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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 23, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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cheryl: the dog just cruises by. lea: thanks for joining us this morning. good to be with you. cheryl: it is friday, maria bartiromo, i'm just going to leave it with you and friday. maria: it is, tgif. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday june 23rd, here top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. battle to overhaul obamacare. senator mitch mcconnell unveiling plan with four republicans opposing the bill it does not have enough votes to pass just yet. senator rand paul saying he could not support legislation in its current form. >> the intention is not to take down the bill. the intention is to make the bill better, make the bill look more like a repeal bill and less like reiteration of obamacare. maria: former president obama jumping in the political fray, his response to the senate bill coming up. hollywood is targeting the president again. first kathy griffin and now author johnny depp jokes about
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president trump getting assassinated. the outrage coming up this morning. the gulf coast face it is fallout of tropical storm sendy, tornadoes slamming alabama leaving a path of destruction. today marks a year since britain's historic vote to leave the european union. british prime minister theresa may detailing plan for eu citizens to stay in the country after the exit and american airlines not too happy with possible investment of qatar airways. why american ceo is pushing back on that buy. plus the big banks and what that means for president trump's regulation plan. markets look like this this friday morning. we are expecting markets to open mix. nasdaq up 6 points this morning and in europe take a look at indices right now. as you see weakness across the board. ftse down, almost half a percent. cac quarante also weaker and dax down as well. many asia markets closed like this.
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best performer kospi and shanghai. all those stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it lee carter and david webb. >> happy friday. maria: here we are on the day that we are expecting to hear more about the healthcare plan and we know right off the bat four senators pushing back, kevin. kevin: immediately, they wasted no time. he was on the floor and you even have senator ted cruz already has an amendment ready to go. so this is highlighting how divisive it's going to be. i don't think this can be done before the july 4th holiday. absolutely not just seeing the contention that's come from it immediately after its come out. it's surprising. they already have four senators going against it. maria: the message you criticized in the past lee carter, are they telling the story this time? lee: i don't think they are telling the story right. we were just looking at, david
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and i were looking at components of the bill and there's a lot of really positive things as its written even in summary but i don't think they are getting out there and telling the story. democrats are coming out and attacking it for things that aren't necessarily true. preexisting conditions addressed in there, other things that are addressed in there that people are saying are not. so i think that the republicans really need to take control of the narrative and if there is going to be some fighting as we are seeing, we are trying to make this better, let's start having discussions and stop being obstructionists. maria: we've got this topic on the table. we have a lot coming up this new york. new york congresswoman claudia is with us and mac and the man who survived the benghazi terrorist attack and coauthored 13 hours, inside account of what happened in benghazi. big program ahead. let's get right to it. getting to 51 is the goal after unveiling senate proposal to repeal and replace obamacare,
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majority leader mitch mcconnell next mission persuading members to back it and vote for it. four conservative senators will not support the bill without changes. they include kentucky senator rand paul, texas senator ted cruz, utah senator mike lee and wisconsin senator ron johnson, all pushing back on this bill. here is how the two of them explained thrair positions on capitol hill yesterday. >> i cannot support the current bill. we are open to negotiation, but we want to bill to look more like a repeal. we are afraid that when we read the bill that it actually looks like reiteration or keeping of obamacare. >> it's not enough to pass a bale that has obamacare repeal in the title. we actually has to have legislation that fictions the underlying problem. i want to get to yes and the way to get to yes is fix the underlying problems. lower premiums and i will happily be part of it. maria: the bill proposes cig in
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effect antly overhauling medicaid, the program that currently ensures 1 in five americans, it would, however, keep in place protections those with preexisting conditions and dependent coverage until age 26. on the tax side of it it will virtually eliminate all taxes an fees, nearly all taxes and fees nearly obamacare and repeal laws mandate on individual and employer mandate. former president obama slammed a bill in post on facebook, he wrote this in part, simply put if there's a chance you might get sick, get old or start a family, this bill will do you harm. joining us now from washington republican congressman steve of ohio who serves as chairman as the republican congressional committee. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. what's wrong with this bill? >> well, you know this bill is a senate bill and we are going to respect the senate's process, the senate respected our process. i think they've actually made improvements to our bill. they've made the preexisting condition coverage even
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stronger. so, you know, i'm going to let the senate work out their bill but i think they've actually improved on the house bill. it's another step forward. maria: it's not the step forward though that you want, right, you have four of your colleagues pushing back saying they will not sign the bill, they will not vote for it. >> well, every bill is in negotiation, maria, until people get the yes and, so most people don't take the opening offer when they are buying a car or when they're passing a bill. lee: you see how president obama reacted to the bill and there are folks saying that his attacks on the bill aren't necessarily true. how do you respond to what he's saying about the bill? >> well, his attacks on the bill are not necessarily true. in fact, the bill strengths protections on preexisting condition and it -- it brings back to essential health benefits that he attacks in his post, you know, the president should do what most presidents do and that's go enjoy his life
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because he had his time in the sun and now it's time for other folks. kevin: congressman, do you think this bill can get done by the july 4th deadline as mitch mcconnell wanted it to be dope just given that there are four senators lost, one of them who golfed with the president all day long and who knows the medical space more than most people in congress. i mean, it's senator rand paul, do you think he can get it done? >> artificial deadlines are a bad idea, so i don't think they should have an artificial deadline. i think they should try to get this bill done when it's ready and so they need to get and when it's ready, that means they have 51 votes potentially including the vice president, hopefully not. maria: david webb. david: congressman, i like the debate, i like the idea that different ideas are going on the table. it's completely different than the democrat process. i'm with you, artificial deadlines don't work, however, the messaging on this that we
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talked about earlier is an issue and it's not about messaging for the sake of marketing but pointing out the points of the bill and how they will affect people and working around the cbo score. they've got it wrong in obamacare. how are you and the senate going to work together to make sure you inform the people that this is actually the points that are good for you, this is what we are going to fix and shouldn't you include the hhs portion of this because that's not being discussed? >> that's a great point because there's a lot of misinformation out there about this bill, about the house bill and we do need to take charge of the communications and make sure people know that this bill aims to make health care and insurance more affordable for people who are healthy yet protect people who are sick. it's really that simple but it's complicated at the same time. maria: well, let's talk about taxes for a second. fox business network charlie gasparino that house leadership
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including speaker paul ryan showing signs of softening stance on border adjustment tax, where are you in terms of common ground of the tax portion of this and that border adjustment tax in particular? >> well, on t 0% of the -- 90% of the republicans are 100% together, border adjustment tax in concept i like, i've been skeptical on ability to get done but there's becoming a consensus that the border adjustment tax just does not have the critical mass in the house or the senate to be included and so the thicks that will be included in this bill is a lower rate. it will be for c corporations and entities together. we will do holistic tax reform, we will simplify our tax system, i think it's going to be a good bill that's going to help the american people and help super charge the american economy so
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i'm excited about getting this thing done but we still have a few more months to colease and but i feel like everybody is moving the same direction finally. i don't think the border adjustment tax as its currently configured can be in the bill. maybe there's a way to change it around and include it or maybe we will go a different direction. that's still working progress. maria: everybody is moving in the right direction except the four senators that have pushed back on health care and everything gets backed up if you don't get health care and you don't get that vote over the short term. so you're the chairman of the congressional committee and your party won two special election this is week and yet you're not able to get legislation over the finish line, can you walk us through how you see this happening, what's the path given these four senators pushback? >> well, again, i don't think we need to let artificial deadlines create same problems in the senate like the house.
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when we had artificial deadlines we hit brick walls in the house. get the votes on passing this bill and then pass it which is how you're supposed to pass legislation, we've got it done. maria: right, so what are you saying? >> my lesson to the senate is, stop talking about artificial deadlines, it gets people on cable news talking about how things aren't getting done when frankly the story should be that most senators are behind this and that there's a few people that we still need to work with and that's what's going on in the senate but do i think they will get it done july 4th, probably not. we don't need artificial deadlines. maria: is 2017 an artificial deadline? we are taking the fact that you have an election coming up in 2018 and your colleagues on the left want to impeach the president and you're hoping you get nothing done, so 2017, artificial deadline? >> health care reform and tax
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reform need to happen this year but because frankly we all know the silly season starts next year, the election season and artificial deadline is to say we have to do it next week or next two weeks but in concept we all know it needs to happen and frankly i hope it will be retro active to january 1st of 2017 so that we can start to get our economy moving faster. maria: all right, we will be watching congressman. thank you so much. we can certainly watch the process. steve stivers joining us there. the tropical depression caused major damage with tornadoes and heavy flooding in the gulf coast region. america's banks passing stress test proving they can pass 2008 crisis. we will check next.
