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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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an all-time high. thank you for having us in your homes. hope you have a good weekend. charles payne is up next with "making money." don't go away. charles: the major indices higher for the week with the nasdaq regaining its momentum. but the big market story is president trump keeping another promise to protect the american worker and we'll show you how to make money. reuters reporting president trump has no intention of firing robert mueller, the special prosecutor. the president does find one of mueller's relationships bothersome. >> it's very, very good friends
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with comey, which is very bother some. the people who have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that standpoint. charles: this as a senate judiciary committee is looking for answers from former attorney general loretta lynch. joining me now. jim hanson. president trump has a problem with the relationship, the friendship, and the hiring of a lot of hillary clinton supporters. and these are people who plowed lots of money into hillary clinton's campaign. to the average person it doesn't feel they can be impartial. >> i doubt they can be impartial. the problem trump has is the
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democrats and their deep state allies have turned what was a reasonable look into whether russia tried to influence the election into an investigation into trump and pretty much everybody he has ever met. they ground trump to a halt. charles: he's talking more conciliatory about the reports. even though reports are he will fire mule per and everyone else. at least the white house is taking a different approach. not enabling their detractors much. >> can you imagine with mueller was best friends with trump and playing golf at mar-a-lago and had a long relationship through
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employment and friendship. the basic standard of ethics for executive employees would not he lou mueller to have this investigation. there are figure ethical codes that require employees of the federal government, which mueller is now, to avoid the impartiality in an investigation. at this point he has no choice but to disqualified himself from this case. charles: what if he doesn't? we heard this and a lot of people brought up the different statutes that cover this. it's pretty obvious why they exist. you don't want the appearance of impropriety or you be fairness. what happens if he goes along with this and comes to a conclusion that's not favorable for the white house. >> if he goes forward and the conclusion is against the white house, the investigation is tainted.
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it start to lack value and credibility. if he clears the white house, then i guess everyone goes on back to business. for it to truly be an independent investigation, and he's a lawyer representing the united states population and people, and his loyalty and duty is impartiality tide with the u.s. people, he need to fulfill that obligation. he shouldn't be on this case. the deputy d.o.j. asked him to step down plain and simple. charles: almost every day it feels hike. >> the hillary clinton crony or major donor. >> i think charles is pretty
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with russia, he's talking about america. he's setting the stock market straight. he's making sure we are winning 4-0 in these special elections. he's going ahead with the trump agenda. while they are talking russia, we are talking i think he's squeaky clean and he's enjoying them being distracted so he can get down to business. charles: i'm not sure what's going on within the white house itself, but i do know he time the public changes to most of the mainstream media they are hearing russia and trump in the same sentence. >> but they are finding nothing. given the voluminous amount of leakage probably from mueller's own office, they still managed to put nothing out there that hit trump.
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not even hit anybody close to him. man for the they got nibbles at. trump so far looked perfectly clean. if they don't have anything on him, or if they do, they would have leaked it already. >> the irony, the irony is i think most people -- we know trump was an average citizen businessman. i think most people didn't expect him to be that clean. even if they had found something, it probably wouldn't have affected his presidency. but the fact that he's so clean, that's amazing to people. charles: one thing that has come out of this is the situation with loretta lynch. we learned a lot of things with that tarmac meeting and the way comey was told how to than the investigation which was of course he was told to call it a matter. even he seemed to be alarmed by that.
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now it's official, there is a probe into this. do you think we are opening up perhaps a pandora's box for the democratic party with this? >> loretta lynch should have been investigated during the obama administration but the media was nowhere to be found. her investigation should have been a year ago. now that it's finally happening, thank god it's going forward for transparency in our government. everybody should be held to a high standard. i'm glad it's going forward. otherwise it would be -- investigation would be of conservatives and republicans and democrats and liberals would get this wonderful pass. charles: dianne feinstein is one of the people behind this. in plain sight, the f.b.i. director is being told how to massage a message to the public
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during an election campaign. it seems obvious that was the wrong thing to do. >> this isn't partisan. the issue is evidence based. the senate judiciary is considering probing something where there is evidence of a possible crime. contrast that with mueller's investigation where there is zero evidence. i think the american people are looking at trump's agenda saying let's get down to business. charles: we just got breaking news on hillary clinton. she just dropped a bomb on the gop. she just went nuclear. we'll have the details when we come back.
