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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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trump. and homeland security john kelly and lot more. >> good sunday morning, this week. will cornerstone of president's agenda fall into place, lawmakers want to hear from loretta lynch. good morning thank you for joining us, i am maria bartiromo, welcome to "sunday morning futures," this could be the week, mcconnell looking for a vote on g.o.p. healthcare bill. does he have support. >> and also senators are looking for answers in clinton e-mail investigation from loretta lynch, did she interfere?
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i'll talk with former attorney general alberto gonzalez coming up. >> and what is not there, why isn't there more outrage over the attacks, we're looking ahead on "sunday morning futures." maria: senate judiciary committee opening a new investigation, lawmakers are looking into former attorney general loretta lynch, and whether she tried to interfere with investigation of hillary clinton a use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. former attorney general alberto gonzalez. judge good to have you on, welcome. >> good morning. >> what do you make of this, judiciary committee probing this
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reported loretta lynch assurances to stifle the clinton email investigation. bill clinton met with loretta lynch on the tarmac two days before. we're looking at existence of a memo where she tells a democratic operative, we won't let this go too far. do you believe she interfered? >> i think it is too early to tell. there are legitimate questions raised by some of the responsiblegations. iallegations it is appropriate to examine what happened. jim comey testified with respect to her telling him to call it a matter instead of a investigation, that in and of itself would not be an obstruction in my judgment.
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what are the reasons for that direction? it contributed to jim comey's concerns abouts loretta lynch's commitment to this investigation, and perhaps one of the reasons why, when she came out and july, of last year, and to talk about the clinton e-mail investigation. why he did so on his own without participation of the attorney general. maria: you know there are a lot of questions to be asking. it
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maria: american people want
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justice, from all of the leaking. to you know the attacks on the president and his agenda to the obstructionism on the left, where they don't want him to execute this, do you think that agencies government gages like the fbi, cia and department of justice, how do you turn that? >> i would not go that far. >> okay. maria: you have so many career individuals, who do their work above politics. and one thing we have to remember, is that even though the department of justice should be nonpolitical in terms of investigation, they report to the president, their job is to promote the president's law enforcement policies and pro priorities. many americans lose sight of fact, you are a member of the president's team but you are also the chief law enforcement officer of the country. it is in that second area you
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should be totally 1 nonpolitica. maria: i agree. american people voted for an agenda of economic growth. they voted on tax reform. yet in washington, russia probe, seems to take all of the oxygen out of the room. what is the cost of something like this. all of these hearings over and over? what kind of a cost is that to taxpayers, does this threat en an actual agenda from getting executed? >> well, let me emphasis, if russia modeled in -- meddled in our election that is serious. having said that, i know how a investigation can demoralize and distraction an agency, that is testify, you try to do good
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stuff, and. the press does not want to talk about that. it is a focus led by leadership to make sure that the team is doing what is appropriate, right and needed for american people. maria: does the cost of these hearings go in tens of millions. how do we know the cost? >> i can't quantify the cost, but i know if i have to testify before congress, i will spend days getting ready, when i should be out fighting terrorists and child molesters, so the cost is tremendous. maria: thank you, judge, that is my point. >> thank you. maria: we appreciate it. judge alberto gonzalez. maria: mcconnell wants to vote on the vote this week. republican sensetar senator jern
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maria: welcome back, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hoping to pass g.o.p. health care bill this week. but he could have a tough road ahead, joining me right now, senator jerry moran. he is -- was first lawmaker in congress to offer legislation to repeal and replace obamacare. sir, thank you for joining us. >> maria, good morning, sounds like we're going to have a big,
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busy week in u.s. senate. maria: it does, it you tell us the status of the bill right now? >> i guess most members and senators, including me are in that analyze, make sure we know what we're doing, see what the cbo stor score has to say. we have our work cut out for us. i am back in kansas. and i have been a lot of places this weekend. this issue health care reform, repeal, replace obamacare is the topic of conversation. as a kansa a -- we have uniquiss with healthcare. how do we make sure that not only is health kara, for healthe