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maria: welcome back, tropical depression cindy spawning damaging tornado across alabama. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: good morning, maria. residents in alabama and louisiana facing damage after cindy brings strong winds, flash flooding even tornadoes hit the south. cindy was downgrade today
6:16 am
tropical storm to tropical depression by 10:00 a.m. yesterday. tornado struck near hurm -- birmingham and that ripped businesses apart. emergency officials continue to warn of flooded roadways in alabama and a dangerous surf at the beaches there. well, the ceo of american airlines doug parker reportedly unhappy as government-owned qatar airways aims to buy significant stake in his company all this reporting in wall street journal and qatar airways is trying to push for american market. that means buying about $808 million worth of stock in american airlines. there's the stock. the world's largest airline. market value roughly 24 billion,
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stock basically is flat going into friday trading, maria. and the federal reserve's stress test are making the case for easing bank rules, the fed saying the largest u.s. banks survive a hypothetical stress test and could continue lending after a deep recession. this does give ammunition to the trump administration. they want to crack down on regulations put in place after the financial crisis. financial sector, though, the stocks anyway looking good in the premarket. back to you. maria: bank of america best performer there. stress test, they've become easier. the banks are holding a lot of cash, kevin kelly. kevin: they are beating the requirements. the talk is about what they are going to do with that, are they going to have more distributions. maria: pay dividends. kevin: that's the biggest topic of conversation that everyone is having.
6:18 am
maria: do you think we will get more dividends? kevin: absolutely. so people are starting to pick and choose but the biggest issue we are having right now and why part-time aren't putting money to work even given the news stories is because the economy isn't doing well as well as interest rates. so with a flattening yield curve, the difference between 10-year treasury rate and two-year, it's flat, they can't really make money. when they are taking deposits, they're not making money in what they can lend at. maria: would you buy financials here? >> wait and see if you can get something done in washington. they've come back to november levels. maria: hay sure have. oil snaps a 3-day losing streak despite investor concern over oversupply glut and oil which, of course, is up.
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facebook's new mission statement. the nail art featuring
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maria: welcome back, let's take a look at oil this morning as you see it's higher up half a percent. crew keeping the momentum after snapping the session streak yesterday. oil on track for the worst half performance in 20 years. when oil prices go down, stocks also go down. joining us right now regent
6:23 am
atlantic ceo chris cordero. $3billion in assets under management. do you allocate capital base on where oil is? >> we allocate capital based on where cheap stocks are. maria: you're looking for value? >> we are looking for value and we are finding bargains in the oil space. maria: tell us about it. >> long-term oil about $50 a barrel is where it should be. when you look at it around 42 and oils have taken a hit, it's a good buying opportunity. that's one of the few areas of the market that we find it's cheap and attractive. we look at companies like total, you're getting better than 12% dividend yield and you're getting paid for waiting price of oil to come back. kevin: high expenditures that are embedded, they are highly levered and paying out significant amount of dwid ends and the last time oil was around this price, people were very
6:24 am
worried about the dividend and coverage ratio and that's because in the business model they are forecasting $50 a barrel for oil but we are not close to that. >> that's a concern for total, the major oils are able to produce and be profitable prices per barrel. we feel that capital structure is at risk but it's worth taking that risk. maria: would you put new money to work in stocks right here? >> i would in stocks that are selling in bar gains. kevin: how is the fed impacting your decision-making when you're putting new money to work because we are talking aboil and oil has been saved when the dollar goes down but this didn't happen this time around and part of that has to do with the fed, how is that impacting your investment style? >> the side that we like the fed is doing, it's increasing rates, we like the financials. every time the fed hikes rates,
6:25 am
they are adding money to bottom line and all of a sudden things that a lot of their money market activities that have been unprofitable are now becoming profitable for them. kevin: interesting. dodd-frank pull back and all the deregulation happening, is that another thing indicating -- >> sure, dodd-frank really hampered the financials and having some potential relaxation in those regulation that is should help long-term. maria: do you like citigroup in particular? >> citigroup will benefit from rising rates and the other thing they will benefit from is truly a multinational bank. they have huge presence in emerging economies. they continue to come online and grow and we will see good things out of citi. maria: how much of philosophy is on a tax plan that you're expecting in 2017?
6:26 am
>> largely none. maria: you don't think they will get this done? >> i wish it was, we do financial planning for our clients, that would be out boom. maria: does the market selloff if what you're saying comes through that they won't do it? >> i don't know that the market is expecting. i'm certainly not expecting it. maria: at this point, lee, markets are trading and profits up 6% in the second quarter, t fundamental, chris not even worried about the tax -- lee: i think, though, like you we are hearing that the confidence level that something is going get done this year is really on the decrease and i don't think whether you're talking about investors or you're talking about the american people. >> tax reform is so complex, you've got to get so many people on board. i don't think that trump is able to put a coalition together in congress to get anything done on the tax side. maria: wow.
6:27 am
>> but also brings the point that it's baked in. they look at what they need to do and it goes back to not being able to depend on politicians to get it done which is a big danger to the republicans if they don't get something done. they're going home on break, stay in washington, get the job done and then you'll adjust, other industries will adjust. maria: you say they better not take the vacation? >> yeah. i'm sick of this. they go home and tell you they will talk to constituents, stay in washington, do your job just like i have to stay in my office or studio and do your job. maria: all right, we will leave it there. chris, good to see you. >> good to see you. maria: coming up outrage after johnny depp asks about assassinating president donald trump. it just will not stop after comedian kathy griffin posted a photo of bloody mask of the president. massive outrage once again. back in a minute
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.. >> welcome back, thanks for joining us, i am maria barela, happy friday, june 23rd. 6:30 on the east coast. another celebrity sparking outrage. johnny depp under fire after he talked about assassinating donald trump. >> i think he needs -- when was
6:31 am
the last time an actor assassinated a president? i am not an actor. >> more on the outrageous rhetoric from tinseltown. life in the post brexit world, you're going to vote happened, teresa may has an offer for citizens, why they could stay in the country even after britain leaves. chairs are sinking. a jolt to the streaming market. the deal behind tesla reporting interest in the music service on its own. facebook hope you like it new mission statement, the new goals bringing it closer together. how much of the selfy worth you millions if you are andy warhol. his picture is expected to bring
6:32 am
in more. is theater primed for a new winner? a preview of the big blockbuster transformers the last night coming up. markets under selling pressure, fractional move but down 50 points. the s&p 500 down one half of 1%, the cac quarante in paris, that index in germany down 3 quarters of 1%, that is the low of the morning in europe and. in asia here is what is going on. best performer in korea and shanghai in the kospi up one third of 1%. johnny depp under fire for joking about killing the president. all the details now. >> reporter: this happened at the drive in movie theater, johnny depp was introducing his 2004 movie the libertine when he began talking about donald trump. here is what he said. >> that is part of it.
6:33 am
when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? maria: he was referring to john wilkes booth assassinating abraham lincoln in 1865 and continued by saying, quote, i think he needs help and a lot of dark places he could go. this comes after a string of similar incidents, a production of julius caesar, shakespeare in the park sparked controversy when it show the roman dictator depicted as trump being stabbed to death on stage. and there is this picture. kathy griffin posing with a bloodied donald trump mask. she went too far. >> people are really stick and tired of this. what is wrong with these people that they think it is okay to throw out the lines.
6:34 am
>> it is irresponsible because look what happens when james hodgkinson planned an assassination on an elected official, that is when the environment goes too bad. he was not deranged, homeless, living in a car, it was a planned assassination. johnny do whose career is financially dead should learn how to manage his money, can't manage is now but has a large platform and that drives more people to go out on social media, it is more acceptable. >> this is straight out hate talk and talk about other people -- what happens if he said that about another president. >> this is the man who is stumbling around drunk, we saw how he treated his wife and he is going to get up there and be holier than thou and say this
6:35 am
man has issues, that man has issues. >> consistently doing this because they want to play the victim afterwards. that happens with griffin, she broke me and if they are making about themselves. they are self-absorbed, the world revolves around them. they fried their brains on liberal gobbledygook because you can see when hillary clinton was running, throwing $250,000 to seat dinners, raise money and trying to talk about -- >> the right party, think about it, go to the right party, there is a bigger danger here, the young people that watches movies, young people that listen to it. james hodgkinson is the extreme of what happens. maria: he is the shooter. >> he planned an assassination. there are young people, where
6:36 am
this goes, violence against trump supporters and capitalists, this collusion is dangerous. >> out of touch, out of touch with american people. >> they are completely out of touch. >> gingrich told you this on sunday morning futures, couldn't have been more on the head. he said the left has become more militant and it is enabling a lot of these attacks. maria: we will talk about this and hear what you have to say. the artist who coined the phrase 15 minutes of fame gets two more seconds, andy warhol's inaugural selfy heads to the auction block. transformers the last night hitting theaters this weekend by moviegoers facing franchise fatigue, your box office preview next. ♪ transformers ♪ more than meets the eye ♪ transformers ♪ robots in disguise ♪ this is the new new york.
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maria: futures point to a lower opening. look at markets down 50 points, nasdaq town eight points, companies on me we are watching, a rough day for bed bath and beyond, started sinking down 9%, earnings and revenue missed expectations when the company reported fiscal first-quarter. sales were amiss down 2%, bed bath and beyond shares down. shares of tesla, reporting the electric carmaker is looking to create its own streaming service. tesla is in talks with record labels about bundling music service in its cars. tesla shares fractionally moving flat. british prime minister teresa may discussing the future of the eu national after the united kingdom leaves the european union. cheryl: teresa may says all three million european union citizens who live in the uk for
6:41 am
five years could apply to stay indefinitely and receive healthcare, education and other benefits and their would be a way for anyone who state fewer years to essentially apply for that status, may was speaking at a eu leaders summit yesterday, formal talks for britain to leave the eu on monday. facebook wants the world to get along better. ceo mark zuckerberg says the social media site is changing its mission and will promote hobby clubs, civil society organizations and other community groups, facebook has been criticized over the past few months, has become one of the main distribution points for so-called fake news, that's what critics say. zuckerberg is hoping to see us are getting along. someone showing they like facebook by painting their nails in facebook colors blue zuckerberg was quoted on instagram saying this is the first. trying to change the image of the company.