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charles: hillary clinton taking a brutal shot at the gop over healthcare. she tweeted forget death panels. if they pass this bill, they are the death party. congressman, thank you for joining us. being part of the death partyq if this bill goes through? >> that of laughable. the idea of death panels came in because of obamacare. then to immediately go with the republicans are trying to provide more health insurance to more people by somehow even slightly lessening how bad obamacare bill is itself, to make that kind of accusation is
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over the top. everybody knows it. that's the reason the democrats are in a bit of a spiral themselves and hillary clinton is largely to blame for that. it killed her campaign. charles: she is referencing a report that says doing the math, it would result in an additional 28,000 unnecessary deaths in this country. we know the cbo will score this monday. but that seems to be central to what president obama may have said here recently about the house bill, the one you did not vote for being quote-unquote mean. >> you know what the real meanness is where it's hard on people is when they can't afford to get insurance and obamacare brought premiums out of the range of most people. that's what's outrageous about
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all of this, people simply couldn't afford health insurance anymore. the republicans are trying to fix it. it doesn't go where it should go. but the real problem is you have got too much government meddling in the health insurance sector. charles: now that you said that. it feels to me if they find a way to pass this in the senate and it comes back to the house, it will put extraordinary pressure on you and your freedom caucus members. it will be more taxpayer money and you will have to make a stand. are you prepared to do that? >> i won't speak for anybody else but me. my constituent sent me here to completely repeal obamacare. not to keep spending taxpayer's money on this type of program. i would probably have to vote no on it. unless there is some major major
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reforms in there that simulate repeal which would drive down premiums, there is no way i can vote for that. charles: joining me now for more insight. boyd, you worked closely with senator lee. he was one of the first four to say he could not vote for this. what are your thoughts? they are trying to get it done before the july 4 holiday. it's obviously going to be a nail biter. >> most live because of the process. the way they have done this behind closed doors. that's a big problem. i don't understand why leader mcconnell is afraid of conservative principles winning the day. put it on the floor, let's debate, let's get a better bill. you will get some democrats to come along.
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but they might. if they have a debate about healthcare outcomes. we have got to get down to how does this impact the average mayor cans and how do we move that forward? we are in a 40-year transition in our healthcare system. it will be bumpy. this transformation is hard and difficult. but if we can't have a conversation about it and have to resort to the kind of rhetoric former secretary clinton is spewing, and it happens on both sides. >> i want to say that mitch mcconnell is afraid of conservative ideals. i think a lot of folks are playing politics. i like your boss and the other four members of congress, senators, who said they won't support this. i was on capitol hill decade ago where people would introduce legislation. then it would go to committee,
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then they would mark it up, and they might even have a hearing on it and it would go to the floor for a vote. are we really draining the swamp here? charles: where are they putting politics before policy? >> why are we rushing this before the 4th of july. why can't we go through a process where it really works. when they have the 104th congress and had the contract with america, we took our times and got results. two wrongs don't make a right. i'm a conservative, i'm a republican, but i think it's sad that republicans are pulling the same playbook and the same page out of the play book that obama did. why are we rushing this through? you guys voted to repeal this 60 times. why weren't you back then writing the policy? charles: if they went through the regular process and they
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communicated and i think that was the congressman from colorado who was one of the 13 who said he barely knew about it realistically only two or three people were involved in this process. if they were to broaden it out, how would it be workable for both sides. >> i think angela is right, i share that outrage for why are we doing this now. this is 1/6 of the economic. we have time to do it right. because we are doing political pieces first and political strategy first. even something simple like port built in there. the reason why we have so many uninsured is not that we are poor per or sicker as a nation. americans change jobs about every 3.8 years and they are unemployed for every 3-6 months. and if you have an accident or a diagnosis you are part of the
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uninsurable fool because of preexisting conditions. 367 buying insurance across state lines, you can get a lot of support for that. charles: that would be low-hanging fruit in my mind. should big government even be involved in healthcare reform in the first place? or should we let the private sector do it. we'll debate it next.