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but also accessible. >> one of the issues has been expansion of medication under obamacare, what changes can be made? we know 5 of your colleagues are pushing back opposing the bill, largely because of the expansion of medicaid in there, how do you wind that down to make everyone happy. >> maria, my take is that, the commitment that was made was to repeal and replacement there are two components, that i think we're all looking at. does this sufficiently get rid of things that obamacare did that were damaging to health care and to people and to job growth, is the repeal side is one part. the other part is the replacement and what can be done to make certain that, the reason i think this is so important, i would say that healthcare system before obamacare was far from perfect. we ought to have been doing more
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things to make sure it was more affordable and accessible without the affordable care act, we need to get back to this. then secondly, what do we do to replace it? part is transition, you are talking about. the affordable care act, panded allowed states to expand. they were to expand. supreme court determined that part of the law was unconstitutional, so states made decisions on whether or not they want to expand medicaid in their state, those who did, kansas is not one, those who did, are insisting for their vote on this legislation, they are protected at least for a period of time from the cost of that expansion. from a kansas perspective, in many ways, because we think that kansas legislature and governor did not expand, we want to make certain we're not being penalized in this senate bill
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for not doing so and that money is being shifted to take care of those who did expand. we have a long-term problem with medicaid and its funding. it needs to be sustainable. it is is not over a long period of time. we want to make sure those states that determined not to expand and providers and patients that rely on medicaid are not harmed because of that decision was made. >> i understand. if you make one change, to the medicaid expansion, you perhaps alienate other members who are willing to vote for it now. how do you walk that balance? will you be able to bring this floor vote this week? >> look, elections over a long period of time have been fought over obamacare, generally the message has been we're dissatisfied with obamacare, make changes.
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from making changes to repeal it president trump campaigned in his presidential elect on the affordable care act, and the need to make modifications or repeal. so this is a si significant isse for americans, i don't know if you have put that together, as president trump said this is tough and i di difficult stuff. maria: i understand, but this is central to the entire agenda. the american vote for an agenda to get executed that is repeal, replace, followed by tax reform, president said he has to get health care dow done before tax reform. this is critical in his agenda. and critics of the president want to impeach him, take back the house in 2018, they have a shot to do that, if you don't get anything done. the real question, are you going to come together, will you have votes to bring it to floor before july 4 holiday. maria: maria, maybe i can be on
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your program next sunday, i can tell you what happened, this is still a work in progress, leader of u.s. senate is very good as establishing coalition to see that legislation passes, but there is still a lot of work to be done to determine whether or not it getting to 51 votes. >> what is your gut? do you think it is this week, what does your gut tell you? >> this is difficult, and that you know, i hate to say this, i don't know whether the votes will be thereby the end of the week. it took a bit longer than was expected. >> would you -- >> front and center for us. i, agree this is important. maria: if you don't get the votes and try to close this out before july 4. are you willing to for forego or august reves t recess to get wo? have absolutely, i believe congress has a responsibility to
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get more work done in a timely fashion. it is better than it was in days gone by, we're now working 5 days a week, and in washington dc 5 days a week, many home on weekend with our constituents. but if it takes being in washington d.c. in august, let's do it. maria: an thank you senator. >> thank you. maria: we'll be watching employewatching.eric trump talk. we're looking ahead right now on "sunday morning futures" back in a moment. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
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lawmakers expected to vote on the senate g.o.p. long awaited health care bill. since taking office in january, mr. trump signed 38 executive orders, rolled back more than a dozen obama era regulations. some supporters say has not gotten enough credit for, that includes his son eric trump, he is joining me now. >> great to be here. maria: thank you for joining us. how would you characterize the agenda so far? we don't hear about these executive orders. >> i could not be more proud of my father, look at the markets that no one wants to talk about. maria: record highs. >> every one is a record high. go open your 401(k). this is all you need, you are 20 or 15% up. this is real money in the pockets of americans, that is what he came in to do.