6:42 am
pop artist andy warhol's first selfy goes on auction with estimated price of $9 million. that is part of the sequence of snapchat that warhol took in a photo booth in new york in 1963 to be auctioned at some of these in london next week. maria: he was first introduced selfys and didn't even know it. a lot of money to waste. >> who cares for me about a selfy of andy warhol. >> the president has started tweeting for the morning. here is what he is saying today. i helped pass & 38 legislative bills mostly with no democratic support and gotten rid of massive amount of regulation. this is -- the most success the president has his executive orders in terms of rolling back regulations and dodd-frank among others. >> no question and i got to talk about his tweets for a second, there is so much criticism of
6:43 am
him tweeting but doing focus groups over and over talking to the american people, they love it. they love hearing from the president directly, they feel it is the only way they are going to hear unfiltered, unvarnished commentary from the president and some of us might say stop it, we are out of touch because the american people absolutely want to hear from him. >> great communicators have gone past the media to the people, fireside chats, ronald reagan the great communicator going on tv. when you speak directly to the american people one of the successes of any politician, the unfiltered message, i would add one thing, linked to the things you do in the white house, things everybody talks about russia, cnn and all the other channels, what is he doing? the white house office of innovation streamlining government. scott pruitt looking to attrition out 1000 employees out
6:44 am
of the epa, retirement plans and buyouts come a tweet about those because those are achievements that matter to you and me. >> his tweets contradict his actual message. from the white house, a contradiction between what his people are going out and saying as what he is tweeting and that has been an issue we have seen time and time again. maria: they don't care. >> he goes out and speaks himself in iowa in the middle of the people, people are listening to him and having a great time. >> healthcare and taxes done, that is a big issue. maria: the healthcare vote, i want to see some tweets about the healthcare vote and tax reform. >> needs to put the pressure on. we have been talking about this all we, a great weekend "mornings with maria".
6:45 am
>> your reaction to otto warmbier passing away. >> something was wrong with the north koreans, we need to get tough with north korea on the sanctions. we have to provide sanctions against china for the first time. >> the president is being investigated but he is not a target. this is investigated by an independent commission looking into the relationship between russia and political elections on both sides moving forward. we have a congressional investigation, change the law to prevent the president firing the director of the fbi. >> we have been doing this for many months, where is the collusion, obstruction of justice, could have a baby and this time. democrats are interested in politics, the president is interested in governing and leading and having impact on people's lies, we are open -- where are they? why don't they come to the table? they don't have a program. it is not enough to criticize trump.
6:46 am
hillary clinton learned that. everything 01 of these special elections what was the program. we don't like trump. what are you actually offering. >> the president is right when he says democrats are obstructing this process. there is no democratic senator willing to work with us in any fashion given the complete implosion of obamacare. if we can't do this, stabilize the market and make reforms we want to make, what happens? we can't just walk away from this. >> taxes their too high, regulation is too high, litigation is too prolific so let's get those under control. the job growth can take place. >> talking with all the ceos listening and from meetings at the stock exchange, what kind of sentiment are you feeling from them? >> very eager to see tax reform. there is a sense of optimism that it will get done but that optimism is less then it was. one of the lessons from this
6:47 am
difficulty of uber will be the public markets are more attractive than we thought. difficult situation, a tragic situation and the pendulum is going to swing, the public markets bring discipline to accompany. >> a big meeting on tuesday and this is the best thing going forward and all the employees and putting for leadership in place going forward will do a lot for the company. maria: get out of the hot oven. >> stop the news cycle. maria: missy robertson with me, you are about to have an extreme makeover. are you going to shave that beard? >> i think i am going to shave the beard. >> set a goal of $100,000 to raise money for our daughter's foundation to help children. if we raise $100,000, that is coming off.
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>> to protect earth from what is destined to arrive. >> you destroyed your home. maria: that with a clip from transformers the last night, the action-packed franchise back, this time the humans and transformers are at war. chief critic for wv i radio mike sargent is here, summer blockbuster season, what did you think of the film? >> combination of all the blockbusters you have seen in the last 35 years into one film. it depends what you like. maria: you want that.
6:52 am
>> not me but some people do. a little bit of lawrence of arabia, a little bit of king arthur, star wars a fast and furious. maria: paramount pictures is reporting this film only brought in $15.7 million opening day putting it on track for $70 million for opening weekend. that is less than the previous installment so is this franchise fatigue? >> it is franchise fatigue and the irony is this is supposed to launch a whole new hasbro universe and that is worrisome because they planned another 11 films, spinoffs, prequels and sqls and i don't know if it will happen. maria: it is up against stiff competition, patty jenkins, wonder woman. i side, it is excellent, and grow $600 million worldwide. this is on track to be the highest grossing live-action film directed by a female director which is interesting.
6:53 am
what do you think of that? >> about time. people have seen enough here is coming of men running around in tights for the last we 10 years and it is time for a female hero. maria: why is this resonating so much? it is doing really well. >> because it is different. i see a lot of movies directed by men, written by men and when you see a woman direct a film there are different sensibilities, things a man wouldn't do. when you see so much of something you are ready for something new. maria: i like it, it was good. another female director creating buzz this weekend is sofia coppola. she won the best director award for new film the big wheel which hit theaters later today. i want to get your reaction. >> the real southern hospitality. very important lesson. >> can i get you anything? >> the enemy is not what we
6:54 am
believe. >> what have you done to me? maria: this is called the beguiled, remake of the 1971 film of the same name starring clint eastwood. how do you think it will do? >> okay. she is only the second woman ever to win best director at can. this film is a remake am i am a fan of the original, she did a different take where it focuses more on the women and less on the male character and it is gothic, creepy, beautifully shot, well acted but i have to say i did like the original better. maria: we will see, the beguiled focus features. let's look at this. the star wars shakeup. lucasfilm announcing ron howard is going to step in as director
6:55 am
of the untitled han solo movie. production has been underway for heavier when the original directors were suddenly fired, they walked out earlier this week. >> i don't know that they walked out. they were asked to walk out. there view, they were fired basically. because they saw the on solo movie is more of a comedy. they are known for comedy. kathleen kennedy has a different vision for this. maria: star wars franchise has taken on a whole different -- everything. george lucas sold it. >> not only is it a brand but what they were making was not star warsy enough. they like a little bit of change to liven up but not a comedy. maria: people love it, the franchise continues to do well. the fact that they were pushing
6:56 am
back on the whole storyline and the boss said that is it, leave, you are done. >> you can't push back, you can't make an original piece of art with a franchise like that, just impossible. maria: what do you see this weekend? you have seen everything. >> i'm not going to see anything again. maria: the designer office supply the cost a fortune, product releasing its own brand and paperclip, you got to see this, the staggering price drag, we call it a paperclip. next hour of "mornings with maria" right here. ♪ ♪ i am not listening ♪
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6:59 am
maria: welcome back, thanks for joining us. happy friday, june 23rd, top stories at 7:00 am on the east coast, donald trump raising questions over robert mueller. he says he is bothered by mueller's friendship with james comey. we will look at the implications for the russia probe. he is to answer to comey. nancy pelosi fighting for her political survival facing back lash within her own party and donald trump has weighed in on it. listen. >> i hope she doesn't step down.
7:00 am
it would be a very sad day for republican this if she steps down. i would be very disappointed if she did. i would like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her. maria: the battle to replace obamacare on test, mitch mcconnell and failing his plan but with four republicans now opposing the bill it does not have enough votes to pass. what it means for the rest of the agenda coming up. holiday we can fast approaching, drivers getting relief at the pump, gasoline prices on the decline and oil prices hover around $43 a barrel. look at futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages, dow industrial down 40 points, nasdaq down 5 points in europe similar story, losses much higher. the s&p 100 and cac quarante down 1/2%. the decks indexing germany down two thirds of 1%. in asia overnight market closed mostly higher, fractional moves
7:01 am
but in the plus column with the exception of hong kong. derek carr is the highest-paid nfl star, details on his new blockbuster contract with the raiders coming up this hour. product gets in on the office supply business, the eye-popping price of this paperclip coming up. joining me to talk about it, the president, lee carter, kevin kelly is here and david webb is here as well. great to see you. >> i have no idea why -- maria: we should be -- a money clip but it looks like a paperclip but it is really expensive. >> the only one making money is product. >> less money. >> you know who has tons of those is nancy pelosi. who knows what she is up to, she loves burning money, all the money she is wasted. maria: will she step down?