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charles: the senate gop healthcare bill will get a cbo score monday. there is no way government-controlled healthcare can deliver an he will gant
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solution it's between tried from communist soviet union to any number of socialist european nations. therein lies the rub. why have republicans joined democrats in aban doing and free-market solution to healthcare. rca introduced the first color tv, it cost $1,000. it was the same price as a new chevy. in today's numbers it's $9,000. production costs come down. joining me to discuss, eric bow lands, i guess it's too late. i don't get how abandoning the
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flea markets here. >> we have government spends about a third of the $3 trillion that we spend every year on healthcare comes from the federal government. so it's there and it's not going away. but for decades we have been adding more sperndle and subjects does. and i don't know that we have seen the results you need from that. president obama's economic advisors said you could eliminate third of medicare spending without impacting health outcomes. you are not seeing a return on all that money. probably trying a different tactic would be right. charles: you have been in part of this in the private sector. you have been part in the government sector. you know better than anyone else how it works. is there an elegant free market solution out there? >> the government is paying for
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half of healthcare in the united states. i like to ask the dr. phil question, how is that working for you. we talk about how broken the system is. the government is doing half of it. is there a more elegant solution in if the government is going to be involved, we have done it right. the medicare advantage where we outsourced to private insurance companies to manage medicare and managed medicaid. so if the government is going to be involved, those are more elegant solutions that respect the private marketplace, keep competition and hopefully put the patient at the center. but when we do that, we have got to keep our sticky fingers as bureaucrats off it because we want to hyper regulate it instead of passing it over in a coucher-type thing.
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that's where it gets dangerous. charles: it seems unthinkable the go won' -- the gop won't coe with a bill. there are at least 9 people that are a no or pushing back on this. >> there will be a lengthy period of negotiations. i would be surprised if there is a vote next week. i think we'll see a lengthy period of time, maybe some changes made to the bill. senators johnson and paul and lee have made and good case for changes that need to be made. you just have to roll back more of the regulations from obamacare that this bill maintains, and you have to look at the medicaid expansion portion which is something this legislation wouldn't get rid of that until 2025. do you think republicans will win the next three successive elections?
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charles: it's not a coincidence, four of the nine that are on the fence come from state that expanded medicaid. obamacare is imploding. if the gop doesn't figure out will this morph into some sort of single payer? >> that's the problem. i think republicans will push something over the finish line, because the implosion of obamacare will leave a hole that somebody is going to fill with an election. that's why we did part d for a drug benefit because that gap was going to happen. charles: we have run out of time, but i had to get that last piece from you. both you guys agree something will be pushed over the finish line. appreciate it. remember when progressives used to rail against burning books
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and censorship. social justice warriors are running amuck again.