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i will improve the economy, create jobs, we're going to stop getting ripped off as a nation, i am taking care of our veterans, and health care and reduce taxes, he is doing ha het he says, he has accomplished more than any president arguably in history has over the same period of time. maria: the roll back of regulations have a impact in terms of moving needle of growth for the economy. but we're all waiting for the health care bill. we would like to see it cross the finish line so the team in place can get to tax reform. how do you feel about this. do you think that we will see that kind of success in terms of his legislative agenda? >> i think it could go through sooner rather than later. but think about the divide we have in our political system. not one democrat who come
10:26 pm
forward, say, hey, obamacare is broken, fre premiums have gone , triple. insurance companies want nothing to do with it, turning their back on obamacare, it is broken and bankrupt. you can't tell me that there is one democrat is a does not say we want to help, we understand this is not working, it is broken and backward. we want to help put through proper healthcare legislation. maria: now your critics are flaming it on trump administration -- blaming it on trump administration, we know that premiums were skyrockets and obamacare affordable care act was imploding. how does your father deal with that? the obstructionism. we know that chuck schumer and nancy pelosi do not want him to get this through. they want to obstruct and stop this progress. do you think voters will hold
10:27 pm
them accountable? >> we're 5-0, i don't think that message spewed by most mainstream media. if you look at the democratic party, they are imploding, they have no leadership or no message. you look at dnc, they are half defunct, with no money in the bank, no operation, head of the dnc is quite frankly a nut job. what is the democratic message right now? what are they running on. all they are doing is obstructing, that is not working every race, every special election, my father is winning, my father saying, i want to take care of military, vets, health care, and taxes, we want to bring back america. the message is simple, make america great again, politicians have run this country into the ground. maria: how is it possible they are getting away with this? they are obstructing and not listening to what the tone of
10:28 pm
the people is and the toni of tf the people who voted last year, they voted for tax reform, and health care repeal and replace, your father's agenda. >> they are out of touch. half have not had a real job, half have been sitting on the hill legislating. my father is a doer, a brilliant person. we need to bring practicality back to u.s. government. maria: look at what it led to, celebrities that think it is okay for kathy griffin to hold a bloody head there and then you have people like robert de niro saying i want to punch him in the face, then the most recent, you have basically, saying, i want to assassinate the president. johnny depp. how do you deal with that? as a family, when hurt this heas stuff, does it roll off your
10:29 pm
back or do you still get upset. >> it has to roll off your back. it is upsetting, sure. i have a wife, she is 7 months pregnant, if you could see the comes she receives from people, i can't say them, they are so ghastly, they are willing to attack a woman search months 7 s pregnant. and they are willing to attack an 11-year-old boy, barron. there are no borders far to thesfor thesepeople. you see johnny depp, what he saysy, he has his own problem, go back to making movies, this is a man who gave up his life, to try to help this country, he is doing a great, great job, i could not be more proud of him. maria: we'll be watching developments this upcoming week is a big one. >> thank you. maria: eric trump.
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some republican lawmakers up in arms over fbi russia investigation. coming out, why they want to investigate robert mueller with james comey, congressman jason chaffetz is joining us next on "sunday morning futures," we'll be right back. i accept i take easier trails than i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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maria: welcome back. is it time to investigate the investigators? three republican members of the house seem to think so, congressman jim jordan, mark meadows and jody heist. they want former fbi director james comey investigator as well as robert mueller, special council on the russia probe. claiming mueller applied double standards. congressman good to have you on welcome. >> thank you. maria: what do you think about this? >> you need to provide oversight of those people in the department of justice. just because you are a special counsel does not mean you go uninpedded. you need someone looking over the shoulders as well. maria: how come it is not done as much, you worked on irs targeting scandal. john, who runs irs is still runs the irs. did that just fall flat? >> i think there is a problem here.