7:02 am
>> a master legislator. >> the reality is the party has been turned over to tom perez, keith ellison. maria: elizabeth warren. >> in and out at times but tim ryan who is more of a centrist democrat no longer represents the progressive democrat party. keith ellison, tom perez. maria: he tries to unseat nancy pelosi he is moderate, tries to unseat her and it didn't work at all. we are talking about that this morning. donald trump addressing his conversation with jim comey in an interview with fox and friends, listen to this. >> his story may have changed, we will have to take a look at that because then he has to tell what actually took place in the
7:03 am
events. my story didn't change. my story was always a straight story but i did not tell you. maria: what does that mean? we have to look at that. last time i asked donald trump what he would do with jim comey he said we will see what happens. what does it mean we have to take a look at that? the president still adamant he did not obstruct the fbi probe into alleged russian meddling in the presidential election after comey testify the president asked him to let it go when talking about michael finance alleged connections to russia. joining us is small business owner claudia tenney. good to see you, thanks for joining us. what is your take of what is going on on the left, a lot of calls for nancy pelosi to step down. >> my financial services committee, maxine waters from california, she would do a great job helping the republicans keep the majority next year and just hoping they think that way, to continue the course they are on. maria: he wants her to stay where she is, this follows the president tweeting there could
7:04 am
be tapes after he said i hope -- jim comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. he told fox news there are no tapes. reaction? >> the president loves to tweet people, this from a guy who ingeniously rebranded islamic terrorists as losers. this is his plane speak he uses on twitter, times i wish he would -- i still think he should be on twitter but he should tone it down a little bit, do one less tweet or two less tweets, riling people up which is what he does but there is also a genius in what he does, he takes complex issue and makes it very simple for the american public because we are fighting against in many cases the media is part of the problem. they are not really reporting on
7:05 am
what the substance is and i am concerned and the person who is very conservative republican i think we are doing a lot in the house, getting a lot of things past, we not only on the floor, we marked up the flood insurance bill, reauthorization of the national flood insurance bill. a lot of things are not being talked about. we are talking major major policy shifts after eight years of president obama. just doesn't happen overnight, we are doing it in a deliberative way, we are doing the right thing, a lot of it is not exactly the way i want it. that is how government works. the congressional softball game, i am happy to have some singles and get scores later on. everybody is concerned about hitting a home run right out of the box and the president is working to work with us to find solutions that are realistic and we can get past. maria: i hear you but at the same time we have an election next year and that is why this is so important to get something done so the american people feel
7:06 am
tax reform, healthcare. the president has done a lot in terms of executive orders, tax reform over the finish line this year. >> tax reform a little later, a couple steps to take on that. some bills i like and some i don't like. don't know if you are a manufacturer or retailer, basically we can agree we need to lower taxes. as a person who represents a new york district taxes are one of the greatest concerns for my constituents and one thing that has driven a lot of businesses and a lot of people out of new york into places like florida and texas where there is no income tax, better for business for the environment. >> one of the most import things out of this health care bill we are seeing is it removes the obamacare taxes on investment.
7:07 am
the former small business owner that 3.8% is important to remove on that. can you talk how important it is, whether we can get sat 3.8% off of the obamacare tax. >> it is a huge problem for business like mine, we are a small business. the taxes, the employer mandate, individual mandate, all those things that were intended to get people enrolled, to reduce the rates have resulted in more people interestingly enough taking the penalty instead of signing up for healthcare so what do you have? more people who don't have healthcare, we chose to remove the tax and put incentives in place to encourage people to be responsible and create an environment they can have affordable insurance. our family business we had to go to much higher rates. we had a great insurance plan before obamacare, to partial
7:08 am
self insurance and other avenues we didn't want to choose but we want to take care of our employees, give them an opportunity to have healthcare at an affordable rate, 50 employees, we have to comply with the mandate and we lost a lot of great healthcare incentives, a small role area. we are trying to give ourselves a competitive edge by bringing employees on. we had a 401(k) before anyone else, we had healthcare law before many of our competitors and those are the things that gave us an edge. now mandates with the healthcare caused it to be more expensive and difficult for us to survive. >> i hear you and those are the things that continue. now let's get to the business of how you get business done in washington. your colleague was on the show earlier, he said we have 100% agreement on 90% of tax reform. the debate over the border adjustment tax.
7:09 am
part of the problem in washington is you don't extract pieces that don't work and get what needs to work done. the president, the agenda and executive orders, non-sexy stuff happening with the office of innovation, epa reform. why not do things like extract the border adjustment tax, get the tax reform passed by august which really matters, people see results from that. with all due respect you guys are going all on your brakes to tell us how you come to talk to us, the american people, my callers, my listeners across this country want to know why you don't stay in washington and get your job done. i know you might want to go home to your family but families out here need you to do your jobs. why not, no recess until you get tax reform. >> first of all it is ridiculous, i never worked harder in my life, i haven't been home in two weeks, i am working from 7:00 until 8:00 at
7:10 am
night. my freshman class -- >> it is not what people care about. wherever we work around america, your work is in washington dc. don't know why you are not staying and getting the job done. >> healthcare done before july 4th, not tax reform, there was never a plan, tax reform after the summer. the issue is a real one. what are you going to do? >> two things. we have an entire month, i would just as soon stay here and i speak with every member of the house, we want to get these packages done, we want to get them done tomorrow and work with the senate and get these things through. we have a resist movement not only in washington dc, they are in my district and i represent my district, for my constituents which i'm doing every weekend, balancing with fighting the
7:11 am
fight in washington dc against the so-called deep state, the bureaucrats, the lobbyists. i'm a business owner, i come to washington, i haven't even been endorsed by my local county republican committee, i came is an independent republican, both sides to try to stand as an independent and conservative which is one of the hardest things to do. from deep blue new york. i would like to work every day to make sure what we get for the american people and my constituents is going to grow my economy, reducing taxes, getting the healthcare problem solved, getting the choice tax passed which we did, getting it through the house as much as we can to roll back regulations that are hurting small businesses and banks and their ability to have access to lending. i unfortunately i know it is someone who is a media owner and someone from a conservative viewpoint i think it is unfair that the conservative side is
7:12 am
complaining we are not getting anything done. i invite all the conservative commentators to spend a day with, walk around and see how hard this is to try to get people to agree to what we know is the right thing for our constituents. it is a lot of work, a heavy toll but i appreciate -- see how hard we are working. i'm not going to speak for everyone but the new members who came here, fighting my way and making a lot of sacrifices, giving up my family business, my ability -- at home with my dog and my son and my family. >> next week, broadcasting from washington dc and i have been there six times in the last two months. i would love to see you and i will see you. >> spend a day and see how hard it is. maria: we have been hearing about a replacement for obamacare for seven years and to see this drag out the way it is
7:13 am
after hearing for so many years it almost feels like congress didn't expect the president to win and find yourself in this position. >> the promise was tax reform is going to get done, this is what we ran on and it is disappointing. but you are working hard. >> we passed the first step, we did our job in the house, let's get it done in the senate, put out a proposed bill, a draft, it is not perfect, let's get it done. i agree 100%. maria: thanks, very articulate, thank you very much. still had falling oil prices, how low can oil go. what are you expecting ahead of the fourth of july holiday weekend. $185 paperclip, social media comes undone after a take on office supplies, back in a minute.
7:14 am
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with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now. maria: north korea testing a new
7:17 am
rocket engine the meeting between donald trump and south korea's president. cheryl casone he with the details. maria: the engine could potentially be used for intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the us mainland, this comes a day after washington asked beijing to put more economic and diplomatic pressure on north korea to reign in the nuclear and missile programs at the rogue nation. north korea denies torturing american student otto warmbier who died days after being released by the regime. thousands of people packed into a school for otto warmbier's funeral. rap music they like to listen to, and shopping for sweaters at thrift stores. another headline this monaco robot collar facing back lash, federal communications commission proposing $120 million fine against a miami man
7:18 am
accused of making 100 million robot called last year. the fcc says adrian tried to trick consumers into thinking calls were coming from local numbers in a tactic known as neighbor spoofing, you have been victim of it. this is the luxury name behind really cute handbags, shoes and clothing. they are selling a paperclip to help you keep track of your paper money. it looks like a paperclip. you need serious cash to take one home. it costs $185 or you can get a $0.05 paperclip and not spend $185. maria: sterling silver? cheryl: i mean i think i get the point. but you know. that is just me but i am cheap. maria: it looks like a paperclip but it is sterling silver. cheryl: it is nicer than those
7:19 am
genes covered with dirt. come on. >> $400 dirt covered jeans, you can afford a paperclip to carry your money. >> if anyone wants dirt covered jeans. coming up amazon looks to score big bucks with the nfl deal, how much the company is planning to charge advertisers and real estate for retirees. bob massey is here to tell us why arizona is a golden opportunity for those looking to settle down for their golden years. back in a minute. ♪ you always pay
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♪ >> scottsdale, it is no mystery why. >> better golfers more often. maria: a sneak peek at the new installment of foxbusiness at the program the property man, to scottsdale, arizona which has become a haven for retirees looking to relocate while staying in the real estate market, the property man himself bob massey. a lot to offer. the real estate markets, looking to relocate. >> the mayo clinic is there in that area, hiking, golfing, biking, beautiful homes, beautiful retirement communities. i will say it is 10 ° hotter than we are and hot in vegas right now.
7:24 am
usually this time of year it is not this hot, it will be 117 °, it was 120 but a lot of people are smokers, they leave during summer months but it is a well-controlled community. maria: a great community but not this week. you have introduced us to what you are calling cowboys dream home, a 4000 was a bomb shelter. >> from the house to where we were, there was a tunnel and people crawled from the house to the tunnel.