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so how old do you want to be when you retire? uhh, i was thinking around 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure... ok, like what? but i thought we were supposed to be talking about investing for retirement? we're absolutely doing that. but there's no law you can't make the most of today. what do you want to do? i'd really like to run with the bulls. wow. yea. hope you're fast. i am. get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change. investment management services from td ameritrade. charles: so last week i asked for good summer book, check this out wealth partly in politics by thomasville. it's too bad the high school students in alabama won't be able to read it because he's one of many leading authors who are banned from ap government class this is a local -- and planes
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that they were inappropriate and unbalanced. talk about a reading list that even former president ronald reagan was banned. lawrence let me start with you. it's so funny because progressives and liberals are always don't bar books, don't censor. >> this just shows you that though left is trying to take over the brains of our children and we should should be cautious that they are literally targeting the main people that are essentially the modern day enforcers of conservatism and libertarian principles. if parents don't rise up and start looking at the education of their kids are getting in the books they are bringing home come the social sites that they are on they are going to destroy this generation. there are to taken over college campuses and now they are going to the high schools and middle schools. charles: my son was a conservative in fifth grade because of us but it's not
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unusual although this is shocking because there is some good books on that list. >> it really is shocking and we are seeing what's happening on college campuses trickle down to younger and younger age groups. i ended up looking through teen vogue and the agenda was so overly progressive but the bigger point is the left-right now is obsessed with being inclusive, inclusive, inclusive and suddenly confronted with an idea that they'd disagree with and you are racist orb mess we are going to shut down this conversation. the important is for students to be learning critical things and being exposed exposed to overriding of ideas and figuring out what they believe. charles: this is in alabama. we are not talking about san francisco or new york city. this is alabama that this is happening. >> yeah, my sweet home. i love alabama today disagree with julia on this one. what shocked me is they actually found a conservative teacher
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with the conservative book on a reading list. how far did they have to look for that? it shows the hypocrisy of the left so open-minded that their brains just fall right out. charles: let's talk about the hypocrisy with progresses because every now and when they bump into each other and that was the case when i gave police chief was banned from a pride march this of course happening in minneapolis after the recent court verdict. there was outrage in their shoes right now just moments ago by the way they have reversed the decision. the march organizers are going to allow the police chief to join and apparently she has agreed. julien you wrote about this. i'm happy to see the police taking the high road but it's amazing they draw conclusion except when they don't want to up --. >> this is about intersection on is the keyword for this but it's
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really about exclusionary politics and getting power but in this case what was so powerful is the general public did not agree with it. i was looking through their facebook pages today and it gave officers talking about this is hurtful and something they wanted to participate in first their entire lives and having been banned for it in that backlash made a difference. we have seen this on college campuses. >> this isn't new, charles. we can take this all the way the president -- a supporter of the community in the kennedy. people may forget that barack obama wasn't really a supporter. president trump belief that they government shouldn't be involved and he allows transgender see is what other bathroom they want but they still basham and still target him. he started with his own private business. charles: this is more about the progressive movement themselves and their false ideology or their false messaging.
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you don't fire on messaging you just try to stop selling it to everyone else. meanwhile gains for the third straight dan president trump may be on the verge of a trade war. main street, you are going to love for what he's going to debut next week and by the way ticket look at this video produced one guy that isn't letting anyone get in his way. i dig him. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides. right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. i needed something more to help control my type 2 diabetes. my a1c wasn't were it needed to be.
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serious side effects may include pancreatitis, which can be fatal. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin, increases your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may make existing kidney problems worse. once-weekly trulicity may help me reach my blood sugar goals. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar, activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. charles: breaking news hillary clinton -- this health care bill tweeting short time ago if the republicans pass this bill they are the death party.