10:35 pm
in that when congress wants to issue a subpoena, guess where they have to go to get that subpoena? the department of justice. there should be to work with that it happened in irs, it happened in hillary clinton e-mail investigation. this deep state gets to hold the cards close. that makes congress pretty much a whimp. maria: the american people would like to see justice served. let's go back to the clinton e-mail scandal. we know that loretta lynch said, call it a matter, not an investigation. in other words lie to the american people. >> that is why i hope in inspector general, michael horowitz, with 500 investigators there at department of justice as inspector general he does have the ability to get documents and do interviews, he is doing it very quietly, i expecting that probably first
10:36 pm
quarter of 2018. i do think it is appropriate that congress overlooks the shoulder of mr. mueller, he has great credential and backgrounds. i don't know why he was put in place, there should have never been a special counsel. maria: all his team are obama supporters they gave money to the president, he hand-picked a team he wants, yet, we don't know where that is going? do you think that there should be some people on his team that perhaps gave money to the republicans? >> it does -- think about it. if you are at moment watching this how many have given thousands of dollars to a candidate, if did that, you are probably prett pretty supportiva particular candidate, a political view that you are wearing on your shirt sleeve. come on, there is no balance here, these people gave thousands and thousands of dollars to hill headline or hilr
10:37 pm
the democratic machine. if you really think you are get a fair and honest hearing with not a single person, as best we can tell, giving any money to any republicans, does not sound like a very balanced approach. maria: so what should be done. they have people in oversight committee to oversee these things yet we see more political bias? >> i believe chairman senator grassley will be tenacious on that. and house judiciary committee has to get engaged, i am not aware of them doing a single thing on this point. and oversight committee in the house of representatives, there will be time to do that. just calls it out on television, and putting pressure to be open and transparent about who the investigators and prosecutors are is fair. maria: how much of a distraction has this debecome in -- become
10:38 pm
in terms of coming up with a vote on health care, and tax reform, has this slowed that agenda down. >> it is a distraction in media, fortunately we can walk and chew gum too. we have pushed through more pieces of legislation in the house on a record pace on very important things. we have great legislation signed into law on v.a., you are right, repealing and replacing obamacare, which we have done in the house, has to be pr priority one with tax reform. i d do not believe in artificial deadline of july 4. i will see coming to august recess there will be more pressure there. maria: you believe that pressure will push them to come to the floor and vote? >> that is what is frustrating, american people want to see, if it fails it fails, you go back to drawing board, but what you
10:39 pm
don't actually vote that is frustrating. there is no, raising your hand, saying, hey, i'm a no. it should not be that easy, put it in for i vote, remember president clinton turned through welfare reform. maria: talk about priorities at over site committee right now? >> well, there are more than 2 million federal employees, we have about 70 people on the oversight committee, everything from information technology in the cyberattacks that are happening. to i believe we need to clean up what is gone on with hillary clinton e-mail investigation, and irs, we can't just get that go. there is always somebody doing something stupid in the federal government. there is no shortage of material there, i promise you. maria: interesting, a lot of our viewers tweet about, the i-t specialist that work for democratic lawmakers, one for
10:40 pm
debbie wassermann schultz, they were fired because they stole information from people's computers, what is going on with that. was that just theft of information? or a bigger story in terms of their relationship to the muslim brotherhood? >> we don't know. that is why documents, from deputy of the justice, homeland security and the house is very difficult and long process. that is still something that is work in motion. sometimes these investigations will take a year plus to get the documents, but we have to be able to get the documents. >> all right congressman good to see you. >> thank you. maria: congressman jason chafe chaffetz. >> is nancy pelosi on the way out? is she? trouble? our panel is next looking ahead on "sunday morning futures," right now. [vo] when it comes to investing,
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maria: welcome back, house minority leader nancy pelosi facing growing doubt from her colleagues after democrats lost special election last week. some say it is time for new leadership? bringing in our panel, ed rollins, former white house adviser to president reagan. your thoughts? >> i have known nancy for 40 years, she is tough. she is not getting ousted at-this-point in time, if she does not become speaker on 2018, she will retire. >> i never heard her speak like this. her defiance, in the face of
10:45 pm
this has been extraordinary, the things she says, i am worth the trouble. was really a sign that the opposition is growing. there was some real soul searching for hillary loss, but time to get rid of than nance ni was november 2016, her colleagues did not do it. she is in the middle of a cycle, she has a chance to become speaker again. she is not going to back down. if the play the house were -- in -- with that. she is not backing down. maria: she is not backing down. she will probably become bigger. >> she is raise money like no