7:25 am
they filled up and it was an amazing place but back in the 60s in 70s it was a remarkable property to look at. >> is that where they were. is this located there? >> yes, exactly. >> a beautiful area. one of the great things that happens, very unique properties, i couldn't believe what we saw in scottsdale, the wrigley mansion, the cowboy mention, the different things the retirement communities in this country particularly in southwest or southeast, vegas is booming, there is so much and you can't
7:26 am
beat the weather. people say you always have a tan. and sunshine. maria: am i alone in looking at properties? so much fun. >> a great little walk in area. my grandmother loves turquoise. if you are into that it is a great place to go. >> the most important thing for retirees is the infrastructure so you can get what you need whether it is food or 300 golf courses in the phoenix metro area, 300, so the amenities, doesn't come at an expensive cost, quality of life is there. as well as all 5 major sports teams so it offers everything you need including a good governor and government.
7:27 am
>> can't tell where you are from. >> curious about prices. is a good value? >> i didn't hear what you said. >> is it good value right now? >> it is like everything else in the southwest, there are inventory issues in vegas and scottsdale and certain priced homes. supply and demand is there, in vegas, four weeks of inventory, houses between 200,000, 400,000, bidding wars going on, we see that in the phoenix area, tucson area and things like that so those prices are going up in their bidding but i will tell you there is new building everywhere in vegas, scottsdale, phoenix, another boom happening in this heart of the country. maria: we will watch tonight. catch bob's new episode of the property man at 8:30 eastern on
7:28 am
the foxbusiness network. oil in turmoil, crude on pace for the worst first half performance in two decades in bear market territory, the silver lining for drivers just ahead of the summer driving season and a chance to take your shot at the iron thrown. a washington dc by getting a game of thrones makeover, the new hotspot for fans of the head hbo series, right here. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> welcome back happy friday
7:31 am
everyone. here are your top stories 7:30 a.m. in aeschylus. a big day at 1600 pennsylvania avenue today. president trump will sign two acts to ask at protecting our veterans. now they're keeping the promise to help her our heroes coming up. the white house is officially nominating the new york jets owner. to be the ambassador to the united kingdom. the significant of the move exactly one year after britain voted to leave the eu come in. the staggering amount is asking companies to folk --dash mark fork over. the major savings that you can see. take a look at the fractional losses. it sounded to fraction. it certainly worse than the u.s.
7:32 am
ft 100. in asia over overnight. the markets closed. they squeaked out of a fractional loss. it was a dream come true for basketball's biggest stars in brooklyn last night. with the highlights of the draft. oil is edging higher but it's on pace for the worst first half performance in 20 years.
7:33 am
they are averaging $2.28 nationwide. they are just $4. that was sent back in 2008. stephen, good to see you. expecting a rebound anytime soon. we are looking at low oil prices. that is the difference in year makes. as you pointed out we had have about a 9-dollar plunge in oil prices. now historically we look at a 1 dollar relationship a 9-dollar plunge has it there. it would bring it down to about $2.10 which is where we were last year right around this time. the big difference is the narrative has changed.
7:34 am
oil prices have bottomed in february. it was trending higher throughout the summer. all this hype and speculation that the actually had the ability to boost oil prices higher and indeed they tried doing that in november they are correct. one of the biggest things that has changed is that the u.s. is going to export 1 million barrels of oil a day out of texas and louisiana. it has completely shifted. going back to that. will we ever see oil backup. the geopolitical risk is out of a barrel of oil.
7:35 am
those things don't matter anymore. we are energy independent right now. will oil ever see those days and will we ever trade above that level. >> the frak is on. it's a very good thing because the united states has the most complex infrastructure and we could refine it. it's a very low priced crude oil. a lot of this excess oil here that we are producing is a very high quality oil. we need that cheaper oil. by allowing us to export. it's a very good thing.
7:36 am
a lot of the mid-cap companies there companies that had employed people. one of the tragedies is the major drag on industrial production and i mention that industrial production virtually never came up the great recession. they were declined. it's what they experience in the great recession. for the entire tenure. if you start to get the
7:37 am
infrastructure spending certainly the support of of the industry and the economy in general. this is really good for the american economy. what is it doing to some emerging markets that relate rely so heavily on oil. it's a double-edged sword right now. as the entire industrial measure. they have studied. again there is a good sign for economic growth. crude oil prices are weak right now. we have with too much crude oil out there. the market is well hedged. the is a good thing for the u.s. economy.
7:38 am
enunciate cheap oil indicating a really weak economy because that is the -- how some people look at oil. the frak is on. what else a seat in the energy sector. it's an excellent point. we are actually seeing a disconnect. there are some people that are wringing their hands now. let's keep in mind. this is not your grandfather's market. you need two things. it is a substitute. and now if we look at that.
7:39 am
we're too much supply. it is not indicative of economic weakness. you have to believe that this continues with its plan to tap into the energy market. there is a complete knockdown. we look at the 20 million-dollar problem. shell isn't sitting there. they had hedged themselves and they wouldn't do it. they are pulling the trigger and doing that. it stays where it is will treated.
7:40 am
how we make politics. the capital was not welcomed. he is calling for it. for the overall economy. >> it is a job creator. stephen, great to see. for thursday night games on amazon. and the winter comes to washington. we are back in a moment. (microphone feedback) listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits.
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>> for centuries our families brought together against their common enemy. the enemy is real. it has always been real. that was a look at the new trailer. the highly anticipated seventh season is kicking off and just about three weeks but winter is already coming to washington dc. the diehard fans can now wander the seven kingdoms. if they send their regards. it is the latest creation from drink company.
7:45 am
during this right now. angie, good to see. congrats to you. you've lines out the door. did you expect it to be so popular. everybody watches it was so much passion and server. tell us what people are purchasing. we've only been open for a couple of days. and the shame. i don't know if i'm the only one here. but if i'm the one that helped to build nightclubs. i look at this industry into me it's all pure capitalism.
7:46 am
you get people in the door. you make money. game of thrones is really popular. we already do things for pride and money. we are making sure that people are getting very high-quality drinks has well as a great experience. there is a huge growth in these ideas a pop up areas and stores. in stores. where does this particular idea come from. in 2015 my friend opened a bar in new york. they decorated it as a christmas bar because they weren't ready to launch their main concept. when he told me that i thought it was a awesome idea.
7:47 am
ended up going nuts. from that point on and a mendocino the joy of people's faces when they go in and see the things that we put together. i actually ended up walking away purchasing the some of these. are you selling anything along that. we are there to get people to experience. look at how much money disney has made. you guys have gone to some successive links here. tell us more about what went into creating the space. how did you do it. from that three pop-ups to go to now.
7:48 am
we've a special projects team. their full-time work on these organizations. as well as local artist. people just come together. we see that with artist and people diving in. have you seen any politicians come in. we don't kiss and tell. and you get to see you. will be watching the developments. hop on the bandwagon. which team topped the list this year.
7:49 am
[music] ♪ sea-doo has the most affordable watercraft on the market starting at just $5,299 and up to $500 rebate visit today buttrust angie's list to help., [ barks ] visit today.
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>> and the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia 76ers pick markel fouts jared joins us with the whole recap. never as many freshmen picked in an opening round of the nba draft as lasting. they took him another point guard. manzo ball. ball. he went to the los angeles lakers as expected.
7:53 am
they have missed the playoffs for years in a row. he declared his team would go to the playoffs next season. after he went to the lakers jason tatum went along to the celtics. they went to the sacramento kings. as what is the world's most expensive car. five years and hundred $25 million. they post the highest paid annually.
7:54 am
there try to get rights to stream ten nfl games. they are looking to charge $2.8 million for ad packages that will include 32nd commercials. they will run out of a lifestream. who do you think has the greatest fan base according to a study at the business school. the greatest fan base belongs to america's team. the dallas cowboys. this is measured by three factors. the dr. lewis found that they had first it in fan and social equity. in the social side. we take a look at the that top five there.
7:55 am
and then if we look at the bottom five teams into the nfl as far as who has the best ones. the cost of tickets is a lot lower in kansas city and in some of those other places. a big-time cincinnati bengals fan. the lowest fan base. let's talk about the major shakeup that will happen. the owner of the jets what he johnson would be nominated by the president to serve in the uk. it has been rumored since late last year. his younger brother will become the chairman and ceo of the new york jets if dissemination goes through and is accepted. one of the most interesting
7:56 am
things is that when you get a tax adjusted base it's probably going to be the best one. aaron rodgers is looking to get a contract extension and he's moving from california to nevada. that he backed load his contract because i would've done that. it's still a lot of money. good point. good point. i will look at the fan base for the jets. a lot of people don't like trump. >> it's a blue-collar world and they love it. the determining factor is just win. when you look at sports, and football there are more fans and supporters of this president within football than with any other sport i feel like.
7:57 am
i would agree with that. except the giants. when you look at all of the seems teams they are championship teams. you put the super bowl among all those teams and they just dominate. happy weekend. ignoring the dangers of heart disease. the surprising reason why more reason -- more women are skipping the trip to the doctor's office. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today.