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charles: that continues -- the market continues to consolidate. you see this rotation still the name of the game. the technology coming on strong powered by takeover talks with western digital and the acolyte. homebuilders associated industries also got off to a good start today because of that new home sales report that some median home prices surged more than 11% month-to-month. the hottest stocks in today's market where metals. u.s. steel surging almost 6% and olympic still almost 5%. this report suggests the trump administration is very close to leveling an import for his combined with higher tariffs on imports. the administration will be using a trade expansion act in 1962 sort of ironic that they are going to use up that to level the playing field. president trump and wilbur ross believe section 232 gives them a white authority and white -- to
6:41 pm
act based on national security. the couple lines that i think stand out the president recognized the further relationship of the welfare to our national security and then it goes on to say the impact of foreign competition on a economic welfare of individual domestic industries in any substantial unemployment decrease in revenue government loss of skills or investment. president trump recognized the close relation on economic recommendation to our national security. the impact of foreign competition on the economic world of individual domestic imagery's and any substantial unemployment decrease of revenues and government loss or skills. the bottom line come this is wall street very nervous. they are screaming about a. war but you know that what they are doing on main street? they are cheering, i'd president trump another promise kept wall street's editor glenn hall. glenn, who is right here? >> we are on the verge of it trade war that's going to derail
6:42 pm
her economy oars as president trump standing up for the guy? >> i guess it's a little of both maybe. there are fears of a trade war might be legitimate when you are putting across-the-board quotas will they retaliate will this lead to a wto ruling that benefits the administration if they do this? with that allow other countries to call national security on our products and goods that we want to ship to them? that could have a repercussion but in the short term if you are u.s. steel or any of these other steel makers and the less you are going to get a pricing advantage and we have seen some of that. charles: you mentioned wto world trade organization. we got all these countries and try to hash it out. we have these disputes, to hash it out in the same thing happens again and we have a dispute and rehash it on the same thing happens again. i think president trump would use this opportunity to say the world trade organization has no dominion over us. we are not going to listen to
6:43 pm
them anymore. think the american public would love it. >> for the populist side that appeals to, the donald trump appeal to absolutely and the obama administration was working true to to wtop the town demonstrations as we are going to do things our way because america first, right? has been a popular message with his base. the question is what would the negative repercussions be and how quickly would they be filmed if others retaliated in national security to block u.s. products? are you were a? >> the steel industry and its narrow sense is not a bigot trigger for an massive trade war that would really have those long-term repercussions but it is still a risk. charles: when all thank you very much. i think the stocks stocks are sick of a higher net like century aluminum. think that's going to be huge when free big meantime of a program alert you to check a "wall street week" tonight. here's a sneak peek with special
6:44 pm
guest carlie fiorina. >> i actually hope that this bill is the first up in the reform part -- process and not the less. what ultimately is to happen is we need to restore competition to the health insurance market. we haven't had a competitive market in decades. charles: that's tonight at 8:00 p.m. on "fox business" and the sunday tune into maria bartiromo sunday morning futures where she's estella president trump's son eric. here's a quick preview. >> is it upsetting? sure. has to roll up your back. i have a pregnant wife, she is seven months pregnant. if you see some mccomis as she receives from people. i couldn't say them honestly on the air because they are so ghastly but they are willing to attack a pregnant lady who is seven months pregnant. they are willing to attack an 11-year-old boy emitting my brother barron who is in the white house at that fragile age. they are willing to go after my half-sister tiffany 22 years old is going to law school.
6:45 pm
there are no borders with these people. charles: you can see the full interview sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on "fox news" stevie wonder had some harsh words for a black lives matter movement had up to you what he says and how we can all work it out, next. ♪ hey, i'm the internet!
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plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. >> it is in your hands to stop of the killing, was shooting whatever it might he because you cannot say black lives matter and then kill yourselves.
6:49 pm
charles: i have to tell you i love stevie wonder for all the music is given to the world and i've always been such a fan that i named my first child after one of his sons but these days i find himself not in the ring with him on politics even though i think his heart is in the right place. ironically those comments on black lives matter reminds me of a song respect yourself. there are a couple of lines if you are walking around thinking the world owes you something because you are here you are walking out the world backwards like when he first came here if you don't respect yourself nobody going to give a coup. there's a lot of pain obviously over what's been happening in this country and when you see a police shooting of an unarmed black man but we have these courts and the one in minneapolis was a balance court so there is a lot of range. the rage is never there when it's black-on-black rigor or black-on-black crime. in fact the reason, the absence
6:50 pm
of grace covers of the mindset that must be addressed for the slaughter will never never stop they want to bring back angela mcgowan and angela was good to hear stevie wonder just be honest about that. let's stop talking about black lives matter when you never say anything when it's another black person pulling the trigger. >> this is the look left. this is george soros trying to change the narrative. where was the outrage of the bigotry when our schools are failing our black and brown children attacks there is no outrage out there. i fought the left and i fought liberals. god is not a respect of persons. god has no favorites so why should we? >> this has always been my philosophy. the reason i got into this industry is for my community and it's not just about black lives, it's about economics and education and everything else.
