions of some of the people and who is complicit. we want to be unified with messaging, there is also a real battle in america to talk about how do represerve and
6:35 pm
protect our integrity, it is not happening on both sides of the spectrum. charles: joe, you are one of the guys to get fiery yourself. i don't know how many of those kind of things happened while you in congress. this was shocking. >> you know, i served with cedric richmond. i am putting this on him, he is a hot head with a chip on his shoulder, he pushed him, you cannot compare guatemala to new orleans, that is silly. but charles, the deal, this whole notion of unity is silly. there are fundamental differences about what kind of country we live in. this thought we'll hold hands, democrats and republicans and reach across the aisle, i don't want, that i don't want that. every time we do that government gets bigger, we have fundamental differences. charles: but, but th --
6:36 pm
betsy, the rules? >> right, for all american history there have been very bitter divided on capitol hill, remember civil war era, a member attacked another in congress. these disagreements are not unprecedented. one thing that has been important. it idea even though on really important policy issue, members have committed, intense disagreements they try to be respectful. they try to give each other the benefit of the doubt, it is not about compromising on policy, but being a decent hewlett-packarhuman being. what is sad for a number of members, that essential deference to evaporating that makes everything harder. charles: pretty soon we'll look at third world countries
6:37 pm
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investment management services from td ameritrade. charles: major indices finished mostly unchanged. all eyes were thumbing through the long awaited health care
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replacement plan from senate. healthcare insurers soared on notion of continued subsidies, but i wonder if there are other reasons, 142 pages, no one read it all. there were several program in obamacare to protect insurance companies from losses. when the backstops expired companies bolted for the door. still, they have not fared too badly. april 1, 2010 until this year, healthcare insurers have been a great job, united healthcare up 2 86%, anthem up 300%. cigna up 431%. by the way, i still think that cigna goes higher from here. no matter how the dc saga plays out.
6:42 pm
today, hospital stocks higher. they have largely been big time losers since the start of obamacare. then the pharmaceutical and biotechs, they were solid. i prefer biotech because of the stem product pipeline for drugmakers. i want to talk about living, according to a harvard study our daily activities, thoughts and feelings, in things that make us happiest in life are moments where we are doing things, the things that make us sada sad, we're at work, resting, using home computer, even daydreaming. ladies and gentlemen, we have entered what millennials once called yolo. you only live once, an experience of us living for the moment. a mentality that is having a profound effect on our economy and stock market.
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that study shows a twist in the way we safe money, we say forget about education, and retirement and owning a home, i think this trend will persist for some time. that means we're going to continue to play video game, go to amusement parks, get on our motorcycles and jet skis, and we'll hit the cruise ship. year-to-date winners from this, carnival cruise lineup, cedar park up, now, 63% of millennials say, they are saving money to live the life style they desire, now they are into small rec lea recreational vehicles, look at this. winnebago up 37% for the month, investors can buy anything that i just talked about, youopoly live once. for tomorrow, restaurant and
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apparel makers. i think some folks are looking for value, also after the bell. bed, bath and beyond opening lower they missed their earnings. i can't imagine it will change. switching gears, look at this. a canadian special forces sniper shot and killed an isis fighter attacks iraqi soldiers from, get this, 2.14 miles away, the longest confirmed kill in military history, it took 10 seconds to strike. that beat previous record from a british soldier killing a taliban spiker, watch american aid worker david eubank. he braves isis snipers in mos mosul to rescue a young girl who was trapped among 70 dead civilians, including her
6:45 pm
mother. [ sound of gunfire ] charles: that is pure bravery. he is a former special forces operative himself, 12 seconds to pull that off, we'll be right back. [vo] when it comes to investing,
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance.
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charles: just a few minutes ago president trump tweeting, i am very supportive of the senate healthcare bill, looking forward to making it very special. remember obamacare is dead.
6:49 pm
and tweeted mexico is second deadliest country in the world after syria, drug trade likely the cause, we will build the wall. joining me now. i want to update audience, that was last year, right now mexico on pace, to i is. supplant syria. >> here is the point. president trump has always put america first. thank goodness. open border, the porous border is not just bad for u.s., it is also bad for mexico. this is terrible policy, it creates chaos on both sides of the border. i am proud of the president, he is willing to stand up against politically correct mainstream media critics, who describe this as racist or
6:50 pm
xenophobic, it is none of the above, if you don't have a border, you don't have a country, it is bad for united states and also bad for mexico. charles: no secret, this is the main route for drugs. in senate healthcare bill, $2 billion set aside for treatment. how about we just cut it off at root, this way we can get away from perhaps new drug addicts and dependency. >> this time we have a chief executive who is taking this issue seriously by ordering 20,000 new law enforcement agents, border patrol, and yesterday to get in -- this issue. that is important, back to my history, my personal neighborhood, with illegal immigration, grandfather, parent, small business owner, plumbing constructed they did it well in 90s until other businesses came in underbidding using illegal
6:51 pm
labor president trump is doing the right thing. charles: joe, furthering what shaping there, guerrero, south of mexico city, drug gangs fighting for control of heroin trade, the morgues are not able t to handle the amount of corpses there, we don't want that. charles: >> it is the border that got trump elected, the wall that got trump elected. but the dirty secret in washington is, a hell of a lot of republicans don't want that wall, a lot of republicans in congress do not want to build a wall, there is 6 months there is no legislation to begin the wall, there was no money in the wall for budget they passed. trump is doing this, and pushing this all on himself. we talk a lot about tax cuts and tax reform, we should have had those 4 months ago, this notion of the wall in the border, congress has not done
6:52 pm
a damn thing, and they better get offb their back side and push something. >> you know, you are right, i think that washington establishment, and the elites who are largely coastal, mainstream media they snicker at this talk, they think those trump supporters talking about the wall, guess what, it is -- i think you are right. it might of have been the ful fulcrum issue that elected donald trump, and to john's point, no one suffers more from lack of border control and illegal immigration ironically than people of color, than blacks and hispanics who are in those trade jobs where they have to pom keecompete with illegal immigrant labor, far from being racist this is about protecting the rights and interests of blue collar americans, many of whom are people of color. charles: lest night president
6:53 pm
trump talked about making sure illegal immigrants don't get well fair or. > -- get on welfare or food stamps. there are laws in place. you cannot have a welfare state and open borders. >> he mentioned 5 years, that was in place with clinton administration there are exceptions, it does make sense, you are not making money in this country why should you be supported by our government, that is what charities are for. charles: thank you. questions are mounting, is it too late for europe to save itself? tweet me. i have two experts on that next.
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6:56 pm
charles: say slough of terror attacks and overwhelming immigration crisis putting
6:57 pm
europe on life support, is there time to save the continent. i will let expert decide, i will bring them in douglas, you have written an impressive book. i was struck by the sense that maybe it's
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
i am sorry. >> how do you stop that? >> douglas? >> yes. well, not easy, a whole set of things, you just to so slow the flow down, the number of people coming in work on people who are already there. and thirdly, you know you can't -- we talk. about what you don't want, you know manchester bomber the other week. with 22 years old, born in britain, parents, to your point, have been given asylum from libya. but he ended up blowing up 22 people, one for every year of life that britain has given him. people her who think that
7:00 pm
problems are borders have to be kidding. charles: thank you very much. home thank you for watching. can't see the show, dvr it. he is next.. >> senate republican leadership today finally unveiling their healthcare legislation. after weeks of negotiations, negotiations behind closed-door closed-doors. 142 page bill repeals most of obamacare. including medicaid expansion. but it does not go as far as the house version, and that has already cost some conservative support.


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