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learn more at
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well back happen freeway thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday june 23rd top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the battle to overhaul obamacare o senator mitch mcconnell unveiling his plan four republicans opposing the bill does not have enough votes to pass president trump says he is hopeful a deal will be reached watch. >> there are also four good guys four friends of mine i think will probably get there we will have to see, you know, health care is a very difficult situation. maria: former president obama jumping into political fray his response to the senate bill he is speaking out about it, on facebook nancy blows wisconsin fighting for her political future she says she is not going anywhere we have the latest on the back backlash within the democratic
8:01 am
party hollywood meanwhile, targeting the president again, first it was kathy griffin look at this actor johnny depp joking about president trump getting assassinating outrage coming up heart disease number one killing for women many skip trips to the doctors office the surprising reason coming up america's larges banks clear the first round of stress tests the stoke mostly on news, moving, as investors wait for details on dividends we are expecting they will have more money to pay out no dividends, he futures indicating a lower opening for brjs dow industrials down 35 points, nasdaq down 6, s&p 500 just into positive territory minutes ago the indices down across the board worst is dax in germany 3/4 of one pert asia overnight markets higher exception of hong kong, the big winners in china shanghai composite up a third of a percent as was korean kospi index, toy kevin sop realistic
8:02 am
they may have you want to go renovate how your kids can be cooking up a storm just like you, coming up this morning. all of those coming up this morning, joining me to talk about it president of lee carter here market strategist kevin kelly here, david webb joining us this morning great to see everybody great so far. >> amazing show, and i mean we had that "game of thrones" top up on i am -- that may never die -- >> you always want -- >> the food. >> i am like all right i got to -- people. >> health care notes here focused on the bar? >> i want both. >> can we have the cocktails over health care? >> a need to want to drink -- okay? >> -- a big hour former chief of staff mac mack lattery here benghazi survivor coauthor 13 hours, and stuart varney will weigh in don't miss a moment.
8:03 am
stay with us for the big hour we kick off now with a rocky road ahead for the senate health care plan now, four republican senators have said they are coming out against the bill, saying it does not go far enough, former president obama has jumped back into the political fray. blake burman at with white house with latest. good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you numbers game on this one is very, very simple, no democratic snenators are expected to vote republicans can only have two senators fall off right now that number stands at four. those four republican senators are the following, they are ted cruz rand paul mike lee johnson say they cannot support this republican plan as it stance however they add, they are open to negotiations. take a listen to president trump on "fox & friends" this morning about those four very holdouts. >> they said very -- it is a very, very narrower path i
8:04 am
think going to get there we have four very good people that -- not that they are opposed they like to get certain changes, and we will see if we can take care. >> president obama, weighed in on the obamacare repeal and replace efforts yesterday writing in a lengthy post the following quote, the senate bill is not a health care bill, it is a massive transfer of wealth from middle class poor families to the richest people in america. yesterday nancy pelosi described it as a ruse for a tax bill. >> this bill that republicans put out is yet again a tax bill. disantagonized as health care bill they need this for tax breaks on the high end. >> mcconnell said he wants a vote in the nat potentially as soon as next week, here at the white house yesterday, they kept on saying that this is a negotiation phase, there is
8:05 am
very clearly here a gap among republicans that needs to get closed at some point here in the near future. maria: we will see about that when you see four senators coming out saying we can't sign on to this, you get worried because, you only have a couple days left in order to stick to a timeline i know our earlier guest said we don't want a timeline, the clock is ticking. >> clock is ticking frustrating to watch to say this is a fake deadline, no. it is a deadline. they ran on this promise to the american people, they american people wanted tax reform, they wanted health care reform, what is happening with republicans they are losing the health care debate because we are seeing obamacare is getting more particular not less pb, as they take time to get this done. >> well, look let's talk more about this joeng us is former white house chief of staff under president bill clinton mac mechan
8:06 am
mac. >> has what is your take you have seen in clinton white house you've got division, how do you see it? >> well, i think i have also seen, before, when president clinton put forward economic deficit instruction plan vote ever so tight that first year, had we not been able to pass that bill, in the first year, given the focus on the economy, it would have been a very difficult road ahead so i think president trump facing the same thing we've got the wizard of the senate mcconnell trying to go through this path, i think i think it is tight clearly timeline is tight but i thought four senators left room for the art of the deal we will see if president trump and mitch mcconnell can make that in a tightframe. >> we want to talk to you about the democratic party after five special election losses some liberal lawmakers reportedly considering ousting
8:07 am
pelosi president donald trump weighed in during by on "fox & friends" listen how the president addressed this. >> i hope she doesn't step down i think that it would be a very, very sad day for republicans if she steps down. i would be very, very disappointed if she did. i would like to keep her right where she is because our record is extraordinary against her but we will see what happens there has been a lot of talk about her stepping down, we will have to see what happens. maria: what do you think are democrats in disarely. >> o i don't think going to use president trump as democratic adviser on political. >> that is my point maria. so -- i think this, first of all, i like nancy pelosi she is a friend. about seasonabling i think you see two overreact to elections not to put a positive spin on it very straightforwardly democrats ran stronger than
8:08 am
many people anticipated in -- in republican districts so i think we at least did put some perspective here, having said that, having said that, leader pelosi has been a consequential figure master of the house in terms of legacy there is no doubt that i am for a -- a centrist vital center big tent there is going to be discussion about this i think a good thing. >> one of the things that i am impressed with not going to say impressed with pelosi hearsay but plan message is unbelievable people repeat what she says reframed health care bill now as giving money to wealthy. and talking about it as if they are taking away care from the american people. and then, it trickles down so seems like we might be talking about this but she seems a figurehead a leader that seems to trickle down. >> i think you make a good point. it -- reflects what i just the points i tried to just note. going back to health care,
8:09 am
when maria asked me about it earlier, i think this is a very difficult moment, health care is a very important issue. i am very regretful to see it on partisan basis if it does move forward obamacare has serious issues to address you are right public opinion polls right now do not reflect the favorably on republican bill leader pelosi is pointing that out making that case i think making it very thoughtfully he will kwebtly persuasively. >> this is what i -- hear about this from inspector pelosi a tax, it is a break for the wealth. she can't define what that break is they talk about medicaid expansion about don't talk about block grant programs in the senate discussions, the fact is they are actually selling a narrative over reality and as far as leadership she is a big money racer for the democrats that is one of the reasons not going anywhere, but why not deal with a debate on the what is in the bill versus not
8:10 am
reading it and just attacking it four minutes after it comes out. >> we need a serious debate about a serious issue, on health care. and certainly not an easy subject, as president once suggested quite contrary, american people are concerned about this for good reason a big piece of our economy as we all know so i think there will be a real debate but you have to -- also, be fair. >> are democrats -- to table on the debate are they going to attack the fact is anthem left two other states wisconsin indiana 20 counties in ohio less choices, and there are requests going forward in four to five states, for raises from 16 to 32% in premiums looking ahead to 2018. so we're talking about a remarkable change, and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi not telling the truth about what is even in discussion draft. >> due agree with that? >> i don't would i like to respond quickly, fefrl i did
8:11 am
acknowledge that the affordable health care act had serious issues, earlier in my comments, so i agree with you the points you raised there, secondly the way the republicans have approached health care reform, has not given the democrats an opportunity to participate in that debate you can make a case, wouldn't have made any difference but that is not the right way to legislate this critical issue in my opinion. >> what about just obstructionism going on, and i mean do you think that voters will hold them to account in 2018 elections cooling voters will say you are party of no you are the underwater stopped president trump's agenda from getting executed, or do you think people forget? >> no. i think the american people are ready for the congressmen and congresswoman they elected to do their job make lives better. maria: right. >> so i think democrats need to look where they can reach common ground with president trump but it is incumbent
8:12 am
maria, on the president, and the executive branch of government to reach out and try to make that happen as well. maria: you are right, the thing is with the obstructionism coming out of lawmakers on the left that is making it okay for hollywood to say whatever they want about donald trump seriously, outreach is brewing -- >> it is a serious point. >> i mean outrage brewing over comments from johnny depp that he made about the president. saying that he wants to assassinate him lessen to what he said last night i want to get your reaction. >> jump in, going to be -- lau. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> you know i don't understand why these people think it is okay to just you know, talk this way, he went on to say i think he needs help and there are a lot of wonderful dark dark places he could go your reaction? >> well, it is totally unacceptable we've got far he
8:13 am
too much venom hostility, over the top comments, we saw that in the campaign, unfortunately. and we're going to have to do much better as you can particularly after the tragedy with congressman scalise and i know like and respect. that is that is such a strong signal for us to really move to a much better place in terms of our civility and rhetoric and i don't -- it maybe a good one-liner of certain crowd it is not acceptable at all. >> at all, good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> coming up next heart disease number one killer for women that isn't enough to get some to go to the doctors office surprising reason more and more women are skipping their checkups then banks make a pass first phase stress test how could pave the way for a president trump's regulation plan in terms of rolling back regs back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:14 am
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>> welcome back, british police are no i confirming it was a refrigerator starting deadly fire at the tower in west london cheryl casone with details. cheryl: maria the british government has ordered an examination after investigators say appliance sparked that detailed fire 79 people died from the 24 story apartment building in flames, british police say manslaughter charges under consideration that
8:17 am
investigation is ongoing. well, too many pimple are skipping a visit to the doctor but the reason why that is unusual. a recent survey funny that women want to lose weight before they go to the doctor. but considering the correlation between being overweight heart disease researchers found this troubling nearly half women questioned did not know he heart did see number one killer of welcome heart association says about cardiovascular disease causes many deaths every year. >> the annual stress test showing that nation's 34 big banks gain strengthening in a recovering economy saying they are strong enough to with stand a global recession could give ammunition to trump administration to easy rules put in place after the crisis the second more critical part
8:18 am
of the stress test next week central bank announces whether they approve or disapprove of the bank capital plans stock to watch banks doing well yesterday. maria: the stress tests no, not big a deal as they were, years ago, when they were raising capital got plenty at this point. >> they do, this should be good for all the regional banks right now because he they've had so much regulation forced down throat especially when they met certain 10 billion, 50 billion can o deploy that capital into the economy into a revenue generating segment of the business as opposed to a defensive -- >> post dodd-frank being put in place regional mid sized banks they had gray area created uncertainty in regulation, government could literally come in and say sorry you got too much liability, we don't have to tell you why so this is going to help those mid sized banks. maria: .