10:46 pm
other democrat, i think that is the issue. bottom line, she is know issue out there in the campaign, the four special we won those are our seats, these are members we put in cabinet they are capable and from safe seats i don't think we should make too big of a deal. >> i just want to add, i think she should go. >> i without have ousted her last time. >> they need an economic message. but a come nation, you have to clean house. >> you need someone young, the democrats biggest problem is they have a new national chairman, who si irrelevant to where the country should be. maria: tom perez. >> he is out of touch. they need new leadership in the house, and lon long-term in sen. >> that is the thing, there is no message. the from the won the election
10:47 pm
because he had this job and an economic message. with nancy pelosi leading the party, you know minority leader does the message change? will anyone look at her think there is a different message. >> no, that is why you need a new voice. that is why someone like congressman ryan from ohio who shares those voters, either never voted or have not voted in 5 cycles and voted for president trump, or voted for president obama then voted for trump, those are people have to win back, you will not with nancy pelosi. maria: do you think that voters will hold left accountable for obstructing an agenda they wanted? there are these probes. if they don't getting any subexpn shall isubstantial in tf legislation done, do they lose the house next year? >> possibly. reality is that big democrat loss in 2010 because of obamacare, i think to a certain
10:48 pm
extent if this gets messed up could people think not only is obamacare worse than it was there is no alternative, and no tax reduction, it is hard for republicans to run after a bad year. maria: do voters hold vem them accountable. >> this is a unified republican government, if they prove they can't govern, they will pay at the poll, democrats cannot be flamed that dollar 5 different faction in congressional republican conference, they can't pull themselves together. >> we ran, 4 years as an opposition party as to 8 years against obama, you know, pay a price for or against that. maria: talk health care, we'll take a short break, mitch mcconnell looking for enough votes to pass it this week,
10:49 pm
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maria: we're back with our panel, do you think they is get healthcare gone this week? >> it will be very hard to week. it comes down to medicaid, medicaid is what obamacare is, before obamacare came into this, there were 56 million people on medicaid now there are 74 million, that is an increase of 29% that is the background of obamacare, that is the problem
10:53 pm
to eliminate or change that. maria: you can't make tweaks to that. >> no. maria: you can't in next couple of days. >> you have 31 states who took it because federal government said they would pay 95% of it for 5 years. that is not good for republicans. maria: what do you think? >> i never under estimate senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he knew the day he released this draft those four senators would pop out and say no, they allowed themselves some negotiations room, as you move othere i o-- s more opportunity on the floor. the more important question, what do they do if it fails? i think they will move on. they made this decision this is wasting precious time. if they fail again, they can't succeed, it is time to move on.
10:54 pm
>> you are right. even they are not -- the senate passes a bill it is the health bill. the house will pass it, otherwise you will not have it. maria: they recognize they have to get something done. do you think it matters they come to a vote by july 4. >> the plan was to, it would be great to get it before july 4, but they will give themselves room until before the august recess. it is come back from july 4, if they want to delay it, they have given themselves until the end of july, they would love to get rid of it this week. >> then you move on to tax reform. to a lot of them is more important. maria: do you think there is more common ground with tax reform than health care. >> no. maria: you don't? they want to see taxin taxes gow
10:55 pm
eand simplifies. >> they are having a big debate about whether or not to make revenue neutral, how to pay for it. who will sul are on th support . have you speaker. all involving tricky proceed aural things that are to tricking to explain. do you try to get a little bit here and there. it is really still a fight that is going on. maria: if they don't get overall reform, to address what you are talking about revenue neutral, they could cut -- >> i think that is what they will do. two tax bills. in 81 and quic 86 were not revee neutral. my sense, if you try make that hef wyrevenue neutral you will e
10:56 pm
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.. maria: the most important event thing to watch in the week ahead. ed * justice kennedy decides to retire, it could be a battle long term. it will change the court for a long time. >> on healthcare watch the voices of house the consequence. how the senate bill passed and pass a more moderate senate bill. bar around said before. maria: you said before we went to the break they won't have the
11:00 pm
votes and then we are back at square one. i'm maria bartiromo. see you next week. here >> lou: good evening, everybody. senate republican leadership unveiling the health care after weeks of negotiation behind closed door. the billy repeals most of obamacare including medicare expansion and the measure doesn't go as far as the house version and that cost conservative support. four will not support it at all and


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