6:51 pm
you've got to have that message and right now the left is not consistent on economics and not consistent about jobs and improving the lives of black folks. related to the police, i'm a black man and i grew up in the community. i understand the an arrest. most officers are doing their job. charles: lawrence on a broader scale the victimization is the problem. when you never look in the mirror and you can never truly solve your problem. >> i always go back to big government. i have a straightforward message on this. when it relates to the police and all government and the limited government person. you invited the government and to take care of your community don't be upset. >> my friend, my friend before big government, before lbj we depended on each other and charles is right.
6:52 pm
we have the victimhood vendors out there telling us that we are left and unfortunately we are starting to believe it. rahm emanuel, barack hussein obama chief of staff in chinatown and look what's happening in chicago. look at all the black cities, detroit and michigan, king go down the list that are filing for bankruptcy. it's following the victimhood vendor. charles: we have got to leave it there but certainly something better happen and there happens a bit there happens to them there happens a bit of breaking news now. we told you a short while ago about hillary clinton slamming the g.o.p. over the health care bill tweeting forget death panels. if republicans pass this bill they are the death party. former vp joe biden tweeting and saying the senate health bill is about health care, at all. so wealth transfer/care to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and
6:53 pm
corporations slashes medicaid hurts kids and the elderly people with disabilities and those struggling with addiction for tax breaks for the wealthy especially now when so many communities are struggling with addiction the bill cuts medicaid and they are cruel he said. let's say a bill that tries to improve folks health care and then we can have a reasonable debate about how to best do that. we will be right back.
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with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? charles: dueling tweets. hillary clinton coming out calling the gop the death party. followed just moments ago by a series of treats by former vice president joe biden. when the community are struggling with opioid addict. he says the bill to cut medicaid
6:57 pm
is cruel. i want to bring in herb london and jim hanson. the politicization of this will be thick. i'll ask you first. there are a lot of things that healthcare change obamacare, you have got the politic, the economic and the healthcare aspect of it also. >> what you have now is the democratic party that uses hyperbole to attack the republicans. one of the things the republicans said is we'll cut the increase in medicaid. not cut medicaid. they are not eliminating medicaid. if you look at the proposal. there will be more poor people eligible for medicaid. part of the problem is the democrats have become a party of
6:58 pm
hate and anger. but again it make a wider, create an opportunity for poor people and seems to me on balance the democrats should be embracing this. >> there are $2 biset aside for opioid addict that joe biden wasn't aware of. >> there are a lot of thingsio bind isn't aware of. i think it's shocking hillary clinton's of the r. people aren't a little better calling the republicans the party of death after one of her party members tried to kill the republicans is bad messaging. can't we decide what the healthcare bill is without having ma toik out everybody to be a killer?
6:59 pm
charles: she is part of the so-called resistance. she is going to keep digging herself in a deeper hole. but president trump was right saying if this was a magic elixir and figured everything they would not get a single vote from the other side. democrat are going to say, no, think is not for us. it seep they will be look at the proposal rather than say we'll resit at any price. charles: do you think think is having an impact on republicans on the fence. there were suggestions the house bill was unpopular. the cbo core monday, there will be more negativity. >> they are trying to care off republicans who would vote for this opt merit but don't want to
7:00 pm
face the backlash from the democratic media complex. charles: you guys are expert. we were going to talk about russia bugs our airplanes. here is lou donees. trish: i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs who is on ray kaig tonight. on the day wounded congressman steve today his is finally moved out of intensive care. johnny depp was forced to issue an apologied a advocating more violence, joking about assassinating the president. hillary clinton weighing in on the senate bill. forget death panels the 2016 runnerup tweets.


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