8:19 am
>> they want fiscal policy you will see share policies rip roar. >> people say one of the issues with too much capital is banks held back they weren't lending that was the issue, see if that loosens up still ahead battle over health care weighing on markets investors reacting to the senate plan to repeal and replace obamacare disney takes a second start at enhance solo spin-off they believe director ron howard is a friendly -- >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ your insurance company
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about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back, investors waiting for a progress on president trump's
8:23 am
agenda optimism over deregulation, tax cuts as well as health care reform has market record since election day up 17% on the dow industrials, since election day, joining me right now jeffrey, he is double ryan deputy chief investment officer good to see you. >> nice to see you. thank you so much for joining us what do you think about that how reliant do you see stocks for out of washington tax policy. >> as you mentioned since election day, i mean the stocks have been on a tear -- sectors, should benefit from at the reforms regulatory relief people are expecting the marketplace, however some of that optimism weaned more i do haveness. >> at a critical point everybody discussing right now this is a telltale moment on whether or not the administration can get one of the key points that they ran on.
8:24 am
>> you've got to allocate xa will. >> right. >> running smart beta strategy top fund last three years. >> -- congratulations. >> thank you. thank you very successful, product, and what we're trying to do is allocate capital through cheapest sectors of the market focuses on sector rotation. >> looking for vam. >> looking for fall to long term servers he will vaitdz valuations perhaps in u.s. stock market, so it is one need to stay invested we always advise clients to do so best way to try to buy cheaper parts of the market, of course, another thing we favor, this year, train coming in 2017 allocating capital away from u.s. market, about a lot of people very o overly u.s. markets one of the best o o performing sectors glob equity market europe looks cheaper there have been tensions but there is productivity increases on that side there is a lot of tailwinds on that side, yes there are some problems gee
8:25 am
politically gee politically that is the way everywhere. >> more in u.s. europe or both. >> both from valuation and to metrics europe looks more attractive so what we find a lot of investors tend to be overlaetsdz to u.s. relative to global benchmarks or gdp, the u.s. economy is 25% global gdp approximately, but about 55% global equity from a perspective of opportunity we think international markets are starting to look more attractive getting tailwinds from political side as well. >> let's not forget they have money there still with similar lsu packages in europe we are seeing rates go higher, kevin kelly with me just said look how is double line handling bonds right now given the fact that the fed is raising rates, what what is your take on bonds. >> very interesting, the fed started tightening cycle
8:26 am
raising interest rates front end of the curve bond markets rallied on back end of the curve, curve flattened as we say in bond world that portends some problems long run but a lot is really driven by the inflation data that has come out so all on hiking regime hiked three times last six half months what you see here, is that -- from the perspective of the inflation data that is not going to be supportive going forward next couple minutes so something has to change underlying fundamental data for fed to continue tightening regime, it was interesting starting to announce balance sheet reduction from still lsu post financial crisis, but the bond markets, yields did not move, moved down significantly morning of fed meeting on inflation, as inflation data continues to disappoint we look structurally in components likely inflation data will not be completely
8:27 am
supportive of fed hike near future priced 45 to 55% chance would be additional rate hike in lockstep with fed's communication policy. >> you agree with that? >> i think the probability is right, but in order for the fed to be able to raise i think they have to have a pivot point or turn in inflation upward trajectory trend not there. >> jeffrey was one of the few out there stuck his neck out, around the election, and said i think donald trump will win, become president obviously he was right. he invested around that, are you worried that we seem to have four senators pushing back on health care plan and we know that that is critical to the rest of the agenda. >> yeah, i don't know if concerned right now we try not to invest politically, obviously, it isn't a big impact in the market today, however, if four senators block health care reform bill, it doesn't bode wet for trump's agenda. maria: a problem. >> it is a problem, and so
8:28 am
idea part of the deal the deal making not coming through right now financial markets belief it bond market doesn't believe it as much as equity market, this is valuation if you don't get trump agenda through earnings need to catch up to come from these price levels a lot riding on it a harbiner how policy worked. >> jeffrey good to see you. >> thank you so much is for joining us, jeffrey sherman, doubleline, deepening diplomatic cries over qatar saudi positives steep list of did he mandz to end blockade against qataris, bed bath & beyond in a spiral after earnings miss stock down 10 1/2% on slipping in-store sales this morning back in minute. think again.
8:29 am
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maria: cheryl: maria: cheryl: happen friday thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. friday, june 23rd top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. big day 1600 pennsylvania avenue president trump will sign two acts aimed at practicallying inadvertency this afternoon xhoov keeping his promise to help heroes. >> the move as administration pushes to get things done no d.c., president trump, told "fox & friends" today just how hard it has been to work with democrats on his agenda. >> they are right now obstructionists all they want
8:32 am
to do is try and obstruct i think they will do much better as party if they got along with us. if they called us and said let's work on health care together, let's work on tax cuts together. and tax reform. >> more ahead on battle in d.c., the diplomatic rift in the middle east continues, to skate saudi arabia has issuing a long list of demands to end the blockade against qatar including country cut all ties with muslim brouhaha hooded. >> bed bath & beyond shares sinking disappointing earnings we break down the numbers as bed bath & beyond plummet 10%, fix it he will. >> you don't have to do this -- >> the -- navigating asteroid -- >> never tell me odds. >> odds are that hans solo film on track what it means as ron howard takes the reins. >> markets like this futures a lower opening for the broader
8:33 am
averages dow industrials down 30 points nasdaq down 5, s&p 500 squeaking out a gain this morning, in europe, the major indices lower today take a look germany worst o pro forma down 3/41%, asia overnight, markets closed mostly higher, as you see there shanghai composite korea best on upside a third of a per cent apiece the cost of toys could give parents a sinking feeling big business of kitchens for kids. wait till you see kitchens they are greet we've got them on set first stop study this half an hour, saudi arabia,, bahrain united or ab emirates presenting a list of demands to end crisis including cutting ties to muslim brotherhood, secretary of state rex tillerson addressed the crisis listen. >> our desire for unity within gulf within gcc, redirect all efforts on war to defeat isis
8:34 am
against terror in the regional. >> 1 hours what really happened in benghazi also benghazi attack survivor, with us right now thanks very much spending time good to see you. >> thank you. >> how significant do you think this is i think a huge story that qatar, is being basically, ostracized. >> how do you see it. >> one better example when we released some of the worse that we had in guantanamo where did they go to qatar when they got off the plane, you didn't see them getting off the plane in handcuffs they got when hugging their people that were accepting them there, and that is a direct reflection on stamp that qatar has i believe. >> at the same time, the u.s. has its main military base for the middle east in qatar, so -- how do you see this, i mean youth you you you've got a
8:35 am
country people say support terrorism close with muslim brotherhood president does not call them out as it yet but a military base there. >> i think one of the issues there is as we have seen in all over the middle east is you have factions within a specific government that are either supportive of the u.s. or against it or supportive up front in one area, and then also supportive of other -- groups and different parts of that same government, it is convoluted part of dealing with middle east that we have to navigate around it is very difficult. >> mark, good to see you brother, david here, look, the issue is not just a conlooutdz nature we have talked about this before but also the fact that you have a sunni shia dynamic going on in the middle east, and even in qatar that complex -- terrorism in qatar
8:36 am
you stated quite clearly how they come hf plane that is one example, but what are we going to do about the funding stream that comes out of there can we do anything about it? >> you know i don't know if there is, i mean i think we have to look at it -- as in issue in middle east from a multifaceted approach i mean we have to impose sanctions juice -- use allies in regional on factions within qatar government to quit funding of organizations that we are not privy so to the supportive of let muslim brotherhood, you know -- there is a lot of factions within the muslim brotherhood as well but you look at their actions they can say one thing you look at actions of the muslim brotherhood tells you whether a terrorist organization or not. >> do you think this is a great time actually for american diplomacy to make this a mutual conversation because we have seen in saudi
8:37 am
arabia they support wahhabism, one of the -- one of the worst forms of islam that has happened. so we can direct conversations on both sides not only the saudi government but also the qatari government to take down and enforce the laws and politicals against terrorism including funding that you are talking about. >> well, i think a great opportunity pretends i think how we approach that is something going to be significant to our leadership, in the middle east in the future. >> we're seeing right now there is you know all these sort of smaller terrorism attacks, and when you think about this kind of you know what is going on in qatar what we're seeing out there, there is higher threats what do you think is going to happen should we be concerned? >> well i think we got to be concerned with terrorism all the time. you know. their tactics lately have been changed from big dynamic state
8:38 am
backed terrorism to pushing these "lone wolf" attacks i don't know maybe "lone wolf" is wrong way to describe it because they are influenced, encouraged by other factions such as isis and al-qaida but it is easy to get one person in it is have a reasonable doubt to you know, we have to be right every day they only have to be right once having somebody in place here, makes it simpler for them yerz for them. >> what should u.s. do in your view right now, in terms of all countries saying we're cutting ties with qataris should u.s. get into this? >> well i think we have to, i think we have to provide leadership, and how deep we get into it is -- i think is up to the administration and you know i trust their decisions on that with who is in place at state department and department of defense, and national security. but we have to utilize these opportunities to provide our leadership to use it, and influence those allies in
8:39 am
other areas within middle east to come around to our way of thinking at least, to our benefit. maria: yeah, it was extraordinary yesterday kevin kelly when we heard the news, that qatar airways wants to take a big stake american airlines amr ceo speaking out this morning, disavowing parker reportedly unhappy, as qatar airways government and they want to buy 10% stake in american airlines according to "the wall street journal" what do you make this have. >> interesting because the open skies laws and rules that have been going on, basically what happened is qatari government has been subsidizing pricing a lot are qatari airways doug parker saying we are not going to talk or negotiate we don't want to deal with you at all with qataris could come in purchase up to 4.75% legally no problem, to get to that 10% threshold, they would have to
8:40 am
go through the about regulatory in united states a max 24 points, 7.5% u.s. airlines doug packesh wants nothing to do with they they are saying we want to own you passively. >> right qataris are saying. >> passive ownership dealing with complex government that many problems and foreign enterprise like qatar so a we've got to stay away from that. >> fascinating that they want to buy this stake just at the same time that all these countries are saying you support terrorism, and now they want to buy into american airlines it is extraordinary actually so that is we're going to follow obviously closely i want about to ask you about president reform of veterans affairs president trump to sign legislation designed to protect whistle-blowers at va to protect prosecute from retaliation good idea?
8:41 am
>> you know i think anything to reform the va where it is at right now is headed the right direction, i mean we have to take care of those that have been taking care of us for so many years. you know the guys that put feet on those yellow footprints swear uphold constitution defend this country need to be taken care of we haven't been doing that with va. >> tell us, quick, mark i know it is in the books, when you survive the benghazi attack what was it like for you on the ground? >> well, you know it was -- chaos, controlled chaos on our part is you know you don't know who the enemy is, you are not going to they don't wear uniforms you really don't make that decision to shoot until you see someone pointing a gun at you. and you know small unit tactics we have to gen on guys to our left and right, and also depend on the administration for the support that is needed and expected when you are in that kind of situation.
8:42 am
>> when they first said a video -- september 11 we should point out, were you aware that this was retrospectively right -- was terrorism right away. >> why he when we got the call at annex the call was not that we were being attacked it was we were overran. so they were overran the state department security element was overran so quickly that just so overwhelmed there was no chance of them -- if a protester they would have heard something outside they would have had time to prepare for it, and at least given acknowledgement to us as well they had a situation that could be developing there was none of that. >> have thanks very much for sharing the story we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you mar. >> we have breaking news right now fbi giving update on white powder letter send to karen handel's home and others in
8:43 am
the rocks we'll georgia area letters sent to area media including our local atlanta filth here is what we know lefts tested negative for known hazards fbi is investigating, a suspicious white powder included in a letter send to karen hannukah obviously are car handel won georgia special there he goes ex. >> this love trump hate thing has a lot of destruction terrorism navy when they go low we go high december despicable disgusting. >> are the four opposing health care bill against it -- >> we are taking a look whether ron howard can save upcoming hans solo "star wars" spin-off, back in a minute. he ♪
8:44 am
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8:47 am
maria: retail worse bed bath & beyond same-store sales worse than coupled nicole petallides with details. >> good morning that is right we talk about amazon how it continues to really pressure retailers bed bath & beyond no different the same store sales missed profit they talk about transactions, in the store stock miss means fewer transactions and also less money being spent at that cashier the stock down 10 1/2% so really going to add to the pressure the stock has seen this year for example, down about 17%, disney on the other hand another mover down over 1% despite positive comments in bar ronz morgan stanley said going to pop 25% because of theme parks here is big news ron howard stepping in, you have kathleen kennedy president of lucasfilms picking him to step in despite the fact three quarters of a film is done because there are fights between the director and the executive, they want
8:48 am
to keep it light they want to now have the spin-off hans solo spin-off to represent what george lucas started they think ron how tenured do it a tweet from him on point talking about how much he loves being a part of the show there it is beyond -- to add voice to "star wars" universe being a fan since 1977, your friends will be very busy at stock exchange your talking about over 20 billion dollars being moved around in energy, as one area that we will see inflows technology, on outside financials consumer staples. >> that rebound usually creates volatility we watch for that gop senate plan is out four conservative senators pushing back say they will not support the legislation, without changes joining us right now host of "varney & company" stuart varney you have a theory on this. >> do i have a theory on this
8:49 am
interesting. >> pushing back what this is going to mean. >> look if you were a republican senator would you want to be the republican senator who on the day of the vote says no? and it goes crashing to defeat? you have wrecked president trump's growth agenda you have wrecked have gop's reputation as governing party stuck country with a collapsing obamacare would you want to be that senator. >> i think not. so when push comes to shove the four saying we don't accept in present form when push comes to shut shove at the end of the day i suspect they don't a negotiating position will get arrange to voting for this particular bill i cannot imagine the republican party saying no, we're not going to do it. >> i think i agree with you stu they know they know what they are up against. >> negotiating position. >> exactly, nothing wrong with that, just politics we are
8:50 am
making sausage get input saunl at end nothing wrong with that that is what we are seeing is going to be very contentious i think we will get a why vote the end of it. >> see you 10 minutes you will have more on this "varney & company" top of the hour right after "mornings with maria" join stuart varney, "varney & company" at 9:00 a.m., place play set with everything including kitchen sink check out cooking up fun with friendly kitchens might want you to renovate your home wait till you see what kids are working on back in a minute. in 12 weeks. yeah. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver.
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morning, play time got more expensive preschool kitchen and food sets are the latest toy trend taking households by storm parents paying up to look at pictures in the past
8:54 am
year alone toy industry has made 53 million dollars off expensive kitchen sets bring in marissa bartola we are you've to seeing children play in bright colored plastic playhouses so cool looking loving them, kids in the studio, tell us about this trend. >> so you know parents are really looking for different ways to unplug, so they don't want kids neflz in front of tablet screen hours at a time want to return to play times upgraded. >> i would have been in heaven if i had this in this all at a all night, the chelsea all in one pottery barn kids, kitchen looks like out of a home design look how you gorgeous. >> it is made of solid wood, has beautiful brass details on here everything opens closes nice size not overwhelming --
8:55 am
>> right here. a water sink. >> a sink that i have in my kitchen. >> everything opens and he closes, knobs work. >> do you think this -- encourages them to want to cook. >> absolutely we call these aspirational toys when kids can role-play imagine themselves doing something it opens door for want to about many a chef. >> this is 499 dollars, a little bit of a higher price point you get a really high value. >> you can see a beautiful -- >> upup to espresso kitchen a lower price point lot for kids. >> this is from kid cavitraft 1 dollars. >> i love cherry wood stainless steel appliances my dream kitchen. >> looks like mine too. >> everything opens. >> a smartphone.
8:56 am
>> put this together or buy liking. >> you have to assemble this kids play with this a long time. >> a home -- for kitchen. >> taking orders. >> then grand walk-in kitchen very popular among parents. >> this is big enough, as you can see, for multiple kids to play one time awesome, comes with 103 piece being a access release. >> 274.99, easy to clean indoor outdoor kitchen perfect. >> you are saying for two years old and up. >> have yes, so these are really -- preschool age range 2 to 5 years old. >> all right you little people, we're coming at you. thank you so much great stuff, toy insider we will be right back final thoughts awesome panel today.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> welcome back. time for final thoughts with the all-star panel, kevin kelly. >> the biggest take away from the health care, it's not only health care, but it's about the economic circumstances that come about in repealing some of the obamacare taxes on investments, will be good for the economy. tax consumption. >> please get it done by the july break, don't let the democrats take it over.
9:00 am
maria: join me tonight 8 p.m. eastern, my interview with scott sperling and former presidential candidate carly fiorina: stuart, over to you. stuart: i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. you think they've learned, but they haven't, but they haven't. the hate comes from the left. actor johnny depp takes the stage and jokes about assassinating president trump. when was the last time an actor assassinated a president, he said, apparently referring to president lincoln. he says i'm not an actor, i lie. and said it with a smirk. and before that, it was the


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